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Scandinavian jubilee album : issued in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the gospel to the three Scandinavian countries by Elder Erastus Snow and fellow laborers online

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ant and filled many other positions.


Born Jan. 12. 1836, in Ripa, Ahus parish, Christianstad Lan, Sweden;
was baptized by Elder Andrew J. Miller. March 26. 1866; ordained a
Priest Aug. 25, 1866, and an Elder Feb. 22, 1867, by John Fagerberg; called
into the local ministry and labored principally in tne L,und, Karls-
krona and Vexio branches, emigrated to Utah in 1869, and located in
Brigham City, Box Elder County; married Caroline Nielsen Oct. 4, 1869.
and removed to St. Charles, Bear Lake Co., Idaho, in 1870, where he still
resides; filled a mission to Sweden in 1884-86, laboring in the Skane con-
ference; while laboring as a missionary in Blekinge he was roughly
handled by a mob. At St. Charles he has labored as a Teacher and a
Priest for twenty-five years.



Born March 3, 1831, in Herslof, Malmohus Liin, Sweden; baptized by
P. T. Nystrom, May 22, 1864; ordainei a Deacon. Priest and Elder
successively and labored as a local missionary in the Malmo branch;
subsequently he labored as a missionary in the province of Blekinge
for six montns, in Helsinborg nine months and in Christianstad and
surrounding districts six months, after which he presided over the
Malmo branch, until he emigrated to Utah in 1873; located in Mt.
Pleasant, Sanpete Co.; ordained a Seventy Aug. 7, 1884; filled a mission
in Sweden in 1885-87, laboring in the Skane conference, part of the time
as president of the Christianstad branch and later as president of the
Skane conference; ordained a High Priest and set apart as first coun-
selor in the Bishopric in the Mt. Pleasant Ward May 20, 1890.


Born Oct. 11, 1818, Thorslunde, Kundby parish, Holbsek Amt, Sjjelland,
Denmark; was baptized Oct. 29, 1851; ordained a Teacher Feb. 22, 1852.
by John E. Forsgren, a Priest April 11, 1852, by F. C. SOrensen, and an
Elder Oct. 17, 1852. by Peter O. Hansen; loaned Erastus Snow means
to help on the missionary work; emigrated to Utah in John E. Fors-
gren's company in 1852-63; located as one of the pioneer settlers at
Ephraim, Sanpete Co., where he has since resided; ordained a Seventy
May 17, 1857, passed through the Black Hawk war troubles; has as-
sisted in building three fort walls, three school houses, three meet-
ing houses, and two Temples; was ordained a High Priest Feb. 17,
1890, by Canute Peterson, and set apart as a counselor In the presi-
dency of the High Priests in the Sanpete Stake, Marcn 4, 1900.



Born Oct. 1, 1847, in Virket, on the Island of Falster, Maribo Amt,
Denmark; baptized by Anders Larsen in 1865; emigrated to Utah in 1866
and located in Manti, Sanpete Co., where he has resided ever since;
married Maria Hansen, of Manti, in 1870; fillei a mission to Scandi-
navia in 1898, laboring in tne Copenhagen conference, on the islands of
Lolland and Falster; after laboring a few months his health failed, in
consequence of which he was released from his mission and returned
home in July or the same year. juMer Mausen acted as president of
the first Elders' quorum of the Sanpete Stake for a number of years,
and has filled many responsibilities in the community in which he has


Born April 14, 1835, in Dragor, Amager, Copenhagen Amt. Denmark; em-
braced the Gospel when twenty years old in Denmark; oraained an
Elder and called into the active ministry in 1856; labored a short time
on the island of Amager; called to Norway, where he labored diligently
as a missionary over two years, suffered severe persecutions and fre-
quent imprisonments for the Gospel's sake; emigrated to Utah in 1859;
married Marie Christensen May 8, 1859. en route; crossed the plains
with handcarts; located in Brigham City, later in Weuer Valley and
in 1875 in Monroe. Sevier Co.. his present home; presIJed over the
Uniter Order in Monroe; filled a mission to Scandinavia, laboring in
Norway and in the Copenhagen conference, Denmark; is the father of
twenty-one children.


Born in Fredericia, Denmark, Nov. 4, 1852; baptized into the "Mormon"
Church when nine years of age, and emigrated to Utah in 1875; located
in Salt Lake City where he engaged in business, and is now one of
the. prominent business men of that city. ie is the proprietor of a
furniture store, president and manager of the Utah Stove and Hard-
ware Co., and of the Western Loan & Savings Bank; vice president
of the Utah Commercial & Savings Bank, and director in the banks at
Lehi and Springville; also presiaent and manager of the S. L. Livery
& Transfer Co. He has always taken an active and prominent part
in affairs pertaining to the welfare of the Scandinavians in Salt Lake
City, assisting by advice and deeds.


Wife of Peter W. Madsen, was born in Ejby, near Odense, Fyen. Den-
mark, March 12, 1855; joined the Church in 1874, and witn her husband
emigrated to Utah in 1875. She has been an active Church member all
her life, and has been prominent in benevolent and charitable under-
takings, especially so in matters pertaining to her country people, al-
ways being ready to assist them in every way possible.



Son of Hans O. Mag-leby and Marie Christensen, was born Feb. 24, 1867,
at Milton, Morgan County, Utah; lost his mother T>y death when
eight months old, and was brought up by the care of Eliza, his father's
second wire; baptized when eight years old at Monroe, Sevier County;
at the age of fourteen he came near losing his life by the accidental
discharge of a shot-gun, but was healed by the power at God through
the administration of the Elders; spent four years as a student in the
B. Y. Academy at Provo; acted as principal teacher at the public school
at Monroe; filled a mission to Norway in 1893-95, on which he was very
successful in gathering his mother's genealogy in the city of Kongs-
berg; shortly after his return home, he took sick and died at Monroe,
Jan. 3, 1896.


Son of Hans O. Magleby and Marie Christensen, was born in Salt Lake
City, Utah, Nov. 27, 1862; lost his mother by death when five years old;
was baptized at the age of eight; removed with his father's family to
Monroe, Sevier Co., in 1875; married Jane A3am Warnock.June 12, 1885;
filled a mission to New Zealand in 1885-89; labored as a home mission-
ary in the Sevier Stake of Zion from 1889 to 1890; called on a second
mission to New Zealand in 1898, where he now acts as president of the
New Zealand Mission. On his first mission to New Zealand he acquired
the Maori language to a high degree of perfection; both at home and
abroad he has spent much time in the interest of the Cnurch, yet the
Lord has blessed him abundantly with means; he was one of the
Stake Tabernacle committee of the Sevier Stake and donated liberally.


Born Oct. 8, 1848, near Hj0rring, Denmark; was baptized April 23, 1860,
and emigrated the same year with his mother and three children to
Utah. They crossed the plains with their own team, and went to South-
ern Utah to Dixie to live. Brother Mariger, later on, settled at
Kanab, Kane Co., from which place he was called on a mission to
Denmark in 1879. He first labored in Hjprring and later in Aalborg.
After his return home he acted as Bishop's counselor, superintendent
of Sabbath School; president of Y. M. M. I. A.; Stake clerk and clerk
of the High Council, and Bishop at Kanab; was county clerk and re-
corder; county assessor and collector; president of the Kanab Irriga-
tion Company; superintendent of Kanab Mercantile and Manufactur-
ing Company; superintendent of the Kanab Co-op Stock Company. He
now resides in Farmers' Ward, Salt Lake City.


Born Nov. 22, 1850, in Lyngby, near Copenhagen, Denmark; baptized in
Copenhagen; emigrated to Utah in 1864, and located in Gunnison, San-
pete Co.; ordained an Elder by Alonzo L. Raliegh in 1869; ordained a
Seventy by Carl Olson in 1884; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1885-86,
laboring in the Copenhagen conference, principally on the islands of
Lolland and Falster; died Aug. 20, 1889, at Mayfield, Sanpete Co., Utah.



Born Feb. 4, 1873, in Ephraim, Sanpete Co., Utah, or goodly Scandi-
navian parents, with whom he removed to Redmond, Sevier Co., his
present home; baptized when about eight years old; ordained to the
Priesthood; fllled a mission to Denmark in 1897-99, laboring in the
Aarhus conference, principally in the Esbjerg, Horsens and Odense
branches. While on this mission he witnessed many manifestations
of the power of God in the healing of the sick and in striking answer
to prayers.


Born Jan. 31, 1850, in Thorup. near Randers, Denmark, being the fifth
of his mother's eleven children; was baptized June 8. 1879, while in the
service of "Koncejlspresident," Estrup; ordained a Priest by Niels
Wilhelmsen and called into the local ministry Nov. 1. 1879; labored in
the Randers Dranch until June, 1881, when he emigrated to Utah; lo-
cated in Fountain Green, Sanpete Co.; filled a mission to Denmark in
1885-87, presiding over the Aalborg conference. Elder Mikkelsen is still
an active and faithful member of the Fountain Green -\Vard.



Son of Lars Mogensen and Christine Jensen, was born April 8. 1830,
at Rudkjobing Mollemark, on the island of Lang-eland, Denmark; re-
moved with his parents to Svendstrup, Sjaelland, where he and his wife
anj parents were baptized. March 9. 1853; ordained to the Priesthood
and presided over the Svendstnip branch about one and one-half
years: emigrated to Utah in 1855; participated in the Echo Canyon
war; located in Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete Co., as a pioneer settler in 1858,
where he took part in the Black Hawk war. Among me many posi-
tions filled by him there may be mentioned that of watermaster, city
councilor, Bishop's counselor, etc. He filled a mission to Scandinavia
in 1897-98. laboring in the Copenhagen conference, most of the time
as president of the Copenhagen branch.


Son of Morten Jensen, born April 23, 1833, in Hjortsvang, Skanderborg
Amt, Denmark; baptized In May, 1859, by Peter C. Geertsen; emi-
grated to Utah at an early day, and was for many years a resident of
Salt Lake City, where he was ordained a Seventy and labored for
many years as a counselor to Anders W. Winberg in the
presidency of the Scandinavian meetings; filled a mission to the
the Scondinavian meetings; filled a mission to the United States in
1877, laboring principally in the States of Iowa, Nebraska. Dakota and
Minnesota; in 1899 he was called on a mission to Scandinavia, where he
is now laboring.


Born in Paris, Bear Lake Co., Idaho; baptized by her father, John
P. Mortensen; removed to Salt Lake City with her parents when quite
young, and there she has resided ever since in the Eighth Ward; she
has been an ardent worker in the Sunday School and the Y. L. M. I. A.
work; has also been an officer in the Primary Association ani Relief
Society. In 1899 she received a call to go on a mission to Scandinavia;
in response to this call she was set apart for a mission o that country
Aug. 4, 1899, and took her departure the following day for her field of
labor. She is perhaps the first woman ever set apart as a regular
missionary to Scandinavia: her first field of labor was tne Aarhus con-
ference, Denmark, and she is now laboring in the city of Copenhagen.


Son of Martin Nielsen and Inger Petersen, was born July 4, 1834, In
Nykj0bing on SJEelland, Denmark; baptized in 1856, by H. P. Lund, and
emigrated to Utah some time afterwards; fille:! a mission to Den-
mark in 1883-85; died in Huntsville, Weber Co., Utah, Sept. 22, 1898,



Born Aug. 10, 1843, on Lolland, Denmark; was baptized by Jens Jensen
Nov. IT, 1856; emigrated from Denmark in 1857 and arrived in Utah in
1860; located in Brigham City, where he still resides and where he has
tilled many responsible positions, both ecclesiastical and secular; he
also acted as probate judge of Box E13er Co. for a number of years.
In 1870-73 he flllei a mission to Scandinavia, during which he presided
over the Copenhagen conference and also assisted in the business de-
partment of the mission office in Copenhagen.


Born June 10. 1848, in Christiania, Norway; married Mathea Hansen
Mork, Nov. 19, 1869. in Christiania; baptized together with his wife, by
Niels Isaksen, Jan. 10, 1S70; ordained a Teacher and subsequently an
Elder; emigrated to America in 1871. and after spending two years in
Michigan, arrived in Utah in 1873; located in Hyrum, Cache Co.; or-
dained a Seventy; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1891-93. laboring in
the Copenhagen conference, Denmark, and the Cnristiania conference.
Norway; he presided part of the time over the Bergen branch; re-
moved with his family to Goshen. Idaho, in 1898 where he was appoint-
ed presiding Elder soon afterwaras; this position he still holds.



Born Jan. 26, 1856, in Christiania, Norway; baptized in January, 1872,
and two years later, being then sixteen years old, was called into the
local ministry, after which he labored as a missionary for four years,
when he emigrated to Utah In 1876, and located in Salt Lake City, Utah,
where he still resides; in 1883-84 he labored as a missionary in the
Northwestern States Mission; after following the mercantile business
most of the time as. salesman, for several years, he commenced the
study of law in 1893, and in January, 1895, he was admitted to the
Supreme Court of Utah, as an attorney at law, which profession he has
since followed; since 1898 he has served as a justice of the peace in Salt
Lake City.


Born Jan. 3, 1832, in Hormested, Hjorring Amt, Denmark; learned the
trade of a miller; served his country in a military capacity; married
Christine Nielsen in 1856; managed a commission store in the city of
Hjorring eight years; was baptized Feb. 14, 1864; participated as a
corporal in the war between Denmark and Germany In 1864; ordained
a Teacher Nov. 6, 1864, and an Elder March j, 1865; emigrated with wife
and six children to Utah in 1865; after residing seven years in Salt
Lake County he located permanently in Pleasant Grove, Utah Co.;
was ordained a Seventy March 30, 1884, by Wm. W. Taylor; filled a mis-
sion to Denmark in 1885-87, laboring in the Aalborg conference; baptized
fifteen persons. Since May 8, 1890, he has presided over the Scandi-
navian meetings in Pleasant Grove.



Born Nov. 13, 1859, in Rbnne, Bornholm, Denmark; baptized April 30,
1874, by Ole Petersen; emigrated to Utah in 1879 and located in Salt
Lake City; worked as a stone-cutter on the Salt Lake Temple for eight
years; ordaineS a Seventy June 9, 1896, by John W. Taylor; tilled a
mission to 'Denmark in 1896-98, laboring first in the Aalborg conference
and subsequently as a traveling Elder in and president of the Aarhus
conference; in returning to Utah he had charge of a company of emi-
grating Saints. Elder Nielsen is an active and faithful member of the
Twenty-second Ward, Salt Lake City, where he is also engaged in
mercantile business.


Born Oct. 6, 1833, in the city of Saeby, Denmark; embraced the Gospel
in the spring of 1854; emigrated from Denmark in the fall of 1864, to-
gether with his parents, and arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah, Sept. 10,
1856. and located in Brigham City, Box Elder County, where he acted as
first counselor to John Welsh of the North Wardl, acted as chairman of
a committee appointed to erect the first meeting house ever built in
Brigham City; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1884-86; after laboring
about one year in Denmark, he was banished from the country, after
which he labored one year in the Arendal branch, Norway; after his
return home he located at Three Mile Creek, where he was chosen sec-
ond counselor to Bishop Perry; Oct. 25, 1896, he was ordained a Bishop
of the Three Mile Creek Ward.



Born Dec. 3, 1842, in Vester Skjorringe, Maribo Amt, Lolland, Den-
mark; baptized April 1, 1869; ordained to tne Priesthood and called into
the local ministry; labored first on the island of Fyen, and later as
travel'np Elder on the islands of Holland, Falster and Moen; subse-
quently he presided over the West Sjalland branch; emigrated to Utah
in 1874, after laboring in the missionary field about four and one-half
years; located in Brigham City. Box Elder Co., where he still resides;
filled a mission to Scandinavia in 188S-89. laboring in the Copenhagen
branch mostly on the islands of Sja^lland. Lolland and Falster.


A resident of Odense. Denmark, visited Utah in 1899, and was baptized
there. For many years she has contributed liberally toward the sup-
port of the mission on Fyen by her tithings and offerings. Among
other things she donated an organ to the branch and assisted in nu-
merous oiner worthy objects.


Born Oct. 28, 1834. in ostra. Sallerup parish. Malmohus Liin. Sweden;
baptized by Ola Nilson, April 15, 1871; emigrated to I'tah in 1873, and
located in Pleasant Grove. I'tah Co.. where he has followed the occu-
pation of a farmer ever since; in 1882-84 he filled a mission to Sweden,
laboring in the Skane conference. principa..y .n the Christianstad and
the Vidts.jone branches, presiding over Doth. While laboring in this
position 33 persons were added to the Church by baptism. At home
he has acted as a Ward Teacher for many years, and a first coun-
selor over the Scandinavian meetings in Pleasant Grove.


Born May 3, 1849. at Sondervinge, near Randers, Jylland, Denmark;
embraced the Gospel together with his parents in May, 1857. crossing
the sea in the sailing vessel "William W. Tapscott." and the plains
in Robert F. Neslen's ox train; married Maria M. Christiansen. Nov.
Ii7. 1871. with whom he has had thirteen children; after residing tem-
porarily at Spanish Fork, Utah Co., he located permanently in Foun-
tain Green Sanpete Co.. where he still resides; filles a mission to
L'enirark in 1880-82, laboring most of the time as a traveling Klder In
and later president of the Vejle branch. Aarhus conference; at present
he is laboring as a home missionary in the Sanpete Stake of Zion,
and is one of tne presidents of the Thirty-seventh quorum of Seventy.



Born Oct. 1, 1864, in Provo City, Utah; baptized Nov. 3, 1872; received
an academic education in the B. Y. Academy; ordained a Seventy Jan.
10, 1890;" filled a mission to Sweden in 1890-92, laboring principally in the
Trollhattan branch, Gothenburg conference, and the Upsala and Norr-
land branches, Stockholm conference. In returning home, he led a
company of seventy emigrants to Utah. During his mission he held
hundreds of meetings, sold thousands of tracts and succeeded in bap-
tizing several into the Church. At home he has served four years as
city recorder of Provo City; acted as clerk of the High Council of the
Utah Stake since 1896; was elected a member of the city council in No-
vember, 1899 and appointed president of said council in January, 1900.


Born Aug. 25, 1835, in the city of onnestad, Christianstad Lan, Sweden;
lost his father by death when thirteen years old; left his native land
in 1852, and moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, where he was baptized
Nov. 8. 1852; resides four years in Alpine, Utah Co., ana located per-
manently in Provo in the spring of 1858; assisted in making the first
road through Provo canyon; was ordained a Seventy March 3, 1860;
made a trip to the Missouri river in 1861 after emigrants; filled a mis-
sion to Sweden in 1878-79, laboring in the Skane conference, principally
in the Karlskrona. Christianstad. Ystad ana ^elsingT>org branches;
while on this mission his life was threatened by mobs a number of
times; he was ordained a High Priest Feb. 10, 1898.



Born March 8, 1829, in the village of Vemmenhog, Malmohus Lan,
Skane, Sweden; baptized July 1, 1856, in Denmark; ordained a Teacher
and an Eider, and was called to labor as a missionary in Sweden; he
presided over the Gothenburg branch, which, in 1857, was organized
into a conference, and he was called to preside over the same; emi-
grated to Utah in 1859, crossing the plains with handcarts; married
Caroline Chappel, Sept. 4, 1859, and soon afterwards located in To'oele,
Tooele Co., where he has resided ever since; ordained a Seventy May 9,
1860; filled a mission to Sweden in 1872-74, presiding over the Stockholm
conference; ordained a High Priest and set apart as a High Councilor
In the Tooele Stake March 18, 1882.


The eldest son of Mads Nielsen and Marie Christensen. was born in
Veddum, Aalborg Amt, Denmark, Feb. 13, 1874; emigrated when seven-
teen weeks olJ with his parents to Utah and located in Pleasant Grove,
Utah Co.. which has ever since been the family home; received a
liberal education; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1896-98, laboring in
the Aalborg conference, Denmark, and the Christiania conference.
Norway. At present he holds the position of an assistant superinten-
dent in the Pleasant Grove Sunday School, and is also presiuent of
the Y. M. M. I. A. of the same Ward.



Born, Aug. 5, 1853, in Vanneberga, Christianstad Liin, Sweden; em-
braced the Gospel in June, 1870; emigrated to litah, 1874. and located
in Sandy, Salt Lake Co., where he has resided ever since; ordained a
Seventy in 1884; filled a mission to Sweden in 1891-93, laboring in the
Skane conference. At home he has held a position or Sunday School
superintendent for several years, and has acted as Ward Teacher
ever since the Sandy War3 was first organized in 1882; acted for sev-
eral years as secretary of the Ninety-third quorum of Seventy, and on
April 1st, 1900, was set apart as a president in that quorum.


Born at Emilslof. C'hristianstud Liin. Sweden. Dec. 10. 1853. Sor.n
aner his birth his father suddenly left Sweden and mace his way to
America, leaving his wife in very (..stressing circumstances, to provide
for herself and child as best she could; became a convert to "Mor-
monism" in 1873, being baptized in Malmo, Sweden, Sept. 15. 1873; or-
dained a Deacon, and subsequently a Priest, and callec to labor as a
local missionary; presided over the Christianstad branch; emigrated to
Utah in 1878. and located in Salt Lake City, where he has resided ever
since: orSained a Seventy Jan. 2. 1884: filled a mission to Sweden in
1889-91; after his return he located in the Twenty-second "Ward, where
he now acts as president of a branch belonging to that Ward and also
as superintendent of the branch Sunday School..



Born April 10, 1844, in Vilsted parish, Aalborg Amt, Denmark; married
Else Marie Wester, March 8, 1867; baptized, together with his wife and
eldest son. Nov. 23, 1853, by Thomas Lund, emigrated to Utah with six
children in June, 1884; located temporarily in Ephraim, Sanpete Co.,
and permanently at Elsinore, Sevier Co., where he still resides; or-
dained an Elder in 1887 by August Kotter; ordained a Seventy May 8,
1896, by Edward Stevensen; filled a mission to Denmark In 1895-97, labor-
ing in the several branches of the Aalborg conference; called to pre-
side over the Scandinavian meetings in Elsinore, Jan. 14, 1900.


Born March 16, 1862, near Sjobo, Skane, Sweden; embraced the Gospel
in the city of Malmo, Sweden; emigrated and arrived in Salt Lake
City, Utah, July 12, 1886, where he has since, with unceasing energy,
labored among the Scandinavians as choir instructor and leader. He
is by profession a monumental worker of high reputation; he had
charge of the Watson Bros. Monumental Works for many years; cut
the drinking fountain standing inside the south Tabernacle gates;
worked on the Salt Lake Temple for three years; cut the capstone of
the Brigham Toung monument; designed and made the onyx casket
presented to King Oscar II, by Scandinavians in Utah,



Born Sept. 19, 1840, in L0nholt, Sjselland, Denmark; baptized Feb. 1,
1865, in Christiania, Norway; ordained an E13er March 27, 1865, and sent
to preside over the Risoer district, Christiania conference, and later
to labor as a missionary in Arendal and other cities in that part of
Norway. In May, 1866, he was sent as a missionary to Frederikshald.

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