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law, punishable by a fine of not exceeding one hundred dollars, for any
supenntendent, officer, physician, or other employ^ of any insane
asylum to intercept, delay, or interfere with, in any manner whatsoever,
the transmission of any letter or. any other written communication
addressed by an inmate of any insane asylum to his or her counsel,
residing in the county in which the home of the patient is, or in the city
or county in which the asylum is located," is hereby amended so that
the same shall extend to the superintendents, officers, physicians, ser-

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vants, or other employes of all hospitals, houses, or places which are
subject to the provisions of this act.

Section 37. So much of the said act as provides by section ten r
** If the superintendent or officers of any hospital for the insane shall
receive any person into the hospital after full compliance with the pro-
visions of this act, no responsibility shall be incurred by them for any
detention in the hospital" as applies to the superintendent or ofificersof
any hospital, house, or place made subject to the provisions of this act,,
is repealed, and in place of the provisions of that act for the protection
of such superintendent or officers, the provisions of this act for that pur-
pose are substituted.

Section 38. The managers and officers of any hospital, or licensed
house or place, shall not be liable to the penalties imposed by this act,
and shall be entitled to all the protection of this act in case of receiving-
for detention a lunatic or alleged lunatic without complying with the
requisitions of the act, if the judge trying the case shall certify that the
said officers and managers had good reason to believe that such receiv-
ing and detention were necessary for the safety of the lunatic or other
persons, and that the delay required to comply with the requirements of
this act would have been injurious to the person detained, or to other
persons, and that there is no reason to believe that they or any of them
were actuated by improper motives. And within forty-eight hours after
any person is thus received, all the requisitions of this act to authorize
a detention shall have been complied with, or the person discharged
from custody and the officers of the hospital or place where such luna-
tic has been thus received, shall forthwith notify the Board of Public
Charities of the facts connected with the reception and detention.

Section 39. Whenever any person shall be found by inquisition to
be insane, the committee of the person or of the estate, and also the
clerk of the Court into which the inquisition has been returned, shall
thereupon forthwith send to the committee on lunacy, at their principal
office, a statement in writing, signed by the committee, of the lunatic,
of the name, age, sex, and residence of the lunatic, and the residence
of the committee, and upon any change in the residence or place of
detention of the lunatic, shall forthwith notify the committee of lunacy
of such change. The committee on lunacy, or any one or more of the
members of the committee, shall have power to visit and examine the
said lunatic and authorize such visiting and examination by their secre-
tary, or any board of visitors, or one or more members thereof, and by
a physician, and the said committee are authorized to apply to any
court having jurisdiction over the committee, or to a judge of a Court
of Common Pleas of the county in which the lunatic is a resident or
detained, to make such orders for the maintenance, custody, or care of
the said lunatic, and for the care and disposition of the property of the
lunatic as the case may require. From any order, final or otherwise,
thus made, an appeal may be taken to the Snpreme Court, but such
appeal shall not be 2^ supersedeas unless so ordered by the Court making
the order, or by a judge of the Supreme Court on application and a

Section 40. This act shall, for all purposes except the appointment
and organization of the central board, go into operation thirty days
after a proclamation shall have been issued by the Governor announc-
ing the organization of the committee on lunacy.

Approved— The 8th of May, 1883.


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1. DiRECTORvS.— William H. Lambert. President; William D. Gardner,

Treasurer; Alfred Moore, J. W. Walk, M. D., John Shallcross.

2. Officers. — Superintendent, Charles Lawrence ; Secretary, Robert

C. Floyd ; House Agent, Oliver P. Bohler ; Out-Door Agent, A. D.
W. Caldwell ; Storekeeper, A. F. Randolph ; Chief Resident Phy-
sician, Dr. Daniel E. Hughes ; Chief Druggist, Joseph W. England ;
Chief Nurse, Miss Marion E. Smith; Children's Visitor, George


Surgeons.— Dr. W. G. Porter, Dr. W. Joseph Hearn, Dr. L. W. Stein-
bach, Dr. J. B. Deaver, Dr. Orville Horwitz, Dr. Ernest La Place,
Dr. J. M. Barton, Dr. J. Wm. White, Dr. Edward Martin.

Physicians.— Dr. R. G. Curtin, Dr. J. H. Musser, Dr. F. P. Henry, Dr.
J. M. Anders, Dr. W. E. Hughes. Dr. S. Solis Cohen, Dr. E. L.
Vansant, Dr. F. A. Packard. Dr. J. L. Salinger, Dr. Samuel Wolfe,
Dr. James Tyson, Dr. Thomas G. Ashton.

Obstetricians. — Dr. Clara Marshall, Dr. Barton C. Hirst, Dr. Edward
P. Davis, Dr. Robert H. Hamill. Dr. Geo. I. McKelway, Dr. J. M.
Fisher, Dr. R. C. Norris, Dr. W. Frank Haehnlen.

Neurologists.— Dr. C. K. Mills, Dr. F. X. Dercum, Dr. Wharton
Sinkler, Dr. J. Hendrie Lloyd.

Ophthalmologists. — Dr. G. E. De Schweinitz, Dr. Charles A. Oliver.

Dermatologists.— Dr. H. W. Stelwagon, Dr. J. Abbott Cantrell.

Pathologist. — Dr. John Guiteras.

Bacteriologist. — Dr. A. A. Ghriskey.

Laryngologists.— Dr. C. J. Seltzer, Dr. Geo. Morley Marshall.

Registrars. — Dr. J. C. DaCosta, Dr. Augustus A. Eshner. Dr. Alfred
Stengel, Dr. Harry Toulmin.









Dr. Geo. D. Blomer,
1505 S. 6ih St.

Dr. R. T. Wiltbank,
1410 S. 5th St.

George D." Jones,
X5»5 S. 5th St.



Dr. F. K. Browi^

X236 S. 4th St.

Dr. J. Q. Griffith,
1336 S. 13th St.

William McFaddcn,
9JI S. loth St.


26th & 36th.

Dr. )-:. V. Clark,
1440 S. Broad St.

Dr. E. B. Fanning,
1544 S. 13th St.

Chas. W. Hallowell,
x6oo Wharton St.



Dr. Henry Knox,
2032 Bainbridge St.

Dr. J. G. Sharp,
1510 Christian St.

A. G. Miller,
1847 Catharine St.

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3rd & 4th.

• Dr. J. R. Phillips,
xz I Queen St.

Dr. John D. Ward,
806 S. 3d St.

Geo. W. Ewing,
710 S. and St.


5th, 7th & 8th
E. of Broad.

Dr. H. D. Beyca,
837 S. 13th St.

Dr. N. W. Freyer,

356 S. xath St.

Albert D. Kennedy,
N. E. Cor. ixth & South.


7th ft 8th
W. of Broad.

Dr. R. P. Robins,
32XO Pine St.

Dr. T. C. Imes,
5x8 S. X5th St.

W. H. MllUken,
N. E. Cor. 33d & Spruce.


6th, 9th &

Dr. J. H. Egan,
909 N. X7th St.

Dr. 0. H. PaxBon,
133 N. x6th St.

W.J. Helm,


zith & X9th

Dr. W. E. Robertson,
9x2 N. 4th St.

Dr. J. R. Gillette,
5x7 N. 6lh St.

Emil Jungmann,
S. W. Cor. 4th & Noble.


X3th & 14th

Dr. N. H. Ritter,
631 N. xxth St.

Dr. Chas. T. Shinn,
Z03X Spring Garden St.

W. E. Supplce,


Dr. J. F. Hamilton,
X943 Vine St.

Dr. Jos. M. Caley,

C. Carroll Meyer,
x8oo Callowhill St.



Dr. Marie K. Formad,
503 Poplar St.

Dr. Fred. Vangunten,
i»3S N. 3rd St.

Carl H. Bohn,
90X N. 3nd St.



Dr. Thos. J. Beatty.
X315 Howard St.

Dr. C. F. Souder,
X33X N. Front St.

Ja«. A. Ferguson.

S. E. Cor. Howard and

Thompson Sts.



Dr. David W. Levy,
xxos Hanover St.

Dr. C. E. Tegtmeier,
1337 Shackamaxon St.

I. D. W. Kramer,
46X Richmond St.



Dr. S. S. Loughridge,
3633 N. 5th St.

Dr J. D. Boileau,
804 Lehigh Ave.


X700 N. 3ud St.



Dr. J. B Potsdamer,
1333 Franklin St.

Dr. W. W. Trinkle,
1641 N. xxth St.

C. E. Spenceley,
X40X N. Seventh St.



Dr. J. B. Longshore,
3056 Sergeant St.

Dr. Wm.Sonnebom,
8303 Amber St.

H. C. Clapham,

S. W. Cor. Cumberland

and Emerald Sts.


2Sth & 33d

Dr. David Moflfet,
530 W. Venango St.

Dr. C. S. Brown,
3046 Frankford Ave.

Elmer B. Kyle,
3909 Kensington Ave.



Dr. John D. Moore,
X51S N. 19th St.

Dr. F. Morton Long,
3729 Columbia Ave.

S. H. Shingle,
1444 N. X9th St.


28th, 3ad ik.

Dr. A. R. Rainear.
3026 Diamond St.

Dr. L. T. Ashcraft,
X63X Diamond St.

Andrew W. Walter,
27th & Montgomery Ave.


3 1 St.

Dr. J. V. Kelley,

4257 Main St..


Dr. Chas. E. Myers,

4500 Baker St.,


Louis A. Kelly,
4255 Main St., Manayunk

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Dr. W. S. Carter,
807 N. 41st St.

Dr. E. G Whinna,
330 N. 41st St.

W. A. Rumscy,
920 N. 41st St.


Dr. Edward Huntzinger,
633 N. 4Sth St.

Dr. Theodore L. Chase,
X687 N. 54th St.

James C. Perry,
4X23 Haverford Ave.



S. of Spruce.

Dr. Otto D. Schaul,
Z41X S. 49th St.

Dr. Jas. C. Stirk,
4632 Chester Are.

Thos. M. Newbdd,
xox S. 41st St.


N. of Spruce.

Dr. J. Robt. Bryan,
4200 Chestnut St.

Dr. Geo. P. Stubbs,
4012 Haverford Ave.

Chas. J. Biddle.
3348 Iklarket St.


Medical Inspector, J. HOWARD TAYLOR, M. D., X133 Spruce St.




0. H. Paxson

xa3 N. x6th St.

ad, 3d, 4th, 6th

Giovani Trojano

773 S. xoth St.

5th, nth, lath, 13th, 14th .

Wm. M. Angney

5x9 Spruce St.

7th, 8th, 9th, loth, 30th . .

Frances C. Van Gasken . .

617 St. Mary St.


Howard B. Martin . . .' .

1724 Green St.

i6th,i7th, i8th

Frederick J. Haerer . . .

1 134 N. 3d St.

X9th, floth

Geoiige E. Stubbs

N. E. Co. X7th and Jefferson Sts.


Lewis C. Wessels

X9x8 N. 22d St.


Edward H. Kase

X323 Girard Ave.

23d, 25th, 31st

Green R. Hulshizer ....

S25 Brown St.

24th, 34th

Alex. C. Butcher

3601 Walnut St.

26th, 36th

Charles W. Karsner . . .

1409 S. x6th St.


J. Aubrey Davis

527 S. 4ad St.

29th, 32d. 37th

Wm. T. Robinson ....

1621 N. i6th St.

33d, 35th

Charles P. Mercer ....

2554 N. 8th St.

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First District— First Ward. Dr. J. S. Gillespie, 2038 South
Thirteenth Street.

Second District—Second and Third Wards. Dr. W. S. M. Field,
1 2 10 South Fourth Street.

Third District— Twenty-sixth and Thirty-sixth Wards. Dr. G. A.
Knowles, 2211 Federal Street.

Fourth District— Fourth and Thirtieth Wards. Dr. H. B. Baxter,
1422 Christian Street.

Fifth District— Fifth and Sixth Wards. Dr. L. H. Horter, 530
Pine Street.

Sixth District— Seventh and Eighth Wards. Dr. E. H. Green,
302 South Tenth Street.

Seventh District— Ninth and Tenth Wards. Dr. John C. Da Costa,
Jr.. 1633 Arch Street.

Eighth District— Eleventh. Twelfth and Thirteenth Wards. Dr. P.
N. K. Schwenk, 827 North Seventh Street.

Ninth District — Fourteenth and Fifteenth Wards. Dr. Clarence
P. Franklin, 1633 Fairmount Avenue.

Tenth District — Sixteenth, Seventeenth and Twentieth Wards.
Dr. S. N. Troth, 1200 North Seventh Street.

Eleventh District— Twenty-ninth Ward. Dr. L. C. Peter, 2136
Oxford Street.

Twelfth District— Nineteenth Ward. Dr. J. A. Krug, 2437 North
Fifth Street.

Thirteenth District— Eighteenth and Thirty-first Wards. Dr. David
Henry, 192 1 East Dauphifi Street.

Fourteenth District — Thirty-third and Thirty- seventh 'Wards. Dr.
Robert Rodgers, 2903 North Fifth Street.

Fifteenth District — Twenty-fifth Ward. Dr. S. Lewis Summers,
2006 Orleans Street.

Sixteenth District — Thirty-second Ward". Dr. Laura S. Chapin,
1630 Diamond Street.

Seventeenth District — Twenty-eighth Ward, Dr. J. A. Cramp, 192 1
Susquehanna Avenue.

Eighteenth District — Twenty-second Ward. Dr. A. M. Davis, 6008
Main Street.

Nineteenth District— Twenty-first Ward. Dr. James Sibbold, Ter-
rence Street, Manayunk.

Twentieth District— Twenty-third and Thirty-fifth Wards. Dr.
Thomas C. Price, Bridesburg.

Twenty-first District— Twenty-fourth Ward. Dr. W. C. Barrett, 3939
Powelton Avenue.

Twenty-second District — Twenty-seventh Ward. Dr. Joseph R.
Bryan, N. E. Cor. Forty-second and Chestnut Streets.

Twenty-third District— Thirty-fourth Ward. Dr. Charles H. Har-
vey, 4821 Lancaster Avenue.

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Treasury Department,

Office of the Secretary.

Washington, D. C, April 25, 1893.

Article i. Collectors of customs will collect, as provided in sec-
tion I of the Act of August 3, 1882, a duty of fifty cents for each and
every passenger not a citizen of the United States who shall come by
steam or sail vessel from a foreign port to any port of the United
States, except such vessels as are employed exclusively between the
ports of the United States and the ports of the Dominion of Canada or
of the ports of Mexico, as provided in section 22 of the Act of June
26, 1884.

Art. 2. All such moneys collected must be deposited to the credit
of the Treasurer of the United States on account of ** Immigration
Fund " with an assistant treasurer of the United States, or national
bank depositary, in the same manner as other miscellaneous collec-
tions are reported. Separate accounts of the receipts and expenditures
of money under the Act must be rendered monthly to the Secretary of
the Treasury, on forms to be furnished by the Government for the

Art. 3. Collectors of customs on the Canadian frontier, and at all
points where commissioners of immigration are not employed, are
charged within their respective districts with the execution of the
laws pertaining to immigration, and all importation of laborers under
contract or agreement to perform labor in the United States. They
will employ all customs, immigration and other offices assigned to
them for duty in the enforcement of the immigration acts ; and all
such officers are hereby designated and authorized to act as immigration

Art. 4. Whenever it shall be necessary, in making the examina-
tion of immigrants, to temporarily remove them from thevessel upon
which they arrived to a desirable place provided for the examination,
such immigrants shall not be regarded as landed so long as they are
undergoing the examination, and are in charge of the officers whose
duty it is to make such examination ; and such removal shall not be
considered a landing during the pendency of any question relating
to such examination, or while awaiting their return as provided by

Art. 5. The Commissioner of Immigration shall enter of record
the name of every immigrant found upon examination to be within
either of the prohibited classes, with a statement of the decision in
each case, and at the same time give notice in writing to the master,
agent, consignee or owner of the vessel upon which such immigrant
arrived, together with the grounds of refusal to land such immigrant,
that said vessel is required to return such immigrant to the port whence
he came.

Art. 6. The regular examination of immigrants under the special
inquiry required by statute will be separate from the public, but any
immigrant who is refused permission to land, or pending an appeal in
his case, will be permitted to confer with friends or counsel in such
manner as the Commissioner may deem proper.

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Art. 7. Any immigrant claiming to be aggrieved by the decision
of the inspection officers may appeal therefrom, and such appeal shall
stay his deportation until decision shall be had thereon. Such appeal
shall be in writing, and shall specify the grounds of appeal, and shall
be presented to the Commissioner, who shall at once forward such
appeal to the Department with all the evidence in the case and his
views thereon.

Any examining inspector dissenting from a decision to admit an
immigrant may appeal therefrom, which appeal shall be in writing and
specify the grounds thereof, and shall be forwarded by the Commis-
sioner to the Department in like manner as in cases of an appeal by an

Art. 8. Upon a decision of the appeal the immigrant shall be at
once landed or deported in accordance with such decision, and, in case
landing is refused, the master, agent, consignee or owner of the vessel
by which the immigrant arrived shall be notified of such decision by
the Commissioner, and that the immigrant will be placed on board said
vessel to be returned as aforesaid.

Art. 9. The expenses for the keeping andl maintenance of such
immigrants as are ordered to be returned pending the decision of thjeu:
right to land and the subsequent expenses for the keeping and main-
tenance of those ordered to be returned, and the expense of their
return shall be borne by the owner or owners of the vessel on which
they came.

Art. 10. At least twenty-four hours before the sailing of the vessel
upon which immigrants are ordered to be returned, the master, agent,
consignee or owner of such vessel shall notify the Commissioner of
the proposed hour of sailing, who shall thereupon place on board all
immigrants to be returned by such vessel as aforesaid, and in case any
master, agent, consignee or owner of such vessel shall refuse to receive
such immigrants on board, or shall neglect to retain them thereon,
or shall refuse or neglect to return them to the port from which they
came, or to pay the cost of their maintenance while on land, such mas-
ter, agent, consignee or owner shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor,
and shall be punished by a fine of not less than $300 for each and
every offence, and any such vessel shall not have clearance from any
port of the United States while any such fine is unpaid.

Art. 1 1. No vessel bringing immigrants in the steierage or in apart-
ments other than in the first or second cabin, from ports where contagious
or infectious diseases are prevailing, shall be admitted to entry unless
it appear by the certificate of the consular officer at such port that said
immigrants have been detained at the port of embarkation at least five
days under medical observation in specially designated barracks or
houses set apart for their exclusive use, and that their clothing, baggage
and personal effects have been disinfected before being placed on board
by one of the following methods :

(i) Boiling in water not less than thirty minutes.

(2) Exposure to steam not less than thirty minutes, the steam to be
of a temperature not less than 100° C. (212° F.), nor greater than 115**
C. (230° F.V and unmixed with air.

(3) Solution of carbolic acid of a 2 per cent, strength.

This method (No. 3) may be applied only to leather goods, such as
trunks, satchels, boots, shoes ; to rubber goods etc., the articles to be
saturated with the solution.

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(4) Articles that would be destroyed or injured when subjected to
any of the above methods may be disinfected by immersion in solution
of bichloride of mercury, i part to 2,000, until all parts are thoroughly
saturated, due precaution being taken against mercurial poisoning.

The above restrictions will also be applied to vessels bringing
immigrants from noninfected ports, but who come from infected

Art. 12. There shall be delivered to the commissioner of immi-
gration at the port of arrival, by the master or commanding officer
of the vesssel, lists or manifests made at the time and place of
embarkation, of such immigrants, which shall, in answer to questions
at the top of said lists or manifests, state as to each of said passen-

( i) Full name.

(2) Age.

(3) Sex.

(4) Whether married or single.

(5) Calling or occupation.

(6^ Whether able to read or write.
(7I Nationality.

(8) Last residence.

(9) Seaport for landing in the United States.

( 10) Final destination in the United States.

(11) Whether having a ticket through to such final destination.

(12) Whether the immigrant has paid his own passage or whether
it has been paid by other persons, or by any corporation, society, munici-
pality, or government.

(13) Whether in possession of money, and if so, whether upward of
I30, and how much, if $30 or less.

(14) Whether going to join a relative, and if so, what relative, and
his name and address.

(15) Whether ever before in the United States, and if so, when and

{16) Whether ever in prison, or almshouse, or supported by charity.
(17^ Whether a polygamist.

(18) Whether under contract, express or implied, to perform labor
in the United States.

(19) The immigrant's condition of health, mentally and physically,
and whether deformed or crippled ; and if so, from what cause.

Art. 13. Said immigrants shall be listed in convenient groups, and
no one list or manifest shall contain more than thirty names. There
shall be delivered to each immigrant or head of a family, prior to or at
the time of embarkation, or at some time on the voyage before arrival,
as may be found most convenient, a ticket on which shall be written
his name, a number or letter designating the list and his number on
the list, for convenience of identification on arrival. Each list or
manifest shall be verified by the signature and the oath or affirma-
tion of the master or commanding officer, or of the officer, first or
second, below him in command, and of the surgeon of said vessel or
other medical officer, as provided in sections 2 and 3 of the Act of
March 3, 1893 ; therefore the above affidavits must be attached to each
list or manifest, which lists or manifests must be kept separate and not
fastened together.

In case there is a surgeon sailing with the vessel, that officer must

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sigh and verify each list or manifest, and the verification by another
surgeon will not be in compliance with the law.

All forms of lists or manifests and affidavits sent out by authority
of this Department are suggestive merely, and will not relieve any per-
son from the necessity of complying strictly with all the provisions of
said Act of March 3, 1893.

Art. 14. In case of the failure of said master or commanding officer
of said vessel to deliver to the said inspector of immigration lists or
manifests, verified as aforesaid, containing the information above re-
quired as to all immigrants on board, there shall be paid to the collector
of customs at the port of arrival the sum of $10 for each immigrant
qualified to enter the United States concerning whom the above infor-
mation is not contained in any list, as aforesaid, or said immigrant
shall not be permitted so to enter the United States, but shall be returned
like other excluded persons.

Art. 15. The certificate required by section 8 to be filed with the
Secretary of the Treasury shall be filed upon the first days of January
and July of each year.

Art. 16. These regulations shall take immediate effect, except as
to the last paragraph of article 7 and articles 11 to 16, inclusive, and as
to those articles they will take effect on the 3d day of May, 1893.

J. G. Carlisle, Secretary.


AN ACT making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the
Government for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1895, and for
other purposes, approved August 18, 1894, provides :

" That the head money from alien passengers on and after the
first day of October next, collected under the Act of August third,
eighteen hundred and eighty-two, to regulate immigration,* shall be one
dollar in lieu of the fifty cents as provided in said Act. That such head
money and all other receipts which shall be collected on and after July
first, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, in connection with immigration

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