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year, the Indian country was invaded, Bouquet's expedition to the Muskin-
gum proving a complete success. Relieved from his Western command, he
was promoted to the rank of brigadier-general and placed in command of all

1758] Post's 'Journals 283

general, and his defire that they fhould alter their mind,
in infifting upon the general's going back; but the Indians
had no inclination to alter their mind. In the afternoon
fome provifion was fent over, but a fmall allowance.
When I came over to the fort, the council with the Indians
was almoft at an end. I had a difcourfe with Colonel
Bouquet about the affairs, difpofition and refolution of
the Indians.

I drew provifion for our journey to fort Ligonier, and
baked bread for our whole company: towards noon the
Indians met together in a conference. Fir ft king Beaver
addreffed himfelf to the Mohocks, defiring them to give
their brethren an anfwer about fettling at Pittjhurg.
The Mohocks faid, ''They lived at fuch a diftance, that
they could not defend the Englijh there, if any accident
fhould befal them; but you, coufins, who live clofe here,
muft think what to do." Then Beaver faid by a
f tring :

' ' \Vhat this mef fenger has brought is very agreeable to
us; and as our uncles have made peace with you, the
Englijh, and miany others nation, fo we likewife join,
and accept of the peace offered to us ; and we have already
anfwered by your meffenger, what we have to fay to the
general, that he fhould go back over the mountains; we
have nothing to fay to the contrary."

Neither Mr. Croghn nor Andrew Montour would tell
Colonel Bouquet the Indians' anfwer. Then Mr. Croghn,

the troops in the southern British colonies of America. He died at Pensacola,
February, 1766, at the early age of forty-seven. He was not only a soldier of
ability and vigor, but a man of most attractive and charming character, beloved
by superiors and subordinates. The collection of his letters in the British
Museum is a chief source for the history of the West during this period. See
calendar in Canadian Archives, 1889; extracts in Michigan Pioneer and His-
torical Collections, xix, pp. 27-295; also Bouquet's Expediliott against tlie Ohio

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