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them at heart. I know what they suffer.

" *But we have no right, now, to think about
ourselves. The cause of our country is

" *Over there, among the enemy, emperors
and bedizened princes — all well shielded from
danger — prance about and make great political
capital of sending their subjects to be massacred.

" 'We, here, are humble sons of the soil of
France, who defend our liberties. Each one
does his best. I know that we shall have the
victory. It will be complete, and our dead
will be avenged. But it is necessary to work,


to fight on, to meet, with all the resources of
French spirit, the shocks of the barbarian
masses. Spirit will conquer matter.

" Without a high ideal, without a spiritual
conception of life, it is not possible to rise
above feebleness and discouragement. Great
sacrifices are demanded of you, young men,
they will be demanded of you to the end.
Accept them as I have accepted mine. Not
only our France but all humanity is at stake.
Liberty must triumph first. Afterward we
may weep in our silent homes over which float
the standards of victory.* "

It is thus I would help you to think of him:
mighty in spirit, strong in faith, supreme in
strategy, immensely broad in understanding —
a very great man; but too great a man to be
a "superman"; and withal, a tender, heart-
broken old father to whom the laying down
of arms means not the leisure to wear laurels,
but the right to sit again by his hearth, now
desolate, and think back on happy days and
forward to a reassembled group in the house
not made with hands.

Printed in the United States of America S

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^ 1989

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