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ment of Cunningham Hall 60,000 00

Donation of Asa Van Wormer for the erection of the Van
Wormer Library, 100 shares of stock in the Cincinnati

Street Railway Company, par value 50,000 00

Donation of W. A. Procter of the Robert Clarke Library, esti-
mated at 50,00000

The David Sinton Endowment 100,000 00

Tax levy for 1901 67,254 46

Less sinking fund and interest on bonds 7)400 00

Net revenue from taxes for support of the Uni- ) ^ « 7

versity and Observatory / *

Which capitalized at 3 per cent represents an endowment of. i,99S»*4^ ^

Total endowment $3,382,586 01

The Jones Oratorical Prize Contest.

The annual contest for the Jones prize was held in the
auditorium of McMicken Hall, Burnet- Woods Park, on the
evening of April 19, 1901. There were three contestants-
Ernest R. Meyer, Jeannette Ware, and Louis B. Blakemore.
Ernest R. Meyer was awarded the prize by the committee of
citizens of Cincinnati, composed of Geo. S. Bailey, N. D. C
Hodges, and Rev. E. Trumbull Lee.

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University of Cincinnati 1421

Major Frank J. Jones has also founded a second prize in
oratory of twenty dollars, to be awarded to that member
of the Senior Class whose oration shall be adjudged to be
next to the best, and has permanently endowed this as well
as the first prize by conveying to the University a tract of
real estate, whose net income will perpetually provide the
revenue for both these prizes.

These prizes do much to stimulate earnest work in com-
position and oratory among the students of the Academic
Department, and Major Jones has rendered a great service
to education in spoken English by permanently endowing
these prizes.

Medical Department Commencement.

On the 7th of May, at the Pike Opera House, were held
the Commencement Exercises of the Medical Department
of the University.

The degree of Doctor of Medicine was conferred by Presi-
dent Howard Ayers upon the sixty-one young men whose
names follow :

Virgil Abel, Edmund Michael Baehr, Edward William Barton,
Ross G. Bazell, Tilden J. Beck, Michael Behrman, John Beneke,
Homer B'Hymer, J. P. Bishop, Thomas N. Braxtan, Jr., Euiil M.
Brudno, Edmund R. Burdsall, George S. Buttemiller, J. Asher
Caldwell, James L. Cannon, Alvin H. Carr, O. P. Coe, Charles H.
Corwin, Giles Mitchell Dickson, Eldon C. Garner, J. Allen
Gilbert, J. E. Hahn, Henri G. Halderman, Paul D. Hale,
Clyde W. Hodges, Albert E. Hussey, Frank Blair Kaylor,
Wm. L. Keller, Daniel F. Kindel, Clarence King, Llewellyn G.
Klepinger, Charles B. Kobert, H. C. Lloyd, J. Wilson Loughry,
William Edward Leever, Charles Richard McClure, John W.
McNamara, Otis Bush Mallow, William T. Matthews, C. C.
Metcalfe, Thos. J. Morgan, Chas. Herman Mueller, Samuel C.
Nieman, J. F. Ockuly, Francis Marion Oxley, Joseph Sant
Podesta, Ira J. Powell, John Ranly, Otis Ephraim Reynolds,
Joseph Winspear Ricker, L. H. Sander, Chas. Sauer, T. Gibson
Sellew, Clarence W. Shaw, Clement D. Smith, Ralph W.
Stanley, IL J. Stack, Harry W. Sullivan, Frederick C. Theiss,
William Fred. Vilter, Henry Lyhde Woodward, Jr.

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1422 Report of the Chairman

Academic and Law Departments.

The Commencement Exercises of the Academic and Law
departments were held together on the morning of the 25th
of June, 1 901, in the Auditorium of McMicken Hall, Burnet-
Woods Park.

Degrees in Arts and Science were conferred upon the
following seventy-seven young men and young women :

Bachelor of Laws — Mrs. J. HartweU CabeU, Robert Grosser,
Rutherford Hayes Cox, J. W. Curts, John Aloysius Dcasr.
Frank H. Freericks, Guido Gores, GeoflFrey Goldsmith, Mil-
ton Hurtig, Horace G. Horstman, Paul Renau Ingles, John

Louis Kohl, Lindsey, Charles Edwards McCirthy.

Edgar Garfield Millar, Dwight Steel Marfield, L. Lewis Mirks,
Benton S. Oppenheimer, Herman P. Richt, Jackson Wolcot:
Sparrow, Adam K. Strieker, Philemon B. Stanberry, Jr.,Georg«
Prichard Stimson, William Thomdyke.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineerings — Albert Edward Keller,
Robert Rudolph Panzer, Frederick Pfeflfer.

Bachelor of ^r/j— Jennie Sara Allgaier, Jay Carl Benekcr, Mat-
thew Henry Bentley, Jr., Oscar Berghausen, Louis Bonte
Blakemore, Jos. Blatt, Mabel Callahan, Mary Edith Campbcn,
William Gustavus Cramer, Emma Catherine CunninghisL
Henry Englander, Nellie Poyntz Ferry, Morris Marcus Fencr-
licht, Parker Hoysted Fillmore, Solomon Foster, Harry Shipley
Fry, Margery Gordon, Jennie May Haas, Edith Winifred
Harris, Emma Elizabeth Heisel, Josephine Freiberg Henle,
Smith Hickenlooper, Walter Reamy Hyman, Pliny Andrew
Johnston, Jacob Hyman Kaplan, Jennie Kinsella, Clifford
Spencer Lewis, Dolores Sophia Lietze, Ernest Richard Meyer,
Nellie Ainsworth Montgomery, Julian Morgenstem, Samuel
Chester Parker, Ruth Perkins Perry, Lora Rosalie RanlL
Abraham Benedict Rhine, Lizzie Rosenberg, Julia Louise
Sutor, Leon Volmer, Olive Sprague Wallace, Anna Jcannelte
Ware, Charlotte Wright Conferred December 21— Engeoe
Ewald Agger, Maurice Goldsmith, Eli Mayer, Emanuel Kah*
David Joseph Solomon.

Mechanical Engineering— OWy^x H. Schlemmer, Jr.

Master of ^r^5— Samuel Koch, Florence Mann, Hannah Belle

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University of Cincinnati 1423



C. W. Marx Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Chari«BS H. Judd Professor of Psychology and Pedagogy.

C. M. Hubbard Assistant Professor of Sociology.

Mary G. Gordon Instructor in English.

John T. Murray Instructor in English.

Homer Smith Instructor in English.

Robert Neai. Instructor in English.

EMEUE ESSE.BORN j ^"S^of WomeT'^^"^ ''""*""^" "'

George L. Hamii^ton Instructor in Romance Languages.

Claude H. Birdsbye Instructor in Physics.

J. E. Ives . Instructor in Physics.

H. C. BiDDLB Instructor in Chemistry.

J. T. Snell Instructor in Chemistry.

William Muhlberg Instructor in Physiology.

E. F. Alexander Instructor in Latin.

F. C. Lawler. Instructor in Mathematics.

Stephen E. Slocum Instructor in Applied Mathematics.

H. L. Cannon Instructor in History.

William Osborn Instructor in Biology.

E. B. Nichols Instructor in Romance Languages.

George Baur Instructor in German.

J. E. Hamilton Instructor in Modern Languages.

Austin B. Griggs Instructor in Civil Engineering.

H. S. Pratt Director of Physical Culture.

Mabel Halliday Instructor in Physical Culture.

P. B. Evens Mechanician.

Lelia a. Garvin Registrar.

Mrs. C. K. Dunbar Dean of Women.


Harriet E. Hodge Librarian.

Mary Thompson Head Cataloguer.

D. C. Sanford Shelf-list Assistant.

J. A. Carroll : Accession Assistant

M. BuDiNGToN Assistant Cataloguer.

Grace Goodale Assistant Cataloguer.

Edna L. Goss Assistant Cataloguer.

Ruth Woolman Assistant Cataloguer.

Gertrude Guthrie Assistant Cataloguer.

M. C. Bridgman Delivery Assistant

B. MclLVAiNE Stenographer.

Leonarda Goss Student Delivery Desk Clerk.

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1424 Report of the Chairman


H. F. Brbwbr Teacher of English and Physics.

S. C. ShipIvEY Teacher of Woodwork and Mathematics.

H. W. Hani,ey Teacher of Drawing and Mathematics.

R. Prombergkr Teacher of Machine- work and Forging.

C. A. Mathewson Teacher of Modern Languages and Biology.

H. Chester Parker Teacher of Chemistry and Modem Languages.


D. T. Wii^soN Instructor in Astronomy.


F. J. A. Davidson Professor of Romance Languages.

T^ rr c>.««^«^ ^ Ass't Professor of Mathematics and Mathe-

F. H. Safford I ^^^j^^ pi^yg.^3

Louis E. Bogen Instructor in Physics.

S. F. Sears Instructor in English.

Homer Smith Instructor in English.

A. T. Lincoln Instructor in Chemistry.

H. C. BiDDLE Instructor in Chemistry.

Emelie Esselborn . . . j ^ZrWomen. ^''°"""'^ Languages and D^u
LiLLA H. Hartmann. . . .Acting Librarian.

W. C. Benton Registrar.

Charlotte Wright . . . .D. A. R. Fellowshij) in American History.


Everett I. Yowell Instructor in Astronomy.


Edward Reemelin awarded the C. G. Comeg>'s Scholarship.
James B. O'Donnell awarded the C. G. Comegys Scholarship.


Charlotte Wright D. A. R. Fellow in American History,

Mabel Carpenter D. A. R. Fellow in American History.

. H. S. Fry Teaching Fellow in Chemistry.

E. E. Agger Teaching Fellow in Economics.

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University of Cincinnati 1426

The Medical Department

{The Medical College of Ohio,)


Howard Ayers, Ph. D., LL. D., President.

W. W. SEEI.Y, A. M., M. D., Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology and

P. S. Conner, M. D., LL. D., Dean, Professor of Surgery and Clinical

Samuei, Nicki^es, M. D., Emeritus Professor of Materia Medica and

Thad. a. Reamy, M. D., LL. D., Professor of Clinical Gynaecology.

Chauncey D. Pai^mer, M. D., Professor of Gynaecology and Clinical

Frederick Forchheimer, M. D., Professor of Theory and Practice of
Medicine and of Clinical Medicine.

Joseph Ransohoff, M. D., F. R. C. S., Professor of Anatomy and Clinical

James G. Hyndman, M. D., Secretary, Professor of Laryngology.

B. K. Rachford, M. D., Professor of Diseases of Children.

Ai,i,YN C. Pooi,E, A. M., M. D., Professor of Materia Medica and Thera-

E. Gustav Zinke, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Clinical Midwifery.

August Ravogi,i, A. M., M. D., Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology.

Stephen C. Ayres, A. M., M. D., Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology.

Ai«BERT V. Phelps, M. D., Adjunct Professor of Anatomy and Demon-
strator of Anatomy.

Chari«es L. BONIFIEI.D, M. D., Professor of Clinical Gynaecology.

WiLWAM H. Crane, B. S., M. D., Professor of Medical Chemistry and
Demonstrator of Chemistry.

Brooks F. Beebe, M. D., Professor of Mental Diseases.

Horace J. Whitacre, M. D., Professor of Pathology.

Wii^UAM MuHi«BERO, M. D., Professor of Physiology.


Judge John S. Conner, Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence.

James M. French, A. M., M. D., Lecturer on Medicine.

Phiup Zenner, a. M., M. D., and H. H. Hoppe, A. M., M. D., Lecturers

on Neurology.
Otis L. Cameron, M. D., and W. B. Weaver, M. D., Demonstrators of

Chari«es Seth Evans, B. S., M. D., Lecturer on Genito-Urinary Diseases.

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1426 Report of the Chairman

Jambs Wm. Rowe, A. B., M. D., Lecturer on Embryology and Demon-
strator of Histology.

J. E. Greiwe, a. B., M. D., Lecturer on Physical Diagnosis and Demon-
strator of Clinical Microscopy.

R. W. C. Francis, M. D., Demonstrator of Comparative Anatomy.

A. G. Drury, a. M., M. D., Lecturer on Hygiene.

E. O. Smith, M. D., Chief Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy.

W. E. Savage, M. D., Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy.

Wm. List, M. D., Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy.

E. Hari^an, M. D., Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy.

Marion Whitacre, M. D., Assistant Demonstrator of Pathology.

Wii«i«iAM MiTHOEPER, M. D., Assistant to the Chair of Anatomy.

assistants and cunicians.

Robert Carothers, M. D., and C. M. Paui,, M. D.. Assistants to the

Chair of Surgery.
James W. Rowe, A. B., M. D., Assistant to the Chair of Obstetrics.
A. Starr Ford, M. D., and Ai,i,en Ramsey, B. S., M. D., Assistants to

the Chair of Materia Medica.
Walter Forchheimer, A. B., M. D., Clinician in Ophthalmic Department
A. H. Freiberg, M. D., Assistant to the Chair of Anatomy.
George E. Mai^sbary, M. D., Assistant to the Chair of Practice.
John Mii«i«er, M. D., Assistant to the Chair of Clinical Gynjecology.
M. Heidingsfei«d, M. D., Ph. B., Assistant to the Chair of Dermatology.


Eye and Ear Department— Vrot S. C. Ayres, M. D., Walter Forchheimer,

M. D., Wylie McL. Ayres, M. D.
Medical Department— Vroi. Wm. H. Crane, M. D., T. W. Hays, M. D., Max

Koehler, M. D.
Gyncecological Department— Vroi, C. L. Bonifield, M. D., E. a McKee, M. D.

C. G. Speidel, M. D.
Children's Department— P. H. Southgate, M. D., J. E. Greiwe, M. D.
Surgical Department— Koh^vt Carothers, M. D., C. S. Evans, M. D., Pro£

H. J. Whitacre, M. D., L. J. Krouse, M. D., A. H. Freiberg, M. D.
Throat Department— Vrot James G. Hyndman, M. D., S. Iglauer, 31 D-

H. Stow Garlick, M. D., Assistants.
Nervous Department — Philip Zenner, M. D., H. H. Hoppe, M. D.
Skin Department— Vxoi, A. Ravogli, M. D., M. Heidingsfeld, M. D., As-
Obstetrical Department— Vxoi. E. Gustav Zinke, M. D., James W. Rowe,

M. D.
District Associates^amcs S. Corbett, M. D., Henry Buscbman, M. D.

H. C. Robinson, M. D., P. W. Good, M. D., W. B. Young, M. D.

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University of Cincinnati 1427

In conclusion, I desire to extend the grateful thanks of
myself and of the other members of our Board to the mem-
bers of the Board of Education, of the Board of Legislation,
of the Board of Public Service, to the Corporation Counsel
and his able assistants, and to his Honor the Mayor of the
city, for their unselfish assistance and their uniform courte-
sies extended to us in all of our official transactions.

All of whigh is respectfully submitted.

Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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Report of the Clerk

Report of the Clerk.

Office University of Cincinnati, [
December 31, 1901. )

Oscar W. Kuhn,

Chairman Board of Directors of the Unii^ersiiy :
Sir, — I have the honor to submit to you the following
statement of the receipts and expenditures of the University
of Cincinnati for the year ending this date.


Balance in treasury to credit of General Fiina
December 31, 1900

university account.

From County Treasurer, taxes for University pur-
poses and payment of interest on bonds

For interest on Cin. Sou. Ry. 7.3-percent bonds
bought with Browne Endowment Fund. . ...

For interest on U. S. Government 4-percent bonds
bought with Browne Endowment Fund

For interest on city of Cincinnati 3-percent Water-
works bonds bought with David Sinton Endow-
ment Fund

For laboratory fees

For diploma fees

For examination fees

For library fees

For registration fees

For gas used in lunch-room

For gas used at entertainments

For coal used by D. Hummel Building Co

For Law Department share of Commencement ex
penses 1901

For change of scheme

For return premium on insurance

For rebate on gas bill

Amount carried forward

61,140 42






























$69,161 74

78,682 70

$78,682 70

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

University of Cincinnati


Amount brought forward

For 1 1 perches of stone

For old iron

For catalogues

From ladies, for fitting and furnishing ladies' recep-

Summer-school receipts

Voucher issued to George Landauer Canceled

T. M. Burnam

Wirthlin Bros

Charles H. Judd

C. H. F. Kahlbaum....
Deposit of Contingent Fund


For transfer from Observatory Fund for pro rata
of office expenses for 1901


Reni of Buildings :

N. E. corner Third and Main streets

Water-rent from same

Nos. 217 and 219 East Pearl street

Nos. 337, 339, 341, and 343 Main street

No. 726 Main street

• No. 206 East Fourth street

Nos. 310, 312, and 314 West Front street

Nos. 646 and 650 Main street

Nos. 116, 118, 120, 122, 1 24, and 126 East Water st

Nos. 315, 317, and 319 Main street

No. 7 Main street

Nos. 2808, 2810, 2812, and 2814 Park av., W. H. .

Rent of lot on Front street, east of Broadway

" on Fifth street, west of I. & C. R. R. .

** on Front street, east of Mill . . :

** on Bank alley

" on Freeman avenue

Rent of No. 1008 West Sixth street

69,161 74

5 50

«3 75

I 05

82 00

703 77

60 00

100 00

21 61

166 66

343 24

300 00


Renl of Buildings :

Nos. 506, 508, and 510 Main street

Nos. 752, 754, and 756 Richmond street

Water- rent from same ... -

In Pennock alley, rear of No. 761 West Court st.

In Pennock alley, rear of Nos. 754 and 756 Rich-
mond street

Nos. 936, 938, 940, 942. 944, and 946 Linn street.
Water-rent from same

S. E. corner Court and Linn streets

Water- rent from same

No. 761 West Court street

No. 108 Harrison avenue

Amount carried forward

1,452 00

28 70

420 00

5,966 67
600 00
900 00
436 00

1,25s 00

2,395 00

2,441 67

600 00

1,375 00

300 00

360 00

1,800 00

1,000 00

60 00

100 00

2,400 00

741 00

II 00

93 50

295 00

456 00

9 60

300 00

18 34
240 00
900 00

78.682 70

70,959 32

300 00

21,490 04

5,464 44

$176,896 50

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


keport of the Clerk

Amount brought forward

Received tuition fees


Rebate on insurance on Nos. 315, 317, and 319
Main street


For tuition ..

For laboratoij- fees.


For tuition

For laboratorj fees

For library fees


Balance in treasury December 31, 1900

Received first installment of stipend of the C. G
Comegys Scholarship for academic year 1901-

Balance in treasury December 31, 1900

Balance in treasury December 31, 1900


Balance in treasury December 31, 1900

For interest on Cin. Sou. Ry. 7.3 -percent bonds
bought with funds donated to the Observatory
by Julius Dexter

From County Treasurer, taxes for Observatory pur-

Amount carried forward

4,029 50
242 00

163 00

25 00
25 00

11.325 71

6,114 <H






2,660 »




Digitized by VjOOQ IC

University of Cincinnati


Amount brought forward



Balance in treasury December 3
For tuition fees


Balance in treasury December 31, 1900

For tuition fees

For net income of rents fronl Cincinnati College


For transfer from General Fund, as per agreement

208,604 22

1,048 21
19,050 00

20,098 21

1,560 67
6,835 00

5,500 00
1,000 00

14,895 67

$243,598 10

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Report of the Clerk



For Salaries :

Howard Ayers, President

Harry Cory, Professor of Civil Engineering. .

Harris Hancock, Professor of Mathematics...

F. C. Hicks, Professor of Economics and Civics

John M. Burnam, Professor of Latin

Max Poll, Professor of Germanic Languages. . ,

E. M. Brown, Professor, of English Language
and Literature

W. R. Benedict, Professor of Philosophy

J. E. Harry, Professor of Greek

Merrick Whitcomb, Professor of History ....;.

L. T. More, Professor of Physics

Thos. Evans, Professor of Technical Chemistry.

Charles H. Judd, Professor of Psychology and

J. F. Davidson, Prof, of Romance Languages. . .

Fred. Safford, Ass't Professor of Mathematics
and Mathematical Physics

M. F. Guyer, Ass^t Professor in Biology

Edwin B. Nichols, Ass't Professor in Romance

A. T. Lincoln, Instructor in Chemistry

Leon L. Watters, Instructor in Chemistry

J. F. Snell, Instructor in Chemistry

Frank I. Shepherd, Instructor in Chemistry. . . .

Louis E. Bogen, Instructor in Physics

Claude H. Birdseye, Instructor in Physics

Jas. E. Ives, Instructor in Physics

Geo. L. Hamilton, Instructor in Romance Lan-

Ralph C. Super, Instructor in Romance Lan-

S. E.Slocum, Instructor in Applied Mathematics

John T. Murray, Instructor in English

Stephen Sears, Instructor in English

Mary G. Gordon, Instructor in English

Robt. W. Neal, Instructor in English

Nelson A. Walker, Instructor in Latin

Edw. F. Alexander, Instructor in Latin

Wm. F. Bauer, Instructor in German

W. H. Dubee, Instructor in German

Wm. Miihlberg, Instructor in Psychology

Florence C. Lawler, Instructor in Mathematics

H. L. Cannon, Instructor in History

Shinkishi Hatai, Instructor in Biology

John M. Prather, Instructor in Biology

Wm. Osborn, Instructor in Biology

T. E. Hamilton, Instructor in Modern Languages

Amount carried forward

6,000 00
1,666 68

2.499 96

2.500 00

2.499 96
M99 96,

2.500 00
2,499 96
2,299 96
2,166 60
2,000 00
1,666 64

666 64

800 00
1.333 2S

300 00
600 00
225 00
199 98
466 66

249 99
165 00
199 98

S33 28

100 00
800 00
600 00
150 00
180 00

199 99
400 00
150 00
150 00
400 00
75 00
533 36
800 00
4oe 00
266 64
150 00
150 00

$42,377 84

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

University of Cincinnati


Amount brought forward

For Salaries:

Emilie Esselborn, Dean of Women and Instroc-

tor in Modern Languages

C. K. Dunbar, Dean of Women

Henry S. Pratt, Physical Director

Arthur Knoch, Physical Director

Mabel Ilalliday, Instructor in Physical Training

John H. Melish, Lecturer on Bible

W. C. Benton, Registrar

Lelia A. Garvin, Registrar

E. E. Agger, Fellow in Economics

H. S. Frey, Fellow in Chemistry

Geo. Landauer, Mechanician

P. B. Evens, Mechanician

Horace D. Chipman, Instructor in Shopwork
Michael Roehrer, Engineer

Jos. Waldeck, Engineer
oseph Frey, Janitor

George Frey, Janitor

Fred. H. Bitters, Ass't Janitor

Alvoise Bossemeyer, Ass't Janitor

T. S. Hauser, Chemical Laboratory Janitor . .

Lilla H. Hartmann, Acting Librarian

Harriet E. Hodge, Librarian

Mary Thompson, Head Cataloguer

V. C. Sanford, Ass't Cataloguer

Grace Goodale, Ass*t Cataloguer

Margaret Budington, Ass't Cataloguer

Edna L. Goss, Ass't Cataloguer

Jessie Carroll, Ass't Cataloguer

Leonarda Goss, Ass't Cataloguer

Birdie Mcllvaine, Stenographer

For books for Department of German

*^ and apparatus for Department of Civil


for Department of Mathematics ,

apparatus, etc., for Dep't of Biology. . ,

for Department of History ,

for Department of English

for Department of Latin

for Department of Greek

apparatus, etc., for Dep't of Chemistry
apparatus, etc., for Dep't of Physics. . .

for Lecturers on the Bible

for Department of Philosophy

for Department of Romance Languages
for Dep't of Psychology and Pedagogy

for Department of Economics

for President's office ,

for University ,

For filling diplomas.

For music for Commencement exercises

For music for Jones Oratorical Contest ,

For 10,000 Catalogues

For 2,000 Thirtieth Annual Reports ,

For advertising University of Cincinnati

Amount carried forward

42,377 84

400 00

49 98

249 99

186 64

279 90

500 00



66 66

66 66


180 00

240 00

109 66

763 00

544 00

576 00

512 00

«69 35

156 33
180 00

333 33

240 00

200 00

150 00

150 00

150 00

150 00

30 00

140 00

462 88

1,611 91

107 73

3»«92 59

221 72

404 63

955 88

382 40

2,779 37

3,969 47

52 40

31 20

869 04

422 41

892 97

50 95

4 90

8 05

20 00

10 00

1,243 32

224 60

287 70

$69,104 00

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Report of the Clerk

Amount brought forward

For advertising summer school

For teachers* reception . .*.

For compensation of professors in summer school

For 500 summer-school catalogues

For anthracite coal.

For coal (smokeless)

For rent of telephone

For rent of telephone extension bell

For gas .^

For supplies for engine-room

For glazing

For carpenter-work and lumber ,

For help for janitor

For plumbing

For rent of box in Central Safe Deposit and Trust

For traveling expenses of President Ayers

For traveling expenses of Prof. T. J. Lee

For traveling expenses of J. II. Barr

For traveling expenses of Prof. Chas. H. Judd . .

For lecture, Carroll D. Wright

For lecture, A. R. Spoflford

For advertising for bids for book-stacks

For advertising for bids for grading

For labor.

For pipe-fittings

For cut, map of Cincinnati

For furniture and fittings

For furniture and fittings for Cunningham Hall .

For combination gas fixtures

For fittin£;s for lunch-room

For apparatus and supplies for mechanics' shop .

For hardware

For freight and expressage

For laboratory fee refunders

For court costs in case Strobridge v. City of Cin-

For court costs in case Julian G. Gusfield v. O. W.

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