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1827-8, Lt. Govr and Govr of R. I.,
Trustee Coll. Phys. and Surg. 1837-
55 aet. 81 *i88i

James Lenox,* A.M. 1821, LL.D.

1875, A.M. Princeton 1821, and LL.D.
1867. Trustee Princeton 1823-57

aet. 80 *:88o

John H. Lloyd*
Alexander B. McLeod*
Gerard Walton Morris* (L)

(see p. 19) *i86s

John O'Blenis*
George D. Post* (L)


Clarence D. Sackett* (L)

N. Y. Assemb. 1827-9

William Staley,* A.M. 1821
Abraham D. Wilson.* A.M. 1821

M.D. 1821

1810 l8

Henry Nicholas Cruger* (L)

A.M. 1823 aet. 67 *i867

Gabriel Poillon Disosway* (M)

A.M. 1822 and Wesleyan 1833,
Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1849 aet. 70 *i868

Peter Dykers,* M.D. 1823

*i8 4 s

Andrew Hamersley,* M.D. 1823

Edward P. Heyer* (M)

Walter E. Hyer* (M)

*i8 4 s

William Lupton Johnson* (Rev )

A.M. 1822, S.T.D. Allegheny

aet. 70 *i8 7 o

Charles Jones*
George Jones*

act. 87 *i886

Henry James Lowerre* (L), A.M.

George J. Rogers* (M)

aet. 76 *i878

James Henry Roosevelt* (L), A.M.

1822 act. 63 *i863

James S. Rumsey,* M.D. 1824

act. 73 *i872

Richard Lawrence Schieffelin*

(L), A.M. 1822, Pres. Common
Council N. Y. City 1844-5 aet. 88 *i88o

John Lang Suckley,* A.M. 1823

M.D. 1823 *i8 3 6

Samuel Verplanck* (L), A.M.


Thomas L. Wells* (L)

(see p. 19) aet. 87 *i886

Marinus Willett, Jr.,* M.D.

1823, Trustee Coll. Phys. and Surg.
1827-40 and Fellow 1827 $1840

Richard Wynkoop* (Rev.), A.M.

1821 aet 43 *i842

1820 J 9

William Betts* (L), A.M. 1823

LL.D. 1850 (see pp. 19, 30) aet. 83 *i884

John B. Bleecker* (M)

*i8 3 i

Joseph Howland Coit* (Rev.)

D.D. 1855 aet. 64 *i866

Cornelius Ryerrs Disosway* (L)

A.M. Wesleyan 1838 aet. 88 +1889

Samuel Roosevelt Johnson*

(Rev.), A.M. 1823, D.D. 1848, Prof.
System. Divinity and Dogmal
Theol. Gen. Theol. Sem. P. E. Ch.

James Johnstone* (L)
Henry Lawrence* (M)

and Dogmatic
~ ~.Ch.

aet. 70 *i873


Philip Edward Milledoler*

(Rev), M.D. 1824, A.M. Rutgers
1827, N. Y. Assemb. 4832, Trustee
Rutgers 1833-45 *i85o

John F. Mitchell* (L), A.M. 1823

aet. 79 *i88i

William Mitchell* (L), A.M. 1823

LL.D. 1863, Master in Chancery N.
Y. 1840-3, Just. Supr. Ct N. Y.
State 1850-8 aet. 86 *i886

Archibald G. Rogers* (L)

aet. 89 *i89t

Rutsen Suckley* (L)

aet. 75 *i875

John R. Townsend* (L)







William B. Barnes* (B)
PeterA.Cowdrey*(L),A.M. 1824

N. Y. Assemb. 1836, Corporation
Counsel N. Y. City 1840-4 *i8s2

Isaac F. Craft* (M)

William Dusenbury Craft* (L)

aet. 85 *i88?

George H. Fisher* (Rev.), A.M.

Rutgers 1827 and S.T.D. 1845, Trus-
tee 1851-5 (see p. 19) aet. 69 *i872

William Forsyth*

William N. Gilbert* (L)
Frederic Philipse Gouverneur*t

(L) aet. 71 *i874

William Post Hawes* (L), A.M.

1824 aet. 39 *i842

William Inglis* (L)

Judge Ct Common Pleas N. Y.
1839-44 aet. 59 *i873

Pierre Munroe Irving* (L)

aet. 73 *i8?6

Thomas Kermit*
Elisha S. King* (L), A.M. 1826
Isaac Low,* A.M. 1824
Stephen Headley Meeker* (Rev.)

A.M. 1824 aet. 77 *i8?6

William Henry Munn* (L), A.M.

1824 aet.' 77 *i878

Samuel Ogden* (M)

aet. 76 *i8?9

Edwin Post* (L)

aet. 84 *i88?

Henry A. V. Post* (L)

George Shrady*

John C. Slack* (EDUC)

Charles E. Stagg* (M)

Peter Stagg* (L)

Junius Thompson,* A.M. 1825

M.D. 1825 aet. 31 *i83i

John Tiebout, Jr.,* A.M. 1824

M.D. 1825

William Turner,* A.M. i824,M.D.

elsewhere *i8s8

Gerrit G. Van Wagenen* (L)

(see pp. 19, 22, 64) *i8s8

John H. Waddell,* A.M. 1824
Henry John Whitehouse* (Rev.)

A.M. 1824, S.T.D. Hobart 1834 and
Oxford Univ. 1867. LL.D. 1865 and

fKnown subsequently as Frederic Philpse

Cambr. Univ. 1867, Trustee Hobart
1831-40, Bishop P. E. Ch. 111. 1851-
74 aet. 71 *i874

George Wilkes,* M.D. 1824

aet. 75 *i876
1822 30

George Abeel* (M)


George W. Dawson* (M)
Peter F. Dustan* (L)
John M. Glover,* A.M.

Yale 1825, M.D. 1826 *i832

Josiah Dwight Harris,* A.M.

1825, M.D. 1826, Asst Surg. U. S. A. 1833

*i8 33

Henry Philip Jones* (L)

aet. 79 *i882

Theodore F. King,* M.D.

1827, Supt Public Sch. Kings Co.
N. Y., State Supt Public Schools
N. J. aet. 63 *i868

Nicholas Gouverneur Kortright*

(L) aet. 69 *i8?4

Anson Livingston* (L), A.M.

Union 1825 aet. 67 *i873;

Carrol Livingston* (M)


Edward Nathaniel Mead* (Rev.)

A.M. 1833, S.T.D. 1861, Sec.
Trustees Gen. Theo. Sem. aet. 75 *i87~

Adrian H. M tiller* (M)

Pres. Roosevelt Hosp. N. Y.

aet. 83 *i886

Alexander H. Paterson* (M)
Alfred Charles Post,* M.D.

1827, LL.D. N. Y. Univ. 1872,
Prof. Surg. N. Y. Univ., Pres. N. Y,
Acad. Med. 1867-8 aet. 80 *i886

John Lloyd Stephens* (L), A.M.

1827, U. S. Special Agent to Central
America 1839, Del. to N. Y. S.
Constit. Conven. 1846 aet. 47 *i8s2

Thomas William Tucker* (L)

A.M. 1826, Memb. N. Y. Assemb.

1837 *i854

Alfred Wagstaff,* M.D. 1826

aet. 74 ="1878

Alfred Augustus Weeks* (L)

A.M. 1826 *i847

Hamilton Wilkes* (F)
Edward M. Willett* (L), A.M.

1825 aet. 89 *i8Q4

William R. Williams* (Rev.)

A. M. 1835, S.T.D. 1837, LL.D. Union 1859
(see p. 19) aet. 80 *i885




Samuel Farmer Wilson* (L)

Memb. Leg. of La 1853-8 act. 65 *i8?o

Christopher Allen*

Horatio Allen* (ENG), LL.D.

elsewhere act. 87 *i8QO

Edward Anthon* (L)

*i8 3 o

William H. Boyd,* A.M. 1826

M.D. 1826 act. 34 "1837

Edward M. Clark* (L)
Lewis Cruger* (L)
Edmund B. Elmendorf* (L)

*i8 4 6

John T. Ferguson,* A.M. 1826

M.D. Rutgers Med. Coll. 1827

John Brain Foulke,* A.M. 1826

and Yale 1877

Adolphus N. Gouverneur* (L)
Edmund Dorr Griffin* (Rev.)

A.M. 1826 act. 26 *i830

William Frederick Havemeyer*

(M), Mayor N. Y. C. 1845-6, 1848-9,
1873-4, Pres. Bk of N. America
1851-61, 'Chairman Citizens' Com.
of 1871, Presidential Elector 1844,
Commr Emig. 1847-53 aet. 70 *i874

William D. Henderson* (L)

A.M. 1826

Henry Augustus Heyer* (M)
John Augustus Hicks* (Rev.)

A.M. 1830 and Trinity 1852, S.T.D.

Univ Vt 1847 aet. 68 *i86p

James Hosack*

Mancius Smedes Hutton* (Rev.)

S.T.D. 1841 (see p. 19) aet. 77 *i88o

William L. Keese* (Rev.), A.M.

Jonathan Lawrence* (L)


William A. Lawrence* (M)
Adam David Logan* (L)

aet. 66 *i869

George B. Ogden* (B)

John Doughty Ogden,* M.D.

Rutgers Med. Coll. 1827 aet. 84 *i887

Smith Pyne* (Rev.), A.M. 1827

S.T.D. Hobart 1848, Trustee Trinity
1833-8 aet. 73 *i875

Andrew K. Robertson*

Noel Robertson* (Rev.), A.M.

1826 i8 Z 8

Grenville A. Sackett* (L)
Charles J. Smith* (L)

aet. 73 *i8?6

James H. Titus* (M), A.M. 1826

Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1846 *i88a


Benjamin Aycrigg* (ENG), A.M.

1839, Ph.D. Penn. Coll. 1869 aet. 91 '1895

Robert Barker*

Alexander Mansfield Burrill* (c)

aet. 62 *i869

Edward C. Crary* (M)
William A. Curtis* (Rev.), A.M.

1838 *i864

Benjamin Drake,* A.M. 1827

M.D. 1828. Pres. N. Y. Co. Med.

Soc. 1848-9 aet. 66* 1871

William Duer* (L)

Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1840, Repr. in
Congr. 1849-51, U. S. Consul at Val-
paraiso 1851-4, County Clerk San
Francisco aet. 74 *i879

William Henry Ellet,* M.D.

elsewhere, Prof. Chem. Mineral, and
Geol. S. C. Coll. 1835-48 (see p. 38)

aet. 55 *i8s9

James T. Gibert,* A.M. 1827

M.D. elsewhere aet. 63 *i868

Jacob Townsend GifTord,* M.D.

Coll. Phys. and Surg. Geneva

aet. 64 *i869

Timothy R. Green* (L), A.M.

1834 "1840

John K. Hardenbrook,* A.M

1827, M.D. elsewhere, Ass't Surg.

U. S. A. 1861-4 aet. 62 *i864

Dayton Hobart* (L), A.M.

*i8 7 o

William Henry Hobart,* A.M.

1827, M.D. 1829 (see p. 19) aet. 53 *i8s7

Pierre Paris Irving* (Rev.), A.M.

Hobart 1837, Trustee Hobart 1837-

43 aet. 72 *i8?8

George W. Johnson* (F)

*i8 S 6

William Henry Lupp* (L), A.M.

1827 "1874

Elias Joseph Marsh,* A.M. 1827

M.D. 1828. Pres. N. J. Med. Soc.

aet. 45 *i8so

Hamilton Morton* (L), A.M.

1834, M.D. Rutgers Med. Coll. 1827

aet. 92 *i896

Waddington Ogden* (M)

aet. 45 *i847




Henry Perkins,*A.M. 1827, M.D.


Alexander Robinson,* A.M., M.D.

Rutgers Med. Coll. 1832

Daniel C. Schermerhorn*

1825 2 3

George Philip Cammann,* M.D

Rutgers Med. Coll. 1828 aet. 59 *i863

James A. M. Gardner,* A.M.

1828, M.D. 1829

Nathaniel Marius Graves* (M)
Robert William Harris* (Rev.)

A.M. 1828, S.T.D. 1849 aet. 80 *i886

Jacob Harsen, Jr.,* A.M. 1829

M.D. 1829, Pres. North. Dispens.

N. Y. aet. 55 *i86 2

William E. Laight*

*i8 59

Alexander S. Leonard* (Rev.)

A.M. 1847, D.D. 1859 aet. 72 * 1878

John McKeon* (L), A.M. 1831

N.Y. Assemb. 1831, Repr. in Congr.
1835-7, 1841-3, Dist. Atty N. Y.
City 1845-51, 1882-3, U. S. Dist.
Atty N. Y. 1853 aet. 76 *i883

Isaac T. Minard* (L)

Surrogate Otsego Co. N. Y.

Edward E. Mitchell* (M)

aet. 80 *i889

Walter Nichols*

aet. 21 *i825

William Peshine*

William Phyfe*

Anthony Lispenard Robertson*

(L), Asst Vice-Chancellor N. Y. S.
1846-8, Surrogate N. Y. City 1848,
Just. Sup Ct. N. Y. 1860-5 and Ch.-
Just. of same 1865-8, Memo. Constit.
Conven. N. Y. 1867 aet. 69 *i868

Ferdinand Sands* (M)

John Jones Schermerhorn* (M)


John Fletcher Smith*
Wessell S. Smith* (L)

N. Y. Assemb. *i86o

Oliver Smith Strong* (M)

Memb. N. J. Leg. 1848 aet. 68 *i874

Peter Wilson* (L)

William Wilson,* M.D. 1829

aet. 66 *i872


Charles Edward Anderson* (BR)

Secy. U. S. Legation Paris 1836-9

and ChargiS d'Aff. 1837 aet. 82 *i88 9

William A. Clarke,* M.D.


John Marshall Guion* (Rev.)

D.D. 1865

| John William Hamersley* (L)

A.M. 1829 *i889

Edwin Holt*

Nathaniel Pendleton Hosack*(M)

and Harv. 1826 aet. 71 *i877

Gabriel Furman Irving*

aet. 38 *i845

Robert Kelly, Jr.*

City Chamberlain N. Y. City 1856,
Regent Univ. S. N. Y. 1856-7,
Founder and Pres. Trustees Roches-'
ter Univ. aet. 53 *i857

Francis Maerschalk Kip* (Rev.)

D.D. 1857, A.M. Rutgers 1829,
Trustee Rutgers 1860 aet. 81 *i888

John Neil McLeod* (Rev.), A.M.

1833, S.T.D. elsewhere aet. 68 *i8?4

Joshua S. Marsh*
Thomas H. Merry, Jr.*
William Henry Milnor,* M.D.

1832 aet. 60 *i862

Thomas R. Minturn* (M)


Henry Morris* (L)

aet. 54 *i854

Richard Lewis Morris,* M.D.

1830, Health Commr N. Y. City
1848-52 and Health Officer 1852-4

aet. 75 *i88o

John B. Norsworthy*
Hewlett R. Peters* (Rev.)

S. T. D. elsewhere

Daniel Phoenix Riker* (L)

aet. 6 1 *i868

Beverley Robinson, Jr.* (L)

aet. 69 *i8?6

William Henry Roosevelt*
Daniel Seymour*
Abraham A. Slover, Jr.*
Gerrit Hubert Van Wagenenjr.*

aet. 29 *i838

Harris Wilson* (L)

2 5



Jonathan Trumbull Backus*

(Rev.). A.M.. Grad. Princeton Theo-
log. Sena. 1830. S.T.D. Union 1847.
LL.D. Union 1875. Pres. Bd of
Education Schencctady. Pres. Bd
Trustees Union act. 83 *i8gi

Jacob Speny Baker* (M)
William Sperry Baker,* M.D.

1831. Surg. Bd Enrolment isth
Congr. Dist. Penn. 1861-5 act. 80 *i889

Thomas Hazard Barker* (B)

U. S. Consul at Antwerp 1836

Henry Neilson Brush*


John Player Crosby* (L)

Trust. Med. Dept 1860-76 act. 67 *i8?6

William Henry Crosby* (L)

(see p. 35) a e *- 8 4 "1892

Henry Augustus DuBoio,* M.D.

1830. LL.D. Yale 1864 act. 73 *i884

Edward Dunscomb* (M)

aet. 91 *i8ps

Edward Bristed Eastburn*

*i8 3 o

Hamilton Fish* (L), A.M. 1830

LL.D. 1850, Union 1869 and Har-
vard 1871, Repr. in Congr. 1843-5,
Lt.-Gov. N. Y. 1847-0. Gov. N. Y.
1849-51. U. S. Sen. 1851-7, Pres.
of the Gen. Society of the Cincinnati
1854-93, Chn Union Defence Com.
1861-5, Pres. N. Y. Hist. Soc. 1867-

!, Sec. State U. S. 1869-77. Memb.
oint High Commn to arrange
Treaty of Washington" with Great
Britain 1871, U. S. Plenipo. to sign
Treaty with Great Britain 1871 (see
p. 19) aet. 85 *i893

Michael- Floy, Jr.,* A.M. 1834

*i8 3 7

John Murray Forbes* (Rev.)

A.M. 1830. LL.D. 1847, Dean Gen.
Theol. Sem. P. E. Ch. 1869

aet. 70 "1885

John Henry Hobart Haws* (L)

Repr. in Cong. 1851-3 *i8s8

William C. Heyward* (F)

*t86 3

John Clarkson Jay,* M.D. 1830

(see p. 19) aet. 83 *i89i

Joshua Jones* (L)

aet. 8 1 *i888

Abraham Beakley Labagh* (F)
Alfred Ludlow*

*i8 3 i

Charles McFarlan*

N. J. Sen. 1846 *i873

Henry Jackson Morton* (Rev.)

A.M.'iSjo, Grad. Gen. Theol. Sem.
P. E. Ch. N. Y. 1830. S.T.D. Univ.
Penn. 1844, Trustee Univ. Penn.
1844-90 aet. 83 *i89

Robert Mott* (L)

Jonathan Nathan* (L)

Master in Chanc. N. Y. 1840-5 '1863

Henry Onderdonk, Jr.* (EDUC)

A.M. 1833 aet. 82 *i886

Laughton Osborn* (AU)

aet. 70 '1878

Samuel Penny, Jr.* (Rev.)

*i8 5 3

Minturn Post,* M.D.

Univ. Penn. 1832 aet. 61 *i86o

James M. Quin,* M.D.

Rutgers Med. Coll., A.M. 1833

aet. 62 *i868

Charles Rhind [Jr.] (M, RET)

353 W. 57
Henry Rogers, Jr.* (L)


Edwin Sands*


John Schermerhorn* (BR)

*i8 3 S

Theodore A. Swords* (L)

aet. 33 *i84i

Joseph Clay Wallace* (F)

aet. 74 *i88x

William Winter* (L)

Grenville Temple Winthrop* (L)

and Harv. 1827 and Bowd. 1827,
A.M., Memb. Mass. Leg. 1840 *i8s2

1828 36

Edmund D. Barry, Jr.*
William Bay ley* (ART)

*i8 5 7
*i8 5 S

Jonas Butler* (L)

George Catlin* (L)

Dist. Atty Richmond Co. N. Y.

Thomas Witter Chrystie* (L)

A.M. 1880, Capt. loth Regt Inf'y

N. Y. S. 1835 aet. 80 *i88S

Thomas T. Devan* (Rev.), A.M.

1831, M.D. 1831, Missionary in China
1848. Chaplain U. S. A. 1861-3

aet. 80 *i890

Cornelius Dubois, Jr.* (M)

aet. 72 *i88i

Edmund Embury* (Rev.), A.M.

1833 aet. 84 *i89J




George Gilford*

aet. 75 "1883

Robert Goelet*


Alexander N. Gunn,* A.M.

Rutgers 1832, M.D. 1833, Health
Officer Port of N.Y . 1859-64

aet. 61 *i87i

Benjamin I. Haight* (Rev.)

A.M. 1831, D.D. 1846, LL.D.
Hobart 1870, Prof. Past. Theol. and
Pulp. Eloq. Gen. Theol. Sem. P. E.
Ch., Asst Minister Trinity Parish
N. Y. City 1847-77 (see p. 19)

aet. 69 *i87p

*i8 9 i

Mortimer Livingston* (M)

*i8 S 7

Austin L. S. Main,* M.D. 1832

aet 58 *i86?

John A. Morrill* (L)
George B. Neill*
John M. Ogden*

*i8 3 6

Joel B. Post* (M)


Samuel Sidney St John* (EDUC)

A.M. 1834 aet. 75 *i88a

Barzillai Slosson* (L)

Dist. Atty Ontario Co. N. Y.

aet. 64 *i8?4

Lewis Thibou* (Rev.), A.M.

Hobart 183 i "1876

John Ledyard Vandervoort*

A.M. 1831, M.D. 1832, Fellow 1844,
Librarian N. Y. Hospital 1837-91

aet. 82 *i8pi

Robert Boyd Van Kleeck*(Rev.)

A.M. 1831 and Trin. 1847, S.T.D.
Hobart 1851 *i88o

William Wheeler Van Wagenen*

(L), A.M. 1834

Alexander Robertson Walsh*

(M) *i88 4

'William Walton* (Rev.), A.M.

1836, D.D. 1852 and Hobart 1852,
Instr. in Hebrew Gen. Theol. Sem.
P. E. Ch. (see p. 15) aet. 59 +1869

Richard Whiley, Jr.* (L)
Martin Ryerson Zabriskie*f (L)

(see pp. 19, 20) *i878

1829 2 9

George Featherstone Allen*

(ENG) (see p. 19) *i86 3

tKnown, after 1864, as Martin Zborowski

Theodore A. Bailey* (M)
Thomas E. Blanch* (L)

Dist. Atty Rockland Co. N. Y. *i8?9

James Augustus Carter,* M.D.

Alfred Winfred Craven* (ENG)

Ch. Eng. Croton Aq. Dept N. Y.
City 1850, Pres. Am. Soc. Civil Eng.
1869-71 aet. 68 *i8?9

Robert James Dillon* (L)

Counsel to Corp. N. Y. City 1853-6

aet. 63 *i872

Benjamin S. Downing,* M.D.

1832 aet. 24 *i834

William Edgar*


James Heyward,* M.D.


John Treat Irving, Jr.* (L)

aet. 94 *ipo6

Richard Harison Ogden* (L)

aet 47 *i8sg

Samuel Ogden* (L)

aet. 69 *i87Q

Thomas W. Ogden*

Mangr St Luke's Hosp. N. Y. City,
Trustee St Stephen's Coll. N. Y.,
Trustee Gen. Theol. Sem. P. E. Ch.
N. Y., Trustee N. Y. Soc. Promot.
Relig. and Learn. aet. 91 *ipoi

John David Ogilby,* A.M.

1833, Mast. Col. Coll. Gram. Sch.
1829-30, Prof. Lang. Rutgers 1832-
40, Prof. Eccles. Hist. Gen. Theol.
Sem. P. E. Ch. N. Y. 1841-51 (see
p. 54) aet. 43 "1851

Peter Augustus Schermerhorn*

A.M. 1833 *i845

Theodore Sedgwick, Jr.* (L)

U. S. Dist. Atty N. Y. 1858-9,
Trustee Coll. Phys. and Surg. N. Y.
1842-59 aet. 48 *i85p

Charles R. Swords* (M)

N. Y. Assemb. (see p. 20) *i88i

Robert Tucker,* M.D. 1832


John Dash Van Buren* (L)

N. Y. Assemb. 1857-63 aet. 74 *i883

Fanning S. Worth* (EDUC), A.M.


John B. Boggs*
James Bowdoin* (L)

aet. 86 *i897

Robert Livingston Cutting* (BR)

aet. 76 *i887

9 8



John Delafield, Jr.* (L), A.M.

J ,837 aet. 54 *i866

Hugh T. Dickey* (L)

Judge Cook Co. 111. and of 7th Judi-
cial Circ. Court 111.. 1845-53

aet. 80 *i89J

Benjamin T. Ferguson* (L)


Lewis Carstairs Gunn*

U S. Collector Customs Puget Sound
Dist. 1863-4, U. S. Asses. Int.
Revenue, San Fran. Cal. 1865-8,
Depy Collect. Customs San Diego
Caf 1876-82, and Customs Assess.
1883-6 aet. 79 "189*

Nicholas C. Heyward*
George Ireland, Jr.* (L)

aet. 61 *i8?3

Edward Jones,* M.D. 1834

(see p. 19) aet. 58 *i869

John Taylor Kneeland,* M.D.
1833 "1838

Henry Ledyard* (L)

Sec. U. S. Legation at Paris 1839-
42 and Charg^ d'Aff. 1842-4, Mayor
Detroit 1855, Mich. Sen. 1857 *i88o

Benjamin Franklin Miller* (L)

*i8 3 7

Henry Cruse Murphy* (L), LL.D

Rutgers 1864, Mayor Brooklyn 1842,
Repr. in Congr. 1843-5, 1847-9,
Memb. N. Y. Constit. Conven. 1846,
1867, U. S. Min. at The Hague 1858-
62, N. Y. Sen. 1862-73 aet. ^a *i882

Henry Nicoll* (L), LL.D. 1870

Repr. in Congr. 1847-9, Memb. N.

Y. Constit. Conv. 1846 "1879

Charles Hammond Ogden* (M)

aet 62 *i8?4

William Steele* (M), M.D. 1833

aet. 74 *i88?

William D. Waddington* (L)


George William Wright* (L)

*t8 7 3

1831 I9

James Bolton,* A.M. 1835, M.D.

Peter Schermerhorn Chauncey*

(Rev.). A.M. 1836 and Trinity 1848,
S.T.D. N. Y. Univ. 1858, Trustee
Trinity 1848-51 aet. 56 *i866

James Chrystie, Jr.*

act. 25 '1836

Abraham Bogart Conger,* A.M.

1834, N. Y. Sen.. Pres. N. Y. S.


art. 74 *i88s

Agricult. Soc.. Memb. N. Y.
Constit. Conv. 1867 (see p. 34)

aet. 73 *'887

William Ernest Eigenbrodt*

(Rev.), A.M. 1835. D.D. 1855. B.D.
Gen. Theol. Sem., Prof. Past. Theol.
Gen. Theol. Sem. P. E. Ch. 1862-89.
Emeritus 1889-94. Sec. Diocesan
Conv. aet. 82 *i894

Robert Emory* (Rev.), A.M.

1834, S.T.D. 1846, Prof. Anc. Lang.
Dickinson 1834-9 and Pres. 1842-8

aet. 34 *i48

Petrus Stuyvesant Fish,* A.M.
1834 "1834

John B. Gallagher* (Rev.)
John Philip Hone*
Bradish Johnson*

aet. 81 *i89

Charles Ray King,* M.D.

Univ. Penn. 1834, LL.D. Trinity

aet. 88 *i9oi

James Joseph Macneven*

James McCready Morgan*
Gideon Smyth Nichols* (F)

aet. 84 *i894

John Louis O'Sullivan,* A.M.

1834, Memb. N. Y. Assemb. 1841-2,
Regent Univ. N. Y. S. 1846-55, U. S.
Min. Portugal 1854-63 (see p. 54)

aet. 8 1 '1895

John Punnett,* A.M. 1834, M.D.

Univ. Penn. 1834

John B. Purroy* (L), A.M. 1834
Richard W. Redfield,* A.M. 1838
Edwin M. Taylor* (ENG)

State Eng. Virginia

Francis Tomes, Jr.* (M)

aet. 85 *i898

Robert George Vermihye* (Rev.)

A.M. 1836, D.D. 1851. Prof. Christ. .

Theol. in Theol. Inst. Conn., Trustee
Hamilton 1850-7 (see p. 64) aet. 62* 1875


Lloyd Saxbury Waddell*

*i8 3 a

Samuel Ward, Jr.* (BR), A.M.

1835, Ph.D. Tubingen, Sec. U. S.
Special Mission to Paraguay 1858
and to Nicaragua 1863 aet. 7 *i884

Robert Watts, Jr.*(EDUc), A.M.

1834, M.D. 1835 and Berkshire Med.
Coll. 1837. Prof. Anat. and Physiol.
Coll. Phys. andSurg, 1843-8, Anat.
j 848-6? aet. 55 * 1867






Henry T. Anthony* (M)

aet. 70 * 1884

Walter Titus A very* (ENG, M)

aet. 90 *ipo4

Horatio Bogart* (L), A.M. 1836

aet. 68 *i882

William L. Boyd* (M), A.M. 1835

aet. 90 *i903

George Carvill, Jr.* (M)
John Chrystie* (M)

aet. 43 *i8s6

Henry S. Dodge* (L), A.M. 1835

*i8 S S

Daniel G. F. Fanshaw*


Vames Heard, Jr.* (M), A.M. 1836


Alexander C. Hillman* (Rev.)


Nicholas W. Hoffman* (M)

*i8 43

Aaron Jarvis,* A.M. 1835, M.D.

1835 aet. 45 "1859

William Templeton Johnson*

(L), A.M. 1835 *i869

Philip Livingston Jones,* M.D.

1835 aet. 70 *i88s

John J. C. Kane* (L)

*i8 S 4

Frederick W. Miller* (Rev.)
Stephen Reed, Jr.* (L), A.M

Thomas A. Richmond* (L), A.M.

1835 *i8S9

Henry Joseph Ruggles* (L)

aet. 92 *iQo6

William Channing Russel*

(EDUC), A.M. 1835, LL.D. 1875,
Prof. History Cornell 1 868-81 and
Brown 1881-3, V.-Pres. and [Acting
Pres. Cornell aet. 81 *i8g6

Erasmus Peshine Smith* (L)

LL.B. Harv. 1833, Sup't of Educa-
tion State of N. Y., U. S. Comm'r of
Emigration. U. S. Examiner of
Claims, Sec. of Foreign Affairs of
the Empire of Japan 1870-6 aet. 68 *i882

John E. Stillwell,* M.D. 1830

aet. 60 *i873

Frederick L. Talcott* (BR)

aet. 72 *i884

Philip William Thomas* (L)

aet. 59 *i87i

Jonathan Thompson, Jr.* (M)

A.M. 1836 aet. 59 *i8?2

Frederick Townsend* (L)

aet. 69 *i883

Russell Nevins Townsend* (L)

*i8 3 7

William Samuel Verplanck*

aet. 73 *i886


Stephen D. Allen,* M.D.

Univ. Penn. 1837 *i84o

James Barrow, Jr.* (L)


John S. Bartlett, Jr.* (ED)
Jackson Bolton,* M.D.

Univ. Paris 1838 aet. 51 *i866

James Constable* (L)

Richard Cox* (Rev.), A.M. 1836

John Ferris Delaplaine, Jr.* (L)

Sec. U. S. Legation Vienna 1861-83

aet. 68 *i88s

Pierre Cortlandt DePeyster* (M)

John M. Gelston*

Charles Hall* (M), A.M. 1838

John Jay Jenkins* (L)

aet. 85 *i898

Philip Kearny, Jr.*

Major U. S. A. 1847, Brig.-Gen. U.
S. V. 1861, Maj.-Gen. 1862, killed,
batt. Chantilly, Va aet. 47 *i86a

Francis P. Lee* (Rev.), A.M.
1836 "1847

Samuel Bard McVickar*

*i8 3 7

James W. Metcalf,* M.D.

else where * 1 8 5 6

Gouverneur Morris Ogden* (L)

(see pp. 19, 22, 54) aet. 75 *i884

Henry Brevoort Renwick* (ENG)

Examr U. S. Pat. Off. aet. 78 "1895

William Rhinelander Renwick*

(M) aet. 67 *i88s

Bruce Schermerhorn*


Edward Slosson* (L)


John G. Smedberg* (F)

aet. 57 *i873

Robert Spencer* (L)




Abraham Gardiner Thompson,

A.M. 1836, M. D. 1837. N. Y. As-
semb. i84S and 185? act. 71 *i887

James A. Williams* (Rev.), A.M.

1836. D.D. 1863 *i88 3



William Mortimer Allen* (L)

A.M. 1837 aet. 64 *i878

James William Beekman* (L)

A.M. 1838, N. Y. Assemb. 1848, N.
Y. Senate 1849-51, Trustee Med.
Dep. 1860-77 (see p. 20) aet. 62 *i877

Edward K. Bryar* (F), A.M.

1838 aet. 76 *i8po

William Bryan Casey,* M.D.

Univ. Penn. 1837

James Michael Cockcroft* (M)

*i8 9 i

William Cockcroft,* M.D. 1838

aet. 72 *i8po

John Conger,* A.M. 1837, M.D.

1838 *i86o

Isaac Clason Delaplaine* (L)

A.M. 1837, Repr. in Congr. 1861-3

aet. 48 *i866

William Demarest* (Rev.) A.M.

1837 *i874

William Dennis* (Rev.)
William Dodge* (L), A.M. 1837

N. Y. Assemb. 1849 *i88$

William Mitchell Gillespie* (ENG)

A.M. 1837, LL.D. 1859 and Univ.
Nashville 1857, Prof. Civ. Eng.
Union 1845-68 aet. 52 *i886

John S. Heard,* A.M. and M.D.

1837 aet. 70 *i88s

Henry Heyward,* A.M. 1838
Benjamin S. Huntington* (Rev.)

A.M. 1839 *i88a

William Henry Hyde* (M)

act. 8 1 '1896

Samuel Evan Johnson* (L), A.M.

1837. Judge Kings Co. N. Y. *i8?o

William Gracie King*

act. 67 *i88a

Alexander Major* (M)
Richard Edwards Mount, Jr.*(L)

A.M. 1837 *i88o

Philip Rhinelander*

Robert Smith Swords* (L)

Lt.-Col. isth N. J. Vols. 1861-3

aet. 65 *i88i

Anthony Ten Broeck* (Rev.)

A.M. 1837, D.D. 1867, Rector Bur-
lington Coll. N. J. aet. 65 *i88o

Lloyd Windsor* (Rev.), A.M.

1837. B.D. Gen. Theol. Setn. 1836.
S.T.D. Hobart 1880, Pres. Eccles.
Court West. N. Y. P. E. Ch.

aet. 76 *i88p


Jedediah Blakeney Auld* (L)

A.M. 1838 aet. 51 *i866

Romaine Dillon* (L)

Sec. U. S. Legation. Brazil *i88&

Evert Augustus Duyckinck*(Au)

A.M. 1838 (see p. 20) aet 62 *i87

Benigo Gener* (L)

Thomas Buchanan Gilford (L;


473 Lexington Ave.
Andrew Stelle' Hamersley* (L)

A.M. 1839

Orlando Harriman, Jr.* (Rev.)

A.M. 1838 act. 69 *i88i

William Heard*
Joshua E. Jones*

*i8 3 9

Charles C. Lee*

John W. C. Leveridge* (L), A.M.

1839, Memb Council N. Y. Univ.

Mangr Am. S. S. Union, Mangr N.

Y. S. S. Assn aet. 76 *i896

Charles Harrison Lyon* (M)

A.M. 1838

Joseph Mclntyre*

Charles D. Mead* (L), A.M.

William Mulligan,* A.M.

1838 *i9<>4

Alexander Palache'* (M)
George Quartus Pomeroy (L)
John H. Riker* (L)

Pres. N. E. Dispensary, N. Y. C.

aet. 75 *i894

William H. Taggard* (L)

*i8 5 4

Ludlow Thomas* (BR)

aet. 74 *i894




John Richard Thurman*

Repr. in Congr. 1849-51 *i8s4

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