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Scandinavian jubilee album : issued in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the gospel to the three Scandinavian countries by Elder Erastus Snow and fellow laborers online

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a special talent for music, and studied unuer Prof. Anton Pedersen
until she became an expert performer on the piano, and for several
years she has been a very successful teacher of the piano. She has
been an active member of the Y. L. M. I. A. ever since she was old
enough to be enrolled among the young ladies.



Born July 10, 1845, in Skokloster. Upsala San Sweden; baptized April 23.
1871; ordained an Elder Oct. 1, 1872, and sent out to preach the Gospel
as a local missionary; in that capacity he presided over the 0rebro
branch from June 17, 1873, to April 24, 1S75. and then over the Stockholm
branch till 1878, when he emigrated to litah; located in Logan. Cache
Co.; filled a mission to Sweden in 1882-84, laboring first as a traveling
Elder in and later as president of the Stockholm conference; returning
home he had charge of a company of emigrating Saints; ordained a
Seventy Nov. 18. 1884: was afterwards chosen as a president of that
quorum; removed to Salt Lake City In 1894. where he still resides; at
present he is a member of the council of the 110th quorum of Seventy.


Born Nov. 18, 1825. in Denmark; learned the trade of a miller; was
baptized May 14. 1853, by P. B. Peterson; married Bertha Marie Peter-
sen in 1854; ordained to the Priesthood by John F. F. Dorius; spent a
number of years in the ministry and presided three years over the
Copenhagen conference; emigrated to Utah in 1860; located in Mt.
Pleasant. Sanpete Co., in Io61, where he followed farming to earn a
livelihood. After being an invalid for many years, he died as a faithful
Latter-uay Saint Jan. 26, 1896. He was ...e father of twelve children,
most of whom are active and all members of the Church. His eldest
son by his second wife. Stine Hansen. is t erdinand Ericksen, of Mt.
Pleasant: who has served that municipality as mayor, and the county
of Sanpete as county attorney and collector.



Born Sept 24 1858, in Bohus I,an, Sweden; emigrated to Utah in 1862;
baptized March '2S 1867. by John W. Clark; filled a mission to Sweden
n 1888-90- labored in the Gothenburg- conference; first in the Kalmar
branch next as traveling Elder in the Norrkoping, Wingaker and
Kalmar branches, and last as president of the Gothenburg branch jar-
rived home from that mission April 24, 1890. Bro. EricKson is a resi-
dent of Grantsville, Tooele Co., Utah.


Born April 11, 1844, in M0rkholt, Gaarslev parish, Vejle Amt, Den-
mar.... His parents embraced the Gospel in I860. Hans was the last
of the family to join the Church; in 1864 he went to Norway wher
he remained five years, visiting Hammerfest: next ho spent six years
in Sweden, where he was baptized June 28. 1875, at Upsa^a; ordained an
Elder Oct. 2, 1875, and called into the ministry; labored in the Norrland
and Jemtland branches; emigrated to Utah in 1877; labored as a mason
on the Logan Temple six years; ordained a Seventy Nov. 5, 1889 by
Abraham H. Cannon; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1889-91; labored
in the Stockholm conference, mostly in Norrla.nd where 45 people
joined the Church as the result of his labors; he resides in Weston,
Oneida Co., Idaho.



' Born on the island of Fyen, Denmark, Feb. 7, 1826; lost his mother by
death when three years old and his father two years later; conse-
quently he was raised by strangers, and his school education neg-
lected. In 1818, being twenty-two years old, he joined the army and
participated in the war betwen Denmark and Germany in 1848-50: took
part in six great battles an4 advanced to become an officer In the
army; worked in mercantile houses in Copenhagen; became a con-
vert to "Mormonism" in 1853; one year later he commenced to preach
the Gospel and spent three years in the missionary field, besides
spending considerable money in the interest of the Church; emigrated
to Utah in 1857, and crossed the plains with handcarts; married Jo-
hanna Thomsen Feb. 7, 1858, and located in Provo, Utah Co., where
he still resides; partlcicated in the Echo Canyon war In 1858.


Eldest son of Simon P. and Johanna T. Eggertsen. was born Sept.
15, 1860, in Provo, Utah Co., Utah; raised as a farmer, and was a very
diligent student at school, ordained successively a Deacon, Teacher,
Priest and Seventy; acted as Sunday School teacher, secretary of dif-
ferent organizations, president of the Y. M. M. I. A. ; superintendent of
Sunday Schools, etc. ; graduated from the B. Y. Academy in Provo In
1880; after which he labored sixteen years as a principal ana teacher
in the public schools, to wit: four years In Lehi, four years in Spring
ville and eight years in Provo; married Etta Nielsen: filled a mission
to the Northwestern States in 1885-87; labored first as a traveling El-
der and later as president 01 a conference; acted as first counselor to
Bishop Wride in the Provo Second Ward; and since 1898 he has acted
as the Bishop of said "Ward.



Son of Simon Peter Eggertsen, and Johanna Thomsen; was born
March 3, 1866, in Provo, Utah Co., Utah; baptized May 19, 1875; by
Myron J. Tanner; ordained an Elder; filled a mission to Denmark in
1887-89; labored in the Aarhus conference, presiding a part of the time
over the Horsens branch; married Annie Nielsen, of Pleasant Grove in
1891. At home he has been closely identified with the Church associa-
tion, having acted as ward clerk, secretary and president of Y. M.
M. I. A.; filled nearly every position in the Sunday School from Deacon
to superintendent and is the present Stake superintendent of the
Utah Stake Sunday Schools: served as instructor in the B. Y. Academy
seven years, principal of the Springville sehoos; went as a delegate
to the National Teachers' Association at Los Angeles, Cal., in 1899.


Born Sept. 20, 1854, in Brunskog- parish, Vermland, Sweden; removed
with his parents when about ten years old to Norway; was baptized
Feb. 1, 1875; appointed to labor as a Teacher in the Christiania branch;
called to Sweden in 1897, to labor in the Gothenburg conference; presid-
ed over the Gothenburg branch and labored in Dalsland and Troll-
hattan branches; emigrated to Utah in 1878; located in Salt Lake City,
but subsequently removed to Ogden; was ordained a Seventy April 23.
1884; was set apart as one of the presidents of the seventy-seventh
quorum of Seventy; chosen a counselor in the presidency of the Scan-
dinavian meetings in Ogden; filled a mission to Sweden in 1888-90; pre-
sided over the Orebro branch, and afterward over the Stockholm con-
ference. He now lives in Murray, Salt Lake Co,


Born June 11. 1873, at Bodahult, Trokorna parish, Skaraborg Lan,
Sweden; baptized Aug. 1, 1892, by A. G. Johnson and confirmed by C. G.
Anderson; ordaineJ to me Priesthood and called to labor in the min-
istry, under the direction of A. J. Wahlquist, president of the Gothen-
burg conference; being assigned to the Skofde branch, he labored there
as a missionary from Jan. 8, 1894, to April 28, 1895, when he was non-
orably released with permission to emigrate to Zion. He left Gothen-
burg April 29th and arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah, May 22, 1895.


Born in Aalborg Denmark, Aug. 19, 1863; baptized when about fifteen
years of age; ordained to the Priesthood and called to labor as a local
missionary in the Aalborg conference; emigrated to Utah in 1886, and
located in Salt Lake City, where he still resides; and where he has al-
ways taken an active part in the social, political and dramatic move-
ments among the Scandinavians.



Born June 22. 1819, in the city of Hjo, ^Karaborg, Lan, Sweden;
baptized June 1, 1854, by Eric Erlcson; emigrated to Utah in 1857, and
located in Salt Lake City; went south during ihe move" in 1858, and
subsequently located at Grantsville, Tooele Co., where he resided till
I!s70, when he removed to Huntsville, Weber Co., his present home.
In 1885-86 he filled a mission to Sweden, laboring in the Stockholm con-


Son of Nathaniel Henry Felt and Eliza Ann Preston; born in Salem,
Mass., U. S. A., May 9, 1840; arrived in Salt Lake City, together with
his parents, in the fall of 1850; called to fill a mission to Great Britain
in the spring of 1863. went to Scandinavia in the fall of 1865; was
assigned to labor in Denmark; traveling through Sjselland, the islands
and Jylland, visiting all the conferences ana most or the branches.
He had the privilege of visiting Norway togetner with Samuel L.
Sprague, and meeting Geo. M. Brown in Christiania; in visiting Sweden
ne met John Sharp, Jun., and Geo. W. Gee. In the spring of 1866 he
was released to return home, visiting his father who labored In Lon-
don; assisted in receiving and forwarding the emigrants at Wyoming,
Neb., arriving home in the fall of 1866.



Borm in Friindefors parish, Dalsland, Sweden, March 26, 3852; left
Sweden for Norway in 1872, where he became acquainted with the
"Mormon" Elders; was baptized Nov. 12, 1875; emigrated to Utah the
following year. In 1889 he was one of the promoters of the Scandina-
vian Building Society, which purchased Superior Addition, and in 1891
when that part of the city was organized as the Twenty-third Ward
he was called to act as first counselor to the Bishop; was elected a
member of the City Council in 1897, and re-elected in 1899, and is now
serving his second term.


Born Sept. 16, 1860, in Holmestrand, Norway; baptize! Aug. 26th. 1871, at
Frederlkstad; emigrated to Utah in 1881 and located temporarily in
Ephraim, Sanpete Co., but moved to Manti the following year, where
he still lives. In 1895 he was called on a mission to Scandinavia; was
ordained a Seventy and set apart for that mission Nov. 6, 1895, by
George Reynolds, in Salt Lake City; arrived in Copenhagen Dec. 2nd,
following; he was appointed to labor in Norway, and operated mostly
in the country districts around Christiania, and later in Freierikstad,
where he had spent the greater part of his youthful years before emi-
grating to Utah; he was honorably released and returned home, ar-
riving In Manti, Dec. 10, 1897. He Is a memoer of the 48th quorum of
Seventy, a Ward Teacher and one of the presidency of the Scandina-
vian meetings in Manti.



Born Oct. 14, 1855, in Hjorring Aral, Denmark; emigrated with his par-
ents to Utah in 1862, crossing the plains in Chr. -A. Macsen's company
and finally located in Gunnison, Sanpete Co., in 1863; took an active
part in the Indian war in 1865-68, and was present when the treaty of
peace was concluded with Chief Black Hawk; tilled a mission to Den-
mark in 1895-97; laboring In the Aalborg conference, first as president
of the Hjb'rring branch and later as president of the Aalborg confer-
ence. At home he was for many years an ardent Sunday School
worker, and when the Centerfield Ward, Sanpete Co., was first or-
ganized, Aug. 29, 1897, he was chosen to preside over the same as
Bishop, which position he still holds.


Born Feb. 20, 1829, in Sundbyvester, near Copenhagen, on the island of
Amager, Denmark; baptized by Christian Samuel Hansen, Jan. 20, 1852;
ordained an Elder, July 25, 1853; labored as a missionary in Denmark
about four years, part of the time as president of the Aalborg confer-
ence, ana emigrated to Utah in 1858; located in the Sugar House Ward,
Salt Lake Co., and later in Logan. Cache Co., where he still resides;
was ordained a Seventy Feb. 5, 1859; filled a mission to Scandinavia in
1867-70; presided over the Aalborg conference, Denmark, and still later
in Norway; filled another mission to Scandinavia in 1881-84, presiding
over the mission; was set apart as one of the First Seven Presidents
of Seventies, April 28, 1884; filled a third mission to Scandinavia in



Born Feb. 3, 1841, at Ruthsbo, Bjerresjo parish, near Ystad. Malmbhus
Lan, Sweden; baptized Sept. 5, 1858; ordained an Elder in 1859, and
labored three years in the Skane conference; labored in the province
of Blekinge, and in the Neflinge and Wiggarum branches. From 1861-64
he presided over the Stockholm conference; emigrated to Utah in 1364,
and located in Ogden wnere he still resides; filled a mission to Scandi-
navia in 1874-76, presiding over the Stockholm conference, and me last
year over the Scandinavian mission; filled another mission to Scan-
dinavia in 1877-79, again presiding over the mission; filled a third mis-
sion to Scandinavia in 1S85-88, again presiding over the mission. At
home he has acted as Bishop of the Ogden Fifth Ward rrom 1877-83,
and second counselor in the Weber Stake presidency since 1883; has
served the city of Ogden as building inspector, city councilor, fire and
police commissioner, and filled numerous other positions.


Born Feb. 8, 1827, on the island of Bornholm, Denmark; baptized by
Jens J0rgensen, Nov. 29, 1852; ordained to the Priesthood July 11, 1852;
labored about six years as a missionary alternately on the islands of
Bornholm, Lolland, Falster and M0en anu also in Jylland. where he
presided one year over the Fredericia conference; at different times,
and particularly on his native island he suffered considerable persecu-
tion and on one occasion was nearly beaten to death by a mob; emi-
grated to Utah in 1858, and the following year located at Plain City,
Weber Co., being one of the pioneer settlers of that place; filled a mis-
sion to Scandinavia in 1865-68; labored first as a traveling Elder in Nor-
way and later as president of the Gothenburg conference, Sweden; filled
a second mission to Scandinavia in 1886-88, laboring In Denmark and
Norway. He still resides in Plain City.



South America, and other parts of the globe, he became acquainted
with the Latter-day Saints in Boston, where he was baptized by Elder
wm McGhen July 16, 1S43. The following year he emigrated to Nauvoo,
Llinois where he made the acquaintance of the Prophet Joseph Smith.
Afterwards he went to California in the famous Mormon Battalion, be-
inir the only member of Scandinavian birth belonging to that body.
H? arrived in Great Salt Lake Valley in October, 1847; filled his famous
rnfsBlon to Scandinavia in 1849-53; after his return he lost the spirit of
.nd was finally cut oft the Church. He died Jan. 22, 1890.


Born July 26, 1826. in Gefle, Gefleborg Liln, Sweden; baptized by his
brother j'ohn E. Forsgren. July 19, 1850, as the first convert to "Mor-
monism" in Sweden, his baptism taking place nearly a. month before
Erastus Snow commenced to baptize in Copenhagen, Denmark; emi-
grated to Utah in 1852-53, crossing- the ocean in the ship Forest Mon-
arch; while on the journey he married Christina Knudsen, Sept. 30, 1853,
at Keokuk, Iowa; located at Brigham City, Box Elder Co., being the
first Scandinavian family who settled north of Salt Laxe City. .



Born Sept. 24, 1844, in Sala, a mountain city in Westmanland, Sweden;
baptized in Stockholm, Oct. 10. 1865; emigrated to Utah in 1866, and lo-
cated in Salt Lake City where he still resides; filled a mission to
Scandinavia in 1877-79. laboring in the Stockholm conference, Sweden;
his field of labor included Swedish Finland which is under the Rus-
sian government; from that country he was banished tor preaching the


Born March 10, 1849, in Bindslev, Hj0rring Amt. Denmark; emgirated to
Utah in 1872 and joined the Church by baptism in Ephraim in July
1873; was married Nov. 14, 1878; called to taKe a mission to Denmark in
1885, which he performed faithfully until released after two years' ser-
vice. While at home, he has been an ardent worker in the Sunday
School cause for about fifteen years and has also been a member of the
City Council of Ephraim three different terms; he has also acted as
first councilor to the presidency of the Y. M. M. I. A. in Ephraim. and
has been an assistant to the Bishopric, as teacher in the South Ward
of Ephraim nearly all the time since that ward was first organized.


Born March 11, 1837, in Hedemarken, Norway; baptized Aug. 10, 1856, in
Christiania; emigrated to Utah in 1857. crossing the plains in Chr.
Christiansen's handcart company; located in Lehi, Utah Co., and later
in Spring City. Sanpete Co.. his present home; went to the Missouri
river as a Church teamster after the poor; on his return he married
a wife; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1873-'i5, labored mostly at the
mission office in Copenhagen, but also visitel Norway, where he bap-
tized several relatives; set apart as first counselor to Bishop Allred in
Spring City. Sept. 3, 1883, which position he still fills; during the last
twenty years he has also been active as tithing clerk of the Spring
City Ward.


Born Feb 17 1844. in Eskebjerg, Bregninge parish, Holbeek Amt,
SjEelland, Denmark; emigrate:! to Utah with his parents in 1856; cross-
ing the plains part of the way with handcarts; lost his father and
only sister by death on the journey; spent two years in Iron County,
and located later, in Salt I,ake City; settled at Riverton, where he
planted the first orchard in 1863; made two trips to the Missouri river
as a Church teamster after the poor; married Minnie So'rensen July 26,
1869, and located with his family in Draper in 1874, where he has since
resided; filled a mission to South Dakota in 1877; became an ardent
Sunday School teacher in Draper, and subsequently superintendent
there fifteen years; left his home on a mission to Scandinavia July 22,
1897, and now presides over the Bergen conference.



Born July 26, 1837, in Gjotterup, Hanherred. Thisted Amt, Jylland, Den-
mark; baptized by M. C. Christensen, Nov. 5, Iou4; called into the local
ministry and labored continuously as a missionary nine and one-half
years, of which time three and one-half years were spent in the Vend-
syssel conference, three years in the Fredericia conference and three
years as president of the Aarhus conference; he emigrated to Utah
In 1864, and located in Huntsville. Weber Co.; filled a mission to Den-
mark in 1873-75, laboring first as traveling Elder in and later as presi-
dent of the Aarhus conference; filled another mission to Scandinavia
in 1886-88. laboring four months in the Aalborg conference and later as
writer and translator for Scandinaviens Stjerne, at the mission office
in Copenhagen; died in Huntsville, Aug. 22, 1894.


Born Jan. 17. 1834. at Hosterkjiib, Birkerod parish. Frederiksborg Amt,
Sjselland. Denmark; baptized in April. 1853. and emigrated to L tan in
1853-54; located at Pleasant Grove. Vtah Co.: removed to Weston.
Idaho, and now resides near Oxford, Oneida Co.. Idaho; he was or-
dained a Teacher in 1856, a Seventy in 1857, and a High Priest in 1866;
acted as counselor to Bishop John H. Maughan. at Weston, from 1866
to 1877, and after that in the same capacity to Bishop A. S. Allen;
set parat as a High Counselor in the Oneida Stake in 1SS4: filled a mis-
sion to Denmark in 1885-87. laboring in the Copenhagen conference; he
was ordained a Patriarch April 25. 1892.



Born April 11, 1842, in "Wadstena, Ostergotlanjs, Lan, Sweden; baptized
by Nils C. Flygare, Dec. 13, 1862; migrated in 1864 to Denmark, where
he spent nearly two years in the missionary field; emigrated to Utah
in 1866, and located in Salt Lake City; filled a mission to Sweden in
1874-76, laboring first as traveling Elder in and later as president of the
Skane conference; made a visit to Sweden in the interest or his family
genealogy in 1893. Elder Gustaveson is a well known business man
in Salt Lake City, and is a noted inventor; he holds ten U. S. patents
on his own inventions to date.


Born Nov. 18, 1852, in Olmestad, Jonkbping Lan, Sweden; baptized May
21, 1871, in Jonkoping, by Elder John Ehrngren; ordained a Priest April
7, 1872, and an Elder May 10, 1873; called to labor as a local missionary
in the Gothenburg conference; in that capacity he presided succes-
sively over the Vestervik, the Trollhattan, the Linkoping and the
Skara branch; he also labored as traveling Elder in the Norrkoping,
the Linkoping and the Vestervik branches. After spending about five
and one-half years in the missionary field he receivea an honorable
release and emigrated to Utah in 1878; located in Salt Lake City, where
he has resided ever since.



Born March 18, 1841, in Reslof, Malmohus Lan, Sweden; baptized by El-
der John Fagerberg and confirmed by Elder Damn), Sept. 9, 1860, in
Malmo; ordained a Teacher in 1S61 and an Elder in 1861; called to labor
as a local missionary, in which capacity he presided over the Gord-
stanga branch; from 1866 to 1S67, he labored in Smaland, Vexio branch;
released in February, 1867 and called to labor in Lyngby branch. In
1869 was released and assigned to labor in the Landskrona branch.
Released same year to emigrate to Zion; left Copenhagen, July, and
arrived in Salt Lake City August 8, 1S69; made his permanent home
in Salt Lake City; ordained a Seventy in March, 1885; filled a mission
to Scandinavia in 1885-87; appointed to labor in the Skane conference,
presiding over the Christianstad, Lund and Trelleborg branches.


Son of John Hagman, was born May 11, 1874, in Salt LaKe City, Utah:
baptized by Elder Joseph Dean, and confirmed by Elder John Hagman,
Sept. 4, 1882; ordained a Deacon, Nov. 13, 1884, a Teacher, Oct. 27, 1892.
an Elder, Feb. 14, 1896, an3 a Seventy, April 7, 1896i wnen he was also
set apart for a mission to Scandinavia; departed on this mission April
11, 1896; received appointment to labor in the Skane conference; arrived
at Malmo (Skane conference headquarters) May 15; appointed to pre-
side over the Helsingborg branch; later called to preside over the
Christianstad branch and still later called to labor as clerk of the
Skane conference, which position was maintained until he was honor-
ably released April 1, 1898; arrived at Salt Lake City June 17, 1898; has
labored as a home missionary among the Scandinavians.



Born Jan. 17, 1810, in \Vindham, Green Co.. New YorK; baptized by
Isaac C. Haight iri 1845; came to I.'tah in an early day and located in
Farmington, Davis Co.; filled a mission to Scandinavia In 1856-58. suc-
ceeding John Van Cott in the presidency of the Scandinavian mission
and was in turn succeeded by Carl Widerborg. He died in Farmington,
June 26, 1879.


Born Jan. 5, 1S35, in Klorup, Malmohus Lan, Sweden: came to Stock-
holm, July 7, 1858; baptized and confirmed AUK. 26, 1S58, by Elder Lars
Nilsen; ordained a Priest, and sent to Thorshalla; was arrested and
sentenced to imprisonment and fine for preaching the Gospel; served
the term of imprisonment, in company with Elder P. V. Holmgren, in
Eskilstuna; was sent to Gottland to open up a mission; arrived there
Nov. 1. 1860; labored there eighteen months with success; three
branches were organized there; was called to the Stockholm confer-
ence and remained there until the spring of 1564; left Copenhagen
April 16, for America; arrived in Salt Lake City, Oct. 5, 1864; located in
Ogden, Weber Co.; filled a short mission to Sweden in 1878, laboring
principally in Finland; filled another missiom to Sweden in 1889-91.



Born July 2s, Is:)!), in Kaaburg. Fyen. Denmark; a son of S. L. Ham-
mer, the goldsmith, and his wife, Marie Kerstine. daugliter of Mathias
Arentzen. cif Faabm'K; spent three years and a half in Germany and
Austria, studying painting, anil then returned to Copenhagen via Paris
and London, arriving home AUK'. Hi. IsiHi; was baptized Nov. 20. 1860;
emigrated to America in 1S61; left Liverpool on board the Monarch of
the Sea, in company with 1.000 Saints; arrived in Salt Lake City, Sept.
23. 1861. From Ixsu to 188". ho performed two missions to Denmark
and Hamburg, and to Austria and Denmark. Since that time he has
traveled in California, Oregon. Washington and some of the Eastern
States, and also in British Columbia, but his place of residence has
been Salt Lake City, Utah.


Born in Prederikshavn. Denmark. Sept. 15. 1833; moved to Aalborg
in 1851; worked there until the year 1S53. when he traveled through

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