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The book of Common Prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the church, according to the use of the Church of England; together with the Psalter of Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in churches online

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Online LibraryChurch of EnglandThe book of Common Prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the church, according to the use of the Church of England; together with the Psalter of Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in churches → online text (page 3 of 54)
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Information, in any of his Majefty's Courts of Re-
cord, wherein no Effoign, Protection, or Wager of
Law fhall be allowed, and to be difabled from taking
or being admitted into the Order of Prieft, by the
fpace or one whole Year then next following.

Provided, That the Penalties in this Act lhall not
extend to the Foreigners or Aliens of the Foreign
Reformed Churches allowed, or to be allowed by
the King's Majefty, his Heirs and Succeffcrs in

Provided always, That no Title to confer, or pre-
fent by Lapfe, fhall accrue by any avoidance or de-
privation, ipfo faffo, by virtue of this statute, but
after fix months after notice of fuch avoidance or
deprivation given by the Oidinary to the Patron, or
fuch Sentence of deprivation openly and pubiickly
read in the Parifh Church of the Benefice, Parion-
age or Vicarage becoming void, or whereof the In-
cumbent fhall be deprived by virtue of tins Acl.

And be it further Enacted by the Authority afore-
laid, That no Form or Order of Common Prayers,
Adminiflration of Sacraments', Rites for Ceiemcnies,
fhall be openly ufed in any Church, Chapel, or other
publick Place of, or in any College or Hall in either
t)t the Univerfities t the Colleges of i-yejtminjter,
H-'incbtfltr, or Eaton, or any or them, ether than
what is prefcribed, and appointed to be ufed in
and by the faid Book ; and thac the prefent Gover-
nor, or Head of every College and Hail in the faid
Uaiverfities, and of the faid Colleges of Wejlminftn ,
Wmcbtjitr, and Eaton, within one Month after the
Feaft of St. Bartholomew, which fhall be in the year
of our Lord One thoufand fix hundred fixty and two;
and every Governor or Head of any of the faid Col-
leges or Halls, hereafter to be elected or appointed,
within one Month next after his Election or Col-
lation, and Admiffion into the fame Government
or Headfhip, (hail openly and pubiickly in the
Church, Chapel, or other publick Place of the lame
College or Hall, and in the prefence of the Fellows
and Scholars of the fame, or the greater part of them
then refiaent, fubfcribe unto the Nine and thirty
Articles of Religion, mentioned in the Statute made
in the thirteenth year of theReign of the late ■Queen
EUzahetb, and unto the faid Book, and declare his
unfeigned Affent and Confent unto, and Approba-
tion of the laid Articles, and of the fame Book, and
to the u:e of all the Prayers, Rites nnd Ceremonies,
Forms and Orders in the faid Book prefcribed and
contained, according to the Form aforefaid; and that
all fuch Governors, or Heads of the faid Colleges and
Halls, or any of them, as are, or lhall be in holy
Orders, fhall once fat leaft) in every quarter of the
year (not having a lawful Impediment) openly and
pubiickly read the Morning Prayer, and Service in
and by the faid Book appointed to be read in the
•Church, Chapel, or other publick Place of the fame
College or Hal! ; upon pain to lofe, and be impend-
ed of and from {ill the Benefit- and Profits belong-
ing to the fame Government or Headihip, by the
Space of fix Months, by the Vifitor or \ lfitors of
the fame College or Kail; and if any Governor or
Head of any College or Hall, Impended for not fub-
fcribing unto the f<iid Articles and Book, or for not
reading of the Morning Prayer and Service, as
aforelaid, fhall not at, or before the end of fix Months
next after fuch Sufpenficn, fubfcribe nnto the faid
Article? and Book, ana declare his Confent thereun-
to, as aforefaid. or read the Morning Prayer and
Service, as aforefaid, then fuch Government or
Headfhip (hail be, ipfo faEto, void.

Provided always, That it fha!! and may he lawful
tci ufe the Morning and Evening Prayer, and all other
Prayers ajid Service preicribej u'.t.ii by tic laid

re/pedHveCollegesand Halfc in ff^=^

1 ^lieges of H-cflmwJter, mmbeftcr, and fa-
fi^rpl 1 " the c T onvocations of the Clergies of
nileS fn?r nCe ' l n LatlQ ; an >' ^ing in this Act con.
tained to the contrary notwithstanding,
ftin ™ e 1C fur i, h er Enacted by the Authority afore-
faid, That no Perlon lhall be, or be received as a
Lecturer, or permitted, fuffered, or allowed to preach
as a Lecturer, or to prerch, or read any Sermon or
2 r , e in any Church, Chapel, or other Place of
public* Worfhip, within this Realm of England, or
'r * ?°, mi ' U ,°? °' • Wo » and Town of upon
fiveed, un\e(s he be firft approved, and thereunto
«r e , n K rf - y the Arcnb nTicp of the Province, or Bifhop
of the Diocele. or (in cafe the See be void) by the
Guardian of the Spiritualites, under his Seal ; and
ihall in the prefence of the fame Archbifhop, or Bt-
(hep, or Guardian, read the Nine and thirty Articles
of Religion mentioned in the Sratute of the Thir-
teenth year of the late Queen Elizabeth, with Ds-
c aration of his unfeigned Affent to the fame ; and
that every penon and perfons, who now is, or here-
after fhall be licenled, a:ngned, appointed, or receiv-
ed as a Lecturer, to preach upon any Dav of the
vveek, in any Church, Chapel, or PJace of 'publick
Vvorfhip within this Rea'm of England, or Places
aforelaid, the firft time he preacheth (before his
.ermon) ihall openly, pubiickly, and IbJeroniy read
the Common Prayers and Service in and hy the
faid Book appointed to be read for that time of the
day, and then and there pubiickly and openly de-
clare his Affent unto, and Approbation ot the faid
Eook, and to the ufe of all the Prayers, Rites atd
Ceremonies, Forms and Orders therein contained
&rvd prefcribed, according to the Form before zp-
pointed in this ACt; and alfo fhall upon the firft Lecv
ture-day cf every Month afterwards, fo long as he
continue? Lecturer, or Preacher there, at the place
appointed for his faid Lecture or Sermon, before his
faid Lecture or Sermon, openly, pubiickly and ff>
lemnly read the Common Frave'rs and Service in aatf
by the faid Book appointed to be read for that time
of the day, at which the faid Lecture or Sermon is
to be preached, and after fuch Reading thereof, fh?.:i
openly and pubiickly, beforethe Congregation there
affembied, declare his unfeigned Affent and Confcr>t
unto, and Approbation of the faid Book, and to tl.e
ufe of all tne Prayers, Rites and Ceremonic ,
Forms and Orders therein contained and prefcribed,
according to the Form aforelaid; and that all and
every fuch Perfon or Perfons who fna'l neglect or
refufe to do the fame, (hall from thenceforth be dif-
abled to preach the faid, or any other Lecture cr
Sermon in the faid, or any other Church, Chapel cr
Place of publick Worfhip, until fuch time as he and
they (hall openly, pubiickly and folemnly read the
Common Prayers and Service appointed by the faid
Book, and conform in all points of the things there-
in appointed and prefcribed, according to the pur-
port, true intent, and meaning of this Act.

Provided always, That if the faid Sermon or Lec-
ture be to be preached or read in any Cathedral or
Collegiate Church or Chapel, it fhall be fuffkient for
the laid Lecturer, openly at the time aforefaid, to
declare his Affent and Confent to all things contain-
ed in the laid Book, according to the Form aforefaid.

And be it further Enacted by the Authority afore-
faid, That if any Perfon, who is by this Act difabkd
to preach any Lecture or Sermon, ffiall during the
time that he fhall continue and remain fo difabled,
preach any Sermon or Lecture; that then for every
inch offence, the Perfon and Perfons fo sffending fhall
fuffer three months imprisonment in the Common
Gaol without Bail or Mainprife; and that anv two
Juftices of the Peace of any County of this kingdom
and Places aforefaid, and the Mayor or other chief
Magiftraie of any City or Town-Corporate within
the fame, upon Certificate from the Ordinary of the
place made to him or them of the offence commit-
ted, fhall and are hereby required to commit the
peri on or perfons fo offending, to the Gaol of the
fame Countv, City, or Town-Corporate accorcingjy.

Provided always, and be it further Enacr-d oy the
Authority aforefaid, That at all and every time and
times when rmy Sermon or Lecture is to be preached,
the Common Prayer and Service in ard by the faid
Book appointed to be read for that time of the day,
fhall be openly, pubiickly and folemnly read bv fome
Frieft or Deacoa, in the Church, Chapej, cr Place o!
A * public*

An Acl for the Uniformity of Publ'u\ Prayers,

publick YVorfhip where the faid Sermon or Lecture
is to be preached, before fuch sermon or Lecture be
preached ; and the Lecturer then to preach fhall be
prefem at the reading thereof.

Provided neverthelefs. That this Aft fhall not ex-
tend to tne Univerfity Churches in the Univeriities
of this Realm, or either of them, when or at fuch
times as any Sermon or Lecture is preached or read
in the tame Churches, or any of them, for, or as rhe
publick Univerfity Sermon or Lefture ; but that the
fame Sermons and Lectures may be preached or
read. in fuch fort and manner as the fame 5>ave been
heretofore preached or read ; this Aft, or any thing
herein contained to the contrary thereof in any wiie

And be it farther Enafted by the Authority a'ore-
faid, That the feveral good La'.vs ami Statutes of this
Re dm, which have been formerly made, and are
Htw in force for the Uniformity of Prayer and Ad-
mtnifiration Of the Sacraments, within this Realm
of England, and places aforefairt, fhall (land in full
fr-.e. and ftrength, to all intents and purpoies what-
f ever, for the eftabiifhing and confirming; of the faid
E ^oic, intituled, The Book of Common Prayer, and
A mmftr'ationofihi S.icraments, andotber Rltcsand
Cremonits of the Church, according to \b&Vft of the
Q'hrcb of England: together ivitb the Pfalter or
PJalms of Daviii, point ei as tbcya-e to be fip'g or faid
i Churches \ and tbi Form or Uanntr of Making, Or.
dan. tie:-, and Cnfecra'ing of Bifbopt, PriejtS and Dea-
cons, herein befoie mentioned to be joined and an-
nexed to this Aft; and fhall be applied, preftifed,
a.'-G put in ule for the punifhing of all offences con-
trary to the faid Laws, with relation to tne Book
aforefaid, and no other.

Provided always, and be it further Enafted by
the Authority afotefaid, That in all thofe Prayers,
X'tames, and Collefts, which do any way relate to
toe King, Queen, or Royal Progeny, the Names be
altered ana changed from time to time, and fittea to
the prefent occafion, according to the direftion of
lawful Authority.

Provided alio, and be it Enafted by the Authority
aforefaid, That a true Printed Copy of the faid
Book, intituled. The Book of Common Prayer, and
Admwijtrafion of the Sacraments, and other Rites and
Ceremonies of the Cbunb, according to the Ufe of the
Church of England: together ivitb the Pfalter or
Ufalms of David, pointed at they are to be fung or
faid m Churches ; ami the Form or Manner of Mat-
ing, Ordainjne, and Confecrating of Bi/hops, Priefts,
and Deacon*, fhall at thecoflsand cbargesof the Fa-
rifhioners of every Parilh Church and Chapelry, Ca-
thedral Churoh, College and Hall, be attained and
gotten before the Feait day of St. Bartholomew, in
the Year of our Lord One thoufand fix hundred fixty
and two, upon the pain of forfeiture of three pounus
by the month, for fo long time as they fhall then
after be unprovided thereof, by every Parilh or Cha-
pelrv, Cathedral Church, College and Hall, making
default therein.

Provided always, and be it Enafted by the Au-
thority aforefaid, That the Bifhops of Hereford, St.
David's, Afap.**, Bangor, and Landaff, arid their
Succ ffors, "fhail lake fuch Order among themfelves,
for the louls' health of tne Flocks committed to their

• > within Wales, that "the Book hereunto an-
nexed be truly and exa&Ivt i Qated into the Britijb
o.r Wekb Tongue; and that the lame fo translated,
and being by them, or any three of them at the leafti
viewed, perufed and allowed, rSe imprinted to fuch
number at leaft, to that one of the grid Cooks lo traftf.

I. ii; !■• be had for every Cathedral,
iate and ParKh Churcn, and Chapel OfEafe in

• id refpedtive Diocefes and places in •
•where rle Welch is commonly fpoken or uf)ed, be-
fore the fin* dayof.A/^y, One thoufand fix hundred
fixty five, and that irom and after the imprinting
and publishing r Boo,c r ° trunfircd, the

service fhall be u fed and faid by the

and Curates throughout all Wales within

thi faid Dioceies where th< " etch

m. idy ufed. in the Bri'ifh or Wei b 1 ongue, in fuch

.;, form " is j according to ihe

annexed to be ufed in th

Tongue, differing nothing in a:iy Order or Foim

Book ; for which Book fo

-,.. ■ - . • :• ,■ , , tea. the Ctmreh-wardwvs of

II pay out a f the Pariih

in kheir hands for the ale of the refpeftive

Churches, and be allowed the fame on their Account;
and that the faid Bifhops and their Succeffors, or
any three of them at the leaf!, fhall fet and appoint
the Price for which the laid Book (hall be lo!d : And
one other Book of Common Praver in the Englijb
Tongue, fhall be bought and had in every Church
throughout Wales, in"which the Book of Common
Prayer in Welch is to he had by force of this Aft,
before thefiril day of May, One thoufand fix hundred
fixty and four; and the fame Book to remain in fuch
convenient places, within the faid Churches, that
fuch as underftandthem may relort at all convenient
times to read and perufe the fame, and alfo fuch as
do not underfiand the faid language, may by con-
ferring both Tongues together, the 'fooner attain to
the knowledge of the Engiifb Tongue ; any thing in
this Aft to the contrary notwithfianding: And until
printed Copies of the faid Book, fo to be tranflated,
may be h;d and provided, The Form of Common
Prayer eflablilhed by Parliament, before the making
of this Aft, fhall be ufed as formerly in fuch parts
of Wales where the Englijb Tongue is not commonly

And to the end that the true and perfeft Copies of
this Aft, and the faid Book hereunto annexed, may
be fafely kepr, and perpetually preferved, and for the
avoiding of all difputes for the time to come ; Be it
therefore Enafted by the Authority aforefaid, That
the refpeitive Deans and Chapters of every Cathe-
dral or Collegiate Church within England and Wales,
fhall at their proper colts and charges, before the
twenty- fifth day ot December, One thoufand fix hun-
dred fixty-two, obtain under the Great Seal of Eng-
land, a true and perfeft printed Copy of this Aft,
and of the faid Book annexed hereunto, to be by the
faid Deans and Chapters, and their Succeffors, kept
and prefervea in fafety for ever, and to be alfo pro-
duced, and lhewed forth in any Court of Record,
as often as they fhall be thereunto lawfully required ;
and alfo there fhall be delivered true and perfeft Co-
pies of this Aft, and of the fame Book, into the
reipeftive Courts at Weftminjier, and into tbeTower
of London, to be kept and preferved for ever among
the Records of the laid Courts, and the Records of
the Tower, to be alfo produced and (hewed forth
in any Court as need fhall require; which faid Books,
fo to be exemplified under the Great Seal of Eng-
land, fha!l be examined by fuch perfons as the King's
Majefty fhall appoint, under the Great Seal of Eng-
land, for that purpcie, and fha!! be compared with
the Original Book hereunto annexed, and fhall have
power to correft and amend in writing, any Error
committed by the Printer in rhe printing of the fame
Book, or of any thing therein contained, and fhall
certify in writing under their Hands and Seals, or
the Hands and Seals of any three of them, at the end
of the fame Book, that' they have examined and
compared the fame Book, and find it to he a true
and perfeft Copy j which faid Books, and every one
of them fo exemplified under the Great Seal of E#g,
land, as aforefaid, mall be deemed, taken, adjudged
and expounded to be good and available' in the
Law, to all intents and purpofes whatsoever, and,
(hall be accounted as good Records as this Book it-
felf hereunto annexed , any Law or Cuitcm to the.
contrary in my wife notwithstanding.

Provided alfo, That this Aft, or any thing therein
contained, fhall not be prejudicial or hurtful unto the
King's PrcfeiTor of Law, within the Univerfity of
Oxford, for or concerning the Prebend of Sr/ipton
within the Cathedral Church of Sarutn, united and
annexed unto the place of the fame King'? Profeffor
for the time being, by the late King James of bleffed

Providf ■' alw ays, That whereas the fix and thir-
t'ech Article of the Nine and thirty Artkks agreed
upon by tiie Archbilhops and Bifhops of both Pro-
vinces, and the whole Clergy in the Convocation
holden at London, in the year of our Lord One,
::. r \ live hundred fixty-two, for the avoiding of
diverfities o' Opinions, and foi eftahlffhing of content
touching true Religion, is in theie words-follow*
ing, vjz.

That the Bobji of Confecration of Arcbbifbops and
B[lL ops, and Ordaining of Priefts and Deacons, lately
'"■• forth m rhr. time of King Edward {be »Xtb, and
Confirmed at the fame time by Authority of Parlia-
ment, doth contain all < tings nectjfa'y to fuch Con*
fecrdtion and brdainmg, neUbtr bath it'av thing
that Oj ltj'rlf isfuperjtitious and ungodly : ar.d there-

The Preface
torewbofbever are Coftfecrated or Ordered according to \ in l'uch fort and manner as the fame did heretofore
tbe Rites of that Ho'.kfince the ficond Tear oftbs afore- ■
named King Edward unto tbit time, or hereafter Jk all
be Conjecratta or Ordered according to tbe fame Bites ;

Wi decree allfucb to be rightly, orderly, and lawfully
Confecrated and Ordered ;

It be Enacted, and be it therefore Enafted by the
Authority aforefaid, That allSuhfcriptions hereafter
to be had' or made unto the laid Articles by any Dea-
con, Frieft, or Eccleiiaftical Perfon, or other Perfon
whatsoever, who by this Aft, or any other Law now
in force is required to fubicribe unto the faid Arti-
cles, mall be conftrued, and taken ro extend, and (hall
be applied (for and touching the laid Six and thir-
tiethArticfe) unto the Book containing the Form and
Manner of Making, Ordaining, and Confecraring of
Eiihops, Prieftsand Deacons, in th*s Act mentioned,

extend unto the Book fet f^rth in thetime of King
Ednvard the Sixth, mentioned in the faid fix and
thirtieth Article; any thin? in the<aid Art
in any Statute, Atf or Canon heretofore fnd or mad-
to the contrary thereof, in any wife notwithftanding.
Provided alfo. That the Book of Common Praver,
and Administration of the Sacraments, and other
Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of JLn\ land, to-
gether with the Form and Manner of Ordain rrigairti
ConfiKrating Bifhops, Priefts and Deacons, hereto-
fore in ufe, and reipetfivelv eftaMifhed bv Aft of
Parliament in the Firft and Eighth years of Queen
Elizabeth, fhali be ftill tried and obferved in tha
Church orEngland, until the Feaft of Saint Jfartl -■
lomeiv, which fhal! be in the Year of our Lord Go4
One thomand fix hundred fixty and two.


IT hath been*he wifdom of the Church of Erg
land, ever fmce the ftrfl compiling of her Pub-
lick Liturgy, to keep tne mean "between the
two extreame, of too much ftiffhefs in refufirig,
and of too much eafinefs in admitting any variation
from it. For, as on the one fide common experience
fheweth, that where a change hath been made of
things advifedlv eftablifhed (no evident neceffity fo
requiring) fundry inconveniencies have thereupon
enlued ; and thofe many times more and greater
than the evils, that were intended to be remedied
bv fueh change; So on the other tide, the particular
Forms of Divine Worfhip, and the Rites and Ceremo-
nies appointed to be ufed therein, being things in
their own na;ure indirferent, and alterable, and io
acknowledged ; it is but reafonable, that upon
weighty and important confederations, according to
the various exigency of times and otcanons, luch
changes and alterations mould be made therein, as
to thoie that'are in piace of Authority mould from
time to time feem either neceflary or expedient.- Ac-
cordingly we fino, that in the Reigns of ieveral Prin-
ces ofVleffed memory fmce the Reformation, the
Church, upon jutt and weighty confederations Tier
thereunto moving, hath yielaed » make luch alter-
ations in fome particulars, as in their refpecTive
times were thought convenient: Yet fo, as that the
main Body and F-ifentials of it (as well in the chief-
eft materials, as in the frame and order thereof)
have ftill continued the fame unto this day, and do
yet ftand firm and unfhaken, notwithftanftfcig all the
vain attempts and impetuous affaults made againft
it, by fuch men as are given to change, and have
always tiifcovered a greater regard to cheirown pri-
vate 'fancies and intetefts, than to that duty they
owe to the publick.

By what undue means, and for what rrufchievous
purpofes the u;e of the Liturgy (though enjoined by
the Laws of the Land, and thbfe Laws never yet
repealed) came, during the late unhappy contusions,
to be discontinued, is too well know;, to the world,
and we are not willing here to remember. But when,
upon his MajeftVs happy Refiauratioh, it feemed
probable that amongft other tnings, tne ule of the
Liturgy alfo would return of eourfe {the fame hav-
ing never been legally abolifhed) unleis fome timely
means were ufed to prevent it; thofe men who under
the late ufur"ed powers had made it a great part of
their bufmeis to render the people difatfefted there-
unto, law themfel ves in point of reputation and inte-
rest concerned (unlefs they would freely acknowledge
themielves to have erred, which fuch men are very
hardly brought to do) with their ucmoft endeavours
to hinder the reftitution thereof. In order where-
unto divers Pamphlets were publifhed againft the
Book of Common Prayer, the old Objections mutter-
ed up, wirh the ariairkm of fome new ones, more
than formerly had been made, to make the number
(WelL In fine, great importunities were ufed to
His Sacred Majefty, that the faid Book might be re-
vifed, and fucn Alterations therein, and Additions
thereunto made, as mould be thought r<-quiiite for
the eafe of tender conferences: whereunto His Ma
ieitv, out of his pious inclination to give Satisfaction
(fo far as could be reafonably expeaed) to all his fub-
jfrdts of what perfua'fion foever, did gracioufly con-

In which Review we have rndeavoureu to obferve
the like moderation, as we hnato have been ufed

in the like cafe in former times. And therefore of
the fundty alterations propofed unto us, we have re-
jected all -ich as were either of dangerous conie-
quence (as fecretly ftriking at fome eftablifhed Doc-
trine, or laudable Practice cf the Church of England,
or indeed of the whole Catholick Church of Chi ill)
or e\ie of no confequence at all, but utterly frivolous
and vain. But fuch alterations as were tendered tr>
us (by what perfons, under what pretences, or to
what purpofe toever id tendered, as feemed ro at in
any degree requisite or expedient, we have willingly,
and of our own accord affented unto : not enforced
io to do by anyflrengtn of Argument, convincing us
of the neceffity of making thefaid Alterations: For we
are fully peruiaded in our judgments (and we here
profefs it to the world) that the Book, as if fiood
before eftablifhed by Law, doth not contain in it
any thing contrary to the Word of God, or to fourd
Doctrine, or which a godly man may not with a
good Confcience ufe and fubmit unto, or which is
not fairly defenfible againft any that fhall oppoie the
fame; if it fhall be allowed fuch juft and favourable
conttrudtion as in common equity ought to be allow-
ed to all human Writings, efpedally fuch as are fet
forth by Authority, and even to the very beii Trans-
lations of the holy Scripture ittelf.

Our general aim therefore in this undertaking was,
not to gratify this or that party in any their unrea-
sonable demands; but to do that, which to our beft
understandings, we conceived might molt tend to
the prefervation of Peace and Unity in the Church;
the procuring of Reverence, and exciting of Piety
and Devotion in the publick Worfhip of God; and
the cutting off occafi en from them that feek occaftoa
of cavil, or quarrel againft the Liturgy of the Church.
And as to the fevera-1 variations irom the former
Book, whether by Alt?ration, Addition, or otherwife,
it (hall fnfficc to give .this gener tl account, That moft
of the alterations were made, either firft, for the bet-
ter direction of them that are to officiate in any part
of Divine Service; which is chiefly done in the Ca-

Online LibraryChurch of EnglandThe book of Common Prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the church, according to the use of the Church of England; together with the Psalter of Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in churches → online text (page 3 of 54)