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piled by E. W. O'Shaughnessy. 8vo. Syd.

BAILLIERE'S New South Wales gazetteer and road guide : com-
piled by R. P. Whitworth. 8vo. Syd., 1866.

COX and Co. 's Sydney post office directory, 1857. 8vo. Syd.

FORD'S Australian almanac, 1851-54: W. and F. Ford. 4 v., 8vo.

That for 1854 published by Waugh and Cox.

FORD'S Sydney commercial directory, 1851. 8vo. Syd.
LEIGH, S. T. and Co. Handbook to Sydney and suburbs, with

a plan of the city, and map of the roads of the colony. 8vo.

Syd., 1867.
LOW, FRANCIS. City of Sydney directory, 1844-45. kl. 8vo.

Syd., 1844.
Directory of the city and district of Sydney, 1847. obi. 8vo.

Syd. '
MOORE'S Australian almanac and hand-book, 1876-80, 1882, 1884-

86, 1888-89, 1892-95, 1897-1903. 20 v. 8vo. Syd.


NEW SOUTH WALES almanac and remembrancer, 1848 : W. A.

Colman. 8vo. Syd.
NEW SOUTH WALES calendar and general post office directory,

1832-34, 1836-37 : by James Raymond. 5 v., 8vo. Syd.
Those for 1832-34 published by Stephens and Stokes; for 1836-37

by W. Moffitt.

NEW SOUTH WALES pocket almanack, 1813, 1814, 1820, 1821 :

George Howe. 4 v., i2mo. Syd.
READING and WELLBANK'S Metropolitan almanac for 1861.

8vo. Syd.
SANDS and KENNY. Commercial and general Sydney directory,

1858-59. 8vo. Syd., 1858.
SAND'S commercial and general Sydney directory, 1863. 8vo.


SAND'S Sydney directory, 1870. 8vo. Syd.
SAND'S Sydney, suburban, and country commercial directory, 1902

to date. 8vo. Syd.
SHERRIFF and DOWNING. Gazetteer of New South Wales.

i2mo. Syd. [1862.]
TEGG'S New South Wales pocket almanac and remembrancer,

1837, 1840, 1842, 1844: James Tegg. 4 v., i2mo. Syd.
VOX stellarum ; or, the Sydney almanack, 1828: by Francis Pere-

grine Moore, pp. 16, 8vo. Syd.
WAUGH and COX'S directory of Sydney and its suburbs, 1855.

8vo. Syd.
WILSON and Co. Authentic directory, Sydney and suburbs, 1908-

09. sq. i2mo. Syd., 1908.
WISE and Co. New South Wales post office commercial directory,

1902 to date. 8vo. Syd.
YEWEN'S directory of the landowners of New South Wales, 1900.

410. Syd.

919.45. Victoria.

ACORN, pseud. The future of Victoria. 8vo. Melb., n.d.
ALGAR, FREDERIC. Handbook to the colony of Victoria, Aus-

tralia : [map], pp. 40, 8vo. Lond., 1863.
ARDEN, GEORGE. Recent information respecting Port Phillip, and

the promising province of Australia Felix; including their

history, geography, and important natural resources. 8vo.

Lond., 1841.
ARGUS newspaper. Squatters' directory. pp. 22, 8vo. Melb.,


Pam., v. 136, no. 2623.
ARMOUR, JAMES. The diggings, the bush, and Melbourne; or,

reminiscences of three years' wanderings in Victoria, pp. 56.

8vo. Glasgow, 1864.
ASP IN ALL, CLARA. Three years in Melbourne. 8vo. Lond.,

AUSTRALASIAN newspaper. The " Black forest" of Victoria :

[with] meteorological tables, pp. 21. 8vo. Melb., 1851.
Pam., v. 57, no. 942.


BALLANTYNE, Rev. JAMES. Homes and homesteads in the land
of plenty : a handbook of Victoria as a field for emigration.
[2nd ed.] 8vo. Melb., 1871.
Same: Supplement: illust. pp. 32. sm. 8vo. Melb., 1874.

Pam., v. 20, no. 370.

Our colony in 1880; pictorial and descriptive. 8vo. Melb.,

(Hutchinson's Handbook of Victoria.)

BANNOW, WALDEMAR. Colony of Victoria, socially and materi-
ally ; map. 8vo. Melb., 1896.

BONWICK, JAMES. Sketch of Boroondara. pp. 39, i2mo. Melb.,

Pam., v. 138, no. 26=58.

Western Victoria : its geography, geology, and social condition ;
the narrative of an educational tour in 1857. 8vo. Geelong,

The wild white man, and the blacks of Victoria, pp. go. 2nd
ed. 8vo. Melb., 1863.

Bound with his Early days of Melbourne, class 994.=;.

BOOTH, EDWIN CARTON. Another England ; life, living, homes,
and homemakers in Victoria. 8vo. Lond.. 1869.

BRIDE, THOMAS FRANCIS, ed. Letters from Victorian pioneers;
being a series of papers on the early occupation of the colony,
the aborigines, &c., addressed to his excellency Charles
Joseph La Trobe : [with sketch of the Port Phillip country].
8vo. Melb., 1898.

BRIGHT Alpine club. Illustrated guide to the Australian Alps and
Buffalo ranges: [map.] pp. 71, 8vo. Bright, n.d.
Pam., v. 114, no 2121.

BROWN, HENRY. Victoria as I found it during five years of ad-
venture, in Melbourne, on the roads and the goldfields. 8vo.
Lond., 1862.

BUNDEY, WILLIAM HENRY. A winter cruise on Australia's great
waterway, and what I saw at Mildura. pp. 24, 8vo. Adel.,

Pam., v. 176, no. 3392.

BURTON, A. R. E. Mildura, the true Australia Felix : how to
get rich in Victoria, pp. 24, i2mo. Melb., 1892.
Pam., v. 38, no. 6q8.

CALDWELL, ROBERT. Gold era of Victoria : being the present
and future of the colony in its commercial, statistical, and
social aspects : [map.] 8vo. Lond., 1855.

CARTER, CHARLES ROOKING. Victoria, the British " El dorado" :
or, Melbourne in 1869, showing the advantages of that colony
as a field for emigration : map and illust. 8vo. Lond.,

CHUCK, THOMAS. One story is good till another is told; or, a
reply to Mr. Anthony Trollope on that part of his work, en-
titled " Australia and New Zealand," relating to the colony
of Victoria, pp. 48., 8vo. Liverpool, n.d.

CLUTTERBUCK, JAMES BENNETT. Port Phillip in 1849 : map.
i2mo. Lond., 1850.

COMPANION guide to Healesville and district : illust. [and map.]
pp. 72, i2mo. Melb., 1904.
Pam, v. 136, no. 2622.


CROSS, ADA, "Ada Cambridge," Mrs. G. F. Thirty years in

Australia. 8vo. Lond., 1903.
CURR, EDWARD MICKLETHWAITE. Recollections of squatting in

Victoria, then called the Port Phillip district, from 1841 to

1851. 8vo. Melb., 1883.
CYCLOPEDIA of Victoria; an historical and commercial review;

descriptive and biographical, facts, figures, and illustrations;

an epitome of progress: ed. by James Smith: illust. 3 v.,

4to. Melb., 1903.
DOBIE, WILLIAM WILSON. Recollections of a visit to Port Phillip,

Australia, in 1852-55. i2mo. Glasgow, 1856.
DUNDERDALE, GEORGE. The book of the bush ; containing many

truthful sketches of the early colonial life of squatters, whalers.

convicts, diggers, and others : illust. 8vo. Lond., 1898.
FAUCHERY, ANTOINE. Lettres d'un mineur en Australie :

precedees d'une lettre de Theodore de Banville. 8vo. Paris,


FINN, Rev. W. M. Glimpses of north-eastern Victoria, and Al-
bury, New South Wales, pp. 35, 8vo. Melb., 1870.
Pam., v. 151, no. 848.

FREEMAN, JOHN. Lights and shadows of Melbourne life. 8vo.

Lond., 1888.
GRIFFITH, CHARLES. Present state and prospects of the Port

Phillip district of New South Wales. 8vo. Dublin, 1845.
GUIDE for excursionists from Melbourne. 2nd ed. 8vo. Melb.,


HAYDON, G. H. Five years' experience in Australia Felix, com-
prising a short account of its early settlement : illust. 8vo.

Lond., 1846.
HAYTER, HENRY HEYLYN. Handbook to the colony of Victoria ;

prepared under the direction of the Victorian government :

[map.] pp. 63, 8vo. Melb., [1884.]

Pam., v. 20, no. 373.
HORNE, RICHARD HENGIST. Australian facts and prospects : to

which is prefixed the author's Australian autobiography. 8vo.

Lond., 1859.
HOWITT, Richard. Impressions of Australia Felix during four

years' residence in that colony, notes of a voyage round the

world, Australian poems, &c. 8vo. Lond., 1845.
HOWTTT, WILLIAM. Land, labour, and gold ; or, two years in

Victoria; with visits to Sydney and Van Diemen's Land
2 v., 8vo. Ix>nd., 1855.
Two years in Victoria: [a review of the above.] pp. 16, 8vo.

Lond., 1855.

From the Eclectic review.
Pam., v. 136, no. 2624.

KELLY, WILLIAM. Life in Victoria : or, Victoria in 1853, and
Victoria in 1858; [map.] 2 v., 8vo. Lond., 1859.

KERR, J. H. Glimpses of life in Victoria : by a resident : [anon.]
8vo. Edinb., 1872.

KIMBERLEY, W 7 . B., compiler. Bendigo and vicinity; a com-
prehensive history of her past and a resume of her resources;
with biographies of her representative . . men. 4to.
Melb., 1895.


KIRBY, JAMES. Old times in the bush of Australia; trials and

experiences of early bush life in Victoria during the forties.

8vo. Ballarat, [1895].
KNIGHT, JOHN GEORGE. A few particulars relative to the colony

of Victoria, Australia: issued under the authority of the

Victoria emigrants' assistance society, pp. 16, 8vo. Lond.,


Pam., v. 114, no. 2122.
Narrative of the visit of His Royal Highness the Duke of

Edinburgh to the colony of Victoria, Australia : [portrs.].

4to. Melb., 1868.

LANG, Rev. JOHN DUNMORE. Phillipsland : or, the country hither-
to designated Port Phillip ; its present condition and pros-
pects : [maps.] i2mo. Lond., 1847.
LETTERS from Highland emigrants in Australia, [Victoria], 1852.

8vo. Lond., n.d.
MACARTNEY, JOHN NEILL. Sandhurst as it was and as it is.

8vo. Bendigo. 1882.
M'CUTCHEON, ROBERT GEORGE. To Lome and back, with gos-

sipings by the way. pp.* 25, 8vo. Melb., 1880.

Pam., v. 20, no. 368.
MEREDITH, LOUISA ANNE, Mrs. C. Over the straits; a visit to

Victoria. 8vo. Lond., 1861.
MICHIE, Sir ARCHIBALD. Readings in Melbourne; with an essay

on the resources and prospects of Victoria : [map.] 8vo.

Lond., 1879.
MOODY, PETER. New Mount Alexander and Australian Golconda :

the Ovens River ; or, great south-western gold fields, pp. 33,

8vo. Syd., 1852.

Pam., v. 158, no. 3026.
MOOX. JONATHAN GEORGE. Tarrangower, past and present; a

historv of Maldon from 1853 : guide, business directory, and

calendar, pp. 30, 8vo. Maldon, 1864.

Pam., v. 116, no. 21^6.
MURRAY, Hon. ROBERT DUNDAS. A summer at Port Phillip.

i2mo. Edinb. [1843.]
ORBOST and East Gippsland railway league. Railway extension

through East Gippsland : [map and illust.] pp. 79, 8vo.

Melb., 1908.

Pam., v. 176, no. 330,3.
PERIODICALS publishing company. Ballarat and district in

1901 ; a concise history of its rise, progress, and present

prosperity in its mining, engineering, agriculture, architecture,

art, trade, and manufactures: illust. 410. Melb., 1901.
PERRON D'ARC, HENRI. Les champs d'or de Bendigo. 8vo.

Paris, 1863.
POLLET, E. Australasie: la colonie de Victoria: agriculture

elevage industries commerce general, pp. 50, 8vo. Brus-
sels, 1898.

Pam., v. 158, no. 3027.
ROYAL society of Victoria. Report on the resources of the colony

of Victoria, pp. 79, 8vo. Melb., 1860.

Pam., v. ;8, no. qq8.
SANDS and McDOUGALL, limited, publishers. Victoria; its

history, resources and prospects : an exhibition memorial,

1888-89. 8v o- Melb., 1888.
F.8720. u


port on the physical character and resources of Gippsland :
map and geological sections, pp. 65, 8vo. Melb., 1874.
Pam., v. 28, no. -468.

SLATER, WILLIAMS, and HODGSON. Guide to the gold-fields
of Victoria, with map, and the new regulations for the gold-
fields and local courts, pp. 43, i2mo. Melb., 1855.
Pam., v. 38, no. 651;.

SPENCER, WALTER BALDWIN, ed. Handbook of Melbourne for
the use of members of the Australasian association for the
advancement of science: Melbourne meeting, 1890. i2mo.
Melb., 1890.

STONEY, HENRY BUTLER, captain. Victoria : with a description
of its principal cities, Melbourne and Geelong; and remarks
on the present state of the colony : [map and illust.] 8vo.
Lond., 1856.

TANJIL, pseud. Centennial guide to the Gippsland lakes and
rivers ; with map. views from photographs, early reminisi
of the discovery of Gippsland, by John King and Rev. W.
S. Login, pp. 53, sm, 8vo. Melb., n.d.
Pam. v. 53, no. 888.

Our trip to Gippsland lakes and rivers, with map : early
reminiscences of the discovery of Gippsland, by John King;
with a chapter on South Gippsland by D. Macdonald. pp.
52, sm. 8vo. Melb., 1882.

Pam.,. v. 88, no. 1574.

THOMAS, JULIAN. The lakes entrance, Gipps Land. pp. 28, 8vo.
Melb., 1886.

Pam., v. 20, no. 371.

Vagabond papers ; sketches of Melbourne life, in light and

shade. 3 v., 8vo. Melb., 1877.
Victoria en 1889. 8vo. Melb., 1889.

THOMSON, JAMES, ed. Illustrated handbook of Victoria : [map].
8vo. Melb., 1886.

For the Colonial and Indian exhibition.

VICTORIA, as she is and as she may be. pp. 18, 8vo. Melb.,

Pam., v. 114, no. 212^.

VICTORIA -.Government. "Victoria illustrated"; an illustrated
trip through some of the most important and picturesque
towns, with short articles touching upon the industries of the
state of Victoria : ed. by W. Lorck. 8vo. Melb., 1909.
Victoria, the garden state of Australia, a handbook for rural
home seekers : [illust. and ! 2 maps]. 8vo. Melb., [1909].

VICTORIA: Railways department. Picturesque Victoria and hovr

to get there; a handbook for tourists. 8vo. Melb., 1905.
Summer at the seaside: [illust.] pp. 32, obi. i2mo. Melb.,

WALCH, GARNET. Victoria in 1880: illust. by Charles Turner.
4to. Melb. [1881].

WATHEN, GEORGE HENRY. The golden colony; or, Victoria in
1854: illust. and map. 8vo. Lond., 1885.


WESTGARTH, WILLIAM. Australia Felix: or, a historical and
descriptive account of the settlement of Port Phillip, New
South Wales ; including full particulars of the manners and
condition of the aboriginal natives : illust. 8vo. Edinb.,

This copy contains an autograph letter of John Batman.

Same : another copy.

Same: 2nd ed., entitled Victoria, late Australia Felix; being
an historical and descriptive account of the colony and its
gold mines : [map.] 8vo. Edinb., 1853.

The colony of Victoria : its history, commerce, and gold-mining ;
its social and political institutions down to the end of 1863 :
with remarks upon the other colonies : [map]. 8vo. Lond.,

Commercial, statistical and general report on the district of
Port Phillip, New South Whales, for the half year ended 3oth
of January, 1846. pp. 40, 8vo. Melb., n.d.

Pam., v. 158, no. 3028.

Personal recollections of early Melbourne and Victoria. 8vo.

Melb., 1888.

Report, commercial, statistical and general on the district of
Port Phillip, New South Wales, for the half year ended ^ist
July, 1846. pp. 74, 8vo. Melb., 1846.

Pam., v. 55, no. 907.
Same: another copy.

Pam., v. 116, no. 2153.

Victoria and the Australian gold mines in 1857 ; with notes on
the overland route from Australia, via Suez : [maps]. 8vo.
Lond., 1857.

WESTWOOD, JOSEPH JEWELL. Journal : or, an account of eight
years' itineracy to the townships and squatting stations in Vic-
toria, New South Wales, South Australia, and Tasmania.
8vo. Melb., 1865.

WHIT WORTH, ROBERT P., ed. Official handbook and guide to
Melbourne, and to the cities, principal towns, mining and
other districts of Victoria: maps, plans, &c. izmo. Melb.,

Almanacs: Directories: Gazetteers.

BAILLIERE'S Victorian gazetteer and road guide: compiled by
R. P. Whitworth : map. 8vo. Melb., 1865.

BALLARAT and Ballarat district directory for 1865-66 : compiled
by F. M. Dicker. 8vo. Ball., 1865.

BLUNDELL, JAMES J. and Co. Map of Melbourne and suburbs,

with street guide and index, fldg. Melb. [1859?]
Squatters' directory : with squatting map of Victoria and key.

i2mo. Melb., 1862.
Same: 1865. Blundell and Ford. 8vo. Melb.

BLUNDELL, JAMES J. and Co., publishers. Melbourne com-
mercial, squatters', and official directory for 1854: compiled
by Joseph Butterfield. 8vo. Melb.

GEELONG commercial directory and almanac, 1854 : map. 8vo.

D 2


HEATH and CORDELL'S Geelong, Ballarat, and Creswick's
creek directory and almanac, 1856 : map of Geelong. 8vo.

KERR, WILLIAM. Melbourne almanac and Port Phillip directory,
1842. 8vo. Melb., 1842.

MELBOURNE commercial directory, including Collingwood and
Richmond, and almanac for the year 1853 : compiled by P.
W. Pierce. 8vo. Melb.

MELBOURNE commercial directory, 1855 : compiled by J. Butter-
field. 8vo. Melb.

MELBOURNE commercial, professional, and legal directory, 1856 ;
by John Needham : map. 8vo. Melb.

MELBOURNE directory, 1857 to date. 8vo. Melb.

From 1857 to 1861, published by Sands and Kenny; from 1862
to date by fcands and McDougall.

OFFICIAL post office directory, Victoria, 1870. 8vo. Melb.

PORT PHILLIP almanac and directory, 1847 : compiled by J. J.
Mouritz. 1 2mo. Melb.

SANDS and McDOUGALL'S annual register and almanac, 1864.
i2mo. Syd.

VICTORIAN almanac, 1859, containing gardener's calendar,
colonial information, and table of moonlight nights. pp.
60, i2mo. Melb.
Pam., v. 59, no. 970.

VICTORIAN almanac, 1863, with farmers' and gardeners' calen-
dar, gold ready reckoner, abstract of important acts, &c.
pp. 84, 8vo. Melb.

Pam., v. 114, no. 2124.

VICTORIAN municipal directory, also waterworks and irrigation

trusts records 1902 to date. 8vo. Melb.
WISE and Co. Victoria post office commercial directory, 1902 to

date. 8vo. Melb.

919.46. Tasmania.

ALGAR, FREDERIC. Handbook to the colony of Tasmania, pp.
1 6, 8vo. Lond., 1863.

Bound with his Handbook to . . Victoria, class 919.45.
BEATTIE, J. W. Port Arthur [Tas.], past and present: [18]

photographs, obi. i2mo. Hobart, n.d.
Pam., v. 136, no. 2625.

BROWNRIGG, Rev. M. BLAKE. The cruise of the Freak : a nar-
rative of a visit to the islands in Bass and Banks straits,
with some, account of the islands : illust. and chart. 8vo.
Launceston [1872].

BUCK, FREDERIK. Den Britisk-Australiske koloni Tasmanien.
PP" 55' 8vo. Copenhagen, 1870.
Pam., v. 86, no. 1550.

BUCKLER, C. DUGALD. The colony of Tasmania; recent statis-
tics with map : also letters from settlers containing useful in-
formation for intending emigrants, pp. 80, 8vo. Lond.,

Pam., v. 86, no. 1555.

BURFORD, ROBERT. Description of a view of Hobart Town, Van
Diemen's Land, and the surrounding country, now exhibiting
at the panorama, Strand: [plate], pp. 12. 8vo. Lond.,


CALDER, JAMES ERSKINE. The woodlands, &c., of Tasmania..
pp.' 15, 8vo. Lond., 1874.

Pam., v. 84, no. 11507.

CORNWALL chronicle newspaper. Tasmaniana ; a description of
the island of Tasmania and its resources. pp. 56, 8vo.
Launceston, 1876.

Pam., v. 114, no. 2129

CRAWFORD, ANDREW, lieutenant-colonel. Letter to the officers

of H.M. Indian services, civil and military: [plan.] pp.

53, 8vo. Hobart Town, 1865.

Pam., v. 8, no. 179.
CURR, EDWARD. Account of the colony of Van Diemen's Land;

principally designed for the use of emigrants. i2mo.

Lond., 1824.
DIXON, JOHN. Condition and capabilities of Van Diemen's Land,

as a place of emigration. i2mo. Lond., 1839.
EMIGRATION to Tasmania: by a recent settler. Lond ,


EVANS, GEORGE W T ILLIAM. Geographical, historical, and topo-
graphical description of Van Diemen's Land; with important
hints to emigrants : with a view of Hobart Town. 8vo,
Lond., 1822.

FAWNS, CECIL. A trip to Beaconsfield. pp. 7, sm. 8vo. Hobart,


Pam., v. 86, no. 1547-
FENTON, JAMES. Bush life in Tasmania fifty years ago. i2mo.

Lond., [1891].
FORSTER, Rev. THOMAS HAY. Account of a voya'ge in a convict

ship. pp. 36, i2mo. Lond., 1850.

Pam., v. 118, no. 2187.

GODWIN, Rev. BENJAMIN. Emigrants' guide to Van Dierr.en's
Land, more properly called Tasmania : containing a descrip-
tion of climate, soil, and productions : [map and view of
Hobart Town]. 8vo. Lond., 1823.

HAYWOOD, HOWARD. Through Tasmania; Haywood's visitors'
and colonists' guide: where to go; how to get there, and
what it will cost. 8vo. Hobart, 1885.
.HULL, HUGH MUNRO. Experience of forty years in Tasmania.

i2mo. Lond., 1859.
Guide to Tasmania, pp. 96, 8vo. Hobart Town, 1858.

Pam., v. 188, no. 3638.

Tasmania as a field for British emigrants; its productions, re-
sources, lands, commerce, and population : with a gazetteer. .
8vo. Hobart Town, 1875.

Tasmania in 1870; or, hints to emigrants, intending settlers, and
capitalists, pp. 36, i2mo. Hobart Town, 1870.

Pam., v. 176, no. 3394.

JEFFREYS, CHARLES, lieutenant. Van Dieman's Land; geo-
graphical and descriptive delineations of the island of Van
Dieman's Land. 8vo. Lond., 1820.
JUST, THOMAS COOK. Official hand-book of Tasmania. 8vo.

Launceston, 1883.

Same: [map]. 2nd ed, 8vo. Launceston, 1883.
Same: [map]. 3rd ed, 8vo. Launceston, 1887.


JUST, THOMAS COOK, ed. Tasmania ! a description of the island
of Tasmania and its resources, pp. 85, 8vo. Launa-ston.

i'um., v. 23, no. 408.

LAUNCESTON city and suburbs improvement association. Pic-
turesque Tasmania ; an illustrated pocket-l>ook of matter-of-
fact information : [maps and plans], sq. 8vo. Launceston,

l j am., v. 36, no. 1545.

LEGGE, WILLIAM VINCENT, colonel. The highlands of Lake St.
Clair. pp. 14, 8vo. [Hobart], 1887.
Pam., v. 81, no. 1450.

LETTERS from Lufra : Eagle Hawk Neck, Tasmania, pp. 23.
8vo. Lond., n.d.

Pam., v. 188, no. 3630-

LUDWIG, SALVATOR, archduke of Austria. Hobarttown; oder
Sommerfrische in den Antipoden. 410. Prague, 1886.

MACQUARIE harbour bar delegation. Facts and figures relating
to the progress and development of the west coast mineral
district, Tasmania, pp. 28, 8vo. Zeehan, 1898.
Pam., v. 86, no. 1551.

MELVILLE, HENRY, ed. Van Diemen's Land; comprehending a
variety of statistical and other information. i2ir_o. Hobart
Town, 1833.

MEREDITH, LOUISA ANNE, Mrs. C. My home in Tasmania during

a residence of nine years. 2 v., 8vo. Lond., 1852.
Tasmanian friends and fees, feathered, furred, and finned ; a
family chronicle of country life, natural history, and veritable
adventure: plates and illust. 4to. Hobart Town, 1880.

MOOSAFIR, pseud. The north-west coast of Tasmania; a serit-s
of letters reprinted from the Melbourne "Age." pp. 31.
8vo. Melb., 1889.
Pam., v. 23, no. 402.

MORTON, ALEXANDER, ed. Handbook for the use of members of
the Australasian association for the advancement of science:
Hobart meeting, 1892 : [maps]. i2mo. Hobart, 1891.
Same: another copy.

Pam., v. 39. no. 665.

MORTON, Mrs. CAROLINE, " Dio. " Maria island, its past, pre-
sent, and probable future : [map], pp. 48, 8vo. Hobart,

Pam., v. 22. no. 300.

MURRAY, A. S. Tasmanian rivers, lakes, and flowers : with fac-
simile reproductions in colours of numerous sketches by the
author, fo. Lond., 1900.

NIXON, FRANCIS RUSSELL, bishop of Tasmania. Cruise of the
Beacon: a narrative of a visit to the islands in Bass's straits :
[illust.]. 8vo. Lond., 1857.

NORTH-western tourist association, Devonport, Tasmania. Tas-
mania's north-west coast, the Switzerland of Australia: the
popular tourist resort: [illust.]. pp. 48, 8vo. Devonport,

Pam., v. 158, no. 3020.

PARKER, HENRY WALTER. Van Diemen's Land : its rise, progress,
and present state : with advice to emigrants : [map]. 2nd'
ed., i2mo. Lond., 1834.


PIGUENIT, WILLIAM CHARLES. Among the western highlands of
Tasmania: [illust. and map], pp. 10, 8vo. Hobart, 1892.

Pam., v. 81, no. 1451.
Same : another copy.

Pam., v. 113. no. 2009.

POWER, G. A. Geography of Tasmania, 1876. pp. 8, sm. 8vo.
Launceston, 1876.

Pam., v. 86, no. 1548.

PRINSEP, Mrs. AUGUSTUS, ed. Journal of a voyage from Cal-
cutta to Van Diemen's Land, comprising a description of that
colony during a six months' residence: [map]. i2mo., with
4to. illustrations. Lond., 1833.

SALIER, FREDERICK I. Cruise of the Isabel; a pleasant fort-
night spent sailing in calm waters, pp. 17, 8vo. Hobart,

Pnm., v. 86, no. 1554.

SENIOR, WILLIAM. -Travel and trout in the antipodes ; an angler's
sketches in Tasmania and New Zealand. 8vo. Melb., 1880.

STATISTICAL view of Van Diemen's Land: [map and plan].
8vo. Exeter, 1872.

STEPHENS, T. Land routes for exploration of the western
country, pp. 8, 8vo. Hobart, 1896.

Pam., v. 86, no. 1553.

"STONE Y, HENRY BUTLER, major. A residence in Tasmania, with
a descriptive tour through the island, from Macquarie harbour
to Circular head. 8vo. Lond., 1856.

A year in Tasmania, including some months' residence in the,
capital ; with a descriptive tour through the island, and a
short notice of the colony in 1853 ; [map]. 8vo. Hobart
Town, 1854.

SYME, J. Nine years in Van Diemen's Land : comprising an
account of its discovery, possession, settlement, progress,
population, value of land, herds, flocks, &c. ; added, an essay
on prison discipline. lamo. Dundee, 1848.

TASMAN'S Peninsula. Sketch of Tasman's Peninsula; its soil
and timber, pp. u, 8vo. Hobart Town, 1878.
Pam., v. 86, no. 1552.

TASMANIA: Government. Handbook of Tasmania; hints to in-

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