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trustee of the Morthera Mew York Institution for
Deaf Mutes and of the Plattsburgh Mormal School.
In politics he haa always been a Republican. He
waa a member of the Assembly of 1889 and was
re-elected In 1889 by 1,826 plurality over B. M.
Everett, Democrat, and W. H. Harwood, Prohl-

John Knox Stewart.

John Knox Stewart (Republican), who repre-
sents Montgomery county, was bom of American
parentage at Perth, In 1S62, and was educated at
Amsterdam. He Is married and Is a knit goods
manufacturer at Amsterdam. He hw always been
a Republican, and was Sewer Commissioner of
Amsterdam. He waa elected to the Assembly In
1889 by ?8 plurality over John Vosbur^, Democrat,
and Abram Van Home, Prohibltlontot.

Nevada N. Stranahaxu

Mevada M. Stranahan (RepubUcan), who repre-
sents the First Oswego district, was bom of Irish
parentage at (}ranby, February 27, 1861, and was
educated at the public schools, the Tolley Seminary
and Fulton Columbia College. He Is a lawyer and
is married, Uving at Fulton. He has been assistant

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District Attorney of Oawego county, where he
• established a reputation as a saccessful prosccut>
! ing officer. He is Vlee-President of the Fulton
I and Oswego Falls Railroad. He has always hoen a
, Republican, and was elected to the Assembly in
' 1889 by 177 plnraUfy over wnifam B. Howard, Dem-
ocrat, and W. J. Bradt. Prohibitionist.

Timothy D. Sullivan.

Timothy D. Sullivan (Democrat), who represents
the Second New York district, was born in the
metropolis, in 1863, of Irish parentage, and Is one
of the youngest members of the House. He was
educated In the public schools of New York ; was
formerly a newspaper delivery clerk; Is now an
undertaker and manager of the Nassau News
Agency. Before rcacliing liis majority he took a
prominent part in poIitlcA; he was President of
the ** SuIUvan*s Cleveland and Hendricks Club,**
which was presented with a banner by Mrs. Vle(v
President Hendricks in 1^1. He Is serving 4iis
fourth consecutive term in the Assembly. He was
elected as a Tammany Democrat inl889 by 2,325
plurality over Thomas Maher, County Democrat,
and John A. Froleigh, Prohibitionist.

Patrick Andrew Sullivan.
Patrick Andrew Sullivan (Democrat), who rep-
resented the Second Monroe district, was bom of
Irish parentage in Itochcster. March 18, 1854, and
was educated at the public schools. He was un-
married, bad been a drygoods clerk and shoemaker,
and was a cigar manufacturer, living In Rochester.
He had always been a Democrat, served In the
Assembly In 1888, and was again elected in 1889 by
506 plurality over Joseph Bauer, Rep., and W G
Rich, Pro. Mr. Salllvan died January 14, 1890.

William Sulaer.

'William SuUer (Democrat), who represents the
Fourteenth New York district, was born of Ger-
man parentage, at Elizabeth, N. Jm March 18, 1868,
and was educated at the public schools. When
fourteen years old he moved to New York,
became a clerk and then bookkeeper In a whole-
sale tea store. Ho saved enough money from
modest wages to maintain himself while studying
law, and in duo season was admitted to the bar.
He is now a successful lawyer, and a bachelor. He
has always been a Democrat, and in 1888 won a
reputation as a campaign speaker. Be was elected
as a Tammany Democrat to the Assembly In 1889
by 894 plurality over Jacob Konsemann, County
Democrat, and Louis H. Bold, Repahlican.

Addison S. Thompaon.

Addison Bmtth Thompson (Republican), who
represents Allegany county, was bom at New
Hudson, N.Y., March 6, IfrlS. His father was of
Scotch-Irish extraction and his mother of New
England birth. He was educated In the public
schools and began active life as a farmer. At
present he is a manufacturer of cheese. He
enlisted in the Fifth New York Cavalry, Com-

Ipany E, August 80. 1861. and remained In
the service until July 19, 1985. He served in
the army of the Potomac, with Ocn. Banks in the

! Shenandoah Valley in 1862, and with Gen. Sheridu
\ in 1864. He took part in tho batUes of Cedv
I Mountain and the second Boll Run under Ga.
I Pope, in Gen. Grant's campaign fa Virginia la
I 1864, in t^ battles of Winchester, Ci-dar Creek snd
Flsher*8 Hill under Gen. Sheridan, in Dahlgreo^
raid on Richmond and Wllson*S raid on Petentmif '
in 1864, and in numerous cavalry engageoMBti.
He was once captured and held as a pHsoiW|i
during part of 1888. Mr. Thompson has alw^i
been a Republican, bat has held no office vxttftl
that of Supervisor of his toik-n. He Is msnM.
He was elected to the Assembly In 1889 by \jm
plurality over William Q. Browning. Deoioent,]
and John Nicholson. Prohibitionist.

Arthur Sidney Tompkins.

Arthur Sidney Tompkins (Republican), vte
represents Rockland county, was bora of Amoi-
can parentage, in Schoharie county, AogmitX, IMS.
and with Messrs. Kingand O'Connor makes tbetri« '
of yoang men in the bouse. He was educated at tlie
public schools, was dlerk in a law office from UBl
until admitted to the bar in 1886. He is msrrM
and lives at Nyack. He has always been a Bepi^
llcan, was chairman of the Rockland BepabHesi !
County Committee In 1888, has been Police Jnstlfe
and was elected to the* Assembly in 1889, altheiih
the eounty Is Democratic, by 87 plurality erw
William Readie, Democrat and Alonso WMer.

Oaorffe E. TofT'ne.

George £. Towne (Republican), who represcfitt
the Second Chautauqua district, wss bora u
Keene, N. H., November 7, 1854, and was edoesUl
at the public schools and the FrankllnviUe Aoi-
demy. His early life was spent on the fann. fls
was admitted to the bar at Rochester In ia79i,«Bi
slnco 1880 he has practiced layr at Silver Creek. Bs
Is married. His Orst vote was cast for the Deow
cratic candidates, but he has since beet as
uncompromising Republican. He served ii tks
AsserabljUn 1889, and was re-elected in 1889 by 2,50
plurality over Laurence WllUie, Democrat, aad
Abraham Martin, Prohibitionist.

Solomon 8. Townaond*

Solomon S. Townsend (Democrat), who rep**
senU the First (Queens district, was bom in Kev
York city, May 21, 1650, and educated at tke
Oyster Bay Parish school and the University of
the city of New York. Ho is the eldest son of tiM
late Solomon Townsend, who was a member of the
constitutional conventions of 1846 and 1867, wss for
several terms ahiemberof the Legislature sb4
prominent in affairs of State. Mr. Townsend li
unmarried, and Is a coal merchant at Oyster Bay
He served in the Assembly of 1889, and waiR*
elected without Republican opposition in 1881^
2.458 plurality over John P. Bills. ProhtbltloalK.

Thomas J. Trsadway.

Thomas J. Treadway (llepabUoan), who rspis>
senU Essex county, was bom at TlcondsMfh
August2, 1843, and educated at the public
and Ticonderoga Academy. He has been *
chant, but now is proprietor of a sununer hotdit

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Ticonderoga. Ilo b a bachelor, and is pre!ild»«nt
of tlje Kjiscx County Pulp and Paper Company.
' He served la tlie AaaemWy of 1889, and was
re-elected In 1889 by leaCplnralUy over Tbomas
Powcra, Democrat, and A. H. Wcttdn, Problbl-
tiontet. *

Gaorffo Williamson Van Yranken.

Qeorgc WUllamson Van Yranken (Pemocrat),
who represents Schenectady county, was born
October 12, 18G3, near KIskayana Station, Albany
county, s farmer's son. Ho Is of ttio old
Batch line and Is deeply interested in the study of
the ancient Holland families that located in this
Tlcinlty. The Van Vranken family Is one of the
oldest and most nomerons In the country. They
come from good old Holland Dutch stqck and
their ancestry datss back in America to 1665. He
was educate at the Schenectady Classical Insti-
tute, Union Collc^ and Cornell Unirersity,
gradoating with the degree of Ph. B. In 1685. He
was employed for a year on the Ithaca Dally Sun,
Uaght school in Schenectady for a brief time and
then began the study of law, taking his degree at
the Albany Law School in I8S7. He la a bachelor,
and Is now practicing law at Schenectady. Be
has always been a Democrat, and was elected to
the Assembly in 1889 by 5^ plurality, the largest
the county ever gave, over Austin A. Yates.
Republican, who had represented the county in
the two prerions Assemblies, and W. J. Wemple,
I Prohibitionist.

George P. Webster.

George P. Webster (Democrat), who represents
the Twenty-third New York district, was bom of
New England parentage at Watcrtown, Conn.,
June 24, 1828, and was educated in Connecticut.
In 1S49-M he crossed the plains to California with
an ox'traln, and for three years sought his fortune
in the gold mines. He then returned to Kentucky
and there studied law. He hna always been a
Democrat and was prosecuting attorney of Camp-
bell county, Ky., for four years, solicitor of New-
port, Ky., for two years, and was elected to the
Kentucky Legislature for the session of 1860-41.
At the outbreak of the war he resigned from the
Legislature, and coming North In May, 1861, was
commiaaioned by President Lincoln Captain and
A. Q, 11., waa promoted successively to be Major,
Lieutenant-Colonel and Colonel, and was mustered
out November, 1866; as Colonel, having served
throughout the war In the campaigns in Kentucky
and Missouri. Ho la married, living at 60 East
One Hundred and Twenty-seventh street. New
York, and Is a lawyer. Be was elected to the
Assembly as the Tammany candidate In 1889 by
1.739 plurality over Percy D. Adams, Republican,
and Cyrus O. BubbelU County Democrat.

Oeonre Z«. Weed.

George L. TTeed (Itepubllcan). who represents
the Eleventh Kings district, was bom of American
parentage in Brooklyn, February 7, 1857, and was
educated at the Brooklyn Collegiate and Poly-
technic Institute. He was formerly a manufacturer
of axes* and edge toola and Is now a hardware
c omml eBlon merchant, married and living In

Brooklyn. He In a well-known Mason, a member
of the thirty-second degree Scottish Rite, a
Knight Templar, a member of theM>«tic Shrine,
the Rojal Arcanum, Legion of Honor, National
ProvidcntTJnion, Order of the Golden Chain and
several other societies. He has always been a
Republican and was elected to the Assembly In
1889 by 2.074 plurality over Brinton B. Miner,
Democrat, and S. M. Main, Prohlbitionlsi.

James S. Whipple.

James S. Whipple (Republican), who represents
the Second Cattaraugus district, was born at
Stamburg, N. Y., October 1, 1852, of American
parents. His education waa obtained in the com-
mon and Union schools ,of that county. At nine
years of age he was left to care for himself and to
contribute to the support of hla mother and
younger members of the family. Bis father en-
listed In the One Hundred and Fifty-fourth Regi-
ment, New York Volunteers; was captured at
Gettysburg and died In Andersonville prison. Mr.
Whipple Is married, lives at Salamanca, is a lawyer
by prof esslon. He la serving his third consecu-
tive term In the Assembly, having been a member
of the leading committees of the House, and
prominent in political and general debate. He was
re-elected in 1889 by 823 plnrallty over Richard
Johnson, Demoerat, and — — Swan, Prohibl-

Howard Ganson White.
Howard Ganson White (Republican), who repre-
sents the first Onondaga district, was bora of
American parentage in Syracuse. May 6, 1866, and
waa educated at St. John's school. Manlius,and
Coraeli University (Clssa of 1879). He has been
the editor and proprietor of the Syracuse Standard
since 1888, and is also president of the Porter Boiler
and Engine Manufacturing Company. He Is mar-
ried, living at Syracuse. He has alway-a been a
Republican and waa elected to the Amembly in
1889 by 1,772 plurality over John M. Jaycox, Demo-
crat, and Carl William Barman, Prohibitionist.

Charles T. Willis.

Charles T. Willis (Republican), who represents
Schuyler county, was born of American parentage
at Waterloo, February 7. 1841. and was educated at
the public schools. He is married: Is a miller and
farmer, and lives at Tyrone. Ho was elected to
the Assembly In 1880 by 614 plurality over John C.
Vine, Democrat, and Berry, — ^i-, Prohibitionist

PhiUp Wissiir.
Philip Wissig (Democrat), who represents the
Eighth New York district, was born In Germany,
March 28, 1818, but came to this country as a child
and was educated at the public schools. Be waa
formerly a silk hatter and Is now a hotel keeper.
He is a widower. He was President of the Batters*
Asssciatl on for eight years. Be has always been a
Democrat, served In the Assembly In 1 888, and was
again elected In 1888 as a Tammany Union Demo-
crat by 147 plurality over Charles Smith, Bepubli-
can, and Frank J. Martin, regular Republican.

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Flnanc&SloBa, BrwlQ,8beard,
SaxtoD. Faasett. Jacobs, Cantor.

Judtciary ~ Robertson, Laugh>
Iln, O'Connor, Saxton, Van Gor-
der, Goffij^eshall, Ires, Llnson,

ifti/l»*oad«— Coggeshall. Deane,
Stewart, Saxton. Laughlln, Mc-
Nauffhton, Stadler.

cms — Hendricks, Blrkett,
Stewart, Deane, Fassett, Abearn,

Commerce and NnvigaUon—
O'Connor, Vedder, Rlcnardson,
Blrkett, Abeam, Stadler, Mc-

Oanala — Laufchlin, Erwin.
Sloan. Sheard, Cantor, Collins,

Insurance — Vedder, Erwln,
Blrkett, Fsssett, Llnson, Cbase.

7\ixaUon and Setrenchment —
Vedder, Erwln, Richardson,
Roescb. Linson

Miscellaneous CcrporatUms —
Deane, Donaldson, Rlcbardson,
Jacobs, Collins. ^

Ways and JTeans — Flsb, Cur-
tis, Larmon, Nixon, W. C. Stev-
ens, Selleck, IV. B. Bums, Sbee-
han, R. P. Bush, Kerrigan, G. H.

t/udiciarif— Acker, I. S. John-
son. To wne, Whipple, Peck,Deyo,
Stranahan, Greene, Coons, Hen-
derson, Huson.

General £auw— Whipple, J. I.
Bums, Towne. Bridges. Kurtb.
Tompkins, J. K. O'Connor, Gun-
ther, Sulzer, O'Hare, McTeman.

JZevMon — Feck. Rhodes, R. J.
Lewis, R. 8. Johnson. Davis,
Bridges, Groat, Biumenthal, Mar-
tin, O'Hare, Connelly.

C\>dM — Gardinler, Peck, R. J.
Lewis, R. S. Johnson, Deyo. I. S.
Johnson, Acker, Cooney, O. F.
Lane, Van Vranken, Stein.

Taxation and RetrerwAment —
Curtis, Bennett, de Peyster, Bal-
lantlne. Mase, Sbeffer, Pearsall,
R. P. Busb, Dinkelsplei, Rice,

CVinato — Loder, Bennett. Saw
miller. A. Johnson, Page, Miller*
Selleck, Endres, Martin, Blanch*
field, J. B. Stevens.

Ctties — Andrus, Flsb, Oardl-
nier. White, Glbbs, Saunders,
Weed, Hoag, Biumenthal, Hltt,

Railroads — Kimball, Mase, J.
I. Bums. Decker, Adams, H. J.
Lane, Rose, H. C Johnson, Hltt,
Townsend, Menniuger.

Commerce and Navigation -^
Mase, Treadwav. Mott, Saunders,
King.Picrson, L'Hommedleu.Mc-
Knight, Brady, Cornell, Byrnes.

Insurance— J. I. Bums, Curtis,
Mott. Crawford, Gretsinger,Pier-
son, A. Johnson, Monsghan, Con-
nelly, Sage, Sobmer.


General liaw'*— Erwln, Vedder,
Coggeshall, Van Gorder, Chase,
Brown, Cantor.

Engrossed Mils — Van Gorder,
Hunt«r, Donaldson, Cantor,

Batiks — Saxton, Emerson,

Internal ^a<rs — Hendricks,
O'Connor, Stadler.

n.7a(7e« — Emerson, Van Gor-
der. Collins.

£<(era<urs— Donaldson, Hunt-
er, Llnson.

Public BeaUh — Richardson,
BlrkoU, McCarren.

Printing — Emerson, Donald*
son. Brown.

JState Prisons — Uanier, Eme^
son, Robertson, Ives, Abearn.

Man^/ilctures— Sheard, Don^
aldson, McCarren.

CVa<m«— Sheard, Coggeshall,

Roads and Bridges— Hxuitert
Richardson, Hawkins.


iianJto— Rhodes, Fltts, Gulbord,
Kimball, Ballantlne, Tompkins,
L'Hommedlen, Townsend, T. D.
SuIUvan, Haflner, McTeman.

Blectricity, Gas and Water Sup-
ply— Decker, Crawford, Willis,
Gardlnler, Jones, Adams, Groat,

J^ecUon and Dtviston ttf Tbtnu
and CounUes — yva Gorder,
O'Connor, ColUiis.

^Indian AJTairs—Dohsidson,
LaughUn, Brown.

P:>or Laws — SsLXton, Cogge-
shall, Chase.

Ifant{facture qf <S!n/l— Hen-
dricks. Van Gorder, Brown.

Game £air« — Emerson, Dos-
aldson, Hawkins.

Grievances — Sloan, Cogst^
shall. Brown.

PubUc Buildings — Stewart,
Hunter. Cbase.

Public Expenditures — Van
Gorder, Robertson, McCarren.

,, il^rfc7Mr0~Rlchard8on,Deane,
Rules— Erw\n^ Sheard, Jacob*.
Joint X<^ary— Blrkett, Elnc^
son. Brown.

Privileges and Elections— "^tt-
der. Van Gorder, Abeam.
, ^Militia - Stewart, Hvtter,
1 Brown.

O. F. Lane, Greene, Nolan, KcUy.

Internal AJTairs-lHixon, Fltts.

Christie, Pearsall, Miller


N. Stevens. Townsend, Harwood^

Pealer, Dempsey.
Labor and Industries -

-W. C.

Stevens.^ Brkl^es^Cbrlstle, Bar-























































, Soldiers* Home— BiLTton^Toiap-
kins. Bridges. Lannon, 1. 8. John-
son, Curtto, de Peyster, Msrtin.
R. P. Bosh, Pealer, J. H. 8(erdC
^ Ctel w«— Towne, Willis. J. K.
O'Connor, Treadwav, Btranataaa,
Wlssig, 8chaaff, J. J. O'Connor,

Federal Relations— BnOforA,
Whipple, Weed, Selleck. W. fi.
Bums, Cooney, Endres, Hafflier,

Charttable and ReUgtous Sod-
^«e»-Tbompson, Decker. Glbbs,
Everett, H. J. Lane.Roae,Greene,
T. F. Bymes, Duliy.
^ State Prisons-de Peyster, Gul-
bord, Dickinson. Jones.Mase.ET-
erett, Guentber, McBride, Rice.

Fisheries and Game—TmA-
way, Loder, Barton, W.C.Bter-
ens, Dickinson, Pierson. Demp-
sey, J. J. O'Connor, Clarke.

Privileges and BlectSons-Stna-
ahan. Ballantlne, H. C. Jotanaoo,
Weed, Stewart, Thompaon, Cor
nell, Brady, T. D. Sullivan.

Trade and Jfanl(AIef1fr«•-La^
mon, Sheflter, Currier, Stewart.
Thompson, Loder, Duffy, Gllllee,

Agriculture — Pearsall. Mott,
Rose. Currier, N.Btevens,Tbanip>
son, Kill, Pealer, Coons.

Indian Affairs— H. B. LewK
Sawmlller, Andrus, Gulbord. I. S.
Johnson, A. Johnson, Kill, Ab>
bey, Huson.

i?f<;e«— Speaker, Fish, Acker,
Peek, Sheeban, Biumenthal.

Printed anfi Engrossed BiOs^
Bridges, Nixon, J. K. O'Connor,
Stein, Sulzer.

UMbOshed Business — Oroift.
Davis, Dickinson, UcaderMS,

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Alas, Ignacio, Mexican Consul, at Cblcago, April
21. Allen, Reuben B^ 66, engineer, at Bchenectady,
April 25. Avery, Balph H., 7S. manofactarer, at
Utloa^ May 16. Adams, Mrs. Charles F., 81, at
Qolncy, Mass.,' Jane 6. Arms. Dr. William, 87,
mlBsionary, at Duquoln, Hi., Jane 21. Angusta,
Princess, at Oopenbagen, July 16. Albery, Janes,
dramadst, at London, Angnst 16. AUlbone, Dr.
Samnel A., ?Q. at Lnseme, Switzerland, September
3. Allen, Col. WllUam, educator and mathe-
matician, at Baltimore. Md., September 17.
Aagler, Bmlla, dramatist, at Paris, October 25.
AInslie, Captain George A., at iUchmond, Va.,
Korember 4. AUlngham, William, poet, at
London, November 20. Allen, Prof. William F.,
59, edaoator, at Madison, Wis., December 9.

Anzengruber, , poet and playwright, at

Vienna, December 10. Adams, Peter, 88. paper
manufacturer, at Newbnrgh, N. Y., December 10.
Atwood, Gen. David, 75, Journalist, at Madison,
Wis., December 11.

BeU, Isaac N., 43, ex- United States Minister to
the Netherlands, at New York, January 20.
Bnmes, Hon. James Nelson, 47, ex-Congressman
from 8t. Josephs, Mo., at Washington, January 28.
Barry, C. W., actor, at Columbus, O., January 28.
Breed, Rev. William Pratt, D. D., 73, at Philadel-
phia, February 14. Bliss, Dr. W. W., at Washington,
February 21. Booth, Mary L., 49, editress, at New
Tork, March 5. Bartlett, Sidney, 90, lawyer, at
Boston, Mass., March 6. Burrett, Joseph, 98,
menhant, at Ithaca, March l. Bright, Hon. John,
78, statesman, at London, March 27. Burke,
Daniel, lU, at Chicago, M^rch 00. Brlnkman, Dr. ,
bishop of Mnnster, at Berlin, April 14. Battersby,
Mrs. Hannah, 47. (weight 800 pounds) atFrankford,
Pa., April 15. Barnard, Frederick, A. P., 80, ex-
President of Columbia College, at New York,
Ainrll 27. Bamum, Hon. William H., 71, ex-
Congressman, at Lime Rock, Conn., April 80.
Bass, Hon. Lyman K., 54, ex-Congressman, at New
York, May 11. Bishop, • Washington Irving,
** mind reader,** at New York, May 18. Bateman,

, engineer, at London, June 10. Beecher,

Rev. Wmiara Henry, 87, at Chicago, June 28.
Brown, George Loring, 75, artist, at Maiden, Mass..
June 26. Bacon, Judge WllllMn' Johnson, 85, at
Utica, Jnly 8. Barlow, Samuel Mitchell Latham,
60. lawyer, at Glen Cove, N. Y., July 10. Beecher,
Dr. Harris H., 69, at Norwich, July 14. Ballman,
Charles H., scientist, in the swamps of Georgia,
July — . Bechtel, George, brewer and politician,
at Staten Island, July 16. Burnett, John Barber,
pblUnthroplst, at Syracuse, N. Y., July 17.
Brown, Rolla (colored), 105, at Louisville, Jnly 29,
Barr, John C, 59, journalist, at Pittsburg, Pa.,
July 28. Beedy, Daniel, TO, civil engineer and
bridge builder, at Farmlngton, Me., July 29,
Bonar, Rev. Horatlus, lyric poet, at Edinburgh,
Scotland, August 1. Buckner, Hon. James F. 8r.,
at Louisville, August 4. Bough ton, Daniel, mer-
chant, at Albany, August 6. Bourne, Hon.
Jonathan, at New Bedford. Mass., August 7,
Bollock, Judge William F., 82, near Shelby vllle,
Ky., Angnst 9. Britton, H« W., 68, railroad

manager, at Oswego. N, Y., August 10. Bellerman,

, artist, at London, August 13. Bayllss, Dr..

45, editor, at Bay View, Mich., August 14. Bi^wn,
John Q., ex-Governor of Tennessee, at Red
Boiling Springs, Tenn., August 17. Blaine,
Frank B., JoumaUst. at Chicago, August 24.
Boston, Granny, 121, at Munphy, N. C , August 26.
Bennett, Rev. Lorenzo T., 84, at Guilford, Coun.,
September 2. Baoon, Samuel N., 60, merohant, at
Loudonvllle, Albany, county, September 11.
Beale, Joseph, 75, ex-Snrgeon-Gencral United
Sutes navy,, at Philadelphia, September 23.
Bartlett. £. S^ (Wild Cnrley). scout, at Kearney,
Neb., Sep^mber 27. Beattie, Hon. David C. 61,
County Judge, at Schenectady, October 2. Berry.
B. Gage, 59, ex-Assonblyman and Journalist, at
Norwich, Chenango county, October 2. Bunce,
Judge Z. W., 102, at Port Huron, Mich., October 8.
Bishop, Charles B., 52, comedian, at Newport,
R. I., October 8. Bartholomew, Dr. Ira Hawley.
61, author, at Lansing, Mich., October 19.
Brockway. Hon. William N., 60, at Elmlra,
October JS. Barnes, Gen. M. S., Jonmallst, at
Galesburg, 111, November 8. Bourke. Gen.
Thomas Francis, 49, Irish patriot, at New York,

November 11. Boyle, , Journalist, at London,

November 18. Beard, Harry, 49, artist, at New
York, November 19. Bronson, Henry T., lumber*
roan, at Ottawa, Canada, December 7. Bradley,
Edward, (Cnthbert Bede), writer, at London.
December 12. Browning, Robert, 77, poet, at
Venice, Italy, December 12. Barbour, Oliver S.,
79, law report compiler, at Saratoga, N. Y..
December 17. Bldwell, David, 69, theatrical
manager, at New Orleans, December 18. Barlow.
Thomas Oldham, R. A., 66, engraver, at London
December 27. Bowen. Levi F., 81, ex-Assembly-
man and Jurist, at Lockport, N. Y.. December 27.

Blaine, Professor , 68, educator, at Salem,

Oregon, December 80.

Carney, Michael, 105, at Waterbury, Conn., Jan-
nary 2. Cay ward, A. J., horticulturist, at Marl-
borough. January 18. Cabonel. Alexander, painter,
at Paris, January 23. Carteret. M., Swiss political
leader, at Geneva, January 28. Chandler, Rear

Admiral , at Hong Kong. China, February 10.

Cook, Seth, mine operator, at San Francisco,
Cal., February 27. Clesse. Antoine, poet, at Brus-
sels. Belgium, March 9. Campbell, John A., 78,
Amistant Secretary of War of the Confederacy,
at Baltimore, March 12. Cutler, Charles R.. 67, ex-
Lieutenant-Governor, at Warren. R. I., March 36.
Cambridge, Duchess of. 92. at London. April 6.
Ghevreul, Michael Eugene, 103. chemist, at Paris,
April 9. Corcoran, Thomas F.. 40, ex-Alderman and
Health Commissioner, at Albany, April 10, Cut-
ters, William P., 77. ex-Congressman, at Marietta,
O., April 11. Chittenden, Simeon D., 75, ex-Con-
gressman, at Brooklyn, April 14. Croly, David
(}oodman. 60. Journalist, at New York. April 29.
Cassldy, General Ambrose Spencer, at Albany,
May 6. Caval. John. 101, veteran of 1812. at Mld-
dlebush N. J., May 10. Cook, James Cady, S5,
banker, at Albany, May 17. Chandler, Hon. Peleg

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