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MacKinnon, Miss M. J., CP.
Proctor, Rev. S. J., & W., C.P.
Rogers, Miss M. M., C.P,
Ross, Rev. A. R., & W., C.P.


Russell, R., M.D.. & W., S.D.A.
Lee, Mr. H. M., & W., S.D.A.
0;-erg, Mr. H. A., & W., S.D.A.


Biggar, Miss M. T ., P.S.
Coit, Rev. R. T., & W., P.S.
Crane, Rev. J. C, &: W., P.S.
Greer, ^liss A. L., P.S. (A)
Preston, Rev. J. S., & W., P.S.
Rogers, J. M., M.D., & W., P.S.
Timmons, M. L., M.D., & W.,
P.S. (A)


Barbara, Lay-Sister, E.C.M.
Bridle, Rev.' J., E.C.M.
Nora, S.ster, E.C.M.


Campbell, Mr. E. L , & W., P.N.
Covington. Miss H., P.N,,
Harvey, Mrs. A .S.
Helstrom, Miss H., P.N
Ingerson, Miss V. F,, P.N.
Lampe, Rev. H. W., & W., P.N.
McCune, Rev. G. S., D D., & W.,

Rol^erts, Rev. S. L., & W., P N. •
Ross, Rev. Cyril, Ph.D., & W.,

Samuel, Miss T-, P-N. A^
Sharrocks, A', M., M.D., & W.,

Stevens, Miss B. I., I'.N.
Whitt-more, Rev. N. C, & W.,

Wmn, Rev T. C, D.D., & W.,



Adams, Rev. J, E., D.D, & W.,

Bekins, Miss E. B., P.N.
Bergman, Mi.-s O. G., P.N.
Bernsten, Captain A., & W., S.A.
Blair, Rev, H, E., & W., P.N.
Bruen, Rev. H. M., & W., P.N.
Erdman, Rev. W, C, & W,, P.N.
Fletcher, A. G , M.D , & W., P.N,

Gro-sje^n, Miss V, C, E.C.M.
McFarland, Rev, E. F., & W.,

Pollard, Miss. H. E., P.N.
Switzer, MissM., P.N.
Winn, Rev. G. H., & W., P.N.


Tong Yeng

Moore, Mss E. S., A.P.
Taylor, Rev, W., & W., A.P.
Watson, Rev. R. D., & W., A.P.


Anderson, A. G., M.D., & W.,

M.N. (A)
Morris, Rev. C, D., & W,, M.N,
Snavely, Miss G., M N.


Brannan, Rev. L. C, & W., M.S.

Buie, Miss H., M.S.
Collyer, Rev. C. T., & W., M.S.
Cooper, Miss K., M.S.
Eraser, Rev. E. J. O., & W^, C.P.
Hill, P. L., M.D., & W., M.S.
McCubbins, Miss G., M.S.
JNlcCully, Miss E. A., C.P.
McCully, Miss L. H., C P.
Mansfield, T. D., M.D., & W,, CP.
Noyes, Miss A. D., M.S. (A)
Robb, Rev. A. F., & W., C.P. ;A)
Ross, J. B., M.D., M.S.
Thomas, Miss M., C.P.
Tucker, ^liss B., M.S.



Yeng Byea

Beiler, Miss M., M.N.
Burdick, Rev. G. M., M.N.
Estey, Miss E.M., M.N.
Wachs, Rev. V. H., & W.


Yong Dong

Salisbury, Ensign H., & W., S.A.

Yong Jung

Barker, Rev. A. H., & W., C.P.
Foote, Rev. W. R., & W., C.P.
Martin, S. H., M.D., & W., C.P.
Falethorpe, Miss E.M., C.P.
Scott, Rev. W., & W., C.P.

Yoo Koo

Gay, Adjutant J., & W., S.A.

Havenstein, Ensign (Miss) H., S.A.



American Bible Society ..,176, 425

American Professorship 8

Association, Christian Edu-
cational (J) 128

Athletics f J) ...i6, 207

Ayres, Mrs, J. B ,... 283

Baseball in Japan 252

Benevolences (J 231

Bible knowledge ... 58

Societies ...176, 179, 425, 427

Study 97, 33S

Training Schools 347

Women c6

Bickel, Capt. L. W 284

Bonnell, Miss Maud 288

Books, Good, in Japan 79

Booth, Mrs. E. S 290

Boy Student Problems ........ 211

Boys Games 251

Schools 122, 369

Briggs, Mr. F. C 290

British and Foreign Bible

Society 179, 427

Buddhism, Attitude of 86

Buddhist Competition 63

Literature 14:;

Superstitions ... 25S

Bureaucracy in Japan 5

Business Conditions ..,8-10

Buys, Miss J 291

Canadian Academy, Kobe 135

Children, Magazines for (J) ... 154

Training of 91

China ... 7

Continuation Committee.. 31

Korea Presbyterian Mis-
sion to 445

Chinese, Work among (K) 341, 463

Y.M.C.A,Tokyo 204

Chosen Christiati College 379

Christian Education (J) ...117, 369


Educational Association ... 128

Endeavour, Japan Union... 197

Literature (Jj 74, 78, 80

Society of Japan 155

City Problems 82

Cole, Mr. J. T 291

Coleman, Mr. H. E 189

College, Chosen Christian 379

Woman's Christian (J) ... 126

Conference of Federated Mis-
sions (J) 29, 487, 492

Confucian Literature 145

Continuation Committee (J) 31,

34, 497
Cooperation in Mission Work

30, 66, 92, 102
Correspondence Course

75' 17O' 345
Council, Federal, of Korea ... 525

Presbyterian Methodist

(K) 342

Demarest, Mr. N. PI 292

Denominationalism 112

Doctors, Busy (K) 355

Economic Conditions 14, 328

Educated Classes Accessible ... 76

Education, Christian 1 17, 369

for Foreign Children 132, 471

General 14, 330

Religious 85

Theological 52

Educational Association, Chris-
tian 128

Council 15

Reforms Needed 129

Election, General 5

Eleemosynary Work (J). 231

Elementary Industrial Schools

(K) 371

Emigration Work 225

Evangelism... 39, 333




Newspaper 84, 159, 309

Rural loi, 173

Evangelistic Campaign,. 67, 98, 336

Missionaries 100

Evangelists, School for 54, 95

Exports (J) 8

Farmer, The Korean 322

Federal Council of Korea 525

Federated Missions, Conference

of (J) 29, 487, 492

Federation of Churches (J) 32,

495, 496

Foreign Aifairs 7

Missions (K) 343

Formosa 303

France, Y.M.C.A. Deputation to 201

Games in Japan 247, 250

Germany, Attitude toward 4

Gifts by Japanese 231

Girl Student Problems 218

Girls' Schools 120, 378

Giving of the People 65

Gotemba Conference 71

Graded S. S. Lessons 188

Greenfield, Rev. M. W 482

Guthrie, Ambassador 18

Haden, Mrs. T. H 293

Hardy, Capt 17, 236

Harrington, Rev. F. G 294

Hospitals (K) 356

Imperial Ancestors 264

Gifts 231

Individual Work 60

Industrial Conditions (K) 333

-Education [K) 384

Japan Continuation Commit-
tee ....34, 497

Japanese in Korea, Work among 453

Language Problem in

Korea : 377

School 137

Work in Formosa 306

Y.M.C.xA.. in Korea 457

Kanamori, Rev. T 73, 108

Kimura, Rev. S 106


Kobe Union Church 276

Y.M.C.A 227

Korea, Conditions in, 321

Korean Presbyterian Mission to

China 445

Religious Tract Society ... 430

Students in Tokyo 341

Y.M.CA.,Tokyo 206

Koreans in Manchuria 437

Language School, Japanese ... 137

Study 90

Laning, H 294

Lay Interest, Growth of 62

Leper Work (K).... 360

Libraries (J) 143, 151

Literature 17

Christian (Jj ...74, 78, 80, 143

(K) 417

for Women 151

Little Deer Island 361

Living, High Cost of ii, 22

Standard of ii

Luther Literature 146

Manchuria, Koreans in, ..>437, 442

Population of, » ^439

Marriage 35, 221

Megata Mission to America .... 8

Medical Missions (K) 350, 537

Ministry, The Japanese 49, 94

Mission Forces , 42

'Ihe Ishii 7

The Megata 8

Missionaries and S.S. Work ... 191

The War 20

Missions, Why medical ? 358

Moral Problems of Students 214, 216

Morris, Ambassador 18

Mothers Meetings 157

Moving Pictures 83 245

Muller, Prof. F 137, 295

National Shinto 269

S.S. Association (J) 185

Newspaper Evan gel ism. 84, 159, 309
New Testament Revision .. — 182

Obituaries 283, 479

Olympics, Far Eastern 16, 207

Oracles » 255

Osaka Y.W.C.A.... 226




Oshima, Col -. 74

Periodicals, Christian ... . 499, ^3!

Prejudice, Breaking Down 83

Press, Attitude of 83

Primary Schools (Kj 374

Prisons, Bible in 176

Publications in Japan 144

Recreations of the People 242

Reforms, Educational, Needed, 129

Relief, War ..,. 24

Religion, Books on 1 45

Religions, New 13

of Formosa 304

Religious Condition of Church-
es 110

Rescue Work .. 238

Research Institute I

Review of the Year (J) 3

Revised Version of the Japanese

New Testament 182

Ross, jMrs. JVI. PI. K 479

Rural Work 44, loi, 173

Salaries, Ministerial ....50, 57

Teachers' 119

Sanitation (K) 325

Schools, Boys 122, 370, 374

For Foreign Children 132,

135, 469, 471

Girls 120, 378

Mission 85, 369

Secular 88

Theological 125

Self Support 64

Seoul Evangelistic Campaign... 336

Foreign School 471

Severance Union Medical

„ College.... 351

Sherman, Miss M. B 297

Shin'o 87, 262

Shipping 9, 10/330

Shrines 270

Sports (Jj 249

Social Conditions, Investigating 34

Relations of Girl Students 221

Sorai Beach 473

Statistics of United Evangelistic

Campaign 72'

Students, Boy , 211


Girl , , 218

Sunday School Literature (K).. 423

Standards 192, 366

Work. ..96, 185, 187,

191. 337> 365
Superstitions (J) 255

Taiku Leper Work....... 361

Temperance 235, 237

Terauchi, Premier , 5

Theatres 244

Theological Education 52, 94

Schools 125

Tokyo Grammar School 132

Union Church 277

Y.W.C.A 225

Tracts (K) 420

Typhoon 17

Union Churches 275

United Evangelistic Campaign.

University, Christian 50

Villages (K) 325

Visit of Capt. Hardy 17

F, K. Sanders 36

Wages(j) II

Wallace, Mrs. G 298

War, The... 3, 20, 89, 93, 117, 146

White Cross Society, The 240

Whitman, Miss M. A 299

Wilson, Rev. T. E 480

Woman's Christian College ... 126

Women (J 15

— — Literature for 151

Women's Work (K) 344

Wonsan Beach Association , 475

Yamamuro, Col. G 107

Yokohama Union Church 275

Y.W.C.A 226

Y.M.C.A., Chinese, Tokyo 204

Deputation to France. 201

Formosa 307

in japan 199

-3 — -Japanese in Korea 457

— — Korean, Tokyo - 206

Young People's Work....'. 183

Y.W.CA. (J) 224


Alliance bet, Japan and Eng-
land., XIII. 564-5

Ailing, Miss H. S., Biog....XV. 335
American-Japanese Agreement


Attitude of Japanese People
toward Christianity, Dr. S.
Motoda VII. 1 42-50

Ballagh, Rev. J. H., D. D.,
Opening Address at Semi-
centennial VIII. 839

Bertels, Mrs. Mary Rogers,
Biog IX. 398

Bible, Revision of Japanese.

....• XV. 245

Bishop, Mrs. Charles, Biog.

XIII. 351

Bishop, Wm. J., Biog XI. 525

Blackstock, Miss E., Biog . . . XV. 336
Bonne, Archbishop, Biog. ...X. 376
Brand, Mrs. Clara Sands, Biog.

IX. 340

Brownlow, Miss Mollie, Biog.

XL 526

Buddhism, The Christianization

of VIII. 398

And Shintoism, Statistics

of XI. 636

Campbell, Rev. and Mrs. W.

A. r.,Biog XV. 337

Chappell, Mrs. Benj., Biog. XL 527
Charitable Institutions in Japan
and Korea, List of, (I909)


Child Life in Japan .XIV, 292

Chinese Students in Japan. IV. 113

IX. 305

Chinese Students in Japan,
Chinese View VIIL 626

Christian Duty toWard Labor
....^ ..XV. 323

! Christian Educational Society

I — Constitution VIII. 595

I Christianity in Japan, Progress
I of, in fifty years, Otis Cary

VII. 133-41

Christianity, The Influence of,
upon the Ethical and Reli-
gious Thought and the
National Life of Japan. I.
Nitobe VIIL 326

Christianity, The Influence of,
upon Ethical Religious Ideas,
and upon the National Life
and People, D. Ebina. VIIL 315

Christian Literature, What we
have and what we need, F,
Muller VII. 161-86

Christian Literature Soc. ...XL 113

Christian Literature. Annual

Review XII. 221-248, XIIL

169-207, XIV. 116. XV. 223

Christians in Japanese Army
and Navy II. 5

Christian Schools for Girls,
Miss A. G. Lewis VI. 153-62

Christian University, Address
by Dr. K. Sasao at Semi-
centennial VIJI. 179

Statement regarding need

of IX. 69

Substitutes for IX. 92

Christianity in Japan, from
Kckumin VIL 463

Chronology, Christian Move-
ment. X. 464, XIV. XXVII.

Church, The Present Crisis a
Turning Point in the History
of Christianity. Bishop Aw-
drey IIL 205

Civilization, Superficial, Is
Japan's II. 11

Colborne, Dr. W. W., Biog. ...
...-' .....^ XIIL 354




Colby, Miss A. IvL, Biog....XV. 339
Communities, Foreign, in Japan

and " direct trade"

V. 66, VIII. 27

Conference, 3 Religions. X. 12, 136
Continuation Com. Conference

XI. 178

Findings of XL 284

Continuation Committee, Con-

sitution and Work of, Japan.

XII. 275-288, XIII. 50-57

Cook, Rev. H. H., Biog....XV. 339
Cosand, Mrs. J., Biog. ..XIV. 321
Country Work, Semi-Centennial

Address -VIII. no

Crime and Prostitution ...XV. 310
Curtis, Mrs. Gertrude Benedict,

Biog XI. 530

Curtis, Rev. Wm. Willis, Biog.

• ■ - XL 533

Daily News, N.C., tribute to
Dr. Morita - IX. ii

Danforth, Miss Mary A., Bicg.
, , IX. 400

Davidson, Mrs. Robert T., Biog.

IX. 534

Davis, Rev. J. D., D.D., Biog.

IX. 350

Davison, Mrs. J. C, Biog

XIII. 352

Dearing, J, L., Biog XV. 341

DeForest, Rev. J. H., Biog.

IX. 364

DeForest, Mrs. J. H., Biog.

Diet, Table of Sessions of the

Distribution of Forces, Dr. G
W.Fulton X. 191, XL 68

Duties, of this Conference, Ad-
dress of Dr. D. B. Schneder
IX. 170

Dodge, Miss Katharine A.,
Biog ,....X. 378

Early Days in Japan, xvirs.
Mary Eddy Miller... VII. 122-32

Education, Christian, as a Fea-
ture of Evangelistic Effort. V. 1S4


Education, Christian, Dr. D. B.
Schneder X. 44

Education, Girls', A. Caroline
Macdonald VI. 96-141

Education, The Results of
Christian, — Semi-^Centennial
Address, A. Pieters VIII. 156

Educational Situation (1909) A.
Pieters '... ..VII. 273

Education, The Future of
Higher Christian, Semi-Cen-
tennial Address, K. Ibuka
VIII. 170

Education, Attitude of the De-
partment of IX. 78

Educational System of Japan,
A. Pieters IV. 3I-107

Early Japanese Quotation from
the Bible, A. Lloyd ...VIII. 598

Eleemosynary Institution?, List
of .'. X. 447

English Bible Class Work. XL 501

English Teachers Movement,
G. M. Fisher X. 316

Ensor, Rev. George, Biog

IX. 418

Evangelism, The ^rcope of
Country VI. 218

Evangelistic Campaign, Nation-
aL...._.......XIV. 39, XV. 15, 191

Evangelization of Japan, G. M.
Fisher VIII. 371

Evington, Rt. Rev. Bishop
Henry, Biog XL 535

Fac'ory Law XV. 6, 269

Failed How far have we ?
Semi - Centennial Address
Rev. G. Toda VIIL 91

Fleet, American, in Japan. VII. 37
Foreign Communities, Christian


XIL 311-335, XIII. 282-286,
,..,... XV.

Formosa, Mission Work in,
under Japanese Rule I.

■ XA..

Cap!. Bickel

Fukuin Maru,

VL 20A

— Work in the Adjacent
Islands, F. C. Briggs. VIII.





Franco - Japanese Agreement

,(1907)" ; -^....;- V. 335

Irugality, Imperial Rescript on
(1908) VII. 6

Geisha XV, 298, 299

Gheer, Miss Jennie M. Biog.
IX. 394

Gilts, Three Imperial III. 29

Girls' Schools, The Sunday
School Work of, Semi-Cen-
tennial Address, Miss C. B.

DeForest VITI. 146

Gorbold, Rev. R. P., Biog. ...

. XIV. 323

Greene, Rev. D, C,, D.D., LL,

D., Biog XII. 351

Gring, Mrs. A. D., Biog. XIII. 356

Hail, Rev. John E., Biog

•; IX. 424, X, 381

Hail, Mrs. Rachel Lindsey,

Biog XII. 352

Heimin, Increasing Prominence

of 7. IT. 7

Hepburn, Dr. J. C., Biog ...X. 384
Plibbard, Master Lowell, Biog.

;•■; ;•••;-.; XII. 354

Pliraiwa, Keimei, Biog. ...IX. 405
Historical Address, Dr. W.

Imbrie VIII. 50

Plistory of Labor Movement (T)

XV. 341

Medical Work, (J) ...

XV. 253

Honda, Bishop, Biog X. 393

Hostels, Symposium on, for

Students XII, 172

Waseda Students XII. 185

Women „ XII. I92

Housing Conditions XV. 284

Houston, ]Miss Ella, Biog. ...X. 398

Immorality XV. 275

Independence Movement (in
Churches) IV. 191

Independence, Financial, Semi-
Centennial Address, S. E.
Hager VIII. 120

Industrial Conditions in Tokyo,

by ]Mr. J. Merle-Davis

••••• XIL 134-153

Industrial Conditions in Japan,

by J. M. Davis,. XV. 279

Industrial Enterprises, Chris-
tianity in XIII. 295-312

Influences, Moral and Reli-
gious, Surrounding Younger

Students in Japan VII. 55-81

Influence of Christianity upon
Japanese Literature, Dr. D.

C. Greene VII. 151-60

Ishii, Juji, Biog XII. 355

Ito, Prince, Letter to Mr. O'
Brien, about American Mis-
sionaries VII. 18

Japan and America, Arbitration
Treaty VL 414

Japan and Immigration to the
United Slates IX. 6

Japan, Christianization of, Dr.
Nitobe , VL 419

Japanese People, Attitude to-
ward Christianity of, Dr. S,
Moloda VH. 142-50

Johnson, Mrs. Sarah M., Biog.

.^ ; XIV. 327

Jubilee Celebration in Llonour
of the Arrival of Dr. S. R.
Brown VIII. 605

Katsura (Count) Interview

with, Dr. Wm. Imbrie ...II. 207
Kidder, Miss Anna H., Biog.

XIV. 336

Kimball, Miss J., Biog. ...XIV. 328
Kindergartens in Japan by

Miss M. M. Cook ...XIT. 265-271
Knox, Dr. G. W., Biog. ...XI. 401
Kobayashi, Mr. T. and his

Charities IX. 46, 360

Korea, Agreement of 1909

VIL 478

Korea, Annexation of, Oflicial

Documents VIII. 613

Korea, Treaty wiih'(i907)Text

• •• V. 330

Korea, Work in, Dr. J. S. Gale

: X. 367

Korean Conspiracy Case

.= -XIIL 13,14



LanguJge Course of Study

XV, App. Vi

Leete, Miss Isabella A., Bio?.

^^- 540

Literature, Christian, \\hat we
have and what we need. F.
Muller, VII. 161 86. In

1910 IX. 97

Lloyd, Mrs. Arthur, Bio<;^. IX. 423
Lloyd, Prof. Arthur, Biog. X. 404
Loo-Choo Islands, Christ iaii
Work in VII. 204

McCoIlum, Rev. John W.

D. D., Biog IX. 348

McKenzip, Rev. D.R., D.D.,

Address at Annual Meeting

of Federated Missions, 1914.

XII. 31-43

McKim, Mrs. J., Biog ...XIV. 330

McNair, Rev. T. M XIV. 331

Meiji Tenno XL i

Melton, Miss M. E. Biog... XV. 342

Miller, Rev. E. R XIV. 336

Misconceptions regarding Japan

and her People V. 3.-20

ISIissionary Work, The Future

of, Dr. J. D. Davis VIII. 360

Missionary, The Work of the

Future, Rev. J. G. Dunlop...

VIIL 349

Missionary, The Work, of the.

During in Past Fifty years,

H. Yamamoto Vill. 60

Missionary, The Work of, T.

H. Haden VIIL 67

Missionary, Another view of his

work, Dr. D. C. Greene......


Missionary, The Temper and

Attitude of, the Bishop Y.

Honda VIIL 81

Missionaries, The Influence of

Upon the Education and

Civilization of Japan, R. Fuii-

sawa ...VIIL 335

Moore, Mrs. Annie, M., Biog. X. 408
Moral and Religious Conditions,

L. W. Bickel XIV. 235

Moral and Religious Influences

on Younger Students. ..VIL. 55-86

Morris, Rev. Arthur R., Biog ..

XL 541

Mosely, Rev. C. B. Biog... XV. 344

New L'fe in Japan III. 19

Newspaper Evangelism XL

510, XV. 88

Nicolai, Archbi,shop, Biog....X. 412

Okuno, Rev. Matsuna, Biog IX. 381

Park, Miss Willie Lee, Biog...

..= : XL 543

Peace Movement in Japan, by
Mr. Gilbert Bowles.. .^..XIL
154-163 XIII, 263-274, XIV. 214

Peace, Treaty of, between Japan
and Russia IV. 240

Physical Culture in Japan, Mr.
J. M. Davis .VII. 87-121

Pieters, Miss R. W XIV. 337

Portsmouth Treaty, 'I ext of,...
IV. 240

Prisons, Japanese ....VIIL 404

Privileges granted by the Depr.
of Ed. to Licensed Schools,
Dr. W. Imbrie II. 35

Property Trusts, Mission V. 3I9-27
otestantism and the Religious
Situation in Japan, Dr. S. H.
Wainright III. 189

Reasons for Giving Thanks at
this Semi-Cenntenary, Bishop
Y. Honda..... VIL 24

Religions of Japan, Old

- - XIIL 558-563

Religious Teaching in Licensed
Schools. Rev. A. Pieters 11. 25

Rescript, Imperial, on Educa-
tion V. 69

Rescript, Imperial (on Frugality)
(1908) VII. 6

Resources of J apan III. 15

Resolution in Behalf of Inter-
national Peace and Good-
Will .,VIII. 593

Retrospect of Fifty Year., Rev.
K. Kozaki '. VIIL 40

Roll of Honor XL 641

Rolman, Miss Eva L., Biog....
= ..XIL357



Romanized Japanese in Higher
Primary Schools, Resolution

•of Imp. Ed. Ass.. I. 1-I49

Rose, Miss Clara H., Biog

Russia and Japan, Treaty of
Peace IV. 240

Russia, War with 11. i

Russo - Japanese Convention

(I907)"-"- V. 335

Russo - Japanese Convention,
Nev/ (1910) VIII. 611

Sasamori, Rev. U. Ph. D., D.D.,
LL.D., Biog IX.

School for Foreign Children

Scott, Mrs. Carrie Vaughn,
Biog XL

Semi - Centennial Conference.
Address at. Count Okuma

Small College, Rev. F.N. Scot- ,
Address at Semi Centennial

Social Conditions ...XV. 270,

Social Evil in Japan, By W.H.
Erskine .. XV.

Stout Henry, Biog X.

Student Boarding Houses and
Hostels XIV.

Sunday School Work, Semi-
centennial Address, T. Ukai.

Symposium on Christian PIos-
tels by Mr. Galen M.,
Rev. H. Benninghoff and

Miss A. C. MacDonald

XII. 172-










Talcitt, Miss Eliza, Biog .. X. 421
Temperance Movement in Japan
by Hon. Taro Ando ..XI f. 164 73

XIII. 275-281

Tenny, Mrs. Grace Webb, Biog.

^X. 338

lhom])son, Rev. David, Biog.

XIV. 338


Tobila Licensed Quarter ...XV.

170 3"» 325

Tract Society by Mr. Geo.

Braithv/aite XIL 213-220

Treaties, Revision of IX. 5

Treaty, The Japan - United

States— Text IX. 484

Treaty, New Commercial with

Great Britain IX. 493

Treaty, Portsmouth, Text of...V. 335
Tsuda, Miss, English Institute.

- VI 142

Turner, Rev. W. P., Biog ., X. 425

Union Hymnbook ...I. 56

University, Need of a Christian,

IX. 85

—Movement for, D.B

Schneder, D.D XL 76

Van Petten, Mrs. C.W., Biog.

• XV. 346

Van Strien, Mrs. Eleanor O.,

Biog XII. 358

Village Life, Survey oL.XlV. 335^

War, Japan and the Great.

XIIL 7-28, XV. 9,10

Waters, Mrs. T. L., Biog.... IX. 402
\\ hite, Mrs. William J., Biog.

XIIL 359

W^ife, Legal Status of Japanese

XIIL 324-329

Williams-, Right Rev. Bishop

CM. D.D., Biog IX. 413

Willingham, Mrs. C. T., Biog.

•• IX. 349

Winn, Mrs. T. C, Biog ...XI. 540
Woman Movement, The, in
Japan, Bv Miss A. C. Mac-
Donald..'. XV. 265

Women Factory Laborers

XIIL 313-323

W^yckoff, Prof. M. N., Sc. D.,
Biog IX. 386

Vount'man, Miss Kate M., Biog.
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Imperial Japanese vy^^^^^^pa Cable Address

and W^^S^^i^S^ "Toyokisen"

U.S.A. Mail Line \\^ §^P^ B| Yokohama

The Semi -Tropical Trans -Pacific Line

San Francisco— Hongkong


Honolulu^ Yokohama^ SSobe^ Nagasaki^ Shanghai^
and Manila


S.S. Tenyo Maru 22,000 tons S.S. Siberia Maru 20,000 tons

S.S. Shinyo Maru 22,000 tons S.S. Korea Maru 20.000 toas


S.S. Nippon Maru 11,000 tons S.S. Persia Maru 9,000 tons

Saloon Accommodation at Reduced Rates.

Stop-overs allowed at all ports. Service and cuisine unexcelled.
Thoroughly modern and up-to-date. Equipped with Wireless Tele-
graph, Submarine Signals, Laundry, Children's Nursery, Ladies'
Lounge and all other modern improvements for safety and comfort.

Soutli American Line

Disp't. 18,500 tons Disp't. i?,200 tons Disp't. 14,000 tons

The only Regular Direct Service between Hongkong, Moji, Kobe,
Yokohaaia, Honolulu, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Salina Cruz,
Panama (Balboa) and South Amsrlca (Callao, Arica, Iquique,


Agencies and Branches at all poiis of call and in all the Piinci^al
Cities of the World.

The Christian Literature Society
of Japan.


Rev. A. D. Berry, D. D., (Methodist)
Miss A. C. BosANQUET (Anglican)
Miss Edith Campbell (Canadian Methodist)
Miss C. A. Converse (Baptist)
Mr. Galen M. Fisher (Y.M.C.A.)
Rev. Wm. Imbrie, D. D., i Presbyterian), Chairman.
Rev. R. D. McCoy (Churches of Christ)
Rev. S. Heaslett (Anglican), Secretary
Miss A. C. MacDonald (Presbyterian)
Rev. J. C. C. Newton, D. D., (Southern Methodist)
Rev. J. H. Petee, D. D., (Congregationalist)
Rev. A. OlTxMANs, D. D., (Reformed Dutch Church in America)
. Rev. D. B. Schneder, D. D., (Reformed Church in the U.S.)
Rev. E. N. Walne, D. D., :, Southern Baptist)

Advisory Members:

Rev. H. KozAKi, D. D. Rev. Y. Chiba, D. D.

Rev. En Kashiwai Rev. J. Imai

Rev. T. Takagi, D. D.

Rev. H. K. Miller

Treasurer :


General Secretary : S. H. Wainright, M. D., D. D.
General Secretary's Assistant : Miss Elizabeth Cobb
Secretary for Women and Children : Miss A. C. BosAnquet

X;<Sitorial Secretaries:

Rev. Masue Kawazoe Miss Chiyo Hiraiwa

Rev. T. MiYAKE Miss M. MoRiTA

Mr. S. NoBECHi

Office Secretaries:

Miss Tai Tnanuma Gyotatsu Inomata

Miss T. HiROSE

Sales Agencies:









Mail Ordet Department :


We deal in all kinds of good BOOKS,

both English and Japanese

If we do not have the latest and best
BOOKS on any subject ask our Foreign
Order Department to g^Qt them for yon.
We connect you up with all the

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