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[his] papers ; ed. and completed by Donald McLennan. 8vo.
Lond., 1885.

STARCKE, C. N. The primitive family in its origin and develop-
ment. 8vo. Lond., 1889.
(Internal, scientific ser.)

321.2. Village eonmunities.

MAINE, Sir HENRY JAMES SUMNER. Village-communities in the
East and West. 7th ed., 8vo. Lond., 1895.

321.4. Democracy : Referendum.

ABBOTT, Rev. LYMAN. Spirit of democracy. 8vo. Lond.,


ARGUS newspaper. Enquiry into the principles of representation;
a reprint of several letters and leading articles : introd. by
Edward Wilson, pp. 43, 8vo. Melb., 1857.

Pam., v. 37, no. 638.
Same: another copy.

Pam.. v. 93, no. 1682.

BROWN, WILLIAM JETHRO. The referendum, pp. 24, 8vo. Laun-
ceston, 1897.

Pam., v. 77, no. 1369.


BUTLER. NICHOLAS MURRAY. True and false democracy. 8vo.
N.Y., 1907.

Contents. True and false democracy. Education of public opinion.
Democracy and education.
CREE, NATHAN. Direct legislation by the people. 8vo. Chic.,


DEPLOIGE, SIMON. The referendum in Switzerland ; with letter
on the referendum in Belgium, by J. Van Den Heuvel ; tr. by
C. P. Trevelyan; ed. by Lilian Tomn. 8vo. Load., 1898.

(Studies in. economics and poHtical science.)

HOBSON, JOHN ATKINSON. The crisis of liberalism; new issues
of democracy. 8vo. Lond., 1909.

Contents. i. Democracy. 2. Liberalism and socialism. 3. Applied

HUGHES, CHARLES EVANS. Conditions of progress in democratic
government. 8vo. New Haven, 1910.

(Yale lectures on the responsibility of citizenship.)

LOBINGIER, CHARLES SUMNER. The people's law; or. popular
participation in law-making from ancient folk-moot to modern
referendum : a study in the evolution of democracy and direct
legislation; introd. by George E. Howard. 8vo., N.Y.,

MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP. Democracy the climax of political
progress and the destiny of advanced nations : an historical
essay, pp. 18, 8vo. Melb., 1869.

Pam., v. 37, no. 636.
OBERHOLTZER, ELLIS PAXSON. The referendum in America.

8vo. N.Y., 1900.
PLAIN politics for plain people, pp. 7, 8vo. n.p., n.d.

Pam.. v. 120, no. 2220.

STEPHEN, REGINALD, dean of Melbourne. Democracy and
character. 8vo. Melb., 1908.
(Moorhouse lectures.)

WISE, BERNARD RINGROSE. Australasian federal convention ; speech
on the referendum, pp. 16, 8vo. Syd., 1898.
Pam., v. ^ no. 122.

321.7. Constitutional monarchy.

ALLEN, JOHN. Inquiry into the rise and growth of the royal pre-
rogative in England : new ed., with . . . biographical
notes : [appended] Inquiry into the life and character of
King EadAvig. 8vo. Lond., 1849.

KEITH, ARTHUR BERRIEDALE. Responsible government in the
dominions. 8vo. Lond., 1909.

321.8. Republic: Federal government.

BAKER, Sir RICHARD CHAFFEY. The executive in a federation.

pp. 19, 8vo. Adel., 1897

Pam., v. 88, no. 1587.

in Europe; a history. 2 v. 8vo. Lond., 1877.
FISHER, HERBERT ALBERT LAURENS. The republican tradition

in Europe. 8vo. Lond., 1911.
GARDNER, ROBERT. In the heart of democracy. 8vo. Lond.,



GIDDIXGS. FRANKLIN HENRY. Democracy and empire; with
studies of their psychological, economic and moral founda-
tions. 8vo. N.Y., 1901.

LTXTON*. WILLIAM JAMES. The English republic: ed.. with intrtxL
and notes, hy Kineton Parkes. 8vo. Lond., 1891.

(Social science ser.)

MAIXR. Sir HENRY JAMES SUMNER. Popular gOYernment ; four
essays. SYO. Loud., 1890.

Contents. i. Prospects of popular government. 2. Nature of
democracy. 3. The age of progress. 4. Constitution of the United

MILL. JOHN STUART. Considerations on representative government.
2nd ed.. SYO. Lond.. 1861

Presentation copy from the author to Sir Henry Parki-.
Same: another cd. SYO. Lond., 1875.
PIERCE. FRANKLIN. Federal usurpation. 8vo. X.V.. 1908.

KUSDEX, GEORGE WILLIAM. The old road to responsible govern-
ment ; or. the development of the representative principle in
government historically considered. pp. ^4. 8vo. Mdb.,

Pam.. v. 6, no. 130.

322. Church and State.

BROUGHTOX. WILLIAM GRANT, bishop of Sydney. Letter to the
Right Rev. Xicholas Wiseman, with the bishop's protest,
25th March, 18:43. ar >d the resolutions of a special meeting.
pp. 40, 8vo. Lond.. 1852.

Pam., v. ii, no. 237.

DAXIELLS, A. G. Echoes of liberty ; religion and the state
pp. 1 6, 8vo. Melb., n.d.

Pam., v. 6, no. 132.

EQUAL legal status of all the churches in the Australian colonies ;
the result of the meeting of the Presbyterian inhabitants of
Van Diemen's Land, held in St. Andrew's church, Hcbart
Town, on i2th August, 1846. pp. xiv, 51. 8vo. Hobart
Town, 1851.

Pam., v. 91, no. 1631.

EWIX T G. Rev. THOMAS CAMPBELL. Letter to the R-v. William
Law on the subject of his address on the Xew Testament doc-
trine of Church support, pp. 33, 8vo. Syd. [1855].

Pam., v. 75, no. 1300.
Same: another copy.

Pam., v. 92. no. 1670.

The voluntary system exposed ; a civil establishment of religion
justified, pp. 26, 8vo. Syd., n.d.

Pam., v. 74, no. 1293.
Same: another copy.

Pam.. v. QI, no. 16^0.

LAX T G, Rcr. JOHN DUNMORE. Three lectures on the impolicy and"
injustice of religious establishments, or the granting of money
for the support of religion from the public treasury in the
Australian colonies, pp. 76, 8vo. Syd., 1856.
Pam., v. 62, no. 1004.


LILLIE, Rev. JOHN. Letter in reply to the observations made on
the preliminary remarks to his introductory sermon, in a letter
published by the Rev. William Hutchins. pp. 38, xxiii.,
8vo. Hobart Town, 1837.

Pam., v. 22, no. 400.
Same: another copy.

Pam., v. 91, no. 1629.

MARKS, W. Review of Dr. Fullerton's tract on the national
duty of Christian states, pp. 32, 8vo. Syd., 1856.
Pam., v. 61, no. 987.

PLUNKETT, JOHN HUBERT. Report of two speeches on the bill
" To abolish state aid to religion," in the Legislative council
of New South Wales, 1862. pp. 32, 8vo. Syd., 1862.

Pam., v. 154, no. 2971.

SHOULD state aid be abolished? pp. 45, 8vo. Syd., 1860.
Pam., v. 180, no. 3476.

323. Internal or domestic relations.

BUTCHERS, Rev. B. Modern notions of liberty; a complete re-
port of the recent controversy between the Rev. P. Birming-
ham, D.D., and the Rev. B. Butchers, pp. 68, 8vo. Melb.,

Pam., v. 94, no. 1704.
Same : another copy.

Pam., v. 141, no. 2708.

DUNIWAY, CLYDE AUGUSTUS. Development of freedom of the

press in Massachusetts. 8vo. N.Y., 1906.

(Harvard historical studies, v. 12.)
KING, Rev. JOSEPH. Duty of the Commonwealth in relation to

coloured races, pp. 8, 8vo. Melb., n.d.

Pam., v. 142, no. 2717.

MACKINNON, JAMES. History of modern liberty. 3 v., 8vo.
Lond., 1906-08.

Contents. v. i. Introduction (Origins The Middle ages). 1906.

v. 2. The age of the Reformation. 1906. v. 3. The struggle with
the Stuarts, 1603-1647. 1908.

MILL, JOHN STUART. On liberty, pp. 68, 8vo. Lond., 1890.

SIMPSON, BERTRAM LENOX, " B. L. Putnam Weale." The con-
flict of colour ; being a detailed examination of racial prob-
lems throughout the world, with special reference to the Eng-
lish-speaking peoples. 8vo. Lond., 1910.

324. Suffrage.

VILLEY, EDMOND. Legislation electorale comparee des principaux
pays d'Europe. 8vo. Paris, igoo.

324.1. Qualifications.

.STEPHEN. Sir ALFRED- Electoral bill; speech in the Legislative
council of New South Wales on the second reading, pp. 38,
8vo. Syd... 1858.

Pam., v. 5, no. 114.
Same: another copy.

Pam., v. 44, no. 735.


324.2. Methods of Voting.

PATRICK CHANDOS. Proportional representation applied to
party government; a new electoral system. 8vo.. Melb.,

BROWX, WILLIAM JETHRO. The Hare system in Tasmania ; being
a paper read before the Royal society of Tasmania, pp. 13,
8vo. Hobart, 1897.
Pam., v. 77, no. 1370.

COMMONS, JOHN ROGERS. Proportional representation. 8vo.
N.Y., 1906.

(Library of economics and politics.)
Same: 2nd ed., with chapters on the initiative, the referendum,

and primary elections. 8vo. X.Y., 1907.

JOHXSTOX, ROBERT MACKENZIE. Observations on the working
results of the Hare system of election in Tasmania : [dia-
grams], pp. 32, 8vo. Hobart, 1897.

Pam., v. 77, no. 1371.
Same: another copy.

Pam., v. 93, no. 1683.

Further observations of the Hare system, pp. n, 8vo. Hobart,

Pam., v. 77, no. 1372.

NAXSOX, EDWARD JOHN. Electoral reform ; an exposition of the
theory and practice of proportional representation, pp. 16,
8vo. ' Melb., 1899.

Pam., v. 48, no. 801.

The real value of a vote and how to get it at the coming Federal
elections, pp. 32, 8vo. Melb., 1900.

Pam., v. 4, no. 87.

PHILLIPS, PHILIP D. On a law for compulsory voting, pp. 8,
8vo. Melb., 1905.

Pam., v. 58, no. 962.
Same: another copy.

Pam., v. 77, no. 1373.

SPEXCE, CATHERINE HELEN. A plea for pure democracy : Mr:
Hare's Reform bill applied to South Australia, pp. 24, 8vo.
Adel., 1861.

Pam., v. 6, no. 141.

324.3. Woman suffrage.

BEVILL, FREDERICK E. " A citizen." The female suffrage move-
ment; its claims, objects, and consequences. pp. 16, 8vo.
Syd., 1896.

Pam., v. 41, no. 692.
Same: another copy.

Pam., v. 142, no. 2712.

SMITH, W. SIDNEY. Outlines of the women's franchise movement
in Xew Zealand. 8vo. Christchurch, 1905.

324.42. Suffrage; England.

BAGEHOT, WALTER. Essays on parliamentary reform. 8vo.
Lond., 1883.

Contents. -Parliamentary reform (1859). History of the unre-
formed parliament and its lessons (1860). Reform act of 1867; and-
the function of the House of peers (1872).


FRASKR, HUGH. Law of parliamentary elections and election
petitions, with suggestions on the conduct and trial of an
election petition, [&c.]. 2nd ed., 8vo. Lond., 1910.

KING, JOSEPH. Electoral reform; an inquiry into our system of
Parliamentary representation. 8vo. Lond., 1908.

ROGERS, FRANCIS X. Rogers on elections; v. i, i6th ed., by M.
Powell [v. 2-3. iyth ed., by S. H. Day]. 3\-.,8vo. Lond.,
Same: i7th ed. 8vo. Lond., 1909.

Contents. v. i. Registration. By Maurice Powell.

WARD, DANIEL. Practice at parliamentary elections, and the law
relating thereto, with appx. of statutes. 3rd ed., by S. G.
Lushington and F. J. Coltman. 8vo. Lond., 1906.

324.94. Suffrage; Australia.

I.KWIS, Sir NEIL ELLIOTT. Law relating to parliamentary elec-
tions in Tasmania; map. i2mo. Hobart, 1886.
Same: 2nd ed., i2mo. Hobart, 1886.

WRIXOX. ARTHUR XICHOLAS. Electoral law of Xew South Wales
and Victoria. i2mo. Syd.. 1851.

325. Colonies and immigration.

ARISTOBULUS, pseud. The universal destruction of aboriginal
races by colonizing nations, and eventually of the New
Zealanders : the cause of this evil and its sure preventive.
pp. 31, 8vo. Lond., 1847.
Para., v. 119, no. 2204.

COLOXIAL office journal: v. i. June. 1907. to date. 8vo. Lond.

COLOXISATIOX^Mr. Wakefield's theory, pp. 20, 8vo. Edinb.,

From Biackwood's magazine. May, 1840.
Pam., v. 119, no. 2211.

325.1. Immigration.

ALIEN immigration; should restrictions be imposed? Pro., by
Frederick Bradshaw, contra, by Charles Emanuel. 8vo.
Lond., 1904.

(Pro and con series.)

BLADEX, FRANK MURCOTT. Peopling Australia; being notes on
immigration, pp. 19, i2mo. Syd., 1904.

Pam., v. 59, no. 969.

CHEOXG, Rev. CHECK HONG. Chinese remonstrance to the Par-
liament and people of Victoria ; together with correspondence
with government of same and address to Sydney conference.
pp. 43, 8vo. Melb., 1888.

Pam., v. 77, no. 1350.
Same: another copy.

Pam., v. 93, no. 1690.

CHINESE in Australia, pp. 24, 8vo. Lond., 1889.

From The Quarterly review, 1889.
Pam., v. 119, no. 2208.
COMMOXS. JOHN ROGERS. Races and immigrants in America :

[illust.]. 8vo. N.Y., 1907.
F.8720. D


EMIGRATION to Tasmania ; being the personal experiences of a
recent settler : with appx. containing hints to emigrants and
statistical information: map. pp. 44, 8vo. Lond.. n.d

Pam., v. 77, no. 1347.

EXPENDITURE of the land-fund of New South Wales in the
colony as a means of promoting and supporting immigration.
pp. 24, 8vo. Syd., 1842.

Pam., v. 120, no. 2244.
Same: another copy.

Pam., v. 142, no. 2722.

GIPPS. Sir GEORGE. Speech in council, gth September, 1842, on
the resolutions proposed by the Colonial secretary, in appro-
val of the report of the committee on immigration. pp. 31,
8vo. Syd., 1842.

Pam., v. 180, no. 3477.

HULL, HUGH MUNRO. Practical hints to emigrants intending to
proceed to Tasmania : with a paper on local industries, by E.
C. Nowell. pp. 48, sm. 8vo. Hobart Town, 1871.

Pam., v. 77, no. 1346.

IMMIGRATION league of Australia. Third annual report, for the
year ending ^oth September, 1908.

Pam., v. 142, no. 2719.

Louis, eds. The Chinese question in Australia, 1878-79.
pp. 31, 8vo. Melb., 1879.

Pam., v. 37, no. 635.
LAND A, M. J. The alien problem and its remedy. 8vo. Lond.,

191 1.

LANG, Rev. JOHN DUNMORE. The fatal mistake ! or, how New
South Wales has lost caste in the world, through misgovern-
ment in the matter of immigration. pp. 33, 8vo. Syd.,


Pam., v. 19, no. 358.

PARKES, Sir HENRY. The Chinese in Australia : speech on moving
the second reading of the Chinese restriction and regulation
bill, i6th May, 1888. pp 17, 8vo. Syd., 1888.

Pam., v. 44, no. 747.

PATRIOTIC sentiments on the Chinese and Polynesian question :
by a future legislator and probable premier, pp. 24. 8vo.
Syd., n.d.

Pam., v. 53, no. 883.

POTTS, JOHN. One year of anti-Chinese work in Queensland with
incidents of travel, pp. 32, 8vo. Brisb., 1888.

Pam., v. 93, no. 1691.

REAY, WILLIAM THOMAS. A white Australia ; the Kanaka labour
question, pp. 85, 8vo. Melb., 1901.

Pam., v. 119, no. 2205.

ST. ANDREW'S immigration society. Rules. pp. 19, sm. 8vo.
Launceston, 1855.

Pam., v. 77, no. 1345.

SCHULTZ, ALFRED P. Race or mongrel. 8vo. Boston, 1908.
SQUATTER'S plum ; or, immigration exposed, pp. 45, 8vo. Syd.,

Pam., v. 93, no. 1689.

STEINER, Rev. EDWARD A. On the trail of the immigrant : illust.
8vo. N.Y., 1906.


325.2. Emigration and Emigrants' Handbooks.

AUSTRALIAN agricultural company. Emigration to Australia :
[plan], pp. 16, 8vo. [Lond.], n.d.

BIRKETT, MILES. The emigration snare; practical letters showing
the true facts in relation to emigration and its bitter disap-
pointments, pp. 86, 8vo. Lond., 1908.

CHAMBERS, W. and R., publishers. Emigrants' manual; Aus-
tralia, New Zealand, America, and South Africa ; preliminary
dissertation by John Hill Burton. 8vo. Edinb., 1851.

CHISHOLM, Mrs. CAROLINE. Advice to emigrants, pp. 27, i2ino.
Liverpool, 1853.

COLONISTS' handbooks: maps. i2mo. Lond., 1882-86.

Contents. i. Canada. 2. Queensland. 3. New South Wales. 4.
South Australia. 5. Cape of Good Hope and Natal. 6. New Zea-
land. [7]. Handy guide to emigration to the British colonies.

EWING, ALEXANDER, bishop of Argyle and the Isles. " Che til ma
tuille " ; a sermon on emigration from the Highlands and
islands of Scotland to Australia. pp. 23, 8, 8vo. Lond.,

Pam., v. 93, no. 1687.
GREAT BRITAIN : Colonial land and emigration commissioners.

Colonization circular. 8vo. Lond.. 1877.
Emigrants' information office. Handbooks, consisting of the fol-
lowing 10 handbooks : Canada, New South Wales, Victoria,
South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania.
New Zealand, Cape Colony. Natal : maps. 8vo. Lond.,

Handbooks on British colonies : compiled by Walter B. Paton :
[maps]. 8vo. Lond., 1907.

Contents. Canada : New South Wales : Victoria : South Aus-
tralia : Queensland : Western Australia : Tasmania : New Zealand :
Cape Colony : Natal : Transvaal : Orange river colony : professional
handbook : emigration statutes and general handbook.

Same: another ed. 8vo. Lond., 1909.

colonies: emigration and colonisation, pp. 89, 8vo. Lond..

Pam., v. 119, no. 2210.

HETHERTNGTON'S useful handbook for intending emigrants;
life at sea and the immigrants' prospects in Australia and
New Zealand. 8vo. Lond., n.d.

HODGSON. ARTHUR. Emigration to the Australian settlements;
being the substance of lectures delivered in 1849. PP- 43-
2nd ed., sm. 8vo. Lond., 1849.

Pam., v. 87, no. 1559.

IMMIGRATION league of Victoria, Victorian land settlement divi-
sion of. The peril of Melbourne, pp. 40, sm. 8vo. Melb.,

Pam., v. 94, no. 1707.

JACKSON, J. A. National emigration : considered chiefly with
reference to the Australian colonies, pp. 20, 8vo. Lond.,

Pam., v. 8, no. 174.

JENKINS, EDWARD. State emigration : an essay. pp. 19, and
ed., 8vo. Lond., 1869.
Pam., v. 77, no. 1351.

D 2


LANG, Rev. JOHN DUNMORE. Emigration ; considered chit-fly in
reference to the practicability and expediency of im|>orting
and settling throughout the territory of Xew South Wales a
numerous . . . population, pp. 18, 8vo. Syd., 1833.

I'.iiu.. v. nt), no .2214.
Immigration ; the grand desideratum for New South Wales ; and

how to promote it effectually, pp. 46, 8vo. Syd., 1870.
MACKENZIE, Rer. DAVID. Emigrant's guide to Australia; with

a memoir of Mrs. Chisholm. T2mo. I.ond., n.d.
MARTIN, ROBERT MONTGOMERY. The British colonies; their his-
tory, extent, condition, and resources : [maps and illust.].
6 v. in 3; la. 8vo. Lond., 1850.
MATTHEW, PATRICK. Emigration fields; North America, the

Cape, Australia, and New Zealand. 8vo. Edinb.. 1839.
MORRISON, JOSEPH ROBERT. What should the government do
for Australia? 2nd ed., pp. 44, 8vo. Lond., 1851.

Pam., v. 93, no. 1685.

NEW SOUTH WALES -.Legislative Council. Debate and other
documents on the subject of immigration to the colony, Octo-
ber, 1840. pp. 51, 8vo. Syd., 1840.
Same: another copy.

Pam., v. IIQ, no. 2213.

OBSERVATIONS on the advantages of emigration to New South
Wales ; comprising valuable extracts from the minutes of evi-
dence taken before a committee of the council at Sydney, also
the report of the Chief Justice to his excellency Sir R.
Bourke in 1835. 2nd ed., pp. 84, sm. 8vo. Lond., 1836.

Pam., v. 93, no. 1676.

OPINION of the ministers of religion in Van Diemen's Land on
emigration to that colony. Sheet. Hobart, n.d.
Pam v , v. 62. no. ioog.

PARKES, Sir HENRY. Freehold homes in a gold country : two pub-
lic addresses, pp. 15, 8vo. Birmingham, [1861].

Pam., v. 139, no. 2670.

RETIRED officer, pseud. Australia a mistake, New Brunswick
for the emigrant. -pp. 30, 8vo. Lond.. 1855.

Pam., v. 93, no. 1688.

SIDNEY, SAMUEL. Female emigration as it is as it may be.
pp. 43, i2mo. Lond., 1850.

Pam.. v. IIQ. no. 2212.

SIDNEY, SAMUEL, and SIDNEY. JOHN, eds Emigrant's journal ;
information, advice, and amusement for emigrants and colo-
nizers: v. i, nos. 1-41, October, 1848 to July, 1849. fo.
Lond., 1848-9.

STEPHENS, JOHN. A voice from Australia ! ! being an "address

to the starving or suffering millions of Great Britain and

Ireland," and including a general and earnest invitation to

emigrate to that colony, pp. 22, sm. 8vo. Blackburn, 1848.

Pam., v. 142, no. 2718.

TASMANIA : Legislative council. Report of the committee of the
whole council upon immigration, with minutes of evidence,
&c. pp. 82, fscp. fo. Hobart Town, 1841.


WAGHORN, THOMAS. Emigration to Australia on the broadest
possible principles, for the future amelioration and prosperity
of Great Britain, -pp. 16, 8vo. Lond., 1848.
Pam., v. 93, no. 1686.

WHELPLEY, JAMES DAVENPORT. The problem of the immi-
grant ; a brief discussion with a summary of -conditions,
laws, and regulations governing the movement of population
to and from [various countries]. 8vo. Lond., 1905.

326.3. Colonization.

BANNISTER, SA-XE. British colonization and coloured Bribes.

8vo. Lond., 1838.

Humane policy ; or, justice to the aborigines of new settle-
ments. 8vo. Lond., 1830.

BEECHAM, JOHN. Colonization; being remarks on colonization
in general, with an examination of the proposals of the asso-
ciation which has been formed for colonizing New Zealand.
pp. 67, 8vo. Lond., 1838

Pam., v. 34, no. 560,

BIGELOW, POULTNEY. Children of the nations; a story of coloni-
zation and its problems. 8vo. N.Y., 1901.

BRUCE, Sir CHARLES. The broad stone of empire; problems of
Crown colony administration, with records of personal experi-
ence : [portr.] and maps. 2 v., 8vo. Lond-> 19*0-

CALDECOTT, ALFRED. English colonization and empire: [maps]-
8vo. Lond,, 1891.

COLQUHOUN, ARCHIBALD Ross. The mastery of the Pacific:
[3] maps and 122 il'lust. 8vo. Lond., 1902.

Contents. Introduction. The United States in the Pacific. Great
Britain in the Pacific. The Dutch in the Pacific. ^Japan in the
Pacific. Other powers in the Pacific.

CROMER, EVELYN BARING, ist eerl of. Ancient and modern im-
perialism. 8vo. Lond., 1910.

HERTZ, GERALD BERKELEY. The old colonial system- 8vo. Man-
chester, 1905.

HO WITT, WILLIAM. Colonization and Christianity; a popular
history of the treatment of the natives by the Europeans in
all their colonies. 8vo. Lond., 1838.

IRELAND, WALTER ALULYNE. The far eastern tropics; .studies in
the administration of tropical dependencies : Hong Kong,
British North Borneo, Sarawak, ^urmah, .the Federated
Malay States, the Straits Settlements, French Indo-China,
Java, the Philippine islands. 8vo. Westminster, 1905.

JKNKYNS, Sir HENRY. British rule and jurisdiction beyond the
seas: pref. by Sir Courfcenay JJbert : [porjtr.] 8vo. Oxf.,

J EHVOIS, Sir WILLIAM J*ANCIS DRUMMOND, lie vt..- general.
Colonisation; a lecture, pp. 75, 8vo. Adel.., i>832.
Pam., v. 180, no. 3478.

JOYCE, E. D. How half a million of the surplus revenue should
be invested for the benefit of England and her polonies.
pp. 40, 8vo. Lond., 1851.
Pam., v. 66, no. 1116.


LEWIS, Sir GEORGE COKNEWALL, 2nd bart. Essay on the govern-
ment of lr|H-nlencies : ed.. with introd., by C. P. Lucas.
8vo. Oxf., 1891.

(First published in 1841.)

NAPIER, Sir CHARLES JAMES, general. Colonization; particularly
in southern Australia ; with some remarks on small farms
and over population. 8vo. Lond.. 1835.

REINSCH. PAUL SAMUEL. Colonial government: an introduction
to the study of colonial institutions. 8vo. N.Y., 1902.

Contents. Motives and methods of colonization. Forms of colonial
"overnniept. Institutions of colonial government.

TORRENS, ROBERT, colonel. Colonization of South Australia:
[map]. 8vo. Lond., 1835.

WAKEFIELD, EDWARD GIBBON. View of the art of colonization;
with present reference to the British empire ; in letters between
a statesman and a colonist. 8vo. Lond., 1849.

325.42. Great Britain ; Colonies and Dependencies.

BEER, GEORGE Louis. British colonial policy, 1754-1765. 8vo.

N.Y., I9 o 7 .
The origins of the British colonial system, 1578-1660. 8vo.

N.Y., 1908.
BELL, SYDNEY SMITH. Colonial administration of Great Britain.

8vo. Lond., 1859.
BIGGE, JOHN THOMAS, [Commissioner from the Colonial office to

enquire into the state of New South Wales]. Instructions

and reports, fscp. fo. Lond.. 1823.

Contents. Instructions given by Karl Bathurst to Mr. Bigge, 1819.
1823. Report of the Commissioner of inquiry into the state of the
colony of New South Wales, 1822, with appx. of estimates, directions
and regulations. 1822. Report of the Commissioner of inquiry on
the judicial establishments of New South Wales and Van Diemen's
Land, [1822]. 1823. Report of the Commissioner of inquiry on the
state of agriculture and trade in the colony of New South Wales,
1823. 1823

BOURNE, HENRY RICHARD Fox. Story of our colonies : with
sketches of their present condition. 8vo. Lond., 1869.

BOW-EN, Sir GEORGE FERGUSON. Thirty years of colonial govern-
ment : a selection from his despatches and letters ; governor
successively of Queensland, New Zealand, Victoria, Mauritius
and Hong Kong; ed. by S. Lane-Poole : portr. 2 v.,
8vo. Lond., 1889.

CLARK, CHARLES. Summary of colonial law, the practice of the
Court of appeals from the plantations, and of the laws and
their administration in all the colonies, with charters of
justice, orders in council, &c. 8vo. Lond., 1834.

COLONIAL and Indian exhibition, 1886. Her Majesty's
colonies ; a series of original papers issued under the authority
of the Royal commission. 8vo. Lond., 1886.

COLONIAL office list: 1904 to date. 8vo. Lond.

COLONIES, The, and the Cannon street meetings, pp. 36, i2mo.
Lond., 1870.

Pam., v. 119, no. 2217.


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