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The following organizations constitute the Twenty-
fourth brigade, National Guard, State of New York, with
headquartei-s at Oswego : Forty-eighth Regiment, Oswego ;
Fifty-first Regiment, Syracuse ; Separate Troop cavalry. Os-
wego ; battery of artillery, Syracuse.

Number of officers and men in the Twenty-fourth bri-
gade, one thousand and seventy. Brigadier-General, Tim-
othy Sullivan ; Lieutenant-Colonel E. A. Cooke, Assistant
Adjutant-General ; Major E. A. Van Home, Inspector ;
Major Carrington Macfiulane, Surgeon ; Major G. N. Burt,

Judge Advocate; Major H. N. White, Engineer; Captain
J. T. Mott, Quartermaster ; Captain G. T. Lyon, (!ommis-
sary ; Captain G. W. (ioble. Ordnance Officer; Captain E.
G. Baxter, A. D. C. ; Lieutenant James D. Macfarlane,
A. T). C.

Forty-eighth Regiment, field and staff: Colonel, George
Hugunin ; Lieutenant-Colonel, C. V. Houghton; Major, J.

E. Fisher ; Adjutant, H. C. Thompson ; Quartermaster,
Chester Penfield ; Commissary, D. H. Judson ; Surgeon, S.

F. V. Whited ; Assistant Surgeon, D. F. Acker ; luspectur
of Rifle Practice, Alverson Curtiss.

Company officers : A, Captain, H. H. Horron ; First

Lieutenant, J. S. Barton ; Second Lieutenant, T. W. Qoodsell.

B (Hannibal), Captain L. P. Storms ; First Lieutenant,

G. V. Emeus; Second Lieutenant, Joseph Albring.

C, First Lieutenant, John Miller; Second Lieutenant,
Jacob Snyder.

D, Captiiin, Laurence Johnson ; First Lieutenant, John
Shepard ; Second Lieutenant, John J. White.

E, Captain, Prank D. Waugh; First Lieutenant, Charles
R. Parkinson.

F, Second Lieutenant, Frank J. Baltes.

G, Captain, John Ratigan.

H, Lieutenant, Walter Stebbins.

I (Mexico), Captain, E. L. Huntington ; First Lieuten-
ant, H. M. Ames ; Second Lieutenant, F. B. Gregory.

K, Captain, Thomas Quirk ; Second Lieutenant, Charles
S. Peckham. Number of officers and men, five hundred
and thirteen.

Separate Troop cavalry, Twenty-fourth brigade: Captain,
William S. Turner ; First Lieutenant, Charles S. Newell ;
Second Lieutenant, Henry Sivers ; Second Lieutenant, A.
A. Wellington. Number of officers and men, sixty-two.

The Arsenal. — This home of the Forty-eighth Regi-
ment, which is also the present headquarters of the Twenty-
fourth brigade, is a very fine, substantial brick building,
with a Mansard roof and tower, situated on East First
street, between Oneida and Mohawk, in the city of Oswego,
and facing the Oswego river, a few rods away. It is a
hundred and seventy feet long by a hundred feet deep.
The greater part of the building is occupied by a drill-room,
seventy feet-by a hundred and seventy, and extending to the
roof In front of this the lower story is occupied by separate
rooms for each of several companies ; the second story by
other company rooms, and by regimental and brigade head-
quarters ; the third story by the separate troop of cavalry.

The arms and uniforms of the men are kept in their re-
spective company rooms. Remington breech -loading rifles
with bayonets are the weapons of the infantry ; sabres and
Remington carbines those of the cavalry. Numerous prizes
are displayed in various rooms, attesting the prowess of
Oswego County men in rifle^hooting within the piust few
years. Two of these were first prizes presented by the
State for victories won by the Forty-eighth Regiment over
all the other regiments of the Sixth division in 1875 and
1876. Two others were the third prize, won at Creedmoor
in a State contest in 1875, and the second prize similariy
obtained in 1876. There are also trophies snatched from
Canadian rivals, and one obtained by the cavalrymen in a
contest at Syracuse.




State Officers from Oswego County — Court of Appeals and Supreme
Court — Members of Congress — Presidential Electors — First Judges
of the Common Pleas — County Judges — Special County Judges —
Associate Judges of the Common Picas — Justices of Sessions —
Surrogates — Special Surrogates — District Attorneys— SherifTs —
County Clerks— County Treasurers— State Senators— Members of
Assembly — Superintendents and Commissioners of Schools.

State officers from Oswego County are as follows : Henry
Fitzhugli, of Oswego city, was elected canal commissioner
in November, 1851, for three years, and re-elected in 1854,
serving until December 31, 1S57.

Andrew H. Calhoun, of Oswego city, was appointed
canal appraiser by the governor and senate, July 1, 1850,
and served until April 5, 1855.

William F. Allen, then of New York, but previously and
subsequently of Oswego, was elected State comptroller in
November, 1867, and held office from January 1, 1868, till
June, 1870, when he was elected judge of the court of

John Cochrane, formerly a resident of Oswego, served as
attorney-general in 1864: and 1865.

Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. — Previous to the
constitution of 1847, there had been no supreme court or
circuit judges from Oswego County. Under that constitu-
tion Oswego County was united with Jeiferson, Lewis, Her-
kimer, Oneida, and Onondaga, to form the fifth judicial
district, and elected four justices of the supreme court, — one
to be chosen every two years, and those first elected to draw
for terms.

In June, 1847, William F. Allen, of Oswego city, was
elected, and drew an eight-years' term. In 1855 he was
re-elected, and served till December 31, 1863.

Henry A. Foster, of Oneida county (ex-congressman and
ex-United States senatorj, was elected in his place, and soon
afterwards removed to Oswego, where he lived throughout
his term of office, which expired December 31, 1871, and
whore he still resides.

By the judiciary amendment to the constitution, adopted
in 1869, a new court of appeals of seven members was pro-
vided for, the judges to hold fourteen years.

William F. Allen, of Oswego, was elected one of the first
judges of the new court in May, 1870, and still holds that

Members of Congress. — By an act of the legislature passed
in April, 1822, Oswego County was made a part of the
twentieth congressional district, which also embraced Jef-
ferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties, and elected two
members of Congress. Previous to this the sections east
and west of the Oswego river liad been joined in represen-
tation respectively with Oneida and Onondaga counties, and
no member had been a resident of the present territory of
Oswego County. At the election in 1824, Egbert Ten
Eyck, of Jefferson county, received one of the certificates,
but on contest his seat was awarded, in December, 1825, to
General Daniel Hugunin, of Oswego, who held till March,
1827. He was succeeded by Rudolph Bunner, of Oswego,
in the Congress of 1827-2!i.

George Fisher, of Oswego, received a certificate for next

term (1829-31), but his seat, on contest, was awarded in
December, 1829, to Silas Wright, Jr., of St. Lawrence, who,
however, declined to accept it. and another St. Lawrence
county man was elected the next spring. There was no
one from Oswego County in the Congrats of 1831-33.

By law of June 29, 1832, Oneida and Oswego counties
formed the seventeenth congressional district, with two mem-
bers. Those from Oswego County were as follows :

Joel Turrill, of Oswego, 1833-35. Re-elected for 1835-

Abraham P. Grant, of Oswego, 1837-39.

David P. Brewster, of Oswego, 1839-41. Re-elected for

By a law passed in September, 1842, Madison and Os-
wego counties formed the twenty-third congressional district,
with one member. Those counties have composed one dis-
trict ever since ; but in 1851 its number was changed to the
twenty-second, and in 1871 it was changed back to the
twenty-third. The representatives have been as follows :

Orville Robinson, of Mexico, 1843-45 ; William J.
Hough, of Madison county, 1845-47 ; William Duer, of Os-
wego, 1847-49 ; re-elected for 1849-51 ; Leander Babcock,
of Oswego, 1851-53; Gerrit Smith, of Madison county,
1853-54; resigned November, 1854; Henry C. Goodwin,
of Oswego, elected in place of Smith, 1854-55 ; Andrew Z.
McCarty, of Pulaski, 1855-57; Henry C. Goodwin, of
Oswego, 1857-59 ; M. Lindley Lee, of Fulton, 1859-61 ;
William E. Lan.sing, of Madison county, 1861-63 ; De Witt
C. Littlejohn, of Oswego, 1863-65 ; Sidney T. Holmes, of
Madison county, 1865-67 ; John C. Churchill, of 0.swego,
1867-69 ; re-elected for 1869-71 ; William E. Lansing, of
Madison county, 1871-73; re-elected for 1873-75; Wil-
liam H. Baker, of Constantia, 1875-77 ; re-elected for

Fresidential Electors from Oswego County, with date
of elections. — Theophilus S. Morgan, of Oswego, 18.32 ;
Peter Pratt, of Mexico, 1840 ; Henry Potts, of Williams-
town, 1844 ; Delos De Wolf, of Oswego, 1852 ; Daniel H.
Marsh, of Oswego, 1856 ; Thomas Kingsford, of Oswego,
1864 ; Delos De Wolf, of Oswego (elector at large), 1868 ;
John E. Lyon, of Oswego, 1872; Bartholomew Lynch, of
Oswego, 1876.

First Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas, loith date
of appointment. — Baruet Jlooney, of Granby, March 21 ,
1816; John Grant, Jr., of Oswego, June 1, 1820; Joel
Turrill, of Oswego, April 2, 1828 ; David P. Brewster, of
Oswego, April 15, 1833 ; Samuel B. Ludlow, of Oswego,
May 11, 1841.

CounfT/ Judges elected for four years, with time of enter-
ing on office. — Orla H. Whitney, Mexico, June, 1847 ;
Ransom H. Tyler, Fulton, January 1, 1852; Sylvester C.
Huntington, Pulaski, January 1, 1856 ; John C. Churchill,
Oswego, January 1, 1860 ; Ransom H. Tyler, Fulton, Jan-
uary 1, 1864; Cyrus Whitney, Mexico, January 1, 1868;
elected for six years; Cyrus Whitney, Oswego, January,

Special County Judges, elected for three years, with time
of entering on office. — Benjamin F. Rhodes, Pulaski, Jan-
uary 1, 1855 ; Dennis D. McCoon, Schroeppel, January 1,
1858 ; De Witt C. Peck, Mexico, January 1, 1861 ; James


W. Fenton, Pulaski, January 1, 18G4 ; re-elected 18G7 ;
Andrew Z. McCarty, Pulaski, January 1, 1870; John
Preston, Pulaski, January 1, 1873; Henry A. Brainard,
Sehroeppel, January 1, 1876.

Axsociale Judges of the Common J'ltas, icilh years of
service. — Peter D. Hugunin, Oswego, 181G-26, inclusive;
Edmund Hawks, Oswego town, 1816-18; Daniel Hawks,
Jr., Hannibal, 1816-17; Smith Dunlap, Sandy Creek,

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