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FRED. MAAG, Directing Superintendent

CHARLES HERRMANN, . Division Superintendent

JOHN BLANKENBUEHLER, . Division Superintendent

T. W. DALY, Ass't Sup't 1st District

P. J. FOLLMER, .... Ass't Sup't 2d District

THOMAS NEGUS, Ass't Sup't 3d District

JOHN ZINK, Ass't Sup't 4th District

WM. SHEPERS, Ass't Sup't 5th District

THOS. J. MYERS, . , . Ass't Sup't 6th District

JOSEPH COONS, Ass*t Sup't 7th District

ERNST KRUCKEMEYER, Ass't Sup't 8th District

J. H. STUEVE, Foreman Sweepers


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Street -Cleaning Department.

Cincinnati, December 31, 1901.

To the Honorable Board of Public Service :

Gentlemen, —

In compliance with the rules of your honorable
board, the Annual Report of the Street-Cleaning Department
for the year 1901 is herewith respectfully submitted.

The amount appropriated for street-cleaning purposes
for the year was as follows :

For salaries and wages 199,000 00

For feed, horses, and miscellaneous supplies . . . 36,000 00

$235,000 00


For salaries and wages i97>779 71

For feed, horses, and miscellaneous supplies . . . 35>538 96

$233>368 67

The department during the past year has kept up with
the times in more than one way.

First — The inauguration of the ** White-wing" system, to
the number of forty men, with white duck uniforms, brown
helmets, small hand-carts, and cans, in the following terri-
tory : Broadway to Central Avenue and Fourth Street to
Canal ; one at Pearl and Butler streets ; one at Third Street

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1044 Annual Report

and Central Avenue ; one at Fifth and Baymiller streets ;
one at Court Street and Broadway ; one at McMillan Street
and Gilbert Avenue. The result has been more than satis-
factory. They also demonstrated their good work during
the last Fall - Festival parades, and is practically the only
solution of keeping streets perfectly clean.

Second — The adoption of the system of six days work per
week has brought about a feeling among the employees of
the department to such an extent that each and every one
takes a self-interest in his work, and thereby has brought
the department up to a higher standard of efficiency, so that
we were able during the high water of last April to have the
entire flooded district cleaned, as fast as the water receded,
in less than four days without any additional expense.

The working of the department has been conducted on
strictly business principles in all its branches, as will be
shown by the following statements.

Expenditure for feed, horses, and miscellaneous suppHes
compared with 1900 :

leoo 1001

Feed i5>572 06 i7»3S7 23

Horses 2,045 00 2,431 00

Mules 275 00 3,020 00

Reed and bamboo 2,999 09 1,008 56

New roof on stables at Cumminsville '53 5°

Painting and repairing roof of stable at Linn

and Liberty streets 220 90

New heating furnace in stables at Linn and

Liberty streets 100 00

"White-wing" outfit — Carts, cans, scoops,

and bi^ooms S96 00

Rent, wagons, and miscellaneous supplies . 10,903 79 10,592 67

$32,015 84 $35,588 96

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Street - Cleaning Department 1045

A comparison of the cost of sweeping-machine brooms
by substituting bamboo for reed, the expenditure for the
year igcx) was $2,999.Q9, while in 1901 the expenditure was
$1,008.56, a saving of $1,990.53, and in labor $450, or a
total of $2,440.53.

By the building of the " White-wing " carts at the City
Stables there was also a saving of $500.

In the expenditure for feed and material the large in-
creased cost of feed and horses was not looked for ; yet the
department in the above items closed the year without any

The following table shows the amount of dirt, ashes,
etc., hauled for year 1901 :

Dirt Number of loads 56,537

Ashes ** ** 144,836

Garbage ** ** 2,867

Catch-basin dirt .... ** ** 12,047

Snow " '* 3,372


The following statement shows the number of wagons,
harness, sweeping machines, brooms, etc., made at the shops
of the stables at Linn and Liberty streets :

leoo leoi

One-horse wagons 3 8

Two-horse wagons 13 14 .

Sweeping machines 7

Sets single harness 3 5

Sets double harness 3 8

Horse-covers 65 55

Wagon-covers 24 46

Sweeping-machine brooms .... 171 132

Hand brooms 1,498 2,032

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1046 Annual Report

The horses, wagons, harness, and sweeping machines
are all in first-class condition, with the exception of the
sprinkling wagons, which will have, to be repaired and
painted, and two new ones purchased.

The following constitutes the regular force of the Street*
Cleaning Department :

1 Directing superintendent ;

2 Division superintendents ;
8 Assistant superintendents ;
I Clerk;

8 Foremen ;

I Stable foreman, Linn and Liberty streets ;

1 Stable foreman, Walnut Hills ;

2 Sewer foremen ;

I Sweeper foreman ;

1 Watchman, Linn and Liberty streets ;

5 Blacksmiths ;

3 Horseshoers ;

3 Wagonmakers ;

2 Harnessmakers ;
I Broommaker ;

I Chief stable hand ;

3 Feeders ;

I Cellar hand ;

1 Ofiice cleaner ;
ID Sweeper drivers ;

3 Sprinkler drivers ;

39 Single wagon drivers (ash and dirt) ;
47 Double wagon drivers (ash and dirt) ;

4 Double wagon drivers (catch-basin) ;

2 Culvert hands ;
86 Helpers;

74 Scrapers ;

6 Dumpmeu ;

1 2 Catch-basin hands ;

40 *' White-wings '\

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Street - Cleaning Department 1047

MeansLof transportation on hand December 31, 1901 :
133 Horses;
59 Mules ;

2 Buggies;
44 One-horse wagons (ash and dirt) ;

61 Two-horse wagons (ash and dirt) ;
5 Spring wagons ;

13 Sweeping machines ;
2 Sets buggy harness ;

62 Sets double harness ;

49 Sets single harness ;

5 Two-horse sprinklers ;

50 "White-wing'' carts;
170 Horse-covers;

I Iron cart ;
And sundry blankets, whips, extra collars, etc.

At the office of the City Stables there is kept a record
of all purchases made for the department, of the time of all
men employed, of streets and alleys cleaned, and of the
number of loads of dirt, ashes, garbage, and snow hauled
up to date.

In the management of the business intrusted to me I have
had the constant advice and support of the chairman of the
department, Hon. W. C. Johnson, and whatever success has
been achieved is due to his cooperation.

I take pleasure in acknowledging the fidelity and industry
of the division superintendents, Mr. Charles Herrmann and
Mr. John Blankenbuehler ; of the clerk, Mr. Charles H.
Aldinger ; and all other employees in the department.

In conclusion, I return my sincere thanks to your honor-
able Board for the uniform confidence and support extended
to this department. Respectfully submitted,

Directing Superintendent.

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To the Honorable Board of Ptiblic Service^ Cincinnati^ O, :
Gentlemen, —

I have the honor to submit herewith the
annual report of receipts and expenditures of the Park
Department for the year 1901, and also a general review
of the work done in the parks under your direction.

As stated in former reports, the work has been principally
in the maintenace of the parks as they- are, and keeping up
the necessary repairs. The parks at the present date are in
a fair condition all through, with the exception of the neces-
sary wear and tear on some of the buildings, which were old,
and which it will be necessary to replace at an early date.

There has been no increase whatever in park area, though
each succeeding year shows that the city of Cincinnati is
still far behind other first -class cities in park land ; but with
our limited funds it takes very close work and economical
management to keep matters in good shape, and make such
improvements as have been made in the different parks.

In Eden Park the work done will be dwelt on more fully
under the head of **Eden Park." Burnet Woods has been

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1052 Annual Report

kept up as usual. The loss of old trees this year in all the
parks has been less than in former years, but on account
of the constant failing of the trees the recommendation of
former years for the establishment of a small nursery in
Burnet Woods to keep up the supplies for the park system
is more emphatically urged than ever before. Considerable
replanting has been done, but it necessitates the expendi-
ture of more funds than can be really spared from other
park work.

The attendance in all the parks becomes very much
greater each year, and the musical performances on Satur-
day and Sunday in Burnet Woods and Eden Park were
attended by the people more largely than was ever before

Considerable has been done in this park in

Cd^tl the way of new work, and from the general

PUf k criticism passed on this work it seems to have

been highly satisfactory. There is much to

be done here which can not be accomplished without a con-
siderably larger appropriation expressly for this purpose.

The new piece of fancy garden work with its fountain
and walks was largely visited, and was well kept up not-
withstanding the drought last summer, which was the worst
that has been known for the past twenty-five years.

The new work under way on Luray Avenue (for which
the park authorities, in connection with your Board, are
indebted to the citizens living on Luray Avenue for their
very handsome contribution — $i,ooo in cash) has been
brought very near to completion, and with the funds which
will be available early in the year from the new park appro-
priation we hope to finish the same. An additional sum has

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Park Department 1063

been promised from the residents facing the park to finish
the waterfalls and the lake which have been established on
this old baseball park. When finished there will be added
to the park nearly two thousand feet of additional roadway
for driving purposes, giving a magnificent view up and down
the river for miles, as well as across to the Kentucky hills,
which we can say without boasting is one of the most beau-
tiful views that can be found in any park system in the

The Cliff Drive, which will be a beautiful road when
finished, is still in an embr^^o state. The large concrete
bridge is suffering from want, of repairs, which must be
attended to this coming season or the bridge will be past
repairing. When the Cliff Drive is finished it will give the
park, with the new drive in the Luray- avenue addition,
nearly three quarters of a mile of new driveway. If the
coming legislature can be prevailed upon to furnish enough
money to finish this beautiful park as it should be, we could
boast of a very complete park, and one as beautiful as any
in the country.

There is very much need in Eden Park of a large show-
house in addition to the present greenhouse plant. The
plants which have been gathered from time to time under
the direction of this and former boards are now becoming
quite large, and make a very handsome collection. The
greenhouses were built originally for growing and not for
these large show -plants. The beauty of these plants can
only be brought out and appreciated by the public by having
a proper house to display them in. Very many of the plants
which are housed in the greenhouses at Eden Park, such as
palms, etc., are used for decorating the down-town parks,
and the better the care we give them while in the green-

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1054 Annual Report

houses, the better will be the display in the city parks when
they are distributed through them in the spring.

There was grown in the greenhouses last year, for plant-
ing in the different parks and for the new fancy garden
work, over 150,000 plants, at a cost, outside of the labor
and fuel, of a very nominal sum. By the addition of an-
other show-house, which need not be a very expensive affair,
mbre room can be given to bedding and other plants for
the down -town parks. The location of Eden Park being
so central, causes it to be more used than any of the large
parks, and on summer evenings one may always find a
multitude of people going to this park to enjoy the cool-
ing breezes and fresh air which they have here almost at
their homes.

The music-stand has been entirely rebuilt at quite a con-
siderable expense, as it was found, on attempting to repair
it, that with the exception of the outside walls ever>' thing
had to be built anew.

One of the attractions of Eden Park is the medicinal
spring located at the southwest comer of the reservoir. The
water has been analyzed by the city chemist, and found to
be perfectly pure, and with sufficient medical properties to
justify the fact that more than one hundred barrels of the
water are carried away daily by persons using it for numer-
ous bodily ailments, claiming that they are benefited greatly
thereby. This spring is in a very crude shape, having
simply a straw-shack, covering and an ordinar>' iron bucket
pump to lift the water. On Sundays and warm nights it
necessitates a large number of people waiting sometimes
from fifteen to twenty minutes before they can get close
enough to the spring to be served. During concerts on
Sundays two additional men have to be kept to pump water

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Park Department 1055

for the crowd of people who come there to drink. The
question of a new spring-house has been agitated several
times, plans having been drawn and estimates taken for the
erection of the same, but so far no positive action has been
had. It is to be hoped that the legislature will allow the
Park Department enough money for the improvements so
badly needed, including enough for a handsome spring-
house. Another spring with the same medicinal properties
is located on Kemper Lane, in the eastern end of the park.
It is on the roadside of Kemper Lane, and the overflow from
this spring, instead of being utilized, is allowed to run into
the sewer and waste away.

The slopes fronting on several of the main roads in the
park have never been brought to the proper grade since the
park was established, and the openings made from time to
time for the laying of water-pipes and sewerage have left a
number of very bad and ugly ruts, which will necessitate the
regrading of the entire slopes, and some additional planting
to keep the shrubbery and earth from sliding. This work
is more than can be done by the regular park force, and will
come under the head of necessary expenditures, should funds
be allowed for that purpose.

More seating accommodations are necessary in Eden Park
for the people who come to enjoy the outdoor concerts under
the Schmidlapp Eden Park Concert Fund, as at times the
grass is not in the proper condition for seating, and when it
is damp and soft after rains it is best not to have it walked
on too much. The concerts this year under the above-named
fund were very much of a success, both the classical and the
popular music, and the very large number in attendance
every Sunday shows that they were fully appreciated.

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1056 Annual Report

The cement walk asked for in former reports is again
asked for in this, as cinder paths in dry weather are very
disagreeable to walk on, especially to ladies.

A very considerable amount of retaining-wall has been
built on both sides of the cement bridge, and finished with
artistic columns, having been built almost wholly of stone
quarried in the park. It is the intention the coming spring
to cover this wall with vines, so as to make the entrance
very handsome.

Coming to the rough hillside facing Gilbert Avenue, it
still remains as it has for the past twelve years — very rough
and unsightly. This property, being under the control of
the Art Museum Directors, who seem very loth to do any
thing in the way of improvements — and in fact have done
nothing whatever — is still an eyesore to the entire park, as
the thousands of people who pass up and down each day on
Gilbert Avenue and take this to be a part of Eden Park,
while it is really Art-Museum property, will testify. A con-
ference was had by your Board with the President of the
Art Museum Association, but up to the present time nothing
satisfactory has been arrived at ; but it is to be hoped that
before spring some arrangement can be made with the Art
Museum Trustees whereby some kind of a transfer to the
city of such of the property as they are not now using, and
never will use for building purposes, can be made. The
President of the Art Museum Association informed your
Board that he considered the rough, sliding hillside as one
of nature's beauty spots. Of course the question as to
whether it is a place of beauty or not is open to criticism.
Could this unused property be retransferred to the city under
condition that if at any time in the future the Art Museum
should need it for museum purposes or new buildings it

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Park Department 1057

could be returned, and in the mean time a series of terraces
and handsome steps arranged to make the entire unsightly
slope a picture in landscape work, with the Museum to
crown the whole thing?

The strip of ground on the west side of Gilbert Avenue,
by means of constant work during this* summer and fall, has
now been brought to the proper grade by filling in some six
thousand loads of earth, and will be planted this spring with
flower-beds, trees, shrubbery, etc., and cements walks will
then have to be laid on that side of Gilbert Avenue. This
will make a beautiful addition to the park, and when planted
and finished it will no doubt be very much admired and
used, as it is under the direct view of thousands who pass
up and down the avenue. The cost of filling this park has
been only nominal, as, with the exception of one hundred
and fifty loads of earth, all material has been brought there
without cost.

In the report of last year the question of defining the
boundary-lines in Eden Park, from Luray Avenue down to
Gilbert Avenue, was brought to your attention, and is still
open. Preservance of the integrity of the park -lines is abso-
lutely necessary, and this wall should be built at as early a
date as possible, as the people living in the flat-buildings
which are built up almost to the park-line use that part
of the park in front of their buildings for all purposes, in
many instances running over the grass and shrubbery
with wagons and vehicles of all kinds to get backward and
forward to these apartment buildings. As before stated,
suflBcient stone can be found in the park where grading is
necessary to build this entire wall, but our park force is not
suflBcient to do the work, and it will have to be built by

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1058 Annual Report

The sewerage system in the park is good ; the roads in
good condition ; and nothing has happened in the park this
year in the way of slides from storms or bad weather to do
any damage, and we may say that no accidents of any kind
have occurred, with the exception of one runaw^ay on account
of a horse being startled by an automobile.

While on the subject of automobiles, some legislation will
be necessary to regulate the speed of automobiles in the
parks where they are allowed to be used.

^This little park has been kept in its integrity,

I^OpMtlS and it is to be regretted that more of these

PUfk small parks can not be scattered through the

city ; but with the present closely-built blocks

it does not seem to be possible for more of them to be made
unless at great expense, which money could be used to better
advantage by taking under improvement pieces of land that
are out of the thickly-populated parts of the city. The
flower-beds and fountains have been kept up in good shape
and have been apparently enjoyed by the people.

" — -This part of the park system is exactly as the

Bllffl^t name (Burnet Woods) implies : a woods, and

moods nothing more ; and it is one of the most

beautiful pieces of woods in the vicinity

of Cincinnati.

As stated in former reports, the roads are in good con-
dition and the sewerage well arranged. There can not be
niuch more improvement here except on the Clifton-avenue
front, which should be brought to the proper surfaces and
grades, which will necessitate the expenditure of a consider-
able sum. A cement sidewalk has now become a necessity,
as the present plank walk is past repairing.

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Park Department 1069

The University has commenced work in grading their
front on Clifton Avenue, and it is to be hoped that the plans
they have submitted to your Board, and upon which they
are now working, will be an improvement to the University,
and bring the front of the University grounds up to a hand-
some grade. This, then, will more than ever necessitate
the city continuing the same grading and sloping north to
the northern entrance of the park. The University has
also graded in the past season the athletic grounds in one
of the hollows in the back of the University, and has also
erected additional buildings for a technical school on the
grounds. There is still much ground not utilized, and it
is hoped that the improvements which have been started
will be kept up.

It has become quite a proposition as to how to best bring
into the park system the piece of ground south of the Uni-
vesity line and Corry Street extended. The only feasible
plan seems to be the opening of a new roadway from Clifton
Avenue east on Corry, to circle around the ravine and hills,
and come out at Hopson and Molitor streets. This will
need a considerable expenditure of money, but will help to

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