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studies of his or her grade, which shall be determined by the Principal of the
school, according to the required standard as fixed from year to year. In
making out the percentage of the pupils of the various grades, each of the sub-
jects belonging to the English Department shall be separately counted as one;
Music apd Drawing each as one ; and the German in the District and Inter-
mediate Schools in its aggregate, also as one. If at any time it may be neces-
sary to transfer classes, it may be done as above, by giving previous written no-
tice to the Superintendent.

204. No pupil in the Public Schools shall be allowed to discontinue any study
during the school year, except in cases of disability, such disability to be deter-
mined by the Principal and Local Trustees.

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205. In Music there shall be four examinations in each school year, as fol-
lows : At the expiration of the first and third quarters, written examinations
by the respective teachers of Music, the questions prepared by the Music
teachers to be submitted to the Committee on Music for their approval. At the
expiration of the second and fourth quarters, oral and written examinations
combined, under the immediate supervision of the Committee on Music.

206. In Penmanship, semi-annual examinations shall be had in all the
grades, the same as in other studies, by the Superintendent.


207. The hours of tuition and study, from the opening of the schools in Sep-
tember, to the first day of April following, shall be from 9 o'clock A. M. to 12
o'clock M., with 15 minutes recess, and from IJ to 4i o'clock P. M., with 15 min-
utes recess ; and the remainder of the year, from 9 o'clock A. M. to 12 o'clock
M., and from 2 to 5 o'clock P. M., with 15 minutes recess each.*

208. For the better guarding of the health of the pupils of Grades F, G, and
H. from injury, by too long confinement in their school rooms, there shall be
allowed to the pupils of these grades, at the close of every recitation, the space
of five minutes for calisthenic exercise in the room, during which time the
room shall be well ventilated, and the recitations shall be shortened for this


209. The books used and the studies pursued in all the Common Schools shall
be such, and such only, as are authorized by the Board, and no pupil will be
suffered to continue in school unless^, furnished with the required books and '
stationery, except by permission of the Local Trustee^.

210. Fifty copies of every book, atlas, or other production, and six copies
of every extended map, sought by any author, publisher, or agent, to be intro-
duced into the Common Schools, must be donated to the Board, before the
same shall be referred to the Text-book Committee ; and all such presentations
shall lie on the table one month, for examination, before the final action of the

211. Whenever any new text-book is adopted by the Board, to the exclusion
of another, already in use, it shall be obligatory on the publisher or his agent
to exchange the former, for the period of two months, without cost to those
pupils who have been provided with the latter, an4 it shall be the duty of the
Principals to see that this condition is fulfilled.


212 Whenever one hundred pupils in the Intermediate Schools signif^^ their

<*In the 17th, 18th, 2Ut, 22d, 23d, 24th aud 25th Districts, the afternoou session is from l}^
to 4)^ P. M., daring the entire school year.

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wish to receive Instruction in the German language, a German Department
shall be opened for the same.

213. In all Districts where instruction in ' the German language is given, the
pupils being divided into grades in the English Department, the following di-
vision and course of study shall be pursued :

214. In grades G and D, all pupils whose parents or guardians desire them
to study German, shall attend the teacher of German for that department, one
hour, each day, which time may be so divided as to suit the classification, for
the purpose of reciting their lessons.

215. In grades E, F, G, and H, all pupils whose parents or guardians desire
them to study German, shall, without separating or distinguishing between those
of German and American parentage, be placed alike under the tuition of a Ger-
man, in conjunction with a teacher of English, of the same Grades, one-half
day each — pupils or teachers changing rooms or positions as the Principal may

* 216. All instructors of German in the District Schools shall give instruction
in German only, except in translation, music, and drawing.


217. Penmanship shall be taught in all the Grades of the District and Inter-
mediate Schools, by each teacher in his or her own room under the direction and
supervision of the Superintendent of Penmanship, or in his absence by the
Assistant teachers in that branch ; and not less than two set lessons per week
shall be given in Penmanship, in addition to the dictation lessons and the inci-

. dental instruction given while reciting in other branches.

218. One dictation lesson of fifteen minutes shall be given each week in
every District and Intermediate School by the teacher of Penmanship, or by
the teacher of each room, respectively.

219. The percentage in writing shall be determined by a system of marking,
to be predicated, not only on the goodness of the form of the letters, but also on
the general correctness as to the use of capital letters, the cleanliness of the
books, proper division of words, punctuation, and general correctness of appear-
ance; and said percentage shall be counted with the other studies as a means
of advance to the higher grades, both in the District and Intermediate


220. The teachers in each room of the Intermediate and District Schools
shall give a lesson, every session of their school, in Gymnastics or Calisthenics,
of not less than five nor more than ten minutes — the time of the lesson to be
fixed by the programme of the Principal iii each house.

221. It shall be the duty of each teacher to be present and assist the teacher
of gymnastics in his rcfgular instructions.

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222. The female teachers in grades F, G, and H, shall give instruction in
gymnastics in their respective rooms.

223. Bings and dumb bells shall be used in all the grades of the Intermediate

224. Pupils who from disease or physical defect do not desire to take part in
any of the gymnastic exercises in the Common Schools, shall be excused there-
from, upon presenting to the Principal of the school a certificate to said effect
from a physician.


225. There shall be established from time to time such number of Night
Schools (District and High) as the Board may determine.

226. Such Night Schools as may be established, shall be opened for the pur-
pose of instruction on the first Monday eyening in Noyember, in each year, and
shall continue until the first day of March succeeding, having vacation during
Christmas holidays.


227. The holidays shall be every Saturday, Christmas to New Year's, inclu-
sive, Twenty-second day of February, and all Thanksgiving and Fast Days
authorized by the State or General Government; and whenever a holiday shall
fall on Thursday, the school shall not open on the following Friday.

228. The annual vacation shall be from the last Friday in June to the first
Monday in September, with the exception of one week devoted to Teachers'
Normal Institute.

229. No school shall be dismissed on any other day except by special permis-
sion of the Board.

230. Local Trustees shall have authority to dismiss their respective schools,
or any portion of the same, upon the death of either a Trustee or Teacher of said
schools, for the purpose of attending the funeral ceremonies.


231. No building owned and occupied by the Common Schools shall be used,
leased, or rented for any other purpose whatever.


232. All school-houses shall be opened for the reception of pupils, at least one-
half hour before the time fixed for the opening of school ; and it shall be the
duty of Principals to be present at their respective buildings and give their per-
sonal attention to the conduct of pupils thus admitted.


233. Proprietors or agents of public exhibitions, desiring the attendance of


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pnpils from the Common Schools, are prohibited from causing said exhibitions
to be published in the schools, without consent of the Board.

234. No notices of exhibitions or other entertainments, or of books or articles
for sale, or of any matter not pertaining to the schools, shall be given in any
school without permission of the Board.


235. Teachers are required, for the preservation of the health of themselves
and pupils, to give particular attention to the ventilating and warming of their
rooms, and always to ventilate, except in summer, by lowering the upper sash
of the windows, and on no account to suffer the children to sit in draughts of
cold, air ; and, as a general rule to cause all the windows to be opened for the
f^ee admission of air at recess, and at no time to raise the temperature of the
room higher than 65 degrees Fahrenheit.


236. These shall be the only Regulations of the Schools, and shall remain in
force until duly amended, repealed, or suspended.

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1. The Secreiarjy or in case of yacancj the President, shall call the mem-
bers together on the second Monday in July of each year at 4 P. M., at
which meeting, or at some adjournment thereof, there shall be elected, by
ballot, a President, Vice-President, and Secretary, to serve during the cur-
rent school year, a majority of all the members of the Board being necessary
to a choice.

2. The President, or in his absence the Vice-President, shall preside at the
meetings of the Board ; call extra meetings when deemed necessary, or when
requested in writing, by three members. He shall appoint, immediately after
the organization, the following Committees, yis.:

On Text-books, Course of Study, Libraries and Apparatus. ..five members.

On Examination of Schools, Graduates, and for Medals three members.

On Printed Questions and Admissions three members.

On Discipline three members.

On Buildings and Repairs three members.

On Furniture three members.

On Salaries three members.

On Claims three members.

On Fuel and Supplies three members.

On Woodward School President ex-ojffleio., and four members.

On Hughes School President ex-officio^ and four members.

8. The Secretary shall keep a complete record of the proceedings of the
Board, and an index of the same, notify the members, in writing, of all regu-
lar, special, and adjourned meetings of the Board and of Committees ; report
to the Board at the last regular meeting in June the number of meetings
of the Board that each member has attended during the year, and report,
on same date, to the Board of Education, the attendance of the delegates

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from that body, and perform such other duties as the Board may from time to
time require.

4. The regular meetings of the Board shall be at 4 P. M. on the bill-days of
the Board of Education, and the order of business shall be as follows:

I. Roll call.
II. Reading the minutes of last meeting.

III. Reading communications addressed to the Board.

IV. Reports of the Principals of the schools.
y. Reports of Committees.

VI. Unfinished business.
VII. New and miscellaneous business.

5. A majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for busi-
ness, but a minority may approve bills for salaries, which, when signed by seven
members, shall be submitted by the Secretary to the Board of Education for con-
firmation. A minority may adjourn to a specified time.

6. Any change in the Course of Study, or Text-books, shall require an afiBrm-
atlye vote of a majority of the whole Board.

7. The schoolyear shall commence on the first day of July, and close on the
last day of June of each year. The first session of the schools shall commence
on the first Monday in September, and end on the Friday preceding the first
Monday in February; and the second session shall commence on the first Mon-
day in February, and close on the last Friday in June.

8. The regular time of appointing teachers shall be at the first meeting of the
Board in June of each year.

9. The schools shall open at 8^ A. M., and close at 1} P. M., and the regular
teachers shall be in their school rooms five minutes before the time for opening
the school, and shall not leave the premises during the session.

10. No teacher shall be allowed to be absent from any session of the school
(except in case of personal sickness) without the consent of a majority of the
Committee of the House in which the teacher desiring to be absent, is employed,
and in all cases of abseoce the absentee shall forfeit therefor pay for the time
so lost, unless the Board otherwise orders.

11. The holidays shall be every Saturday, Christmas to New Year's day in-
clusive, TwentyHsecond day of February, and all Thanksgiving and Fast Days
authorized by the State and General Government, and such additional holidays
as are authorized by the Board of Education.

12. The standard for admission and graduation, and the award of medals
and prizes, shall be determined by the Board, but the awards shall be made
from the result of the special examination, added to the teacher's record, di-
vided by two.

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18. The Principals of the High Schools shall make an annual report to the
Union Board, giying a history of the year's work. In this report, in addition
to such matter as may pertain to their office, they may make such suggestions
in reference to the Course of Study, Classification, and Discipline, as will, in
their judgment, be of interest to the Board, and of adyantage to the schools.
They shall make a monthly report of the attendance and absence of pupils and
teachers, according to blanks adopted by the Board, and to be furnished by the

14. Any addition to or amendment of these rules, or any one of them, except
number six, which may be changed at any meeting by a majority of the whole
Board, shall lie oyer one meeting, unless by a unanimous yote of the members

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8.COKD.] reguijAtions op board of examiners. 261



JOHN HANCOCK, President Term Ending April, 1876.



L. W. GOSS.^



The Board consists of soTen members, four of whom constitute a quorum at
any regular and called meetings.

The regular meetings are held at the office of Public Schools, on the second
Thursday of each month at 2 o'clock, P. M. Extra meetings may be called by
any three members of the Board, who, in signing the call for such meeting, are
understood as pledging themselves to attend it.

The Board grants two grades of Certificates, denominated, respectiyely, Male
Principal's Certificates and Female Assistant's Certificates.
Candidates for a Male Principal's Certificate are examined in
Theory and Practice of Teaching, Geography,

Spelling and Definitions, Mental Arithmetic,

Reading, Written Arithmetic,

Grammar, *Algebra,

Pennmanship, * Geometry,

History of Literature, *A8tronomy,

Ancient and Modern History, Natural Philosophy,

American History, ^Chemistry,

Constitution of the United States, Anatomy and Physiology.

Candidates for a Female Assistant's Certificate are examined in the same
branches with the exception of those marked with an asterisk.

Male candidates for positions in the High Schools will be examined in addi-
tion to the abore, in such branches as they may be required to teach ; female

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candidates for sach positions will be examined, in addition to the subjects desig-
nated, in Algebra and Chemistry, and also in such other branches as they may
be required to teach.

Real equivalents will be taken for any or all of the last six branches in the
foregoing list, at the discretion of the Board. Candidates yrishing to avail
themselves of this rule, must, at the time of filing their application for exam-
ination, state the equivalents they intend to offer. No equivalent, however,
will be accepted for any branch which the candidate may be required to teach.

The number opposite to each branch in the column on the right of the list of
the studies on the certificate issued, measures the result of the examination, ten
being the maximum. Less than seven, in either English Grammar, Geography,
Mental Arithmetic, or Written Arithme*tic, is a failure. Certificates are valued
as follows: For an average of seventy per cent, of correct answers, one year ;
eighty per cent, three years; ninety per cent., five years.

No certificates shall be issued without an aveftage of seventy per cent, of the
full number of marks.

The Board will grant no certificate to any candidate who entirely fails in any
branch of study in which an examination is required.

A record of the character of the examination of each individual is preserved
in a volume for the use of the Board of Education.

Candidates who have not taught'in the Common Schools of Cincinnati, must
leave with the Clerk of the Board, at least three days before the monthly meet-
ing, a certificate of good moral character, together with a declaration that they
are eighteen years of age (or seventeen, if graduates from the High Schools, or
with similar attainments), and that they design to teach in the Public Schools of
Cincinnati, if found qualified. Candidates are requested to leave their address,
and a statement of any experience they may have had in teaching.

Candidates shall be examined in the absence of all spectators, save the mem-
bers of the Board of Education.

Candidates shall not be examined who are not present, punctually, at the ap-
pointed hour. No candidate who has failed shall be admitted to a second exam-
ination till after the expiration of six months.

The Board will issue special certificates for teachers of Night Schools. Can-
didates for these certificates will be examined only in the branches re-
quired under the State law, and such other branches as they may be re-
quired to teach. Candidates who are in possession of an expired certificate
from the Cincinnati Board of Examiners, which was valid for three years or
more, shall have such certificates renewed for Night Schools, to be valid for the
same term of years, and all numbers to be transferred with the exception of
those below seven^ in which the candidates must be re-examined.


Any candidate for re-examination employed in the city schools shall file with
the Clerk of the Board an application for such re-examination, at the regular

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Skcoio).] regulations OF BOARD OF EXAMINERS. 263

meeting four months preceding that at which the candidate proposes to be ex-
amined. Principals desiring to be examined shall gire six months' notice.

The Board, exclusive of its President, shall be divided into Committees of two
members each, which committees shall perform their duties in rotation, and
serve for a term of two months. It shall be the duty of each Committee, during
its term of service, to visit the schools of candidates for re-examination, for the
purpose of examining and reporting upon the general management of their
schools and their methods of instruction, From the certificate last granted by
the Board, and the report of the Visiting Committee, the Board shall determine
the character of the re-examination to be required of each applicant, and the
candidate shall be notified thereof two months previous to the time of such ex-
amination ; Provided^ that candidates shall be required to undergo an examina-
tion in all those branches in which they are marked less than teven.

The grade of certificate shall be determinei by the average of the candidate
in all the branches required, including Theory and Practice of Teaching ; Pro-
vided^ that no candidate shall receive a certificate for five years who shall fall
below nine in "Theory and Practice,'' nor for three years if the candidate fall
below eight in the same subject; and Providedy further, that no certificate shall
issue to a candidate falling below seven in "Theory and Practice."

No candidate shall receive a one year's certificate more than twice.

All German teachers who have been employed in our schools for three years or
more shall be examined in Bnglish in Grammar, Reading, Spelling, and De-

Communications to the Board must be left with the Clerk at the Office of Pub-
lic Schools, between the hours of 9 A. M. and 12 M., and between the hours of
1 and 4 P. M.

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The Classification and Conrse of Study shall be equal and nniform through-
out the schools, and for that purpose every District School shall be divided
into five Grades, to be designated by the letters D, E, F, G, and H, and the
Intermediate Schools into three Grades, to be designated by the letters A, B,

The Grades are arranged to correspond to the first eight years of school at-

Each Grade, male and female, may be divided into as many sections as the
number of pupils in the Grade shall warrant. The sections in each, from the
highest to the lowest, shall be divided and numbered according to the profi-
ciency of the pupils of the Grade. No teacher in any of the regularly or-
ganized schools shall have more than two sections under his or her charge, to
instruct in all their studies, unless the school is so small it can not be other-
wise arranged.

It shall be the duty of the Superintendent, with the co-operation of the Prin-
cipals of the schools, to enforce the following classification uniformly. The
grading, course of study, and text-books prescribed, shall be strictly adhered
to, and no other studies or text-books shall be introduced, nor shall any pupil
be required to provide or be permitted to use any other books than those herein

The course of instruction in those subjects, the outline of which is not fixed
by authorized text-books, shall be defined by a syllabus, to be prescribed by the
Superintendent, with the advice of the Committee on Course of Study.

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Tire opening exercises in every Department shall commence by reading a
portion of the Bible, by or under the direction of the teacher, and appropriate
singing by the pupils.

The pupils of the Common Schools may read such version of the Sacred
Scriptures as their parents or guardians may prefer, provided that such prefer-
ence of any version, except the one now in use, be communicated by the parents
or guardians to the Principal Teachers, and that no notes or marginal readings
be read in the schools, or comments made by the teachers on the text of any
version that is or may be introduced.*

The several grades above named shall pursue the course of study and use the
text-books prescribed as follows :




Elements of Beading; Writing; Arithmetic; Singing; Grammar; Object
Lessons ; Drawing ; and German, when desired by parents.

Mason's Music Charts ; Uniform Slates ; Knell and Jones' Phonic Beader.
This is a Grade for oral and blackboard instruction ; and the teacher is ex-
pected to use the blackboard, and such cards for instruction, in the elements of
Beading, and such charts for teaching Object Lessons, as are provided by the
" Board.

* The following resolutions were adopted November 1, 1869, and the Board of Education was
enjoined by the Superior Court of Cincinnati from enforcing^ them. The matter is now before

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