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A selection made by MISS M. A. SAVAGE, Brooklyn Public Library

r'//£ following books are notable not only for their literary value, but because they contain
interesting illustrations. The illustrations represent the work of English, French, American,
Russian and other artists.

These books are listed under the illustrators' names instead of the authors'. Space permits
of only a few examples of each artist's work-

Batten, J. D. Celtic Fairy Tales. Ed. by Joseph

Jacobs. Putnam. $1.25.
Bedford, F. D. Another Book of Verses for

Children. Ed. by E. V. Lucas. Macmillan.


Four and Twenty Toilers. By E. V. Lucas.

McDevitt-Wilson. $1.50.
BiLiBiN. The "White Duckling, and Other Tales,

Ed. by N. H. Dole. Crowell. $1.25.

Russian "Wonder Tales, ed. by Post "Wheel-
er. Century. $2.50.
BiLLiNGHURST, PERCY J. A Hundred Fables of

^sop. Lane. $1.50.

A Hundred Anecdotes of Animals. Lane.

Birch, Reginald. Master Skylark. By John

Bennett. Century. $1.50.
BouTET DE MoNVEL. Joan of Arc. Century.


Our Children. Duffield. $2.25.

Girls and Boys. Duffield. $2.25.
Brock, C. E. Tales from the Alhambra of Wash-
ington Irving. Houghton. $1.35.
Brooke, L. L. The Story of the Three Bears.

Warne. 75c.

Three Little Pigs. Warne. 75c.

Johnny Crow's Garden. Warne. $1.00.
Browne, Gordon. A Book of Discoveries. By

John Masefield. Stokes. $1.75.
Caldecott, Randolph. Hey Diddle Diddle Pic-
ture Book. Warne. $1.25.

Picture Book No. 2. Warne. $1.25.
Copeland, Charles. Adventures of Pinocchio.

By Carlo Lorenzini. Ginn. $1.20.

Crane, "Walter. Don Quixote of the Mancha.

Retold by Judge Parry. Lane. $1.75.

Household Stories from the Brothers Grimm.

Macmillan. $1.75.

Picture Books, ea. Lane. $1.25.

"Wonder Book. By Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Houghton. $3.00.
Cruikshank, George. Cruikshank Fairy Book.

Putnam. $1.25.
Dbming, E. W. American Animal Life. Stories

by T. O. Deming. Stokes. $2.00.
DuGDALE, T. C. Martin Hyde. By John Mase-
field. Little. $1.35.
DuLAC, Edmond. Stories from the Arabian

Nights. Retold by Lawrence Houseman.

Doran. $2.00.
Dunlap, Hope. The Pied Piper of Hamelin. By

Robert Browning. Rand. ^1.25.

The Little Lame Prince.

Rand. $1.25.

Ford, H. J. Arabian Nights.
Lang. Longmans. $1.00.
The Animal Story Book
Lang. Longmans. $1.00.

Frost, A. B. Uncle Remus.
Appleton. $2.25.

Greenawat, Kate. Marigold

Mother Goose. Warne. . . .^ , . .

Under the "WindOv/. Wartt^^ : . ' '. ■
Hughes, Arthur. Sing Song. 'By Chrislina^ G.

Rossetti. MacmUlan. -$^■.25. • - ' * *.

Lear, Edward. •', -Bopk of . Nonsense* , » ijUfte.

$1.75. ' ■

LeMair, H. Willebeek. Little Songs of Long
Ago. Harmonized by Alfred Moffat. Mc-
Kay. $2.50.

Our Old Nursery Rhymes. Harmonized by
Alfred Moffat. McKay. $2.50.

Merrill, F. T. The Prince and the Pauper. By
Mark Twain. Harper. $1.75.

Parrish, Maxfield. Arabian Nights. Ed. by
Kate Douglas "Wiggin and Nora A. Smith.
Scribner. $2.50.

Poems of Chilhood. By Eugene Field.
Scribner. $2.50.

Perkins, Lucy Fitch. The Dutch Twins.
Houghton. $1.25.

PoGANT, "Willy. The Home Book of "Verse for
Young Folks. Ed. by B. E. Stevenson.
Holt. $2.25.

The King of Ireland's Son. By Padriac Co-
lum. Holt. $2.00.

Gulliver's Travels. By Swift. Macmillan.

Price, Norman. Tales from Shakespeare. By
Charles and Mary Lamb. Scribner. $2.00.

Pyle, Howard. The Merrv Adventures of Robin
Hood. Scribner. $3.00.
Pepper and Salt. Harper. $1.50.
The Wonder Clock. Harper. $1.75.

Rackham, Arthur. .^Esop's Fables. Double-
day. $2.00.

Mother Goose. Century. $2.50.
English Fairy Tales. Ed. by Flora Annie
Steel. Maonillan. $2.50.

Rhead, Louis. Grimm's Fairy Tales. Harper.
■ $1.50.

The Swiss Family Robinson. By J. D.
Wyss. Harper. $1.50.

Robinson, Charles. Lullaby Land. By Eugene
Field. Scribner. $1.50.

Songs of Innocence. By Blake. D%itton.

Robinson, T. H. Tales from the Arabian
Nights. Dutton. 65c.

Sarg, Tony. The Cock, the Mouse and the
Little Red Hen. By Felicite Lefevre. Ja-
cobs. 90c.

By Miss Mulock.

Ed. by Andrew
Ed. by Andrew

By J. C. Harris.

Garden. W,arne.

Smith, E.
The Farm Book.

Boyd. The Chicken World. Putnam.
Houghton. $1.75.

Smith, Jessie Willcox. Little Women. By L.
M. Alcott. Little. $2.50.
A Child's Garden of "Verses. By Robert
Louis Stevenson. Scribner. $2.50.

Stephens, Alice
L. M. Alcott.



Women. By

Tenniel, Sir John. Alice's Adventures in Won-
derland. By Lewis Carroll. Macmillan.

Thomson, Hugh. Tales of the Canterbury Pil-
grims. Retold from Chaucer by F. J. H.
Darton. Stokes. $1.75.

The Curly-Haired Hen. Fitzgerald.



Wheeler, D. M. English Nursery Rhymes. Ed.
by L. E. Walter. Macmillan. $2.40

Wyeth, N. C Kidnapped. By Robert Louis
Stevenson. Scribner. $2.50.
Treasure Island. By Stevenson. Sc7-ibner.

The Boy's King Arthur. By Sir Thomas
Malory. Ed. by Sidney Lanier. Scribner.

Young, Ellsworth. The Adventures of Piang.
By F. P. Stuart. Century. $1.35.
Jataka Tales. Retold by E. C. Babbitt.
Century. $1.00.

^^^ ^

The Bookshelf for Boys and Girls


Selected and annotated by
Miss Clara W. Hunt, Superintendent of the Children's Department, Brooklyn Pub-
lic Library
Miss Sheldon Fletcher, Head of Children's Department, Newark Public Library
Mr. Franklin K. Mathiews, Chief Librarian, Boy Scouts of America

The titles are classified for convenient use and alphabetised by author.
The prices are corrected to November^ 1918.
Books marked with asterisk are neto publications.


Selected and described by Miss Clara W. Hunt
Superintendent of the Children's Department of the Brooklyn Public Library

Picture Books

T^ABIES a year old are not too young to enjoy pictures. Indeed the child's taste for good
x_/ ^00^5 should begin in babyhood. Do not allow little children to see ugly and vulgar pictures.
Even the "harmless" but empty bool^s are a waste of time and money. Buy the positively good,
like the following.

These picture books illustrate:

and other

Boutet de Monvel

Old Songs and Rounds for Little Chil-
dren, arranged by C. M. Widor, illus.
by Boutet de Monvel. Duffisld. $2.25.
Songs dear to French children, with charm-
ing border pictures. Both French and English
text given. For children six to nine.

Brooke. L. Leslie

Nursery Rhyme Picture Book.

Wame. $2.00.
The Man in the Moon, Humpty Dumpty, Baa,
Baa, Black Sheep, etc. Large pictures liked
by children.

Caldecott, Randolph

Hey Diddle Diddle Picture Book. _ Quarto
edition. Wame. $2.00.

This contains "Hey Diddle, Diddle" and "Baby
Bunting," "Where Are You Going, Mv Pretty
Maid?" "A Frog He Would a-Wooing Go," "The
Fox Jumns Over the Parson's Gate." These
may be ootained singly in paper covers at 50c.
each. Caldecott's pictures are delightfully and
wholesomely humorous and his art appeals to
the youngest children.

Picture Book No. 2. Quarto edition.

Wame. $2.00.
This contains "Three Jovial Huntsmen." "Sing
a Song of Sixpence," "The Queen of Hearts,"
"The Farmer's Boy." These may be obtained
singly in paper covers at 50c. each. Do not
fail to include at least one of Caldecott's fa-
mous picture books in making up the baby's

Crane, Walter
The Baby's Bouquet, a fresh bunch of old
rhymes and tunes. Wa7-ne. $1.50.

Here are "Polly, Put the Kettle On." "Hot
Cross Buns," "Lucy Locket," "London Bridge,"
etc., set to music. Walter Crane's pictures are
very decorative, but this and "The Baby's
Opera" are better suited to children four years
of age and older than to "The Baby,"

The Baby's Opera, a book of old rhymes
with new dresses, the music by the ear-
liest masters. Wame. $1.50.
This includes "The Mulberry Bush," "Ding,
Dong Bell," "Dickory Dock," "I Saw Three
Ships," "Tom, the Piper's Son," etc.

Garnett, L. A.

The Muffin Shop, with pictures by Hope

Dunlap. Rand. $1.00.

A rhyming story bringing in "Mother Goose"

characters. Dunlap's pictures are delightful.

For children three to six or seven.

Greenaway, Kate

These three books are made in England and
are out of print for the period of the loar. As it
seems imjiossible to think of a booklist for little
children without titles from the work of this
famous ai'tistj it seems best to include these.

The Marigold Garden. Wame.

Kate Greenaway's pictures are quaint and
charming. Ko nursery is complete without at
least one of the picture books by this famous
illustrator. For children three or four to seven
or eight years old.

Mother Goose. Wame.

A tiny book which children of three will love.
Babies, however, like larger figures than the
fascinating little creatures pictured here.

Under the Window, pictures and rhymes
by Greenaway. Wame

For children three or four to eight. This is
quite as pretty as the two preceding books.

LeMalr. H. Willebeek

Our Old Nursery Rhymes, the original
tunes harmonized by Alfred Moffat,
illus. by LeMair. McKay. $2.50.

LeMair's pictures are lovely in coloring and
grace and range of beautiful subjects. Of the
four books listed here. "Little Songs of Long
Ago" and "Our Old Nursery Rhymes" are best.
Buy both of these volumes for the baby if you
can. The whole family will love them.

This book contains "Little Jack Horner." "I
Love Little Pussy." "Jack and Jill," "Pat-a-
Cake," "Humpty Dumpty," "Three Little Kit-
tens," "Mary Had a Little Lamb," "Dickory
Dock," "Yankee Doodle," etc.



LiTTLi: Songs of Long Ago, more old nurs-
ery rhymes, the original tunes har-
monized by Alfred Moffat, illus. by
LeMair. McKay. $2.50.

This includes "Little Polly Flinders," "The
North Wind Doth Blow," "Old King Cole,"
"Curlv Locks," "See Saw, Margery Daw," "Lit-
tle Tom Tucker," etc. Children of three and
grown-ups of any age will love.

The Children's Corner, rhymes by R. H.
Elkin, illus. by LeMair. McKay. $2.00.
Contains fifteen pictures with little rhymes.
No music.


Old Dutch Nursery Rhymes, illus. by Le-
Mair. English version by R. H. Elkin,
the original tunes harmonized by J.
Rontgen. McKay. $2.00.

Fifteen songs each with a very pretty picture.

For children of three or four and older.

Perkins, Raymond

Playtime Book, a collection of old-time

nursery songs, arranged by Raymond

Perkins and pictured by Paul Wood-

roffe. Penn. $1.25.

"What Are Little Boys Made Of," "Over the

Hills and Far Away," "Tom, Tom. the Piper's

Son," "Little Bo-Peep," "Hey Diddle, Diddle,"

etc., and twenty-five other nursery songs, with

music and beautiful pictures.

Walter, L. E.

English Nursery Rhymes, selected by
L. E. Walter, harmonized by L. E.
Broadwood, illus. by D. M. "Wheeler.

Macmillan. $2.40.
Includes "Girls and Boys, Come Out to Play,"
"Cock a Doodle Doo." "Ride a Cock Horse,"
"Oh, Dear, What Can the Matter Be?" and twen-
ty-five other nursery songs, beautifully illus-

♦Some Nursery Rhymes of Belgium,

France and Russia, selected and

rhymed into English by Walter and

and the Belgian airs harmonized by

Lucy Broadwood. Macmillan. $2.00.

The Belgian songs are beautifuly illustrated

by Alfred Bastien. The French songs are from

two well-known collections illustrated by Boutet

de Monvel. The Russian songs and pictures al'e

from a popular book published in Moscow. For

children four to nine.

/N addition to tlwse in the Picture Book
style the following good editions of
"Mother Goose" may be noted here. Exam-
ine as many as you can and take your

A Book of Nursery Rhymes, ed. by Welsh.

Heath. 40c.

*The Little Mother Goose, illus. by Jessie
Willcox Smith. Dodd. $1.00.

Mother Goose, illus. by Rackham.

Century. $2.50.

Old Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, illus.
by Hardy. Button. $1.50.

Books in the next group may be called

rHEY tell about the farmer, the sailor,
the engineer; about animals, forests, In-
dians; about people in distant lands. These
will widen the child's ivorld. Most of these
will be liked by the youngest children as
well as by their big brothers and sisters.

Boutet de Monvel '

Our Children, scenes from the country and

the town by Anatole France, illus. by

Boutet de Monvel. Diiffield $2.25.

The two books by France, illustrated by Bou-
tet de Monvel, give pictures and stories of
French children in the pretty villages and
farms of gallant France. For children six or
seven to nine.

Girls and Boys, scenes from the country
and the town by Anatole France, illus.
by Boutet de Monvel. Duffield. $2.25.

Joan of Arc. Century. $3.50.

a marvelous series of pictures showing the
life of the period of the heroic "Maid of France."
Equally loved by six years old and sixty.

Same. With the full text but only part of
the pictures. McKay. $1.50.

Braine, S. E.
Merchant Ships and What They Bring,
illus. by C. J. DeLacy. Button. $1.50.

Vivid pictures of the world's commerce. Even
a three-year-old will enjoy these.

Collins, Charles
Baby's Big Book of Pictures.

Button. $1.60.

Large pictures of fishermen, divers, light-
houses, of squirrels, foxes, deer, etc. Excellent
for children two to six.

The Children's Farm, by Weedon, illus.

by Collins. Button. $2.00.

"The Children's Farm" is in England and the

pictures are loved by children two to six years


From the Grain to the Loaf, the story of
a wheatfield by Weedon, illus. by Col-
lins. Button. $1.60.
How the child's bread comes to him, from the

wheatfield, the miller, etc.

Deming, E. W.

Indian Child Life, illus. by E. W. Deming
and with stories by T. 0. Deming.

Stokes. $2.00-
This and the next book by Deming sho«r

little Indian children in their wigwams, at their

games, with their pets. For children four to



Red Folk and Wild Folk, illus. by E. W.
Deming and with Indian folklore
stories by T. O. Deming. Stokes. $2.00.

American Animal Life, illus. by E. W.
Deming, stories by T. 0. Deming,

Stokes. $2.00.
Pictures of bison, moose, polar bear, grizzly,
etc., with excellent landscape background of
prairie, mountain, iceberg and forest. For chil-
dren four to nine.

Lucas, E. V.

Four and Twenty Toilers, verses by Lu-
, cas, illus. by F. D. Bedford.

McDevitt-WilsoTU $1.50.
Story-telling pictures of the miller, the cob-
bler, the ship-builder, the organgrinder, the
stevedore and other toilers. For children three
to eight or nine.

Smith, E. Boyd

The Chicken World. Putnam. $1.50.

Picture-story of an anxious mother hen and
her brood in their barnyard home. For chil-
dren two to six and older.

The Farm Book, story and pictures by E.

Boyd Smith. Houghton. $1.75.

About the farmer's plowing, sowing, reaping,

milking, making butter, cutting wood, etc. For

children three to eight or nine.

The Railroad Book, story and pictures by

E. Boyd Smith. Houghton. $1.75.

Pictures of the railroad and of Bob and Betty's

journey on it. For children three to eight or


The Seashore Book, story and pictures by
E. Boyd Smith. Houghton. $1.75.

Bob and Betty have fun digging clams, watch-
ing men build ships, make sails, etc. They go
to a "launching" and they hear stories of the
sea. Excellent story-telling pictures. For chil-
dren four to nine.

The Story of Pocahontas and Captain

John Smith, told and pictured by E.

Boyd Smith. Houghton. $1.75.

An excellent history picture book, interesting

to children of five or six and to those much



/N another section will be given a list of
Fairy Tales in the form of books which
are not notable primarily for their -pictures.
Following are picture books which take a
few well-known fairy tales for their sub-
jects. These should be bought for children
from, three or four to seven or eight, not, as
a rule, for the tiniest children.

Brooke, L. Leslie

The Golden Goose and the Three Bears.

Warne. $2.00.
Each of the two stories included in this vol-
ume may be obtained separately in paper covers
for 75c.

Three Little Pigs and Tom Thumb.

Warne. $2.00.

Each of the stories Included in this volume
may be obtained separately in paper covers for

"The Three Bears" and "The Three Little
Pigs" represent the most perfect style of making
pictures for little children. I wish more artists
would study these pictures of Leslie Brooke.

Crane, Walter
Beauty and the Beast Picture Book, con-
taining Beauty and the Beast, the Frog
prince and The hind in the wood.

Lane $1.25.
Walter Crane's pictures are highly considered
by artists, but they are rather confu-sing for
the tiny folk. They are also terrifying to ex-
tremely nervous children. Buy for healthy bovs
of five to seven, who delight in tales of dragons
and giants, in bravery against odds.




coriTAinmCi •



John Lane Co.

Bluebeard's Picture Book, containing
Bluebeard, The sleeping Beauty and
Baby's own alphabet. Lane. $1.25.

Buckle My Shoe Picture Book.

Lane. $1.25.
Includes "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe," "A
Gaping Wide Mouth 'Waddling Frog," "My

Cinderella's Picture Book, containing
Cinderella, Puss in Boots and Valen-
tine and Orson. Lane. $1.25.

Goody Two Shoes' Picture Book, contain-
ing Goody Two Shoes, Aladdin, The
yellow dwarf. Lane. $1.25.

Mother Hubbard's Picture Book, contain-
ing Mother Hubbard, The three bears,
The absurd ABC. Lane. $1.25.

Red Riding Hood's Picture Book, contain-
ing Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and
the beanstalk. The forty thieves.

Lane. $1.25.

This Little Pig's Picture Book, contain-
ing This little pig, The fairy ship,
King Luckieboy. Lane. $1.25.

Smith, E. Boyd

Santa Claus and All About Him.

Stokes. $1.50.

How Santa Claus makes toys and delivers
them in homes of good children.



MANY of the preceding picture books
also are "funny," but the following
belong especially in this class.

Adelborg, Ottilia

Clean Peter and the children of Grubby-
lea, Longmans. $1.25.
How the dirty children of Grubbylea were
talven in hand by Clean Peter and made to re-

Brooke. L. Leslie
Johnny Crow's G.\rden. Warne. $1.00.

A most perfect example of an ideal "funny
book" for little folks. Good art and good feel-
ing Delightful to children and adults. Not a
trace of mean, spiteful, vulgar joking. Makers
of "comic supplements," take notice !

Francis, J. G.
Cheerful Cats Century. $1.00.

Black-and-white outline pictures, not colored.


Frederick Warne d Co.

Little Stories .for Little Children

Bryant, S. C.

Stories to Tell the Little Ones.

Houghton. $1.75.
Just the sort of stories for a mother to tell at
bedtime to babies of two or three years.

Dodge, Mary IVlapes
Baby Days — songs stories and pictures for
very little folks. Century. $1.50.

New Baby World, stories, rhymes, and
pictures for little folks.

Century. $1.50.
A miscellany of poems, stories, pictures, about
animals, the sea, indoors and outdoors. Non-
sense and real information.

Gates, J. S.

Captain Billie leads the way to the land
of "I don't want to." Dodd. 75c.

The little books by Gates tell about doll-
children who ran away from their mamas be-
cause they did not like to go to bed early, hated
to be clean, wanted unlimited candy. In each
case the "moral" is droUy pointed. For children
three to six.

Little Girl Blue.

Houghton. 65c.

Tommy Sweet-Tooth and Little Girl
Blue. Houghton. 65c.

Hopkins, W. J.

The Sandman, His Farm Stories.

Page. $1.50.
Bedtime stories told by a father to a three-
year-old about plowing, sugar-making, haying,
apole-gathering. etc. Interesting to children of
eight or nine as well as to tiny folks.

The Sandman, More Farm Stories.



Hunt, C. W.

About Harriet. Houghton. $1.50.

About a little girl who had good times in the
big city. For children three to nine.

Johnson, Margaret
A Bunch of Keys. Button. $1.50.

The charm of these stories lies in the fact that
little pictures take the place of words wherever
that could be managed by the story teller. Be-
erinners in reading will particularly enjoy this.

Lefevre, Fellcite

The Cock, the mouse and the little red hen,

illus. by Tony Sarg. Jacobs. 90c.

A story that will be popular as long as there

are little children to listen to it. The picturej

in this small book are as popuar as the story.

Potter, Beatrix

The Pie and the Patty Pan.

Warne. 60c.
Beatrix Potter's story-pictures of little animals
who do human things are too well known and
too well loved by children to need comment. Un-
fortunately artists and writers of mediocre abil-
ity are imitating these books till the market is
flooded with second rate stuff and little children
are fed on stories of too narrowing a sameness.
Even babies should have variety in their literary
diet, and even Beatrix Potter is not alwayn
at her best. Buy all the following if you like.
These are good. Then stop buying books of this

The Roly-Poly Pudding. Warne. $1.25.

Tale of Benjamin Bunny. Warne. 60c.

Tale of Jemima Puddleduck. Warne. 60c.

Tale of Mr. Jeremy P'isher. Warne. 60c.

Tale of Peter Rabbit. Warne. 60c.

Tale of Squirrel Nutkin. Warne. 60c.

Tale of Timmy Tiptoes. ^Warne. 60c.

Tale of Tom Kitten. Warne. 60c.

Poulsson, A. E.

Child Stories and Rhymes.

Lothrop. $1.25,
For very young children. How the baby'n
milk comes to him from the farm and other
matters of baby life.

Smith, Gertrude

Arabella and Araminta Stories

Small. $1.00.

An amusing story full of the repetition dear

to small children and to a beginner in reading.


Fables, Fairy Tales, Myths and Other Famous Classics

The Child's fairy tale years are apt to be from three to nine or ten years of age. All chil-
dren should grow up with the best fairy tales, fables and myths — and with none but the best.

Books in Groups I and II may be bought for the younger children. Group III contains
the stories more likely to appeal to children six or seven to nine or ten. However, do not take
this grading too literally. Let the children themselves choose from any group.


Books in Group I are collections of the most
familiar tales, such as Cinderella,
Three Bears, Hansel and Gretel, Three
Billy Goats Gruff, etc. If you can
afford the most expensive book in the
group get it. All these are good, but
the prices will show that some are
small collections.

Coe, F. E.

First Book of Stories for the Story
Teller. Houghton. $1.50.

A few Greek and Norse myths besides familiar
fairy tales and fables.


Grimm, J. L.

Fairy Tales.

K. and w. K.


by Rhead.

Illus. by Crane.




Grover, E. O.
FOLK-LoRE Readers. Atkinson. 50c.

Babies will enjoy listening to, beginners in
reading will love to read themselves.

Lang, Andrew
Cinderella. Longmans. 25c.

This also includes "Rumpelstiltzken" "Why
the Sea Is Salt," "Puss in Boots," "Little

History of Whittington.

Longmans. 35c.
This also includes "The Goose Girl," "Trusty
John," "The Forty Thieves," "The Master-
Maid," "Aladdin."

Jack the Giant Killer. Longmans. 30c.

This also includes "Prince Hyacinth," "Beau-
ty and the Beast."




M. SKINNER. Chas. Scrihner's



Little Red Riding Hood. Longmans. 25c.

This includes also "Toads and Diamonds,"
"Snow- "White and Rose-red," "Hansel and Gret-
tel," "The Brave Little Tailor."

The Princess on the Glass Hill.

Longmans. 35c.

This includes also "The Terrible Head," "Fe-
licia and the Pot of Pinks," "The Water Lily."
"The Gold Spinners," "Blue Beard." "Goldi-
locks," "The Tale of a Youth Who Set Out to
Learn What Fear Is."

The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood.

Longinans. 30c.
This includes "The Bronze Ring," "East o' the
Sun and West o' the Moon."

Lodge, H. C.

Famous Old Tales.

Twelve familiar tales.

Houghton. 50c.

Perrault, Charles

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