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Scandinavian jubilee album : issued in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the gospel to the three Scandinavian countries by Elder Erastus Snow and fellow laborers online

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matters, and they were both set apart to perform missionary work.
and thus hai another opportunity to do much good among their fel-
low-men. Elder Pedersen is a Seventy and a member of the 47th
quorum. He still resides in Ephraim, Sanpete County.


Was born July 1, 1826, in Ostergotland, Sweden;and embraced the Gospel
in his native land Dec. 18, 1856; was shortly afterwards ordained to
the Priesthood, and called on a mission to preside over the i\orrkop-
ing branch. Sweden, Feb. 9, 1858. He emigrated from ms native land
to gather with the Saints and arrived in Salt Lake City Oct. 7, 1858.
In 1869-72 he tilled a mission to Sweden; was appointed to preside over
Stockholm conference, where he labored over three years, arriving
home July 17, 1872, having charge of a company of emigrating Saints.
He died June 15, 1S97, at Levan, Juab County.



Horn Sept. 22. 1X74. i .Jonkoping. Sweden; baptized Auril ',. |xx7. by
KUler Andrew J. AVahlquist ; emigrated to Utah in 1890 anil located
in Murray. Salt hake < 'o. : fined a missic.n to Sweden in lx!)7-!i!i. la-
boring in the Gothenburg conierence.


Horn Aug. I:!. lxr>2. at Ti.iarkd. Nordland, Norway; baptized AUK. K.
IS7H. by (.'. 1C. Peterson; emigrated li> 1-ogan. Utah, in Soplt-mbtT. 1^1;
called on a mission to Scandinavia and appointed to laoor in Norway,
in 1S!H; while laboring' in that'rountry for two years and three months
he had the privilege of visiting most of the cities of that land from
north to south, and to open a number of new lu-Ms of labor; returned
from this mission late in the fall of 1893; was called on a second mis-
sion to Norway In 1899; arriving in the city of Christ iania. May 17th.
same year, and appointed to preside over the Christian!;! conference.
which position he now occupies. "It has been my very good fortune,"
says Elder Pedersen. "to hold meetings in nearly every city in Nor-
way, even as far north as Hammerfest, the most northern city in the



Born Feb. 7. 1821, near Aaiborg. Denmark: baptized by Geo.
P. Uykes on the 27th of October. 1X50, being, with his wife,
who is still living, among thevery first who showed obedience to that
ordinance in Aalborg. In September. 1X51, he was sent as a missionary
to Norway, and was taken to different cities along the coast of that
country by Skipper Svend I-arsen: he returned to his family in Den-
mark; in 1852. he preached in the country districts on the western part
of Sjelland. His wife shared his labors and privations to a great ex-
tent on this mission; emigrated to rtah In lxTi2-~>3: and soon after was
among the pioneers who settled Kphraim. where he lived till he died.
.Ian !i, 1SS2, highly beloved and respected by an who knew him. He
was postmaster anJ tithing clerk in Kphraim about Si years. Elder


Born Dec. ".. lx:!."i. in Siirdrup. (Sjcrlev parish, Sorii Amt. S.ia?lland.
Denmark; baptized June 1!>. lXn:i; labored as a. missionary from lsr,7 I"
1862. two years and eleven months as president of the West S.i;elland
district, and two years and three months'as president of the Copen-

hagen branch: emigrated to I T U
Lake City. Manti and Hyrum (C
place since 1X69. In all these pla
present trie leader of a most ex
served as a musical director it
years: composed music for 2ti a

i in 1X1,2; located successively in Salt
die Co. I. having resided in the latter

es he organized and led choirs; Is at
client choir in Hyrum. He has also
the Hyrum Sunday School, for 2K
d text for in Sunday School hymns,

also important anthems, some of which have been published in the

Juvenile Instructor, and other publications.



Son of Peter Olsen and Dorthea Petersen. was born Dec. 5, 1847, in
Nyrup, near Nykjobing, Sjselland. Denmark. His mother having joined
the Church in 1857. he was baptized Feb. 2, 1868. and emigrated with
his parents to 1'tah that year; after working on the railroad and in
the mines, he located in what is now the South Jordan Ward in 1871;
here he was ordained a Teacher, June 17. 1877. and an Elder in 1878;
married Mary Sophie Simonsen. of Draper. Dec-. at!. 1S78; tilled a mis-
sion to Denmark in 18S9-91, laboring in the Copenhagen conference;
presided surrrssivcly over the Northwest Sjtelland and the South-
west Sjfelland branches; returned home in charge of a small com-
pany of emigrating Saints; after his return home he was set apart
as a president in the 95th quorum of Seventy. Nov. S, 1891.


Born May S. 1821. in Norway; received a good education and was for
many years employe! as teacher in the public schools, embraced the
Gospel in 1852, having become acquainted with the "Mormon" Elders
who were Imprisoned for the Gospel's sake in Frederlkstad; for ten
years he was an active member of the branch over which he also
presided; in 1862 he was called to Christiania to organize a choir; pre-
sided over the branch in that city until 1864. when he was c-all.-d
to the mission office in Copenhagen. Denmark, where he labored as
writer and translator for "Scandinaviens Stjerne;" emigrated to 1'tah
in 1868, and settled in Provo, Ctah Co.; later in the Lake View Ward.
In 1875-76 he filled a mission to Scandinavia, again laboring in the
mission office in Copenhagen as translator; at home he acted an War3
clerk, school trustee, etc.: died Feb. 22, 1900.



Born Oct. 14. 1844, in Stubberup, Falster. Denmark; baptized June 23.
1862; emigrated to Utah in 1884; married his present wife the follow-
ing year, by whom he has had six children. He has successively held
the office o'f Elder, Seventy and High Priest, and in February. 1881,
was made a member of the High Council for Sanpete Stake, which
office he still holds. As a citizen he has been entrusted with the office
of city marshal for two terms, and is now serving his third term as
city councilor. In the fall of 1898. ElJer Petersen and nis wife were
called to take a mission to Denmark and advised to take their daugh-
ter Sarah with them. They all three left Salt Lake City Oct. 13, 1898:
reached their native land in November. After having performed a
pleasant mission, they returned, Sept. 25, 1899.


Born Dec. 1. 1826, on the island nf Bornholm, Denmark; joined the
Church in 1852, being baptized and confirmed by Andreas Ipsen; emi-
grated to Utah in 1852-53; located in Salt Lake City; ordained a Priest
Feb. 18, 1857. an Elder Feb. 27, 1857, and a Seventy March 15, 1858; filled
a mission to Sweden in 1867-70. laboring as a traveling Elder in Skane
and later as president of the Gothenburg conference. In 1877 he filled
a short mission to the State of Minnesota; after his return he was or-
dained a High Priest and Bishop, and called to preside In that capacity
in the Second Ward. Salt Lake City, which position he held until 1891.
when he removed from the Ward. Since 1897 he has again been a resi-
dent of the Second Ward.



Born Nov. 24, 1840, in Nottrup parish. Vejle. Anit. Denmark: baptized
Sept. 24. 1865, by James N. Ohristensen: ordained an Elder in 1866 by
Soren Iversen anJ labored as a missionary in his native land until
ISiii, when he emigrated to Utah and located in Ephraim, Sanpete
Co.. where he ha.s sinre resided. In the fall of 1874 he went- to St. George
as a volunteer workman on the Temple, and remained there until
the following .spring; filled a mission to Denmark in 1SS2-S4. laboring
principally in the Aarhns conference. At home he has been a faithful
worker in the ward where he resides: he holds the position of a presi-
dent of the Forty-seventh iiuorum of Seventy.


Born Feb. 20, 1835. in Aarhus Amt, Denmark; baptized April 28, 1860; or-
dained an Elder June 16, 1860. and set apart to preside over the Aarhus
branch, which position he held for about three years: located tem-
porarily in Salt Lake City and permanently in Huntsville, Weber Co..
his present home, in 18S4, being the Hist Scandinavian settler in that
town, and was the means of bringing quite a number of his country-
men there to locate; for many years he was an intimate friend and co-
laborer of Francis A. Hammond; iilleJ a mission to Scandinavia in
1S7I-7H. presiding over the Christiania conference, Norway. Soon after
his return he married Louisa Petersen.



Born on the island of Fyen, Denmark, Sept. 27, 1837; baptized April 9,
1855, as the first fruit of "Mormonism" in the city of Bogense; oriained
to the Priesthood and presided over a branch or the. church on the
island of Langeland, where he had been sent to labor as a missionary
shortly after his baptism; subsequently, he labored in the Middelfart
branch; emigrated to Utah in 1859. and located permanently in Mt.
Pleasant, Sanpete Co., April 13, 1861, where he established himself as
a carpenter; married Maren Anderson, Feb. 18, 1863. with whom he had
eight children, four boys and four girls; filled a mission to DenmarK in
1882 to 1884, laboring on the island of Fyen, Aarhus conference. For
many years he presided as head teacher in the Mt. Pleasant Second
Ward. He died in Mt. Pleasant Nov. 22, 1895.


Born on the island of Jegind0, Thisted Amt. Denmark. May 19, 1819;
married Karen Olsen. When, in 1831, the island was visited by Elder A.
Andersen, he found farmer Lars Poulsen an3 wife ready to receive the
Gospel, and on April 7, 1852, he and his wife and mofner-in-law were
baptized by Elder Chr. Christiansen. Bro. Poulsen sold his farm for
half price owing to persecution and emigrated with his family in the
fall of 1853. Before leaving he was tempted by his father to renounce
"Mormonism" and remain, but he remained firm to ;:ie truth. On
their way to Zion. two of his children and his mother-in-law died;
all his surplus means he had given to aid some poor Saints to emigrate.
an3 thus he arrived in Ephraim destitute of ejirthly means. He died
in Ephraim Feb. 17, li>S>4. (See Morgenstjernen, Vol. Ill, No, 6.)


Son of Lars Poulsen, was born July 24, 1845, in Jegind0, Thisted Amt,
Denmark, and emigrated to Utah with his parents, when only eight
years old; was raised in Kphraim, where he still lives. When seven-
teen years old he was called to go as a teamster to Omaha after emi-
grants. In 1865 he married Kirsten Ovesen and was also engaged in
the Indian war, 1865-68, and in 1897-99 he filled a mission to Denmark.
He is a member of the Forty-seventh quorum of Seventy.


Born Dec. 9, 1845, near Kcngelf. Bohus Lan, Sweden; baptized June 7,
1863, in Norrkbping; labored as a missionary about six years in Norway
and Sweden; emigrated to Utah in 1869. and located in Big Cotton-
wood, Salt Lake Co.; filled a mission to Sweden in 1877-79, laboring first
as traveling Elder in and later as president of the Gothenourg con-
ference; returning home he was leader of a company of emigrating
Saints; in December, 1884, labored as a home missionary in the Salt
Lake Stake of Zion; acted as a president of tne Second quorum of
Seventy, etc. In 1887 he was called on a second mission to Scandinavia,
and the Gothenburg conference once more became his field of labor.
While working diligently in Vingaker he took sick and died there,
March 13, 1890.



Born near the city of Fredericia. Denmark, Nov. 1. 1S37; baptized in
the spring of 1867; emigrated to I'tah wkh his young wife, in 18K.S and
located in Ephraim, Sanpete Co. He was engaged in the erection ot the
Mantl Temple for about eight years, l.eing handy for many purposes,
as he had followed the occupation of a sailor, and he has since per-
formed much ordinance work within its sacred walls. In 1;J he was
called to take a mission to Denmark and left his home in Ephraim.
Feb. 17, 1892; performed his mission with honor for about two years
and three months, when he was released and returned home. He
labored mostly in the cities of Odense and Fredericia, but also some
in Schlesvig, Germany, as he speaks the German language.


Born Oct. 1, 1815, in Ammendrup, Prosto Amt. Denmark; baptized in
June, 1855, by Elder Grbnbtek; emigrated to I'tah in April, ]sr>fi; he
lost everything except his life and his family n the snow-
storms. Before he left Denmark he paid 700 Danis'i Rigsdaler in
property tithing and 1.400 Danish Rigsdaler to the Perpetual KmiKi'a-
tion Fund, besides paying- the emigration fare for thirty persons, and
ne landed in Salt Lake Cuy a poor man. Dec. 16, 1856. Soon after his
arrival he came very near losing his life in a snowslide in the moun-
tains. In 1837 he moved to Sanpete Valley and located in Ephraim.
where he sustained great losses from the Indian wars, drougths ami
grasshoppers; died in Ephraim, Aug. 25, 1887.



Born in Aalsrode, Rand-;rs. Jylland. Denmark, March 20, 1854; received
a good education and learned Uie trade of a painter: was baptized by
J. M. (hristcnsen. April 1.".. 18X:i, in Grenaa; emigrated to rtah in 1885;
onltiineil an hlldcr in 1885: married Kllen Svendson. of Pleasant Grove.
Dec. , 1885: resided in gait Lake City from 1S8U t,, 1s:;. since which
lime his home has been in Pleasant Grove, rtah (.'o. : tilled a mission
to Denmark in ISHl-Hii. labnrin^ :is president of the Grenaa branch and
later as traveling Elder in the Aarhus and Grenaa branches; since
1897 he has labored as a home missionary among the Scandinavians
in the Utah Stake of Zion; has labored as a Ward Teacher for
many years.


Born on the island of Lolland, Denmark. Aug. 3. 1S29; baptized a mem-
ber of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Nov. 24. 1853:
ordained a Teacher. AUK. 1!, MS54: ordained an Elder March 9. 1856:
preached the Gospel for one year and nine months and baptized 33: em-
igrated to I'tah in 1857. crossing the plains with handcarts: came tu
Utah and located at Parowan, Iron Co.; crossed the plains after emi-
grants, and acted as night guard, in 1863. 1864 and 1868. and endured
many hardships; was ordained a Seventy in 1868; filled a mission to
Denmark in 1882-84. laboring as presiding Elder on Lolland. ; Falster. and
Moen; baptized 13; returned home in July. 1884: was ordained a High
Priest April 4. 1898, by David H. Cannon.



Born Oct. 27. 1843. near Nykjobing. on the island of Falster. Denmark;
baptized by P. C. Nielsen July 3, 1861; labored as a missionary on Fal-
ster about six months and emigrated to Utah in 1862; located perma-
nently in Levan, Juab Co. ; filled a mission to Denmark in 1878-80, labor-
ing first as president of the Islands (Oernes) branch. Copenhagen con-
ference, and later as president of the Aalborg conference; returned
home as leader for a large company of emigrating Saints; ordained a
High Priest and set apart as Bishop of the Levan Ward, April 17, 1892.


Born June 7. 1857, in Grtinfeld. Agri parish, Randers Amt, Denmark;
baptized April 9, 1882; emigrated to Utah in 1883 and located at Draper.
Salt Lake Co., his present home; ordained an Elder Feb. 16, 1886, and a
Seventy Feb. 20, 1887; set apart as a Ward Teacher June 15, 1890; filled
a mission to Scandinavia in 1893-95, laboring eighteen months in Nor-
way and a few months in Denmark; ordained a High Priest and set
apart as second counselor in the Bishopric of the Draper Ward, Aug.
13, 1898.



Born Nov. 4, 1835, on the island of Falster, Denmark; baptized July 13,
1867; emigrated to Utah In 1871; was one of the first settlers of Mink
Creek, Oneida Co., Idaho; when that settlement was organized as a
ward, in 1877. he was chosen and ordained as Bishop over the same
a position which he occupied nearly twenty-three years.


.'. 1SS8, in Saxtorp, Malmohus l,an. Sweden; baptized Nov
23, 1862. by John Hagman; ordained to the Priesthood nd called to la-
bor as a missionary in March. IM;:;: ordained an Elder March 15, 1863;
presided over the Gardstanga anl Knllaberg branches- labored as
traveling Elder in the Ystal, Cimbrishamn. l.andskrona and Svaluf
branches, in the Smalanl district and in the Karlskrona. Karlshamn
Christianstail and Hesleholm branches; emigrated to ;~tah in |v;'i
married Betty Johansen. May a. 1900; located in Lo^an. Cache Co
tilled a mission to Sewden in 1882-84. laboring In the Gothenburg con-
ference; ordained a Sev.-nty by Eli Bell. Jan. 20. 1885; moved to Clark-
ston in 1886; appointed presiding Elder of the Trenton Branch in Ixsv
filled another mission to Sweden in 1894-96, laboring in the Skane con-


Born Dee. 30, 1857, in Viksta. 1'psala Lan, Sweden; baptized Nov. 14,
1872; emigrated to Utah in 1873, an! located in Huntsville, Weber Co.,
where he still resides; filled a mission to Sweden in 1883-85. laboring in
the Eskiltuna branch and later in the northern part of Sweden; early
in 1885. he visited Finland, a province of Russia: held meetings with a
few Saints there; finished his mission in Vestmanland and Dalarnc;
tilled a second mission to Scandinavia in 1889-91; labored in the Stock-
holm conference, and presided over the Gothenburg conference; aete:l
as assistant superintendent of the Huntsville Sunday School. in 1888-89:
was set apart as tirst counselor to Bishop David McKay, of Hunts-
ville, July 31, ISiis.


Born Feb. 14. 1832, in Skive. Viborg Amt. Denmark: was baptized May
, 1855; served as a corporal in the Danish army from I>C>"> to 1857; dur-
ing this time he was ordained to the different degrees of the Priest-
hood and bore testimony to his comrades: lauored as a missionary on
the island of Fyen; preside 1 over the odcnsc branch, and acted as gen-
eral book agent of Church publications: from !..> to 1862 he presided

ver the Fyen conference: emigrated to rtah in 1862; located tempor-

rily in Ephraim. where his wife died; and later in Panaca, Nevada.

s a missionary settler; removed with his family to that place in isilii:
1 e still resides there; is ;;n active member of the Ward, and is engaged

i mercantile business.


A son of Christian Peter and Laurine Emilie Ronnow, born July 29,
1865, in Ephraim, Sanpete Co., Utah; moved with his parents to Pan-
aca, Nevada, in 1864; received a liberal education, graduated as a nor-
mal student from the 7B. Y. Academy, after which he taught school
for a number of years; was ordained an Elder in Panaca, where he
also acted as assistant superintendent and superintendent of the Sun-
day School; appointed Bishop of the Panaca Ward, in 1894; called on
a mission to Scandinavia in 1899; was appointe^ to labor in Hoibak,
njaslland, and afterwards on the island of Bornholm, from which place
he was banished by the police; he Is now finishing his mission In
Trondhjem Norway, and labors in the Namsos brancn, the northern-
most branch of the Church in the World.


Born Feb. 11, 1S47, in Hyby, Malmohus Lan Skane, Sweden; baptized
Nov. 22, 1863; ordained to the Priesthooa and labored as a local mis-
sionary in the provinces of Skane and Blekinge until June, 1873, when
he was released and emigrated to Utah, and located In Union, Salt
Lake Co.; i,..ed a mission to Sweden In lS83-!. laboring in the Unsala
branch one year and in the Orebro branch nve months; from Oct. 24,
1884, to May, 1885 he presided over the Gothenourg conrerence.


Born April 27, 1833, In the village of Gry tinge, Sweden; baptized Jan.
26, 1868; ordained to the Priesthood and presided over the SvalBf
branch three years and a half; emigrated to Utah in 1873, and located
in Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete Co., in 1874, where he joined the united Order;
filled a mission to Sweden in 1882-84, laboring in the Skane conference,
principally in the Lund and the Helsingborg branches; removed with
his family in Mayfield in 1885; served 85 days' imprisonment for
conscience sake in 1889. Elder Rosenlund is a member of the High
Priests' quorum and a faithful member of the Mayfield Ward.


Born June 1, 1852, in Christianstad IjSn, Sweden; baptized Aug. 27,
1873; ordained a Teacher Nov. 10, 1873 and called into the local min-
istry; ordained a Priest in February, 1874, and an Elder May 31, 1874;
laoored as a missionary in the Skane conference about three years,
and emigrated to Utah in 1877; located in Weston, Idano, in October.
1832, where he still resides; ordained a Seventy Oct. 5, 1885; arrested
in March, 1886, by three U. S. deputy marshals on the charge of hav-
ing resisted the officers; in November, 1885, when they raided Weston
in search of polygamists, paid a fine of $75; filled a mission to Sweden
in 1897-99, laboring as a traveling Elder in the Skane conference and
as president of the Stockholm conference; set apart as a president in
the 88th quorum of Seventy, March 22, 1900.



Born May 14, 1873, in South Cottonwood, Salt Lake Co., Utah; blessed
Aug. 14, 1873 by Joseph L. Rawlins; baptized July 31, 1881, by Chr. H.
Steffensen; confirmed by Charles Sheppard; ordained an Elder Feb.
16, 1896, by Heber S. Sanders; ordained a Seventy April 3, 1896, by C.
D.Fjeldsted; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1896-98, laboring in the
Skane conference six months and in the Stockholm conference (prin-
cipally in the Upsala branch) twenty months: at present he acts as
teacher in the Sunday School theological class, first counselor in the
Y. M. M. I. A., Ward Teacher, etc.


Son of Sander and Christiane Sandersen, was born Aug. 7, 1855, on
the island of Moen. His parents joined the Church that year and In
1866 emigrated to Utah; located in Big Cottonwood Ward, where the
boy was baptized by Bishop Brinton. In 1876 he married Miss Jane A.
Gribble, by whom he has had nine children, but she died Jan. 18, 1898.
In 1889 he was called to go on a mission to Denmark, where he la-
bored eight months in the Copenhagen conference, and was honorably
released to return home on account of ill health. He Is now a presi-
dent of the 65 quorum of Seventy, and a home missionary in the San-
pete Stake, as well as a leading teacher In the Sunday School in Gun-
nison, where he now lives and, at present, is also the Mayor of that


Born Jan 8, 1830, in Lommaryd parish, Jbnkoping Lan, Sweden; bap-
tized by Christen L. Hansen May 18, 1857; labored as a missionary in
Denmark and Sweden about two years and a half, and emigrated to
Utah In 1862; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1880-82, laboring in the
Gothenburg conference.


Born April 13, 1827, in the village of Kornum. Aalborg Amt, Denmark;
baptized by Niels C. Edlefsen, June IS, 1862, and emigrated to Utah in
1864; located in Huntsville, Weber Co., where he still resides; filled
a mission to Denmark in 1872-74, presiding over the Aarhus conference;
during his presidency there H15 souls were ad^ed to the Church by bap-
tism in that part of the Lord's Vineyard. At home he has been a
very active and faithful man; during the last fifteen years he has
filled the position of second counselor to Bishop David McKay.


Born Nov. 30, 1S44, in Ringkjobing Amt, Denmark: baptized Jan. 29, 1866.
by C. K. Hansen, being the first and omy one of a large family to re-
ceive the fulness of the Gospel; emigrated to Utah In 1867. and settled
in Brignam City, Box Elder Co., where he still resides; filled a mis-
sion to Scandinavia in 1896-98, laboring in the Aarhns conference, Den-
mark, principally in the Silkeborg branch: at home he has been for
many years an active and faithful Elder in the Churcn and a prom-
inent and respected citizen.


Son of Jens Simpsen'and Amelia Nielsen, was born In KynrleiSse.
Hyllinge parish, SjiPllahd. Denmark. Jan. 12, 1824: received the Gospel
in 1852 after his return home from the three years' war in Schleswig-
Holstein: loaned Apostle Erastus Snow 100 Rigsdaler to help puolish
the Book of Mormon; emigrated to Utah In 1853-54, arriving In Salt
Lake City in September, 1854; lived there until "the move" In 1858, then
lived in Ephraim one year, anu located In Mt. Pleasant In lf9. where
ne still resides, engaged in farming. Brother ...mpson labored as a
missionary in North Sjaelland a short time and baptize! three persons
before he emigrated to Utah. He is a High Priest and has faithfully

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