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BR 784 .S4 1846

Church of Scotland. Synod c

Selections from the records

of the kirk session,







whurch or b cot Ian a, Oynod oi- hberc




or THE














The Editor's Preface xxv

Contents Ixxi

Selections from the Records of the Kirk Session of

Aberdeen, 1562-1659 1

Selections from the Records of the Presbytery of

Aberdeen, 1598-1610 161

Selections from the Registers of the Synod of Aberdeen,

1651-1681 205

Index 339





5Et)e (JTouncil.

The Lord Provost of Aberdeen.

John Angus, Advocate, City Clerk, Aberdeen.

John Hill Burton, Advocate, Edinburgh.

Charles Chalmers of Monkshill.

P. Chalmers of Auldbar.

Sir William G. Gordon Cumming of Altyre, Bart.

Thomas Abercromby Duff of Haddo.

John Dunn, Advocate, Aberdeen.

Lord Francis Egerton, M.P.

James Ewing of Strathleven, LL.D., F.R.S.E,

The Lord Forbes.

Colonel Eraser of Castle Eraser.

James Giles, R.S.A., Aberdeen.

John Gordon of Cairnbulg, Advocate, F.R.S., F.S.A. Scot.

William Gordon of Fyvie.


Robert Grant of Tillyfour.

George Grub, Advocate, Aberdeen.

Cosmo Innes, Advocate, Edinburgh.

A. F. Irvine, Younger of Drum.

The Right Reverend James Kyle, D.D., Preshome

James Loch, M.P.

Henry Lumsden of Auchindoir.

Lord Medwyn.

The Reverend James Melvin, LL.D., Aberdeen.

Joseph Robertson, Editor of the Glasgow Constitutional.

Professor Hercules Scott, King's College.

The Lord Saltoun.

The Right Reverend William Skinner, D.D., Aberdeen.

John Smith, LL.D., of Crutherland, Glasgow^.

Alexander Thomson of Banchory.

Patrick Eraser Tytler, Esq., London.

John Stuart, Advocate, Aberdeen.
John Blaikie and John Ligertwood, Advocates, Aberdeen.

Arthur Abercromby of Glasshaugh.

Sir Robert Abercromby of Birkenbog, Baronet.

The Earl of Aberdeen, K.T.

The Lord Provost of Aberdeen.

The Viscount Acheson.

James Adam, Editor of the Aberdeen Herald.

Philip Barrington Ainslie, St. Colme House, Fifeshire.

John Allan, Merchant, Elgin.

Alexander Anderson, Advocate, Aberdeen.

Alexander Anderson, LL.D., Inverury.

Charles Anderson, Advocate, Edinburgh.


The Reverend William Anderson, Edinburgh.

George Angus of Tillicorthie.

John Angus, Advocate, Town Clerk of Aberdeen.

William Angus, LL.D,, Glasgow.

Adam Arbuthnott, Merchant, Peterhead.

Major-General the Honourable Hugh Arbuthnott, M.P.

Robert Arbuthnott, Manufacturer, Culter.

The Viscount Arbuthnott.

John Auldjo of Pennyghael.

William Edmonston Aytoun, Advocate, Edinburgh.

John Bain of Westport, Glasgow.

Sir Charles Bannerman of Crimonmogate, Baronet.

The Reverend Thomas Barclay, Currie.

William Barclay, Solicitor, Banff.

Keith Barnes, Portland Place, London.

George Barron, W.S., Edinburgh.

Charles Baxter, Writer, Edinburgh.

Alexander Beaton, Auchencrieve.

Alexander Bell, Bon- Accord Marine Assui-ance Company.

William Bennett, Printer, Aberdeen.

The Reverend John Besley, D.C.L., Long Benton, Newcastle.

The Reverend James Bisset, Bourtie.

William Black, Bedford Square, London.

Professor Blackie, Marischal College.

Robert Blackwood, Bookseller, Edinburgh.

John Blaikie of Craigiebuckler.

John Blaikie of Devanha.

Bindon Blood, of Cranaker, Edinburgh.

James Bogle, Glasgow.

Beriah Botfield, M.P., Norton Hall, Northamptonshire.

George Black Both well, Manufacturer, Aberdeen.

The Reverend John Bower, Maryculter.

William Brand, W.S,, Edinburgh.

James Brebner, Advocate, Aberdeen.

Thomas John Bremner, Advocate, Peterhead.

John C. Brodie, W.S., Edinburgh.

The Reverend Abner W. Brown, Pytchley, Kettering.

Sir Michael Bruce of Stenhouse and Scotstown, Baronet.

The Reverend Alexander Brunton, D.D., Edinburgh.


James Buchan of Auchmacoy.

James Burn, W.S., Edinburgh.

Arthur Burnett, Sheriff-Substitute of Peebles.

Thomas Burnett, Advocate, Aberdeen.

The Reverend Thomas Burnett, Daviot.

Sir Thomas Burnett of Leys, Baronet.

John Hill Burton, Advocate, Edinburgh.

The Reverend R. Butler, Vicar of Trim, Ireland.

General Byres of Tonley.

William Cadenhead, Aberdeen.

Edward Calder, London.

John G. Cameron, Banker, Elgin.

Alexander Campbell, Sheriff-Substitute of Renfrewshire.

Francis Garden Campbell of Troup and Glenlyon.

H. W. Campbell, College Green, Dunbarton.

John Campbell, Surgeon, Aberdeen.

The Reverend John James Campbell, Glanely Glebe, Wicklow,

A, N. Carmichael, Edinburgh Academy.

John Carnegie of Redhall.

John Carss, Glenhead, Glasgow.

William Catto, Merchant, Aberdeen.

The Earl of Cawdor.

Charles Chalmers, Advocate, Aberdeen.

David Chalmers of Westburn.

Lewis Chalmers, Banker, Fraserburgh.

P. Chalmers of Auldbar.

Henry Cheyne, W.S., Edinburgh.

The Reverend Patrick Cheyne, St. John's, Aberdeen.

Alexander Chivas, Advocate, Aberdeen.

Peter Christian, Solicitor, Stonehaven.

Jonathan Henry Christie, Barrister, London.

John Clark, Advocate, Aberdeen.

John Clark, Manufacturer, Paisley.

The Lord Justice-Clerk.

William Clerk of Eldin.

Lord Cockburn.

Thomas Constable, Printer to the Queen, Edinburgh.

The Reverend Adam Corbet, Drumoak.

James Thomson Gibson Craig, W.S., Edinburgh.


George Cruickshank, Advocate, Aberdeen.

The Reverend James Cruickshank, Fyvie.

James Cumine of Rattraj'.

Sir William G. Gordon Gumming of Altyre, Baronet.

Charles Elphinstone Dalrymple, Leamington.

Captain James Elphinstone Dalrymple of Westhall.

William Shand Daniel, Magdalen College, Oxford.

Alexander Davidson, Advocate, Aberdeen.

Alexander Davidson, Inverury.

George Dempster of Skibo.

James Dennistoun of Dennistoun, Edinburgh.

James Dobie of Crummock, Beith.

Charles Dolman, London.

Edward Douglas, Christ Church, Oxford.

Francis Brown Douglas, Advocate, Edinburgh.

Alexander Drimmie, Manufacturer, Aberdeen.

Charles Drummond^ Banker, London.

Adam Duff of Woodcot House, Oxfordshire.

Admiral Duff of Drummuir.

Garden Duff of Hatton.

James Grant Duff of Eden.

Richard Wharton Duff of Orton.

Robert Duff of Fetteresso.

Thomas Abercromby Duff of Haddo.

The Reverend William Duguid, Glass.

Andrew Dun, W.S., Edinburgh.

John Dunbar of Seapark, Forres.

The Reverend Sir William Dunbar of Durn, Baronet.

John Duncan, Advocate, Aberdeen.

Richard Duncan, Glasgow.

William Duncan, Treasurer of Police, Aberdeen.

W. J. Duncan, Banker, Glasgow.

William Pitt Dundas, Advocate, Edinburgh.

John Dunn, Advocate, Aberdeen.

John Dunn, Writer, Paisley.

William Duthie, Advocate, Aberdeen.

James Edmond, Advocate, Aberdeen.


The Reverend John Edwards, Marnoch.

Lord Francis Egerton, M.P.

Sir Robert Dahymple Horn Elphinstone of Horn and Logie

Elphinstone, Bart.
Lady Willoughby D'Eresby.
The Earl of Errol, K.T.

George Auldjo Esson, Accountant, Edinburgh.
William Euing, 115, Royal Exchange, Glasgow.
James Ewing of Strathleven, LL.D., F.R.S.E., Dunbartonshire.
John Ewing, Glasgow.
Joseph Walter King Eyton, Elgin Villa, Leamington.

Nathaniel Farquhar, Advocate, Aberdeen.

Thomas Newman Farquhar of Jackston.

James Farquharson of Invercauld.

Peter Farquharson of Whitehouse.

Major Peter Farquharson, Ballater.

George Ferguson of Pitfour.

James Ferguson of Altens.

John Fleming, Advocate, Aberdeen.

The Reverend John Fleming, D.D., Edinburgh.

Alexander Forbes, London.

Arthur Forbes of Culloden.

Charles Forbes, H.E.LC.S.

D. Erskine Forbes, Solicitor, London.

James Stewart Forbes, London.

George Robinson Forbes, Town Clerk of Banff.

James Forbes, Merchant, Aberdeen.

Major John Alexander Forbes of Saint Leonard's, 92d

Sir John Stuart Forbes of Pitsligo, Baronet.
Major Jonathan Forbes, 78th Highlanders.
Keith Forbes, Solicitor, Peterhead.
The Lord Forbes.

James Forman, Advocate, Edinburgh.
George Forsyth, Merchant, London.
Colonel Eraser of Castle Eraser.
Francis G. Eraser of Findrack.
John Eraser, Merchant, Aberdeen.


William N. Fraser, Younger of Findrack.

John Archibald FuUerton, Bookseller, Edinburgh.

John FuUerton of Overton, Glasgow.

Dr. Garden, Balfluig, Alford.

The Reverend George Gardiner, Aberdour.

The Reverend Charles Gibbon, Lonmay.

John Graham Gilbert of Yorkhill, Glasgow.

James Giles, R.S.A., Aberdeen.

John Gladstone of Fasque.

Thomas Gladstone, Younger of Fasque.

The Right Honourable William Ewart Gladstone.

Captain Goldie, Aberdeen.

Mrs. Gordon of Craig.

Alexander Gordon, Advocate, Aberdeen.

Alexander Gordon of Newton.

Alexander Gordon of Ellon.

Charles Napier Gordon of Esslemont.

Colonel Gordon of Park.

Francis Gordon of Kincardine.

The Reverend George Gordon, Glenrinnes.

James Adam Gordon of Knockespock.

John Gordon of Avochie.

John Gordon of Cairnbulg, Advocate, F.R.S., F.S.A. Scot.

Captain The Honourable William Gordon, M.P.

William Gordon of Fyvie.

John Black Gracie, W.S., Edinburgh.

John M'Pherson Grant, Younger of BalUndalloch.

Robert Grant of Tillyfour.

The Reverend William Grant, Duthil.

William Grant, Accountant, Elgin.

Roderick Gray, Writer, Peterhead.

The Reverend George A. Griffin, Strichen.

William Grigor, Writer, Elgin.

George Grub, Advocate, Aberdeen.

Hudson Gurney, London.

Alexander Hadden of Persley.

Charles Hall of Ansty, Blandford, Dorsetshire.

Robert Handyside, Advocate, Edinburgh.


James Hay, Little Ythsie.

John Hay of Letham, Arbroath.

Dr. Alexander Henderson of Caskieben.

William Henderson, M.D., Aberdeen.

Sir Thomas Buchan Hepburn of Smeaton Hepburn, Baronet.

Thomas Hill, Keeper of the Register of Sasines, Glasgow.

Frederick Holland, Manufacturer, Aberdeen.

John David Hope, Leith.

Cosmo Innes, Advocate, Sheriff of Murray.
William Innes of Raemoir.
Alexander Forbes Irvine of Drum.
David Irving, LL.D., Edinburgh.
George Irvine, Liverpool.

The Very Reverend Principal Jack, D.D. King's College,

The Reverend Lockhart W. Jeffray, Preston, Lancashire.
Alexander Johnston, W.S., London.
David Morice Johnston, Solicitor, London.
Robert Johnston, Merchant, Aberdeen.
Alexander Jopp, Advocate, Aberdeen.
John Jopp, W.S., Edinburgh.

David Keith, Advocate, Aberdeen.

James Keith, M.D., Edinburgh.

William Keith, M.D., Aberdeen.

John Kerr, Writer, Glasgow.

Robert Alexander Kidston of Verreville.

Alexander Kilgour, M.D., Aberdeen.

George King, Bookseller, Aberdeen.

Alexander J. Kinloch of Park,

George R. Kinloch, Writer, Edinburgh.

William Knox, North Ythsie.

Captain Alexander Kyle of Binghill.

The Right Reverend James Kyle, D.D., Preshome.

David Laing, Signet Library, Edinburgh.

John Lawson of Chapelton.

Robert Ledingham, Advocate, Aberdeen.


The Verj' Reverend John Lee, D.D., Principal of the

University of Edinburgh.
The Reverend Matthevr Leishman, D.D., Govan.
Lieutenant-General Sir Alexander Leith of Freefield, K.C.B.
James M. Leslie of Balquhain.
George A. Young Leslie of Kininvie.
Hans George Leslie of Dunlugas.
Robert Leslie of Rothie.
William Leslie of Warthill.
Charles Lever, Solicitor, London.
The Library of the Church of Scotland.
The Library of the Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh.
The Library of the King's College and University of

The Library of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen.
The Library of the University of Edinburgh.
The Library of the University of Saint Andrews.
The Library of the Society of Writers to the Signet.
The Edinburgh Select Subscription Library.
The London Library, Pall-Mall, London.
Andrew Ligertwood of Wateridgemuir.
John Ligertwood, Advocate, Aberdeen.
William Ligertwood of Logierieve.
The Reverend Robert Lindsay, LL.D., Towie.
Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastie-on-Tyne.
James Loch, M.P.

William Lockhart of Milton Lockhart.
The Lord Lovat.

The Reverend Alexander Low, Keig.
Clements Lumsden, Advocate, Aberdeen.
Henry Lumsden of Auchindoir.
Hugh Lumsden of Pitcaple.
William James Lumsden of Balmedie.
William Lumsden, Elrick.

Alexander Macdonald, Register House, Edinburgh.
Hon. A. H. Moreton Macdonald of Largie.
Alexander M'Donald, Croyard, Beauly.
Dr. Macdonald, R.A., Aberdeen.



James Macewan, Junior, Glasgow.

Isaac Machray, Torry Farm, Aberdeen.

The Reverend George Mackay, Rafford.

Captain Alexander Mackenzie, Allan Bank, Munlochy.

James Mackenzie, W.S., Edinburgh.

Alexander Souter Maclean, Solicitor, Inverury.

Robert Blair Maconachie, W.S., Edinburgh.

Ewen Macpherson of Cluny.

Alexander Mactavish, Town Clerk of Inverness.

Thomas Maitland, Advocate, Edinburgh.

William M'Combie of Easter Skene.

David M'Hardy, Aberdeen.

John Whiteford M'Kenzie, W.S., Edinburgh.

James M'Knight, W.S., Edinburgh.

Alexander M'Neill, Advocate, Edinburgh.

John M'Phail, St. David Street, Edinburgh.

Hugh M'Pherson, M.D., King's College, Aberdeen.

Lord Medwyn.

George Melvin, Tarves.

The Reverend James Melvin, LL.D., Aberdeen.

The Reverend Peter Merson, Academy, Elgin.

.John Michell of Glassel and Forcet Hall.

John Miller, Gazette Office, Forres.

W. H. Miller of Craigintinny.

The Reverend James Milne, Inverkeithny.

Robert Mitchell, Merchant, Aberdeen.

George Moir, Advocate, Edinburgh.

James Moir, M.D., Aberdeen.

The Earl of Moray, K.T.

John Shank More, Advocate, Edinburgh.

David Robert Morice, Advocate, Aberdeen.

Alexander Morison of Bognie.

Charles Morton, W.S., Edinburgh.

James P. Muirhead, Advocate, Edinburgh,

George Munro, London.

Andrew Murray, Advocate, Aberdeen.

Lord Murray.

Thomas Grahame Murray, W.S., Edinburgh.

William Murray of Henderland.


William Murray, Writer, Aberdeen.

The Lord Napier.

Mark Napier, Advocate, Edinburgh.

William Napier, W.S., Edinburgh.

Robert Nasmyth, Edinburgh.

Patrick Neill, LL.D., Edinburgh.

James Nisbet, Stoneytown, Aberdeen.

Robert Russell Notman, Accountant, Aberdeen.

William Frederick Ogg, Advocate, Aberdeen.
P. Wedderburn Ogilvy of Ruthven.

Henry Paterson, Banker, Aberdeen.

G. H. Pattison, Advocate, Edinburgh.

Alexander Peterkin, S.S.C., Edinburgh.

The Reverend Alexander Philip, Dunfermline,

John Philip, Bookbinder, Aberdeen.

John Phillip, Artist, London.

Alexander Pirie of Waterton.

Alexander Pirie, Junior, Aberdeen.

Francis Pirie, Manufacturer, Aberdeen.

Patrick Pirie, Junior, Aberdeen.

The Reverend William R. Pirie, D.D., Marischal College.

John Pitcairn of Pitcairns, F.S.A., Scot.

Robert Pitcairn, W.S., Edinburgh.

Charles Innes Pocock, Bristol.

J. C. Porterfield of Porterfield.

The Reverend John Burnett Pratt, St. James's, Cruden.

The Reverend Charles Pressley, Fraserburgh.

A. Welby Pugin, Architect, London.

Professor William Pyper, St. Andrews.

John Rae, Junior, Ellon.

Sir James Ramsay of Bamff.

The Reverend Arthur Ranken, Old Deer.

The Duke of Richmond, K.G.

Thomas Risk, Banker, Paisley.

George Robertson, Banker, Elgin.


The Reverend James Craigie Robertson, Beakesbourn, Can-
Joseph Robertson, Glasgow.
Robert Roger, Glasgow.
James Russel of Aden.
Andrew Rutherfurd, M.P.

The Lord Saltoun.

William B. Sangster, Liverpool.

The Earl of Seafield.

Professor Hercules Scott, King's College, Aberdeen.

The Reverend Hew Scott, Anstruther Wester.

Charles Farquhar Shand, Advocate, Edinburgh.

John Shand, W.S., Edinburgh.

Robert Shand, Advocate, Aberdeen.

James Shaw, Bookseller, Edinburgh.

John Lumsden Shirrefs of Blairmormond.

Robert Simpson of Cobairdy.

William Simpson of Glenythan.

Alexander Sinclair, George Street, Edinburgh.

William Forbes Skene, W.S., Edinburgh.

The Right Reverend William Skinner, D.D., Aberdeen.

William Skinner, Advocate, Aberdeen.

Alexander Smith, Land Surveyor, Aberdeen.

Alexander Smith of Glenmillan.

The Reverend Gavin Smith, LL.D., Rottingdean, Brighton.

George Campbell Smith, Banff.

James Smith, Western Fire Office, Glasgow.

John Smith, Architect, Aberdeen.

John Smith of Crutherland, LL.D., Glasgow.

Lewis Smith, Bookseller, Aberdeen.

John Smith, Junior, Advocate, Aberdeen.

William Smith of Carbeth-Guthrie.

William Smythe of Methven.

W. M. Spalding, W.S., Edinburgh.

The Reverend Alexander Spence, Aberdeen.

James Brodie Spottiswood of Muiresk.

Andrew Steuart of Auchlunkart.

Thomas G. Stevenson, Bookseller, Edinburgh.


James Stillie, Bookseller, Edinburgh.
John Strang, City Chamberlain of Glasgow.
Alexander Stronach of Drumallan.
William Strong, Bookseller, Bristol.
Alexander Stuart of Laithers.
John Stuart, Advocate, Aberdeen.
The Duke of Sutherland, K.G.
William Sutherland, Surgeon, Croydon,

The Reverend Alexander Taylor, Leochel-Cushnie.
George S. Taylor, Writer, Golspie.
Alexander Thomson of Banchory.
Arthur Thomson, Banker, Aberdeen.
George Thomson, Junior, Merchant, Aberdeen.
Robert Thomson, Sheriff of Caithness.
Thomas Thomson, W.S., Edinburgh.
Thomas Thomson, Advocate, Edinburgh.
Dr. Thomas Thomson, Inverury.
Dr. William Thomson of Quocies.
John Thurburn of Murtle.
The Reverend Andrew Todd, Alvah.
The Reverend J. H. Todd, D.D., Dublin.
Alexander Torrie, Advocate, Aberdeen.
The Earl of Traquair.

The Reverend G. Tulloch, Bellevue, Aberdeen.
Professor Tulloch, King's College, Aberdeen.
Sir James Henry Turing of Foveran, Baronet.
W. B. D. D. Turnbull, Advocate, Edinburgh.
Colonel Turner of Mennie.
P. Eraser Tytler, London.

William Eraser Tytler of Balnain and Burdsyards, Sheriff of

Adam Urquhart, Advocate, Edinburgh.

Beauchamp Colclough Urquhart of Meldrum and Byth.

Dr. Walker, Cupar Fife.

The Reverend William Wallace, Traquair House.

William Watson, W.S., Sheriff-Substitute of Aberdeenshire.


William Watson, Merchant, Calcutta.
The Reverend William S. Watt, Foveran.
James Westland, Banker, Dundee.
Robert Whigham, Advocate, Edinburgh.
The Reverend James Whyte, Methlic.
Peter Williamson, Merchant, Aberdeen.
John Wilson, Old Aberdeen.
John George Wood, W.S., Edinburgh.
Edward Woodford, LL.D,, St. Andrews.
David Wyllie, Banker, Aberdeen.
James Wyllie, Bookseller, Aberdeen.

John Yeats, Advocate, Aberdeen.
William Yeats, Advocate, Aberdeen.
The Reverend R. O. Young, Fortrose.
Robert Young, Writer, Elgin.
Norman Yule, Merchant, Liverpool.



The Selections now printed for the Members of the Spalding Club,
from the Records of the Kirk Session, Presbytery, and Synod of
Aberdeen, range over a period commencing immediately after the
Reformation, and coming down almost to the Revolution of 1688.
During that time, many and great changes occurred in the civil and
ecclesiastical constitution of the country, which necessarily exer-
cised a powerful effect in modifying or altering the principles and
habits of the mass of society.

Of these changes and their effects notices more or less minute
will be found in the present volume. The earliest part of it con-
tains the regulations and ordinances issued by the authorities of
the Reformed Church for carrying the newly-established system
into practical effect in Aberdeen. Many of these refer to customs
and superstitions which appear to have withstood, for many years,
the assaults directed against them, and to have remained in occa-
sional use by the people, after the ancient faith had been pretty
generally relinquished by them. '

• The apparent harmony with which the new system was established in Aberdeen, has
lieen alluded to in the " Extracts from the Burgh Records of Aberdeen," pref., p. xxxii.
An ordinance, however, in the present volume, " that na disputatioun nor reasoning of
the scripturis be at dennar, or supper, or oppin table, quharthrow arrysis gryte contentioun
and debate," (p. 10), gives us a glimpse of the heat and keenness which must have at-
tended the arguments of those who took different views of the great changes then intro-
duced. The feelings of reverence with which the people had been in use to regard things
devoted to sacred purposes, seem to have been much diminished at the time of the Ilefor-



Some of the sports and pastimes in which the younger part of
the inhabitants had been in use to indulge were clung to with a
particular tenacity, and required repeated efforts to put them
down. Of these we may refer to the midnight revels and pro-
miscuous dancings, on the streets, of the young men and women
of the town, about the time of Christmas and New Year's even,
against which practice the following, among other ordinances,
occurs : — " That na man nar woman in this burght, about the super-
stitious tyme of Yuill or Newyeris day, or ony vther superstitious
tyme, sail presume to mask or disagyse thame selfRs in ony sort
the men in wemennis claythis, nor the wemen in mennis claythis,
nor vtherwayes, be dansing with bellis, ather on the streittis of this
hurt or in privat houss, in ony tyme comming ; bot expresslie pro-
hibbitis and forbiddis all sic superstitious fonnes of behaviour in
tyme cumming, vnder the pane to be puneist in repentance and
penaltie at the appoyntment of the sessioun." '

The superstition of kindling fires on Midsummer even, of which
the precise origin seems to be doubtful, was common over the
whole country ; and in 1608 it will be found that several in-
habitants of Aberdeen, of considerable standing and influence, still
persisted in the use of this custom. *'

Pilgrimages to wells and places sacred in the estimation of the
people were very common, and required frequent interpositions,
as well of Parliament as of the Church Courts, against them.

The well of Saint Fithac, in the Bay of Nigg, was one of these

Illation, as we have seen that the " whole silver wark, brasin wark, kaippis, and ornaments
of thair paroche kirk," used in divine service, were sold to the highest offerer, without any
apparent scruple (Burgh Records, p. 329) ; and, in the present volume, the following
notice, among others, indicates the breaking up of old feelings of this sort: '♦ It is ordered
that the organis, with all expeditioun, be reraovit out of the kirk, maid profeit of to the
vse and support of the pure ; and that the preistis stallis and bakkis of altaris be removit
furth of the places quhair thai now remane, and situat in the partis of the kirk quhair
men may be best easit be thame to heir the sermones," (p. 19).
1 P. 50. 2 p. 61.


places of resort ; and, from its tempting vicinity to Aberdeen, was
frequently the means of inducing the citizens to break through the
many ordinances issued against those who resorted to it.

In 1630, " Margrat Dauidson, spous of Andro Adam, wes adjudget
in ane wnlaw of fyve punds, to be payed to the collector for direct-
ing hir nwrish with hir bairne to Sanct Fiackes well,, and washing
the bairne thairin for recoverie of hir health, and the said Margrat
and hir nwrish wer ordanit to acknowledge thair offence before the
sessioun for thair fault, and for leaving ane offering in the well." ^

In 1652, the Synod gave injunctions to the Presbytery of Turriff,
that they should take special notice of all superstitious persons fre-
quenting the Well of Seggat. The following Act of Parliament,
passed in November, 1581, " Aganis passing to chapellis, wellis, and
croces, and the superstitious obseruing of diuerss uther papisticall
rytes," notices most of the prevailing superstitions of this kind :

Forsamekill, as pairt for want of doctrine and raritie of ministeris, and pairtlie
throw the peruers inclinatioun of raannis ingyne to superstitioun, the dregges of
idolatrie yit remanis in diners pairtis of the realme, be vsing of pilgramage to
sum chapellis, wellis, croces, and sic vther monumentis of idolatrie ; as also, be
obseruing of the festuall dayis of the santes, sumtyme namit their patronis, in
setting furth of bain fyris, singing of caroles within and about kirkis at certane
seasones of the yeir, and obseruing of sic vtheris superstitious and papisticall

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