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Scandinavian jubilee album : issued in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the gospel to the three Scandinavian countries by Elder Erastus Snow and fellow laborers online

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the principal parts of Denmark; enlisted as a soldier In 1856; married
Caroline Marline Anderson in 1860; went to Randers In 1861. where he
heard the Gospel, and. with his wife, was baptized Dec. 1. that year,
by Elder Peter Larsen: was appointed secretary of the confernce; or-
dained a Teacher, and assigned to labor in the Randers branch. In
1864 he sent his wife to Zion, but she died on the desert. Brother
Hansen was ordained an Elder, and presided over the Aarhus branch
two years; emigrated in 1817. having first married Karen Rasmussen,
April 7; this company was the first that crossed theAtlanticinasteam-
ship; arrived in Salt Lake City, Oct. 5, 1867; located in Fairview.



Born Jan. 15, 1820, at Skuldelev, Frederiksborg Amt. Denmark; served
as a soldier in the Danish army in 1843, and participated in the war of
1848-50 against Germany; embraced the Gospel in Copenhagen, April 8,
1853; being baptized by Elder C. C. A. Christensen; emigrated to Utah,
1853; arrived in Salt Lake City Oct. 5, 1854. In the spring of the next
year he settled in Brigham City. In the spring of 1871 he was called
to start a co-operative dairy; ha! charge of the same for ten years.
This was the first dairy in Utah; miiKed 400 cows; in 1882-84 iie filled a
mission to Denmark; labored in the Copenhagen conference for ten
months; was released on account of ill health. He partook with his
brethren In sufferings through persecutions. Brother Hansen is one of
Brigham City's old timers.


Born Nov. 10, 1813, in Sallerup, Prest0 Amt, Denmark; baptized April
15, 1853; emigrated to Utah with his family in 1853, and settle:! in Eph-
raim, Sanpete Co., in iS54, where he resided until his death, which
took place on the 30th of July, 1895. He was oriained an liicier in the
year 1855, a Seventy in 1858. oy Elder Benjamin L,. Clapp, and a High
Priest in 1876. His wife Anna Andersen Hansen bore him three chil-
dren, two of which they brought with them to Utah. He was well-to-
do and used his means for the furtherance of the cause of truth.
Before emigrating he paid a full tithing of his property, and he ob-
served the law of tithing until his death. His only son, James Hansen,
performed a mission to Denmark in 1880-82.



Born March 2, 1836, at L'lefos, riolden, Norway; son of Hans Thors-
tensen and his wife, Johanne Johannesen; was Baptized April 11, 1857;
went through the persecutions of the early days 01 the Gospel in Nor-
way; was ordained an Elder June 23, 185o; performed a mission to the
cities of Brevig, Porsgrund, Skien Laurvig, and Telemarken; In Sep-
tember, 1859 he was sent to Christiansand to preside over the branch;
left for Trondhjem Aug. 12, 1861; in the spring of 1863 he went to
Stavanger; was released Martfh 20. 1865; married Annie Thomine Sal-
vesen, April 9. and left the same year for America; arrived in Logan
in October, 1866; was ordained a Seventy in May, 1876; worked six
months on the Salt Lake Temple; i..led a mission to Scandinavia in
1881-83; presided over the Christianla conference; appointed second
counselor to Bishop A. L. Skanchy, Logan.


Born Jan. 2, 1854, in Lunde, Odense Amt, Fyen. Denmark: baptized
June 10, 1879, by Elder Geo. i-ranusen; emigrated to Utah the same
year; was called to perform a mission to Scandinavia and left Salt
Lake City, the 28th of August, 1891; was assigned to labor in the
Aarhus conference, and remained there for two years; was released
after a successful mission, and left Copenhagen July 1, 1893. Elder
Hansen Is now a resident of Mink Creek, Onelda Co., Idaho. He was
ordained an Elder Dec. 7, 1881. a Seventy Aug. 26, 1891. He lived in Ix>-
gan, Utah, until the year 1885, when he went to Mink Creek.



Son of Martin and Emma Caroline Hansen, who emigrated from Nor-
way in the spring of 1859. was born in Drammen, Norway. Aug. 8, 1856;
resided in South Cottonwood until 1878. when he removed to Fremont
or Rabbit Valley; was set apart as first counselor to Bishop James A.
Taylor of the Fremont Ward. June 24, 1887; received a call to go on a
mission to Norway, and left his home in Fremont to fill the same July
20. 1889; labored in the Drammen branch of Christiania conference
until he was released to return to Zion; arrived home May 7, 1891; ow-
ing to sickness in his family was released before the ordinary time
was up. He was ordained Bishop ana appointed to preside over the
Fremont Ward. June 29. 1891; was called to act as counselor to Presi-
dent W. E. Robison of said Stake, in which capacity he is now acting.


Born Nov. 21, 1842, in Klovetofte, Copenhagen Aint, Denmark; baptized
the 2nd of July, 1866; emigrated to I'tah in 1867; located in Bear River
City. Box Elder Co.; in October. 1879. he went on a mission to Den-
mark, and filled the position of president of ernes branch, which in-
cluded Lolland, Falster and Moen; was released to return home in
1881. In 1886, he was again called to fill a mission to Denmark, and
arrived in Copenhagen on the 23rd of November. His field of labor
was the northeastern part of Sjselland, his native land, where he had
an opportunity of bearing his testimony to his many friends and rel-
atives. He presided over the branch in that district rrom April. 1887,
to September. 1888, when he was released to return home; arrived
home on the 18th of October. He still resides in Bear River City.



Born Oct. 13, 1823, in Otterup parish, Odense Amt, Fyen, Denmark;
baptized Aug. 25, 1851, in Copenhagen, by Eller Chr. Christiansen; or-
dained a Priest. Nov. 15, 1851; an Elder in 1852; engaged in missionary
labor at that time; emigrated to Utah in 1853-54; located in Spanish
Fork, Utah Co.; ordained a Seventy Nov. 18. 1854; went on a mission
to Denmark May 22. 1865; returned home Oct. 10. 1867; went on a sec-
ond mission to Denmark, Oct. 10. 1878; returned Sept. 25. 1879; was set
apart as one of the presidents of the Nineteenth quorum ot Seventy,
May 29. 1884; went on a third mission to Denmark, May 26. 1885; re-
turned June 26, 1888; was president of the Scandinavian meetings in
Spanish Fork, Utah Co.; died June 28, 1897.


Born Aug. 1, 1852, in Havlokke. Ostofte parish, LollanJ, Denmark; was
baptized May 13, 1865; emigrated to Utah in 1886; located In Prove.
Utah Co., where he has resided since; was ordained a member of the
34th quorum of Seventy, Jan. 28, 1876; left Salt Lake City for a mission
to Scandinavia. April 10. 1883; arrived in Copenhagen May 4: was as-
signed to the Southwest Sjfelland branch, where he remained for 15
months; presided over the Copenhagen conference 10 months: returned
home June 15, 1885, in charge of 500 European Saints; arrived in Salt
Lake City. July 7; was ordained a High Priest July 19. 1885. and set
apart as first counselor to Bishop James W. Loveless, Prove Seconi
Ward. He held this position until the death of Bishop Loveless, and
has filled numerous other important positions.



Born in Skads, Schlesvig, March 8, 1833; moved, with his parents, when
four years old. to Lygumskloster; went to Copenhagen in tiie year 1850;
heard the Gospel in the month of November that year; went to sea
shortly afterwards; was baptized on the 4th of December, 1851, and
came to Utah with the first large company from Scandinavia in 1853;
was ordained a Seventy in the Twenty-first Quorum; Is now a High
Priest. In 1884 he went on a mission to Denmark, and labored in the
Aalborg conference; \vas banished from the country tile 26th of May,
1885; was sent to Norway, and labored in the Frederikstad branch; had
charge of a Norwegian company of emigrating Saints when he returned
home. He is a resident of Manti, Sanpete Co., Utah.


Born in Vester Lunde, Lunde parish, Odense Amt. fyen, Denmark,
Sept. 26, 1825; was baptized May 28, 1867; emigrated to Utah in 1870; was
told in his Patriarchial blessing that he had a mission to perform,
though already well up in years; was called in 1883 to go to Denmark,
and was assigned to the Aarhus conference, Odense branch; baptized
his son, as a first fruit of his labor; was appointed president of the
branch and labored as such ten months with great success. Having
served in the war against Prussia, he haa many friends, and he had the
pleasure of baptizing thirteen persons; left Copenhagen June 15, 1885,
for Zion, Elder Hansen, of Provo, being the leader of the company
Elder Ole Hansen is now a resident of Smithfield, Cache Co., Utah.



Born in Frobjerg, Orte parish, Odense Amt, Fyen, Denmark, Feb. 17,
1850; baptized Feb. 4, 1864; emigrated to Utah in the year 1869; filled a
mission to Denmark In 1890-92; was assigned to labor in the North-
west Sjselland district, about twenty months; was then honorably re-
leased to return home. Elder Hansen says the office of the district
had for years been out in a lonesome place callel Kr0jerup, near Soro.
Shortly after being appointed president of the mission in that district
he moved to the city of Slagelse. This was the means of infusing new
life in the mission. Headquarters has continued there ever since. El-
der Hansen is now a resident of MayPeld, Sanpete Co., Utah.


Born June 11, ISIS, in Copenhagen, Denmark; emigrated to America in
1843; baptized by his brother Hans C. Hansen in Boston. Mass. ; March 7,
1844, being the third Dane who embraced the fullness of the Gospel; mi-
grated to Nauvoo, Illinois, in December, 1S44; commenced the transla-
tion of the Book of Mormon into the Danish language; worked on the
Nauvoo Temple; came west during the exodus in 1846; arrived in Salt
Lake Valley in September, 1847; called on a mission to Denmark; ar-
rived in Copenhagen May 11, 1850, one month ahead of Erastus Snow;
returned to Utah in 1855; filled two other missions to Scandinavia, one
in 1873-75. and another in 1880-82; died in Manti, Sanpete Co., Utah,
Aug. 9, 1895.



Born in Vejle, Denmark, Dec. 30, 1847: at the age or twenty he em-
braced the Gospel; was ordained a Deacon March 8, 1868; later a Priest
and an Elder, ani in the fall of 1869 was called to perform a mission
in his native country starting out on the 4th of October; was released
in the spring of 1871, and went to Norway. He labored in that country
until released to go to Zion in October. 1871; arrived in Provo in No-
vember, the same year. While traveling in Norway he was obliged,
like many other missionaries, to conceal his real name; hence he is
known even unto this day among many of the Norwegian Saints as
Brother Gronbeck. In July, 1872, he married Jensine A. V. Jensen and
in 1875 he was ordained a Seventy. In 1890 he was elected and served
as a councilman in Provo City.


Born Oct. 1, 1858. in Raabylille. M0en, Denmark; was reareJ in the
Lutheran church; was baptized Feb. 11. 1879. by Elder Carl Jensen; was
ordained a Priest and sent out to preach the Gospel in Che northwest-
ern Sjtelland branch; ordained an Elder in August. 1885; was disowned
by his parents for the sake of the Gospel; left for Utah in August.
1881; lived in Logan for two years, and then moved to Salt Lake City,
his present place of residence; was ordained a Seventy in August, 1891,
and sent on a mission to Denmark; presided over 0erne's branch; was
banished, five months afti-r his arrival, but permitted to see friends
before his departure; baptized three persons and heid several meetings;
went to Skane. Sweden, laboring first as traveling Elder and later as
president of the conference; returned home in September, 1893.



Born Aug. 19, I860, in Frederikstad, Norway, came to Utah in 18b3, in
Company with his mother ani an elder brother; settled in Richmond.
Cache Co., but soon afterwards moved to Plain City, Weber Co., and
later to Logan, Cache Co.. where he has resided ever since; left in Oc-
tober, 1887, for a mission to Scandinavia; reached Christiania and re-
mained there two months; then went to Bergen; remained - -ere six
months and baptized ten persons; was then sent to Frederikshalu and
Frederikstad, where ae remained about five months; after a short visit
to Christiania. he was. again sent to Bergen, where he remained five
months. After that he was appointed to labor a short trme In England,
where he remained until November. 18S9. when he was released to re-
turn home. In England his work was to gather genealogical data.


Born in the city of Drammen. Norwav on the 8th of March, 1830; emi-
grated to the I nited States in 1854; was baptized on the 3rd of March.
1860, by Hans Kofod. in the city of Omaha. Nebraska; came to *,'tah in
the same year, and located in Levan, Jua~ Co. He was called to per-
form a mission to Denmark in the year 187/, an another mission to
the Eastern States in 1883. He remained each time in the mission field
as long as nis health would permit, endeavoring to bear his testimony
to the truth of the Gospel to his fe..owmen. Elder HenJriksen died in
Levan on tne ioth of June, 1898.



Born May 16, 1828, in Granlev, Viborg Amt. Denmark; baptized June 13,
185S; ordained a Teacher in 1859; a Priest in 1860, and an Elder in 1861;
labored two years as a local missionary in the Aarhus conference; was
sent as a missionary to Sweden, where he labored in the Skane, Stock-
holm and Sundsvall conferences; one of his important fields of labor
was the island if Gotland; from October, 1866, to May, 1868. he presided
over the Stockholm conference; emigrated to Ijtah in 1869; married
Wilhelmina Svenson; located in Monroe, Sevier Co., in 1871, where he
still resides; was identified with the United Order for several years;
ordained a High Priest in 1874; filled a mission to Denmark, laboring in
the Aarhus conference, first as traveling Elder an! later as president.


Son of Anders Hintze and Karen Sopnie Nikolaisen; born in Roeskilde,
Denmark. May 13, 1854, baptize^ May 13, 1862; emieratea to Utah with
his parents in 1864, and located in Big Cotton wood; filled a mission to
Nebraska and Iowa in ]877-78; organized a new conference and bap-
tized about forty; filled another mission in 1879-80. laboring in Michi-
gan, Illinois. Iowa and Nebraska; filled a mission to Scandinavia in
1885-87, laboring in Denmark and Norway; in 1886-90 he filled a mission
to Turkey; he planted the Gospel in Sivas and Aintau. After his re-
turn he was set apart as a president of the 72nd quorum of Seventy;
filled a special mission to Turkey in 1897-1900; on this mission he pub-
lished 29.000 tracts in the Turkish language and commenced the transla-
tion of the Doctrine and Covenants and the Book of Mormon.



Born in Hing, Finderup parish. Sor0 Amt, Sjselland, Denmark, the 27th
of May, 1841; received the Gospel in l.onuon, England, being baptized
by Elder Charles W. Penrose, May 1. 1867; confirmed by Elder James B.
Brown; emigrated to Utah in the year - .$, and arrived in Salt Lake
City on the 25th of September. Elder Holm now presides over the
Scandinavian meetings in South Cottonwood, and is a member of the
High Council of the Granite Stake of Zion.


Born Dec. 18, 1824, In Balling parish, Viborg Amt Denmark; was bap-
tized in August, 1851: labored as a missionary for some time, and emi-
grated to Utah in 1852-53; live! in Salt Lake City until "the great
move" in 1858, when he located in Kphraim, Sanpete Co., where he has
resided ever since: he has taken an active part at home, labonng as a
Teacher and In other capacities. In the spring of 1898 he went on a mis-
sion to his native land, at the age of 73 years, and enjoyed his labors
very much. After spending thirteen months auroad he was released to
return home. Elder Hoist is still enjoying good health, ana takes a,
lively interest in the cause of the Gospe..


Born in Wirket, island of Falster, Denmark, Nov. 10, 1842; was baptized
Sept. 23, 1861; emigrated to Utah, together with his parents, Rasmus H.
and Magdalene P. Hougaard, two brothers and three sisters in 1862;
was ordained a Seventy by Elder George A. Smith, May 18, 1869; left
for a mission to Denmaik; presided over the Aarhua conference; re-
turned home Aug. 26, 1870; in the fail of 1879 was called on a mission to
the San Luis Valley, in Colorado, and Mew Mexico, in company with
Bishop Hans Jensen, of Manti. and others; located ana surveyed two
towns, Bphraim and Manassa, together with the surrounding land, also
laying out and leveling the necessary canals and ditches ror irrigating
purposes. Returned in the fall of 18^0; has been a member of the city
council of Manti City for ten years, four of which he served as mayor.


The youngest son of S0ren S. Hyrup and his wife Kjersien Marie An-
dersen; born Aug. 18, 1854, in Brundby, Tranebjerg parish, Sams0,
Denmark; moved to Aarhus, where he heard of the Latter-day Saints;
emigrated in 1874 to Australia, and later to New Zealand; was baptized
Jan. 22, 1880; was ordained a Priest; left New Zealand for Me.uourne,
Australia, and thence went by steamer to London; arrived in
London after a voyage of forty-five days, proceeded to
Denmark and visited relatives and friends; emigrated to Utah in 1880;
located in Logan and worked on the Temple; left for Mant! in 1>S4, and
worked on the Temple; was set apart in June, 1889, for a mission to
Denmark; returned home June 7, 1891; is now a resident of Salt Lake



Born July 26, 1840, in St. Olafs parish, Christianstad's Lan, Sweden;
baptized Dec. 10. 1871, in Greflunda. by Elder B. P. Textorius; confirmed
the same day; ordained to the office of Priest, May 20. 1872. by Elder P.
S. Holmgren; ordained an Elder June 3. 1872, by Elder Paul Dehlin; was
sent on a mission to Helsingborg, and labored in the Skane conference
until in the month of August; was released and permitted to go to
Zion in 1875; was set apart to perform a mission to Scandinavia Sept. 7,
1886; left Salt Lake City on the 8th. and arrived in Copenhagen on the
28th; Malmo on the 29th, and in Helsingborg on the 30th. Later he
visited Christianstad and the province of Blekinge; returned home in
the company that left Copenhagen Aug. 23, 1888.


Fifth son of Anders Hoglund and wife, Johanna Larsen; born In
Fundbo. I'psala Lan, Sweden. Sept. 14. 1855; was baptized in Up-
sala, Sept. 14. 1873; was called to perform missionary labors; was or-
dained an Elder, April 25, 1874, and sent to Orebro; labored two and
one-half years in Nerike, Sddermanland anu Norrland; was sent to the
Gothenburg conference in 1876, and labored in Norrkoping. and Wester-
vik; was then released to go to Zion; emigrates to Utah in i&<8 worked
on the Logan Temple one month; married Anna Mathilda Svenson.
April 10. 1SX9: was a Teacher in the Thirteenth Ward. Salt Lake City:
fllled a mission to Scandinavia in 1893-95; labored in the Gothenburg
conference, and later presided over it: visited t inland and Russia:
baptized a family in St. Petersburg, the first baptism in luat empire.


Born July 9, 1839, in Bastekille, Mellby parish, Christianstad Lan, Swe-
den. His parents were Hakan Jonson and Anna Johnson. He was bap-
tize! Feb. 9, 1870, by Elder Johan A. Halvorsen; ordained a Teacher,
May 22. 1870; a Priest, Aug. 21. 1870; an Elder. Oct. 19, 1870; performed
a mission in the fall of 1870 to the Christianstad and Hessleholm
branches; emigrated to America In 1874; landed in Ogden. Utah, on July
21, and arrived in Hyrum, Cache Co., on Oct. 6th; Oct. tz. 1874. he was
called to work on the Temple in St. George. July 8, 1875. he joined the
United Order; was ordained a Seventy Jan. 7. 1884; received a call on
the 26th of Aug. 1886, to fill a mission to Scandinavia; started on the
7th of September for that flell of labor and returnefl home after an
absence of two years. Is now a resident of Hyrum City, Cache Co.


Born Jan. 26, 1823. in Holden. Bratsbeig Ami, Norway; moved to the
city of Brevlg, where he married in 1845: was among the first to hear
and embrace the Gospel in that city, in 1852; was baptized Aug. 22.
1852, by Elder Jeppe G. Folkman. In 1853 he moved to Ris0r. where he
was ordained an Elder by Elder Canute Peterson, and was called to
preside over the branch in October, 1855; acted in that capacity until
1861, when a conflagration destroyed the town, anl he moved to Chris-
tiania. He emigrated to Utah with his family, in 1875, and located in
Fairview, Sanpete Co.. where he was then ordained a High Priest:
moved to Manti in the fall of 1889. Dec. 28. 1895, he celebrated his golden
wedding, and was presented with a gold-headed cane by friends. He
has performed much labor in the Manti Temple.



Born Oct. 10, 1853, in Froslof, Skane, Sweden; son of Ola Ingelstrom
and his wife llgena Anderson; heard tne Gospel in Copenhagen, Den-
mark, where he was baptized Oct. 6, 1876. On tne 28th or that month,
he was called to go on a mission LO Sweden, wnere he was appointed
president of the Norrkoping branch. During the following winter
new members were added to the church there. May 19, 1878, he-, was
sent to the Linkoping branch, where he labored until the 17th of Oc-
tober; baptized eight persons. .From Linkoping he was again sent to
Norrkoping, ana he organize:! a branch in Vingaker. He labored here
until June 2, 1879, and baptized about eigtuy persons. Then he emi-
grated to Utah: he now holds the office of a Bishop in Basalt, Idaho.


Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 23, 1833; moved with his parents
to Fredericia, when six years old; was slightly wounded during the war
of 1848, and sent to Fyen, but returned later to FreJerlcia; visited
various religious meetings; heard the Gospel in 1853 and was baptized
Feb. 23. 1853. by Elder Rasmus Nielsen; was ordained a Deacon shortly
afterwards, and later a Priest; went on a mission in 1854 to Vejle,
Fredericia and Kolding; was ordained an Elder, Sept. 11, 1854, and sent
to Langeland on a mission, and presided over the branches on that
island for two years; labored later as traveling Elder ^n the Fyen con-
ference; was married Oct. 23, 1857; presided successively over the
branches in Odense, Rudkj0bing and Slagelse until September, 1*71.
when he emigrated to Utah; located with nis family in Logan.



Born in Burlof, Malmahus Liln, Sweden, Aug. 15. 183x; when sixteen
years old he went to Denmark, where he received de Gospel, being
bapitzed and confirmed July 2, 1861, in the Aarhus branch; later he
acted as a Teacher in the Randers branch; removed to Copenhagen,
and called into the missionary field; labored eight months as a travel-
ing Elder in Fyen, and sixteen months on Faister. Moen and Bogo;
baptized twenty-four persons; emigrated to Utah in 1866; among the
many emigrants who died this year with cholera in cn/ssing the plains
was his wife; located in Fountain Green, Sanpete Co., wnere he has
since resided; filled a mission to Scandinavia in 1881-83, laboring in the
Aarhus conference.


Born April 11. 1834, in Stora Bjellerup. Skane, Sweden; embraced the
Gospel in Westra Karoy, Skane, an was baptized by j^lder Nils C
Flygare, June 27. 1861; ordained a Teacher in December 1S61 an! an
Elder, May 29, 1863; left Sweden to emigrate to America. April 20, 1863;
arrived in Salt Lake CMty, Sept. 29. 18(8; settled in Cache Valley; moved
to Bear Lake in 1869; left home Aug. 17, 1880, to go to Sweden on a mis-
sion; was appointed to preside over the Lund branch, and later over
the Skane conference; was released in May. 1882, to return home.
aider Jacobsen performed a successful mission; was orcained a High
Priest in 1865, by Elder James H. Hart, and testifies earnestly to the
truth of the Gospel.



Born April 30, 1826. in Gronholt, Flade parish, Hjorring Amt, Denmark;
married Miss Kiersten Andersen, Dec. 28, 1S47; participated in the war
between Denmark and Germany In 1850; was baptized Dec. 8, 1854; or-
dained to the Priesthood and called into the ministry ana presided suc-
cessively over the H0rmested. Skjaeve, Byrum, Jerslev, Gjerum and
Napstjert branches, in the Vendsyssel conference. Denmark. The By-
rum branch, on the island of Ljesd. was raised up by him. ne being the

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