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Scandinavian jubilee album : issued in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the gospel to the three Scandinavian countries by Elder Erastus Snow and fellow laborers online

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first Elder to introduce the Gospel on that island: emigrated with most
of his family to Utah in 1866; located in Ephraim. Sanpete Co.; after-
wards in Pleasant Grove, Utah Co., and later in Richfield, Sevier Co.
where he died, Aug. 12, 1898.


Wife of Christian Jensen, and daughter of Anders Christensen and
Inger Marie Pedersen, was born July 7, 1821, at Smaagaarden Skjseve
parish, Hj0rring Amt, Denmark; was married to Christian Jensen
Dec. 28, 1847. to whom she bore three sons, namely Jens Christian'
now a resident of Pleasant Grove, Utah; AnJrew, now assistant
Church historian, and Joseph Julius, now a watchmaker and jeweler
of Richfield, Utah. When "Mormonism" was first preached in the
inner part of Vendsyssel she and her husband were among the first
to embrace it in that part of the country, being baptized by Elder
Christen Hansen. Dec. 8, 1854. She was very zealous m bearing testi-
mony of the restored Gospel to her neighbors and all who visited her
house. After emigrating to Utah, in 1866, her permanent home has
been in Pleasant Grove, Utah Co.



Born Dec. 11, 1850, in Torslev parish; Hjorring Ami, Denmark; baptized
Feb. 2, 1859, by C. W. J. Hecker; emigrated to Utah with his parents
in 1866, and located in Pleasant Grove, Utah Co.; ordained an Elder
by Wm. H. Folsom, and a Seventy by Geo. Q. Cannon, in 1873; filled a
mission to Denmark in 1873-75; together with John A. Brum; he pub-
lished a .. story of the Prophet Joseph in the Danish-Norwegian
language in 1877-79; filled another mission to Denmark In 1879-81; re-
moved to Salt Lake City in 1882; edited and published "Morgenst.ier
nen" and "The Historical Record;" filled a mission to the United States
in 1888, and another one in 1893; set apart as a Historian by Franklin
D. Richards, April 16, 1891; visited all the Stakes of Zion in the interest
of Church history from 1890 to 1895; filled a special mission to all foreign
missionary fields in 1895-97.


Wife of Andrew Jenson, is a daug of James Howell and Fanny
Trussler, and was born March 17 1862, in Steyning. Sussex Co., Eng-
land; she learned dress making when a young girl and later made sev-
eral tours of England as a maid and companion to a lady of rank;
became a convert to "Mormonism" in 1885 being baptized together with
her sister Bertha, June 17. 1885. by Elder Joseph S. H. Bodell; the two
girls, accompanied by their mother, emigrated to Utah In 1885, and lo-
cated in Salt Lake City, where Emma soon afterwards cecame the
wife of Andrew Jenson, after being raised from a bed of severe sick-
ness through the administration of the Elders. When her husband was
filling his special mission to all the Latter-day Saint missionary fields
throughout the world, she met him in Europe in 1896. and made a tour
of England, Denmark, Norway and Sweden in h.s company.



Son of Andrew Jenson and Mary (Kjersten Marie) Pedersen; born Aug.
26, 1878. in Pleasant Grove, rtah Co.. t'tah: removed to Sail Lake City
with his parents in 1S82; baptized by Andrew Jenson. April 3. 1887. con-
lirmed by Andrew Jenson April 5, 1887; ordainel a Deacon by Samuel B.
Dallas. Dec. 27, 1891; ordained a Teacher by Arthur F. Barens, Aug.
L'l'. 1XSI7: ordained an Elder by Edward Partridge. Aug. 30. 1897; orJalned
a Seventy by J. Golden Kimball, Oct. 7. 1897: tilled a mission to Scandi-
navia in 1897-1900; labored first in the Aalborg conference. Denmark,
and subsequently in the Christiania conference. Norway; in the latter
country he labored successively in the Bergen. Frederikstad, Arendal.
Christiania and Drammen branches: he acted as president of the latter
and also had charge of the Arendal branch, while operating there.


Born May 27. 1858. In Stockholm Lan. Sweden; baptized Sept. 22, 1887, by
Elder G. F. Brodd; called on iv^ay 14. 1888. to perform a mission in the
Norrland branch: was ordained an Eider Nov. 30, 1888; was called.
May 12, 1889. to labor in the Fpsala branch, and then in the Orebro
branch, where he remained until April 7. 1890, when he went to the Up-
sala branch, and presided there until May 11, J891. when he was re-
leased. He emigrated to America shortly afterwards, and arrived in
T'tah. June 24, 1891. EHer Jansson is now a resident or Murray, Salt
Lake County. He says his experiences in the Church have confirmed
within him the testimony of the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Born Sept. 1, 1823, in Brandstrup, Randers Amt, Denmark; baptized by
Peter Larsen Sept. 23, 1862; emigrated to Utah in 1863; located in
Ephraim, Sanpete Co., and later in Redmond, Sevier Co. Was set
apart for a mission to Denmark April 27. 1875, under the hands of Orson
Pratt. He was assigned to labor in the Aarhus conference, the first
year as a traveling Elder; and the second year as president of that
conference. He and co-laborers were greatly blessed In their labor,
150 being added to the Church the last half year of his stay in that con-
ference. When he returned he had cnarge of 110 Saints, who emigrated
from Aarhus conference that ye.'.r. }..s home is now in Redmond,
Sevier County, Utah. At the time of his mission his home was in
Ephraim, Sanpete Co., Utah.


Born Oct. 2 1851, in Sp0rring, Aarhus Amt, Jylland, Denmark; was bap-
tized by H. Jorgensen in November, 1862; emigrated to Utah in 1S63,
with his parents. Christen and Barbara Christensen; was called to per-
form a mission to Denmark, Sept. 26, 1880; labored in the Aarhus con-
ference, and part of the time as president over the Randers branch.
In 1888 "Elder James S. Jensen was called to fill the office of Bishop
over Salina Ward, and this office he still holds.



A son of Christian Jensen and Barbara Christensen. was ln>rn March
10. 1855. in Sprirring. Aarhus Anit. Jylland. Denmark; baptized by Chr.
A. Madsen in 1863; emigrated with his parents to America in 186:!, and
has lived successively in Kphraim, Sanpete Co.; Redmond. Sevier Co..
and Koosharem. Pinte Co.; was called on a mission to Denmark In
October, 1882. where he labored in the Randers branch. Aarhus con-
ference, for two years, lie presided uver the branch the last year, and
returned home in November. IXN4. In 1S8i;. Klder Jensen was called and
set apart to fill the position of a Bishop over the Knosharem Ward,
i'intc County, Utali,


A son of Christian Jensen and Barbara Christ eiiscn, born Jan. 7. 1S66.
at Gunnison. Sanpete Co.. Utah; baptized in 18iS by A. C. Nielsen, at
Ephraim, Sanpete Co.; removed with his parents to Redmond. Sevier
Co.; was called to perform a mission to Denmark, in May. ISiix. In re-
sponse to the call he is now enjoying his labors as a presiding KIder
in the Frederikshavn branch. Aalborgr conference. I'rior to his de-
partnre on this mission he was ordaincl a Seventy by <*. I). Fjeldst. ,i.
May is. ix'.ix.



Born in Ny Hagested, near Holbsek, Sjtelland, Denmark; March 3. 1815;
joinei the Baptists in 1839; located in Aalborg. Jylland, and later in
Norre Sundby, where he established an iron foundry; married Ane
Marie Clausen, in 1842, with whom he had (our children; she died in
1848; became a convert to "Mormonism" and was -oaptized. to-
gether with his wife, Oct. 27, 1850. being among the first truits of the
Gospel in that locality; was ordained to the Priesthood and appointed
the first president of the Aalborg branch; suffered severe persecu-
tions for the Gospel's sake in Aalborg and elsewhere; labored diligently
as a missionary in Denmark, Norway and Schlesvig, and became at
once very useful and prominent; emigrated to Utah in 1853-54, and
located in Brigham City. Box Elder Co.. where he figured as a leading
and influential man; died in Bringham City, May 29, 1883.


Wife cif Hans Peter Jensen, is a laughter of Jens Clausen and his
wife. Catherine Oelerirk; born in the city of Schlesvig, -n the dukedom
of that nane, on Aug. 1, 1X29; was raised in the Luhferan church, and
had a common school education; joined the Baptist church in the year
1848. in Hamburg-; while there again on a visit she became acquainted
with Hans Peter Jensen, of Norrc Sundby, Denmark, whom she mar-
ried in 1S49; in 1852 she assisted her husband in raising- up a branch of
the Church in the city of Schlesvig. her native town; among the
membership were her parents and several other relatives; she also
translated the revelation on celestial marriage from the German into
the Danish language. She is now enjoying the evening of life in her
quiet little cottape home in Brigham City.


Scin nl' Christian Jfiisrn and liarhara Christensen, wns burn Nnv. 17.
IM;S. in Kplii ;iiiii. Sanpete Co., I'tnh; hapHzed when eiKiii years ol.l;
moved with his parents to Redmond. Soviet- <'n. ; was called to perform
a mission to the Samnaii islands, nn tin- ^tith of April. 1S94. He re-
mained absent on this mission for three years and a half. While then-
he says he saw many manifestations of the power d' the Almighty.
He saw the blind receive (heir siKhl. and the sick healer instantly. The
last seven months of his mission in (he islands, two hundred were,
by baptism, added to the Church.


liorii March 2. l.vjs. at O.stcrhevor. SchlesviK: hap(ized Feb. >. IsUI. in
Fre.lorieia, Denmark; t-mitrrated (o 1'lah in Is.'l and sealed in HriRham
City, liox Klder Co.: removed to Provo. I tan Co.. in 1S7S; nlled a mis-
sion to Kurope in ISST-Sit. laborinj; in the Aarhus conference. Denmark,
an I in (he ci(y of Hamhurw:. <Jerman\': returned home in September.
INNII. Elder Jensen resides in Pleasant View Ward, nrar i'rovo. t'tah
Co., where he is universally known as a faithful member of the Church
and a good citizen.



Born May 1, 1853. at Bering, Koldt parish, Aarhus Amt. Denmark;
his parents embraced the Gospel in the year 1853. ana emigrated to
Utah in 1857; crossed the plains in Chr. Christiansen's handcart com-
pany; set in., first in Goshen. Utah Co.; moved from there to Mount
Pleasant, Sanpete Co.. in 1862, where Jacoh J. H. Jensen grew U p an( j
was married in 1876. In 1882 he was called to Scandinavia on a mission
and labored in the Aarhus conference as a traveling Elder; was re-
leased to return home in June, 1884; was ordained a Seventy in August,
1884; moved to Fountain Green in October. 1884, and lias lived there
ever since. He has labored ;is a home missionary in the Sanpete Stake
for about two ye.irs.


Born June 7, 1S41, in Haugerup, Soro Amt, Sjeelltmd, Denmark; bap-
tized May 21. 1855. by (He Larsen; emigrated with his parents to Utah
in 1857, crossing the plains with handcarts, wnd located in Salt Lake.
City: filled a six months' mission to the States in 1862; married Miss
Petrine J. Sorensen in 1865; was ordained a Seventy Feb. -. TS59. by \V.
E. Wilcox. and was chosen as one of the council of the Fifty-seventh
quorum of Seventy; filled a mission to Denmark in 1XH7-70. laboring first
as traveling Elder in the Fredericia an 1 Aarhus conferences and after-
wards presided over the Aalborg conference; ordained a. High I'riest
and set apart as second counselor to Bishop Leonard G. Hardy, of
the Second Ward. Salt Lake City, March 30, 1800; removed to Forest
Dale in 1S91; ordained a Bishop, Aug. 26, 18!)B. by Joseph F. Smith.



Born at Glimsholt, Ugilt parish, near Hjorring, Denmark, Sept. 9, 1863;
attended the schools until he was thirteen, when h?s rather, S0ren
Peter Jensen, joined the Cnurch and moved with his family to Hj0r-
ring, where the subject of this sketch attended a private school until
the family, in 1877. emigrated to Utah and located at Levan, Juab Co.
There he again attended school a short Lime, and for a couple of
years served as clerk in the Levan Co-op branch store at Juab; in 1881
he entered the Brigham Young Academy; Oct. 16. 1884, Tie married
Joannah E. Jennings, of Levan; four living- children are the present
issue of the union; was elected county recorder of Salt Lake County.
Nov. 3, 1896, and was re-elected in 1898. He is at present holding this
office and in ajdition .s instructor of penmanship at the Latter-day
Saints' College.


Born June 16. 1859. in T0mmerby parish. Thisted Amt. Denmark; bap-
tized in the year 1878 by Elder Jens Christensen. in the Aalborg con-
ference; was ordained an Elder and labored as a missionary one winter
until in June. 1879. when he emigrated to Zion ana took up nis residence
in Draper, Salt Lake Co.: was called, in the year 1894. to perform a
mission to Denmark; was released after ten months' labor, having
rather poor health; was appointeu Bishop of Crescent Ward. Salt Lake
r,,.. in 189T), when that ward was first 1 organized.



Born in Jerslev, Hj0rring Amt, Denmark, AUK. 8, 1846; son of Thomas
('. Jensen and wife, Karen Marie Iversen; was baptizerl .June .",. isiil, by
Klilcr Niels Mortensen. In the same year his parents jonled the Church.
Hi- was ordained an Elder April 24. 1864; in the spring or 1S65 his par-
ents, with the younger children, emigrated to America; shortly after
he was called to preside over the Dronninglund branch. Wndsyssel con-
ference; in June. 1867. he emigrated to Utah. He marriea Inger Jensen.
a young lady he had baptized eighteen months previously. They
crossed the plains with ox teams and arrive:! in Salt LaKe City Oct. 5,
1xii7. He lived at Ephraim. Sanpete Co.. .or years and then moved to
Richfield, Sevier Co. In isso he left home for a mission to Denmark.
Since November, 1887, he has presided as Bishop over Elsinore Ward.


Born in Aalsrode, near Grenaa, Denmark. April 3, 18">2; baptized a
member of the Church Jan. 1. 1872, by Elder Soren Madsen; confirmed
by Elder O. B. Andersen; ordained to office of Teacher, June 10. 1872.
emigrated to Utah in 1873. and located in Salt Lane City, when- he has
since resided, being engaged in the watchmaker and jewelry business.
He was ordained a Seventy, Feb. 7, 1875, and acted as trustee of the
Eighteenth Ward Latter-day Saints' Seminary for four years, and
also as Ward Teacher from 1881 to 1899. March 20. 1898, he was set apart
as second counselor to J. M. Sjodahl. president of the Scandinavian
meetings in Salt Lake City, which position ho still hnhls.



Son (if Jens S. Jensen, was born in Salt I>ake City. Dec. 22. 1871!. and
baptized Dec. MO. 1884. While still <iuite young;, he was ordained a Dea-
con, biter a Teacher, and was actively engaged as such when, after

having been orbii I :i Seventy, tie left on a mission Tor Denmark.

Sept. 17. IXfix. After laboring on the island of Kornholm one year he was
removed to VorilliiRborg. on the island of S.ja?lland, and is now labor-
ing in Randers, in the Aarlius conference.


Horn Jan. 1. lx;!!i. in K;IIT>-. Sporup parish. Skamlerburg Amt. Jylland.
Denmark; baptized March n. ixfii. by T,ars c. (ieertsen: emigrated to

Ttah and located in Moroni. Sanpete Co.. where he still resides and
where he has filled many responsible positions of honor; tilled a mis-
sion to Denmark in Ivv~,-x7. laboring; in the Aarhns conference, part of
the time as presijent of the Ve.ile branch: while acting in the latter
calling the police officers took steps toward having him vanished from
the country: hence, his field of operations was changed to the Randi-rs
branch, where lie finished his mission.


Born Nov. 16, 1795, near Frederikstad, Norway, lost his rather when
five years old and went to sea; during the following twenty-four years
he advanced from cabin boy to the captaincy of a large ship and
navigated nearly all parts rf the world; in 18-19 he became deeply im-
pressed with religion, gave nearly all his goo3s to the poor and
preached repentance; in his great zeal he rebuked the king and was
imprisoned in Frederikstad. at the same time that the "Mormon"
Jders were imprisoned there for preaching; from them he learned the
principles of the Gvi>,j<-, and was I'aptized by Carl Widerborg, Feb. 25,
1854: emigrated to Utah in 1863 and located in Ephraim, Sanpete Co.
Where he resided till his death, Jan. 26, 1882.


Son of John Andrew and Andrea Jenson; born at Frederikstad, Nor-
way. March 21, 1857; when six years old. he crossed the Atlantic with
his parents in a sailing vessel and came to America in 1863. With
his father and mother he crossed the plains as a member of the ox
team company, walking the greater part of 1,200 miles; arrived in Salt
Lake City in the fall of 1863. Ephraim. Sanpete Co.. became his home
the following year. Being studious he took advantage of the oppor-
tunities of the pioneer school room and became a graduate of the B.
Y. Academy in the spring of 1889; was selectei by the faculty to offer
the valedictory of the Normal class of that year. He is at present
counselor to Bishop Chajlos R. Dorius, of Ephraim.



Was baptized on Nov. 24, 1853. and was ordained a Teacher in the
beginning of 1854, and a Priest in October, that year. When the Aarhus
branch was organized, he was appointed to preside and to preach the
Gospel. During the time he was engaged in this labor, lie suffered
much persecution, but the Lord sustained him in the work. In the
year 1857 he was released, and left Aarhus April 12. for America. He
was 37 clays on the Atlantic, and arrived in Salt Lake City. Sept. 15,
1857, after crossing the plains in Chr. Christiansen's handcart company.
Brother Jensen now resides in Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete Co., Utah.


Born April 24, 1830. in Kolby. Aalborg Amt, Denmark; joined the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the fall of 1860 and
married his now surviving widow, in 1861; they emigrated to L tah in
1862. and located in Ephraim, Sanpete Co. In 1885 he was called to
perform a mission to Scandinavia and. after arriving there, was ap-
pointed to labor in the Aalborg conference, where he spent about two
years. He was an active member of the Forty-seventh quorum of
Seventy till shortly before his death, and was ordained a High Priest
on March 5, 1900, under the hanjs of Apostles Francis M. L-yman and
Anton H. Lund, while on his death bed. He died in Ephraim. April 6.
1900, leaving four children and his widow to mourn h:s Ceparture; he
was a man much respected and beloved by all who knew him.



Born June 14 1S38, in Hjorring. Skanderborg Amt, Denmark, as the
second son of Jens Peter and Ane Kjerstine Sorensen: baptized by Jens
Hansen. Oct. 12. 1857; ordained a Teac her. Nov. 1, 1857. an3 labored as a
local missionary more or less for about two years; emigrated to Utah
in 1860. and located in Salt Lake City; tilled a mission to Denmark in
1876-78; labored first in the Copenhagen conference, and subsequently
presided over the Aarhus conference; finished his missionary labors un
the island of Bornholm; after his return he labored at his trade as a
carpenter in Salt Lake City until 1884. when he was called to go to
Arizona, where he stayed for two years, built a tithing office and Re-
lief Society hall, after which time he was called to the San Juan Stake
where he now resides and has lived for the last fourteen years.


Born Aug. 17. 1S4.'!. in Farre. near Aarhus. Denmark; joined the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in January, IsiH. and emigrated
the same year to I'tah and settled in Kphraim, Sanpete Co. In ISMi he
went to the Missouri river after emigrants. At that season the cholera
plague caused much trouble to the expedition, and many deaths. After
his return home he married, and in 1SS9 he was called to take a mission
to Scandinavia, which mission lie filled honorably and returned in
1SHO. after being away about twenty months. At home he has lic-rn
an active worker in the Sunday School cause for about twenty-seven
years, and is still continuing; he is also laboring as a teacher in the
Ephraim South Ward and has held other responsible positions.



Born July 14. 1S47; in Sjpttrup, Denmark: was baptized in the spring
of 1861, by Parley Thompsen; came to Utah in 1861, arriving in Salt
I,ake City, Sept. 12, of that year; lived in Mill Creek Ward till the
spring of 186X: served in the Black Hawk war in the summer of IMII;:
moved to Bear River City In the spring of 1S68; organized the Bear
River City Sunday School in the summer of 1S68: moved to Draper. Salt
1-ake Co.. in 1871 where he served as constable, justice of me peace and
postmaster: also as Ward Teacher for about fifteen years, and Ward
Clerk some four years. On May 15, j.892, he was made Bishop of Sandy
Ward and called to locate in that town; acted as Bishop
till Jan. 21, 1900. when he was chosen as second counselor to President
Orrin P. Miller of the Jordan Stake of Zion.


Born Nov. 1. 1847, in Brevik. Skaraborg l^iin. Sweden; son of Jonas
Johnson and his wife. Amif Mafia Grip: married Charlotte Christim 1
Anderson in Ixus. with whom he has had twelve children, eleven now
living, six sons and five daughters; baptized April 16, 1872; emigrated to
Vtah in 1872. arriving in Salt Lake City. Sept. 26; Nov. 25. 1S72. he lo-
cated in Grantsville. Tooele Co., and in 187S moved to Pleasant Grove.
I'tah Co.: was set apart Sept. 3. 1890. for a mission to Sweden: was as-
signed to the Stockholm conference, an! labored in the Sundsvall
branch until in January, when he took sick with pneumonia: after-
wards he went to the Gothenburg conference, and laborer ;n the Troll-
hattan branch, where he baptized fifteen persons: was released Sept.
1, 1892, and had charge of a company of Saints emigrating ot I'tah.



Born March 2. 1865, in Asker. qrebro Liin, Sweden; baptized April 20.
1888, in Almunge, Upland; orjained to the Priesthood and called into
the local ministry, laboring- principally in the Sundsvall and Solfvarbo
branches; emigrated to Utah in 1891, and located in Murray, Salt Lake
Co.; in 1897-99 he filled a mission to Sweden, laboring In the Stock-
holm conference; he spent seven months in the Stockholm branch, then
labored as a traveling Elder in the whole conference for six months.
and finished his mission as president of the Upsala and Sundsvall
branches; he was very successful as a missionary and Daptized thirty-
eight souls.


Born at Ostere Sveen. Hedemarken, Norway, June 7, 1849; emigrate! to
Utah in 1864; crossed the Atlantic in the sailing vessel. "The Monarch
of the Sea;" crossed the plains with ox teams. Patriarch John Smith
being captain; arrived in Salt Lake City in October; settled in Provo,
Utah Co., where his present place of residence is. He crossed the
plains for emigrants in 18K8. On June 13, 1870. he married Ingrid
Sward. When the Ward in which he lives was organized in 1877, he
was called to act as presiding Teacher. In October, 1889. he left home
for a mission to Norway, where he labored in Frederikshald, Eidsvold.
an3 Christiania. He presided over the conference, after the release of
Elder Ole H. Berg. In the latter part of October. 1891. he was released
and arrived home In November that year. In 1892 he was ch-sen Bishop
of Lake View Ward, a position he now holds.


Born In Odense. Fyen. Denmark. March .'SO, 1860; was baptized Nov. 11,
1871; labored as a local missionary during the winter of 18'/7-78. He is
now a wealthy business man of Odense, and his tithings and donations
have for many years been a great help to the missionary work on the
island of Fyen; In iviT he purchased the building In wnich the meet-
ing hall and headquarters <ii' the branch are comfortably located, and
kept at bis expense. He visile 1 rtah in 1899. received blessings in the
Salt Lake Terr. pie and made many warm friends while here.


Born Dec. 22, 1867, In Copenhagen. Denmark; baptized at Elsinore.
Sevier Co., man. 1877: ordained an Elder In the St. George Temple. 1881:
graduated from the B. Y. Academy, 1890. and (ailed to oe principal of
the Sevier Stake Academy; served in that capacity two years. In 1893
he was called on a mission to New Zealand, serve! three years and
Wiis clerk of the Australian Mission two years; returnee in July, 1896:
was married in the Manti Temple in December. 18%; ordained a High

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