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Scandinavian jubilee album : issued in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the gospel to the three Scandinavian countries by Elder Erastus Snow and fellow laborers online

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Online LibraryChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsScandinavian jubilee album : issued in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the gospel to the three Scandinavian countries by Elder Erastus Snow and fellow laborers → online text (page 15 of 15)
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the Saints, and led the Copenhagen branch choir for six years; emi-
grated to Utah in 1863, and located in Salt Lake City; filled a mission
to Scandinavia in 1870-72, laboring as translator at the mission office in
Copenhagen; published "Utah Posten" in 1873-74, and "Bikuben" in
1891; he died in Salt Lake City, Oct. 28, 1891.



Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, April 19, 1847; baptized Aug. 12, 1862;
labored as a local missionary on the island of Sjselland ani emigrated
with his parents to America in 1868; after residing in Chicago, 111., one
year, the family came on to Utah in 1869, with the first company of
emigrating Saints that reached Ogden on the Union Pacific railway;
he resided in Provo until 1814, when he removed to the Second Ward,
Salt Lake City, his present home; ordained a Seventy in 1879; hued a
mission to Scandinavia in 1879-S1, laboring in tne Copenhagen confer-
ence, Denmark: labored as a home missionary ...iree years and a half
in the Salt Lake Stake of Zion; is now tilling a second mission to
Scandinavia, in the Aarhus conference.


Son of Herman A. and Mary C. Thorup, was born May 25, 1856. in
Copenhagen, Denmark; emigrated to America in 1868; stayed in Chi-
cago, 111., till 1S69. when he went to Utah with his father's family; lo-
cated temporarily in Provo, but moved to the First Ward. Salt Lake
City, in 1873; filled a mission to Denmark in 1879-81, laboring in the
Aarhus and the Aalborg conferences; he baptized 49 persons while in
this mission; Jan. 23, 1887, ne was ordained a iiigh Priest, and set
apart as Second sounselor in the Bishopric of the First Ward, Salt
Lake City; October 24, 1<7, he was set apart as first counselor, wnlch
position he holds at the present time.


Born March 12, 1852, in the province of Skane, Sweden, of German par-
ents; his father and mother embraced the Gospel in 1857; the family
emigrated to Utah in 1859; helped 30 souls to emigrate to Zion; passed
through many trials and hardships; located .n Goshen, Utah Co., but
changed their residence later to Santaquin. their present home.
Charles was baptized in Goshen in 1861; called, together with others,
to go on a missionary trip to help build up the settlements of the
Saints in Arizona; has labored as a home missionary in the Utah
Stake of Zion; filled a mission to Sweden in 1882-84, laboring in the
Skane conference, being president of the same part of the time; after
his return home he was ordained a Seventy, later became a High
Priest, and has filled the position of second counselor to John M. Hol-
liday of Santaquin since Io96.


Born March 2, 1864, in Malmo, Sweden; emigrated to Utah with his
mother, and joined the Church in Salt Lake City in the year 18i3; was
ordained an Elder in October, 1885; went on a mission to the North-
western States on Oct. 7, 1887; returned Sept. 30, 1889; was called to act
as a home missionary in November, 1889, and as a missionary to Tooele
Stake In the interest of the Sunday Schools in 1891; was ordained i
Seventy the year previous; was callei to perform a mission to Sweden
Feb. 9, 1895; labored in the oGthenburg conference, over which he pre-
sided from September, 1895, to March. 1897; returned home May. 1897;
has been laboring at home in the Sunday School. Mutual Improyemer
Associations and other organizations of the Church; on Oct. 21.
miirricd I. mini I',. Woolley. Elder Tobiason is now a resident of Salt
Lake City.



Born Sept. 7, 1814, in Canaan, Columbia Co., New York; baptized by
Parley P. Pratt, in September, 1845; removed to Nauvoo in 1846; or-
dained a Seventy, Feb. 25. 1847, by Joseph Young-; arrived in Great Salt
Lake Valley Sept. 25, 1847; filled a mission to Europe !n 1853-56, an! on
the demise of Willard Snow was called to succeed him in the presi-
dency of the Scandinavian mission; filled another mission to Scan-
dinavia in 1860-62, again presiding- over the mission. When he died in
Salt Lake City, Feb. 18, 1883, he was one of the First Seven Presidents
of Seventies.


Born April 5, 1850. at Fareby parish, Vestergotland, Sweden; baptized
in 1866 and emigrated to Utah the same year, arriving in Salt Lake
City Oct. 22, 1866, after a very hard journey; out of a family of seven
which left SweSen, only four reached their journey's end; Charles
settled in Pleasant Grove, Utah Co., where he has since resided; mar-
ried Christine Marie Larsen, March 14,, 1874; filled a mission to Sweden
in 1880-82, laboring in the Skane conference, most of the time as presi-
dent of the Helsingborg branch. At home he has served as a member
of tne city council of Pleasant Grove, counselor in the Y. M. M. I. A
Ward Teacher, president of the Scandinavian meetings, counselor to
Bishop Joseph E. Thome of Pleasant Grove tirst Ward, etc.; was or-
dained a Bishop of the Manila Ward in 1898.



Born Sept. 26, 1824, in Vejby, Hjorring Amt, Denmark,- oaptlzed April
16, 1854; labored continually for seven years as a missionary in the
Vendsyssel conference, the last three years as president of the same,
and emigrated to Utah in 1862; married Secilie Marie Pedersen April 13,
1880; was ordained a Seventy Nov. 16, Ioo2, and set apart as the presi-
dent of the 66th quorum; subsequently he was a president in tne 48th
quorum of Seventy; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1871-73, labor-
Ing in Denmark and Norway, most of the time as president of the
Chrlstianla conference; filled a second mission to Scandinavia in 1887-89,
laboring In the AAlborg conference and later presided over the Copen-
hagen conference, Denmark; served as tithing clerk and filled many
other positions In the community; died Feb. 25, 1891, in Manti, Sanpete


The violinist, was born in Christiania, Norway. At the age of ten
he played for Ole Bull, who, after hearing him offered his parents
to take him to Paris Conservatory of Music, but on account of his
extreme youth this generous offer was not accepted. Mr. Bull there-
upon procured him the most skillful instruction Norway offered.
Shortly alter this he emigrated with his mother, brother and sister
to Utah, and later went to Brussells, where he entered the Conserva-
tory of Music and became tne pup.l of the famous violinist Vieux-
temps. Some years later he returned to Europe and studied under the
famous De Ahne in Berlin.


Born April 3, 1849 in Hofva, Sweden; baptized Oct. 24, 1875, in Gothen-
burg; ordained a Teacher and subsequently appointed president of
the Gothenburg branch and clerk of the Gothenburg conference; emi-
grated to Utah in 1876 and located in Logan, Cache Co., where he
labored four years as a mason on the' Logan Temple; in 1886-88 he
filled a mission to Sweden, laboring in the Gothenburg conference,
part of the time as president of the Vingaker branch and six months
as traveling Elder in the Halmstad branch; filled a second mission to
Scandinavia in 1891-93, laboring: again in the Gothenburg conference.
On this mission he labored ten months without purse or scrip, under
which experience he met with the greatest success.


Born May 11. 1814, in Gothenburg. Sweden; baptized by Svend Larsen,
March 4, 1853, in Norway; labored a short time as a missionary in
Norway and after that for several years as translator and writer at
the mission office in Copenhagen, Denmark; when the American El-
ders were called home in 1858, on account of the Utah war, Elder
Widerborg was called to preside over the Scandinavian mission; this
presidency was continued till 1860, when he emigrated to Utah, and lo-
cated in Ogden. Weber Co. In 1864-68, he filled a mission to Scandina-
via, again presiding over the mission. Soon after his return he took
suddenly sick and died March 12. 1869. Elder Widerborg was perhaps
the ablest public speaker which the Scandinavian mission has pro-
duced up to the present time.



Born on Titran, near Frojen, Trondhjem Amt. Norway; her father
Peter O. Gaarden, was the chief or royal pilot at Titran; her mother,
Beret Martha J. Haavig, was the daughter of a wealthy real estate
owner; Anna received a liberal education, and was Known in her
circle of acquaintances as an elocutionist; was married to John A
Widtsoe, a prominent educator, Dec. 29, 1870; left a widow with two

hildren, Feb. 14, 1878; was engaged as teacher at the Namsos indus-
trial school; baptized April 1, 1881, by Anthon L. Skanchy; acted as

ounselor and secretary in the Relief Society in the Trondhjem branch;
emigrated to Utah in 1884; and located in Logan, Cache Co., where she
taught a sewing school; acted as teacher in and counselor in the Logan

it Ward Renef Society; teacher in the 13th Ward, Salt Lake City, etc.;
has labored faithfully in the interest of women's franchise, and taken
an active part among- the Scandinavian sisters


Born Jan. 31, 1872, on the island of Frojen, Trondhjem Amt, Norway;
baptized April 3, 1884, by Anthon L. Skanchy; emigrated to Utah with
his mother (Anna C. Widtsoe) and younger brother in 1884; located
in Logan, Cache Co.; acted as first asst. supt. of the Logan First Ward
Sunday School. After studying three years he graduated from the B.
Y. College in 1891; graduated from the Harvard University, Cam-
bridge, Mass., with the highest honors in 1894; gave instructions as pro-
fessor of chemistry in the Agricultural College in Logan, from 1894 to
1898; was ordained a Seventy and set apart as a missionary and to
study in Europe, Aug. 5, 1898; traveled and studied in Germany, Den-
mark, Norway. Switzerland and France in 1898-90; introduced the Gos-
pel in Titran, Norway; took the degrees of A. M. Ph. D. from the Uni-
versity of Gottingen, Germany, in 1899.


Born Dec. 12. 1S77. in Nainsos. Norway; emigrated with his mother
(Annie C. Widtsoe) and older brother (John A.) to Utah in 1884; lo-
cated in Logan, Cache Co.. where he was baptized in 1886. by Bishop
C. J. Larsen; served as a counselor in the Y. M. M. I. A. of the Logan
First Ward; has been an active Sunday School worker; graduated from
the Agricultural College, with the degree of B. S. in !&;,.; ordained
:i Seventy ana set apart for a mission to the Society Islands. Oct. 28,
IMI.. by (ieorge Reynolds; after laboring some time on the Marquesas
Islands, he was appointed in 1898 to open up a mission on the Hervey
group or Cooks Islands, and to preside over that part of the Society
Islands mission. He is still absent on this mission.


Born April 21. 1824, in Feuling. Skanderborg Amt. Jylland. Denmark:
baptized by Frekerik Phister in Copenhagen, Aug. 30. 1854; labored as
a missionary in Denmark about six years, during which time he oc-
cupied some of the most important positions in the mission, among
which that of counselor to President C. Widerborg: he emigrated to
Utah in 1861. and after residing in different places settled in St. Charles.
Bear Lake Co.. Idaho; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1865-67; labored
as traveling Elder in the whole mission, and on his return home led a
large company of emigrating Saints; called on a second mission to
Scandinavia in 1879; presided over the mission until his death, which
occurred in Copenhagen, Denmark, Aug. 1, liKfl.



Born April fi, 1811, near the city of Skive, Viborg Amt, Denmark; bap-
tized by Chr. Christiansen in 1852; emigrated from Denmark in Decem-
ber, 1852, together with his wife Karen Sijrensen, whom he had married
in Denmark, April 2, 1851; located in Spring City. Sanpete Co.; was
driven from that place by Indians; settled temporarily in Manti and
permanently in Ephraim, being one of the pioneer settlers of the lat-
ter place in 1854; filled a short mission to Scanamavia in 18/1. On his
return he emigrated quite a number of poor Saints, being a man of
means he contributed very liberally to the Church for public purposes,
whenever called upon to do so; founded a number of home industries
and gave employment to many people, when he died in Ephraim, June
29, 1897, he left three wives and fourteen children; two of his sons have
filled foreign missions.


Wife of Christian Willardsen, was born April 4. 1830, In Viborg Amt.
Denmark; marrie:! Christian Willardsen April 5, 1851; joined the Church
together with her husband, in 1852. and emigrated to Utah in 1852-53. in
John E. Forsgren's company; since her arival in Utah her life has
been identical with that of her husband; while residing in Spring
City (then called Little Denmark) she suiiered great anxiety and
hardship on account of Indian troubles; she has been an active worker
in the Relief Society for a number of years and is still engaged in that
noble work, while her sons and daughters have aided the work of God
in other respects. Her daughters have labored long and diligently as
Temple workers, in which they have been greatly aided through the
sacrificing and liberal disposition of the mother at home.



Born Feb. 6, 1858, in Ephraim, Sanpete Co., Utah, and is a son of
Christian Willardsen, Sen., and Karen Sorensen; he was baptized
ished by the police on account of mob disturbances; he was next sent
on a mission to Scandinavia, where he labored in the Aarhus con-
ference and on the island of Bornholm, from which place he was ban-
ished by the police on account of mou disturoances; he was next sent
to Norway, where he labored in Drammen, Throndhjem, and Tromso,
the latter place being- the most northern branch of the Church in the
world. There he labored alone in a strange land with the most strange
surroundings, the sun in that locality disappears from the firmament
for about two months and at the summer never sets for the same
length of time. Soon after his return in 1890, he was chosen and set
apart as first counselor to Bishop C. R. Dorius in the Ephraim South
Ward, which position he still holds.

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Online LibraryChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsScandinavian jubilee album : issued in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the gospel to the three Scandinavian countries by Elder Erastus Snow and fellow laborers → online text (page 15 of 15)