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with facsimile of Cook's chart, pp. 12, 8vo. Syd., n.d.

Pam., v. 138, no. 2650

Unveiling of the Captain Cook statue, Hyde Park, Sydney, on
Tuesday, 25th February, 1879 : illust. pp. 6, 8vo. Syd.,

DONOHUE, F. J., "Arthur Gayll." History of Botany Bay:
[illust.]. pp. 64, 4to. Syd., [1888?].

being a record of facts and reminiscences concerning the
Hawkesbury district. i2mo. Syd., 1900.

GARDINER, FRANK, bushranger. Typewritten copy of Cor-
respondence between His Excellency tihe Governor [of New
South Wales] and His Honour the Chief justice, Sir James
Martin, re the proposed liberation of Frank Gardiner, bush-
ranger, in 1875. pp. 21, n.p., n.d.

GOULBURN herald newspaper. Gleanings from old -Australian
papers, pp. 44, 8vo. Goulburn, 1880.
Pam., v. 87, no. 1571.

GREAT BRITAIN: Parliament. Copies or extracts of corre-
spondence relative to the default of Mr. Manning, late regis-
trar of the Supreme court of New South Wales ; also, copy of
any orders of the government for security taken from Mr.
Manning, pp. 51, fscp. fo. Lond., 1845.
[Papers relating to convicts Joseph Sudds and Patrick Thomp-
son], fscp. fo. Lond., 1828.

Contents: Despatches from Lieut. -Genl. Darling to Earl Bathurst.
Papers explanatory of the charges brought against Lieut. -Genl.
Darling by William Charles Wentworth. Despatches relative to the
punisrnent and death of private Joseph Sudds.

HALL, EDWARD SMITH. Reply in refutation of the pamphlets of
Lieut. -genl. R. Darling and Maj.-genl. H. C. Darling, ad-
dressed by them to J. Hume, M.P., and Viscount Goderich,
Earl of Ripon. 8vo. Lond., 1833.

HISTORICAL records of New South Wales; ed. by A. Brittonand
F. M. Bladen: [illust., maps, and facsimile letters]. 6 v. in
7. 8vo. Syd., 1893-98.

Contents: v. i. pt. i. Cook, 1762-80. v. i. pt. 2. Phillip, 1783-
92. v. 2. Grose and Paterson, 1793-95- v. 3. Hunter, 1796-99. v. 4.
Hunter and King, 1800-02. v. 5. King, 1800-05. v - 6. King and
Bligh, 1806-08.


HUNTER, JOHN, vice-admiral. Historical journal of the transac-
tions at Port Jackson and Norfolk island, with the discoveries
which have been made in New South Wales and in the
Southern ocean since the publication of Phillip's voyage;
compiled from the official papers, including the journals of
Governors Phillip and King and Lieut. Ball, and the voyages
from the first sailing of the Sirius in 1787 to 1792 : maps
and illust. 4to. Lond., 1793.

Same: another ed.; entityed, Historical journal of the trans-
actions at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island, including the
journals of Governors Phillip and King, since the publication
of Phillip's voyage, with an abridged account of the new dis-
coveries in the Soutih seas ; to which is prefixed a life of the
author : map and illust. 8vo. Lond., 1793.

contingent ; a history of the patriotic movement in New South
Wales, and an account of the despatch of troops to ...
<the Soudan.. 8vo. Syd., 1885.

JOHNSTON, GEORGE, lieut.-col. Proceedings of a general court-
martial held at Chelsea hospital for the trial of Lieut.-col.
Geo. Johnston, on a charge of mutiny, for deposing William
Bligh, governor- in -chief of New South Wales. 8vo. Lond.,

KITTLE, SAMUEL. Concise history of the colony and natives of
New South Wales: [illust.]. i2mo. Edinb., [1814].

LANG, Rev. JOHN DUNMORE. Historical and statistical account of
New South Wales, both as a penal settlement and as a Bri-
tish colony. 2 v., 8vo. Lond., 1834.
Same: 2nd ed. [map]. 2 v., 8vo. Lond., 1837.
Same: 3rd ed., entitled, Historical and statistical account of
New South Wales, including a visit to the gold regions and
a description of the mines: [map]. 2 v., 8vo. Lond., 1852.
Same: 4th ed., entitled, Historical and statistical account of
New South Wales, from the founding of the colony in 1788
to the present day: [map and 2 illust.]. 2 v., 8vo. Lond.,


MACARTHUR, Sir EDWARD, lieut.-general. Colonial policy of
1840 and 1841, as illustrated by the Governor's despatches,
and proceedings of the Legislative council of New South
Wales: [map], -pp. 79, 8vo. Lond., 1841.

MARSDEN, Rev. SAMUEL. Answer to certain calumnies in the
late Governor Macquarie's pamphlet, and the third edition of
Mr. Went worth's Account of Australasia. pp. 91, 8vo.
Lond., 1826.

Governor Macquarie, in his letter to Viscount Sidmouth, amongst
other things, accused Mr. Marsden of " being himself accustomed to
traffic in spirits."

MORRISON, W. FREDERIC. The Aldine centennial history of New
South Wales: illust., portrs. and maps. 2 v., 410. Syd.,

MUDIE, JAMES. The felonry of New South Wales j being a faith-
ful picture of the real romance of life in Botany Bay : plan
of Sydney. 8vo. Lond., 1836.



NEW SOUTH WALES: Government. Souvenir of the celebra-
tion of the jubilee of responsible government, 22nd May,
1906 : [illust.]. pp. 18, 63. 8vo. Syd., 1906.

Pam., v. 189, no. 36^8.

NEW SOUTH WALES -.Legislative council. Report of the de-
bate in the Legislative council on loth Dec., 1840, upon the
subject of a proposed division of the territory, and the intro-
duction of a new system for the disposal of crown Ian Jr :
[map], pp. 66, 8vo. Syd., [1841].

NEW SOUTH WALES: Parliament. Jubilee of responsible
government: Legislative assembly chamber, 22 May, 1906.
pp. 46, 8vo. Syd., 1906.

Pam., v. 87, no. 1570.

Memento of the inauguration of responsible government in New
South Wales; [speeches at a banquet, iyth July, 1856]. pp,
n, 8vo. Syd., 1906.
Pam., v. 97, no. 1764.

O'HARA, [ ]. History of New South Wales. 2nd ed., 8vo

Lond., 1818.

A compilation.

PARKES, Sir HENRY. Fifty years in the making of Australian
history. 2 v., 8vo. Lond., 1892.

PATERSON, G. History of New South Wales from its first dis-
covery to the present time, . ; [with] a description of
Van Diemen's Land and Norfolk Island : map and illust.
8vo. Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1811.

A compilation.

PHILLIP, ARTHUR, vice-admiral. Authentic journal of the expe-
dition under Commodore Phillips [A. Phillip] to Botany Bay,
with an account of the settlement made at Port Jackson:
[and] Historical narrative of the discovery of New Holland,,
or, New South Wales: by an officer, pp. 40, 54, 8vo. Lond.,


Chart wanting.

The "Historical narrative" mentioned on the title page was pub-
lished separately in 1786, and bound up with the " Authentic jour-
nal," having a separate pagination.

Extracts of letters to Lord Sydney ; to which is annexed a de-
scription of Norfolk Island by Philip Gidley King, and an
account of expenses incurred in transporting convicts to New
South Wales. 4:0. Lond., 1791.

Voyage to Botany bay ; with an account of the establishment of
the colonies of Port Jackson and Norfolk island : added, the
journals of Lieuts. Shortland, Watts, Ball, and Captain
Marshall : maps and illust. 410. Lond., 1789.

Same: 2nd ed. containing, History of New Holland and a dis-
course on banishment : by the Rt. hon. Lord Auckland : with
chart of New Holland and plan of Botany bay. 4to. Lond.,
1790. <

Voyage du gouverneur Phillip a Botany bay ; avec une descrip-
tion de 1'establissement des colonies du Port Jackson et de
1'ile Norfolk: tr. de 1' Anglais. 8vo. Paris, 1791.


PHILLIPS, MARION. A colonial autocracy; New South Wales
under Governor Macquarie, 1810-21. 8vo. Lond., 1909.

PITCAIRNERS in Norfolk Island; MSS. journal of a visit to Nor-
folk Island in the winter, June-August, of i8<;6. pp. 21, 8vo.
Well., 1857.

Pam., v. 189, no. 3657.

RICHARDS, THOMAS, compiler. Epitome of the official history of
New South Wales, from the foundation of the colony in 1788
to . '-, . . 1883: [map]. 8vo. Syd., 1883.

ROBINSON, CHARLES. New South Wales; the oldest and richest
of the Australian colonies: maps. 8vo. Syd., 1873.
Pam., v. 177, no. ,3409.

ROBISON, ROBERT. In the King's Bench; Rex. v. Robison;

judgment, i5th June, 1835. pp. 22, 8vo. Lond., 1835.
Short statement of the case of Robert Robison, as brought for-
ward in the House of commons by Dr. Lushington, the
sentence of the court-martial against him, on the charges of
lieut. -general Ralph Darling; with other documents. 8vo.
Lond., 1834.

SHAW, JOHN. Concise history of New South Wales, from the
earliest times to the winning of responsible government, pp.
54, 8vo. Syd., 1883.
Pam., v. 19, no. 356.

SPRUSON, JOSEPH JOHN. Norfolk Island; outline of its history
from 1788 to 1884: [illust.] pp. 51, 410. Syd., 1885.

SYDNEY morning herald newspaper. Concise history of Australian
settlement and progress ; with full reports of the centennial
celebrations in 1888: [map]. 4to. Syd., 1888.
Centennial supplement ; with reports of the principal events in
connection with the celebration of the centenary of Australian
settlement: [map]. 4to. Syd., 1888.

TENCH, WATKIN, major-general. Complete account of the settle-
ment at Port Jackson, in New South Wales, including an
accurate description of the situation of the colony, of the
natives, and of its natural productions: [map]. 4to. Lond.,


Narrative of the expedition to Botany Bay, with an account of
New South Wales, its productions, inhabitants, &c. 8vo.
Lond., 1789.

Voyages a la baye Botanique, a la Nouvelle-Holland, et an
Nouveau Galles du Sud meridional : traduits de 1'Anglois.
8vo. Brussels, 1791.

THOMPSON, GEORGE. Slavery and famine punishments for sedi-
tion ; or, an account of the miseries and starvation at Botany
Bay ; with some preliminary remarks by George Dyer : [map] ;
appended, Extract from the journal of G. Thompson, pp.
48, 24, 8vo. Lond., 1794.

Same: 2nd ed. : [without map]. 8vo. Lond., 1794.
A reprint.

THOMPSON, RICHARD, ed. Report of the proceedings at the
national banquet to celebrate the establishment of responsible
government in New South Wales, pp. 45, 8vo. Syd., 1856.
Pam., v. 138, no. 2657.


WALLIS, JAMES, captain. Historical account of the colony of
New South Wales and its dependent settlements ; in illustra-
tion of twelve views, engraved by W. Preston, a convict, from
drawings taken on the spot by Captain Wallis : to which is
subjoined an accurate map of Port Macquarie and the newly
discovered river Hastings, by J. Oxley. fo. Syd., 1821.

YOUNG, Sir GEORGE. Proposal for a settlement on the coast of
New South Wales, 1785. la. 8vo. Syd., 1888.
Facsimile of original, 1785.

994.5. Victoria.

BARNARD, F. G. A. The jubilee history of Kew, Victoria; its

origin and progress, 1803-1910: [illust.]. 8vo. Kew, 1910.
BATMAN, JOHN. \Typewritten copy of the Journal of John Bat-
man, from loth May, 1835, to nth June, 1835, both days
inclusive, shewing the first settlement of Port Phillip, now
the state of Victoria.] 8vo., n.p., n.d.

From the original in the Public library, Melbourne.

BON WICK, JAMES. Discovery and settlement of Port Phillip;
being a history of the country now called Victoria up to the
arrival of Mr. Superintendent Latrobe in October, 1839; re-
vised by W. Westgarth : map. 8vo. Melb., 1856.
Early days of Melbourne, -pp. 40, izmo. Melb., 1857.
Port Phillip settlement : with map, numerous drawings and let-
ters in facsimile. 8vo. Lond., 1883.

The wild white man, and the blacks of Victoria, pp. 90, 2nd
ed., 8vo. Melb., 1863.

Bound with his Early days of Melbourne.

BROWNE, THOMAS ALEXANDER, "Rolf Boldrewood." Old Mel-
bourne memories, [and poems]. 8vo. Melb., 1884.
CASTIEAU, JOHN BUCKLEY. Australian natives' association: com-
petitive prize essay on the story and sequel of Eureka Stock-
ade, pp. 16, 8vo. Perth, 1904.

Pam., v. 116, no. 2155.

DEMOCRITUS. Faction defeated; or, the political crisis of Vic-
toria, pp. 26, 8vo. Melb., 1 86 1.

Pam., v. 20, no. 376A.

EARL, W. Port Fairy, pp. 61, 4to. n.t.p., Port Fairy, 1896.

FINN, EDMUND, " Garry owen." Chronicles of early Melbourne.;

1835-1852; historical, anecdotal, and personal: portrs. and

illust. 2 v., 4to. Melb.. 1888.

" Garryowen " sketches; historical, local, and personal. i2mo.

Melb., 1880.

GURNER, HENRY FIELD. Chronicle of Port Phillip, now the
colony of Victoria, from 1770 to 1840. pp. 52, 8vo. Melb.,

Pam., v. 55, no. 913.
Same: another copy.

Pam., v. 116, no. 2152.

HARGRAVES, EDWARD HAMMOND. The gold discovery of the
I2th of February, 1851. pp. 15, 8vo. Syd., 1870.

Pam., v. 46, no. 781.

LABILLIERE, FRANCIS PETER. Early history of the colony of
Victoria, from its discovery to its establishment as a self-
governing province of the British Empire. 2 v., 8o. Lond.,


LANG, Rev. JOHN DUNMORE. Historical account of the separation
of Victoria from New South Wales, 'pp. 34, 8vo. Syd.,

I'am., v. 116, no. 2157.

LEAVITT, T. W. H., and LILBURN, W. D., eds. Jubilee his-
tory of Victoria and Melbourne, [with biographical sketches] :
illust. 2 v., 410. Melb., 1888.

McCOMBIE, THOMAS. History of the colony of Victoria, from
its settlement to the death of Sir Charles Hotham. 8vo.
Melb., 1858.

MACKAY, GEORGE. History of Bendigo: [illust.]. 8vo. Melb.,

MUNICIPAL association of Victoria. Addresses to H.R.H. the
Duke of Cornwall and York, and to His Excellency the
Governor-general from the municipalities of Victoria. 4to.
Melb., 1901.

OSBURNE, RICHARD. History of Warrnambool, from 1847 up to
the end of 1886. 8vo. Melb., 1887.

RAFFAELLO, CARBONI. The Eureka stockade. 8vo. Melb.,


REID, JOHN ARBUCKLE. Australian reader; selections from lead-
ing journals on memorable historic events. 8vo. Melb., 1882.

RUSDEN, GEORGE WILLIAM. Discovery, survey, and settlement of

Port Phillip, pp. 56, 8vo. Melb v 1871.'
Same.- another copy.

Pam., v. 55, no. 914.

SHILLINGLAW, JOHN JOSEPH, ed. Historical records of Port
Phillip: [chart and illust.]. 8vo. Melb., 1879.

SMITH, A. N. History of Hawthorn to 1895. 8vo. Melb., 1896.

SUTHERLAND, GEORGE. Tales of the goldfields. 8vo. Melb.,

Pam., v. 177, no. 3410.

TURNER, HENRY GYLES. History of the colony of Victoria from
its discovery to its absorption into the Commonwealth of Aus-
tralia, 1797-1900. <2 v., 8vo. Lond.. 1904.

WATSON, THOMAS GREENLEES. First fifty years of responsible
government in Victoria ; the roll of parliament and some statis-
tics of progress from 1856 to 1906. -pp. 4, 23, 4to. Melb.,

WITHERS, WILLIAM BRAMWELL. History of Ballarat from the
first pastoral settlement to the present time : plans and illust.
8vo. Ballarat, 1870.
Same.- 2nd ed., 8vo. Ballarat, 1887.

WIVELL, E. J. William Strutt's great historical picture, Black
Thursday, pp. 25, sm. 8vo. Adel., [1883].
Pam., v. 20, no. 369.

994.6. Tasmania.

BATMAN, JOHN. [Diary whilst on an expedition to treat with
aborigines of Tasmania, from 3rd March, 1830, to 3oth Sep-
tember, 1830.]

Original manuscript.

Same: [typewritten copy, with letter on the authenticity of the
diary from Mr. A. B. Weire, grandson of John Batman,
from whom the diary was purchased.]


BEATTIE, J. W. Glimpses of the lives and times of the early

Tasmanian governors: illust. 8vo. Hobart, 1905.
Port Arthur and Tasman peninsula, illustrating the convict days
of Tasmania, pp. 14, 8vo. Hobart, 1905.
Pam., v. 95, no. 1731^.

BISCHOFF, JAMES. Sketch of the history of Van Diemen's Land,
and an account of the Van Diemen's Land company : map.
8vo. Lond., 1832.

BONW1CK, JAMES. The bushrangers; illustrating the early days

of Van Diemen's Land. i2mo. Melb., 1856.
The last of the Tasmanians ; or, the black war of Van Diemen's

Land: illust. 8vo. Lond., 1870.
The lost Tasmanian race. 8vo. Lond., 1884.

BURN, DAVID. Vindication of Van Diemen's Land, in a cursory
glance at her colonists as they are, not as they have been
represented to be. pp. 79, 8vo. Lond., 1840.

FENTON, JAMES. Bush life in Tasmania fifty years ago. 8vo.
[Lond., 1891.]

Pam., v. 22, no. 386.

History of Tasmania, from its discovery in 1642 to the present
time: map, and portrs. of aborigines. 8vo. Hobart, 1884.

FRANKLIN, Sir JOHN. Narrative of some passages in the history
of Van Diemen's land, during the last three years of Sir
John Franklin's administration of its government, [relating te
his disputes with the Colonial secretary, J. Montagu: anon.]
8vo. [Lond., 1845.]
Privately printed.

HISTORY of the island of Van Diemen's Land from 1824 to 1835 ;
to which is added A few words on prison discipline. i2mo.
Hobart Town, 1835.

Bound with Melville, H. Van Diemen's Land annual for 1836,
class 919.46.

TASMANIAN almanac, 1829. Chronological events connected with
Van Diemen's Land, and New South Wales, and its depen-
dencies, pp. 79, sm. 8vo. Hobart, 1884.
Reprint from Tasmanian almanac, 1829.
Pam., v. 87, no. 1561.

TASMANIAN centenary celebrations. Official programme of the
functions and displays, Hobart, February i7th to 24th,
1904. pp. 19, sm. 8vo. Hobart, 1904.

Pam., v. 87, no. 1563.

WALKER, JAMES BACKHOUSE. The deportation of the Norfolk
islanders to the Derwent in 1808. pp. 26, 8vo. Hobart,

Contents: i. The settlement of Norfolk Island. 2. The deporta-
tion to the Derwent.

Pam., v. 23, no. 406.

The discovery and occupation of Port Dalrymple. pp. 21, 8vo.
Hobart, 1890.

Pam., v. 9, no. 200.
Same: another co-py.

Pam., v. 23, no. 407.



Early Tasmania ; papers read before the Royal society of Tas-
mania during the years 1888 to 1899 : [charts]. 8vo. Hobart,

(Walker memorial volume.)

Contents: Biographical sketch by the Rev. George Clarke.
The French in Van Diemen's Land and the first settlement at the Der-
went. Founding of Hobart by Lieut. -governor Collins. Expedition
under Lieut. -governor Collins in 1803-4. Discovery and occupation
of Port Dalrymple. Discovery of Van Diemen's Land in 1542.
Deportation of the Norfolk Islanders to the Derwent in 1808. Abel
Janszoon Tasman ; his life and voyages. Notes on the aborigines of
Tasmania from the MS. journals of G. W. Walker. Some notes on
the tribal divisions cf the aborigines of Tasmania. The Tasmanian
aborigines. Cartography of the Terra Australis and New Holland.

The English at the Derwent, and the Risdon settlement. The
expedition under Lieut- governor Collins in 1803-4. Founding
of Hobart by Lieut. -governor Collins. 8vo. Hobart, n.d.

(Bound in one volume.)
The settlement of Tasmania, pp. 71, 8vo. Hobart, 1890.

Contents: r. The English at the Derwent and the Risdon settle-
ment : [appces. and chart]. 2. The expedition under Lieut. -governor
Collins : [appx.]

Pam., v. 23, no. 405.

Tasmania; the colony as it was in 1837, and its experiences
during the last sixty years, pp. 16, 8vo. Launceston, 1897.

Pam., v. 87, no. 1564.
Same.- another copy.

Pam., v. 114, no. 2125.

WEST, Rev. JOHN. History of Tasmania. 2 v. , 8vo. Launceston,

Contents: v. i. History. v. 2. The aborigines : Transportation.

995. New Guinea.

HAGA, A., colonel. Nederlandsch Nieuw Guinea ende Papoesche
eilander; historische bijdrage, 1500-1883: map, 2 v., 8vo.
Batavia, 1884.

ROYAL colonial institute. Correspondence and deputation in refer-
ence to the annexation of New Guinea, pp. 17, n.p., n.d.
Pam., v. 189, no. 3659.

996. Polynesia.

MAcIVER, HENRY R., general. Rivals for supremacy in the

Pacific; a book for every British subject. pp. 52, 8vo.

Syd., 1885.

Pam., v. 7, no. 151.
SYDNEY morning herald newspaper. British mismanagement i,n

the Pacific islands; being a series of articles, Oct. -Nov., 1907.

pp. 24, 8vo, n.p., n.d.
Pam., v. 159, no. 3065.
THOMAS, JULIAN, "The Vagabond." South sea massacres, pp.

36, 8vo. Syd., 1881.

Pam., v. 7, no. 152.
Same : another copy.

Pam., v. 24, no. 419.

VOX POPULI. British despotism in the South sea islands, and
the persecution of Mr. W. J. Hunt. pp. 39, 8vo. Well.,

Pam., v. 138, no. 2660.


996.1. Fiji: Tonga: Samoa.

CROSBY, E. E., ed. The persecutions in Tonga, as narrated by
onlookers and now taking place, pp. 74, 8vo. Lond., 1886.
Pam., v. 137, no 2630.

FARMER, SARAH STOCK. Tonga and the Friendly islands ; with
a sketch of their mission history : [maps and illust.]. 8vo.
Lond., 1855.

LETTERS and correspondence in re Tongan affairs and request of
H.M. King George for Tonga to be made an independent dis-
trict, October, 1879. pp. 12, 8vo. Syd., 1880.

Pam., v. 159, no. 3066.

PARR, WILLIAM FILLINGHAM. Extracts from the Fiji " Times "
and the Fiji " Argus," from June, 1875, to September, 1880.
~pp. 50, 8vo. Levuka, 1881.
Pam., v. 24, no. 420.

ST. JULIAN, CHARLES. International status of Fiji, and the poli-
tical rights, liabilities, duties, and privileges of British sub-
jects and other foreigners, pp. 31, 8vo. Syd., 1872.
Pam., v. 112, no. 2093.

Letters and notes written during the disturbances in the high-
lands, known as the " Devil Country," of Viti Levu, Fiji.
2 v., 8vo. Edinb., 1879.
Privately printed.

STEVENSON, ROBERT Louis. A footnote to history; eight years
of trouble in Samoa. 8vo. Lond., 1892.

THOMSON, BASIL. Diversions of a prime minister: map, illust.,
and reproductions of rare plates of early voyages of i7th and
1 8th centuries. 8vo. Edinb., 1894.

VOSSION, LOUIS. Les iles Samoa et 1'arrangement Anglo-Alle-
mand : [illust.]. pp. 24, 8vo. Paris, 1900.
Pam., v. 156, no. 2997.

996.2. Tahiti.

LONDON missionary society. Brief statement of the aggression of
the French on the island of Tahiti, and the unjust, assumption
of French dominion in that island, pp. 44, 8vo. Lond.,

Pam., v. 24, no. 422.

996.9. Hawaii.

BLOXHAM, Rev. ANDREW. Typewritten Extracts from journal on

H.M.S. Blonde at the Sandwich islands in the year 1825.

4to. n.p., n.d.
HOPKINS, MANLEY. Hawaii; the past, present, and future of its

island-kingdom : [map and illust.]. 8vo. Lond., 1862.
JARVES, JAMES JACKSON. History of the Hawaiian or Sandwich

islands. i2mo. Lond., 1843.
REMY, JULES. Ka mooolelo Hawaii ; histoire de 1'archipel

havaiien (iles Sandwich) ; texte et traduction : introd. sur

1'etat du pays. 8vo. Paris, 1862.
Recits d'un vieux sauvage pour servir a 1'histoire ancienne de

Havaii. pp. 67, 8vo. Chalons, 1857.
Pam., v. 189, no. 3661.


997. Isolated islands.

BARROW, Sir JOHN. Eventful history of the mutiny and piratical
seizure of H.M.S. Bounty, ils cause and consequences:
illust., i2mo. Lond., 1831.

BELCHER, DIANA, lady. Mutineers of the Bounty, and their de-
scendants in Pitcairn and Norfolk islands : illust. 8vo.
Lond., 1870.

BLIGH, WILLIAM, vice-admiral. \Typewritten copy of Extract, 28th
April, 1789, to 1 3th Sept., 1789, from the log of the proceed-
ings of His Majesty's ship Bounty, Lieut. \\'m. Bligh, com-
mander, from Otaheite towards Jamaica.] fo., n.p., n.d.

Describes mutiny and subsequent voyage in the boat.
Narrative of the mutiny on board His Majesty's ship Bounty,
and the subsequent voyage of part of the crew in the ship's
boat: charts. 410. Lond., 1790.
Relation de I'enlevement du navire le Bounty: 3 maps. 8vo.

Paris, 1790.

Voyage to the South seas in His Majesty's ship the Bounty,
including an account of the mutiny on board the said ship-
and the subsequent voyage of part of the crew : illust. and
charts. 4to. Lond., 1792.

BRODIE, WALTER. Pitcairn's island and the islanders in 1850,
with extracts from his private journal and a few hints upon
California. 2nd ed., 8vo. Lond., 1851.
McFARLAND. ALFRED. The mutiny in the Bounty ; and story of

the Pitcairn Islanders. 8vo. Syd., 1884.
Mutineers of the Bounty: the Pitcairn Islanders from 1859-80:
by a native, pp. 10, 8vo. N.Y., 1881.
Fam., v. 159, no. 3068

998. Arctic regions.

CONWAY, Sir WILLIAM MARTIN. No man's land; a history of
Spitsbergen, from its discovery in 1596 to the beginning of
the scientific exploration of the country : [illust. and maps].
8vo. Camb., 1906.




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A., R. D. International exhibition of N.S.W. ..

ABBOT, H. L. Problems of the Panama canal

ABBOTT v. the Crown

ABBOTT, E. Women in industry

ABBOTT, E. A. Francis Bacon

ABBOTT, F. Meteorological observations (5 entries)

ABBOTT, G. F. Israel in Europe

Through India with the Prince
ABBOTT, J. H. M. An outlander in England

Tommy Cornstalk

The sign of the serpent
ABBOTT, L. Spirit of democracy
ABBOTT, W. E. Protection and the Hunter district


Online LibraryCommonwealth Parliamentary Library (Australia)Catalogue of the books, pamphlets, pictures, and maps in the library of Parliament to September, 1911 → online text (page 71 of 99)