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Scandinavian jubilee album : issued in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the gospel to the three Scandinavian countries by Elder Erastus Snow and fellow laborers online

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Online LibraryChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsScandinavian jubilee album : issued in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the gospel to the three Scandinavian countries by Elder Erastus Snow and fellow laborers → online text (page 4 of 15)
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1234. Anders Fred Ahlander 1265.

Niels Peter Hansen
Charles LeRoy Anderson
Niels P. H. Roholt
William Olsen
Oluf Rosenlof
Wilford E. Andersen
Peter Victor Bunderson
Niels Peter Johnson
Oluf Johnson
Nils Oscar Gyllenskog
Christian J. Plowman
Wrol C. Olsen
Joseph N. Stohl
Charles Axel Larsen
Carl Larsen
Martin Jensen
Albert Svendsen
Niels Michael Jacobsen
Chr. Christensen
Alfred Ericson
August Sjostrom
Enoch C. Lybbert
Parley P. Anderson
Hans Christian Hansen
Carl E- Wallgren


Lars Christoffersen
Christian Jacobsen
Anders G. LundstrOm
Johannes F. Peterson
Chris N. Christensen
James Peter Christensen



, OLLOWING are the names of the brethren who have
presided over the Scandinavian Mission :

Erastus Snow, from June 14, 1850; John E.
Forsgren, March 4, 1852; Willard Snow, December
20, 1852; John Van Cott, Aug., 1853; Hector C.
Haight, Jan. 1, 1856; Carl Widerborg, Feb., 1858; John
Van Cott, Jan. 1, 18(50; Jesse N. Smith, May, 1862; Samuel
L. Sprague, pro. tern., April 13, 1864; Carl Widerborg, Aug.
1, 1864; Jesse N. Smith, Sept., 1868; William W. Cluff, July
15, 1870; Canute Peterson, June 23, 1871; Christen G. Lar-

sen, June 27, 1873; Nils C. Flygare, June 25, 1875; Ola N.
Liljenquist, June 22, 1876; August W. Carlson, pro. tern.,
Nov., 1877; Nils C. Flygare, Jan., 1878; Niels Wilhelmsen,
Aug. 30, 1879; Andrew Jenson, pro. tern., Aug. 1,1881;
Christian D. Fjeldsted, Sept. 3, 1881; Anthon II. Lund,
April 4, 1884; Nils C. Flygare, Oct. 19, 1885; Christian D.
Fjeldsted, Oct., 1888; Edward H. Anderson. Sept. 20, 1890;
Joseph Christiansen, Sept., 1892; Carl A. Carlqnist, May,
1893; Peter Sundvvall, April, 1894; Christian N. Lund, June
11, 1896; George Christensen, May 19, 1898; Andreas Peter-
son, Oct., 1898.







The large church with the tall steeple Is called the Church of the
Savior (Frelserens Kirke); but the small, unpretentious building to the
left (on the picture) with the gable-end to the street is one of the
most interesting relics connected with the early history of "Mormon-
ism ' in Scandinavia. For a number of years commencing with April,
1851, it was rented for meeting purposes by the Latter-day Saints, the
second story being converted into one fair-sized room, in which about
one hundred and fifty could assemble with some degree of comfort,
and there all the council meetings were held as long as Apostle Eras-
tus Snow remained, and for some time afterwards, until the premises
proved to be too small for general meetings. In that hall many of our
veteran Elders received their first degrees of the Holy Priesthood, and
there they afterwards bore their testimony to the truth in power that
astonished their former associates, for nearly all of them had come
from the poor and unpretentious classes of working people.

In the basement of this old building lived Father Nikolai Dorius
with his family, and F. C. Sorensen with his family livei above the
meeting hall; just around the corner lived the Hanberg family, who
all became members of the Church in those early days.

This part of Copenhagen is mostly inhabited by the working
classes, and therefore that locality was selected in order to give the
poor a better opportunity to come out to hear the Gospel. C. C. A.



In the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen, Denmark, representing
a "Mormon" Elder preaching the Gospel to a peasant family.


Presented from Scandinavians in Utah to King Oscar II and Queen
Sophia, of Sweden and Norway, Sept. 22, 1897, by J. M. Sjodahl.





Bcin Etc. L3, 1!26, in Copenhagen, Denmaik: lost his father by death
when six years old; joined the Baptists when a youth, and soon be-
came a local preacher in that denomination; hearing of the arrival of
"Mormon" Elders from America in 1850, he sought their acquaintance
and thus became an early convert to "Mormonism," being baptized
Jan. 26, 1851, by Elder Chr. Christiansen; after being ordained to the
Priesthood he labored considerably as a local missionary in Denmark,
and was the first "Mormon" who preached the Gospel on the island
of Fyen; emigrated to Utah in 1852-53; located in Rhoads' Valley In 1858,
and thus became one of the pioneer settlers of Kamas, Summit county,
where he still resides.


Born April 11, 1846, in Anskog parish, Elfsborgs Lan. Sweden; baptized
by A. Bbrreson June 23, 1881; emigrated to Utah in 1862, and located
in Grantsville, Tooele County, where he still resides; went to the Mis-
souri river as a Church teamster in 1866, after the poor; filled a mission
to Scandinavia in 1878-80, where he labored as a traveling Elder in and
later as president of the Gothenburg conference. For seventeen years
he has filled the position of first counselor in the presidency of the
Tooele Stake of Zion; previous to that he was a member of the High
Council of said Stake; he has also served Grantsville city as council-
man and mayor; has served two terms in the Utah Legislature, and Is
at present a member of the Industrial Bureau of the Church. Elder
Anderson is a thorough business man and one of the foremost citizens
of Tooele county.


Born Aug. 6, 1859, in Hovelbjerg parish, Viborg Amt, Denmark; baptized
May 5, 1880; emigrated to Utah in 1879 and located in Ephraim, Sanpete
Co.; ordained a Seventy and became a member of the 47th quorum of
Seventy; called on a mission to Denmark in 1888, which he filled, ac-
companied by his wife; after laboring one year as a traveling Elder in
the Aarhus conference, he was appointed to preside over the Aalborg
conference, which position he held till Jan. 5, 1890, when he died in the
city of Aalborg. of lung disease, afetr only a few days' sickness; he
was buried Jan. 12, 1800, at Hovlbjerg, by the side of his parents. Elder
Anderson, who was called hence in his youth and in the midst of a use-
ful career, was much beloved by all who knew him, both at home and


Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 7, 1858; baptized May 28, 1870; mar-
ried Andrew K. Aniersen Oct. 14, 1879; accompanied her husband on a
mission to Denmark in 1888-90, and assisted in promulgating the work
of God by bearing testimony of the truth wherever she had the oppor-
tunity to do so, and teaching and encouraging the local sisters, until
she was made a widow through the demise of her husband in Aalborg,
Jan. 5, 1890. After burying him by the side of his own father in his
native village, she returned to her home in Ephraim, Sanpete Co.,
where she still resides. For a number of years Sister Andersen took
an active part in the Primary Association in Ephraim, being counselor
to the local president.



Born Feb. 15, 1860, at Odder, Aarhus Amt, Denmark; learned the trade
of a blacksmith and traveled as an apprentice through Germany. Aus-
tria and other countries; arrived in the United States. America, in
1882, and remained in Chicago till 1883. when he came to Utah; resided
temporarily in Salt Lake City and Big Cottonwood; was baptized in
1884; located at Levan, Juab Co.: filled a mission to Scandinavia in
1893-95, laboring as traveling Elder successively in the Esbjerg, Aarhus
and Grenaa branches,, and later as president of the Randers branch;
since Dec., 1897, he has acted as 2nd counselor to Bishop N. P. Ras-
mussen of Levan.


Born Sept. 17, 1838, at Nyb011e, Hillerslev parish, Svendoorg Amt, Fyen,
Denmark; baptized Nov. 22. 1870; emigrated to Utah in the fall of 1872,
and located at Fountain Green, Sanpete Co., where he still resijes;
filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1885-87, laboring first on the islands
of Fyen and Langeland, in the Aarhus conference; while holding a
meeting in Odense, Fyen, Jan. 17, 1886, he and two fellow-missionaries
were summoned before the police authorities, and after acknowledging
that he was a "Mormon" and an American citizen, he was banished
from the land of his birth; he finished his mission in the Skane con-
ference, Sweden.



Born April 16,1829,at Avlby, Vejlby parish, OdenseAmt, Fryen, Denmark;
followed the vocation of sailor and fisherman; participated in the
war of 1848-50 between Denmark an3 Germany, was baptized Feb. 6,
1852; married Anna Sophia Larsen May 10, 1852; ordained to the Priest-
hood and appointed to preside over a branch of the Church at Sletten,
Fyen; emigrated to Utah in 1855-56; lost a son by death on the way;
located at Ephraim, Sanpete county, where he still resides; filled a
mission to Norway in 1873-75, presiding over the Christiania conference;
and a mission to Denmark in 1887-89, presiding over the Aarhus confer-
ence; in returning- from his first mission he was accompanied by 176
emigrating Saints from Norway; returning in 1889 he had charge of
a company of emigrating Saints. He acted as counselor to Bishop
Canute Peterson from 1868 to 1877; has been bishop of Ephraim North
wara since 1877; served in the city council of Ephraim eight years
ward since 1877; served in the city council of Ephraim eight years


Son of Bishop Lars S. Andersen and Annie Sophie Andersen, was born
Dec. 17, 1858, in Ephraim, Sanpete county, Utah; married Josephine
Jensen in 1877.; filled a mission to Denmark in 1885-86, la-
boring in the Aarhus conference; returned early because of
ill health; after his return he was chosen president of the
Y. M. M. I. A. in Ephraim; this position he held until his death,
which occurred through an accident in Springtown canyon, Sanpete
county, Oct. 24, 18S7; he left a wife and five children. Bro. Andersen
was a faithful Saint, a devoted husband and a kinl father, highly
respected and beloved by all who knew him. He held many responsible
positions in the Church. While on his mission his sister Sina Ander-
son Thompson died in childbed; and when he died his father was away
on a foreign mission.


Born Feb. 8, 1829, at Ringsager, Helemarken, Norway; emigrated to
America in 1S4S, locating in Wisconsin; startei for California in 1852;
passing through Salt Lake City, he was converted to Mormonism
through hearing Orson Pratt preach, and was baptized by Robert T.
Burton, July 9, 1852; remained in L ..ah and married Christine Bensen,
July, 3, 1854: tilled a mission to Norway in lSiJ-72, laboring as traveling
Elder and also as president of the Christiania conference; filled a mis-
sion to the United States in 1882-83, laboring principally in Minnesota
and Wisconsin. For many years he has resided in I,ehi, Utah county;
he is the father of seven sons, and two daughters, and his grand-
children numbered 31 in 1890.


Wife of Mons Andersen, was born June 11, 1826, on the island of Born-
holm, Denmark; baptizeu in Copenhagen, Aug. 24, 1850, as the second
convert to "Mormonism" from Bornholm; soon afterwards, when
Elders were sent to Bornholm to preach the Gospel, Sister Christine
accompanied them and rendered efficient service in preparing the way
for tnem; she also helped to sustain them after securing them a home
in her father's house. All the members of the family except one were
converted to "Mnrmi'Mism" and emigrated to America, leaving Den-
mark in December, Is.M'; all arrived in I'tah in 1853. except Jeppe Ben-
sen, the head of the family, who was bitten by a dog In Hamburg and
returned to Bornholm; but he emigrated the following .year.



Born July 28, 1830, in Denmark; baptized July 1, 1855; ordained an
Elder July 18, 1855; labored as local missionary in the Fredericia con-
ference and later on Bornholm from 1857 to 1862; presides over the con-*
ference four years of that time; emigrated j Utah in 1862; located in
Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete county, where he still resides; filled a mission
to Minnesota in 1860-82, and another one to ,.he same State in 1884-85;
on both missions he presides over the Minnesota conference, and dur-
ing his ministry he witnessed many miraculous manifestations of the
power of God; he traveled most of the time without purse or scrip. At
home he has officiated for many years as a Ward Teacher.


Born Nov. 16. 1844, in viborg Amt, Denmark; baptized Nov. 2, 1855; emi-
grated to Utah in 1856, together with his parents, and settled in Eph-
raim, Sanpete county, Utah; at the age of twenty he married his pres-
ent wife, with whom he has nine children, all living; filled a mission
to Denmark in 1885-87, laboring in the Aarhus conference, which in-
cluded the locality in which he was born and where he spent the days
of his childhood. He found many who were pleased to see and hear
him and enjoyed his missionary labors very much. He resides in
Ephraim, Sanpete county, Utah.



Born Aug. 19, 1857, in Haga parish. Stockholm Liin. Sweden; baptized
Feb. 15, 1879; ordained a Priest Oct. 8, 1879; called to labor as a local
missionary in the Eskilstuna branch Oct. 8. 187; ordained an Elder
Dec. 11, 1879: presided over the Eskilstuna branch one year; later he
presided over the Gotland branch, and still later over the orebro
branch, all in the Stockholm conference; emigrated to Utah in 1882;
ordained a Seventy by Apostle Heber J. Grant. Oct. 8, 1895; filled a
mission to Sweden in 1895-97; presided over the ITpsala branch, and
later over the Stockholm conference; visited Russia and Finland K<= a
missionary in the spring of 1897: on this tour he baptized the first con-
verts to "Mormonism" in St. Petersburg. Russia: after his return he
has labored as a home missionary 1 in the Salt Lake Stake of Zior.and
In the Granite Stake; he resides in the Sugar House ward, Salt Lake
Co., Utah.


Born Aug. 5, 1830, In Fjelgeme, Enslof parish, Hallands Lan, Sweden;
raised on a farm and reared in the Lutheran religion; was preserved
from an untimely death by a miraculous manifestation of the power
of God, when a youth; converted to "Mormonism" and baptized May
23, 1857, by C. E. Lindholm; passed through considerable persecution
on account of his religion; was ordained a Teacher Oct. 14, 1857, and
appointed to preside over the prayer meetings in the Halmstad branch;
ordained an Elder Nov. 15. 1858; calleJ to preside over the Falkenberg
branch in 1860. and over the Halmstad branch Feb. 17, 1861; called to
labor as traveling Elder in Jonkoping in May, 1865; emigrate! to Utah
in 18C6, and located at Huntsville, Weber county; where he still re-
sides; ordained a Seventy Sept. 11, 1869, by Joseph Young; filled a mis-
sion to Sweden in 1882-84, laboring principally in the NorrkSping, Ves-
tervik, JonkOping and Halmstad branches.



Born at Christiansand, Norway, Dec. 2, 1851; emigrated to Utah with
his parents in 1S61; was baptized Nov. 7, 1861; ordained an Elder March
21, 1870; married Mary Henderson March 11, 1872; ordained a Seventy and
set apart as a president of the Sixty-fourth quorum of Seventy, Jan.
7, 1884; filled a mission to Norway in lssr>-S7. laboring nearly all the
time in the Drammen branch, part of the time as its president; acted
as superintendent of the Logan Fifth War3 Sunday School from 1890
to 1898; ordained a High Priest and set apart as second counselor to
Bishop Ballard, of Logan Second Ward. Dec. 13, 1899; oicained a Bishop
and set apart to preside over said Ward by Apostle Francis M. Lyman
April 27, 1900. He has also served as city councilman in Logan, and
treasurer of Cache county; since 1897 he has served Logan city as its


Born April 20, 1843, in Eska parish, Elfsborg. Lan, Sweden; baptized
March 1. 1863, while serving in the Swedish army, passed through se-
vere ordeals of perscrmion because of his religious belief; emigrated
to Utah in 1864; made a trip to the Missouri river as a Church teamster
after the poor in 1866. filled a mission to Sweden in 1884-86. laboring the
first year us a traveling Elder in and the second year as the president
of the Gothenburg conference.


Born June 7, 1838 in FuriiiKstad parish. ostrr^ii land l.iin. Sweden:
baptized July 1. 1865, in Norrkoping; ordained a 1'riest Jan. 1, 1866. anl
called to labor as a local missionary in the Linkoping branch; ordained
an Elder July 8. 186<i; presided over thi- Weati mJHland branch, later
over the Vestervik district of the Norrkoping conference and still later
labored as traveling Elder in the l.inkiiping district; emigrated to Utah
in 1S70; ordained a Seventy Oct. S. 1884, by Wm. W. Taylor; filled a mis-
sion to Sweden in 1884-86. laboring in the Gothenburg confernce;
filled another mission to Sweden in 1891-93. presiding over the Gothen-
burg conference. As a resident of the Nineteenth Ward. Salt L.ake
City, Elder Anderson has filled many important local positions.


Born April 12, U51. at Valclsted. Aalborg Amt, Denmark; baptized Dec
9, 1869. by N. C. Andersen; ordained a Deacon, Priest and Elder succes-
sively; labored nearly four years as a local missionary in Aalbore
conference, during which time he presided first over the Hj0rring and
later over the Frerlerikshavn branch; emigrated to Utah in 1876' re
sided two years in Pleasant Grove. Utah Co., and in the fall of'"S78
removed t.i Deseret, Millard Co.. where he became one of the pioneer
settlers of what is now the Oasis ward; located at Huntington Emrt-v
Co., in 1883. where he still resides. By the accidental explosion of a
quantity of giant powder and caps at Price, Carbon Co., Utah Nov "3
18S6, he was deprived of his eyesight and otherwise bodily injured ' lii
the midst of his most trying condition, being totally blind he' 1-as
preserved his integrity to the Church of Christ.



Born Oct. 8, 1858, in Billeberga, Malmohus Lan, Sweden; emigrated to
Utah in 1864; resided in Mill Creek, Farmington, and Huntsville suc-
cessively; laboring alternatively on the farm and attending schools;
graduated from the Normal Department of the University of Deseret
in 1877; was baptized July 1. 1869; taught school for several years in
Weber County; figured as a leading newspaper manager and editor
in Ogden from 1879 to 1889; ordained an Elder in 1880; marrieJ Jane S.
Ballantyne in 1881, with whom he has had six sons; ordained a High
Priest in 1882; from 1888 to 1890 he edited and manged the "Contrib-
utor" for Junius F. Wells; filled a mission to Scandinavia as president
of the mission from 1890 to 1892; on his return he wrote "A Brief His-
tory of the Church" and "A Life of Brigham Young; is now assistant
Stake historian and associate editor of the "Improvement Era," etc.


Born Jan. 5, 1850, in Grimstad parish, Elfsborg Lan, Sweden; baptized
by Swen Rosengren in 1861; emigrated to Utah in 1862; located in
Grantsville, Tooele Co., where he still resides; filleJ a mission to Swe-
den in 18 t - S4. laboring principally in t e Gothenburg and Wingaker
branches; ordained a Seventy Nov. 30, 1884, by Benjamin F. Barrus, and
became a member of the 31st quorum of Seventy; ordained a High
Priest and set apart as an alternate member of the Tooele Stake
High Council Nov. 6, 1887. by Heber J. Grant; set apart as second coun-
selor to Bishop Wm. G. Collett of the Grantsville Ward July 7, 1888, and
set apart as first counselor to Bishop James L. Wrathall July 28, 1890.
He has also served as councilman, mayor, etc., of Grantsville City,
and filled manv other responsibilities of honor and trust.


Born Dec. 7, 1860, at Linkoping, ostergotland, Sweden; baptized April
6, 1876, at Norrkoping; called in 1877 to Gothenburg to labor on "Nord-
stjernan," the organ of the Church in the Swedish language, the publi-
cation of which had then just begun. In the fall of 1877. when the
place of publication was changed from Gothenburg to Copenhagen.
Denmark. Bro. Anderson was also called to that city, where he labored
as a compositor, setting in type the Swedish Book of Mormon; being
called to England, he labored two years at the mission office at 42
Islington. Liverpool; emigrated to Utah in 1882; was one of the origina-
tors of "Svenska Harolden," and edited the same several years; later
he engaged in other newspaper work; since 189S he has been assistant
editor of "Bikuben." Bro. Anderson was ordained a Teacher In
Sweden, a Priest in Denmark and an Elder in England.


Born May 6, 1840. at Guldborg, Brarup parish. Falster, Denmark; bap-
tized by Elder N. C. Poulsen March 9, 1854; labored as a local mission-
ary for three years on the islands of Falster and Lolland, and in the
city of Copenhagen; emigrated to Utah in 1862; resiled three years in
Gunnison, Sanpete County, and six months in Richfield, Sevier County;
left the latter place on account of Indian troubles In 1867; has resided
in Fillmore. Millard County, since 1868. He was orda:ned a Seventy
in 1873, and made a president in the Forty-second quorum of Seventy;
ordained a High Priest in 1876 and chosen as a member of the High
Council in the Millard Stake of Zion; has acted as Stake Clerk since
1887, Stake tithing clerk since 1879, and as president of the High Priests
quorum since 1888, ? \ ,



Born April 28, 1835. in Bromme parish, Sor0 Amt, Denmark: baptized
July 4, 1862; labored a short time as a local missionary; emigrated to
Utah in 1863; located at Santaquin. Utah Co., being the first Scandina-
vian settler at that plane; removed to Spanish Fork in 1864, where he
has filled many important and responsible positions; among which that
of counselor in the Bishopric; tilled a mission to Scandinavia in 1887-
89. laboring in the Copenhagen conference: after his return he served
two terms in the I'tah penitentiary for infractions on the anti-poly-
gamy laws; since the death of Jens Hansen he has presided over the
Scandinavian meetings in Spanish Fork.


Born Jan. 2. 181!!>, in Lilla Htirstnd. Malmohus L,;in, Sweden; baptized
Aug. 25, 1862; emigrated to Utah in lSiir>. having previously been or-
dained to the office of an Elder; loca etdin Millville. Cache Co., Utah;
at the organization of the Cache Valley Stake of Zion in 1877, he was
chosen as counselor to Bishop Pitkin. of Millville, which position he
held till 1887, when he left Utah, on account of the anti-polygamy per-
secutions, and le.cated in Canada, where he became one of the found
ers of Cardston. Alberta, and was subsequently chosen as a coun-
selor to Bishop John A. \Voolf. At the organization of the Alberta
Stake of Zion, he was chosen as a High Counselor in the Stake, which
position he still holds.


Born in Sweden October 24, 1850; emigrated to Utah from Burling! "ii.
Iowa, in the year 1859, together with his parents; tilled two missions
to the Northern States, one in the years 1875-76 and one in the years
1884-85: was book-keeper for several years at the Mantl Temple, dur-
ing its construction, and on the opening of that sacred building for
ordinance work, he \v;is e.-illed to act as one of the recorders, which
position he still occupies. In 1S94 he was appointed Stake tithing
clerk of the Sanpete Stake of Zion, which office he also nolds at the
present time.


Born Nov. 6, 1858. in Burlington, Iowa; his parents. Ma<:s C. Anders n
and Ane K. An.lerson, emigrated from Denm.nk to America in lv>7.
and were residing temporarily in Iowa when Xi-phi was born; the fami-
ly (-line to I'tah in I860, and located in Prove. I'lah Co : later in Gun-
nison, Sanpete Co. Nephi was baptized when ei.i^ht \ear.s old; married
Miss Annie I.arsen in (lunnison Feb. 17. l^'.e < r-hiined an Klder; filled
a mission to Norway in Is'.U-iM!; hiboied in '1 romso and Hammerfest.
two of the northernmost towns in the world, about eight months;
later in the city of Latirvig and in Hedemarken. Since his return he
has labored as a home missionary in the fc-anpete Stake of Zion; is a
highly respected citizen ol Gunnison.



Born Nov. 26, 1835, at Lund, Malmohus Liln, Sweden; heard "Mormon-

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