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the same rule shall apply to all such hydrants that have not been used and
paid for during the past three months. And where there is no cistern on
the premises, and the hydrant or other fixture is or shall be out of use for
two years, the superintendent shall, in like manner, have power to cause
the ferrule to be drawn up at the expense of the owner or occupant of the

Sec. 6. — When Ferrule drawn and how reinserted. In all
cases where the water has been turned off for non - payment of water - rent,,
or by any other rule of the works, by order of any officer thereof, and found
on again, it shall be lawful for the superintendent (chief engineer) or
secretary (assessor) to cause the ferrule to be drawn, and it shall not be
reinserted until all back rents are paid up, and three dollars additional for
drawing and replacing ferrule. This section, and Section 4, shall not be so
construed as to affect new occupants of premises who are not indebted for
previous water-rents.

Sec. 7. — When Water not allowed on Premises. In all cases
^here there is a cistern on the line between two separate premises, so
situated that it can be filled from any hydrant or pipe connected with the

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1318 Annual Report

Waterworks, and liable to be used bj the occupants of both, the wtter shill
not be allowed on either, unless all families liable to use from such cistern
are paid for, or unless the party who may wish to have the water turned oo
shall nail a cover on such cistern, so as to satisfy the officers of the work<
that such cistern will not be filled with water fnom the works.

Skc. 8. — RequiRBMENTs OF Plumbers to do Business in connec-
tion WITH Water Department. On and after the first day of Januirr,
A. D. 1855, all plumbers wishing to do business, or obtain permits to make
attachments, enter hydrants, or to do any plumbing in connection with the
City Waterworks in the city of Cincinnati, shall, before receiving anr
permits so to do, file in the office of said City Waterworks their petition in
writing, giving the name of the firm and place of business, asking to con-
tinue or become, as the case may be, a plumber in connection with said
works, stating their willingness and consent to be governed in all respects
by the by-laws^ rules, and regulations of said works, passed by the Board
of Trustees or City Council (Board of Legislation) of the city of Cincin-
nati ; and every plumber shall be subject and conform to all and singular
the rules f regulations^ penalties^ and conditions herein or heretofore passed
by said Board of Trustees or City Council.

Sec. 9. — Streets, etc., not to be opened or Attachment made
WITHOUT CONSENT. No Street, lane or alley, or other public place shall
be opened, or pipes bored, or attachments made to any of the water-pipes
belonging to said city unless under the direction of or by the consent of the
Board of Trustees of the City Waterworks or their proper officer; nor shall
it be lawful for any |>erson or persons to enter and conduct water from said
pipe to any hydrant, bath, water - closet, plug, or for any other purpose
whatever, except in accordance with the written consent of the proper
officer of the works.

Sec. 10. — How Ferrule entered — Conditions therefor. No
ferrule shall be entered by any plumber or other person in any premises
where a ferrule has been previously inserted or water conveyed for the
purpose Qf giving an increased or additional supply, except in conformitr
with and subject to the rules and regulations of said works. Nor shall any
two ferrules be entered in any of the leading mains within the distance of
four feet from each other; nor shall any of the main pipes of the city abore
the inside diameter of ten inches be tapped for any purpose, except to make
connections with the other mains or for fire purposes ; nor shall any change
of ferrule be made to any premises where the use of water has previously
been had or obtained until the ferrule previously used shall have been
drawn, and the opening where such ferrule was previously inserted shall
have been securely stopped with a brass plug, at the expense of the partr
making the change.

Sec. ii. — Separate and distinct Stop-cocks for each Premises.
No plumber shall be permitted to enter pipe or conduct water into any two
distinct premises or tenements \iTi\e%% separate 9Si^ 6\%X\TicX stop-cocks ^^^
be placed on the outside of such premises, on the sidewalks or in the alley
opposite the^same, and also an additional mainstop on the sidewalks opposite
the ferrule.

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Waterworks Department 1319

Skc. 12. — Size of Ferrule to be determined before inserted.
No ferrule shall be inserted in any of the leading mains abpve the size of
five eighths of an inch inside diameter of opening, unless with the consent
of the chief executive officer of the works; and in all cases where ferrules
of a large size are asked for, permits shall only be granted to enter such
ferrules of extra size on condition that the parties procuring such grant
shall pay the expense of putting on a wrought-iron or brass band of proper
width, strength, and thickness, as determined upon by the engineer of the
works; the ferrule to be tapped into both the band and the main feeding-
pipe in such manner as fully to preserve the strength of the pipe.

Sec. 13. — Conditions under which Openings are made. In re-
moving the pavements for the purpose of inserting ferrules, making attach-
ments or repairs, the earthy stone, and gravel must "be deposited in such
manner as to guard against inconvenience to the public by obstructing
streets, alleys, or sidewalks ; nor shall the hole in any street be left open
during the night.

Sec. 14. — Plumbers shall make full and complete Returns.
All plumbers shall make full and complete returns of the uses for and to
which water is applied under any permit granted to enter any premises or
make any attachment with said Waterworks; said returns to be made by
the plumber doing the work within forty-eight hours after the completion
of said work ; nor shall the water be let on to any premises until full returns
are made by the plumber in accordance with all the rules and regulations
herein prescribed; and it shall be the duty of the hydrant surveyor to see
that this rule is strictly complied with in all respects. And plumbers, in
making such reports or returns of permits, shall make accurate and com-
plete measurement of the distance north, south, east, or west from the
corner of the nearest street running at right angles with the street, lane,
alley, or other public place from which such entry is made, the measurement
to be made in a direct line with the face or front of the houses on such
right-angled street. Said returns shall also state the name of the street
containing the pipe into which such entry has been made, and whether the
hydrant or other fixture enters on the north, south, east, or west side of the
same, the exact location of the stop-cock, and how far back of the stop-cock
such hydrant or fixture is placed; and every return must be full and com-
plete in every particular.

Sec. 15. — Plumbers not permitted to make Attachments to
old Pipe, etc., without Permit. No plumber or other person shall
make any attachments to an old pipe or other fixture which has been shut
off by the rules of the works, or is out of use, without first having obtained
a permit or reissue; nor shall any plumber or other person make any
alteration in any way of the conduit pipes or other fixtures attached
to the Waterworks, so as to conduct water Into adjoining premises,
vrithout a written permit so to do, signed by the proper officer of the

Sec. 16. — Hydrant not to be placed accessible to Persons
OCCUPYING neighboring PREMISES. No persou shall place a hydrant in
a front yard or common area of any premises so situated as to be accessible

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1320 Annual Report

to persons living in or occupying neighboring premises, and the water shall
not be allowec^ to pass such hydrant, or if turned on to any hydrant here-
after put in shall be shut oflT until such hydrant is removed to some anex-
posed place on said premises.

Sec. 17.— -Attachments, how made. All attachments made hy ferrule
or otherwise shall be made to main or feeding-pipes by the Waterworks
hands, under the supervision of the proper officer of the works, and all
ferrules and the cost of inserting the same shall be paid for by the plumber
in whose name the permit is issued.

Sec. 18. — Plumbers when making Repairs must give Written
Certificate. Plumbers making repairs to hydrants or other fixtures
attached to the Waterworks, in all cases where the water has been shut off
on account of a leak 'or other defects, shall give to the owner or occupant
of the premises a written certificate that such hydrant has been properlr
repaired, otherwise the water will not again be let on; and no plumber
shall, after making such repairs, or after putting in any new hydrant or
other attachment, leave the stop open and water on.

Sec. 19.— Service -pipe, strength of. All service-pipe of whatever
nature put down by plumbers and attached to the Waterworks shall be of a
strength equal to the standard adopted by the engineer of the works, which
standard shall be in accordance with the head of pressure on the main pipes
situated or laid down in the various levels within the city.

Sec. 20. — Plumbers making additional Attachment must report
change. Every plumber who shall make any attachment to any hjdrani
or other pipe, for the purpose of conducting water to any stable, bath,
water-closet, or for other additional use, shall report such change, in a
concise manner, to the secretary (assessor) of the Waterworks, in writing,
within ten days thereafter.

Sec. 21. — Penalties. Any plumber or other person who shall violate
the first, third, or sixteenth sections of this ordinance shall, upon conviction
before the Police Court, forfeit and pay a fine not exceeding five dollars nor
less than one dollar, with costs of prosecution ; and any plumber or other
person violating or failing to comply with the second, ninth, tenth, elev-
enth, thirteenth, fourteenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, or twentieth sections
of this ordinance shall, upon like conviction, forfeit and pay a fine not
exceeding thirty dollars nor less than three dollars, with costs of prosecu-
tion, and all damages that may accrue to the Waterworks by reason of such
violation or neglect.

AN OBDINANOE to abate a Nuisance upon the Waterworks Propert7-
(Passed January 12, 1859.)

Sec. I. — Unlawful to deposit Filth or commit Nuisance ox
Waterworks Grounds. Be it ordained^ etc.. That it shall be unlawful
for any person or persons to deposit any filth or commit any nuisance
whatever upon the ground set apart for the use of the Waterworks between
the Little Miami Railroad track and the river, or upon the grounds above
said property, for the distance of one thousand feet

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Waterworks Department 1321

Sec. 2 (as amended March 27, 1868). — Unlawful to kill Birds or
Animals, or mutilatr or injure Trees or Shrubs, on Water-
works Grounds. It shall also be uulawful for any person or persons to
shoot or otherwise kill any bird or animal in any of the grounds under the
control of the Trustees of the Waterworks, or to mutilate or in any way
injure any tree or shrub upon such grounds, or upon any property set apart
for the use of the Waterworks, or in any way injure said property or commit
any nuisance upon the same.

Sec. 3. — Duty of Watchman. It shall be the duty of the watchman
in the vicinity of said Waterworks property to see that this ordinance is
properly enforced; and any person violating either of the above sections
shall, upon conviction, forfeit and pay a fine not to exceed twenty dollars
and not less than two dollars, with cost of prosecution, and all damages that
may accrue from said violation.

AN OBDINANOB to restate the placing of Water - trouffhs in the
streets of the Oity of Oinoinnati. (Passed July 20, 1866.)

Sec. I. — Watering-troughs not to be placed in Streets with-
out Permit. Be it ordained^ etc. That it shall be unlawful for any person
to place hereafter within the limits of the streets of said city any water-
troughs without first having procured a permit so to do from the Board of
City Improvements, which permit may be given by said board upon the
applicant paying into the city treasury the sum of one dollar. Such troughs
already in the streets to be removed on or after the first day of September,
a. d. 1866, by the owners thereof, or at theii' expense, unless they shall
procure the above-prescribed permit

Sec. 2. — Penalty. Any person violating this ordinance shall be sub-
ject to a fine not exceeding twenty dollars nor less than one dollar, and the
cost of prosecution; and this ordinance to take effect from and after its

AN ORDINANCE to prevent the mineoessary waste of Water. (Passed
October 21, 1901.)

Be it ordained by the Board of Legislation of the City of Cincinnati :

Sec. I. That from and after the passage of this ordinance it shall be
unlawful for any person or persons within the corporate limits of the city
of Cincinnati to leave open any hydrant or faucet connected with the City
Waterworks, so as to allow the flow of water, when such water is not being
used or consumed by such person or persons.

Sec. 2. Any person or persons offending against the provision of Sec-
tion I hereof shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction for the
first offense shall be fined in a sum not more than five dollars, and upon
conviction for a second offense shall be fined in a sum not more than
twenty dollars.

Sec. 3. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after
the earliest period allowed by law.

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1322 Annual Report

By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, and Schedule

To be assessed and collected upon all Tenements and Premises snppUed
with water by the Cincinnati Waterworks Department, deemed neces-
sary for the safe, economical, and efficient management and protection
of said Department.

Resolved by the Board of City Affairs of the City of Cincinnati^ That
the following by-laws, rules and regulations, and schedule of water-rent*
to be assessed upon all tenements and premises supplied with water br the
Cincinnati Waterworks Department, be and the same are hereby adopted,
"the same being deemed necessary for the safe, economical, and efficient
management and protection of the Waterworks.

Sec. I. — Boundaries of Districts. In order to expedite the busine*-;
of the department in the making of the necessary surveys, etc., and the
collections of the water-rents, the city shall be divided into six districts,
the boundaries of which shall be as follows :

First District — Commencing at the Ohio River and Plum Street; Plum
Street to Liberty; Liberty to Section Street; thence on line of Liberty
Street extended to east line of Eden Park ; on said line of Eden Park to
Washington Street; on Washington Street to the Ohio River; along the
Ohio River to place of beginning.

Second District ^Coxnrhencing at Freeman Avenue and Ohio River;
Freeman Avenue to Miami Canal; along Miami Canal to Plum Street;
Plum Street to Ohio River ; along Ohio River to place of beginning.

Third District — Commencing at the extreme western corporation line
at Anderson's Ferry Road and the Ohio River; along western corporation
line to north corporation line (formerly north boundary line of the village
of Riverside), and with this irregular north corporation line to the western
corporation line at Sedamsville; thence along the western corporation line
to Queen-City" Avenue; Queen-City Avenue to C. W. & B. R. R.; alon§r
said railroad to Harrison Avenue ; Harrison Avenue to Miami Canal and
Freeman Avenue; Freeman Avenue to Ohio River; along Ohio River to
place of beginning.

Fourth District — Commencing at Queen -City Avenue and the west
corporation line, and following the corporation line with its many irregu-
larities to the Miami Canal; Miami Canal to Howell Avenue; Howell
Avenue to Clifton Avenue; Clifton Avenue to the Elm-street Inclined
Railroad, to McMicken Avenue, to Miami Canal and Freeman Avenue:
thence on Harrison Avenue to C. W. & B. R. R. ; along the railroad to
Queen-City Avenue; Queen-City Avenue to place of beginning. Also the
incorporated village of Winton Place.

Fifth District — Commencing at Liberty Street and Miami Canal;
Miami Canal to McMicken Avenue; McMicken Avenue to Elm -street
Inclined Railroad, to Clifton Avenue; Clifton Avenue to Howell Avenue;

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Waterworks Department 1323

Howell Avenue to Miami Canal, to northern corporation line; along
northern and eastern corporation line to Carthage Pike; Carthage Pike
to the north line of Section 14, or Ward 28; thence along north line of
Section 8, along the said line to Woodward Avenue; Woodward Avenue
to Avon Street; thence directly south to Melbourne Avenue; Melbourne
Avenue to Stanton Avenue; Stanton Avenue to McMillan Street; McMil-
lan Street to Gilbert Avenue; Gilbert Avenue to line of Liberty Street;
Liberty Street to place of beginning.

Sixth District — Commencing at Gilbert Avenue and line of Liberty
Street produced; Gilbert Avenue to McMillan Street; McMillan Street
to Stanton Avenue; Stanton Avenue to Melbourne Avenue; Melbourne
Avenue to a point directly south of Avon Street; thence north to Avon
and Woodward streets ; along Woodward and the north line of Section 8,
along this line to north line of Section 14 and Ward 28, along this line to
Carthage Pike; Carthage Pike to north corporation line; along north and
east corporation line to Ohio River; Ohio River to Washington Street;
Washington Street to east line of Eden Park; thence along said line of
Eden Parle to the line of Liberty Street produced, to Gilbert Avenue,
the place of beginning. Also the incorporated villages of Evanston and
Hyde Park.

Sec. 2. — Payment of Bills. All bills shall be due and payable in
such manner and at such times as follows :

For water-rents of any description, under survey rates, semi-annually,
in advance, viz.:

1st District, on the ist day of January and July.


February and August.


March and September.


April and October.


May and November.


June and December.

For water- rents of any description, under meter, elevator, or special
rates, on the tenth day of each month after presentation.

For work or material furnished or to be furnished, in advance if price
can be ascertained at the time of application. When price can not be
ascertained in advance, then on presentation either during the progress or
upon the completion of the work.

For repairing of stop- boxes, meters, indicators, or any other repairs, on

For laying or repairing hydrant branches (work to be done by Water-
works Department, consisting of requisite opening, ferrule attachment,
back-filling, and paving), in advance, at the time of application.

Sec. 3. — Bills, how presented and what Discount allowed for
PROMPT Payments. The six months' water-rent bills under survey rates
shall be left at the premises where the water is used on or before the first
day of the month when due, and the monthly water-rent bills under meter,
elevator, or special rates, at the premises where the water is used on or
before the tenth day of each month. As a consideration for prompt pay-

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1324 Annual Report

ment, such bills, if paid and received at the Waterworks office prior to
eleven o'clock of the eleventh day from date when due, as provided in
Section 2, shall be entitled to a discount oifive per cent, and not otherwise.
(Amended January 7, 1898.)

Sec. 4. — How and when Complaints made as to correctness of
Bill. All persons regarding themselves overcharged can, by applying it
the Waterworks office on or within six days after the presentation of any
water bill, have their premises resurveyed, or meter or elevators examined
or reread; but all bills against which no complaints have been entered
within such time shall be taken and considered correct, and must be paid
without reduction, except the five per cent, as hereinbefore provided.

Sec. 5. — When Water turned off for non - payment. In all
cases of failure to pay the bills of the Water Department, of whatsoever
character, within fifteen days after the same are due and payable, a notice
of such delinquency shall be served, and if such bills are not paid within
five days after the presentation of such notice the supply shall t>e cut off,
and the flow not again restored until such bills are paid, together with a
penalty of two dollars and actual expense, if any, incurred by the Water
Department in cutting the street for the purpose of shutting off and restor-
ing the flow of water or any other purpose ; provided, however, that in no
case shall water be turned off, whether for non - payment of rent or anr
other cause, without previous notice has been given to one or more parties
using the same, in order to avoid damage to life or property by explosion.

Sec. 6. — Application for Water, how made and under what
CONDITIONS. All persons desiring to be supplied with city water, either
under survey, meter, elevator, or special rates, will be required to apply in
person for said water, before using same, at the Waterworks office; and if
they desire to be supplied under survey rates, shall pay at the time of soch
application the water-rent up to the time when the next regular six months'
water-rent bills become due; provided, however, that no water shall be
turned on to any premises which are indebted to the Water Department
for work done or material furnished until such indebtedness has been paid;
and provided further, that no person shall be supplied with water for anr
purpose whatsoever who is at the time of application for same indebted to
the Water Department for water previously supplied him or her until such
indebtedness shall have been paid.

Sec. 7. — Refunders, how issued. When premises are vacated thirtj
days or more before the expiration of the term for which the water-rent has
been paid a refunder will be issued for the unexpired time, provided that
personal application is made, and the last water-rent receipt is returned to
the Waterworks office. No water-rent, however, shall be refunded unlee
premises are entirely vacated.

Sec. 8. — Premises, how and by whom surveyed and examini^
The Water Department shall have the right to survey any or all premises
using city water at any time they may so desire to do, and for this purpoae
all surveyors, meter- and elevator- readers, or such other persons as may he
designated, shall, upon exhibiting the proper credentials or badges of ^
department, at reasonable hours, have free access to any or all such premises

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Waterworks Department 1325

using citj water, and when such access is refused the water shall be imme-
diately shut oiT, and not turned on again until the sum of two dollars has
been paid at the Waterworks office. The inspector or hydrant surveyor,
or such other person as may be designated, whose duty it is to inspect pipes
and other hydrant connections, shall also have permission to enter any
premises for such purpose, and the party who refuses permission shall be
liable to the same action and penalty as above set forth.

Sec. 9.~Rksponsibility for Premises. All premises accessible to
each other, except by street in front or public alley in rear, or which are
supplied by one service- pipe, shall be included in one bill, and some one
person shall become responsible for the payment of water-rent and proper
use of water.

Sec. io. — What constitute Abuses. A violation of either of the
following provisions shall be counted an abuse of the water privileges:

A, Using, permitting, or not preventing the use of water for any pur-
pose not specified in the bill of water-rent.

B, Sprinkling or washing sidewalks, lawns, etc., or for any other pur-
pose, between the hours of 8 a. m. and 5 p. m. from April ist to October ist,
or for using hose for sprinkling or washing sidewalks, lawns, etc., or
for any other purpose, between the hours of 10 a. m. and 2 p. m. between
the dates of October ist and April 1st, except where premises are supplied
with water through a meter.

C Sprinkling streets with wagon or cart contrary to the provisions

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