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V. 17. Lord. E. L. Industrial experiments in the British
colonies of North America.

V. 1 8. Adams, C. K.. and others. State aid to higher educa-

V. 20. Hollander. J. H. Financial history of Baltimore.

V. 21. Callahan. J. M. Cuba and international relations.

V. 22. Levasseur, Emile. The American workman.

V. 23. Adams. Herbert B. Tributes of friends; with a biblio-
graphy of the department of history, politics, and economics
of the Johns Hopkins university. 1876-1901.

V. 24. Ballagh. J. C. History of slavery in Virginia.

V. 25. Stokes, H. K. Finances and administration of Provi-

V. 26. Flack, H. E. Adoption of the fourteenth amendment.
STATESMAN'S year-book, ed. by J. S. Keltic; 1902 to date.
8vo. Lond.

306. Societies ; Transactions, Reports.

AMERICAN academy of political and social science. Annals, v. i r
1890, to date. 8vo. Phil.

308. Collected Works.

COBDEN, RICHARD. Political writings. 2 v., 8vo. Lond., 1867.

Contents. England, Ireland, and America. Russia, 1836. 179.5
and 1853 [Protest against feai of French invasion]. Letter to Henry
Ashworth [Law of war]. How wars are got up in India ; the origin
of the Burmese war. What next and next? [Crimean war]. The
three panics; an historical episode [On national defence].

MILL, JOHN STUART. Dissertations and discussions, political, philo-
sophical, and historical. 4 v. 8vo. Lond., 1875.

v. 1-2, 3rd ed. ; v. 3, and ed.

PAINE, THOMAS. Political and miscellaneous works: [portr.].
2 v., 8vo. Lond.. 1819.

WASHINGTON, GEORGE. Writings; ed., with introd., and notes r
by Lawrence B. Evans: [p'ortr.]. 8vo . N.V., 1908.

(Writings of Aineruan statesmen.)

310. Statistics.

ROYAL statistical society. London. Journal, 1903 to date. 8vo.

Same: General index, part v., vols. LI. to LXXI., 1888 to 1908,
8vo. Lond., 1909.

WEBB, AUGUSTUS D. The new dictionary of statistics; a com-
plement to the fourth edition of Mulhall's " Dictionary of sta-
tistics." la. 8vo. Lond., 1911.


311. Theory : Methods.

BOWLEY, ARTHUR Lvox. Elementary manual of statistics. 8vo.

Lond., 1910.

HAYTER, HENRY HEYLYN. Three papers read before the Aus-
tralasian association for the advancement of science, pp. 37,
8vo. Melb., 1890.

Contents. Official statistics. The coming census. Our meat supply.
Pam., v. 25. no. 425.

KNIBBS, GEORGE HANDLEY. " Evolution and significance of the
census.' pp. 16, 8vo. Melb., 1910.

Pam., v. 180, no. 3471.

On the statistical opportunities of the medical profession, and
tuberculosis duration frequency curves. pp. 13, 8vo.
Melb., n.d.

Pam.. v. 180, no. 3474.

The problems of statistics. pp. 22, 8vo. Brisb., 1910.

Pam., v. 180, no. 3473.

YULE, G. UDNEY. Introduction to the theory of statistics : 53
illust. 8vo. Lond., IQII.

312. Population : Vital Statistics.

BEALE, OCTAVIUS CHARLES. Racial decay; a compilation of
evidence from world sources. 4to. Svd.. 1910.

BESANT, Mrs, ANNIE. The prosecuted work ; the law of popula-
tion : its consequences and its bearing upon human conduct
and morals, pp. 56, 8vo. Syd., 1889.

Pam., v. 142. no. 2700,.

GODWIN, WILLIAM. Of population; an enquiry concerning the
power of increase in the numbers of mankind, being an answer
to Mr. Malthus's essay on that subject. 8vo. Lond., 1820.

JOHNSTON", ROBERT MACKENZIE. The problem of Malthus stated.
pp. 8, 8vo. n.p.. 1888.
Pam., v. 77, no. 1.355-

KNIBBS, GEORGE HANDLEY. On the influence of infantile mortality
on birth-rate, pp. 13, 8vo. Syd., 1908.

Pam., v. 142, no. 2710.
Another work: same title, pp. 3, 8vo. Syd., 1910.

Pam., v. 180. no. 3470.

McLEAN, WILLIAM. The declining birth-rate in Australia, pp. 18,
8vo. Melb., 1904.

Pam., v. 142, no. 2711.

SADLER, MICHAEL THOMAS. The law of population ; a treatise
in disproof of the superfecundity of human beings, and de-
veloping the real principle of their increase 2 v., Svo.
Lond., 1830.

Statistics of Special Countries.

Note. The official statistics of the countries of the British Empire
will generally be found in their Parliamentary papers.

314.2. Great Britain.

COODE, Sir JOHN. Respective values of British and Irish produce
exported to British possessions and of the imports to the
United Kingdom from those possessions during the years
1874 and 1884 : diagrams, pp. 7. Svo. Lond., 1886.
Pam., v. 146, no. 2819. *


" DAILY mail " year book, 1904 to date. 8vo. Lond.
FINA\< L\L reform almanac, 1903 to date. 8vo. Lorn I.
MULHALL. MICHAEL GEORGE. Fifty years of national progress,
1837-1887. i^mo. Load., 1887.

I'am., v. 139, no. 2666.

WALL, EDGAR O.. cd. British empire year book; an annual statis-
tical volume of reference, 1903. 8vo. Lond., 1903.
All published.

\VHITAK ER'S almanac, 1875, 1877, 1879-1900, 1902 to date.
8vo. Lond.

315.2. Japan.

FINANCIAL and economical annual, 1905 to date. 410. Tokyo.

316. South Africa.

ORANGE River Colony. Census, 1904. fo. Bloemfontein, 1905.
SOUTH African year-book, 1903-04; compiled and edited by S. M.
Gluckstein. 8vo. Lond., 1903.

317.1. Canada.

CANADA : Agriculture department. Statistical year book of

Canada, 1896, 1898, 190 ij 1903 to date. 8vo. Ottawa.
Census and statistics office. Canada year book, 1905 to date.

8vo. Ottawa.
Fourth census of Canada, 1901. 4 v., 8vo. Ottawa.

Contents, v. i. Population. v. 2. Natural products. v. 3. Manu-
factures, v. 4. Vital statistics, &c.

317.3. United States.

UNITED STATES : Census bureau. Census reports, twelfth
census of the United States, 1900. 10 v. Wash., 1901-02.
Contents. v. 1-2. Population. v. 3-4. Vital statistics. v. 5-6. Agri-
culture. v. 7-10. Manufactures. Statistical atlas. 1903.

Abstract -of twelfth census. 8vo. Wash., 1902.

A century of population growth from the first census to the
twelfth, 1790-1900 : [maps]. 41,0. Wash., 1909.

Manufactures, 1905 : part i. United States by industries, part
2. States and territories. parts 3-4 Selected industries.
4 v., 4to. Wash., 1907-08.

Official register ; persons in the civil, military, and naval services
of the United States, and list of vessels, 1909. 2 v., 410..
Wash., 1909.

Special reports. 18 v., 4to. Wash., 1903-10.

Contents. Benevolent institutions, 1904. 1905. The blind and
the deaf, 1900. 1906. Central electric light and power stations, 1907.
1907. Employees and wages. 1903. Marriage and divorce, 1867-
1906 (2 v.). 1908. Mines and quarries, 1902. 1905. Mortality sta-
tistics, 1900-04. 1906. Occupations at the twelfth census, 1904.
Religious bodies, 1906 (2 v.). 1910. Street and electrk railv
1902. 1905. Same,. 1907. 1910. Telephones, 1907, 1910. Trans-
portation by water, 1906. 1908. Twelfth census : supplementary
analysis and derivative tables. 1906. Wealth, debt, and taxation,.
1907, Women at work, 1900. 1907,
WORLD almanac and encyclopaedia, 1902 to date. 8vo. N.Y.


318. South America.

ANUARIO estadistico de la Republica oriental del Uruguay, 1902-

1903. v. i. 4to. Montevideo, 1905.
ARGENTINE year book [1903]. 8vo. Buenos Aires.

319.31. New Zealand.

MEARS, W. DEVENISH. Statistical chart showing the progress-
and position of New Zealand, 1851-1889. fldg. Christ-
church, 1889.

NEW ZEALAND -.Agent- general. Official handbook of New

Zealand : maps. 8vo. Lond., 1883.
Registrar-general's office. Official year-book, 1901 to date, by

E. J. von Dadelszen. 8vo. Well.
Report on the results of a census of the colony of New Zealand

taken for the night of the 3ist March, 1901 : by E. J. von-

Dadelszen. 4to. Well., 1902.
Results of a census of the colony taken for the night of the

3ist March, 1901. fscp. fo. Well., 1902.
Results of a census of the colony of New Zealand taken for

the night of the 29th April, 1906. fscp. fo. Well., 1906.
Statistical view of fifty years' progress in New Zealand, 1855-

1904: compiled by E. J. von Dadelszen. $p. 10. 8vo.

Well., 1905.

Pam., v. 58, no. 959.
Statistics of the colony of New Zealand, 1902 to date. fscp.

fo. Well.
STOUT, Sir ROBERT. Notes on the progress of New Zealand for

twenty years, 1864-1884: [diagrams.] 8vo. Well., 1886.
Same: another copy.

Pam., v. 34, no 554.

319.4. Australia.

AUSTRALIA : Censm and statistics bureau. Official year book
of the Commonwealth of Australia, containing authoritative
statistics for the period 1901-1907, and corrected statistics for
the period 1788 to 1900. TIO. i : by G. H. Knibbs. 8vo.
Melb., 1908.

Same: no. 2, 1901-1908: by G. H. Knibbs. 8vo. Melb., 1909.

Same: no. 3, 1901-1909: by G. H. Knibbs. 8vo. Melb., 1910.

Same: no. 4, 1901-10: by G. H. Knibbs. 8vo. Melb., 1911.

Publications of the Commonwealth bureau of census and statis-
tics from November, 1906, to June, 1907. fscp. fo. Melb. r

Contents. Report of conference of statisticians on the unification
of Australian methods. Official bulletins, Nos. 1-6. Trade, ship-
ping, and oversea migration. Official bulletin No. i. Population
and vital statistics (Population). Official bulletin No. 2. Popula-
tion and vital statistics (Commonwealth demography).

Shipping, and oversea migration of the Commonwealth of Aus-
tralia for the year 1906 to date: by G. H. Knibbs. fscp. fo.
Syd., 1907.


Trade and customs and excise revenue of the Commonwealth
of Australia for the year 1906 to date: by G. H. Knibbs.
fscp. fo. Syd., 1907.

Trade and customs department. Annual statement of the trade
of the Commonwealth of Australia for the years 1903 [and]
1904, and of the customs and excise revenue: compiled by
T. A. Coghlan. 2 v., 4to. Syd., 1904-5.

COGHLAN, TIMOTHY AUGUSTINE. Statistical account of the seven
colonies of Australasia, aftw. Statistics : Six states of Aus-
tralia and New Zealand, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895-6, 1897-8,

1899, 1900 to 1903-4. 10 v., 8vo. Syd.

Statistics: Six states of Australia and New Zealand, 1861 to

1900. -pp. 78. 8vo. Syd., 1901.

Six states of Australia and Ne\v Zealand, 1861 to 1903, com-
piled from official sources, pp. 94. 8vo. Syd., 1904.
DUNCAN, P. N. Commonwealth annual review for the year
ending 3oth June, 1909: [illust. and map], fo. Melb.,

Contents. Exports oversea from Australia. Directory of Aus-
tralian exporters. Resources and production. Ports, harbours, and
covstal lights of Australia. Customs tariff of Australia.

A supplement to the " Daily shipping index of Australasia."

HARVEN, EMILE DE. L'Australasie; esquisse sur ses ressources,
mercantiles, industrielles, agricoles, et minieres : [maps].
8vo. Anvers, 1881.

319.41. Western Australia.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA -.Registrar-general's office. Census,
1891 ; general report, with appces., by W. A. Gale. fscp.
fo. Perth, 1892.

Results of the seventh census of Western Australia taken for
the night of 3ist March, 1961 : by M. A. C. Eraser, fscp.
fo. Perth, 1902.

Seventh census of Western Australia, taken for the night of
31 st March, 1901 : v. i. Superintendent's report, v. 2.
Detailed tables, v. 3. Maps. 3 v., fscp. fo. Perth, 1904.

Statistical register, 1899 to date. fscp. fo. Perth.

WESTERN AUSTRALIAN yearbook, 1889-1891, 1893-4, 1896-7
to date. 8vo. Perth.

319.42. South Australia.

BOOTHBY, JOSIAH. Statistical sketch of South Australia. 8vo.
Lond., 1876.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA : Colonial secretary's office. Statistics
of South Australia, compiled from official records in the
Colonial secretary's office, 1845-6 and 1847. - v -> fscp. fo.
Adel., 1846-48.

Statistical department. Statistical register, 1900 to date. fscp.
fo. Adel.


319.43. Queensland.

QUEENSLAND : Government statistician's department. A. B.C.
of Queensland statistics, 1905 : compiled by Thornhill
Weedon. pp. 35, 8vo. Brisb., 1905.
Pam., v. 88, no. 1580

Statistics of the state, 1901 to date. fscp. fo. Brisb.

Registrar-general's office. Census of Queensland; report by
the Registrar-general with summary and detailed tables,
illustrative maps, and diagram : ninth enumeration of popu-
lation, made on the 3ist March, 1901. fscp. fo. Brisb.,

Ninth census of Queensland, taken on the thirty-first of March,
1901. fscp. fo. Brisb., 1902.

Queensland official year book, 1901 : by J. Hughes. 8vo.
Brisb. [1902].

319.44. New South Wales.

CQGHLAN, TIMOTHY AUGUSTINE. Decline in the birth-rate of
New South Wales, and other phenomena of child-birth: an
essay in statistics, pp. 69, 8vo. Syd., 1903.
Handbook of New South Wales statistics for 1887 and previous
years : being an abridgment of the tables contained in the
Statistical register. 8vo. Syd.. 1888.
Handbook to the Statistical register of the colony of New South

Wales, for the year 1886. 8vo. Syd., 1887".
Wealth and progress of New South Wales, 1886-7 to 1900-01.

15 v.. 8vo. Syd.

HALL, WILLIAM HENRY. Official year-book of New South Wales,
1904-5. 8vo. Syd., 1906.

Practically a continuation of Coghlan's " Wealth and progress."

MANSFIELD, RALPH. Analytical view of the census for the years
1841 and 1846, with tables showing the progress of the popu-
lation. 2 v., 8vo. Syd., 1841-47.

NEW, SOUTH WALES : Government statisticians office. Census
of the colony, 1861, 1871. 1881. 3 v., fscp. fo. Syd., 1862-

New South Wales; growth during 25 years: comparative view:
by John B. Trivett : [diagrams]. pp. 4, 8vo. Syd. [1907].
Pam., v. 158, no. 3023.

New South Wales statistical register, 1893 to date. 8vo. and
fscp. fo. Syd.

Results of a census taken for the night of the 3ist March,
1901 : [by] T. A. Coghlan. 4to. Syd., 1904.

Vital statistics for 1904 and previous years : [with report by]

T. A. Coghlan. 8vo. Syd., 1905. '

PULSFORD, EDWARD. Freedom in New South Wales versus oppres-
sion in Victoria: a reply to the " Age" articles: [diagrams].
pp. 60, 8vo. Syd., 1887.

Pam., v. 5, no. 129.

New South Wales statistics and Victorian critics : an address.
pp. 31, 8vo. Syd., 1889.
Pam., v. 5, no. 128.


TREGARTHEN, GREVILLE. New South Wales; 1860 to 1889:
a statistical sketch : eleven coloured diagrams, pp. 76, 8vo.
Syd., 1890.

Pam., v. 114, no. 2115.

319.45. Victoria.

AGE annual; a political and statistical register of the colony of
Victoria, 1874-77, 1879-86, 1888-91, 1893. 17 v., 8vo.

ARCHER, WILLIAM HENRY. The progress of Victoria; a statis-
tical essay. 8vo. Melb., 1867.

Same: another copy. 8vo. Melb., 1873.

Statistical notes on the progress of Victoria from the founda-
tion of the colony, 1835-1860. 2nd ed. 4to. Melb., n.d.

Statistical register of Victoria from the foundation of the
colony; with an astronomical calendar for 1855. 8vo.
Melb., 1854.

HAYTER, HENRY HEYLYN. Notes on the colony of Victoria :
historical, geographical, meteorological, and statistical, and
ed. 8vo. Melb., 1876.

VICTORIA: -Government ^statists' s office. Census of Victoria,
1 88 1 ; general report, with summary tables, diagrams, and
map: by H. H. Hayter. 4to. Melb., 1883.

Census, 1891 ; general report, with references to results of cen-
suses in the other Australasian colonies : summary tables,
diagrams, and maps. 410. Melb., 1893.

'Census of Victoria, 1901. fscp. fo. Melb., 1902-04.

Victorian year-book, 1873 to date. 8vo. Melb.

Registrar -general's department. Report of the registrar-general
[Norman Campbell] on the progress and statistics of Vic-
toria from 1851 to 1858 [appx., Negotiation of the railway
loan], pp. 46, 8vo. Melb. [1858].

Same: another copy.

Pam., v. 116, no. 2154.

Statistical summary of the progress of the colony of Victoria
to the year 1865. pp. 24, 8vo. Melb., 1865.
Pam., v. 20, no. 372.

AVESTGARTH, WILLIAM. Commerce and statistics of Victoria,
from the commencement of the colony, pp. 48, 8vo. Melb.,

Pam., v. 68, no. 1161.

319.48. Tasmania.

CALDER, JAMES ERSKINE. Tasmanian industries; with some
notices of those of the Australian colonies and New Zealand.
8vo. Hobart Town, 1869.
Same: another copy.

P;im., v. 13, no. 272.

JOHNSTON, ROBERT MACKENZIE. Handbook of Tasmania for
the years 1891, 1892, and 1893: [maps]. 8vo. Hobart,

Pam., v. 86, nos. 1556-1558.


TASMANIA: Colonial secretary's office. Statistical returns of

Van Diemen's Land, 1824-1849, 1860, 1861, 1865, 1867-

1870, 1872, 1875, 1879-1882, 1886, 1889 and 1895, 1900

to date. fscp. fo. Hobart.

From 1869 published by Government statistician's office : from i86c

entitled Statistics of Tasmania.
Government statistician's office. Official record, 1890, 1891,

1892 : by R. M. Johnston : [map]. 3 v., Svo. Hobart.
Registrar-general's office. Census of the colony of Tasmania :

with introductory report by the Registrar-general [R. M.

Johnston], fscp. fo. Hobart, 1893.

320. Political Science.

GODARD, JOHN GEORGE. Racial supremacy ; being studies in<
Imperialism. Svo. Edinb., 1905.

HADLEY, ARTHUR TWINING. Relations between freedom and re-
sponsibility 'in the evolution of democratic government. Svo.
X.Y., 1904.

JORGE XSON, JORGEN. Observations on the funded system : con-
taining a summary view of the present political state of Great
Britain, and the relative situation in which the colony of
Van Diemen's Land stands towards the mother country.
Svo Hobart Town, 1831.

KELLY, EDMOND. Government; or, human evolution. 2 v., Svo.
Lond., 1900-01.

Contents. v. i, Justice;' v. 2, Individualism and collectivism : [with
appx. on trusts].

LE ACOCK, STEPHEN. Elements of political science. Svo. Lond.,

LECKY, WILLIAM EDWARD HARTPOLE. Democracy and liberty.
2 v., Svo. Lond., 1896.

O'BRIEN, WILLIAM SMITH. Principles of government; or, medita-
tions in exile. 2 v., Svo. Dublin, 1856.

POLLOCK, Sir FREDERICK. Introduction to the history of the
science of politics. New ed. Svo. Lond., 1902.

POPE, JAMES H. The state; the rudiments of New Zealand
sociology. Svo. Well., 1887.

REICH, EMIL. Success among nations. Svo. Lond., 1904.

SHALER, NATHANIEL SOUTHGATE. The citizen: a study of the
individual and the government. Svo. N.Y., 1904.

SIDGWICK, HENRY. Elements of politics. 2nd ed. 8vo.
Lond., 1897.

SNOWBALL, JOHN. Publicity ; or, representative government per-
fected by the use of a cementitious element ensuring its
uniform adhesion to the general welfare. pp. 96, Svo.
Melb., 1859.

TOWNSEND, MEREDITH. Asia and Europe : studies of the rela-
tions between Asia and Europe. 2nd ed. 8vo. Lond., 1903.

VAMBERY, ARMINIUS. Western culture in eastern lands : a com-
parison of the methods adopted by England and Russia in>
the middle East. Svo. Lond., 1906.

WRIXON, Sir HENRY JOHN. The pattern nation. Svo. Lond.,


320.1 Theory of state : Ideal commonwealths.

BARKER, E. Political thought of Plato and Aristotle. 8vo.

Lond., igo6.
BELLAMY, EDWARD. Equality. 8\o. Lond., 1897

Looking backward, 2000-1887. 8vo - Lond., n.d.
BLUXTSCHLI, JOHANN KASPAR. The theory of the state: tr.

from the 6th German ed. 8vo. Oxf., 1885.
DAWSON, W. H. " Forecasts of the future in modern literature."

pp. 10, 8vo. Hobart, 1899.

I'am., v. 85, no. 1533.

DUGDALE, Mrs. H. A. A few hours in a far-off age. i2mo.
Melb., n.d.

n. t. ]).

DUNNING, WILLIAM ARCHIBALD. History of political theories,
from Luther to Montesquieu. 8vo. N.Y., 1905.

EGERTON, HAKLUYT. Patriotism : an essay towards a construc-
tive theory of politics. 8vo. Lond., 1905.

FOX, Lady MARY, ed. Account of an expedition to the interior of

New Holland. 8vo. Lond., 1837.
Same: 2nd ed. i2mo. Lond., 1849.

Same: 3rd ed. entitled The Southlanders : an account, &c.,
with poem, The land of contrarieties. i2mo. Lond., 1860.

HUTCHINSON, ALFRED L. The limit of wealth. 8vo. N.Y.,

JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER W. New Utopia; or, progress and pros-
perity, pp. 90, 8vo. Syd., 1890.

MAcCUNN, JOHN. Six radical thinkers; Bentham, J. S. Mill,
Cobden, Carlyle, Mazzini, T. H. Green. 8vo. Lond., 1907.

laws; tr. 3rd ed. 2 v., 8vo. Edinb., 1762.

MORE, Sir THOMAS. Utopia; in Latin from the ed. of March,
1518, and in English from the first ed. of Ralph Robynson's
translation in 1551 : with additional translations, introd.
and notes, by J. H. Lupton. 8vo. Lond., 1895.

REICH, EMIL. Imperialism: its prices; its vocation. 8vo.
Lond., 1905.

RITCHIE, DAVID GEORGE. Principles of state interference; four
essays on the political philosophy of Herbert Spencer, J. S.
Mill, and T. H. Green. 8vo. Lond., 1891.
(Social science ser.)

STEPHEN, Sir LESLIE. The English utilitarians. 3 v., 8vo.
Lond., 1900.

Contents. v. i. Jeremy Bentham. v. 2 James Mill. v. 3. John
Stuart Mill.

VAIRASSE o'ALAIS, DENIS. Histoire des Sevarambes : peuples
qui habitent une partie du troisieme continent, communement
apelle la terre australe. . i2mo. Amsterdam, 1715.

WELLS, HERBERT GEORGE. A modern Utopia. 8vo. Lond., 1905.

WOODHOUSE, ARTHUR. Foundations of national greatness. 8vo.
Melb., 1905.

WOOLSEY, THEODORE DWIGHT. Political science; or, the state,
theoretically and practically considered. 2 v., 8vo. Lond.


320.4. Essays.

ADDAMS, JANE. Newer ideals of peace. 8vo. N.Y., 1907.

(Citizens' library of economics, politics, and sociology.)

ARNOLD, Rev. THOMAS. Miscellaneous works. 8vo. Lond.,

"CAVENDISH," pseud. What Australia lacks, pp. 58, 8vo.

Syd., 1905.

Pam., v. 93, no. 1684.
COLE. EDWARD WILLIAM, ed. Cyclopaedia of short prize essays

on the federation of the whole world, containing fifty

essays by fifty Australasian writers. 8vo. Melb., n.d.
HAND. Rev. JAMES EDWARD, ed. Science in public affairs : pref.

by R. B. Haldane. 8vo. Lond., 1906.

Contents. Preface Introduction. [J. E. Hand]. Science and

physical development. ('. H. Denver and J. E. Hand. Science and

city suburbs. Mrs. S. A. Barnett. Science in national education.

M. E. Sadler. Science and colonial development. H. de R. Walker.

Science and industry. J. A. Hobson. Science and administration.

C. M. Douglas. Science and citizenship. V. V. Branford.

HARRISON, FREDERIC. National and social problems. 8vo.

Lond., 1908.
OSBORNE, Rev. Lord SIDNEY GODOLPHIN. Letters of S.G.O. j

a series of letters on public affairs, published in ' ' The

Times," 1844-1888: ed. [with introd.] by Arnold White .

portr. 2 v.. 8vo. Lond. [1890].

320.5. Periodicals.

POLITICAL science quarterly : v. 18. 1903 to date. 8vo. N.Y. ,
YALE review: a quarterly journal for the scientific discussion of

economic, political, and social questions; v. 12, May, 1903, to

date. 8vo. New Haven.

320.8. Collected works.

BOLINGBROKE. HENRY SAINT-JOHN, viscount. Miscellaneous

works. 4 v., 8vo. Edinb., 1768.
HAMILTON, ALEXANDER. Works : federal [2nd] ed. ; ed. by

Henry Cabot Lodge: [portrs.]. 12 v., 8vo. N.Y., 1904.
MOLTKE, HELMUTH C.B., graf von. Essays, speeches, and

memoirs : tr. 2 v., 8vo. Lond., 1893.

321. Form of State.

ASHBEE. C. R. The building of Thelema. 8vo. Lond., 1910.
CAN, C.. pseud. The great statesman; a few leaves from the
history of Antipodea : anno domini 3000. pp. 44, 8vo.
Syd., 1885.

Pam., v. 50, no. 833.

CHAPMAN, DAVID. Prize essay in favour of the federation of the
whole world, pp. 6, 8vo. Melb., n.d.
Pam.. v. 10. no. 221.

DAVENPORT, ROBERT. South Australia; remarks on govern-
ment, &c., at the close of the session, pp. 18, 8vo. Adel.,

Pam.. v. 138, no. 2648.


HEARN, WILLIAM EDWARD. The Aryan household; its structure
and its development : an introduction to comparative jurispru-
dence, [new ed.]. 8vo. Lond., 1891.

HOOK, ALFRED. Humanity and its problems. 8\o. Lond.,

HOWE, FREDERIC CLEMSON. Privilege and democracy. 8vo.
Lond., 1910.

JENKS, EDWARD. History of politics, xanio. Lond., 1910.

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address on the evolution of the present social and political
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Pam., v. 6. no. 142.

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A scheme for a model colony, suggested to be founded in New

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T. p. to v. 2 reads Discourses on government : with his letters, &c.
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321.1. Family.

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McLENNAN, JOHN FERGUSON. The patriarchal theory; based on

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