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Regulns, -I, m., Regulus, a fa-
mous Roman, 32.

relinquo, -ere, rellqui, relic-
tus, to leave, abandon, 34.

reliquns, -a, -um, adj., remain-
ing, left, 14.

remaneo, -ere, -mansl, -niansu-
rus (re + maneo), to stay be-
hind, remain, 461.

Reini, -drum, m. plur., the Remi,
a people of Belgic Gaul, 13.

reniigro, -are, to return, move
back, 461.

remitto, -ere, -mlsi, -missus (re
4- mitto), to send back, 461.

removed, -ere, -movi, -motus, to
move back, remove, 461.

remits, -T, m., oar, 461.

reniintio, -are (re + nfintio), to
take back word, report, 31.

reperio, -Tre, repperl, reper-
tus, to find out, learn, 49.

reporto, -are (re -f porto), to
carry back, 461.

res, rel, f., matter, affair, busi-
ness, thing-, res militaris, the
art of war, military science ;
res piiblica, the state, 26.

responded, -ere, -spondl, -spon-
sus, to answer, reply, 39.



reyertor, reverti, reversus, dep.
v., to return ; in the perfect sys-
tem the active forms reverti,
reverteram, etc., are used, 42.

revoco, -are (re + voco), to call
back, recall, 35.

rex, regis, m., king (regno), 15.

Rhenus, -I, m., the Rhine, 27.

rlpa, -ae, f., bank, 19.

rogo, -are, to ask, request, 18.

Roma, -ae, f., Rome, 6.

Romauus, -a, -um, adj., Roman
(Roma), 5.

rosa, -ae, f., a rose, 1.

rota, -ae, f., wheel, 461.

rursus, adv., lack, again, 32.

sacer, sacra, sacrum, adj., sa-
cred, holy, 7.

sacerdos, -otis, m., priest (sa-
cer), 16.

saepe, adv., often, 28.

sagitta, -ae, f., arrow, 461.

Saguntum, -I, n., Saguntum, a
city in Spain, 33,

sal us, -fitis, f., safety, 42.

sapienter, adv., wisely, 25.

satis, adv., enough, 35.

scapha, -ae, f., skiff, boat, 461.

scio, -Ire, -IvI, -Itus, to know, a
fact (compare cognosco), 34.

ScTpio, -onis, m., Scipio, the
name of a famous Roman fam-
ily, 39.

scutum, -I, n., shield, 5.

secundus, -a, -um, adj., follow-
ing, favorable (sequor), 24.

sed, conj., but, 2.

semper, adv., always, 6.

senatus, -us, m., senate (senex),

senex, senis, m., old man (de-
clined p. 91, n. 1), 26.
sententia, -ae, f., opinion, view,

purpose (sentio), 32.
sentio, -Ire, sensl, sensus, to

feel, perceive, think, 35.
septem, indeclin. adj., seven, 20.
septentriones, -um, n. plur., the

seven plow-oxen (the stars in

the constellation of the Great

Bear), the north, 461.
Septimus, -a,, -um, adj., seventh

(septem), 20.
sequor, -I, secutus, dep. v., to

follow, 37.

servitus, -utis, f., slavery, servi-
tude (servus), 55.
servo, -are, to save, preserve, 5.
servus, -I, m., slave, 4.
si, conj ., if, 29.
sic, adv., so, 38.
Sicilia, -ae, f., Sicily, 35.
Slgnum, -I, n., sign, standard ;

slgna Inferre, to advance,

charge, 29.

silentium, -I, n., silence, 40.
silva, -ae, f ., wood, forest, 2.
similis, -e, adj., like, similar to

(compared 471), 23.
simul, adv., at the same time;

simul ac (atque), at the same

time as, as soon as, 34.
sine, prep. w. abl., without, 10.
singularis, -e, adj., single, 461.
singull, -ae, -a, adj., one by one,

singly, 53.
sinister, -tra, -trum, adj., left,

on the left hand, 26.
socius, -I, m., ally, 14.
sol, solis, m., sun, 41.
soleo, -ere, solitus, semi-dep. v.,

to be accustomed, be wont, 37.



solus, -a, -um, adj., alone, only

(declined 469), 52.
solvo, -ere, solvl, solutirs, to

unbind, loose, weigh anchor,


spatium, -I, n., space, 461.
species, -el, f., sight, appearance,

speculatorius, -a, -um, adj.,

scouting, 461.

spero, -are, to hope (spes), 41.
spes, speT, f ., hope, 9.
spolio, -are, to strip, despoil,

stabilitas, -atis, f., firmness,

steadiness, 461.
statim, adv., at once, immediate-
ly, 30.
statio, -onis, f., post, guard,

duty, 461.
strepitus, -us, m., noise, din,

uproar, 461.
studeo, -ere, studul, , to be

eager for, desire (stud in in),


studium, -T, n., eagerness, devo-
tion, zeal, 21.
sub, adverbial prefix and prep.

w. accu. and abl., under, to the

foot of, at the foot of, 34.
snbduco, -ere, -duxl, -ductus

(sub + duco), to lead up, draw

up, 461.
subicio, -ere, -iecT, -iectus (sub

+ iacio), to throw under, place

under, 461.
subito, adv., suddenly (subitus),


subitus -a -um, adj., sudden, un-
expectedly, 54.
subministro, -are, to supply,

furnish, % 461.

submitto, -ere, -niisi, -missus
(sub 4- mitto), to send up, send
to one's assistance, 461.

submoveo, -ere, -movi, -inotus
(sub + moved), to drive off,
dislodge, 461.

subsequor, -T, -secutus (sub +
sequor), dep. v., to follow close-
ly, 461.

subsidium, -T, n., reserve, support,
resource, 44.

succedo, -ere, -cessT, -cessurus
(sub + cedo), to come up, ap-
proach, take the place of, 51.

Suebi, -drum, m. plur., the Sue-
bians, a powerful German peo-
ple, 41.

sui, sibi, se (sese), se, reflexive
pron., himself, herself, itself,
themselves ; he, she, it (declined
474), 40.

summus, -a, -um, superl. of su-
perus, highest, the top of (com-
pared 471), 24.

Superbus, -i, m., the Proud, the
name given King Tarquin, 27.

superior, -ius, compar. of supe-
rus, upper, higher (compared
471), 24.

supero, -are, to surpass, excel,
conquer, 11.

supplicium, -I, n., punishment^

supra, adv. and prep. w. accu.,
above, beyond, 41.

suspicio, -onis, f., suspicion, 53.

suspicor, -ari, -at us, dep. v., to
suspect, 461.

sustineo, -ere, -tinuT, -tentus
(sub + teneo), support, hold out
against, withstand, 27.

sustuli, perf. indie, of tollo.



suns, -a, -um, poss. pron., Ms own,

her own, its own (sul), 28.
Syria, -ae, 1, Syria, 34.

tails, -e, adj., such, of such a

kind, 41.
tarn, adv., so, 38.
tamen, adv., nevertheless, yet,

still, 29.

tandem, adv., at last, 43.
tantus, -a, -um, adj., so great,

tarde, adv., slowly, late', paulo

tardius, rather slowly, 461.
Tarentinus, -a, -um, adj., Taren-

tine, relating to Tarentum, a

city of southern Italy, 31.
Tarquinius, -I, m., Tarquin, the

last king of Rome, 27.
telum, -T, n., weapon, spear, 29.
temere, adv., recklessly, rashly,

temo, -onis, m., pole (of a chariot

or wagon), 461.
tempestas, -atis, f., weather,

storm (tempus), 461.
templum, -T, n., temple, 10.
tempus, -oris, n., time, 21.
teneo, -ere, tenui, tentus, to

hold, 27.
tener, -era, -erum, adj., tender,

young, 7.

tergnm, -I, n., back, 33.
terra, -ae, f., earth, land, 4.
terreo, -ere, terrui, territus, to

frighten, 30.
terror, -oris, m., fright, alarm,

% 461.
tertius, -a, -um, adj., third (tres),

Tiberis, -is, m., the Tiber, 27.

timeo, -ere, timui, , to be

afraid, fear, 28.
timidus, -a, -um, adj., timid,

frightened (timeo), 22.
tiinor, -oris, m., fear (timeo),

tollo, -ere, sustuli, sublatus,

to lift up, raise, destroy, 41.
tormentum, -I, n., engine (for

throwing missiles), 461.
tot, indeclin. adj., so many, 32.
totus, -a, -um, adj., whole, entire

(declined 469), 20.
tra, = trans-,
trado, -ere, -did!, -ditus (trans

+ do), to hand over, yield up,

surrender, 33.
traduco, -ere, -duxi, -ductus

(trans + diico), to lead over,

lead across, 32.
traiectus, -us, m., a crossing over,

passage, 461.
trans, adverbial prefix and prep.

w. accu., over, across, 20.
transeo, -Ire, -ii, -iturus (trans

+ eo), to go over, cross, 47.
transporto, -are (trans + porto),

to carry across, 461.
tribunus, -!, m., a tribune, a mil-
itary officer, six of whom were

attached to each legion, 26.
triginta, indeclin. num., thirty,


tristis, -e, adj., sad, 22.
tu, tui, second pers. pron., thou,

you (declined 474), 40.
Tullia, -ae, f., Tullia, 1.
turn, adv., then, 29.
turma, -ae, f., troop, squadron of

cavalry, 461.
turris, -is, f., tower, 18.
tuto, adv., safely (tutus), 25.



tutus, -a, -um, adj., safe, 22.
tuus, -a, -um, pass, pron., thy,
your (tu), 3.


ubi, rel. adv., where, when; ubi
primum, as soon as, 3.

fill us, -a, -um, adj., any (de-
clined 469), 52.

ulterior, -ius, comparative adj.,
positive wanting, farther, be-
yond (compared 471 ; ultra),

ultimus, -a, -um, superlative of
ulterior, farthest, most remote
(compared 471), 24.

ultra, adv. and prep/ w. accu.,
beyond, on the farther side,

ultro, adv., to the farther side,
voluntarily, 461.

una, adv., along with, in company
with, 54.

undo, rel. adv., whence, from
which, 52.

undique, adv., from every side,
everywhere, 43.

tini versus, -a, -um, adj., all to-
gether, all, 461.

umqnam, adv., ever, with a nega-
tive, 37.

unus, -a, -um, adj., one, sole,
alone (declined 469), 32.

urbs, urbis, f., city, 19.

iisiis, -us, m., use, experience,
profit (utor), 50.

ut (utl), conj., that, in order that,
so that; after expression of
fear, that not, 30.

uter, utra, utrum, interrog. and
rel. pron., which (of two) I (de-
clined 469), 33.

uterque, utraqne, utrumque,

pron., each (of two), both (uter),


utl, = ut.
utinam, adv., used to introduce

wishes, 29.
utor, utl, usus, dep. v., to use,

enjoy, profit by ; used with an

abl. of means instead of direct

object, 37.
utrimque, adv., on both sides,

from both sides, 55.

racuus, -a, -um, adj., empty of,

without, 24.
vadum, -I, n., a ford; plur.,

shoals, 461.
valeo, -ere, valui, , to be

strong, 52.
valid us, -a, -uin, adj., strong,


Varro, -onis, m., Varro, 37.
yasto, -are, to destroy, devastate,


vehementer, adv., violently, im-
petuously, 36.
vel, conj. and adv., or ; vel . . .

vel, either, or (as you please) ;

as adv., even, 56.
velociter, adv., swiftly (velox),

velox, -ocis, adj., swift, quick,

Veneticus, -a, -um, adj., of the

Veneti, a tribe in northwestern

Gaul, 461.
venio, -Ire, yeni, yenturus, to

come, 34.
ventito, -are, to come often, keep

coming, come and go, 461.
yentus, -I, m., wind, 27.



ver, veris, n., spring ; primo

vere, at the beginning of spring,

vereor, -eri, veritus, dep. v., to

fear, dread, 36.
vergo, -ere, , , to slope, look

towards, 461.
vero, adv., in truth, certainly,

Vertiscus, -I, m., Vertiscus, a chief

of the Remi, 17.
verto, -ere, verti, versus, to turn,


Vesta, -ae, f ., Vesta, a Roman god-
dess, 4.
vester, -tra, -trum, poss. pron.,

your (vos), 16.
via, -ae, 1, road, way, 1.
victor, -oris, m., victor (vinco),

victoria, -ae, f., victory (vinco)

video, -ere, vidi, visus, to see ;

pass., to seem, 27.
vigilia, -ae, f., watch, guard, 20.
vlgintl, indeclin. num., twenty, 23.

vilicus, -T, m., steward, 4.

villa, -ae, f., country house, 4.

vinco, -ere, vici, victus, to con-
quer, 35.

vinculum, -I, n., chain, 461.

vir, viri, m., man, 6.

virtus, -utis, f., manliness, cour-
age, virtue (vir), 16.

vis, vis, f., force, violence; plur.
vires, -iuin, strength, power,

vita, -ae, f., life, 3.

vix, adv., hardly, scarcely, 29.

voco, -are, to call (vox), 7.

volo, velle, volui, to wish, will
(conjugated 487), 44.

voluntas, -atis, f., wish, desire,
consent (volo), 45.

Volusenus, -I, m.,Volusenus, one
of Caesar's military tribunes,

vox, vocis, 1, voice, 16.

vulnero, -are, to wound (vul-
nus), 15.

vulnus, -eris, n., a wound, 21.


THE principal parts of verbs and peculiarities of syntax must be
learned from the preceding vocabulary and the body of the book. The
numbers after verbs indicate the conjugation to which they belong.

a, art., usually not translated ;

sometimes quldam, quaedam,

about, de w. abl. ; circum w.


abundance, copia, -ae, f.
acceptable, gratus, -a, -um.
accustomed (to be), soleo, 2

( 295) ; to grow accustomed,

consuesco, 3.
acquainted with (to become),

cognosce, 3.
across, trans w. accu.
act (to), ago, 3 ; facio, 3.
advance (to), signa movere, pro-

gredior, 3.

advantage of (to take), utor, 3.
advice, consilium, -I, n.
affairs, res, rel, f.
afraid (to be), timeo, 2 ; vereor, 2.
after, prep., post w. accu. ; conj.,

postquam, ubi, cum ; sometimes

abl. abs. ; adv., inde, deinde.
afterwards, postea, deinde.
again, iterum, rursus.
against, contra w. accu.
agreed (to be), constare used


aid, auxilium, -I, n.

aid (to), iuvo, 1.

all, omnis, -e ; totus, -a, -um ; all

other, ceteri, -ae, -a ; all sides

(on), undique.
allow (to), permitto, 3 ; pati-

or, 3; licet used impersonal-


ally, socius, -I, m.

almost, fere, paene.

alone, solus, -a, -um.

already, iam.

also, quoque.

altar, ara, -ae, f.

although, cum w. subj. ; quam-

quam w. indie.
altogether, omnmo.
always, semper.
ambassador, legatus, -I, m.
among, inter, apud w. accu.
ancestors, maiores, m. and f.
ancient, antiquus.
and, et, atque.
animal, animal, -alis, n.
announce (to), nuntio, 1.
another, alius, -a, -um.
any, ullus, -a, -um; aliquis, ali-

qua, aliquid (aliquod); quis-

quam, , quidquam.



appearance of (to have the), =

to be like.
approach, iter, itineris, n. ; adi-

tus, -us, m. ; adventus, -us, m.
approach (to), adpropinquo, 1;

adeo ( 488).
approve (to), probo, 1.
arms, arma, -orum, n. plur.
army, exercitus, -us, m.
arouse (to), excito, 1 ; incite, 1.
arrest (to), comprehendo, 3.
arrival, adventus, -us, m.
arrive (to), pervenio, 4.
as, = appositive ; pro w. abl. ;

quam ; qualis ; as long as,

dum ( 370) ; as soon as, cum

primura ; simul atque (ac).
ask (to), rogo, 1; peto, 3; pos-

tulo, 1.

assemble (to), convoco, 1.
assembly, concilium, -I, n.
assist (to), iuvo, 1.
at once, statim.
attack (to), oppugno, 1.
attack, impetus, -us; oppugna-

tio, -onis, f.

attempt (to), conor, 1.
attendant, comes, -itis, m. and f.
auxiliary troops, auxilia, -orum,

n. plur.
avail (to be of), prosum w. dat.

( 486).

await (to), exspecto, 1.
aware of (to be), sentio, 4;

scio, 4.


bad, malus, -a, -um.

baggage, impedimenta, -orum,

n. plur.

band, manus, -us, f.
barbarian, barbarus, -a, -um.

battle, pugna, -ae. f . ; proelium,

-I, n.

be (to), sum ( 485).
beautiful, pulcher, -chra, -chrum.
because, quod; cum; because

of, = abl. of cause.
before, conj., antequam; prep.,

ante w. accu.
beg (to), rogo, 1 ; peto, 3.
beginning (at the b. of), =

the proper case of primus, -a,


behind, post w. accu.
Belgians, Belgae, -arum, m.
believe (to), puto, 1.
belong (to), = dat. of possessor

or possessive gen.
below, infra w. accu.
besiege (to), oppugno, 1.
best, optimus, -a, -um.
betake one's self (to), se reci-


between, inter w. accu.
body, corpus, -oris, n.
bold, audax.
boldness, audacia, -ae, f.
bondage, servitus, -utis, f.
book, liber, librl, m.
both . . . and, et . . . et.
booty, praeda, -ae, f.
boy, puer, pueri, m.
brave, fortis, -e.
bravely, fortiter.
bravery, fortitude, -inis, f.
break camp (to), castra movere.
bridge, pons, pontis, m.
bring (to), porto, 1 ; fero (489);

Infero; bring together, cogo,

3 ; bring upon, Infero.
Briton, Britannus, -i, m.
broad, latus, -a, -um.
brother, f rater, -tris, m.



build, aedifico, 1.
but, sed.


call (to), appello, 1; voco, 1;

call together, convoco, 1.
camp, castra, -orum, n. plur.
camp (to pitch), castra ponere.
can, be able (to), possum ( 486).
capture (to), expugno, 1.
care for (to), euro, 1 ; consulo w.

dat., 3.
carry (to), porto, 1 ; carry on

war, bellum gerere ; carry out

of, deferre.
Carthaginians, Carthaginienses,

-ium, m. plur.
cavalry, equites, -um, m. plur. ;

equitatus, -us, ra. ; adj., eques-

ter, -tris, -tre.

centurion, centurio, -onis, m.
challenge (to), lacesso, 3.
chance, potestas, -atis, f. ; chances,

casus, us, ra.
charge of (to be in), praesum w.

dat. ; to put inc. of, praeficio

w. dat., 3.

chase away (to), f ugo, 1.
chief, prmceps, -ipis, m.
children, liberi, -orum, m. plur.
citadel, arx, arcis, f.
citizenship, civitas, -atis, f.
city, urbs, urbis, f. ; oppidum,

-I, n.

client, cliens, clientis, m.
cloud, nfibes, -is, f.
cohort, cohors, -tis, f.
come (to), venio, 4 ; come near,

adpropinquo, 1 ; come up, suc-

cedo, 3.

command, imperium, -I, n.
companion, comes, -itis, m. and f .

compel (to), cogo, 3.
complain (to), queror, 3.
conceal (to), occulto, 1.
condition, condicio, -onis, f.
confident (to be),confido ( 305).
conquer (to), supero, 1 ; vinco, 3.
consecutive, continuus, -a, -um.
conspire (to), coniuro, 1.
consul, consul, -lis, m.
contend in battle (to), decerto, 1.
country, patria, -ae, f. ; fines,

-ium, m. plur.

country-house, villa, -ae, f.
courage, animus, -I, m. ; virtus,

-utis, f. ; fortitude, -inis, f.
cover (to), compleo, 2.
cut down (to), occido, 3.

danger, periculum, -I, n.

dangerous, perlculosus, -a, -um.

daughter, filia, -ae, f.

dawn, lux, lucis, f.

day, dies, diei, m.

daybreak (at), prima luce.

daylight, lux, lucis, f.

dear, carus, -a, -um.

death, mors, mortis, f.

decide (to), constituo, 3.

defeat (to), supero, 1 ; vinco, 3.

defend (to), defendo, 3.

delay (to), moror, 1.

delay, mora, -ae, f.

deliver a speech (to), orationem

demand (to), postulo, 1.

departure, profectio, -onis, f. ;
discessus, -us, m.

deprive (to), privo, 1.

design of (with the), = a pur-
pose clause.



desire (to), cupio, 3 ; volo ( 487).
desist from (to), desisto, 3 ; in-

termitto, 3.

despair (to), despero, 1.
destroy (to), tollo, 3.
deter (to), deterreo, 2.
determine (to), constituo, 3.
devastate (to), vasto, 1.
die (to), morior, 3.
different, dissimilis, -e.
difficult, difficilis, -e.
difficulty, difficultas, -atis, f.
diligence, industria, -ae, f . ; dili-

gentia, -ae, f.
diligently, cum industria; dili-


disaster, clades, -is, f.
dislodge, pello, 3.
dispatch (to), mitto, 3.
disperse (to), abeo.
distant (to be), absum.
district, ager, agri, m. ; regio,

-onis, f.

ditch, fossa, -ae, f.
doubt (to), dubito, 1.
doubtful, dubius, -a, -um ; there

is no doubt, non est dubium.
draw up (to), constituo, 3.
drive (to), fugo, 1 ; ago, 3 ; pel-
lo, 3 ; drive away, out, from,

fugo, 1 ; expello, 3.
during, accu. or abl. of time ; in ;

dwell (to), incolo, 3.


each (one), quisque, quaeque,

quidque (quodque) ( 478) ;

each of two, uterque, utraque,

utrumque ( 469).
eager, avidus, -a, -um ; acer, acris,



eager for (to be), studeo, 2 ; cu-
pio, 3.

early (in the morning), mane.

easy, facilis, -e.

eighth, octavus, -a, -um.

embassy, Iegatio7-6nis, f.

employ (to), utor, 3.

end, finis, -is, m.

endure (to), patior, 3 ; f ero ( 489).

enemy, inimicus, -I, m. ; hostis,
-is, m.

engage with (to), pugno 1,
proelium committere.

England, Britannia, -ae, f.

enjoy (to), fruor, 3.

enlarge (to), augeo, 2.

enough, satis.

enter (to), intro, 1 ; enter upon,
ineo, incipio, 3.

entire, totus, -a, -um ( 469).

equal, aequus, -a, -um ; similis, -e.

erect (to), aedifico, 1.

especially, praesertim.

establish (to), confirmo, 1.

Europe, Europa, -ae, f.

even if, etiam si.

exchange (to), dSre et accipere.

exhausted, defessus, -a, -um.

experience (to), experior, 4 ; pa-
tior, 3.

experienced, peritus, -a, -um.


fact, res, rei, f. ; often simply the

neuter of hie.

fail (to), deficio, 3 ; desum.
fall (to), accido, 3 ; pass, of iacio,

3; fall back, pedem referre;

cedo, 3 ; revertor, 3.
fame, fama, -ae, f.
famous, clarus, -a, -um; some-'

times ille.



far, procul, longe.
far away (to be), absum.
farmer, agricola, -ae, m.
farther, adj., ulterior, -ius ; adv.,


father, pater, patris, m.
fear (to), timeo, 2 ; vereor, 2.
fear, timor, -oris, m.
fear that (for), ne.
fearlessly, sine timore.
feel grateful (to), gratiam ha-

few, nonnulli, -ae, -a; paucl,

-ae, -a.
field, ager, agri, m. ; campus, -I,


fiercely, atrociter.
fifth, quintus, -a, -um.
fight (to), pugno, 1.
fill up (to), corapleo, 2.
finally, denique.
find (to), nanciscor, 3.
find out (to), cognosce, 3.
fine, bonus, -a, -um; pulcher,

-chra, -chrum.
finish (to), conficio, 3.
fire, ignis, -is, m.
first, adj., primus, -a, -um ; first

of all, adv., primum ; at first,


five, quinque.
flank, latus, -eris, n. ; cornu,

-us, n.

flee (to), fugio, 3.
fleet, classis, -is, f.
flock, grex, gregis, m.
foe, hostis, -is, m.
follow (to), sequor, 3.
following, proximus, -a, -um ;

secundus, -a, -um ; hie, haec,

foot, pes, pedis, m. ; foot-sol-

diers, pedites, -um, m. pi.;

peditatus, -us, m.
foot of, Infimus, -a, -um ; to the

foot of, sub w. accu.
for, nam ; enim ; quod.
for the sake of, pro w. abl. ;

causa w. gen.

force (with great), graviter.
forced marches, magna itinera.
forces, copiae, -arum, f.
foresight, consilium, -i, n.
forest, silva, -ae, f.
forget (to), obliviscor, 3.
former (the), ille, ilia, illud ;

prior, prius.
formerly, olim.
fortification, raumtio, onis, f.
fortify, munio, 4.
fortune, fortuna, -ae, f.
free (to), libero, 1.
free, liber, -era, -erum.
freedom, libertas, -atis, f.
fresh, novus, -a, -um; integer,

-gra, -grum.
friend, amicus, -I, m.
friendship, amicitia, -ae, f.
frighten (to), terreo, 2.
from, a, ab ; de ; e, ex.


Gallic, Gallus, -a, -um ; Gallicus,

-a, um.

garden, hortus, -I, m.
garrison, praesidium, -I, n.
gate, porta, -ae, f.
gather (to), convenio, 4.
Gaul, Gallia, -ae, f.
Gauls, Galli, -orum, m.
general, imperator, -oris, m. ;

dux, ducis, m.

German, Germanus, -a, -um.
Germany, Germania, -ae, f.



get ready (to), paro, 1 ; aedifico, 1,

gift, donum, -i, n.

girl, puella, -ae, f.

give (to), do, 1 ; give an opinion,

sententiam dicere.
give up (to), reddo, 3 ; trado, 3 ;

desisto, 3.
gladly, laete.
glory, laus, laudis, f.
go (to), eo ( 488) ; exeo ; profi-

ciscor, 3 ; go against, to meet.

occurro, 3.
goddess, dea, -ae, f.
good, bonus, -a, -um.
goods, bona, -orum, n. plur.
gradually, paulatim.
grain, frumentum, -i, n.
grant (to), do, 1.
grass, herba, -ae, 1
great, magnus, -a, -um ; clarus,

-a, -um.

greatly, magnopere ; vehementer.
Greece, Graecia, -ae, f.
ground, terra, -ae, f.
guard, custos, -odis, m.

Haeduans, Haedui, -orum, m.


halt (to), consists, 3.
hand, manus, -us, f.
hand over (to), trado, 3.
handsome, pulcher, -chra, -chrum.
happen (to), fio (g 488).
happy, beatus, -a, -um.
harbor, portus, -us, m.
hard, durus, -a, -um ; gravis, -e ;


hardly, vix ; fere.
haste, celeritas, -atis, f.
hasten (to), propero, 1.

hatred, odium, -I, n.

have (to), habeo, 2.

height, altitude, -inis, f.

help, auxilium, -I, n.

here, hie.

hide (to), occulto, 1.

hill, collis, -is, m.

hinder (to), prohibeo, 2 ; impe-

dio, 4.

hither, adj., citerior, -ius.
hold (to), habeo, 2.
home, domus, -us, in.
honor, laus, laudis, f.
hope, spes, spei, f.
Horace, Horatius, -I, m.
horn, cornu, -us, n.
horse, equus, -I, m.
horseman, eques, -itis, m.
hostage, obses, -idis, m.
hour, hora, -ae, f.
house, domus, -us, m.
how many, quot.
hurry (to), propero, 1 ; conten-

do, 3.

I, ego (474).

immediately, statim.

in, in w. abl.

inasmuch as, cum w. subj.; quod.

increase (to), augeo, 2.

induce (to), adduco, 3.

influence, auctoritas, -atis, f.

inform (to), nuntio, 1 ; aliquem
certiorem facere.

inhabit (to), incolo, 3.

inhabitant, incola, -ae, m. ; in-
habitant of a town, oppida-

injure (to), noceo, 2.

injury, iniuria, -ae, f.

inner, interior, -ius.



in order that, ut.

in regard to, de w. abl.

intend (to), in animo habere ;


interior, interior, -ius.
into, in w. accu.
Italy, Italia, -ae, f.


javelin, pilum, -I, n.
judge, iudex, -icis, m.


keeper, custos, -odis, m.
keep from (to), prohibeo, 2.
keep in check (to), contineo, 2.
kill (to), neco, 1 ; interficio, 3 ;

occido, 3.

king, rex, regfs, m.
know (to), scio, 4 ; cognovi, 3 ;

intellego, 3; know how, scio

w. inf.


labor, labor, -oris, m.
lack, inopia, -ae, f.
lacking (to be), desum.
land, terra, -ae, f. ; ager, agri, m.
large, magnus, -a, -um.
latter, hie, haec, hoc.
lay waste (to), vasto, 1.
lead (to), duco, 3; lead across,

traduco, 3; lead forth, pro-

duco, 3 ; lead off, deduce, 3.
leader, dux, ducis, m.
leading man, prmceps, -ipis, m.
learn (to), audio, 4 ; cognosce, 3 ;

certior fieri.
leave (to), relinquo, 3.
left, reliquus, -a, -um ; on the

left hand, sinister, -tra, -trum.
legion, legio, -onis, f.

letter, epistula, -ae, f. ; litterae,

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