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Pam., v. 5, no. 124.

Industrial arbitration bill: "An answer to critics"; speech in
reply on the second reading of the bill, delivered in the
Legislative assembly, 23rd August, 1900. pp. 16, 8vo.
Syd., 1900.

Pam., v. 44, no. 752.

Industrial arbitration bill : speech when moving the second
reading of the bill, delivered in the Legislative council, 3ist
October, 1900. pp. 32, 8vo. Syd., 1900.

Pam., v. 44, no. 751.

Speech when moving the second reading of the Industrial
arbitration bill, 4th July, 1900. pp. 20, 8vo. Syd., 1900.

Pam., v. 44, no. 750.

331.2. Wages : Social Insurance.

AUSTRALIA: Census and statistics bureau. Social insurance;

report by G. H. Knibbs. 8vo. Melb., 1910.
BLACK, CLEMENTINA. Sweated industry and the minimum wage:

introd. by A. G. Gardiner. 8vo. Lond., 1907.
RYAN, Rev. JOHN A. A living wage; its ethical and economic

aspects: introd. by R. T. Ely. 8vo. N.Y., 1906.
WALKER, FRANCIS AM ASA. The wages question; a treatise on

wages and the wages class. 8vo. Lond., 1891.
WILLOUGHBY, WILLIAM FRANKLIN. Workingmen's insurance.

8vo. N.Y., 1898.

(Library of economics and politics.)


331.3. Labour of Children.

GEORGE, WILLIAM REUBEN. The Junior republic; its history and

ideals: introd. by Thomas M. Osborne: illust. 8vo. N.V .

MACKIKDY, OLIVE CHRISTIAN, nee Malvery, Mrs. A. Baby

toilers. 8vo. Lond., 1907.
SHKRAKD. ROBERT HARBOROUGH. Child-slaves of Britain. 8vo.

Lond., 1905.
SPARGO, JOHN. Bitter cry of the children: introd. by Robert

Hunter: [illust.]. 8v6. N.Y.. 1906.
UNITED STATES -.Commerce and labor department. Laws

relating to the employment of women and children in the

United States. July. 1907. 8vo. Wash., 1907.

331.4. Labour of Women.

ABBOTT, EDITH. Women in industry; a study in American
economic history : intrody. note by Sophonisba P. Breckin-
ridge. 8vo. N.Y., 1910.

AUSTRALASIAN exhibition of women's work, 1907. Catalogue:
[illust.]. pp. 21, 8vo. [Lond., 1907.]
Pam., v. 181, no. 3485.

Women's work and wages; a phase of life in an industrial
city [Birmingham] : [illust.]. 8vo. Lond.. 1906.

331.5. Convict Labour.

WELCH, ROBERT P. Observations on convict and free labour for
New South Wales, pp. 29, 8vo. Lond., 1847.
Pam., v. 181, no. 3486.

331.6. Cheap Foreign Labour.

CHINESE labour: by the "South African news" special corre-
spondent, pp. "15, 8vo. Cape Town, n.d.

Pam., v. 119, no. 2209.

FARRAR, Sir GEORGE. The South African labour problem:
speech in Legislative council of Transvaal, pp. 48, 8vo.
Johannesburg, 1903.

Pam., v. 120, no. 2237.

MAXWELL, WALTER. The sugar question: an argument made
before the members of the Commonwealth Senate, pp. 12,
8vo. Melb. [1902].
Pam., v. 108, no. 2006.

331.8 Labouring Classes.

ASHLEY, W. J. Progress of the German working classes in the

last quarter of a century. 8vo. Lond.. 1904.

working-class movement in America. 2nd ed. 8vo. Lond.,

BELL, FLORENCE, lady; Mrs. Hugh Bell. At the works; a

study of a manufacturing town : [illust.]. 8vo. Lond.,



BEST, R. H., DAVIS, W. J., and PERKS, C. Brassworkers of
Berlin and of Birmingham : a comparison, ^rd ed. pp. 82,
8vo. Lond., 1905.

BRADLAUGH, CHARLES. Labor and law : with a memoir, and
2 portrs. 8vo. Lond., 1891.

BROOKS, JOHN GRAHAM. The social unrest; studies in labour
and social movements. 8vo. N.Y., 1904.

DAWSON, WILLIAM HARBUTT. The German workman ; a study

in national efficiency. 8vo. Lond., 1906.

Social Switzerland; studies of present-day social movements
and legislation in the Swiss republic. 8vo. Lond., 1897.

Contents. Organisation and protection of labour. Industrial peace.
Problem of the unemployed. Poor-law agencies. Technical educa-
tion. Control of the drink traffic.

FINDLEY, EDWARD, senator, cd. The sunrise; the souvenir of
the labour fair: [illust.]. pp. 44, xvi., 8vo. Melb. [1907].
Pam., v. 160, no. 3074.

GEORGE, W'. L. Engines of social progress. 8vo. Lond., 1907.
Contents. i. Introductory^ remarks 2. Organised emigration. 3.
Small holdings. 4. Garden city ; with appx. : cheap cottages and
rural housing. 5. Model villages : Port Sunlight and Bournville.
6. Housing schemes. 7. Co-operation. 8. Trust public-house move-
ment. 9. Rescue. Concluding remarks.

GOMPERS, SAMUEL. Labor in Europe and America; personal
observations from an American viewpoint of life and condi-
tions of working men in Great Britain, France, Holland,
Germany, Italy, &c. : [portr.]. 8vo. N.Y., 1910.

HASBACH, W. History of the English agricultural labourer :
new ed., tr. by Ruth Kenyon : pref. by Sidney Webb. 8vo.
Lond., 1908.

HAW, GEORGE, ed. Christianity and the working classes. 8vo.
Lond., 1906.

Contributors. George Haw. G. W. Kitchin, dean of Durham.
Will Crooks, M.P. Dr. R. F. Horton. Rev. Canon Barnett. Arthur
Henderson, M.P. Silas K. Hocking. Bramwell Booth. George
Lansbury. Rev. Ensor Walters. T. Edmund Harvey. The hon. the
rev. J. G. Adderley.

JEVONS, WILLIAM STANLEY. The state in relation to labour:
ed., with introd. by Michael Cababe. 3rd ed. 8vo. Lond.,

LLOYD, HENRY DEMAREST. Men, the workers. 8vo. N.Y.,

NEW ZEALAND : Labour department. Handbook to the labour
laws of New Zealand, pp. 61, 8vo. Well., 1906.

Pam., v. 120, no. 2240.
Journal of the department, v. 9, 1901, to date. 8vo. Well.

PARKES, Sir HENRY. Condition of the working classes in 1860.
pp. 12, i2mo. [Syd.], n.d.
Pam., v. 143, no. 2733.

ROWNTREE, B. SEEBOHM. Land and labour; lessons from Bel-
gium: [maps, plans, and illust.]. 8vo. Lond.,. 1910.

RUSSELL, CHARLES EDWARD. The uprising of the many : [illust.].
8vo. Lond., 1907.

THOMPSON, C. BERTRAND. The churches and the wage earners;
a study of the cause and cure of their separation. 8vo.
N.Y., 1909.



THOMPSON, HOLLAND. From the cotton field to the cotton mill ;

a study of the industrial transition in North Carolina. 8vo.

N.Y., 1906.
WISE, Hon. BERNHARD RINGROSE. The labour question; or,

social revolt and its causes : address to the working men of

New South Wales, pp. n, 8vo. Syd., 1890.
Pam., v. 5. no. 119.

331.81. Hours of Labour.

GUMMING, Rev. JOHN. Lecture on labour, rest, and recreation.
pp. 34, 8vo. Hobart;' 1855.
Pam., v. 85, no. 1532.

EARLY closing association of New South Wales. A few facts
concerning the hours worked by shop assistants in Sydney
and suburbs, pp. 15, sm. 8vo. Syd., 1898.

Pam., v. 167, no. 3183.

MURPHY, WILLIAM E. History of the eight hours movement.
i2mo. Melb., 1896.

331.82. Places of Labour : Dangerous occupations.

MEAKIN, BUDGETT. Model factories and villages ; ideal condi-
tions of labour and housing. 8vo. Lond., 1905.

OLIVER, THOMAS, ed. Dangerous trades-; the historical, social,
and legal aspects of industrial occupations as affecting health :
by a number of experts: illust. 8vo. Lond., 1902.

PARRY, LEONARD A. Risks and dangers of various occupations
and their prevention. 8vo. Lond., 1900.

331.83. Housing.

KAUFMAXN, Rev. MORITZ. Housing of the working classes and
of the poor. 8vo. Lond., 1907.
(Social problems ser.)

331.84. Thrift.

MELBOURNE Savings bank trustees. Seven useful papers on
thrift, pp. 20. 8vo. Melb., n.d.
Pam., v. 77, no. 1357.

331.86. Apprenticeship.

MYER, ERNEST ALEX. Apprenticeship law; a practical hand-
book for the use of apprenticeship committees and persons
interested in the apprenticeship system. pp. 76. 8vo.
Lond., 1910.

331.88. Trade Unions and other Labour societies.
BELL, RICHARD. Trade unionism. 8vo. Lond., 1907.

(Social problems ser.)

BOGUS union, The; its methods, exposed before the Arbitration
court, pp. 27. 8vo. Syd., 1902.

Pam., v. 143, no. 2738.


DRAGE, GEOFFREY. Trade unions. 8vo. Lend., 1905.

GREENWOOD, JOHN HENRY. The law relating to trade unions.
8vo. Lond., 1911.

HOLLANDER, JACOB H., and BARNETT, G. E., eds. Studies
in American trade unionism. 8vo. Lend., 1906.

Contents. i. Introduction. J. H. Hollander. 2. Government of
the typographical union. G. E. Barnett. 3. Structure of the cigar
makers' union. T. W. Glocker. 4. Finances of the iron moulders'
union. A. M. Sakolski. 5. The minimum wage in the machinists'
union. W. H. Buckler. 6 Collective bargaining in the typographical
union. G. E. Barnett. 7. Employers' associations in the United
States. F. \V. Hilbert. 8. Trade-union agreements in the iron
moulders' union. F. W. Hilbert. 9. Apprenticeship in the building
trades. J. M. Motley. 10. Trade-union rules in the building trades.
S. Blum. ii. The beneficiary features of the railway unions. J.
B. Kennedy. 12. The knights of labor and the American federation
of labor. William Kirk.

HURRELL, WALTER. Unionism; capital and labour as exempli
fied in the milling and baking industries. 8vo. Mel.b., 1893.

MACKINNON, HAMILTON, ed. Second intercolonial trades union
congress; an official report of the debates, April, 1884,
Melbourne. 8vo. Melb., 1884.
Pam., v. 43, no. 717.

MARTIN, W. A. Treatise on the la\v of labor unions; containing
a consideration of the law relating to trade disputes in all its
phases, internal administration of unions, union labels, and
a collection of approved forms of pleadings, injunctions, and
restraining orders. 8vo. Wash., 1910.

MITCHELL, JOHN. Organized labor; its problems, purposes,
and ideals, and the present and future of American wage-
earners. 8vo. Phila., 1903.

SPENC'E, WILLIAM GUTHRIE. Trade unionism as an investment.
pp. n. 8vo. Syd., 1908.
Pam., v. 143, no. 2737.

WARNE, FRANK JULIAN. Coal-mine workers; a study in labor
organization. 8vo. Lond., 1905.

tory of trade unionism: new ed., [with introd.]. 8vo. Lond.,

Industrial democracy: new ed., with introd. 8vo. Lond.,

331.89. Strikes.

JEFFERIS, Rev. JAMES. The Chinese and the seamen's strike;
a lecture. pp. 12. 8vo. Syd., 1878.
Pam., v. 143, no. 2734.

332. Banks. Money.

ANDREADES, A. History of the Bank of England: tr. by

Christabel Meredith : pref. by H. S. Foxwell. 8vo. Lond..

AUSTRALASIAN insurance and banking record and statistical

register; v. i, 1877, to date. 4to. Melb.
CLEVELAND. FREDERICK ALBERT. The bank and the treasury.

8vo. N.Y., 1905.


CON ANT, CHARLES ARTHUR. Principles of money and banking.

2 v., 8vo. N.Y., ipop.
K ASTON, H. T. Money, exchange, and banking in their practical,

theoretical, and legal aspects. 8vo. Lond., 1905.
EVANS. DAVID MORIER. History of the commercial crisis,

1857-58, an(l tne Stock. Exchange panic of 1859. 8vo.

Lond.", 1859.

HYNDMAN. HENRY MAYERS. Commercial crises of the nine-
teenth century. 3rd ed. 8vo. Lond., 1908.

(Social science ser.)
MILLS. RICHARD HORNER. Principles of currency and banking.

8vo. Lond., 1857.
OVERSTONE, SAMUEL JONES LOYD, ist baron. Evidence given

before the select committee of the House of commons in

1857, on bank acts, with additions. 8vo. Lond., 1858.
Tracts and other publications on metallic and paper currency :

[ed. by J. R. M. i.e. J. R. MacCulloch.] 8vo. Lond.,

WITHERS, HARTLEY. The meaning of money. 8vo. Lond.,


332.1. Banks and Banking.

BAGEHOT, WALTER. Lombard-street; a description of the money
market: new and rev. ed. with notes by E. Johnstone. 8vo.
Lond.. 1904.

Same: another ed. By Hartley Withers. 8vo. Lond., 1910.
BAXTER, A. B. Banking in Australasia, from a London official's
point of view : with some remarks on mortgage and finance
companies. 8vo. Lond., 1883.

CONANT, CHARLES ARTHUR. History of modern banks of issue,
with an account of the economic crises of the nineteenth cen-
tury and the crisis of 1907. 4th ed. 8vo. N.Y., 1909.
DAVIS. J. F. Bank organisation, management, and accounts. 8vo.

Lond. [1910].

DUNBAR. CHARLES FRANKLIN. Economic essays: ed. by O. M.
W. Sprague; introd. by F. W. Taussig. 8vo. N.Y., 1904.

Contents. i. Economic science in America, 1776-1876. 2. Reaction
in political economy. 3. Academic study of political economy.
4. Ricardo's use of facts. 5. Same precedents followed by Alexander
Hamilton. 6. Direct tax of 1861. 7. New income tax. 8. Early
banking schemes in England. 9. Bank of Venice. 10. Accounts of
the first bank of the United States. n. Deposits as currency. 12.
Bank-note question. 13. Safety of the legal tender paper. 14.
National banking system. 15. Can we keep a gold currency? 16.
Crisis of 1857. 17. Crisis of 1860. 18. State banks in 1860.
19. Establishment of the national banking system. 20. Circulation
of the national banks, 1865-1900.

EX-BANKER. Popular manual of banking; being a brief and
concise exposition of the law, principles and practice of bank-
ing in the Australian colonies. 8vo. Syd., 1891.
FISKE, AMOS KIDDER. The modern bank; a description of its
functions and methods, and a brief account of the develop-
ment and present systems of banking. 8vo. N.Y., 1904.
GREAT BRITAIN: PARLIAMENT: House of commons. Reports
from the secret committee on the expediency of the bank re-
suming cash payments, fscp. fo. Lond.. 1819.


HULL, WALTER HENRY, ed. Practical problems in banking and
currency ; being a number of selected addresses delivered in
recent years by prominent bankers, financiers, and economists :
introd. by the hon. C. F. Phillips. 8vo. N.Y., 1907.

Contents. Introduction. General banking section. Banking re-
form and currency section. Trust company section.

INSTITUTE of bankers, London. Questions on banking practice.
6th ed. 8vo. Lond., 1909.

KERR, ANDREW WILLIAM. Scottish banking during the period
of published accounts, 1865-1896. 8vo. Lond.. 1898.

KINGSBURY, JOHN JAMES Financial position of the colonies
in relation to banking: "Rocks ahead.'' pp. 15. 8vo.
Brisb., 1894.

Pam.j v. 94, no. 1699.

MACLEOD, HENRY DUNNING. Lectures on credit and banking.

8vo. Lond., 1882.

Theory and practice of banking. 2 v. 8vo. Lond., 1902-1893.
v. i, 6th ed. : v. 2, 5th ed.

NASH, ROBERT LUCAS. Banking institutions of Australasia. 8vo.
Lond. [1890].

NEW ZEALAND: PARLIAMENT: House of Representatives. Re-
port of the Banking committee; with minutes of the proceed-
ings and evidence, and appx. fscp. fo. Well., 1896.

ROOT, JOHN WILSON. Banking and currency reform. pp. 30,
8vo. Lond., 1908

Pam., v. 143, no. 2741.

STEWART, A. P. Handbook for bank clerks. pp. 36, sm. 8vo.
Syd., 1904.

Pam., v. 109, no. 2034.

TENNANT, CHARLES. The Bank of England and the organisa-
tion of credit in England : with the evidence of MM. Isaac
and Emile Pereire before the French commission of inquiry
into the Bank of France : also, abstract of the American Free
banking act. 2nd ed. 8vo. Lond., 1866.

THOMSON, WILLIAM. Dictionary of banking : a concise ency-
clopaedia of banking law and practice. 4to. Lond. [1911].

332.11. National and State Banks.

DOWNER, Sir JOHN WILLIAM, A public national bank of issue;
speech delivered in the House of assembly, 2 2nd Sept.,
1886. pp. n. 8vo. Adel., 1886.

Pam., v. 52, no. 872.

ECONOMIST. A proposed federal bank of issue, pp. 12. 8vo.
Melb., 1905.

Pam., v. 120. no. 2233.

ELL, HENRY GEORGE. A state bank for New Zealand with sole
right of note issue, pp. 24. 8vo. Christchurch, 1906.

Pam., v. 94, no. 1693.

FORREST, Sir JOHN. Speech in the Legislative assembly [W.A.]
on moving the second reading of the Agricultural bank bill,
1894. pp. 13. 8vo. Perth [1894].

Pam., v. 52, no. 877.

NOMOS. A national currency ; or, state bank of issue, pp. 32.
8vo. Well., n.d.

Pam., v. 167, no. 3184.


SIGMA. Money: how the banks make it scarce and dear; the
remedy; the banks and their stability. pp. ii., 28, 8vo.

Melb.", 1871.

Pam., v. 69, no. 1169.

National bank act as amended, with other laws relating to
national banks; from the revised statutes. 8vo. Wash.,
Same: [brought down to 1907]. 8vo. Wash., 1907.

332.13. Banking Companies and Private Banks.

BANK of Australasia. Bank of Australasia v. Thomas Chaplin
Breillat, chairman of the Bank of Australia; report of the
trial, Supreme court, Sydney, pp. 96, 8vo. Syd., 1845.

BANK of Australasia v. the Bank of Australia : judgment of the
judicial committee of the Privy Council. pp. 28. 8vo.
Lond., 1848.

Pam., v. 120, no. 3234.

BANK of New Zealand. Report of joint committee of both houses,
debates in the House of representatives and Legislative coun-
cil, and " The Bank of New Zealand and banking act, 1895."
8vo. Well., 1895.

COMMERCIAL bank of Australia, limited, Melbourne. Opinions
of the city and country press, pp. 32. 8vo. Melb., 1866.
Pam., v. 57, no. 940.

COMMERCIAL banking company of Sydney. Deed of settlement,

act of incorporation and amending acts. 8vo. Syd., 1859.
POYAL bank of Queensland, limited. Memorandum and articles
of association, pp. 32. 8vo. Brisb. 1885.

Pam., v. 64, PO. 1076.

SHERRIN, RICHARD A. A. Inquiry into the financial condition
of the Bank of New Zealand. pp. 15. 8vo. Auckland,

Pam., v. 122, no. 22/5

332.3. Loan Institutes.

TORRENS, Sir ROBERT RICHARD. Project for the establishment of
a South Australian land bank, on principles similar to those
of the " Institution des credit foncier." pp. 12, 8vo. Adel.,

Pam., v. 24, no. 413.

WOLFF, HENRY WILLIAM. Co-operative banking; its principles
and practice : with a chapter on co-operative mortgage-credit.
8vo. Lond., 1907.

People's banks ; a record of social and economic success, ^rd
ed. 8vo. Lond., 1910.

332.32. Building Associations.

INTERCOLONIAL investment land and building company, limitedr
Sydney. Memorandum of association, pp. 25, 8vo. Syd.,

Pan., v. 64, no 1078.


332.4. Coins and Coinage.

CHALMERS, ROBERT. History of currency in the British colonies.
8vo. Lond., 1893.

DEL MAR, ALEXANDER. History of money in ancient countries

from the earliest times to the present. 8vo. Lond., 1885.
Money and civilization; or, a history of the monetary laws and
systems of various states since the dark ages, and their in-
fluence upon civilization. 8vo. Lond., 1886.

HBtLICA-R., VALENTINE. Coin and currency; being an inquiry
into the probable effect of legalising as currency the coinage
of the Sydney mint. pp. 16, 8vo. Melb., 1856.
Pum., v. 66, no. 1126.

HYMAX. COLEMAN P. Account of the coins, coinages, and cur-
rency of Australasia. 8vo. Syd., 1893.

JEYOXS. WILLIAM STANLEY. Investigations in currency and
finance : ed. with introd. by H. S. Foxwell : 20 diagrams.
8vo. Lond., 1884.

KIXLEY. DAVID. Money : a study of the theory of the medium of
exchange. 8vo. N.Y., 1904.

PARSOXS. FRANK. Rational money ; a national currency intelli-
gently regulated in reference to the multiple standard. 8vo.
Phila'., 1898.

332.41. Coinage Metals ; Production and Value.

A' BECKETT, THOMAS TURNER. The gold and the government.
pp. 22, 8vo. Melb., 1851.
Pam., v. 95 ; no. 172.1.

BAXKERS' magazine of Australasia. Silver coinage, Common-
wealth of Australia, pp. u, 8vo. Melb., n.d.
Pam., v. 160, no. 3077.

CORXISH. THOMAS. Our gold supply ; its effect on finance, trade,
commerce, and industries. Svo. Lond. , 1884.

DEL MAR. ALEXANDER. History of the precious metals from the
earliest times to the present. Svo. Lond., 1880.

LAUXAY, L. DE. The world's gold: tr. by O. C. Williams,
introd. by C. A. Conant. Svo. Lond.,, 1908.

MURRAY, DAVID. Appreciation of gold. pp. 19, Svo. Adel..

Pam., v. 120, no. 2232.

SMITH. MICA. Gold; a lecture, pp. 15, Svo. Ballarat, 1882.

Pam., \. 167, no. 3181;.

STIRLIXG, PATRICK JAMES. Australian and Californian gold
discoveries, and their probable consequences. Svo. Edinb.,

TEGOBORSKI, L. VON. Essai sur les consequences eVentuelles

de la decouverte des gites auriferes en Californie et en Aus-
tralie. Svo. Paris, 1853.

332.42. Bimetallism.

ALISOX T , WILLIAM. Bimetallism : wool and gold : prices and
wages : the historical aspect of the currency, pp. 18, Svo.
Syd., n.d.

Pam., v. 37, no. 646.


BEN J API ELD, Dr. Bimetallism, the remedy for our depression.
pp. 17, 8vo. Hobart, 1895.

Pam., v. 77, no. 1363.
LUCAS. R J. Bimetallism pp. 15, 8vo. Hobart, 1895.

Pam., v. 77, no. 1364.

332.45. Comparative Value of Moneys.

GOSCHEN, GEORGE JOACHIM GOSCHEN, ist viscount. Theory of
the foreign exchanges. 3rd ed. 8vo. Lond., 1903. ^

332.6. Stocks and Stock Exchanges.

MELBOURNE stock exchange agency and banking corporation,
limited. Memorandum and articles of association, pp. 37,
8vo. Melb., 1888.
Pam., v. 57, no. 941.

tory, law, and practice of the [London] Stock exchange. 8vo.
Lond., 1907.

WARREN, HENRY. How to deal with your broker. 8vo. Lond.,

WITHERS, HARTLEY. Stocks and shares. 8vo. Lond., 1910.

332.7. Credit.

MACLEOD, HENRY DUNNING. Theory of credit. and ed., 8vo.
Lond., 1897.

332.8. Interest.

FISHER, IRVING. The rate of interest; its nature, determination
and relation to economic phenomena. 8vo. N.Y., 1907.

CONNER, E. C. K. Interest and saving. 8vo. Lond., 1906.

MONEY versus wealth; or, the origin of interest clearly explained
by a pupil of Henry George and John Ruskin. pp. 15, 8vo.
Syd., 1890.

Pam., v. 167, no. 3186.

333. Land ; Ownership, Rights, and Rent.

COLLINGS, Rt. hon. JESSE. Land reform ; occupying ownership,
peasant proprietary, and rural education : illust. 8vo.
Lond., 1906.

HILL, A. FRASER. The land and wealth of New South Wales; in-
cluding some economic weapons for political warfare. 8vo.
Syd., 1894.
LAND question from various points of view. 8vo. Phila., 1898.

Contents. i. Brief history of land tenures and titles. 2. Distri-
bution of land in various countries. 3. Alien landlordism in America.
4. Our system of distributing the public lands. 5. Constitutions
and comments. 6. Religion of the land question. 7. Two parables.
8. Forestry. 9. A criticism of the single tax. 10. Reply to "A
criticism of the single tax." n. Memorandum in relation to "A
criticism of the single tax." 12. John Stuart Mill's plan of land

LAND tenure reform league, Melbourne. Tract No. ?. pp 16.
8vo. Melb., n.d.
Pam., v. 68, no. 1148

LAND. 143

MACKAY, JAMES. Our dealings with Maori lands; or, comments
on European dealings for the purchase and lease of native
lands, and the legislation thereon. pp. 60, 8vo. Auck-
land, 1887.

Pam., v. 32, no. 527.

ME LINE, FELIX JULES. The return to the land : pref. by Justin
McCarthy. 8vo. Lond., 1906.

O'REILLY, T. The people's heritage; a history of English land
tenure, pp. 68, 8vo. Syd., 1891.
Pam., v. 142, no. 2725.

POLLOCK, Sir FREDERICK, jrd bart. The land laws, and ed.
8vo. Lond., 1887.
(English citizen ser.)

SMITH, STEPHENSON PERCY. Land system of New Zealand, and
description of land districts, pp. 84, 8vo. Well., 1897.
Pam.j v. 34, no. 558.

TAYLOR, HENRY C. Introduction to the study of agricultural
economics. 8vo. N.Y., 1905.1

THACKERAY, Rev. S. WILLIAM. The land and the community :
pref. by Henry George. 8vo. Lond., 1889.

TURNOR, CHRISTOPHER. Land problems and national welfare:
introd. by Viscount Milner. 8vo. Lond., 1911.

WALKER, THOMAS. Letter to members of the Legislative assembly
of New South Wales [concerning the land laws]. pp. 18,
8vo. Syd., 1884.
Pam., v. 41, no. 697.

333.1. State Ownership.

ALEXANDER, JAMES. The unemployed settled on the land; or,
poverty annihilated, and progress triumphant, pp. 16, 8vo.
Syd., 1884.

Pam., v. 42, no. 709.

ASHTON, JAMES. The great land question, pp. 28, 8vo. Naran-
dera, 1894.

Pam., v. 5, no. no.

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of the system of " Nationalizing the Jand of New Zealand,
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