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Scandinavian jubilee album : issued in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the gospel to the three Scandinavian countries by Elder Erastus Snow and fellow laborers online

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and quietly been engaged in furthering the work of the Lord all these
years; has held the office of Ward Teacher for forty years; he married
Caroline Peel in 1855, with whom he has had ten children.



Born in Karlshamn, Blekinge Lan, Sweden, Nov. 29, 1853; entered the
Bethel Seminary, Stockholm, in 1870, and in 1875 the Regents Park Col-
lege, London; was the general secretary of the Norwegian Baptist
Union until 1886, when he emigrated to Utah; was baptizel at Manti,
in 1886; translated the Doctrine and Covenants into Swedish in 1886-87;
filled a mission to Palestine and Switzerland, 1887-89i compiled the
music of the German Latter-day Saints hymn book; was selected by
the Church authorities to present on behalf of the Scandinavians in
Utah, a copy of the Book of Mormon to King Oscar II, at his Majesty's
25-years 1 jubilee in 1897; was granted an audience at the palace, Sept.
22; has been connected with Deseret News, the official organ of the
Church, since 1890; is now associate editor of that publication, and
president of the Scandinavian meetings in Salt Lake City.


Daughter of S0ren Christoffersen and his wife, Birgitte Steck; was
born in Manti, Sanpete Co. Utah, Nov. 27, 1870; baptized when eight
years old; married in the Manti Temple, May 30, 1887, to J. M. Sjodahl
the first couple married in that Sanctuary; moved" to Salt Lake City,
her present place of residence, in August, 190; is the mother of two
children, Leilah Palestine, and Vera Birgitte: is secretary of the Far-
mers' Ward Relief Society, and has taken an active part in tne work
connected with the Scandinavian affairs in me city.



Born Sept. 17, 1839, in Trondhjem, Norway; baptized Jan 16, 1861; or-
dained an Elder the same year and called to labor In the ministry;
spent aoout seven years preaching the Gospel in different parts of
Norway; emigrated to Utah In 1863, and located in Logan, Cache Co.,
where he still resides; filled a mission to Norway in 1879-81, laboring
principally as president of the Trondnjem branch; when tne 6th and
7th Wards of Logan were organized, June 5, 1884, he was chosen as
Bishop of the 6th Ward, a position which he still occupies; in 1886-88
he filled another mission to Norway, this time presiding over the
Christiania conference.


Third son of Silas Smith an3 Mary Aikens, was born in Stockholm.
St. Lawrence Co., New York, Dec. 2, 1834; baptized in Nauvoo, 111., by
Patriarch John Smith Aug. 13, 1843; arrived in Great Salt Lake \ alley
Sept. 25, 1847; called on a mission to colonize Souuiern Utah, Oct. 1, 1851,
and was for many years a prominent citizen of Parowan. Iron Co.;
filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1860-64, during the last two years
he presided over the mission; filled a second mission to Scandinavia in
1868-70, again presiding over the mission; called to preside over the
Eastern Arizona Stake, Sept. 30, 1878; called on a mission to locate col-
onies in northern Mexico In 1885; caUed to preside over the Snowflake
Stake, Arizona, Dec. 17, 1887.


Born Oct. 5, 1830, In Hjorring, Denmark; was baptized Aug. 11, 1851. by
Jens Thomsen; worked for H. P. Jensen, a member of tne Churcn. In
Norre Sunuoy; ordained to the Priesthood ana labored as a local mis-
sionary in Vendsyssel and Schlesvig-Holstem; emigrated to ijua.. in
1853-54; witnessed many of his fellow-travelers die with the cholera;
located in Draper, Salt Lake Co., where he has resided ever since;
was the first Scandinavian settler in that locality; has labored many
years as a Ward Teacher and Suniay School teacher; filled a mis-
sion to the United States in 1878-77; labored six years as a home mis-
sionary; is now president of the 73rd quorum of seventy and a mem-
ber of the presidency over the Scandinavian meetings in Draper.


Son of Hyrum Smith and Jerusha Barden, was born Sept. 22. 1832, in
Kirtland, Ohio; went to Missouri together with his father's family in 1838,
and later removed with them to Illinois; was baptized by John Taylor
in 1841; arrived in Salt Lake Valley in 1848; participatec In the early
Indian wars in Utah; married Helen Maria i- .sher, Dec. 25, 1853, by
whom he has had nine children; ordained the presiding Patriarch of
the Church Feb. 18, 1855; helped to locate the "Mormon" settlement on
Salmon river in 1857; made a missionary trip to the States in 1859-60;
filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1862-64, laboring most of the time
at the mission office in Copenhagen, Denmark.



Born in the fall of 1838, in Shady Grove, Daviess Co., Mo.; his father
Samuel H. Smith, brother to the Prophet Joseph, was one of the
Eight Witnesses to the Book of Mormon, and was the third man bap-
tized in this dispensation by divine authority, May 15, 1829. He was
also the first man sent forth with the Book of Mormon to preach the
Gospel after the organization of the Church; when his brothers Joseph
and Hyrum were being martyred in Carthage jail, he ran by the
guard on a fleet horse to give aii, if possible, to his brothers, and was
the first man that John Taylor spoke to from the outside after the
tragedy, xhe younger Samuel was driven out of Missouri, along with
his parents in the drivings of the Saints in the winter of lN*>-39, and
arrived in Salt Lake Valley in 1848. He has filled a number of mis-
sions, and while on his second mission to Europe, he accompanied
President Geo. O. Cannon and other Elders on a visit to Scandinavia
in 1862.


Born Dec. 19, 1834, at Brekke, Norway; when nineteen years old she
first heard "Mormonism" preached by Elder John P. P. Dorius; be-
came a convert at once and was soon baptized. In 1855, she leit every-
body and everything that was near and dear to her in Norway to cast
her lot with the Saints of God in Utah; after enduring many hard-
ships she arrived in Utah; was married to Bishop Abraham O. Smoot
of Salt Lake City, Feb. 17, 1856; later she located with her husband in
Provo, Utah Co., where she became a prominent figure in Church
affairs; presided over the Primary Associations of the Utah Stake.
She died Jan. 20, 1894; all her seven children survived her; her oldest
son is now the junior member of the Council of Apostles.



Daughter of Hans Peter Jensen and Sarah Josephine Clausen, was
born in Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utau, Oct. 10, 1855; served as
organist of the Tabernacle choir in Brigham City for twenty years;
she was married to Apostle Lorenzo Snow June 12, 1871; studied Ger-
man and French; took an active part in the local Relief Society work;
was cahea to preside over the Y. L. M. I. A. in Brigham City in 1875;
and four years later chosen president of the Y. L. M. T. A. of the
Stake; In 1893 she visited the World's Congress of Women in Chicago,
and later acted as a delegate at the National Council of Women at
Washington; in 1899 she served as a delegate at the triennial session of
the National Council of Women. At the present time Sister Snow Is
an active member of the general board of tne Y. L. M. I. A.


Daughter of Hans Nielsen and Caroline Jensen, was born at Dalby,
Malmohus Lan, Sweden, April 1, 1825; married feter Backstrom in
1848, in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she was converted to "Mormon-
ism," being one of the first fifteen persons Baptized by Apostle Erastus
Snow Aug. 12, 1850; she was the first woman among the numoer oap-
tized on that occasion; emigrated from Denmark in December, 1852, in
John E. Forsgren's company of emigrating Saints; her husband, who
remained in Denmark as a missionary, joined her in Utah in 1854.
Elder Baekstrb'm, after filling a mission to Scandinavia in 1860-63,
died In St. George. Utah, Feb. 5, 1870. Later Sister Anna married the
late Erastus Snow.



Brother of Apostle Erastus Snow, was born May 6, 1811, In St. Johns-
bury, Caledonia Co., Vermont; baptized by Orson Pratt. June 18, 1833;
removed to Kirtland, Ohio, and marched to Missouri as a member of
Zion's camp in 1834; ordained a member of the first quorum of Seventy,
Feb. 28. 1835; performed several missions to different parts of the United
States; shared in the persecutions of Missouri and Illinois; after his
arrival in Great Salt Lake Valley he acted as a counselor in the Stake
presidency: served as a member of the Territorial legislature; called
on a mission to Europe in 1851; called to preside over the Scandinavian
Mission in 1852. and died on the German Ocean en route from Den-
mark to England, Aug. 21, 1853.


Born March 23, 1843. in Lowell, Norfolk Co., Mass.; baptized in 1851; his
father was a practicing physician, who became a cpnvert to "Mormon-
Ism," and in 1848 came west with his family as Brigham Young's fam-
ily physician. Young Sprague crossed the plains four times with ox
teams, between Salt Lake City and the Missouri river, when a mere
boy; was ordained a Seventy and became a member of the 3rd quorum;
filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1863-66. when he labored in the Copen-
hagen conference, presided over the mission a short time in 1864, and
after that acted as a counselor to Carl Widerborg; returned home In
charge of a large company of emigrating Saints in 1866; married Anne
M. Kimball, grand-daughter of Heber C. Kimball. in 1868; acted for
many years as a deputy U. S. marshal and U. S. court crier; died
in Salt Lake City May 11, 1900, leaving his wife and five children.



Daughter of Nicolai and Anne Sophie Dorius, was born in Copenhagen,
Denmark, Oct. 29, 1837; baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Lat-
ter-day Saints Dec. 14, 1850, by Chr. Christiansen; was among the 28
souls who emigrated to Utah in Apostle Erastus Snow's company,
leaving Copenhagen March, 4, 1852; arrived in Salt Lake City, in Oc-
tober, 1852. She went to Sanpete Co., in 1853, where sne has resided
more or less ever since; was married to Henry Stevens in the year
1854, to whom she 'has borne seven children; four of these are now
living. Her husband died Aug. 20, 1899. She has for many years been
practising obstetrics. Mrs. Augusta Stevens is a sister to C. C. N. and
John F. F. Dorius.


Born Nov. 9, 1835, in Malmohus Lan, Sweden; baptized in Malmo Jan.
15, 1854; went to Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1855; ordained a Deacon Sept.
21, 1855, and a Priest by O. N. Liljenquist; labored as a local missionary
in the island of Sjuelland, Denmark, and later in the Stockholm con-
ference, Sweden, having in the meantime been ordained an Elder; pre-
sided over the Norrkoping branch, and later over the Norrkoping con-
ference; emigrated to Utah in 1863, and located in Brigham City, Box
Elder Co., his present home; was ordained a Seventy Nov. 19, 1862;
married Christina Johnson April 16, 1864; became closely identified with
the United Order in Brigham City; filled a mission to Scandinavia In
1879-81; presiding over the Gothenburg conference; he now presides over
the Scandinavian meetings In Erighara City.




Born April 8, 1847, in Kyrkefalla, Skaraborg Liin. Sweden; baptized in
the fall of 1858; emigrated to Utah in 1862 as an orphan, his mother
having died when he was three years old and his father eight years
later; located in Grantsville, Tooele Co.; filled a mission to Scandinavia
in 1884-86, laboring in the Stockholm conference, principally on the
Island of Gotland and in the Eskiltuna branch; returned home he was
first counselor to the President of a large company of emigrating
Saints. On his arival in Liverpool, Englani, he received a cablegram
from home, announcing the death of au his chiluren, four in number.
who had succumbed to the diptheria; acted as a special missionary to
the Indians in Skull Valley from 1875 to 1882.


Born June 11, 1848, in Aspas, Jemtland Lan, Sweden; embraced the
Gospel Feb. 27, 1866, and performed missionary labors in different
branches of the Stockholm conference, commencing in the fall of 1867,
when he was sent to Gotland; labored afterwards in Sundsvall, Oster-
sund, Eskilstuna and Stockholm; emigrated to Liah in 1872, and made
his home m FaJrview, Sanpete Co.; filled a mission to Scandinavia in
lssl-83, laboring at the mission office in Copenhagen; filled a second
mission to Scandinavia in 1894-96, presiding over the Scanmnavian
mission. At home he has taken an active part in any calling that has
been assigned to him in a Church capacity, and has always been
found active at his post of duty; he occupies positions of prominence
in his Ward, and has filled offices under the government, the county
and the city. He is at present Mayor of the city of Fairview.



Born Aug. 7, 1836, in Stafinga, Halland Lan, Sweden; emigrated to
Denmark in 1851; embraced the Gospel in 1853; came to Utah in 1856;
served as a soldier in Sanpete during the Indian war in 1866; went on
a mission to the "Muddy" in 1868; was released in 1871; performed a
mission to the Northwestern States in 1876-77; flileft a mission to
Sweden in 1883-84: served a term in the Utah "Pen." for conscience
sake in 1889, and again in 1892; labored as a Teacher and Priest in the
Spanish Fork Ward and was a president of the 50th quorum of Sev-
enty until Dec., 1891, when he was called to the position of first coun-
selor to Bishop Nielsen of the Spanish Fork 4th Ward; he still holds
that position.


Born May 7, 1866, in Elfsborg Lan, Sweden; baptized May 30. 1894. by
A. J. Hoglund; ordained a Deacon May 5. 1895, by A. J. Hoglund; or-
dained a Priest Sept. 30, 1895, by Theodore Tqbiason; ordained an El-
der Oct. 11, 1895, by Theodore Tobiason; appointed to labor as a mis-
sionary in the, Halmstad branch Sept. 29. 1895; labored later in the
Gothenburg branch and still later as president of the Halmstad
branch; emigrated to Utah in 1898, and is now a resident of Salt Lake



Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, Feb. 6, 1831; acquiring a good education;
went to sea as an apprentice with a view to learning both theoretical
and practical navigation; made two prolonged voyages, on which he
visited the Eas't Indies, Australia and Africa; attended a high school
in Gothenburg- from his 20th to his 25th year; became a convert to
"Mormonism" and was baptized by John Van Cott, July 2. 1860; labored
as a traveling Elder in and president of the Gothenburg conference;
emigrated to Utah in 1864 and located in Salt Lake City; rilled a mis-
sion to Scandinavia in 1870-73, laboring as a traveling Eider in the
Jonkoping- and Stockholm conferences; died July 12, 1890, in Salt Lake


Born Feb. 5, 1848, in Firila, Helsingland. Sweden, but her parents
moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1850. where she was Messed in the
Church. She emigrated with her parents to Utah in 1856, crossing the
plains In the handcart company under Capt. \vlllis, ana reached Salt
Lake City Nov. 15, 1856; then located in Manti. Sanpete Co., the same
fall, where she was baptized; was married to Martin Sorensen, July 18.
1862. In 1862 she and her husband moved to Washington, Washington
Co., where she acted as a taecher in the Relief Society; removeo to
Monroe, Sevler Co., and was there set apart as second counselor to
the president of the Relief Society, and later president in Sevier Stann.
which position she still holds. Her husband. Martin Sorensen, died Oct.
'21, 1889; she is the mother of twelve children.


Born June 1, 1819, in the village of Valierod, Sjaelland, Denmark; joined
the Baptists, but was among the first to receive the true Gospel, being
baptized by Geo. P. .Dykes, Aug. 24, 1850, and confirmed by Erastus
Snow; about hte same time he was miraculously healed from a severe
attack of consumption; ordained a Deacon Sept. 2, 1850, a Priest Oct.
13, 1850, and an Elder Nov. 16, 1851, by Krastus Snow, labored as a local
missionary; emigrated to Utah in 1852-53, and located in JUphraim as
one of the first settlers of that place; was ordained a Seventy in 1857;
filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1865-67; presided over the Fredericia
and later over the Copenhagen conference; after his return he was
chosen as a member of tne High Council; died in Ephraim, Sept. 7, 1891.


Born Nov. 30, 1864, in Dostrup, Aalborg Amt, Denmark; emigrated to
Utah in 1873; and located in Orderville, Kane Co.; filled a mission to
Scandinavia in 1887-89, laboring in tne Aalborg conference. After his
return he removed to Mount Carmel, where he has acted as second
counselor to Bishop Jolley, since 1896, and superintendent of the Mount
Carmel Sabbath School since 1897; he married Marinda Esplin, March
18, 1890.


Horn Oct. 17, 1837, at Vestermark, Kjser, near Sonderborg, Als, Den-
mark; learned the trade of a ship-carpenter; went to sea at the age of
19; on his numerous voyages he visited Norway. Sweden, Iceland, Eng-
land, Italy, Russia, Prussia, Finland, etc. ; ship wrecked in the English
Channel Christmas Eve, 1859; worked in the gold mines in Australia and
New Zealand; arrived in Utah in May, 1871; located in Salt Lake City,
where he became part proprietor of the Valiey House; baptized in
1872; married Eva Gyllenskog. Dec. 24, 1872; orda ned an Elder in 18(9;
ordained a Seventy in 1879, filled a mission to New Zealand, 1879-81,
where he baptized forty people and organized tnree brancues of the
Church; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 11*7-89 laboring in Schles-
vig, Denmark and Sweden; ordaineo. a High Priest Feb. 27, 1893.


Born Feb. 5, 1836, at Honum, Hvlrrlng parish Skanderborg Amt., Den-
mark, of poor parents and from his ninth year had to work for his
daily bread among strangers; Baptized Oct. 7, 1857, wy H. P. Olsen;
ordained a Priest April 4 1858; presided over the Horsens branch.
Fredericia conference; ordained an Elder uan. i9. 1839; labored as a
missionary in and later as president of the Hvissel branch; was ar-
rested by a parish judge on the charge of vagrancy, and imprisoned
five days on bread and water; labored as a traveling EHer and presi-
dent of the Holding and the Lseborg districts; emigrated to Utah in
1863; resided successively in Manti, in (jimnison and in Mayfleld; in the
latter place he was one of three first settlers; was ordained a High
Priest Jan. 22, 1868; filled a misison to Scandinavia in 1890-92.



Born in Aaby, nearAarhus.Denmark, April 7, 1836; baptized April 7,
1860; orJained an Elder March 16, 1861; appointed president of tne Aar-
hus branch March 16, 1861; labored as a traveling Elder in the Aarhus
conference; and emigrated to IJtah in 1862, an<, located in Fountain
Green, Sanpete Co., where he still resides; filled a mission to Scan-
dinavia in lbb3-85, laboring as a traveling Elder in and as president of
the" Aarhus conference; at home he has presided over an Elders'
quorum, labored as home missionary, etc.


Born May 29. 1831, in Rye, Skanderborg Amt, Denmark; baptized May
16, 1866? emigrated with ms wife and four children to Utah in 1873. and
located in Levan, Juab Co; filled a mission to Denmark in 1890-91,
laboring in the Aarhus conference, part of the time as president of
the Horsens branch; he also presided over the Esbjerg branch.

Jl.HN V. '1HEL1N,

Born April 1, 1864. in Holm parish. TJpsala Lan. Sweden; baptized Feb.
9. 1886; labored three years as a local missionary; his principal field of
labor was the Vesteras branch of the Stockholm conference; he also
labored in the Upsala and Sodermanland branches; and finished up
his missionary labors as president of the Vesteras branch; emigrated
to Utah in 1891, and located in Salt Lake City.


Born March 8, 1857. in Chrlstiania, Norway; through her parents, Guli-
brand Olsen and Karen Simonsen, she became a convert to "Mor-
monism" at the age of 11 years; from early childhood she was consid-
ered a value as a singer; she sang her first duet when about eight
years old; was an active member of the Christ iania branch choir and
participated in concerts given at different ha..s throughout the city;
emigrated to Utah In 1879; has been a member of the Salt Lane *ab-
ernacle choir since Feb. 14, 1881; trained under Prof. Evan Stevens for
years, she has gained proficiency as a solo singer. As a member of the
Tabernacle Choir she visited the World's Fair In Chicago In 188*; on
this trip she appeared in national costume and sang her native songs
In all the concerts the choir gave; was married to Moroni J. Thomas
in July, 1884.



Born Feb. 2, 1855, in Aasted parish, Hjorring Amt, Jylland Denmark;
emigrated with his parents to Utah in 1862 and located in Levan,
Juab Co.: was baptized in 1863; filled a mission to Scanainavia In
1894-95, laboring as a traveling Elder in the Aalborg conrerence; ne was
released early on account of poor health.


Born Jan. 15, 1809, in Bregninge, on the island of Falster, Denmark; was
among the first converts to the Gospel in that land, being baptized
on his birthday in 1852. Being a well-to-do farmer and highly re-
spected by the community in which he liveS, his acceptance of "Mor-
monism" created much excitement and persecution; he emigrated with
his family to Utah in 1853-54; he was a most liberal man with his
earthly means, paying for nearly fifty poor people's emigration be-
sides paying a full tithing of his means before he left his native
land. He and his family, with many other Scandinavians of the same
company, located at Ephraim; he always took an active part in the
developing and building up of that place; died, highly respected and
beloved, Feb. 14, 1875.


Born Feb. 14. 1M4. in Christianla, Norway; baptized April 13. 1862; em-
igrated to Utah in 1868; was married to Niels Thomson. o Kphraim,
May, 1870, by whom has had eight children. In 1894 she
was set apart and blessed with other missionaries, then
goingr to Europe, and with her little four-year-old son, Leander
Theodore, she went to Norway, to get the genealogy of her
relatives and friends. She visited numerous relatives and friends in
her native land and in England, and bore an effective testimony to
the Truth wherever she went, and returned, after an absence of nine
months. At home she has been an active worker in the Women's
Cause, having for four years held the office of president of the W. H.
P. R. A., a society that works for the interest of the home.


Born May 2, 18S2, in Christiania, Norway; emigrated to t'tah with his
parents in 1863 and setled in Hyrum. Cache Co.. where he has resided
ever since; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1876-78; on this mission
he labored one year at the mission othce in Copenhagen. Denmark:
presided over the Copenhagen branch, and visited all the other Danish
conferences; later, he presided over the Gothenburg conference. At
home he has been an active and prominent citizen; he served as a
member of the last three constitutional conventions, and was a mem-
ber of the State Legislature of 1897.


Born March 6, 1863, in Christiania, Norway; baptird July 17, 1893, by
Elder H. J. Olsen; ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood and sent out
as a missionary when sixteen years old; ordained an Elder when 17,
and appointed Superintendent of Sunday School, president of Y. M. M.
I. A., and clerk in the office of the Norwegian mission, at Christiania,
Norway; held these positions until he emigrated to Utah in 1882. In
1886 he was ordained a Seventy by C. D. Fjeldsted; labored as a mis-
sionary in Scandinavia from November, 1889, to November, 1891, the
entire period being devoted to the work of translation rn the mission
office In Copenhagen; during the last five months he also acted as
president of the Copenhagen conference, Jan., 1888, he was appointed
superintendent of the Logan Seventh Ward Sunday School, and in
Feb., 1899, set apart as a president of the 119th quorum of Seventy.


Born Aug. 29, 1836, in Drammen, Norway; was baptized by Carl Wider-
borg, June 9, 1854; two years later he was called to latior at the mis-
sion office in Copenhagen, Denmark, as translator for "Scandinaviens
Stjerne," a position which he tilled for seven years; during that time
he endeavored to introduce harmony music in the congregations of

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