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of twenty years' selenographic work and a study of recent
problems; r. by Joseph McCabe ; introd. by J. E- Gone:
illust. 8vo. Lond. [1907].

PICKERING, WILLIAM HENRY. The moon.; a summary of ihe
existing knowledge <$f our satellite, with a complete photo-
graphic atlas; illust. 4to. N.Y., 1903.

523.4. Planets.

LOWELL, PERCIVAL. Mars and its canals: illust. 8vo. N.Y.,

Mars as the abode <xf life: illust. &vo. N.Y.. 1908.

RUSSELL, HENRY CHAMBERLAINE. Recent changes in the sur-
face of Jupiter, pp. 13, 2 plates, 8vo. Syd., 1880.
Pam., -v. 122, no. .2317.

TEBBUTT., JOHN. Note on the opposition magnitudes .of Uranus
and Jupiter, leaflet, 8vo. Syd., 1880.

i'ain., v. 123, no. 2335.

WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL. Is Mars habitable? a critical ex-
amination of Professor Percival Lowell's book " Mars and its
canals," with ari alternative explanation. '8<vo. Lond.,

523.5. Meteors : Auroras.

BRITISH museum (Natural history). Introduction to the study of
meteorites, with list of the meteorites in the collection ; by t>.
Fletcher. 8vo. Lond., 1906.


RUSSELL, HENRY CIIAMBERLAINE. Aurora Australia, pp. 8, 8vo.
Syd., 1897.

Pam., v. 124, no. 2351.
Great meteor of May 7, 1895. pp. 13, 8-vo. Syd., 1895.

Pam., v. 123, no. 2321.
Meteor of June 27, 1894. pp. 3, 8vo. Syd., 1894.

Pam., v. 123, no. 2326.

On meteorite no. 2, from Gilgoiu station, pp. 2, 8vo Syd. r


Pam., v. 123, no. 2320.

ULRICH, GEORGE HENRY FREDERICK. On a meteoric stone found
at Makariwa, near Iuvercargill r New Zealand [illust.].
pp. 12, 8vo. Lond., 1893.
Pam., v. 169, no. 3238.

523.6. Comets.

CHAMBERS, GEORGE FREDERICK. The story of the comets, simply
told for general readers: illust. 8vo. Oxf., 1909.

RUSSELL, HENR.Y CHAMBERLAINE. Comet Gale (b, 1894). p-p. 4,
8vo. Lond., 1894.

Pam., v. 123, no. 2302.

Comet Swift, March, 1892. -p-p. 4, 8vo. Lond., 1892.

Pam., v. 123., no. 2308.

Spectrum and appearance of the recent comet, -pp. 6, 2- plates,
8vo. Syd., 1 88 1. 4

Pam., v. 123, no. 2329.

TEBBUTT, JQSIN. On the orbit elements o-f comet i r 1880. pp.
ID, 8vo. Syd., 1880.

Pam.,. v. 123, no-. 2334.

523.7. The Sun.

AUSTRALASIAN association for the advancement of science :
Solar physics committee. Memorandum upon the proposed
solar observatory in Australia, pp. 15, 8vo. A del.,. 1909.
Pam., v. 169, no. 3239.

ROYAL observatory: GreemvicJi. Results of measures made
under the direction of Sir W. H. M. Christie of photographs
of the sun taken at Greenwich, in India,' and in Mauritius in
the year 1904. pp. 97, 4:0. Edinb., 1906.

523.8. Stars.

BONWICK, JAMES. Orion and Sinus. i2mo. Lond., 1888 .
RUSSELL, HENRY CIJAMBERLAENE. The coloured cluster about
Kappa Crucis : [diagram], pp. 12, 8vo. Syd., 1872.

Pam., v. 101, no. 1839.

The nebula and stars about Eta Argus. pp. 6, 8vo. Syd.,

Pam., v. 123, no. 2319.
New double stars, pp. 6, 8vo. Syd., i&Sj.

Pam., v. 123, no. 2328.

Notes on some photographs recently taken at Sydney observa
tory Transit of Mercury, 1891, May 9. pp. 5, 8vo.
Lond., 1891.

Pam.. v. 123, no. -2315.


Kl SSI 1. 1.. HENRY ( 'MAMBERLAINE continued.

Observations of double stars made at Sydney observatory, pp.
.?, Svo. Lond., 1893.

Pam., v. 123, no. 2307.

Observations on the stars and nrlnila about Kta Argus, pp. 6,
plate, Svo. Syd., n.d.

Pam., v. 123, no. 23191.

On some celestial photographs recently taken at Sydne\ observa-
tory On an electrical control for driving clocks. pp. 7,
plate, 8vo. Lond., 1890.

Pam., v. 123, no. 2316.

On some photographs of the Milky-way recently taken at Sydney
observatory, pp. 6, plate, Svo. Syd., 1890.
Pam., v. 123, no 2324.

On the increasing magnitude of Eta Argus, pp. 2, Svo. Syd.,

Pam., v. 123, no. 2325. ?

Results of double star measures made at the Sydney observa-
tory, 1871 to 1881. pp. 68, Svo. Syd., 1882.

Results of double star measures made at Sydney observatory.
pp. 22. Svo. Syd.. 1891.

Pam., v. 123, no. 2327.

Star cluster 3315 A second's contact-maker for astronomical
clocks, pp. 4, 2 plates. Svo. Lond., 1894.

Pain., v. 123, no. 2311.


523.9. Transits : Occuitations : Conjunctions.

RUSSELL, HENRY CHAMBERLAINE. Xote on the conjunction of
Mars and Saturn, July i, 1879. pp. 2, Svo. Syd.. 1879.

Pam., v. i .'.3, no. 2313 \.

Observations of the transit of Venus, 9 December, r874:

illust. 4to. Syd., 1892.
Transit of Mercury. November 8, 1881. pp. i^. Svo. Syd.,


Pam., v. 123, no. 2310.

Transit of Mercury, 1894, November 10. pp. 4. Svo. Lond.,

P.i:n.. v. i23j no. 2309.

524. Observations : Maps.

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE : Royal observatory. Annals, v. p;
revision of the Cape photographic durcKmusterung : pt. t,
by R. T. Innes. 410:, n.-p.. 1902.

Same: v. n, pt. i; Southern circumpolar researches; helio-
meter triangulation of the southern circumpolar area : by
S. S. Hough. 410., n.p.. n.d.

Catalogue of 1680 stars for the equinox 1900.0, from observa-
tions made during the years 1905-1906: introd. by S. S.
Hough, pp. 44, 410. Edinb.. 1907.

Catalogues of stars for the equinox 1900.0 from observations
made during the years 1900-1904. 410. Edinb.. 1906.

Results of meridian observations of stars in the years 1900 to
1904. 410. Edinb., 1906.


ELLERY, ROBERI LEWIS JOHN. Astronomical observations made
at the Melbourne observatory in the years 1863-1884. 6 v.,
8vo. Melb., 1866-88.

Astronomical observations made at the Williamstown observatory
in the years 1861-63. 8vo. Melb., 1869.

First Melbourne general catalogue of 1227 stars for the epoch
1870. deduced from observations extending from 1863 to
1870. made at the Melbourne observatory. pp. 63, 410.
Melb., 1874.

PERTH observatory, W.A. Catalogue of 1846 stars between 33
deg. and 35 deg. south declination for the equinox 1900.0,
selected as reference points for the astrographic catalogue,
from observations made under the direction of W. E. Cooke.
pp. 54. 4to. Perth, 1909.

Meridian observations, vol. 4 : a catalogue of 2047 stars be-
tween 30 deg. and 33 deg. south declination for the equinox
1900.0 ; from observations made under the direction of W. E.
Cooke. 4to. Perth, 1910.

RICHARDSON, WILLIAM. Catalogue of 7385 stars, chiefly in the
southern hemisphere, prepared from observations made in the
years 1822-1826 at the observatory at Paramatta [sic]. New
South Wales. 410. Lond., 1835.

ROYAL observatory : -Edinburgh. Annals, v. 2 : New reduction
of Henderson's catalogue for the epoch 1840.0, by Jacob
Halm. 410. Glasgow. 1906.

ROYAL observatory : Grcetnvich. Astrographical catalogue, 1900.0,
Greenwich section, dec. + 64 deg. to 90 deg., from photo-
graphs taken and measured under the direction of W. H. M.
Christie. 2 v., 4to. Edinb., 1904-08.

Astronomical and magnetical and meteorological observations,
1902 to date. 4to. Edinb.

Observations of the planet Eros. 1900-1901, for determination
of the solar parallax. 4to Edinb., 1908.

Results of astronomical observations in the years 1904 to date.

4to. Edinb.
RUSSELL, HENRY CHAMBERLAINE. Chart of circumpolar stars.

pp. 3, plate. 8vo. Syd.. 1894
Pam., v. 123, no. 2322.

Notes on the star chart; how to use it. pp. 7, 8vo. Syd., n.d.

Pam., v. 123, no. 2299.

On a new method of printing star maps. pp. 2. 8vo. Syd.,

Pam., v. 123, no. 2313.

Results of astronomical observations made at the Sydney obser-
vatory in the years 1877 arj d 1878. 8vo. Syd., 1881.
SCOTT, Rev. WILLIAM. Astronomical observations made at the

Sydney observatory in the year 1859. 8vo. Syd., 1860.
Astronomical and meteorological observations made at the Syd-
ney observatory in the year 1860. 8vo. Syd., 1861.

TEBBUTT, JOHN. Report of Mr. Tebbutt's observatory, Windsor.
N.S.W., for the years 1888. 1890, 1891. pp. 33, 28, 24.
8vo. Syd., 1889-92.
Pam., v. 123, nos. 2331-3.


VICTORIAN," institute of surveyors. Catalogue of 100 stars of
magnitude i to 5 bet\v<.n the Smith pole and declination
south 34 dog. for the epoch 1880, with logarithmic constants
for 1880 and 1890: by William Jahn. pp. 13, 8vo. Melb.,

WALES, WILLIAM, and BAYI.Y. WILLIAM. Original astronomical

. observations made in the course of a voyage towards the

South pole and round the- world in His Majesty's ships the

Resolution and Adventure ir Hie years 1772-1775: [maps and

iilust.]. 4to. Lond., 1777

525. The Earth.

BLACK, FREDERICK A. Problems in time and space; a collection
of essays relating to the earth physically and astronomically,
and cognate matters : [iilust.]. 8vo. Lond., [1910].

526. Geodesy.

BEILBY, JAMES WOOD. Eureka; an elucidation of mysteries in
nature. -pp. 32, 8vo. Melb., 1883.
Pam., v. 100, no. 1838.

HAYFORD. JOHN FILLMOEE. Geodesy ; the figure of the earth, and
isostasy from measurements in the United States : [maps and
plans]. 4to. Wash., 1909.

5. Toast and georletic survey.)

N T EW SOUTH WALKS: Surveyor-general's department. Direc-
tions for determining latitude and the true meridian : map.
pp. 8, 4 to., n.t.p. [1872].

i'XTTED STATES: Coast and geodetic survey. Geodesy: tables
for a polyconic projection of maps. 4to. Wash., 1910.

526.9. Surveying.

CAMPBELL, WILLIAM DUGALD. Account of the surveys of Au>
tralasia, and the changes in the methods of dealing with
land. pp. 5, 8vo. Syd.. 1887.
Tarn., v. 183, no. 3546.

CONGRESS of engineers, architects, surveyors, and others inter-
ested in the building of the Federal capital of Australia held
in Melbourne in May, 1901. pp. 51, 8vo. Melb., [1901].

Pam., v. 5.2, no 870.
Same: another copy.

Pam., v. 98, no. 1795.

KNIBBS, GEORGE HANDLE Y. Prize essay on the nature and public
utility of trigonometrical, general, and cadastral survey :
[plates], pp. 43, 8vo. Syd., 1891.
Sant : another copy.

Pam., v. 101, no. 1841.

MITCHELL, Sir THOMAS LIVINGSTONE, li cut. -col. Outlines of a
system of surveying for geographical and military purposes :
[plans], pp. 96, 8vo. Lond., 1827.


PICKETT, J. E. Short comparison of the NVw /ealasiod and Vic-
torian survey system, 'pp. 8, 8vo., t/.p., 1891,

Pam., v. 8, no. 176.

1TBLIC surveys of New South Walts. 8vo. Svd., 3866.
Tt'RN T ER, E. W. Remarks on a method proposed to be used for

defining the direction of lines in surveying. pp. TO, 8vo.

Tumut, 1878.

F'arn., v. 149, no. 2281.

VICTORIAN institute of surveyors. Transactions and proceedings.
v. i and 2, 1874-1884; v. 4, 1891-1899. v i v.. 8vo. Melb,.

528. Ephemerides.

-GREAT BRITAIN* : Admiralty. Nautical almanac and astro-
nomical ephemeris for the years 1906 to date, for the
meridian of ... Greenwich, 8vo. Edinb., 1902.

UNITED STATES : Navy department. American ephemeris
and nautical almanac, for the years 1907 to date. la. 8vo.

529. Chronology.

UROMBY, Rev. JOHN EDWARD. Time and its earliest records : a

lecture, pp. 20. Svo. Melb., 1873.

Pam., v. 183, no. 3548.

clocks ; a description of ancient and modern methods of

measuring time : illust. Svo. Lond., 1909.

Re-issue : first published in 1906.

WTLLETT, WILJJAM. The waste of daylight : with opinions of
eminent men, the press, &c. pp. 44, Svo. 'Lond., [1909].

Pam., v. 183, no. 3547.

530. Physics.

BLACK, F. A. Natural phenomena; a collection of descriptive
and speculative essays on some of the by-paths of nature :
[illust.]. Svo. Lond., [1906].

Contents. The turn of the day. The North pole and its peculiari-
ties. Apparent enlargement of heavenly bodies near the horizon.
Does the weather move in cjcles? Sargasso Sea. Zodiacal light, the
Zodiacal band and the Gegenschein. The \vimk their causes and
characteristics. The dav and the place of its birth. Rotation of
the earth and other members of the solar system. The daily baro-
metric tide.

LE BON, GUSTAVE. The evolution of forces : illust. Svo.
Lond., 1908.

(International scientific ser.)

MACLAURIN, COLIN. Account of Sir Isaac Newton's philo-
sophical discoveries : [ed.] -by P. Murdoch : appended,
Account of the life and writings jof the author. 410. Lond.,

^, LUCIEN. The new physics and its evolution: tr.
Svo. Lond., 1907.

(International scientific ser.)


SHENSTONE, WILLIAM ASHWELL. Tin- n \\ physics and
chemistry : a series of popular essays on physical and chemical
subjects. 8vo. Lond., 1906.

Contents. Matter, motion, and molecules. Some recent specula-
tions on the constitution of matter. Some recent theories of the
ether. Modern theories of light. Weighing n world. On weighing
atoms. Some aspects of the new chemistry. Mechanics of chemical
change. Radium. Radium and the interpretation of radio-active
changes. Carbon rind the shapes of atoms. Ferments ond fermenta-
tions. About solutions. Origin of life.

physical science: [illust.]. 8vo. Lond., 1904.

530.7. Teaching of Physics.

CARPENTER. WILLIAM LANT. Science demonstration in elemen-
tary schools, pp. 12. 8vo. Syd.. 1883.

Pam., v. too, no. 1837.

531.5. Gravity.

LOVE, ERNEST FREDERICK JOHN. On the value of gravity at the
Sydney observatory, pp. 3. 8vo. Syd.. 1892.

Pam., v. 125, no. 2399.

RUSSELL, HENRY CHAMBERLAINE. Proposed method of recording
variations in the direction of the vertical. pp. 3, 8vo.
[Syd.], 1888.

Pam., v. 124, no. 2349.

532.5. Liquids in Motion.

CORNISH, VAUGHAN. Waves of the sea and other water waves r
50 photographs. 8vo. London.. 1910.

533.6. Aeronautics.

(For mechanical side, see class 621.17)
AERO club of America, ed. Navigating the air; a scientific st>it<

ment of the progress of aeronautical science up to the present

time: illust. 8vo. N.Y., 1907.
HILDEBRANDT, A. Airships past and present; with chapters on

the use of balloons: tr. by W. H. Story: [illust.] 8vo.

Lond., 1908.

535.2. Ether.

LODGE, Sir OLIVER JOSEPH. The ether of space: [illust.]. 121110.
Lond.. 1909.

537.4. Atmospheric Electricity.

RUSSELL, HENRY CHAMBERLAINE. Notes about two photographs
of lightning taken at Sydney observatory, Deceml>er yth, 1892.
pp. 2, 8vo. Syd., 1893.
Pam., v. 124, no. 2347.


538. Magnetism.

CIVIL engineer. Magnetic observations ; are they as useful as neces-
sary, pp. T2, 8vo. Melb., ,1857.

Pam., v. 101, no. 1834.

NEUMAYER, GEORG BALTHASAR VON. Results of the magnetic
survey of the colony of Victoria, executed during the years
1858-1864: [maps]. 4:0. Mannheim, 1869.

RUSSELL, HENRY CHAMBERLAINE. On magnetic observations in
New South Wales: [charts], pp. 5, 8vo., n.p.. 1871.
Pam., v. 124, no. 2342.

539. Molecular Physics.

BOTTONE, SELIMO ROMEO. Radium and all about it. 8vo. Lond.,

BRAGG, WILLIAM HENRY. On the ionisation of various gases by

the particles of radium, pp. 15, 8vo. Adel., 1905.

Pam., v. 169, no. 3240.

LODGE, Sir OLIVER JOSEPH. Modern views on matter : the
Romanes lecture, 1903. pp. 27, 8vo. Oxf., 1903.

Pam., v. 46, no. 772.

MAKOWKR. WALTER. The radioactive substances ; their proper-
ties and behaviour : [illust.]. 8vo. Lond., 1908.

(International scientific ser.)

SODDY, FREDERICK. The interpretation of radium : illust. 8vo.
Lond., 1909.

(Progressive science ser.)

540. Chemistry.

RENNIE. EDWARD HENRY. An apology for chemistry, pp. 14,
8vo. Adel., 1893.
Pam., v. 124, no. 2337.

549. Mineralogy.

AUSTRALIAN museum. Catalogue of the minerals and rocks in
the collection of the Australian museum : by G. Krefft. 8vo.
Syd., 1873.

Descriptive catalogue, with notes, of the general collection of
minerals in the Australian museum: by A. F. Ratte. 8vo.
Syd., 1885.

Bound with Australian museum. Catalogue of a collection of
fossils, class 560.

BLEASDALE, Rev. JOHN IGNATIUS. Introductory lecture delivered
at the School of mines, Ballaarat, on some aspects of
mineralogy, pp. 15, 8vo. Ballarat, 1874.

Pam., v. 170, no. 3242.

BROWN, HENRY YORKE LYELL. Catalogue of South Australian
minerals, with the mines and other localities where found.
pp. 34, 8vo. Adel., 1893.
Pam., v. i28j no. 2463.


LIVERSIDGE, ARCHIBALD. Minerals of N-w South Wales, pp.
63, 8vo. Syd., 1876.

Phm., v. 16, no. 317.
Same: 2nd ed.. 4to. Syd.. 188-'.

In Wood, H. products of New Sojiih YV.iU's, class 559.44,
sub-entry under N.S.W. : Geological survey.
Same: anotJier cd. la. 8vo. Lend.. 1888.
Map wanting.

of rocks, minerals, and fossils, illustrative of the geology,
mineralogy, and mining resources of Victoria, pp. 56, 8vo.
Melb., 1886.

Pam., v. 16, no. 323.^.

PETTERD, WILLIAM FREDERICK.. Notes on unrecorded and other
minerals occurring in Tasmania, pp. 16, 8vo. Hobart

Pam., v. 170, no. 3245.
SMYTH, ROBERT BROUGH. Catalogue of minerals, rocks, and
fossils, which have been collected in the colony by die Mining
department. Melbourne, Victoria. 8vo. M-lb., 1866.
SPENCER, LEONARD JAMES. Marshite, rniersite, and iodyrite from
Broken Hill. New South Wales; crystallised stannrte from
Bolivia: [plate], pp. 26, 8vo. Lond., ipor.
Pam., v. 170, no. 324.6.

Mineralogical notes on Western Australian tellurides; the non-
existence of " Kalgoorlite " and " Coolgardite " as mineral
species, pp. 23, 8vo. . n.p., 1902.

Pam., v. 126, no. 2406.

On some igneous rocks from the Hazlewood [Tas.] district.
pp. 15, 8vo., n.p., 1897.

Pam., v. 170, no. 3243.

On the occurrence of limurite in Tasmania, pp. 6, 8vo., n.p.,

Pam., v. 170, no. 3244.

VICTORIA: Geological survey. Descriptive catalogue of the

rock specimens and minerals in the National museum, pp. 96,

8\o. Melb., 1868.

Pam., v. 126, no. 241 j.
VICTORIA: Mines department. Catalogue of foreign minerals

in the possession of the Mining department; compiled by W.

Vazie Simons, pp. 74, 8vo. Melb., 1866.

Pam., v. 149, no. 2882.

Supplementary catalogue of minerals, rocks, and fossils which
have been collected, by the Mining department, Melbourne.
pp. 50, 8vo. Melb., 1869.
Pam., v. 185, no. 3555.

550. Geology.

BOYD. A. J. The earth's historv for boys-; or, geology in verse:

[illust.]. pp. 66. r i2mo. Brisb., 1889.
DARWIN. CHARLES ROBERT. Geological observations on South

America ; being, the third part of The geology of the voyage

of the Beagle: [maps.] 8vo. Lond., i8-p.


Geological observations on the volcanic islands visited during
the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle; together with some brief
notices on the geology of Australia and the Cape of Good
Hope ; being the second part of The geology of the voyage of
the Beagle: [maps]. 8vo. Lond., 1844.

Bound with his Structure and distribution of coral reefs, c-ass
5.5 i -9&-

550.4. Essays.

GEIKIE. JAMES. Fragments of earth lore; sketches and addresses,
geological and geographical: maps and illust. 8vo. Edinb.,

550.6. Societies.

GEOLOGICAL society of Australasia. List of members ; also cata-
logue of works in the library of the society : compiled by
Robert T. Litton, -pp. 32, 8vo. Melb., 1886.
Pam., v. 101, no. 1843.

550.7. Study and Teaching.

SMYTH. ROBERT BROUGH. Hints for the guidance of surveyors
and others in collecting specimens of rocks, &c. -pp. 20,
8vo. Melb., 1871.
Pam., v. 104, no. 1898.

551. Physical and Dynamical Geology.

DARWIN. CHARLES ROBERT. Geological observations on the
volcanic islands and parts of South America visited during
the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle: maps and illust. 2nd ed.
8vo. Lond.. 1876.

SCHWARZ, E. H. L. Causal geology: [illust.]. 8vo. Lond.,

551.2. Seismology.

GUST, H. E. PUREY, commander. The eruption of Ambryn
island, New Hebrides, 1894: [maps and illust.]. pp. 18,
8vo. Lond . 1896.
Pam., v. 183, no. 3549.

HUTTON, FREDERICK WOLLASTON, captain. Report on the Tara-
wera volcanic district : [illust.]. pp. 20, 8vo. Well., 1887.

Pam., v 28, no. 473.

RUSSELL, HENRY CHAMBERLAINE. Local variations and vibrations
of the earth's surface: [5 diagrams.], pp. 31, 8vo. [Syd.,

Pam., v. 25, P.C\ 433.

SMITH, STEPHENSON PERCY. The eruption oi Tarawera ; a report
to the Surveyor-general: [maps and illust.]. 8vo. Well.,

F. 87-20. K


551.3. Erosion and Deposition.

McCOY, Sir FREDERICK. Geological action of ice, and nature of
the geological period, pp. 15, 8vo. [Melb., 1872.]

Pam., v. 101, no. 1852.

RUSSELL, HENRY CHAMBERLAINE. Icebergs in the Soutnern
Ocean. [No. i, map.] pp. 31, 8vo. [Syd.], 1895.

Pam., v. 1.25, no. 2390.
Same.- No. 2 [map], pp. 31, 8vo. [Syd.], 1897.

Pam., v. 125, no. 2391.

TYNDALL, JOHN. Glaciers of the Alps ; being a narrativ,- of
excursions and ascents, an account of the origin and pheno-
mena of glaciers, and an exposition of the physical principles
to which they are related : illust. 8vo. Lond, 1906.

Reprint : first published in 1860.

WHITE. C. DAVID. Carboniferous glaciation in the southern and
eastern hemispheres, with some notes on the glossopteris flora.
pp. 32, 8vo. Minneapolis, 1889
Pam., v. 101, no. 1853.

551.31. Glacial Action.

AUSTRALASIAN association for the advancement of science,
Adelaide meeting, 1893. Report of the research committee
appointed to collect evidence as to glacial action in Australia
in tertiary or post tertiary time: [plate], pp. 12, 8vo. Adel.,

Pam., v. 28, no. 471.

HOWCHIN, WALTER. New facts bearing on the glacial features:
of Hallett's cove. .pp. 9, 8vo. [Adel., 1895.]

Pam., v. 35, no. 587.

JOHNSTON, ROBERT MACKENZIE. The glacier epoch of Aus-
tralia ; review of the evidences of former glaciation in Aus-
tralasia : [plan], pp. 62, 8vo. Hobart, 1893.
Pam., v. 81, no. 1461.

551.4. Surface Features of the Earth : Physical Geography.

BARTON, CHARLES HASTINGS. Outlines of Australian physio-
graphy. 8vo. Maryborough [Q.], 1895.
FAVENC, ERNEST. The physical configuration of the Australian

continent: maps and diagrams, pp. 50, sm. 8vo. Syd..


Pam., v. 87, no. 1572.
GREGORY, JOHN WALTER. Geography; structural, physical, and

comparative: [illust. and maps]. 8vo. Lond., 1908.
PALLAS, PETER SIMON. Observations sur la formation des mon-

tagnes et les changemens arrives a notre globe, pp. 93. 8\o.

St. Petersburg, 1782.

Bound with Forster, G. De plantis esculentis, chiss 58i.<)(>6.

of the south-west of Western Australia, pp. 18, 8vo. Adel.,


Pam., v. 183, no. 3550.


RUSSELL. HENRY CHAMBERLAINE. Physical geography and
climate of New South Wales : [diagrams and map], pp. 33,
8vo. Syd., 1884.

Pam., v. 124, no. 2360.

Same: 2nd ed. : [3 maps], pp 35, 8vo. Syd., 1892.

Pam.. v. 25. no. 418.

Physical geography and climate, pp. 6, 8vo. Syd., 1896.

P:im.. v. 124. no. 2361.

STRZELECKI, Sir PAUL EDMUND DE, count. Physical descrip-
tion of New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land : map
and diagrams. 8vo. Lond., 1845.
Gold and silver : supplement to [the above]. pp. 33, 8vo.

Lond., 1856.

THOMSON, JAMES PARK. Physical geography of Australia. 2nd
ed., 8vo. Brisb., 1895.
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UNIVERSITY of Sydney. Physiography; synopsis of lectures,

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geography of Australia. i2mo. Melb., 1883.

551.46. Oceans.

CHALLENGER expedition. Reports on ocean soundings and

temperature, Antarctic sea, Australia, New Zealand, 1874 :

[charts], pp. 20, fo. Lond. [1874].
Reports on ocean soundings and temperature, New Zealand to

Torres strait, Torres strait to Manila and Hong Kong, 1874 :

[charts], pp. 7. fo. Lond. [1875].
KING, PHILLIP PARKER, rear-admiral. On the specific gravity of

sea water in different parts of the North and South Atlantic

oceans and in the South Pacific near the western coast of

South America, pp. 14, 8vo., n.p., n.d.

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On a self -register ing tide-gauge, and electrical barograph, leaflet,
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Source of the periodic waves which are recorded from time to
time on the Sydney and Newcastle tide-gauges. pp. 6, 8vo.
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Water-spouts on the coast of New South Wales : [plates], pp.
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SMYTH, WILLIAM HENRY, admiral. The Mediterranean; a memoir,

physical, historical, and nautical. 8vo. Lond., 1854.
THOMSON, Sir CHARLES WYVILLE. The depths of the sea; an

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