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City Blue Book









Entered according to act of Congress
in 1913, 1914, 1915, 1916 1917, 1919 by

in the office of the Librarian of Con-
gress, at Washington, D. C. -


f I ^HE purpose of Herringshaw's City Blue Book
of Biography is to present in one volume, and
in condensed form, a standard work of Biographical
Reference, giving appropriate notices of all those
who are identified in any capacity with Chicago's
Educational, Social, Civil, Professional, Financial,
Industrial and Commercial affairs.

The work contains an Alphabetical Record of
Chicago's Business Men, Merchants, Manufacturers,
Builders, Financiers, Lawyers and Jurists, Physicians,
Clergymen, Educators and other Progressive Citizens
who hold positions of trust and honor in their chosen
vocation in the various lines of human effort.

These Representative Citizens of character and
influence, by their enterprise and thrift, by their
activity and sagacity in business, and by their zeal
in educational, social and public matters, have con-
tributed vastly to the moral, spiritual and material
prosperity of the community in which they live.

As Builders and Merchants, they have erected
buildings and illumined the marts of trade; in the

field of Science and Medicine they have obtained
great prominence; in the arena of Statesmanship they
have produced men of thought and men of action;
while at the Bar and in the administration of Justice
they have shown erudition and wisdom. As Clergy-
men, Educators and Lecturers they have occupied
high places; and as Artists, Musicians, Composers
and Authors they have contributed profusely to
social life.

Of many men more might have been written.
But where not enough has been said, the fault must
be attributed to the indifference of the person mostly
interested. The Editor is only too pleased to receive
Data to the end that each and everyone may receive
due recognition and an authentic record.

We feel confident that this authentic collection
of Chicago's foremost leaders of Life and Thought
will be an invaluable acquisition to current Litera-
ture, and will meet with a hearty welcome at the
hands of an intelligent public.

With such continued and courteous co-operation
and support our best efforts will be directed in mak-
ing Herringshaw's City Blue Book of Biography
more and more complete from year to year.


Mistakes will undoubtedly be found in this volume, but they
exist not for want of painstaking efforts to avoid them, but generally
from imperfect manuscripts or conflicting statements of standard
authorities. What is worth recording .at all, is worth recording
carefully and correctly; and when mistakes are discovered, a mem-
orandum of the errors should at once be sent to the publisher for
correction iu future editions of this work.


Ralph Waldo Emerson


Aaron, Charles, Attorney-at-Law of 76 West
Monroe Street, was born Dec. 28, 1890, in New
York, N. Y. Since 1912 he has been a mem-
ber of the law firm of Henry J. and Charles
Aaron. He is a Director of the Drovers Trust
and Savings Bank; Fort Dearborn Safe De-
posit Company; and the Liberty Car and
Equipment. He is a member of the City and
Standard Clubs; Chicago Bar Association; and
Chicago Law Institute.

Aaron, Edward A., Commission Merchant of
72 West South Water Street, was born July
10, 1867, in Chicago, 111. He is President and
Treasurer of E. A. Aaron and Brothers.

Aaron, Henry J., Attorney-at-Law of 76
West Monroe Street, was born July 4, 1879,
in Russia. Since 1900 he has practiced law
in Chicago; and is a Director of the Drovers
National Bank; and the Fort Dearborn Trust
and Savings Bank. He is a member of the
City Club; Saddle ami Sirloin Club; Iroquois
Club; National Arts Club of New York; Chi-
cago Bar Association; American Bar Associa-
tion; Chicago Law Institute; and the Masonic

Abbey, Charles Peters, Attorney-at-Law of
7 South Dearbor n Street, was born May 2.;,
" 1S63, in Chicago, 111. He
was educated at the Univer-
sity of Chicago, Northwest-
i > it University, and Chicago
College of law. Since 1891
he has practiced his profes-
sion in Chicago. In 1907-9
he was Viee-President of
the Chicago Bar Associa-
tion. He is a member of
the University and Hamilton Clubs.

Abbott, Edith, Sociologist of 800 South
Halsted Street, was born at Grand Island,
Neb. Since 1908 she has been a. resident of
Hull House. She is the author of The De-
liquent Child, and a contributor to the Ameri-
can Journal of Sociology and other papers.

Abbott, Frank Banfoid, Musical Editor of
407 South Dearborn Street, was born Jan. 29,
ls-">M, in Bethel, Vt. He graduated in Music
and Literature from the Episcopal College of
Faribault, Minn. In IsSt be founded Presto,
a. musical journal; and is the author of numer-
ous Musical Papers and Monographs. He is
now President and Manager of the Presto
Publishing Company,

Abbott, Frank Irving, Lumber Merchant of
2201 Loomis Street, was born Dec. 31, 1860, in
Tonawanda, X. Y. Since 1911 he has been
President of the Frank I. Abbott Lumber Com-

Abbott, Grace, Social Worker, was born Nov.


17, 1878, in Grand Island, Neb. Since 1908
she has been a Director of the Immigrants'
Protective League; and is interested in other

Abbott, Homer, Attorney-at-Law of 38 South
Dearborn Street, was born July 29, 1866, in
Mineral, 111. In 1898 he was City Attorney of
Chicago Heights; and 1903-11 Judge of the
City Court of Chicago Heights.

Abbott, John Jay, Banker of 208 South La-
Salle Street, was born March 11, 1871, in New
York City. In 1899-1910 he was associated
with the American Trust and Savings Bank,
Chicago; and is now Vice-President of the
Continental and Commercial Trust and Sav-
ings Bank, its successors.

"Abbott, Wallace Calvin, Physician and
Editor of 1:753 Ravenswood Park, was born
Oct. 12, 1857, in Bridgewater, Vt. He is Presi-
dent of The Abbott Laboratories; and is also
Editor-in-chief of The American Journal of
Clinical .Medicine.

Abbott, William Lamont, Mechanical En-
gineer of 72 West Adams Street, was born Feb.

11, 1861, in Morrison, 111. Since 1899 he has
been Chief Operating Engineer of the Com-
monwealth Edison Company. He is also Presi-
dent of the Board of Trustees of the Uni-
versity of Illinois.

Abbott, William R., Physician and Surgeon
of 7500 Cottage Grove Avenue, was born Feb.

12, 1885, in Illinois. He is engaged in the
general practice of surgery. Residence, 7428
Rhodes Avenue.

Abbott, William Rufus, 212 West Washing-
ton Street, was born Sept. L8, 1869, in New
York City. Since 1893 lie has been associated
with the Chicago Telephone Company, and
3ince 1914 has been General .Manager.'

Abbott, William Tabor, Attorney-at-Law and
Banker of 12' W est Monroe Street, was born
' Feb. 16, 1868, at Wells
River, Vermont. He was
formerly engaged in the
practice of law in Chicago.
He is now First Vice-Presi-
dent of the Central Trust
Company of Illinois. He is
a member of the Union
League Club, and the Uni-
versity Club, and a member
of ut her organizations.

Abel, Edward James, Manufacturing Chem-
ist of 2246 Austin Avenue, was born Nov. 26,
L859, in St. Louis, Mo. Since 1877 he has been
engaged in the manufacture of chemicals in
Chicago, and is head of the firm bearing his

Abel, Theodore C. F., Physician of 7 West




Madison Street, \\;is born Oct. 24, 1869, in
Gernsbach, Germany. Be is President of the
Burdick Abel Laboratory. He is a member of
the Chicago Association of Commerce; the Chi-
cago .Medical Society; the Illinois State Medi-
cal Society; the American Medical Associa-
tion; and Union Park Lodge Mo. 610, A. F.
and A. M.

Abele, Ludwig Hermann, Oculist of 209
Smith State Street, was horn duly 6, 1865, in
Konstanz, Germany, since L901 he has been
engaged in practice in Chicago. He is Con-
sulting Oculist to St. Joseph Hospital and At-
tending Oculist to the Grant Hospital.

Abells, Harry D., Educator, was born Oct.
18, L872, in Hatfield, -Mass. He was Secretary
of the Chicago Young .Men's Christian Asso-
ciation, and Instructor at the Morgan Park
Academy. He is Superintendent of the Mor-
gan Park Military Academy.

Abrams, Duff Andrew, Engineer and Scien-
tist of 400 South Hamlin Avenue, was born
April 25, 1880, in (hand Tower, 111. In 1905
he received the degree of B. S. from the Uni-
versity of Illinois, and in 1909 the degree of
( '. E. from thai institution. In 1905-14 he was
with the Engineering Experiment Station,
University of Illinois. Since 1914 he has been
Professor in Charge of the Structural Mate-
rials Research Laboratory, Lewis Institute,
Chicago. He is author of numerous papers on
tests and properties of materials; a Fellow of
the American Association for the Advance-
ment of Science; member of the American
Society for Testing Materials, American
Mathematical Association, Illinois Society of
Engineers, and the Chicago Engineers Club.

A 'Brunswick, Frank P., Attorney-at-Law of
160 West Jackson Boulevard, was born Dec.
3, 1871, in New York City.
Prior to 1897 he was tele-
graph operator and station
agent for the Philadelphia
and Beading, Chicago and
Alton and the Missouri,
Kansas and Texas Rail-
road; and for the following
seventeen years was en-
gaged in the grain business
in i hicago; studied law, and in 1911 received
the degree of LL. B. from the Western College
of Paw; in 1 i> 1 1! was admitted to the Supreme
Court of Illinois; and in 1911 the United States
Courts. He is interested in several local and
foreign corporations; and is a member of the
Chicago Law Institute; Chicago and Illinois
Par Associations; and Montjoie Conimanderv.
Abt, Isaac Arthur, Physician of 104 South
Michigan Avenue, was born Pee. PS, 1867, in
Wilmington, 111. In PSit] he received the de-
gree of M. D. from the Chicago Medical Col-
lege; and in L893 I took post graduate work in
Vienna and Berlin. He is Professor of Dis-
eases of Children in Northwestern University
Medical School; and Attending Physician to

the Children's Hospital, Michael Reese Hos-

Abt, Jacob J., Industrial Advisor of 175
West Jackson Boulevard, was born in 1867, in
Wilmington, 111. He is President of the Whole-
sale Clothiers Association of Chicago; and
Vice-President of the National Association of

Achaid, Herman J., Physician and Editor
of 4742 Magnolia Avenue, was born in 1866, in
Berlin, Germany. He was formerly Librarian
and Secretary of the von Ruck Research Lab-
oratory for Tuberculosis, Asheville, N. C. He
is now Associate Editor of the American Jour-
nal of Clinical Medicine.

Ackert, Charles H., of 58 East Washington
Street, was born Feb. 19, 1856, in Dutchess
County, N. Y. In 1872 he entered railway
service as a telegraph operator, and has held
various positions with the Elgin, Joliet and
Eastern and other railroads. He is now Presi-
dent of the National Railway Time Service

Acres,' Louise, Physician of 32 North State
Street, was born July 30, 1857, in Burlington,
Iowa. Since 1893 she has practiced medicine
in Chicago; and for ten years was Obstetrician
to the Mary Thompson Hospital for Women.

Adair, Sadie Bay, Physician of 25 East
Washington Street, was born Aug. 11, 1873, in
Hays City, Kans. She is Chairman of the
Public Policy Committee of the Illinois State
Medical Society. In 1915-16 she was President
of the Women's Medical Club of Chicago.

Adam, Alexander Bruce, Wholesale Mer-
chant of 24 South Michigan Avenue, was born
July 2, 1839, in Dunfermline, Scotland. Since
1864 he has been engaged in the wholesale
millinery business, and is now President of
the Edson Keith Company.

Adams, Albert Hamilton, Patent Atorney of
53 West Jackson Boulevard, was born Sept.
14, 1863, in Jacksonville, 111. Since 1885 he
has practiced his profession. In 1893-4 he was
President of the Patent Law Association of

Adams, diaries, Surgeon of 33 Bellevue
Place, was born May 29, 1847, in England. In
1895-1913 he practiced surgery in Chicago.
For fifteen years he was Surgeon-Major in the
Illinois National Guard.

Adam, Cyrus Hall, Jr., Attorney-at-Law of
72 West Adams Street, was born July 30, 1881,
in Chicago, 111. Since 1907 he has practiced
his profession in Chicago.

Adams, Edward M., of 38 South Dearborn
Street, was born Dec. 1, 1876, in Cherry Val-
ley, HI. In 1909-11 and 1911-13 he was Mayor
of Harvey, 111. He is now Secretary of the
Inland Steel Company, and Secretary of the
Inland Steamship Company. He resides in
Harvey, 111.

Adams, Edward Shields, Commission Mer-
chant of 208 South LaSalle Street, was born
Dec. 12, 1S59, in Chicago, 111. Since 1910 he



has been a member of the Edwards S. Adams
Company. He is a member of the Chicago
Board of Trade.

Adams, Edwin Augustus, Clergyman of 854
Lakeside Place, was born Oct. 21, 1837, in
Franklin, Mass. In 1884-1907 he was head of
the Bohemian Mission Congregational Church
of Chicago.

Adams, Elmer Haney, Attorney-at-Law of
76 West Monroe Street, was born Sept. 22,
1.870, in .New Windsor, 111. Since 1893 he has
been engaged in the practice of law, and is
a member of the law firm of Adams, Crews,
Bobb and Wescott.

Adams, George Everett, Attorney-at-Law of
108 South LaSalle Street, was born June 18,
1840, in Keene, N. H. In 1881-3 he was a mem-
ber of the Illinois State Senate; 18S3-91 mem-
ber of the Forty-eighth to the Fifty-first Con-
gresses. He is a Trustee of the Newberry

Adams, George J., Live Stock Commission
Merchant, was born July 16, 1855, in Welling-
boro, England. He is a partner in the firm of
Adams and Kitchin, Union Stock Yards.

Adams, Harry Coburn, Coal Merchant of 332
South Michigan Avenue, was born in 1858, in
Indianapolis, Indiana. He is President of the
Peerless Coal Company, and is a director in
other corporations.

Adams, James Alonzo, Clergyman of 714
East Fortieth Street, was born May 21, 1842,
in Ashland County, Ohio. He has been Pastor
of the Warren Avenue Church and the Millard
Avenue Church, Chicago. Since 1910 he has
been Editor-in-Chief of The Advance.

Adams, John D., Capitalist of 332 South
Michigan Avenue. He is a Director of The
Power Wagon; and Treasurer of the Peabody
Coal Company.

Adams, John Quincy, Investment Dealer of
140 South Dearborn Street, was born June 16,
1848, in Troy, Vt. Since 1892 he has been
engaged in the investment business. He is
President of the Adams Investment Company;
and President of the Coast Line Land Com

Adams, Milward, Theatrical Manager and
Consul, was born dan. 6. 1857, in Lexington,
Ky. For eight years he was
Manager of the old Central
Music Hall; ten years Man-
ager of the Theodore Thom-
as Orchestra; and in 1892
was Manager of the Dedi-
catory ceremonies of the
World's Columbian Exposi-
tion. Since 1906 he has
been Consul at Siam.
Adams, Myron Eugene, Clergyman, of 140
West Van Buren Street, was born Feb. 19,
1876, in Palmyra, N, Y. In 1912-16 he was
Pastor of the First Baptist Church, Chicago;
1917 Director of Morale at the Fort Sheridan
Reserve Officers Training Camp.

Adams, Nathaniel Holder, Physician and
Surgeon of 108 North State Street, was born
Jan. 14, 1871, in Lexington, Ohio. He was
formerly Professor of Nervous Diseases in the
Illinois Medical College. He is now engaged
in the general practice of medicine, and makes
a specialty of diseases of the nervous system.

Adams,' Samuel, Attorney-at-Law of L'57
South LaSalle Street, was born Nov. 12, 1871,
in Syracuse, N. Y. For some years he was
Professor of Law in Northwestern University
Law School. He is now senior member of the
law firm of Adams, Follansbee, Hawley and

Adams, Spencer L., Attorney-at-Law of 69
West Washington Street, was born June 12,

1870, in Skaneateles, N. Y. Since 1896 he has
practiced law in Chicago; and is now a mem-
ber of the firm of Lyman, Adams and Bishop.
In 1910-11 he was Secretary of the City Club.

Adams, William Alexander, Attorney-at-Law
of 5 North LaSalle Street, was born Sept. 10,

1871, in Chicago, 111. In 1902 he was admitted
to the bar, and has since practiced law in
Chicago. In 1908-13 he was Professor of Law
in the Illinois College of Law.

Adams, William Porter, Manufacturer of
726 Washington Boulevard, was born in Cam-
bridgeport, Mass. Since 1890 he has been
President of the Adams and Elting Company,
manufacturers of paint specialties; and is a
director in other corporations.

Adcock, Albert Y., of 111 West Monroe
Street, was born March 30, 1876, in Chicago,
111. He is Manager of the Harris Trust Build-

Adcock, Edmund David, Atorney-at-Law of
900 South Michigan Avenue, was born April
29, 1877, in Galesburg, 111. In 1902 he was
admitted to the bar. Since 1912 he has been
Attorney for the Sanitary District of Chicago.

Addams, Jane, Lecturer, Reformer and Au-
thor of 808 South Halsted Street, was born
Sept. 6, 1860, in Cedarville, 111. Since 1889
she has been head resident of Hull House of
Chicago. She is the author of Democracy and
Social Ethics; Philanthropy and Social Prog-
ress; Newer Ideals of Peace; A New Con-
science; and other works.

Addington, Keene Harwood, Attorney-at-
Law of 105 West Monroe Street was born
March 3, 1874, in Baltimore, Md. In 1890 he
came to Chicago, and in 1895 was admitted to
the bar. Since 1900 he has been associated
with Civile Jones, and they are Editors of
sixty volumes of reports of the Appellate
Courts of Illinois, and the authors of eight
volumes of the Annotated Statutes of Illinois,
and ten volumes of Notes of Illinois Reports.
He is President of the Sprague Canning Ma-
chinery Company; Secretary of the Benjamin
Electric Company of Illinois; and Treasurer
of the Benjamin Electric Manufacturing Com-
pany of Canada, Limited; and the Benjamin
Electric, Limited, England. He is a member



of the University Club, the Chicago Athletic
Association, Old Elm Club, 'Shore Acres Club,
and the Onwentsia club.

Ade, George, Author, was born Feb. 9, 1866,
in Kentland, Ind. He is the author of The
College Widow, The County Chairman, Fables
in Slang, and numerous other works.

Adkins, William Griffin, Public Accountant
of 64 Wesl Randolph Street, was born .Inly 2)5,
1856, in Watertown, N. Y. Since 1874 he has
resided in Chicago. He is a member of the
firm of William G. and Herbert Adkins. He
is a member of the Illinois Society Sons of the
American Revolution, Midwest Chapter Alden
Kindred of America, Veteran Corps First In-
fantry Illinois' National Guard, Society of
Colonial Wars, American Institute of Ac-
countants, Illinois Institute of Accountants,
and the Empire State Society of 'Chicago; and
a member of the Iroquois Club, and Chicago
Association of Commerce.

Adkinson, Elmer Williams, Attorney-at-Law
of 17U West Washington Street, was born Nov.
28, 1844, in East Enterprise, Ind. Since 1873
he has practiced law in Chicago.

Adler, Arthur M., Merchant of 327 South
La Salle Street, was born in Chicago, 111. He
was formerly Vice-President and Secretary of
Alder and Oberndorf. He is now proprietor of
Arthur M. Adler and Company, dealers in
packing house by-products

Adler, Herman Morris, psychiatrist of 119
East Huron Street, was bom Oct. 10, 1876, in
New York. Until 1916 he was chief of the
staff of the Boston Psychopathic Hospital. In
1917 he was appointed State Criminologist of
Illinois; and since Feb. 10, 1917 has been
•Director of the Juvenile Psychopathic Insti-

Adler, Sidney J., Life Underwriter of 111
West Monroe Street, was born June 26, 1876,
in Chicago, 111. Prior to 1903 he was drafts-
man and Superintendent of Construction for
Dankmar and A. K. Adler; and in 1903-11 De-
partment Manager for Sulzberger and Sons
Company. Since 1911 he has been Special
Agent for the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance
Company. He is a member of the Ravisloc
Country Club; the City Club; the Life Under-
writer's Association; and the Shoe and
Leal her Association.

Adolphus, Philip, Physician of 1639 Wash-
ington Boulevard, was born in ISl'8 in Berlin,
Germany. He has been Clinical Professor of
Gynecology in K'ush Medical College and other
Medical Institutions. He is now Consulting
Physician to the Presbyterian Hospital.

Adsit, Charles C, Broker of 209 South La-
Balle Street, was born duly 14, 1 S;!.!, in Chi-
cago. : Since ls7il he has been a dealer in
stocks and bonds. 1 u 1897-8 he was Presidenl
of the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Affeld, Charles Ernest, Underwriter of 1 75
Wr-I Jackson Boulevard, was born March 10,
1843, in Stettin, Prussia. From 1861-4 he

served in the Civil War. Since 1914 he has
been a member of the firm of Affeld, Tonk and

Affleck, Benjamin Franklin, Cement Manu-
facturer of 210 South La Salle Street, was
born March 1, 1869, in Belleville, 111. Since
1915 he has been President of the Universal
Portland Cement Company; and is also Presi-
dent of the Calumet Supply Company, and
the Portland Cement Association. He is a
member of the Union League, Rotary and
Mid-Day Clubs.

Agar, James Scanlan, Packer of 3854 South
Morgan Street, was born in 1864, in Chicago,
111. Since 1899 he has been Vice-President
of the Agar Packing Company; President of
the Western Packing and Provision Company;
and a member of the Board' of Directors of
the Chicago Association of Commerce.

Agar, John, Merchant of 4057 South Union
Street, was born Oct. 3, 1S38, in Carlow
County, Ireland. He is President of the Agar
Provision Company.

Ahem, Mary Eileen, Editor of 6 North Mich-
igan Avenue, was born near Indianapolis, Ind.
In 1893-5 she was State Librarian of Indiana;
and since 1896 has been Editor of Public

Ahrens, Mary A., Lawyer of 5495 Cornell
Avenue, was born Dec. 29, 1836, in Stafford-
shire, England. She was the promoter and
founder of the Mary A. Aherns Mission; and
has been Vice-President of the Protective
Agency for Women and Children.

Aiken, William James, Insurance Manager
of 175 West Jackson Boulevard, was born
dune 2, 1848, in Fayetteville, Tenn. He was
formerly Superintendent of the American Ex-
press Company. Since 1889 he has been Gen-
eral Manager of the Preferred Accident In-
surance Company.

Ainslie, James Stewart, Clergyman of 5057
Kenmore Avenue, was born May 6, 1S56, in
Otsego County, 111. In 1900 he organized and
was pastor of the North Shore Congregational
Church. He is now pastor of he Argyle Com-
munity Church, Independent, which he or-
ganized in 1916.

Ainsworth, Franklin Fessenden, Publisher
of 623 South Wabash Avenue, was born Sept.
5, 1856, in Boston, Mass. He is Treasurer of
the Board of Missions of the Diocese of Chi-
cago, Treasurer of the Church Home for the
Aged and Treasurer of the Western Theolog-
ical Seminarv.

Akin, William J., Manufacturer of ,1801 Di-
versey Avenue, was born Feb. 7, 1854, in Mon-
treal, Canada. He is Vice-President, Treas-
urer and Director of the Illinois Malleable
Iron Company; Treasurer and Director of the
International Malleable Iron Company, Can-
ada; Director of the Mountain States Supply
Company, Salt Lake City; Treasurer of the
Bullock Tractor Company, Chicago; and an
officer in other industrial corporations.



Aisthon, Richard Henry, Railway Official of
226 West Jackso n Boulevard, was born June
2, I860, in Evanston, 111.
He entered railway service
in 1878 with the Chicago
and Northwestern Railway;
and has held various posi-
tions with the same road;
and since 1900 has been
Vice-President in charge of
operation. He is a member
^4£l ^^9^^ "'' ''"' Union League ami
Glen View Clubs.

Albaugh, George Sylvanus, Manufacturer of
2100 Marshall Boulevard, was born in John-
son County, Mo. With his brother he founded
the Albaugh-Dover Company, manufacturers
of farm tractors and cut gears, of which he
is President and General Manager. He is
also an officer and director in other corpora-

Albers, Anna, Physician of 723 Belden Ave-
nue, was born Aug. 8, 1863, in Muscatine,
Towa. She is a member of the Staff of the
Augustana Hospital; and is a contributor to
medical journals.

Albert, Allen Diehl, Sociologist and Writer

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