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Scandinavian jubilee album : issued in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the gospel to the three Scandinavian countries by Elder Erastus Snow and fellow laborers online

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where he was punished for preaching and baptizing, with imprisonment
twice; the first time he spent five days ana the second time ten days
In prison, subsisting on bread and water fare. In that city he forme!
the acquaintance of his present wife, Bolette Svendsen, to whom he
was married "May 28, 1868, by Elder C. C. A. Christensen, and emi-
grated with her to Utah and locate^ in Milton, Morgan Co.; removed
to Monroe in 1872; filled a million to Scandinavia in 1892.


Born Nov. 18, 1840, in Sondra Rorum. Skane. Sweden; joined the
Church May 14, 1854, and emigrated to Utah in 1859, crossing the plains
in James S". Brown's company, and located in Smithfield, Cache Co.;
in 1879-81 he filled a mission to Sweden, laboring in the Uothenburg con-
ference principally as president of the Halmstad branch; filled a sec-
ond mission to Scandinavia in 1887-89, laboring in the Skane conference,
most of the time as president of the Christianstad and the Helsing-
borg branches. Elder Nilson is still a faithful and active member of
the Smithfield Ward, Cache Co., Utah.



Born May 12, 1843, in Odense, Denmark; baptized Feb. 22, 1862, by Knui
Peterson; ordained to the Priesthood and called into the local min-
istry; labored in that capacity in the L0ve branch, Copenhagen con-
ference; presided over the Haugerup and the West Sjaelland branches;
was imprisoned twelve days at Frederiksvserk for preaching the Gos-
pel; emigrated to Utah in 1865; married Olivia Jensen, Nov. 16, 1865,
and located In Draper, Salt Lake Co., where he still resides; while
temporarily residing in Bear River City, in 1867-69, he acted as branch
clerk and superintendent of Sunday School; filled a mission to Scandi-
navia in 1879-81, laboring principally on the island of Bornholm, Copen-
hagen conference; filled a short mission to California in 1897; now he
presides over the Scandinavian meetings in Draper.


Born Oct. 31, 1851, in the village of Kungshusby, Thorstuna parish. Ves-
teras Lan, Sweden; received a religious training; in smarting out I
life for himself he worked as clerk and bookkeper in a store
several vears; became a convert to "Mormonism." and was baptiz
Feb. 9 1892, by Nils R. Lindahl; ordained a Priest April 30. 1882. and
called into the local missionary field, laboring as a missionary in the
Stockholm conference; ordained an E13er Oct. 11, 1882; emigrated t
Utah in 1883, and located in Salt Lake C.ty where he still resides, and
is an active member of the Sixteenth Ward. His present avocation is
that of janitor at the State University.



Born July II, 1845, in Rlla, Vermland, Sweden; baptized by John Ander-
son Quist July 18, 1868; emigrated to Utah in 1869; located in Grants-
ville, Tooele Co.; filled a mission to Sweden in 1886-88, laboring in the
Gothenburg conference. He labored in the Trollhattan ttranch thirteen
months, and later in the Vestervik branch; held seventy meetings,
baptized six persons, and traveled on foot sixteen hunared miles.


Born Nov. 10, 1841, in osteraker, Sbdermanland, Sweden; baptized by
Gustaf A. Olson, April 1, 1859; ordained to the lesser Priesthood in 1860
and called into the local ministry; ordained an Wider Aug. 23, 1862, by
Nils C. Flygare; labored as a missionary in the Stockholm conference
about four years; emigrated to Utah in 1865, and located in Salt Lake
City, where he still resides; Jan. 19, 1867, he married Marie Magdalene
Larsen, a daughter of Hans j-,arsen and Elina Oorthea Bensen, who
were among the first fifteen baptized in Copenhagen, Denmark. He
was ordained a Seventy Oct. 15, 1873, and has for several years past
acted as president of the Tenth quorum of Seventies; tilled a mission
to Sweden in 1873-74, laboring first as traveling Elder and later as
president of tne Stockholm conference.



Daughter of Hans Larsen and his wife Eline Dorthea Strbmberg
Benson; born March 11, 1847; was one of the fhree children flrst blessed
Aug. 18, 1850; six days after the first baptism; emigrated with her
family in 1852, and arrived in Salt Lake City the following year; was
baptized in Salt Lake City; was married Jan. 19, 1S67, to John F. Oblad,
and is the mother of several children; her oldest son, Alexander H.
Oblad, is now on a mission in Sweden. Sister Oblad is an active
member of the Relief Society.


Son of John F. Oblad and Mary Magdalene Larsen, was t>orn June 15,
1880, in Salt Lake City, Utah; baptized June 3, 1888, by Joseph Kedding-
ton; ordained a Seventy and set apart for a mission to Scandinavia
July 21, 1899, by Francis M. Lyman; in response to this call he left
his home in Salt Lake City soon afterwards, and is now laboring .as a
missionary in Sweden.



Born June 5, 1856, in Christiania, Norway; baptized Sept. 28, 1865; or-
dained to the lesser Priesthood and called to distribute Church publica-
tions on Sundays in different parts of his native city; was an active
member of the Latter-day Saint choir in Christiania; emgirated to
Utah, leaving Norway June 18, 1872, and arriving in Salt Lake City July
17 following; performed a mission to Scanainavia fiom 1891 to 1894,
laboring in the mission office in Copenhagen. Denmark, as a writer of
"Skandinaviens' Stjerne," also while studying medicine In Cincinnati.
Ohio; labored as a missionary in the Northern States Mission from
Sept. 3, 1895, to May 17, 1898, graduated as a doctor or medicine and
surgery from the Eclectic Medical Institute at Cincinnati, Ohio, May 10,
1898; located in Bringham City, Utah, in 18.


Born in Christiania. Norway, May 6, 1842; baptized June 10, 1858, in
Westre Aken, whither his parents had removed; ordained to the
Priesthood and called into the local ministry; labored principally in
the Christiansand and the Stavanger districts; in orier to avoid being
drafted for military service, he was sent as a missionary to Denmark
in 1865; here he labored in the Hjorring district of the VenSsyssel con-
ference, and in the Thyland district, the Jetzmark oranch and the
Kj01by district, of the Aalborg conference: emigrated to Utah in 1867,
and settled in Brigham City, where he still resides; he filled a mission
to Scandinavia in 1887-89, laboring in Norway, principally in the Ber-
gen, Trondhjem and Drammen branches.



Born May 30, 1833, in Hvirring, near Horsens, Vejle Amt, Jylland, Den-
mark; baptized June 20, 1853; ordained to the Priesthood and sent out to
preach the Gospel, laboring: principally in the Horsens branch and the
Kolding district of the Fredericia conference; emigrated to Utah with
the returning missionaries in 1858; located as a pioneer settler in Mo-
roni. Sanpete Co., in the spring of - J; married Ellen Kirstine Jensen
Aagaard, Jan. 15, 1860; removed to Fountain Green, his present home, in
1867; filled a short mission to Denmark in 1869-70. laboring in the Aarhus
conference; filled another short mission to Denmark in 1891, going
principally in search of genealogy; he performed missionary work in
the Randers branch. Aarhus conference.


Born in Christiania, Norway. Dec. 14. 1868; emigrated to Utah, together
with his mother, in July. 1877, and located In Salt Lake City, where
he still resides: was baptized when nine years of age; as a member of
the Salt Lake Tabernacle choir, he visited the World's Fair in Chicago
in 1893; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1897-99. mooring eight months
in the Christiania conference. Norway, and twenty months in the Co-
penhagen branch, Denmark. In the latter branch he also acted as choir



Son of Christian Olsen and Christine Nielsen, was born Aug. 21, 1849,
in Christiania. Norway; baptized July 6, 1861; assisted the Elders in
distributing tracts in the city of Christiania, where he was also a
member of the branch choir; emigrated to Utah in 1869; married Bertha
M. Olsen from Jelse, Norway, July 14, 1873; with her he has had eight
children; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1893-95, laboring as a
writer and translator for "Skandinaviens Stjerne;" he also led the Co-
penhagen branch choir; in returning home he led a company of emi-
grating Saints to Zion. Elder Olsen has resided six years in Salt
Lake City, four years in Santaquin and twenty years in Salem, Utah
Co.; has labored as a Sunday School Teacher during the past twenty-
four years, and also as a Ward Clerk in Salem, Utah Co.


Born May 17, 1851, in Arvika, Vermlands Lan, Sweden; baptized Sept.
-. 1865, in Christiania, Norway, by Ole Hansen; emigrated to Utah in
1868, and located in Ephraim, Sanpete Co.; filled a mission to Sweden in
1878-81, laboring in the Stockholm conference, most of the time as presi-
dent; returned home as leader of a large company of emigrating Saints.
He is now a resident of Price, Carbon Co.



Born Feb. 7, 1S23, on the island of Bornholm, Denmark; baptized
March 15, 1852; ordained a Teacher Oct. 6, 1852, and called to labor
among the Saints in Copenhagen; ordained a Priest Jan. 1, 1853; or-
dained an Elder April 6, 1853, and filled a short mission on the islands
of Sjselland and Bornholm; presided over the Copenhagen branch from
1853 to 1857, when he emigrated to Utah, crossing the plains with hand-
carts; participated in the Echo Canyon war; ordained a Seventy;
resided successively in Salt l>ake City, Ephraim, Mt. Pleasant, Fair
View and Gunnison; filled a mission to Scandinavia, 1867-09, laboring as
traveling Elder and later as president of the Stockholm conference; re-
moved to Mayfleld Sanpete Co., his present home in the spring of 1895;
appointed president of the branch, and in June, 1877, he was ordained
a Bishop of the Mayfleld Ward.


Born in Reslof, Malmohus Liin, Sweden, Nov. 14, 1846; baptized March
14, 1858; emigrated to Utah in 1864; and settled in Hooper Ward, Weber
Co.; filled a mission to Sweden in 1883-85; after laboring in the Orebro
branch a short time he was appointed president of the Upsala branch,
Stockholm conference, and subsequently appointed president of the
conference; while filling the latter position, he was cited to appear
before the tribunals of the city of Stockholm, the clergy having
entered a complaint against him for preaching; finally, after appealing
the case to higher courts, he was fined Kr. 130, Including costs,
which he paid. At home home he is an ardent Sunday School worker,
and otherwise an active member of the Hooper Ward.



Born May 23, 1861, In Moroni, Sanpete Co., Utah; baptized June 30,
1871- ordained an Elder and married in 1883; called to take a miss
Scandinavia in 1885, where his first field of labor was in the Copenha-
gen conference; here he spent eight months, after which he labored in
the Aarhus branch, Aarhus conference, two months; finally, he j
sided over the Horsens branch six months; he was honorably released
and returned home in the fall of 1887. In April, 1899, he was called on a
mission to the Northern States, and Chicago was assigned him as his
field of labor; there he is still engaged in the ministry. He is a presi-
which he paid. At home he is an ardent Sunday School worker,
In the Sunday School of the Moroni Ward. His family consists of a
wile and four children.


Son of Peter N. and Anna Maria Oman, born July 1, 1840, on the island
of Oland, Sweden; emigrated to Bornholm, Denmark, in the spring of
1847 where he was baptized April 12, 1852, and labored two years as a
local missionary. In 1857-61 he labored in the Skive conference, part of
the time as its president; emigrated to Utah in 1860, and located at
Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete Co., where he has lived ever since. He married
Anna E. Jensen, Nov. 4, 1861; was ordained a Seventy In the Sixty-
sixth quorum Dec. 30, 1862; lost his wife by death March 16, 18%, which
left him a widower with six living children; married Miranda Peel,
Feb 21 1899. He owns a farm of seventy acres; is employed in the
timber and has followed the avocation of a sawyer during the last
twenty-five years.



Born in Odense, Denmark, June 30, 1860. After passing through the
public schools he obtained a position in the office of the estate of Glo-
rup, Fyen, which he held for two years, and subsequently held a ,
similar position for two years in the estate office of Gjorslev, Stevns.
In 1879 he was engaged as translator in the office of "Skandinaviens
Stjerne" in Copenhagen, anu in 1880 he emigrated to Utah and located
in Logan, obtaining employment in the office of the I). O. M. & B Co.
In the fall of 1884 he removed to Salt Lake City and in company with
Andrew Jenson, engaged in the publication of "Utah Posten," a Dan-
ish weekly newspaper. At the consolidation of this paper the following
spring with "Bikuben," he entered the employ of Z. C. M. I., and is
still engaged with that institution. He is one of the publishers of
this album.


Son of Hans and Anna Johanne Ottesen, was born in Spanish lork,
Utah Co., Utah, Dec. 28, 1873; baptized Nov. 2, 1882. and ordained to the
different grades in the Priesthood; filled a mission to Scandinavia in
1897-1900, laboring in the Aalborg conference. His parents were among
the early converts in Jylland , Denmark; came to Utah in an early day
and raised a large family in the fear of the Lord.



Born in Eschershausen, Brunswick, Germany, March 31. 1825, came to
DenmarK when twenty years of age; married and located in Odense,
on the island of Fyen. He was baptized into the "Mormon" Church
Sept. 27, 1863, and for many years his house was a home for the mis-
sionaries. In 1876 he emigrated to Utah, and located at Logan, Cache
Co., but in 1888 he removed to Salt Lake City where his children re-
side. His ecclesiastical position in the Church is that of a High Priest.


Wife of F. W. August Orlob, was born in Kiel, Holstein. Germany.
Aug. 18, 1832. She embraced "Mormonism" on the day following her
husband, and with him emigrated to Utah in 1876. Her life has been
a very active one, having been for many years, and is now, prominent
in the Relief Society of the Church. Their three living children aiv:
Thorvukl, Mary, (wife of J. S. Jensen), and Christian.



Born in Ratzeburg:, Lauenburg, Germany, April 8, 1843; entered the
Danish military service in 1862; flrst became acquainted with the Lat-
ter-day Saints in 1872, and before he joined me Church he acted as
instructor for the Latter-day Saints' choir in the Copenhagen branch
three diuerent times; baptized, together with his wife. Feb. 2, 1885;
once more he became the leader of the Saints' choir, this time acting
for five yenrs. he ;ils<i became the most liberal tithe-payer in the Scan-
dinavian Mission. For exhibited excellency in the musical line he re-
reived a number of medals and other decorations; he emigrated to
Utah in 1898, and located in j^ogan, Cache Co., where he died Dec. 24.


Wife of Johan J. H. Otte, was born Dec. 22. 1848. in Tr0r0d, near Ved-
bsek, Sollerod parish, Copenhagen Amt. Denmark; baptized by Chr. F.
Olsen Feb. 2, 1885. and confirmed by Jorgen Hansen; after laboring a
short time as a Teacher in the Relief Society of the Copenhagen
branch she was called to preside over the Y. L. M. I. A. of the same
branch; acted as president of the Relief Society from Julv 2, 1886. to
Ioo8, and again from 1890 to 189N, when she emigrated to I tali, and is
now a widoweu resident of Logan, Cache Co.



Son of Henning P. Peel and Karen Christine Hansen, was born Aug.
24, 1820, in Aakirkeby, Bornholm, Denmark; baptized Aug. 3, 1852, by Ole
Svensen; emigrated to Utah in 1853-54; married Christiana Folkman
Nov. 27, 1846; after residing in Lehi, Utah Co., four years, he located
in Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete Co., as a pioneer settler, wnere he still re-
sides; here he acted as presiding Teacher for a number of years; was
senior president of the 66th quorum of Seventy about ten years; acted
as second counselor to Bishop Orang Seely, and subsequently as first
counselor to Bishop M. P. Madsen of the Mt. Pleasani North Ward,
from 1877-90; presided over the Scandinavian meetings In Mt. Pleas-
ant over twenty years; is now eighty years old and enjoys good health.


Wife of Peter Madsen Peel, was a daughter of Jbrgen C. Folkman and
Bergitte Sorensen, born Aug. 17, 1820, in Aaker, Bornnolm, Denmark;
baptized by Elder Ole Svenson Aug. 3, 1S53; married Peter M. Peel Nov.
27, 1846; emigrated to Utah with her husband in 1853 and was a resident
of Mount Pleasant, Sanpete Co., from 1859 until her death, which oc-
curred in Mt. Pleasant Nov. 6, 1899. Sister Peel was a leading pioneer
woman from the beginning, an able officer and a most active worker
in the Relief Society for upward of forty years; she was the mother
of seven children, two sons and five daughters, of which only two are
now living.



Born May 17, 1854, in Stora Kbpinge, Malmohus Lan, Sweden; baptized
Nov. 5, 1873, in Malrao; called into the ministry Aug. '>, 1895, and la-
bored in the Skane conference; baptized 25 souls; emigrated to Utah
in 1898, and located at Sandy, Salt Lake Co.; ordained a Seventy Feb.
20, 1887; filled a mission to the United States and Sweden in 1896-98,
laboring first about eight months in the city of Chicago, 111., and on
his arrival in Sweden was appointed traveling Elder In the Gothen-
burg conference; from March, 1897 to April 1898, he presided over that
conference; ordained a High Priest and set apart as a High Councilor
In the Jordan Stake of Zion, June 21, 1900.


Born July 18, 1855, in T0nsberg, Norway; at the age of fourteen he was
made assistant organist of the State church of u is native town; was
a member of the famous orchestra conducted by Edward Grieg, from
whom he received his early training as an orchestra and band con-
ductor. He came to Utah 26 years ago, and at once became prominent
as a leader among instrumentalists. He has won more prizes as a
band leader than any other musician in the State.



Was born Sept. 21, 1834, in Grebro Lan, Sweden; baptized Sept. 2, 1855,
and emigrated to Utah in 1861; located in Vernon, Tooele Co., where he
has acted as a Bishop's Counselor for many years an3 always been
a faithful and upright member of the Church. He filled a mission to
Scandinavia in 1869-70, and presided over the Stockholm conference-
he returned home as the leader of a company of emigrating Saints.


Born March 7, 1872, in Vittinge, Vestmanland, Sweden; baptized March
9, 1882, by Herman H. Sundstrom, and confirmed by E. J. Erickson;
emigrated to Utah in 1891; located in Salt Lake County. He was called
on a mission to Sweden in 1897. ani appointed to labor In the Karls-
krona branch, the last six months in the capacity of president. In Octo-
ber, 1898, he was called to labor in the Upsala branch. Stockholm con-
ference, where he took sick and died Dec. 30. 1898; he was burled Jan.
4, 1899; but his remains were subsequently shipped to Utah, where they
were interred In the South Cottonwood cemetery, June 11, 1899.

1 '.'.


Born Dec. 24, 186!), in Plain City, Weber Co., utah; is a son of Andrew
A. and Benedicta Peterson, who received the Gospel in the city of
Malmo, Sweden, in the year 1869, and emigrated to Utah the same
year; Andrew was orSained an Elder Sept. 3. 1893; ordained a Seventy
May 8, 1896; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1896-98, laboring in the
Skane conference, principally in and about the cities of Karlskrona.
Helsingborg and Lund; he was quite successful as a missionary
and enjoyed his labors very much.


Born June 23, 1849. in Habol parish Dalsland, Sweden, of well-to-do
parents; went to Norway in the spring of 1871, leaving his parents in
Sweden, where he first met the "Mormon" Elders; was baptized May
25. 1872, by Niels Isaksen; was ordained to the Priest'iood and calleJ
into the local ministry; labored two years in the Stavanger and two
years in the Drair men branch; visited Sweden, where he baptized his
mother; emigrated to Utah in 1877: located in Logan, Cache Co., in 1878;
rrarried Inga Ovesen. July 25, 1878; filled a mission to Scandinavia in
1882-84. laboring as a traveling Elder in the Stockholm conference; was
ordained a High Priest March 3, 1897, and set apart as a member of
the High Council of the Cache Stake of Zion; labored in the Logan
Temple In 1887-88; acted as superintendent of the Logan Fourth Ward
Sunday School from 1889-98; presides now over the Scandinavian Mission.


Born in Eidsfjord, Hardanger, Norway, May 13, 1824; emigrated to
America with his parents in 1837. and settled in La Salle County, III.:
there he was baptized, Aug. 12. 1842; visited Nauvoo in 1844. anl while
there was ordained a Seventy; went on his first mission in 1844-45 to
Wisconsin; baptized Quite a number and organized a branch of the
Church. In 1849. in connection with his wife, Sarah Ann, whom he
married while on her journey, he emigrated to Utah, and settled in
Salt Lake City; callel, together with others, to settle Lehi, Utah Co.,
in 1850; filled a mission to Norway in 1852-56, during which he. assisted
by local Elders, raised up a branch of the Church in Christiania, In
1867 he was called to act as Bishop of Ephraim. Sanpete Co.. where
he has since resided; filled a mission to Europe in 1871-73. presiding over
the Scandinavian Mission. Presides over the Sanpete Stake since 1877.


Born in Kendall County. New York. Feb. 16, 1827; went with her wid-
owed mother to La Salle County, 111.. In 1834; was a universal favorite
with all who knew her; she was the first ^Norwegian to teach school
in America; joined the Church in 1849; leit ail her relatives to cast her
lot with the Saints; on the way to Zion she was miraculously he;ih-<!
of an attack of cholera under the hands of Elder Canute Peterson,
whom she afterwards married; while her husband was absent on sev-
eral missions, she showed her excellent qualities as a manager of his
affairs. After removing with him to Ephraim. Sanpete Co., in 1867
she became president of the Relief Society; later counselor in the Stake
organization; died May 20, 1896. She was the mother of nine children.



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mountains in Cap'. <'hr. c 'hrisi iansen's haiuieurt company. reachiiiB
Salt l^ake ('it>'. Sept. l:!th. the same year. She was married to Bro.
Canute Peterson Nov. !i. ls.">7; is still li\ - in^, and has three children
living: and flve who are dead.


\Vife of Canute Peterson, was born March (i. 1M4. in Arvika. Swedi'ii;
came to Christiania. Norway, with her parents when she was about
eight years old. In May. ISiiL*. she embraced the Gospel, and was bap-
tized in Christiania; emigrated to Ctah in IM;<;. and Ke:>. 2. IsiiT was
marriel to Canute Peterson, then livins in I>ehi. but now in Ephraim.
and president of the S.inpetc stake ..f /ion. She has four children.
three daughters and one son. and is still an active member of the
Church and the community in which she lives.



Born May 24, 1846, in Allerup, Vendsyssel, Denmark; emigrated to-
gether with his wife, to Utah, in 1879, and was baptized in Ephraim,
Aug. 8, 1880. He was called to take a mission to his native land and
went to Denmark in 1893, where he remaineu two years, and again he
and his wife went to Denmark, in 1897-98, to look after some temporal

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