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A.B. Amherst 1831, Rector St John's
Ch. Kingston, N. Y. aet. 76 *i886

John Freeman Young,* S.T.D.

(Rt Rev.) Bishop P. E. Ch. Fla 1867-

85 aet. 65 *i88s



John Jay Elmendorf,* S.T.D.

A.B. 1845

Abner Jackson,* LL.D. (Rev.)

(EDUC) A.B. Trinity 1837 and A.M.
and S.T.D. 1858, S.T.D. Hobart 1859,
Pres. and Prof. Ev. Christ. Hobart 1858
-67, Pres. Trinity 1867-74

aet. 63 *i8?4

Charles Pinckney Kirkland*

LL.D. (L) A.B. Hamilton 1816 and
LL.D. 1857, Judge Supr. Ct N. Y.

aet. 85 *i88 3

James Mulcahey,*S.T.Z). (Rev.)

A.B. Trinity 1842 and A.M. aet. 75 *i897

Charles Todd Quintard,* S.T.D.

A.M. (Hon.) 1853


Samuel Blatchford,* LL.D.

A.B. 1837

Samuel Breck Bostwick,* D.D.

(Rev.) A.B. Univ. Vt 1835. Memb.
Stand. Comm. Diocese Albany, N. Y.
1868-81 aet. 66 *i88i.

William Croswell Doane, D.D.

(Rt Rev.) A.B. Burlington 1850 and
A.M. 1852, A.M. Trinity 1863 and D.D.
1886, D.D. Hobart 1890, LL.D. Union
1880, LL.D. Cambridge 1888, Bishop
P. E. Ch. Albany. N. Y. 1868-

Albany, N. Y.
Ferdinand Cartwright Ewer*

D.D. (Rev.) A.B. Harvard 1848 and
A.M. 1868 aet. 57 *i88s

Frederic de Peyster, Jr.*

LL.D., A.B. 1816

Anthony Ten Broeck,* D.D.

A.B. 1834

Daniel Sylvester Tuttle, D.D.

A.B. 1857




Channing Moore Williams, D.D.

(Rt Rev.) A.B.WiUiam and Mary 1853,
Bishop P. E. Ch. China and Japan
1866-74, Bishop Yeddo 1874-89
Kyoto, Japan


Philander Kinney Cady, S.T.D.

(Rev.) Prof. Evid. Natural and Re-
vealed Relig. Gen. Theol. Sem. 1889-
1902, Prof. Emer. 190*
Ridgefield, Conn.

Benjamin Wistar Morris, S.T.D.

(Rt Rev.) B.D. Gen. Theol. Sem. 1846,
S.T.D. Univ. Penn. 1869, Bishop P. E.
Ch. Oregon 1880-
Portland, Ore.

Charles Franklin Robertson*

S.T.D. (Rt Rev.) A.B. Yale 1859.
S.T.D. Univ. South 1883, LL.D. Univ.
Mo. 1883, Bishop P.E.Ch. Mo. 1868-86



Elias Basilovitch Bouialsky

J. Fourness Brice, M.D.

ad eundem, M.R.C.S. London

Joshua Danforth, M.D.


Charles Breck,* D.D. (Rev.)

A.B. Univ. Penn. iSssandA.M. 1838,
Rector Trinity Parish Wilmington, Del.
1853-70 aet. 74

Henry Ammi Dows, A.M.

A.B. 1862

Theodore Augustus Eaton*

D.D. (Rev.) Rector St Clement's Ch.
N. Y. C.

Asa Bird Gardiner, A.M. (L)

A.B. Dartmouth 1864 and A.M. 1867,
LL.B. N. Y. Univ. 1860 and LL.D.
1875, Dist. Atty N. Y. Co. 1898-90
32 Broadway

Thomas William Humes,* D.D.

(Rev.) A.B. East Tenn. Coll. 1830,
Pres. Univ. East Tenn. 1865-79 and
Univ. Tenn. 1879-83, Rector St John's
Ch. Knoxville, Tenn. aet. 77 *i892

William Quintard Ketchum*

D.D. (Rev.) Rector St Andrew's Ch.
Fredericton, N.B., Canada aet. 79 *i9oi

Benson John Lossing,* A.M.

(AU) LL.D. Univ. Mich. 1873 *i89i

John Carpenter Smith,* D.D.

Slev.) Rector St George's Ch. Flushing
.Y.C. aet. 85*1881



Samuel Brazer Babcock*

S.T.D. (Rev.) Rector St Paul's Ch.
Dedham, Mass. *i8?3

George Marlow Everhart, S.T.D.

(Rev.) S.T.D. Henry Coll. Va 1852.
Pres. Huntsville Coll. Ala. 1852-7,
Rector St John's Ch. Louisville Ky

Peter Hasbrouck,* A.M., A.B.

Rutgers 1867 and A.M. 1870 *i87$

William Augustus McVickar*

S.T.D.. A.B. 1846

Henry Nicoll,* LL.D., A.B. 1830

George B. Andrews, S.T.D.


Edmund Alexander De Schwei-
nitz,* S.T.D.

(Rev.) Bishop Moravian Ch. 1870-87
Pres. Theol. Sem. Bethlehem, Pa

aet. 62 *i887

John Habersham Elliott*

S.T.D. (Rev.) A.B. S. C. Coll. 1839

aet. 63 *i879

James Isbell Helm,* D.D.

(Rev.) A.B. Greenville Coll. Tenn.
1833, A.M. Princeton 1842, Rector St
Paul's Ch. Sing Sing, N. Y. *i88o

Pelham Williams, S.T.D.

(Rev.) A.B. Harvard 1853, A.M. Trin-
ity 1 86 1
Greenbush, Mass.


John Graeff Barton,* LL.D.

Prof. English C. C. N. Y. *i8?7

James Starr Clark, S.T.D., A.B.

Howard Crosby,* LL.D., A.B.

N. Y. Univ. 1844 and A.M. 1847, S.T.D.
Harvard 1859, Chanc. N. Y. Univ.
1870-83 aet. 65 *i89i

William Hobart Hare, D.D.

(Rt Rev.) D.D. Hobart 1858 and
Trinity and Kenyon 1872, Bishop P.
E. Ch. S. Dakota 1883-

Edward David Hearn(Au),A.M.

A.M. King's Coll. Windsor, N.S. 1857
and B.C.L. and D.C.L. 1881
New Maiden, Surrey, Eng.

William Bell White Howe*

S.T.D. (Rt Rev.) A.B. Univ. Vt 1844,
S.T.D. Univ. South 1871, Bishop P. E.
Ch. S. C. 1871-94 *i894



6l 5

Charles O 'Conor,* LL.D.

Pres. Law Instit. N. Y. C. 1869

aet. 80 *i884

Isaac Lewis Peet,* LL.D., A.B.

Yale 1845 and'A.M. 1849, Princ. Instit.
Deaf and Dumb N. Y. C. aet. 74 *i898

John Watts de Peyster, AM.

(AU) LL.D. Nebraska Coll. 1870,
Litt.D. Franklin and Marshall 1892
and LL.D. 1896, Adj. Gen. N. Y. S.
1855, Bvt Maj.-Gen. N. Y. S. 1866
"Rose Hill," Tivoli, N. Y.
Eliphalet Nott Potter,* S.T.D.

(Rev.) A.B. Union 1841 and S.T.D.
1869, Pres. Union 1871-84. Pres.
Hobart 1884-97, Pres. Cosmop. Univ.
1897-1901 aet. 65 *i90i


Nathan Ryno Smith,* M.D.

ad eundem



John Gottlieb Auer,* S.T.D.

(Rt Rev.) Bishop P. E. Ch. Cape Pal-
mas Africa 18734 ae t- 42 *i874

George Beckett, S.T.D.

(Rev.) Rector St Peter's Ch. Columbus

Aaron Bernstein, A.M. (Rev.)

Missionary Jews Bucharest

William Henry Chandler,* A.M.

A.B. Union 1861, Ph.D. Hamilton 1872
Prof. Chem. Lehigh 1871-1906, Prof.
Emer. 1906 (see p. 33) aet. 65 *i9o6

Oliver Wolcott Gibbs, LL.D.

A.B. 1841

Henry Augustus Homes*

LL.D., A.B. Amherst 1830, Libr. N. Y.
S. 1868-87 aet. 75 "1887

William Reed Huntington

S.T.D. (Rev.) A.B. Harvard 1859 and
A.M. 1862 and S.T.D. 1898, D.C.L.
Univ. South 1890, D.D. Princeton
i896,L.H.D. Hobart i899,Rector Grace
Ch. N. Y. C.
804 Broadway

Benjamin Douglas Silliman*

LL.D. (L) A.B.Yale 1824 and LL.D.
1874 aet. 96 *i90i

Frederic Stengel, A.M.

(see p. 61)

James Stephenson,* S.T.D.

A.M. (Hon.) 1849


Eben Edwards Beardsley*

LL.D. (Rev.) A.B. Trinity 1832" A.M.
and S.T.D. 1854 aet.'iSs *i89i

Joseph Hart Clinch,* S.T.D.

(Rev.) *i88 4

Jacob Cooper,* S.T.D.

(Rev.) A.B. Yale 1852, Ph.D. Gottin-
gen 1854, D.C.L. Jena 1873, Prof. Gk
later Log. and Phil. Rutgers *i904

Robert N. Merritt,* D.D. (Rev.)

aet. 70 *i89S

Clarkson Nott Potter,* LL.D.

Repr. Cong. 1868-75, 1877-81, Rector
St Peter's Ch. Morristown, N. J.

aet. 58 *i88a


William Spencer Child,* D.D.

(Rev.) A.B. Brown " 1837 and A.M.
1840, A.M. Trinity 1854 aet. 74 *i8g2

William Kirtland Douglas*

S.TJ). (Rev.) (EDUC) A.B. Yale
1851, A.M. Trinity 1854, Prof. Lang,
and Pres. Jefferson Coll. Miss. 1860-4

aet. 69 *i8g8

William Porcher Du Bose

S.T.D. (Rev.) A.M. Univ. Va 1859,
Adj. C. S. A., Prof, and Dean Univ.
Sewanee, Tenn.

John Nicholas Galleher,* D.D.

(Rt Rev.) D.D. Univ. South 1880,
Bishop P. E. Ch. La 1880-91

aet. 52 *i89i

James Lenox,* LL.D. , A.B. 1818
William Channing Russel*

LL.D., A.B. 1832

William Andrew Snively, D.D.

(Rev.) A.B. Dickinson 1852

Thomas Edward Vermilye*

LL.D. (Rev.) A.B. Yale 1822 and A.M.
1867. A.M.Union 1828 and S.T.D. 1838
S.T.D. Rutgers 1837, LL.D. Jefferson
1857 aet. 9 *i893


John Marshall Kellogg, A.M.

M.D. 1868

William Whittingham Olssen

D.D., A.B. 1846

Julius Hawley Seelye,* LL.D.

(EDUC) A.B. Amherst 1849, D.D.
Union 1862, Pres. Amherst 187790

aet. 70 *i8gs


Charles Coffin Adams,* D.D.

(Rev.) Rector St Mary's Ch. N. Y. C.

aet. 72 *i888




Joseph Lemuel Chester,* LL.D.

D.C.L. Oxford 1881 act. 61 *i8Sa

Thomas Ruggles Pynchon*

LL.D. (Rev.) A.B. Trinity 1841,
S.T.D. St Stephen's 1865. Pres. Trinity
1874-83 and Prof. Moral Phil. 1883-
igoa act. 82 *ipo4

Alonzo Groesbeck Shears*

A.M. (Rev.) A.M. Trinity 1856, A.M.
Yale 1856, M.D. N.Y.Coll. Med. 1860 *i888

James Craig Watson,* LL.D.

A.B. Univ. Mich. 1857 and A.M. 1859.
Ph.D. Leipsic 1870. Ph.D. Yale 1871,
Prof. Astr. Univ. Mich., Dir. Astr.
Observ. Univ. Wis *i88o


Fordyce Barker,* LL.D., A.B.

Bowdoin 1837. M.D. Univ. Paris 1844,
Prof. Midw. Bell. Hosp. Med. Coll

act. 73 *i8pi

James Radcliff Davenport*

S.T.D. (Rev.) A.B. Yale 1830 and A.M.
1833 act. 84 *i8p6

David Greene Raskins,* S.T.D.

(Rev.) Commissioner and Prof. Eccles.
Hist. Univ. South 1876-77

George Franklin Seymour*

LL.D., A.B. 1850. S.T.D. "

Edmund H. Smith, LL.B.

speciali gratia (L) A.B. Hobart 1869
and A.M. 1873
Albany, N. Y.


Leopold Damrosch,* Mus.D.


aet. 53 *i88s

Louis Palma Di Cesnola,* LL.D.

LL.D. Princeton 1880, Col. 4th N. Y.
Cav. 1861-5, Dir. Metr. Mus. N. Y. C.

1879-1904 *I904


Charles Waldstein, A.M.

L.H.D. 1887, Ph.D. Heidelberg 1875,
A.M.Cambridge 1882 and Litt. D. 1887,
Dir. King's Coll. 1889-95, Prof. Fine
Arts 1895-
King's Coll., Cambridge, Eng.

William David Walker, S.T.D.

A.B. 1859


James Hall Mason Knox,* LL.D.

A.B. 1841

Emory McClintock, LL.D.

A.B. 1859


John Hall,* LL.D., D.D.

Wash, and Jeff. 1865, LL.D. Wash, and
Lee 1885 and Princeton 1885 and
Trinity Dublin 1890, Chancellor N.
Y. Univ. 1881-91 *j8g8


Martin Brewer Anderson*

L.H.D. (EDUC) A.B. Waterville Coll.
1840, Pres. Univ. Rochester 1853-88

aet. 65 *i89o

Charles Andrews, LL.D. (L)

Assoc. Judge N. Y. Ct Appeals 1870-81
and Chief Judge 1881-97
Syracuse, N. Y.

James Burrill Angell, LL.D.

1849 and LL.D. 1868, LL.D. Rutgers
1896 and Princeton 1896 and Yale
1901 and Johns Hopkins 1902 and
Univ. Wis. 1004 and Univ. Vt. 1904,
Pres. Univ. Vt. 7866^71. Pres. Univ.
Mich. 1871- U. S. Miririo China 1880-2
and to Turkey 1897-8
Ann Arbor, Mich.

George Bancroft,* L.H.D.

(AU, STATESMAN) A.B. Harvard
1817 and A.M. 1820 and LL.D. 1843,
Ph.D. Gottingen 1820 and Ph.D. (Hon.)
Getting*! 1870, D.C.L. Oxford 1849,
J.U.D. Bonn 1868, LL.D. Union 1841,
Min. Gt Britain 1846-9 and Prussia
1867 and North German Confed. 1868
and German Empire 1871-4

aet. 91 *i89i

Henry Barnard,* L.H.D.

(EDUC) A.B. Yale 1830 and A.M.
1833 and LL.D. 1851, LL.D. Union
1851 and Harvard 1853, Pres. Univ.
Wis. 1857-9 and St John's Coll. Md
1865-7, U. S. Comm'r Educ. 1867-70

Phillips Brooks,* S.T.D.

Harvard 1855, Bishop P. E. Ch. Mass.
1891-3 aet. 58 *i893

Francis James Child,* L.H.D.

(EDUC) A.B. 'Harvard 1846 and
LL.D. 1884, Ph.D. Gottingen 1854,
Prof. Rhet. and Orat. Harvard 1851-
76 and Eng. Lit. 1876-95 aet. 71 "1895

i88 7 ]



Henry Augustus Coit,* S.T.D.

(EDUC) D.D. Trinity 1863 act. 64 *i8gs

Frederic Rene" Coudert,* LL.D.

A.B. 1850

George William Curtis,* L.H.D

(AU, ED) Pres. Elector 1868, Chan-
cellor Univ. N. Y. S. 1890-2, First
Pres. Nat. Civil Serv. Ref. League

aet. 68 *i8p2

John Call Dalton,* LL.D.

(PHYSIOL) A.B. Harvard 1844 and
M.D. 1847, LL.D. Princeton 1886,
Surg. 7th N. Y. Reg. 1861 (see p. 36)

aet. 61 *i88p

John Chandler Bancroft Davis

LL.D. (DIPLOMAT) A.B. Harvard

1840, Ass't Sec. State U. S. 1869-71,

1873, Min. German Empire 18757,

Judge U. S. Ct Claims 1878-81 and

1882-3, Reporter U. S. Supreme Ct


1621 H, Washington, D. C.

John William Dawson,* LL.D.

LL.D. Edinburgh 1884, Grad. Pictou
Coll. Canada and Edinburgh, Princ.
McGill 1855-99 aet. 79 *i899

Nathaniel Henry Rhodes Daw-
son,* L.H.D. (EDUC)

U. S. Comm'r Educ. aet. 65 *i895

John De Witt,* L.H.D. (Rev.)

(EDUC) A.B. Rutgers 1838, Grad.
New Bruns. Theol. Sem. 1842, Prof,
same 1863-92, LL.D. Lafayette 1882

aet. 85 *igo6

Robert Earl,* LL. D. (L)

A.B. Union 1843 and LL.D. 1874,
Chief Just. Ct of Appeals N. Y. 1870,
Comm'r^of Appeals 1870-3, 1873-5


Amelia Blandford Edwards*

Egyptian Exploration Fund aet. 61 *i8c-2

Robert Brinckerhoff Fairbairn*

ST.D. (EDUC) D.D. Trinity 1864,
D.D. St Stephen's 1874, LL.D. Dela-
ware 1876, Pres. St Stephen's 1863-
1898 *i899

Sanford Fleming, LL.D. (ENG)

Knt, K.C.M.G., LL.D. St Andrew's
Scotland 1884, Chancellor Queen's
Univ. Kingston Canada 1880-
Ottawa, Canada

Horace Howard Furness, L.H.D.

LAR) A.B. Harvard 1854 and A.M.
1858 and A.M. (Hon.) 1877 and LL.D.
1894, Ph.D. Halle 1878, LL.D. Univ.
Penn. 1879 and Yale 1901, Litt.D.
Cambridge 1899

2034 DeLancey PL, Philadelphia,

Merrill Edwards Gates, L.H.D.

(EDUC) LL.D. (Hon.) 1891, A.B.
Univ. Rochester 1870 and A.M. 1873,
Ph.D. Univ. N. Y. S. 1880 and LL.D.
1882, LL.D. Princeton 1882, LL.D.
Williams 1892, Pres. Rutgers 1882-90
and Amherst 18909
Washington, D. C.
Daniel Coit Gilman, LL.D.

(EDUC) A.B. Yale 1852 and A.M. 1855
and LL.D 1889, LL.D. Harvard 1876,
LL.D. St John's Md 1876, LL.D.
Univ. N. C. 1889, Pres. Univ. Cal.
1872-75, Pres. Johns Hopkins 1875-
1902, Pres. Carnegie Inst. 1901-4
614 Park Ave., Baltimore, Md
William Watson Goodwin

vard 1851 and LL.D. 1891, Ph.D.
Gottingen 1855, LL.D. Amherst 1881
and Cambridge 1883 and Edinburgh
1890 and Yale 1901 and Chicago 1901,
D.C.L. Oxford 1890, Eliot Prof. Gk
Harvard 1860
Cambridge, Mass.
Benjamin Ap thorp Gould*

LL.D. (ASTR) A.B. Harvard 1844 and
LL.D. 1885, Ph.D. Gottingen 1848,
Dir. Argentine Observ. Cordoba 1870-
85 aet. 72 *i8g6

Albert Zabriskie Gray,* S.T.D.

(Rev.) (EDUC) A.B. N. Y. Univ. ^60,
B.D. Gen. Theol. Sem. 1864, Chaplain
4th Mass. Cav. 1861-5, Warden Racine
Coll. 1882-9 aet. 59 *i88p

Isaac Hollister Hall,* L.H.D.

LL.B. 1865

James Albert Harrison, L.H.D.

1866, LL.D.Randolph-Macon 1883 and
Washington and Lee 1896 and Tulane
1904, Prof. Teut. Langs Randolph-
Macon Coll. Va. 1871-76, Prof. Eng.
and Mod. Langs Wash, and Leei876-
95, Prof. Teut. Langs Univ. Va. 1895
Univ. Virginia, Charlottesville , Va
Hermann Luclwig Ferdinand
von Helmholtz*, LL.D.

(PHYSICIST) Prof. Physics Univ.
Berlin aet. 73 *i894

Abram Stevens Hewitt,* LL.D.

A.B. 1842

Eugene Waldemar Hilgard

IST) Ph.D. Univ. Heidelberg 1853, LL.
D. Univ. Miss. 1882 and Univ. Mich.
1887, Prof. Agric. Chem. and Bot.
Univ. Cal. 1875-
Berkeley, Cal.
Eugene Augustus Hoffman*

S.T.D. (Rev.) (EDUC) A.B. Rutgers
1847 and D.D. 1864, A.B. Harvard
1848, Grad. Gen. Theol. Sem. 1851 and
D.D. 1881;. D.D. Racine Coll. 1882,
D.D. Oxlord 1896, D.C.L. King's Coll.
N.S. 1890, LL.D. Univ. South 1891 and
Trinity Toronto 1893, and Trinity 1895,
Dean Gen. Theol. Sem. 1879-1902

aet. 73 *i902



[188 7

Edward Singleton Holden

LL.D. (LIB) B.S. Wash. Univ. 1866
and A.M. 1870, Grad. U. S. Mil. Acad.
1870, LL.D. Univ. Wis. 1886, Sc.D.
Univ. Pac. 1896. Pres. Univ. Cal. and
Dir. Lick Observ. 1886-98, Librarian
U. S. Mil. Acad. 1892-
U. S. Mil. Acad., West Point, N. Y.

Frederic Dan Huntington*

S.T.D. (Rt Rev.) A.B. Amherst 1839
and LL.D. 1887, Grad. Harvard Div.
Sch. 1842, L.H.D. Syracuse 1894.
Bishop P. E. Ch. Cent. N. Y. 1869-
1904 act. 85 *i9<H

Emile Levasseur, LL.D.

Paris, France

John Richard Magrath, S.T.D.

(Rev.) (EDUC) D.D. Oxford 1878,
Provost Queen's Coll. Oxford
Queen's Coll., Oxford, Eng.

Daniel Manning,* LL.D.

Treas. 1885-7, Pres. Bk N. Y. 1887

act. 56 *i887

Francis Andrew March, L.H.D.

(EDUC) A.B. Amherst 1845 and A.M.
1848 and LL.D. 1871, LL.D. Princeton
1870 and Litt.D. 1896, D.C.L. Oxford
1896, Litt.D. Cambridge 1896, Prof.
Eng. Lang, and Philol. Lafayette 1856-
Easton, Pa

John Barbee Minor,* LL.D.

Prof. Common Law Univ. Va

Maria Mitchell,* LL.D. (ASTR)

LL.D. Hanover Coll. 1852, Dir. Observ.
and Prof. Astron. Vassar 1865-89

act. 71 +1889

Simon Newcomb, LL.D. (ASTR)

Grad. Lawrence Sci.Sch. Harvard 1858
and LL.D. 1884, LL.D. George Wash-
ington 1874 and Yale 1875, Ph.D.
Heidelberg 1886, Dir. U. S. Naut.
Almanac 1877-97
1620 P, Washington, D. C.

Mrs. G. H. Palmer.f* L.H.D.

(EDUC) A.B. Univ. Michigan 1876 and
Ph.D. 1882, Pres. Wellesley 1882-1902


Charles Anthony Rapallo*

LL.D., Judge N. Y. Ct Appeals 1870-84,
1884-7 act. 64 * 1887

William Crawford Ruger*

LL.D., Chief Judge N. Y. Ct Appeals
1882-92 *i892

Lewis Morris Rutherfurd*

LL.D. (ASTR) A.B. Williams 1834
and LL.D. 1889 (seep.ig) 301.75*1892

Julius Hawley Seelye,* LL.D.

LL.D. (Hon.) 1876

t Formerly known as Alice Elvira Freeman

William [James] Milligan Sloane

L.H.D.. A.B. 1868

George Williamson Smith, S.T.D.

(Rev.) (EDUC) A.B. Hobart 1857 and
D.D. 1880, LL.D. Trinity 1887, Chap-
lain U. S. N. 1864-71, Pres. Trinity
Washington, D. C.

Moritz Steinschneider L.H.D.

(REV.) (EDUC, AU) Instr. Veitel
Heine Instit. Berlin

W ' allnenheaterstr . 34, Berlin, Ger-

Richard Salter Storrs,* L.H.D.

(Rev.) A.B. Amherst 1839, Grad.
Andover Theol. Sem. 1845, D.D.
Union 1853, D.D. Harvard 1859, LL.D.
Princeton 1874, Pres. Am. Bd Com'rs
For. Miss. 1887 *i900

George Lansing Taylor,* L.H.D.

A.B. 1861

William Thomson (Lord Kelvin)

ELEC) Prof. Nat'l Hist.Univ. Glasgow

Netherhall, Largs, Ayrshire, Scot-

James Hammond Trumbull*

LM.D. (PHILOL) A.B. Yale 1842 and
A.M. 1850 and LL.D. 1871. LL.D.
Harvard 1887, Sec. State Conn. 1861-4,
authority Lang. Amer. Indians

aet. 76 *i897

Moses Coit Tyler,* L.H.D.

(EDUC) A.B.Yale 1857 and A.M. 1863,
LL.D. Wooster 1875, Prof. Amer. Hist.
Cornell 1881-1901 aet. 65 "1901

John Tyndall,* LL.D.

(PHYSICIST) Prof. Nat. Phil. Royal
Instit. London 1853-87 aet. 73 *i893

Morrison Remick Waite,* LL.D.

(L) A.B. Yale 1837 and A.M. 1840 and
LL.D. 1872, LL.D. Kenyon 1874, LL.D.
Univ. Ohio 1879, Chief Justice U. S.
1874-88 aet. 7 *i888

Charles Waldstein, L.H.D., A.M.

(Hon.) 1884

Francis Amasa Walker,* LL.D.

(STAT) A.B. Amherst 1860 and A.M.
1863 and Ph.D. 1875 and LL.D. 1881,
A.M. Yale 1873 and LL.D. 1881. LL.D.
Harvard 1883, LL.D. St Andrew's Scot.
1888, Col. U. S. V. 1862, Bvt Brig-Gen.
1865, Pres. Mass. Inst. Tech. 1881-
97, Supt 9th and loth Cens. aet. 56 *i897

Andrew Dickson White, L.H.D.

(EDUC, DIPLOMAT) A.B. Yale 1853
and A.M. 1856 and LL.D. 1888, LL.D.
Univ. Mich. 1867. LL.D. Cornell 1886.
Ph.D. Jena 1889, Pres. Cornell 1867-85,
U. S. Min. German Empire 1879-81
and 1897-1902 and Russia 1892-94,
Memb. Hague Peace Conf. 1899
Ithaca, N. Y.




William D wight Whitney*

L.H.D (PH1LOL) A.B. Williams 18*5
and A.M. 1845 and LL.D. 1868, A.M.
Yale 1867, LL.D. William and Mary
1869 and Harvard 1876 and Edinburgh
i88p, Ph.D. Breslau 1861, J.U.D. St
Andrew's 1874, Prof. Sanskrit and
Comp. Phil. Yale 1854-94 aet. 67 "1894

William Copley Winslow*

L.H.D. (ARCILEOL) A.B.Hamilton
1862 and Ph.D. 1887. Grad. Gen.
Theol. Sem. 1865, A.M. Hobart 1865,
S.T.D. Griswold Coll. la 1887, D.D.
Amherst 1887, LL.D. St Andrew's
Scot. 1888, D.C.L. King's 1888, S.C.D.
St John's 1889, Vice-Pres. Egypt. Ex-
ploration Fund

Charles Augustus Young, LL.D.

(ASTR) A.B. Dartmouth 1853 and
A.M. 1856, Ph.D. Univ. Penn. 1870,
LL.D. Wesleyan 1876 and Western
Reserve 1893, A.M. Princeton 1896,
Prof. Astr. Princeton 1877-
Princeton, N. J.

Carlo Leonardo Speranza, A.M.

(EDUC) (see p. 61)
Columbia Univ.



Victor Morawetz, A.M. (L, AU)

LL.B. Harvard 1879 (see p. 52)
35 Wall
Charles Eliot Norton, L.H.D.

(AU, EDUC) A.B. Harvard 1846 and
A.M. 1849 and LL.D. 1887, LL.D.
Oxford 1884, Prof. Hist. Art Harvard
Cambridge, Mass.


Stephen P. Nash,* LL.D.

and Trinity 1890 (see p. 20) aet. 77 *i898


W. H. Clifford Bartlett,* LL.D.

(L) Grad. U. S. Mil. Acad. 1829

aet. 89 *i893

Samuel Bowden,* S.T.D., A.B.

James Watson Gerard,* Jr.

LL.D., A.B. 1843

John Howard Van Amringe

L.H.D., A.B. 1860



Thomas Francis Gailor, S.T.D.

(Rt Rev.) A.M. Racine 1876, D.D.
Trinity 1892 and Univ. South 1893,
S.T.D. Gen. Theol. Sem. 1894. Vice-
Chanc. Univ. South 1890-1893. Bishop
P. E. Ch. Tenn. 1893-

Memphis, Tenn.
Merrill Edwards Gates, LL.D.

L.H.D. (Hon.) 1887

Ezra Palmer Gould,* S.T.D.

(Rev.) A.B. Harvard 1861, Ass't St
George's Ch. N. Y. C. 1898-1900

aet. 59 *I9OO

John Jay,* LL.D., A.B. 1836


Edgar Montgomery Cullen , LL.D.

A.B. 1860

Henry Lawrence Jones, S.T.D.

A.B. 1858

Fessenden Nott Otis,* LL.D.

M.D. N. Y. Med. Coll. 1852 (see p.54 )

aet. 75 *i9oo

Jacob Gould Schurman, LL.D.

(EDUC) A.B. Arcadia Coll. N. S. 1875.
A.M. Univ. London 1877. LL.D. Yale
1901, Sc.D. Edinburgh 1902, Pres.
Cornell 1892-

Ithaca, N. Y.
Edmund Clarence Stedman

Litt.D. (AU) A.B. Yale 1853 and A.M.
1871 and LL.D. 1894, A.M. Dartmouth
1873 (see p. 61)
2643 Broadway



Ira Remsen, LL.D., M.D. 1867


Landon Carter Gray,* AM.

(PHYS) Class 1869, M.D. elsewhere *IQOO

George William Hill, LL.D.

(ASTR, MATH) Ph.D. Rutgers 1872,
Sc.D. Cambridge 1892, LL.D. Prince-
ton 1896 (see p. 43)

West Nyack, N. Y.

John Hone, A.B., Class 1865
5 Gramercy Park

Emile Henry Lacombe, LL.D.

A.B. 1863

Nikola Tesla, LL.D. (ELEC)

Grad. Poly. Sch. Gratz, A.M. Yale 1894
University Club





Thomas Messinger Drown*

LL.D. (EDUC) M.D. Univ. Penn. 1862.
Pres. Lehigh 1895-1904^ .._u_.n. *i94



Samuel Putnam Avery,* AM.


Charles Curtis Harrison, LL.D.

(EDUC) A.B. Univ. Penn. 1862 and
A.M. 1865 and LL.D. 1896, LL.D.
Princeton 1896, Provost Univ. Penn.

Univ. Penn., Philadelphia, Pa


Henry Yates Satterlee, LL.D.

A.B. 1863


John Fritz, A.M. (ENG)

Chief Eng. and Gen. Supt Bethlehem
Iron Wks

Alphonse Fteley,* A.M. (ENG)

Chief Eng. N. Y. Aqueduct "1903

George Frederick Kunz, A.M.

(GEM EXPERT) Ph.D. Marburg 1903
395 Fifth Ave.

William Neilson McVickar

S.TJ).. A.B. 1865


George Wallace Melville, M.S.

Stevens Inst. 1898 and Georgetown
1899 and LL.D., Eng.-in-Chief and
Rear-Admiral U. S. N.
620 N. 18, Philadelphia, Pa

Theodore Roosevelt, LL.D.

(STATESMAN) A.B. Harvard 1880
and LL.D. 1902 and Yale 1901 and
Hope 1901 and Northwestern 1903 and
Univ. Penn. 1905 and Clark 1905.
Pres. Police Bd N. Y. C. 1895-7. Ass 9 t
Sec. Navy U. S. 1897-8, Col. ist U. S.
Cav. Vols 1898-9, Gov. N. Y. S. 1899-
1900, Vice-Pres. U. S. 1901. Pres. U.
S. 1901-

Oyster Bay, N. Y.
Carl Schurz,*ZX.>.

(AU. PUBLICIST) Grad. Gym. Co-
logne, LL.D. Univ. Mo 1874 and Har-
vard 1876, U.S. Min. Spain 1861, Brig.-
Gen. U.S.A. 1862 and Maj.-Gen. 1863.
Sec. Int. U. S. 1877-81, Ed. Eve. Post
1881-1884 act. 77 *i9o6

John Aikman Stewart, A.M.

(B) Class 1840, Chairman Bd Trustees
U. S. Trust Co.
45 Wall

Edward Livingston Trudeau*

M.S., M.D. 1871


Arthur Twining Hadley, LL.D.

1876, LL.D. Harvard 1809 and Johns
Hopkins 1902, Pres. Yale 1899-
Theodore Roosevelt Prof. 1907-8
New Haven, Conn.

Abraham Jacobi, LL.D.

and Univ. Mich. 1898, M.D. Univ.
Bonn 1851 (see p. 45)

19 E. 47
Morris Ketchum Jesup, A.M.

(B) A.M.Yale and Williams and Prince-
ton 1902, Pres. Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist.
1881-, Founder and Pres. (1872) Y.
M. C. A of New York
ip7 Madison Ave.

Alfred T. Mahan, LL.D.

(NAVAL OFF, AU) Class 1858. Grad.
U. S. Naval Acad. 1859. D.C.L. Oxford
1894, LL.D. Cambridge 1894 and
Harvard 1:1895 and Yale 1897 and
McGill 1900, Lt (U. S. N. 1861. Lt-
Comdr 1862, Comdr 1882, Capt. 1885,
Pres. Naval War Coll. 1886-93, Memb.
Hague Peace Conf. 1899
160 W. 86

Henry William Maxwell,* A.M.

(M) *i9oa

Julian Pauncefote,* LL.D.

P. C. G. C. B., G. C. M. G., K.B.,
Brit. Min. U. S. 1889-93 and Ambassa-
dor I893I9O2 *I9O2

Charles Alfred Post, A.M.

LL.B. 1865

Thomas Brackett Reed,* LL.D.

(STATESMAN) A.B. Bowdoin 1860,
A. A. Paymaster U. S. N. 1864-5.
Memb. Cong. 1877-98, Speaker 1895-
97 *i902

Minton Warren, LL.D.

(EDUC) A.B. Tufts 1870, Ph.D.
Strassburg 1879, LL.D. Tufts 1899
and Univ. Wis. 1902, Prof. Latin

Cambridge, Mass.


Theodore Low De Vinne, A.M.

(AU. PRINTER) A.M. Yale 1901
700 W. 76



62 1

Frank D. Gamewell, M.S.

(Rev.) (EDUC) A.B. Dickinson 1881
and A.M. 1884 and Ph.D. 1001. Exec.
Sec. Open Door Comm'n Miss. Soc.
Meth. Epis. Ch.
150 Fifth Ave.

Arnold Hague, Sc.D.

(GEOL, AU) Ph.B. Yale 1863
1724 /, Washington, D. C.

George Morewood Lefferts, M.S.

M.D. 1870

William Henry Maxwell, LL.D.

(EDUC) A.B. Queen's Univ. Ireland
1872 and A.M. 1874, Ph.D. (Hon.) St
Lawrence 1890, City Supt of Schools
of the City of N. Y. 1898-
500 Park Ave.

Rufus William Peckham, LL.D.

(L) LL.D. Yale 1896, Just. Supr. Ct

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