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Pam., v. 100, no. 1822.

MEYER, HUGO RICHARD. Government regulation of railway rates :
a study of the experience of the United States, Germany,
France, Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Australia. 8vo.
N.Y., 1905.

PARSONS, FRANK, and ALBKRTSON, RALPH. The railways, the
trusts, and the people. 8vo. Phila., 1906.

PRATT, EDWIN A. Railways and nationalisation. 8vo. Lond.,


State railways ; object lessons from other lands : with transla-
tion of M. Marcel Peschaud's articles on " Les chemins de fer
de 1'etat Beige." 8vo. Lond.. 1907.

RAILWAY rate; The. A letter to the governor [of Tasmania] by
the magistrates of the railway district, pp. 23. sm. 8vo.
[Launceston], 1873.
Pam., v. 98, no. 1786.

RAILWAY systems of New South Wales and Victoria ; Union of :
celebration at Albury, on i4th June. 1883. pp. 99. 8vo.
Syd., 1883.

RORER, DAVID. American interstate law. 8vo. Chic.. 1893.


SYDNEY and its city railway ; a dialogue on Sydney matters be-
tween Sydney Cornstalk and his cousin Jonathan, pp. 28,
8vo. Syd., 1896.

Pam., v. 45, no. 764.
Same: another copy.

Pam., v. 146, no. 2821.

TA^MANIAN railway and progress association. Official report on
the main line parliamentary survey : by Messrs. Doyere,
Major, and Willett. pp. 23, sm. 8vo. Hobart, 1869.

Pam., v. ioo, no. 1815.

UNITED STATES: Interstate commerce commission. Reports
and decisions, v. i, 1887 to date. 8vo. N.Y.

VAILE, SAMUEL. The railway problem in New Zealand, pp. 48,
8vo. Auckland, 1890.
Pam., v. 64, no. 1037.

Railways and social conditions : the Vaile stage system, pp. 64,
8vo. Auckland, 1894.
Pam., v. 169, no. 3228.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Government. Midland railway of
Western Australia: Mr. John Waddington's concession.
pp. 36, 8vo. [Perth, 1884.]

Pam., v. 183, no. 3540.

The western union railway of Australia : [map], pp. 27, 8vo,
Perth, 1904.

Pam., v. 183. no. 3539.

386. Canal Transport.

SHELDON. HENRY ISAAC. Notes on the Nicaragua canal: 25
illust. and 5 maps. 3rd ed., 8vo. Chic., 1902.

387. River and Ocean Transport.

AGE newspaper, Melbourne. A mercantile marine for Australasia,
an urgent necessity, pp. 48, 8vo. Melb., [1900].

Pam., v. 129, no. 2475.

BOGUE, ADAM. Of the expediency of forming a settlement at
Cape York. Torres Strait: [map], pp. 16, 8vo. Syd., 1848.

Pam., v. 61, no. 986.

Steam to Australia: its general advantages considered, the dif-
ferent proposed routes for connecting London and Sydney
compared, and the expediency of forming a settlement at
Cape York, in Torres Strait, pointed out. pp. 70. 8vo.
Syd., 1848.
Same.- another copy.

Pam., v. 61, no. 985.

CHAMBERS, T. W. Locking of the River Darling, considered in
its political and commercial phases, pp. 5, 8vo. Adel., 1884.

Pam., v. loo, no. 1824.

CHAMBERS of commerce, Australia: General council. Reports
on bills of lading and the Navigation bill. pp. 28, 8vo.
Melb., 1904.

Pam., v. 129, no. 2476.

I 2


CROWE. ROBERT. Lower freights and better shipping
address to the meeting of representatives of butter
also, notes taken at the conference, -pp. r;, 8vo. Melb.,

Pam., v. 129, no. 2478.

GAY, A. E. England's duty to her merchant seamen. 2nd ed.,

8vo. Adel., 1907.
GLYNN, PATRICK McMAiiON. The interstate rivers question ; n-port

of an address, July, 1902. pp. 15, 8vo. Adel.. 1902.

Pam., v. 8, no. 185.

Review of the River Murray question, riparian rights. &<\
pp. n, 8vo. Adel., 1891.
Pam., v. 8, no. 188.

GREAT BRITAIN: PARLIAMENT: House of Comm<nn. Steam
communication with India, c. : first and second reports from
the select committee: and index. 8\o. Lond., 1851.

HARRIXGTON, G. H. Direct steam route from England to Aus-
tralia, via the Cape of Good Hope. pp. 16, 8vo. Melb.,

Pain., v. 69, no. 1172.

HAYS, C. D. Remarks upon the proposed establishment of steam
communication with the Australian colonies and the British
possessions of the Cape of Good Hope, New Zealand, Mauri-
tius, &c. [map], pp. 12, 2nd ed., 8vo. Lond., 1847.
Pam., v. 129, no. 2477.

HUSKISSON, WILLIAM. Shipping interests; speech in the House
of commons, 7th May, 1827, on General Gascoyne's motion
'' That a select committee be appointed." pp. 94, 8vo.
Lond., 1827.

Pam., v. 6-, no. 1135.

LAMING, JAMES. Steam communication with Australia: map.
pp. 16, 8vo. Lond., 1856.

Pam., v. 129, no. 2474.

PENINSULAR and Oriental steam navigation company. Statement
of the position and operations of the company from its incor-
poration to the present time: [map], pp. 73. 5, 8vo. Lond.,

Pam., v. 57, no. 939.

PERRY, J. Six letters having reference to the opening of the Cape
route, pp. 36, sm. 8vo. Melb., 1869.

Pam., v. 129, no. 2473.

"SHIPPING world" year-book: a desk manual in trade, com-
merce, and navigation: ed. by E. R. Jones: map: 1904 to
date. 8vo. Lond.

SPEARS, JOHN RANDOLPH. The story of the American merchant
marine: illust. 8vo. N.Y., 1910.

STEAMSHIP owners' association of Australasia. Sixth annual
general meeting, pp. 17, 8vo. Syd., 1890.

Pam., v. 7, no., 157.

VICTORIA: Ports and harbours. Rules and regulations for the
ports of Victoria, and miscellaneous information, pp. 69,
8vo. Melb., 1896.
Pam., v. 151, no. 2930.


388. City Transit

MELBOURNE omnibus company limited. Street tramways; the
cars drawn by horses, -pp. 12, 8vo. Melb., 1872.

Pani., v. 69, no. 11.70.

MOORE street [Sydney] improvement act; a statement of facts.
-pp. 4, Svo. Sydl, igoi.
Pam., v. ioo, no. 18 6.

PURVES, J. M. North Shore bridge; minute submitted to the
municipal council of the borough of North Sydney, i9th Sep-
tember, 1699. pp. 16, Svo. Syd., n.d.

Pam., v. ioo, no.. 1819.

389. Weights and Measures.

EVANS, JAMES WILLIAMS. British weights and measures, con-
sidered from a practical standpoint : a plea for their reten-
tion in preference to the metric .system, -pp. 52, Svo, Syd.,

Pam., v. 45, no. 7.

HALLOCK, WILLIAM, and WADE, HERBERT T. Outlines of the
evolution of weights and measures and the metric system.
Svo. N.Y., 1906.

JACKSON, Lowis D'AGUILAR. Modem metrology; a manual of
the metrical units and systems of the present century: appx.,
containing a proposed English system. Svo. Loncl., 1882.

PERKIN, F. MOLLWO. Metric and British systems of weights,
measures, and coinage: diagrams, pp. 83, Svo. Lond., 1907.

"RANK EN. THOMAS. Measure for mea-sure; an essay showing the
derivation and proposed decimalization of weights and mea-
sures, pp.. 33. sm. Svo. Lismore, N.S.W., 1903.

Pam., v. 45, no. 755.

RIX, HENRY FINCH. Proposed Australian .decimal coinage ; a criti-
cism and an alternative proposal, pp. 20, Svo. Melb., n.d.
Pam. v. 45j aio. 756.

390. Customs.

LACROIX, PAUL. Manners, customs, and dress during tiae Middle
ages and during the Renaissance period : illust. : [tr.]. Svo.
Lond., 1874.

SNELL, F. J. The customs of old England : 17 illust. Svo. Lond.,

SPENCER, HERBERT. Ceremonial institutions. Svo. Lond., 1879.
Another copy in his Principles of sociology, v. 2.

391. Costume.

ASHDOWN, Mrs. CHARLES H. "British costume during nineteen
centuries, civil and ecclesiastical : illust. with 459 -engravings,
no plates, and nine coloured reproductions. Svo. Lond.,

CLINCH, GEORGE. English costume, from prehistoric times to
the end of the eighteenth century: 131 illust. Svo. Lond.,

(The Antiquary's books.)


FISCHEL, OSCAR, and BOEHM, MAX VON. Modes and manners
of the nineteenth century as represented in the pictures and
engravings of the time: tr. by M. Edwardes. introd. by
Grace Rhys: [illust.]. 3 v.. 8vo. Lond., 1909.

Contents: v. i, 1790-1X17: v. 2, 1818-1842: v. 3, 1843-1871)

HILL, GEORGIANA. History of English dress from the Saxon period
to the present day: [illust.]. 2 v., 8vo. Lond.. 1893.

HOPE, THOMAS. Costume of the ancients: new ed., with 321
plates. 2 v., 8vo. Lond.. 1875.

WEBB, WILFRED MARK. The heritage of dress; being notes on the
history and evolution of clothes: illust. 8vo. Lond., 1907.

392.3. Family.

HARTLAND, EDWIN SIDNEY. Primitive paternity ; the myth of

supernatural birth in relation to the history of the family.

2 v., 8vo. Lond., 1909.

ethnographical and historical outline, with descriptive notes.

8vo. N.Y., 1906.

392.5. Marriage.

CRAWLEY, ALFRED ERNEST. The mystic rose; a study of primi-
tive marriage. 8vo. Lond.. 1902.

McLENNAN, JOHN FERGUSON. Studies in ancient history, com-
prising a reprint of Primitive marriage, an inquiry into the
origin of the form of capture in marriage ceremonies : new ed.
8vo. Lond., 1886.

WAKE, C. STANILAND. Development of marriage and kinship.
8vo. Lond., 1889.

394. Public and Social Customs.

BOURKE, JOHN GREGORY, captain. U.S. Scatalogic rites of all
nations : a dissertation upon the employment of excrementitious
remedial agents in religion, therapeutics, &c. 8vo. Wash.,

394.1. Drinking.

HACKWOOD, FREDERICK WILLIAM. Inns, ales, and drinking cus-
toms of old England: illust. 8vo. Lond.. 1909.

394.8. Suicide.

WINSLOW, FORBES BENIGNUS. Anatomy of suicide. 8vo. Lond.,

395. Etiquette.

WALLACE. THEODOSIA ADA. Etiquette of Australia; a handy
book of the common usages of everyday life and society. 8vo.
Syd., [1907].


396. Woman's Position and Treatment.

INTERNATIONAL council of \vomen. Report 6f transactions of
the fourth quinquennial meeting held at Toronto, 1909 : ed.
by the Countess of Aberdeen: [illust.]. 8vo. Lond., 1910.

REICH, EMIL. Woman through the ages : illust. 2 v., 8vo.
Lond., 1908.

SCHREINER, OLIVE j Mrs. S. C. Conwright Schreiner. Women
and labour. 8vo. Lond., IQIF.

STAARS, DAVID. The English woman ; studies in her psychic evo-
lution: tr. from the French and abridged by J. M. E. Brown-
low. SVQ. Lond., 1909.

396.1. Emancipation of women.

BLEASE, W. LYON. The emancipation of English women. 8vo.

Lond., 1910.
MEAKIN. ANNETTE M. B. Woman in transition. 8vo. Lond.,


396.2. Legal Status of women.

MILL, JOHN STUART. The subjection of women. 2nd ed., 8vo.
Lond., 1869.

396.3. Political Status of women.

HIGGINSON, THOMAS WENTWORTH. Common sense about women.
4th ed., 8vo. Lond., 1891.
(Social science ser.)

396.9. Woman in History.

ROTHERY, GUY CADOGAN. The Amazons in antiquity and modern
times : illust. bv Allan Barr. 8vo. Lond., 1910.

398. Folk-lore.

GOMME, GEORGE LAURENCE. Folklore as an historical science:

28 illust. 8vo. Lond., 1908.
GREY, Sir GEORGE. Ko nga mahinga a nga tupuna Maori he mea

kohi kohi mai. 8vo. Lond.. 1854.

398.1. Primitive Traditions.

IZETT. JAMES. Maori lore; the traditions of the Maori people,
with the more important of their legends : [illust.]. 8vo.
Well., 1904.

398.2. Legends: Tales.

ARABIAN nights : a plain and literal translation, now intituled, The
book of the thousand nights and a night: with introd., ex-
planatory notes on the manners and customs of Moslem men,
and a terminal essay upon the history of the Nights : by
Richard F. Burton: illust. 10 v., 8vb. [Benares, 1885.]
Same: Supplemental nights to The book of the thousand nights
and a night : with notes anthropological and explanatory : by
Richard F. Burton: [ilhist.]. 7 v.. 8vo. [Benares. 1886-88.]


I'AIX. FRANCIS WILLIAM, translator. A dratrght of the blue. 2nd

ed., i2mo. . Lond., 1906.
In the great god's hair. 2nd ed., i2mo. Lond., 1905.

COLENSO. WILLIAM. Ancient tide-Ion.: aud tales, of the sea, from
the two ends of the world; also, some highly curious, ancient,
and legendary little-known east coast Maori stories : with
notes, pp. 48, 8vo. Napier. 1889.
1'nm., v. 101, no. 1842.

DITTMER, W. Te toliunga; the ancient legt -nds and traditions of
the Maoris orally collected aud pictured. 4t<>. Lond., 1907.

FISON, Rev. LORIMER. Tales from old Fiji. 8\o. Lond., 1904.

FITZGERALD, MARY A. King Bungaree's pyalla, and stories
illustrative of snaaajiers aoasi custooas that prevailed among Aus-
tralian, aborigines : [illust.]. sm. 410. Syd., 1891.

GILL Rev. WILLIAM WYATT. Myths and songs from the South
Pacific. &vo. Lond., 1876.

GROOME, FRANCIS HINDES. Gypsy folk-tales. 8vo. Lond.,

HUON, of Bordeaux, due de Guienne. Huon of Bordeaux; done
into English by Sir John Bourchier, lord Berners, and now
retold by Robert Steele : [illust. by Fred. Mason], sm. 410.
Lond., 1895.

KER, ANNIE. Papuan fairy tales: illust. 8ro. Lond., 1910.

LESSON, PIERRE ADOLPHE. Legendes des iles Hawaii, tirees de
Fornander et commentees avec une reponse a M. de Quatre-
fages. 8vo. Clermont, 1884.

MALORY, Sir THOMAS. The birth, life, and acts of King Arthur,
of his noble knights of the round table, their marvellous en-
quests and adventures, the achieving of the San gueal, and 1 in
the end le morte Darthur ; text as written by Sir Thomas
Malory and imprinted by William Caxton, 1485, now spelled
in modern style; introd. by Professor Rhys, and many original
designs by Aubrey Beardsley: [tr. from the French by Sir
Thomas Malory]. 4to. Lond., 1909.

place of animals in human thought : [illust.]. 8vo. Lond.,

MATHEWS, ROBERT HAMILTON. Folklore of the Australian
aborigines, pp. 35, i2mo. Syd., 1899.
Pam., v. 39, no. 671.

PRATT, Rev. GEORGE, translator. Some folk-songs and myths
from Samoa: introd. and notes by John Fraser. $p. 46,
8vo. [Syd.], 1891.
Pam., v. 103, no. 1887.

REXAUD of Montauban; first done into English by William Cax-
ton, and now abridged and retranslated by Robert Steeie:
[ilrust. by Fred. Mason], sm. 4to. London., 1897.

STOW. CATHERINE SOMERVILLE, nee Field, formerly Mrs. L.
Parker, Mrs. P. R. Australian legendary tales ; folk-lore
of the Noongahburrahs : introd. by Andrew Lang. 8vo.
Lond., 1897.

More Australian legendary tales : introd. by Andrew Lang. 8vo.
Lond., 1898.


SWYNNERTON, Rev. CHARLES. Indian nights' entertainment; or,
Folk-tales from tr*e Upper Indus : il'hist. by native hands.
8vo. Lond., 1892.

THRUM, THOMAS G., ed. Hawaiian folk tales; a collection of
native legends: illust. 8vo. Chic., 1907.

398.3. Popular Superstitions.

BASTIAN, ADOLF. Die Samoanische Schopfungs-Sage und Auscti-
liessendes aus der Siidsee. pp. 51, 15vo. Berlin, 1894.
Pam., v. 156, no. 2996.

GREY, Sir GEORGE. Polynesian mythology, and ancient traditional
history of the New Zealand race: [illust.]. 8vo. Lond.,

HENDERSON, GEORGE. Survivals in belief among the Celts.
8vo. Glasg., 1911.

KNOWLSOX, THOMAS SHARPER. The origins of popular super-
stitions and customs. '8vo. Lond., [1910].

SKEAT, WALTER WILLIAM. Malay magic ; being an introduction
to the folklore and popular religion of the Malay peninsula :
pref. by Charles Otto Blagden : [illust.]. 8vo. Lond., 1910.

WHITE, JOHN. Maori superstitions, pp. 33, 8vo. Auckland,

I'.nn., v. 183, JX>. 3541.

398.4. Fairies.

HAZLITT, WILLIAM CAREW. Fairy tales, legends and romances
illustrating Shakespeare and other early English writers,
[with] two dissertations; i. On pigmies. 2. On fairies, by
Joseph Rkson. 8vo. Lond., 1875.

398.8. Songs.

ECKENSTEIN, LINA. Comparative studies in nursery rhymes.
8vo. Lond., 1911.

EMERSON, NATHANIEL BRIGHT. Unwritten literature of Hawaii;
the sacred songs of the Hula: collected and tr., with notes
and an account o the Hula: [illust.]. 8vo. Wash., 1909.
(Smithsonian Instn. : Bu:eau of Amer. ethnology, bull. 38.)

McGREGOR, JOHN, compiler. Popular Maori songs, as written
by the Maoris of Waikato, February, 1864. 8vo. Auck-
land, 1893.

398.9. Proverbs.

GREY, Sir GEORGE. Proverbial and popular sayings of the ances-
tors of the New Zealand race. 8vo. Cape Town, 1857.


400. Philology.

401. Philosophy : Origin of Language.

RITZ, HERMANN -B. Essay on the psychology of language, pp. 55,
8vo. Hobart, 1902.

404. Essays.

COLENSO, Rev. WILLIAM. Three literary papers read before the
Hawke's Bay philosophical institute, 1882 : i and 2, On
nomenclature. 3, On " Macaulay's New Zealander. " -pp. 41,
8vo. Napier, 1883.

Pam., v. e;o, no. 839.

408.9. Universal Languages.

O'CONNOR, J. C. Dr. O'Connor's Esperanto made easy. 8vo.
Lond., 1910.

409. History of Language.

TUCKER, THOMAS GEORGE. Introduction to the natural history
of language. 8vo. Lond., 1908.

410. Comparative Philology.

gestions], pp. 28, fscp. fo., Melb., [1867].

N.f.p. Suggestions for transliteration of words of native languages
into other languages.

MULLER, FRIEDRICH MAX. Lectures on the science of language.
neW ed., 2 v., 8vo. Lond., 1882.

411. Orthography : Alphabets.

SMITH, DANIEL. Ancient ones of the earth ; being the history of

the primitive alphabet. 8vo. Melb., 1864.
TAYLOR, Rev. ISAAC. The alphabet; an account of the origin and

development of letters. 2 v., 8vo. Lond., 1883.
Contents. v. i. Semitic alphabets. v. 2. Aryan alphabets.

420. English Language.

WYLD. HENRY CECIL. The historical study of the mother tongue;
an introduction to philological method. 8vo. Lond., 1906.

422. Etymology : Derivation.

CHAPMAN. HENRY S. Specimens of fossilised words; or obsolete

words embedded in modern compounds. pp. 47, 8vo.

Dunedin, 1876.

Pam.. v. 10, no. 216.

TOOKE, JOHN HORNE. 'Y.ittu impottTH : or, the diversions of

Purley: new ed., by Richard Taylor. 2 v., 8vo. Lond.,.



423. English Dictionaries.

CENTURY dictionary; an encyclopedic lexicon of the English lan-
guage. 6 v., fo. N.Y. [1888-91].

Oxford dictionary of current English : adapted from the

Oxford dictionary. 8vo. Oxf., 1911.

dictionary on historical principles, v. 1-7, A-Py. 7 v. in 8,

4to. Oxf., 1888-1909.

In progress : letters Q, R, and parts of S and T are issued.
WEBSTER, NOAH. New international dictionary of the English

language : W. T. Harris, editor in chief : Australasian ed.

4to. Springfield, Mass., 1910.
First published in 1828.

424. Synonyms: Homonyms.

CRABB, GEORGE. English synonyms explained. 8vo. Lond., 1904.
ROGET, PETER MARK. Thesaurus of English words and phrases

classified and arranged : enlarged and improved by John

Lewis Roget. new ed., 8vo. Lond., 1884.

425. Grammars, &c.

BONWICK, JAMES. First grammar for young Australians, pp. 37,
2nd ed., i2mo. Melb., 1858.

Pam., v. 38, no. 651.
Grammar for Australian youth. i2mo. Adel., 1851.

Bound with his Astronomy for young Australians, class 520.
Reader for Australian youth, pt. i, i2mo. Adel., 1852.
COBBETT, WILLIAM. Grammar of the English language. i2mo.

Lond., 1838.

English. 2nd ed., 8vo. Oxf., 1906.

426. Prosody.

prosody from the twelfth century to the present day. 2 v.,
8vo. Lond., 1906-08.

427. Dialects : Slang : Early Forms.

BARTLETT, JOHN RUSSELL. Dictionary of Americanisms ; a glos-
sary of words and phrases usually regarded as peculiar to
the United States. 3rd ed., 8vo. Boston, 1860.

ELLIS, ALEXANDER JOHN. On early English pronunciation, with
especial reference to Shakspere and Chaucer: maps. 3 v.,
8vo. Lond., 1869-89.

Slang and its analogues, past and present ; a dictionary, his-
torical and comparative, of the heterodox speech of all classes
of society for more than three hundred years : with synonyms
in English, French, German, Italian, &c. 7 v., sm. 410.
Lond.. 1890-1904.

v. 1-2 by Farmer : v. 3-7 by Farmer and Henley.


MACKAV, CHARLES. Glossary of obscure words and phrases in the
writings of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. 8vo. Lond.,

MOkKIS, EDWARD ELLIS. Austral English; a dictionary of Aus-
tralasian words, phrases, and usages. 8vo. Lond. 3 1898.

WRIGHT, JOSEPH, ed. The English dialect dictionary; being the
complete vocabulary of all dialect words still in use, or known
to ha\ T e been in use during the last two hundred years: with
supplement, bibliography, and grammar. 6 v., 4:0. Lond.,

439. Dutch Language.

TEN BRUGGENCATE, K. Engelsch woordeuboek; 4th ed., re-
vised and enlarged by L. Van Der Wai. 2 v. in i, 8vo.
Groningen, [1907].

Contents. v. i. Engelsch-Nederlandsch. v. 2. Nederlnn<l>c'i-

440. French Language.

JONES. ROBERT. Simultaneous French and English reader, sm.
8vo. Melb., 1909.

SMITH, LEON, and HAMILTON, HENRY. International English
and French dictionary, v. i. English-French, v. 2. French-
English, new ed.. 2 v., la. 8vo. Lond., 1892.

470. Latin Language.

Guide to classical reading, pp. 36, sm. 8vo. Melb., 1880.
Cam., v. 146, no. 2822.

480. Greek Language.

Greek-English lexicon. 8th ed., 4to. Oxf.. 1901.

490. Minor Languages.

LATHAM, ROBERT GORDON. Opuscula; essays, chiefly philological
and ethnographical. 8vo. Lond., 1860.

499. Australasian and Polynesian Languages.

ANDREWS, LORRIN. Grammar of the Hawaiian language. 8vo.

Honolulu, 1854.

Vocabulary of words in the Hawaiian language. 8vo. Lahaina-
luna, 1836.

ATKINSON, ARTHUR S. Notes on the Maori- Polynesian compara-
tive dictionary of E. Tregear. pp. 69. 8vo. Nelson, 1893.
Pam., v. 37, no. 630.

AUBERT, Sister MARIE JOSEPH. New and complete manual of
Maori conversation, with a few general rules of grammar, and
a comprehensive vocabulary. 12010. Well.. 1885.


BERXIEK, JULIEN. Etude sur ks dialectes Neo-Caledoniens, Aus-
traliens, et autres. 8vo. Noumea. 1899.

BRADY. Very rev. J. Descriptive vocabulary of the native lan-
guage of \V. Australia, -pp. 50, 121110. Rome, 1845.
Turn., v. 38, no. 654.

BROMILOW, Rev. WILLIAM E. Vocabulary of English words,
with equivalents in Dobuan, (British New Guinea), Fijian,
and Samoan, with a short Dobuan grammar. 4to. Geelong,

BL'XCE, DANIEL. Language of the aborigines of the colony of Vic-
toria and other Australian districts, -pp. 60, J2mo. Melb.,
Same: 2nd ed., pp. 60, i2mo. Geelong, 1859.

CHURCH missionary society. Grammar and vocabulary of the lan-
guage of New Zealand. 8vo. Lond., 1820.

CHCRCHILL, WILLIAM. The Polynesian wanderings; tracks of
the migrations deduced from examination of the Proto-
Samoan content of Efate and other languages of Melanesia.
410. Wash., 1911.

I Carnegie Institute of Wash.)

CODRINGTON, Rev. ROBERT HENRY. Melanesian languages
[map]. 8vo. Oxf., 1885.

COLENSO, Rev. WILLIAM. Maori- English lexicon; being a com-
prehensive dictionary of the New Zealand tongue; part i,
Maori-English [A to Angutu] ; part 2. English-Maori [A to
Come]. 8vo. Well., 1898.
All published.

COLOMB, Rev. A. Vocabulaire Arorai (iles Gilbert). 8vo., n.p.,

DICTIOXXAIRE Latin-Uvea a 1'usage des eleves du College de
Lans, par les missionaires Maristes : revue par le P.A.C.
i2ino. Paris, 1886.

DICTIOXXAIRE Toga-Frangais et F rancais-Toga- Anglais : pre-
cede d'une grammaire et de quelques notes sur 1'archipel, par
les missionaires Maristes. 8vo. Paris, 1890.

DORDILLOX, Mgr. Essai de grammaire de la langue des iles
Marquises. 8vo. Valparaiso, 1857.

GELL, JOHN PHILIP. South Australian aborigines ; the vocabulary
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