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iiihal DO Dhia, ajup
yan an airne pp do
Bpipeao, Dibip jan
ihoiU an Dea^pmuam-
eao po ap a j-cpoio-
cib, ay oeapbu^ao
Doib, nadpaib baojal
ap bir bdip opra, cuip
a 5-c6p 50 n-toppaiDip
an r-yball po, do h\
cpopca opra. Qcccao
e o'eipij o'dp pinnpip
ap an qieapon ajup
an eapuihladr po
pinneooap a n^ajam
Dli^e D6? ac6 a
Chpiopoaioe yup <^aill-
eaoap oibto na n-jpAp
a cuip t)ia po n-a
n-anam. Chailleaoap

only. And that they
might not break this
commandment which He
enjoined upon them, that
is, that they should not
taste the fruit of this
tree, he set before^ them
death as a preservative
and fence against every
temptation. But when
the devil saw that the
remembrance of death
would cause them to be
obedient to God, and not
to break this command-
ment, he banished, with-
out delay, this good
thought from their
hearts, certifying to
them, that there was no
danger of death happen-
ing to them, supposing
they ^oidd eat this apple
that was prohibited to
them. But what happen-
ed to Qur Erst parents in
consequence of their trea.
son and the disobedience
with which they treated
the law of God? It was,
Christian, that they lost
th,e habit of grace with
which God endued their

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pc^iih neafhoa, do
cpurui^eao leo ; on
r-anam a bf 'n a
f>6apla uopal lonnpac,
DO p^ip loihat^e ajup
copaihlacca t)^, jup
rioncoiD an peocao f,
dum a beic ouB,
pmeapco, ^lonniiiap,
DO p^ip loihdi^e ajuf
copamlacca an Dia-
Bail. O'n a m-beic 'n
a maisiprpiB ap an
b-pappcap calihaiD
po, ayup 'na n-oi^iDiB
ap phapprap neiihe,
ofbpeaD lao lomnocc-
uiD jan eappao, jan
eaoac, ap peao an
c-paojail; ajup caill-
eaoap a 5-ceapc ap
pluiceamnup. Qn-dir
a Beir paop ap an
m-b6p, ajup ap jac
cinneap ap peao a
D-ceapma ap an c-pao-
jal po ; map bdpp pi-
onnuip ap a n-eapum-
lacc, rdinic cinneap
ajup aicfofoe oppra
p6in, ajup ap a pliocc
'n a n-DiaiD : ajup oa
opuim pm an bdp.

souL They lost the
heavenly beauty that
was created with them ;
the soul, that was a noble
shining pearl, after the
image and likeness of
Crod, sin changed, so that
it should be dark, de-
filed, loathsome, after
the image and likeness
ofihedeYiL From being
the owners of this earthly
paradise, and heirs of
the paradise of hea-
ven, they were driven
out naked, without
goods, without clothing,
through the wide world ;
and lost their right to
heaven. Instead of being
free from death, and
from every disease, du-
ring their stay in this
world ; as a punishment
imposed for their dis-
obedience, there came
sickness and disease upon
them, and upon their
posterity after them, and
besides this, death.

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1 10. If ui me cjvuruij Oia an
Duine cum 50 m-beir
f^ pann-p6ipceac ann-
fo'njloip pioppuioe,
ajuf 'n-oi^pe ap
pbopprap. dec cap
6ip qn cine oaonna do
caillearaam a 5-ceapc
cum na h-oijpeacca
fo, cp6 peacaoCCDaim;
cap 6^Y lao do Beic 'n
a ndimoib 05 t)ia le
mflcib bliaoan ajup
'na fcl6buiDcib aj
an Diabal ; ^eacuioe
phappcaif op beic
Dunca 'na n-asaio
ayup ippionn oo beic
b^aUpofcailce po n-a
. 3-comaip J an faojal
a beic aj cpeujbail
an D6 pfp, a cpucuij
lao, C15UP aj oeanam
a6pai6 ajup lobaipce
DO na o^i^ib bp^ije ;
ruiplmy po 6eipea6
mac t)6 ap na plaicip;
*Jlac colann oaonna a
m-bpomn na TTkiijDme
TTIuipe, Cap dip e beic
qii blfaona 0605 ap
p6iD ap an c-paojal
po a m-bo^raineacc,

It was for this end God
created man, that he be
it partaker of everlasting
glory. But after man-
kind having lost their
rights to this inheritance
throi:^h the sin of Adam;
after their being eneiiiies
to God and slaves of the
devil for thousands of
years ; the gates of Pa-
radise shut against them,
and hell opening its
mouth before them ; the
world gone astray from
the true God, that cre-
ated them, and offering
adoration and sacrifice
to false gods: at last the .
Son of God came down
from heaven and as-
sumed human flesh in
the womb of the Virgin
Mary. After he had
been thirty-three years
in this world in poverty
and sorrow, undergoing
distress and hardships,
while he taught and in-
structed the people by
words and by example,
he suffered at length the
shameful death of the

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ajuf a n-cmp6, paoi
buaoaipc ajup paoi
cpiobloio 05 fciupoD
ajuf 05 ceajopj na
poibleac pe bpiacpaib
ajuf pe fomplo, o'pu-
lainj po oeipeao b6p
pcannalac na cpoice ;
o'oppail pe 6 p^in map
loobaipr oo'n Qcaip
pioppuioe, lonnup 50
n-D^anpoD p^ op ptoc-
c6in pip; pipb-puijeao
ap aip an bpeir oa-
manca cu^ao 'n dp
n-a^ai6 a b-peappam

lll.nia oeip ru, a Chpiop-
oaioe, 50 n-oedpna
t)ia cpocaipe ap ja-
DaiDe na Idiihe oeipe
a b-ponc an bdip,
cap ^ip a beir piaih
pe h-olc ; ajup 50
mb'p^iDip 50 n-D^an-
pao an qi6caipe
c^aona opc-pa, Oc, a
peacui^ boicc, nf puil
ajao aip pin, ace
b'p^iDip, ajup ma
cuipeann nu an c-pfop-
uioeacc a 3-concab-

cross ; he oflfered Himself
as a sacrifice to the eter-
nal Father, to make our
peace with him, and
reverse the judgment
of condemnation passed
against us in the person
of Adam.

If 70U say, Christian, that
God shewed mercy to
the thief on his right
hand in the point of
death, after his haying
been before in wicked-
ness; and that it maif be
he will shew the like
mercy to you. Alas,
poor sinner, you have
nothing for that but
" may be ;" and if you
risk eternity on a " may
be," you give the world
to understand, that you

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aipc pe b'p^iDip, beip
cu le cuijpin do 'n
c-paojal, nac b-puil
meop ajOD ap an
njldip pioppuioe, nac
b-puil beann ajao ap
DO planujaD nd acapa
a\\ bir pe piancaib
Ipppmn. Puaip an
jaDaiDe po, Deip Naoiii
Qujuipcin, cpocaipe
a b-ponc an bdip, cap
6ip a beic piam 'na
peacac, lonnap nac
m-beic euodccup ap
aon n-Dume. dec 6
cup an c-paojail 350
D-ci an uaip po, nf
Uijiceap aip aon
n-Dume, cuip an aic-
pije 50 pone an bdip,
puaip cpocaipe, ace
an c-aon ^aouibe po,
ajup map pin ni puil
dobap anooccuij* aj
aon n-Duine.

have no regard for eter-
nal glory, that yon have
no respect for your sal-
vation, nor any concern
about the pains of hell.
This thief foimd mercy
at the point of death,
says St. Augustine, after
having been always a
sinner, that none might
despair. But from the
beginning of the world
to this present hour,
there is none read of
that put off repentance
to the point of death,
who found mercy, but
this one thief, and so no
person has a cause for

1 12. Chuj t)ia annp a* Grod in the old law gave to

c-peinpeacc aicne
ajup opoujao do 'n
cine oaona jpdb do
beic aca ap an 5-co-

mankind a command-
ment and injunction to
love their neighbours.
The Jews, through ig-

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&BADI2IQ tE880N8.

ihopfxiinn. l?o iheap
na luoai^e qi^ am-
6piof, nacap opoui^^
ea6 on a^rne fo odib
ace ^do a 6eir aca
ap a ^•cdipoe, ajup
jup b-p^iDip d6iB puac
a beic aca ap a n6iih-
Dib. Qcc lonnuf 30
n-D^anpao lopaCptopc
eoluf D6ib a n-dic an
ainbfip fo, ayup polup
na n-5p6p a n-dic an
oopcaoaip 1 n-a paba-
Dop^labpaiD 30 foiUip
a n-oiuih pip an
r-paojal. 6heip op-
ou^o ^eneapalca
601b, nad leop 061b
^do a beir aca ap a
j-cdipoe, a6c p6f jup
eijm D6ib jpdo a beic
aca ap a ndnhoib,
vnair a o^anaih a
n-ajam an uilc, ajup
a beicxij ^uioe op pon
na muincipe ip mo jnt
oto^bdil Doib.

noranee, imagined that
this commaiidment did
not order tkem to lore
any but their friends,
and that they might en-
tertain hatred towards
their enemies. But to
the end that Jesus Christ
might communicate to
them knowledge instead
of this ignorance, and
the light of grace instead
of the darkness in which'
they were involved, he
now speaks plainly to the
world. He gives them
a general order, that it
is not enough for them
to love their friends, but
that they must also love
their enemies, do good
in return for evil, and
pray for the people that
do them most injury.

113. t)^appai6 pib liom, jOn
am pap, jup nto doid-
^onca 5pa6 a beic

You will tell me, no doubt,
that it is a hard thing
for us to love the person

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ajainn ap an c6, o'd
B-puilmiD cmnce puar
a beir aije oppainn ;
5pd6 a beic ojainn
ap an c4, beip mtoclii
ajuf pcannal oiimn ;
ajuf nac fcopann o
aon niD, o^onpao
otojbdil no Doluij
Dumn ; ace oeipimpe
lib-pe, d'6 cpuacanaiD
oa b-puil p6, jup ab
^ijm a Deanam ; do
bpij, 30 b-puil Cpiopc
o'a dpoujao olb : ajup
nac b-puil cup puap
ajaib jan a coil oo

who, we are certain,
cherishes hatred towards
us ; to love the person
that makes use of re-
proach and reviling to-
wards us ; and who will
not stop at any thing that
may cause us damage or
loss: but I tell you, that
however hard it be, it
must be done, because it
is Christ that bids you
do it, and that you can-
not resist doing his will.

114. md oeapcamaom ap
cm ndouip innce p^in,
DO bpij 50 b-puil nfop
m6 DO claon aice cum
an uilc, no cum na
maiceapa, ip niD doid-
^anca po aice. Qcc
md Dectpcamaoio uipp.
ce paoi pciupaD na
n-5pdp, an nio po a cd
odiD^anca aice, ^eibiD
pt 6 poiD^anca pocam-

If we look to nature in it-
self, because it is more
inclined to evil than to
good, this is a hard thing
for it. But if we look
upon it imder the gui-
dance of grace, the thing
that is difficult for it, it
will find easy and prac-
. ticable. Christ enjoins
upon us nothing that is
hard. He puts upon us

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Vac. Ht opoui^ann
Cpfopc nto op bic
o6i6^an6a oil inn. Nf
ouipeann ualac opainn
nac o-cij Imn a lom-

no burden that is impos-
sible for us to bear.

U5. Hf puil ouine ap bic
oeopcop ap na h-do-
Bopaib jluaipeap i
ctim 5p6D beic aije op
a ndiiiiDib, nac^-cuip-
pio cpuacan aip f6in,
op 661^ a Deonro. dn
cecto dobap otob ; jup
6poai^ Cptofc oiimn a
D^onam, ajup 06 bpij
fin, 50 b-puil o'piac-
aib opamn a coil do
o^anaiii. Qn oapa
h-66bap, jup jpaoui^
Cpiopc p6in a naiihoe
ap an c-poojal fo,
ajup 50 b-puil o'piac-
aib opamne aicpip do
D^ononi aip. dn qieap
66bap, an .c^ nac
D-cujann tnaireaihnap
D'd nairiiDib, nf b-pui-
516 p6 maiceaihnap.

There is no person who
considers the oauses that
bind him to love his
enemies, that will not
force himself to do it.
The/r«^ of these causes
is, liiat Christ has en-
joined us to do it, and
that for this reason we
are bound to do what
is his wHL The second
cause is, that Christ
himself loved his enemies
in this world, and that
we are bound to imitate
him. The third c ause is,
•that he vho forgives not
his enemies, shall not
obtain forgiveness him-

116. ptec ccnoip, a Clipiop- Behold now, Christian, the
Daioe, an connpao acd covenant that exists *be-

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eioip Dki ajuf arv
ouine. md ihaireann
cu, maicpioeap ouic-
Gfjup cuipeonn cu-pa
peala ap an j-connpao
fo, com mmic ajup a
oeip zd oo phaioip,
com mmic ajupa oeip
cu, maic Dumn dp b-pi-
aca DO p^ip map
mairimfo jac piaca,
ayup jac cuipce jntc-
eap 'n dp n-ajaio ; md
Bp»feann cu-pa an
connpao po, md Bionn
cu oanappisa, cpuaoa-
lac, neamcpocaipeac
pe DO comappain, beio
t)ia Dibeipjeoc, dio-
jabrac, neamrpocai-
peac, leac.

117. Nctc b-paieimfD 50 lae-
romail luce na mionn
m<Sp,- com leagca cum
a peacaiD po cap ^ip
paoipioin, ajup do
bfooap a piam poiiiie ?
Woe b-paicimto luce
. na bpuipe, com claon
cum a', peocaio po a
n-Diai6 pooipiom, ajup
DO btooap a piam

tiireen God and m&n. If
you forgive, you shall
be forgiven. And to this
you set your seal as of-
ten as you say the Lord's
prayer ; as often as you
BAj^ forgive ils (ywr debUy
<M we forgvoe every debt
and every offence that
is done against us; if
you break this covenant,
if you be harsh, cruel,
unmerciful to your
neighbours, God will be
imforgiving, ruthless,
and unmerciful to you.

Do we not see daily, those
who are in the habit of
swearing, as much given
to this sin after confes-
sion of it as they were
before ? Do we not see
the profligate as much
inclined to their sin after
confession, as they ever
were before ? Do Vre
not see the dishonest

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poiihe? Na6 5-paici-
mto luce na meoUcd-
pacca, oyupna 500013.
eocro, coim leojro
cunicuio noj-coihop-
fon cop ^if pooipiDin,
ojuf DO Btooop, a piorh
poiihe? Coo 6 ip cioU
00 po, o cdipoe ? O I
ac6 eofboo o6l6ip 00
Beir oppco 6 cpoioe.
t)a m-beir puocotpeoc
oco op on b-peocoo,
00 peip mop opouijeop
an oicpije pipinneoc,
ntop b-eojal 061B cui-
cim onn com luor po.

and thievisli as much
given to pilfering their
neighbours' goods after
confession as they ever
were before it. And
what is the meaning of
all this, my friends ?
Alas ! it is that they are
without contrition of
heart. Had they con-
ceived a just hatred of
sin, such as true repen-
tance implies, there
would have been no fear
of their falling so soon
as this.

Sect. 2. — Extracts from BichardsorCa Irish Sermons (with
the Orthography corrected).

118. Ip minic Biop on cuio
ip meopa 05 on opumj
ip peopp, ojup an cuio
ip peopp 05 on opuin^
ip meopo, mup ainm-
nijeop luce on c-pooj-
oil po 10D. Qcc on Id
o^i^ionoc ciompocap
on cdpoo; oip onn pin
b^io ^oc uile opoc nf
D'6p p^ioip o pmuoi-
neoo aj luce no n-olc

Oftentimes the best men
have the worst, and the
worst the best things, as
they are called, of this
world. But at the last
day the scene shall be
quite changed : for then
all that were ill men
shall have all the ill
things that can be ima-
gined, and nothing at all
that is good, as we have

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ajuf nf BeiD aon nl
mcnr aca: an xxxn
be 16 ^c nf maiu od
b-p^ODcno oMoppuiD,
05 na oaoiniB maire,
ajup jon opoc ni op
biraca: mupoeapbaf
6p D-cijeapna ouinn,
05 pao, pacpaiD na
pfp6in cum na beaua
fioppuioe. Qjup If
lao o'a n-joipceap
pippin ann po map ruj
me 00m aipe ceanna
o na pannaib oile oe'n
oxibioil pe, an luce
a cpeiDiop a n-lopa
Cpfopc, ajup uime yxn
od D-ruyann p^ cu-
macca cum piubail a
n-aireancaib, ajup a
n-opouijrib an Ci-
jeapna jan miUean,
map 00 pmneaoap
Sacdipiap ajup 6lip-
ebech, ajup ap an
ccobappm a oeipreap
50 paboRxxp apaon pt-
p^anca a b-ptaonaipe
l)^.— 6u. 1. 6.

already seen; wbereas,
all who were good men,
shall have all the good
things they can desire,
and nothing at all that
is bad, as our Lord here
assures us, by sajdng,
" the righteous shall go
into life etemaL" Where,
by the righteous, as I
have already observed
in general from the con-
text, we are to under-
stand such as believe in
Jesus Christ, and there-
fore are enabled by him
to walk in all the com-
mandments and ordi-
nances of the Lord
blameless, as Zacharias
and Elizabeth did, and
that reason are both
said to be "righteous
before God." — Lxl L 6.

119. Qn oume paioBip ud, That rich person that " was
DO 6f a n-6aDac cop- doihed in purple and


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cpo, cijuf Ifn mtn,
ajup ap na Biotod 50
po-pdjaihuil jac aon
la, an uaip 00 cuaio
p^ 50 h-ipepn, ni paib
aon bpaon amdin uip-
je aije nd uipioo ap
a leanpao bdpp meoip
oume DO compao ann.
Cuc,xvi. 19,24.

120. Q^up an zi o'd o-cuj
a calam copao com
h-iomooaiifiuil pn, nac
paib pmuameao aije
ap aon ni, ace a pjio-
boil DO l^i^eaD pfop,
ajup a n-oeanam ntop
paippmje, cum 30
m-b tab die aije 1 n-a
D-caipc^ocao a lolmai-
ceop ; ip beoj oo paoil
T^ 50 pjappao piu 50
bpac. dec cao ou-
baipr ppeaypao t)^
pip ? CI amaodin,
anocc p^m lapppui-
Deap h'anam ope, ann
pin cia aja m-beio na
neire do poldip cu ?
Cu. xvii. 20. Cia aja
m-beiD ? Nf aije-
peon jan ampap. l)o
b*^ioip 50 m-beirofp

fine linen, and fared
sumptuously erery day;**
when was got to hell,
he had not " one drop of
water," not so much as
would stick " to the tip
of a man's finger," when
dipped into it — ^Luke,
xvi 19, 24.

And he whose ground
brought forth plenti-
fully, so that he thought
of nothing but pulling
down his bams and
building greater, that he
might have where to
treasure up his goods;
he little thought of ever
parting with them. But
what said the answer of
God to him? "Thou
fool, this night shall thy
soul be required of thee;"
then whose shall these
things be which thou
hast provided ? Whose
shall they be ? None of
his be sure. Other peo-
ple, perhaps, may enjoy
them for awhile, as he
did; but he, for his
part) will have no share

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peal 05 oaomiB oile
mcqi bonxip aijei^on ;
ace op a pon fan, ni
BeiD cuiD ap bioc aije
610b ; nf beiD aije aon
cpoi^ oo'n calihain,
nd aon ppp(iille oo'n
ap6n, aon bpaoin oo'n
uipje, aon ceipr oo'n
^aoacy nd aon peoip-
linj d' aip^ioo li n-a
5-ceannac, oa b-pajao
le n-a 5-ceannac lao.
t)o imcij uaiD anoip
an ih6io DO paocpuij
pe ap peao a paojail,
^ar\ op a cumap a
D-cabaipc ap a n-aip
50 bpdr. t)o b'^iDip 50
paib reaj bpeaj peal
aije, ajup an lomao
o'eappao paiobip ann;
ace anoip n1 puil die
a j-cuippeao a ceann
aije, ace a meaoon
lappac ajup eemeeao.
X)o hi peapumn, no
tnain^ipjajupoo b'pei-
Dip loraao pijeacea 50
h-iomldn peal 1 n-a
peilb ; ace a noip ip
m6 z6l aj peap lapea
na D^ipce ip boicee ap
an caliham md aije-

at all in them, not so
mucli as one foot of land,
one crumb of bread, one
drop of water, one rag
of clothes, nor so much
as one farthing of money
wherewith to buy it if
he could. All that he
laboured for all his life
long, it is now all gone,
past all possibility of
being ever retrieved. He
had once, perhaps, a fine
house to live in, with a
great deal of rich furni-
ture; but now he hath
not where to lay his
head, but in the midst
of flames of fire. He
had once farms, or ma-
nors, and, perhaps, se-
veral whole kingdoms,
in his possession; but
now the poorest beggar
upon earth hath more
than he. He once had
a great many friends ;
but now he hath not
one in all the world.
He used to have gold
and silver, and a great
many fine things, as he
thought; but now he
lives in the very extre-

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pean; oo Bf uimip ih6p
oo cdipoe peal ai^e ;
ace anoif ni puil aon
copaio 'pan c-paojal
uile aije : bd jndc leip
Gip^eao, ajup 6p oo
Beir oije, ajup lomao
oo neiriB bpedj;a, map
iheap p^ipean lao ; a
c6 p6 anoip a n-oaop-
Bpuio naboccaineapa,
a n-otc jac uile neice
oo oeanao maic 66, no
oo iheapao p^ oo 66an-
poo pojnaih 60.

mitj of pentiTjy in the
want of every thing that
can do him any good, or
that he could imagine
would do so.

121.Caipbeancap na neire
po uile 50 po-jlan 16
ceao BpiarpaiB na bpe-
ice, cannup an bpei-
ream a n-ajaio opu-
mje na Idime elf, ea-
oon, imrljto u6im-pe;
6ip 6 cairpio imreaco
uaiD-pean an aon-
ihair, ip 615m odiB im-
reacc 6 jac uile thair
op ihoo nac m-beio
piop maiceapa aca 50
bpdc apip. CCjup o
oeip pe, a luce na mal-
lacc 50 ceine ptop-
puioe, uime pin b6io

All this is plainly signified
by the first words of the
sentence which the judge
shall pronounce against
those on left hand : —
" Depart from me ;" for
in that they must de-
part from him, the only
good, they must needs
depart from all manner
of good, so as never to
know what it is any
more. And he adds,
"ye cursed, into ever-
lasting fire;" they will
be thereby condemned
also to all manner of

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oamanca cum 506
uile pope uilc, ip p6i-
Dip leo ruiypin no iho-
rujao. CI^up ip leip
po 00 pdioreap pean-
naio na j-c^aopa : op
an aobap, nac b-puil
aon ceuopa a pcij
na amui^ aca 1 n-a
5-copp, na 1 n-a n-an-
monnaiB nac m-beio
o'd b-pianao pip an
b-peanaiD po, map cui-
peap ap o-cijeopnei
p^in a 5-c^iU oiimn,
an can aicnijeap ouinn,
eajla beic 030 ib poiiii
an ce lep p^ioip an
c-anam ayup an copp
DO P5piop a n-ipepn.
mar. X. 28.

evil, wHch they can any-
way perceive or feel.
This is called the punish-
ment of sense, because
all their senses, both in-
ward and outward, both
soul and body, shall be
affected with it ; as our
Lord himself also inti-
mated, where he re-
quires us to fear him
who is able to destroy
both soul and body in
helL Math. x. 28.

1 22. S^ioppuioreap lao a-
paon an pm, an c-a-
nam, ajup an copp:
nf 66anpui6reap a
pjaoileao, nd a 5-cup
50 neimnfo, aco beio
6d g-cpdo le jac uile
' peanaio agup ooiljeap
ip p^iDip le c^accap
aca 00 mocujao, no

They shall both be there
destroyed, both soul and
body, not dissolved or
reduced to nothing, but
afflicted with all the pain
and anguish that either
can be sensible of, and
able to endure. As the
rich man's body was so
tormented in that flame.

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RBADIN(} LB8801C8.

©'pulonj. TTlap oo bf
copp an ouine paiobip
ijo com mop ptn od
piGRKio ^yan lapaip, 50
pcnB pe aj loppaio
bpaom uipje map
Deipc cum a reon^
loifjri o'puopu^ao,
Y 5^^ ^^ bpaon pern
op pa^il aije : ajup
^c a pacpuio cum na
h-dice iio o^ipeipeipje
na 5-copp beio 'pan
loimpjpiop ceaona pm.

that he begged, bnt in
yain, for a little water
to cool his scorched
tongue; so it shall be
with all that shall be
there after the resurrec-
tion of the body.

123. Qp an 66bap pn^ md'p
cuma lib coo eipeo-
cap 6tb 66 6ip po, op
connpao pcSldp bup
b-peacui6e beic peal
a^iB, peaoaio pib
oul ap bup n-a^i6 a
pip-bpipeao olije 06,
le ^aD6cup 1 n-a jeal-
lamnaib, ajup le map-
lu^ao a anma naom-
co, ajup le paillije
beanam a peipbip bup
y-cpucuijceopa uile
cumaccai^; ace biob
a piop ajaib 50 o-ctub-
pat>iacum bpeiceam-
nuip pib um na neirib

Wherefore, if you care ngt
what becomes of you
hereafter, so you may
but enjoy "the pleasures
of sin for a season," you
may stiU go on to trans-
gress the laws, mistrust
the promises, profane
the name, and neglect
the service of your Al-
mighty Creator ; but
" know that for all these
things God will bring
you into judgment,'' at
the " great and terrible
day of the Lord,'' and
will then condemn you
to that " everlasting pu-

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po uile, an Id mop
uarbdfac iio ap o-Ci-
jeopno, ajup 50
n-oaimneocaio p^ an
uaip pin piB cum an
]f)ionu!p pfoppuioe uo,
DO cualabap anoip,
agup moireocaio pib
mile uaipe ntop meapa
md cualabap, ajup na
p^aocaoi apmuameao.
Qcc, 5I01P DO t)hid,
p^ODUiD pib a peacnao
50 peao, md'p dil lib
p^m: 6ip acd pib a
j-comnuioe a o-cal-
mam na m-b6o, ajup
acd jac uile pltje a-
5Uib ip p6iDip o'ldp-
puiD, le b-p^aopuloe
pib p^in DO conjbail
6 cuicim cum oaman-
ca. Uime pm jabato
comaiple updio do
D^anam otob com pao
a'p p^aopatDi pillto 6'n
c-pli^e paippin5 6d do
peolup cu m bap n-oam-
onca, agup oeanaioe
piibal, 6 po amac,
'pan c-pUje cumamj
{so b^opup pib cum na
beara pioppui^e. lon-

nisliment" which you
have now been hearing
oiy and which you will
find to be far greater
than you have now heard,
or can yet imagine it to
be. But, blessed be God I
you are yet in a capacity
of avoiding it if you will ;
for you are still in the
land of the living, and
have all the means that
can be desired, whereby
to prevent you " falling
into condemnation." Be
advised, therefore, to
make use of them while
you may, that you may
turn out of the way that
leads to destruction, and
walk for the future in
that narrow path that
will bring you to " life
everlasting ;" that when
you come to stand be-
fore Christ's tribunal,
you may not be set at
his "left hand," and
from thence go into
" everlasting punish-
ment," but may be
found in the number of
the righteous, who shall

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nuf an cp6r riocpato
cum beic ann b6p
fectpao a I6rcnp ca-
cao ipe bpeireoihnuip
Chpiopc, nac 5-cuippi-
oeap pib ap a Ictiih
elf, ajup ap pm 50
peanuio ^an epic, ace
50 m-beio piB le bup
b-pajdil a n-uiihip na
b-ptp6an bidp *na pea-
pao ap a Idiih oeip, a-
juppacpap ap pin cum
na beara pioppuioe.
6d cotp Dam anoip
map an j-c^aona a
caipbeanao ofb cao
on beara pioppuioe
uo cum a pacpuio na
pfpeom an Id o^i^ea-
nac, map oeip an
bpeiceam, accleijpio
m^ pn copam 50 o-ci-
516 aimpip oile.

stand on his " right
hand," and go from
thence into "life eter-
nal." I shonld now, in
like manner, shew what
is that everlasting life,
to which the righteous
shall go in the last day,
as the judge says, but I
shall let that lie by until
another occasion come.

124. Qnoip 50 D-cujao l)ia o'd jpdpaiB 61b pmuamead
50 Dirceallac ap a 5-cualabap ann po an uaip

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