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of the office of comptroller, to which he was elected in
November, 18G7. He was re-elected comptroller in 18G9.
He resigned that office in July, 1870, to take the office of
associate judge of the court of appeals, to which he was
chosen in May, 1870. His term of office will expire by
constitutional limitation December 31, 1878. He received
the degree of LL.D. from Hamilton college in 1857, and
from Union college in 1864.

Notwithstanding he has repeatedly been called by the
favor of the people from the field of his chosen profession
to positions of trust and confidence, both in the State and
national government, and that he has always discharged the
duties of the several positions to which he has been called
with fidelity to the trust reposed in him, with honor to
himself, and with satisfaction to the public, his future fame
will rest more solidly, surely, upon the decisions he has ren-
dered, upon the able and exhaustive opinions he has writ-
ten, which evince such profound learning and great ability,
and shed so much light upon the jurisprudence of our State
and nation.

In his political convictions he has always been a pro-
nounced Democrat, never, however, mingling in politics
while upon the bench, although strong in his political
convictions, and fearless in the expression of those convic-
tions when occasion required. At the expiration of his
first term as justice of the supreme court of the fifth judi-
cial district, in 1855, both political parties ]ire.sented him as
their choice for the same office for the succeeding term of
eight years, and the legal profession of his district wore

unanimous ii:

favor, thus attesting in the highest man-
ner possible the appreciation of his ability as a judge and
his purity ns a man.

Future generations will regard him as the great lawyer,
the able counselor, the wise judge, and the honest man.

This well-known citizen is do.^ci'Tidcd f

i,f tin

oldest families of New England, the genealogy of which
ho has traced with the same combined diligence and enthu-
siasm which have made him an authority in local history,
and to which we are so much indebted for assistance in this

Henry Biirt came from England to Roxbury, Massachu-
setts, about 1638 (only eighteen years after the landing of
the Pilgrims), and his son Benjamin was one of the first
settlers of Dcerfield, in that State. The latter and his wife
were both captured by the French and Indians, at the time
of that event so sadly celebrated in New England history,
the burning of Dcerfield, in February, 1704. They were
taken to Canada, ran.somed, and returiu'd in 1706. Two of
bis brothers wore .slain at otliLr jjlaces by the same deadly

After his return he settled in Connecticut, whence his
son, Daniel, moved to AVarwick, Orange county. New York,
in 1746. His son, also named Daniel, resided there until
1803. James Burt, a younger brother of Daniel, Jr., was
one of the most eminent men in the county : a Revolutionary
soldier, an assemblyman eight years, a State senator ten,
and a presidential elector and chairman of the New York
electoral college in 1840, at the age of eighty.

The part taken by the second Daniel Burt and his .sons
in the early settlement of Oswego is mentioned in the
historical sketch of the city. His fifth son, George W.,
married Amelia Benedict, and their oldest child, Bradley
Benedict Burt, was born at Oswego, November 19, 1814.
After attending the common and select schools of the vil-
lage, he began reading law with Fisher and Allen in 1833.
After three years' study with that firm and its successor,
Grant and Allen, and one year in Utica, he was admitted
an attorney of the supreme court in July, 1837.

Mr. Burt practiced three years in Oswego alone, and one
year as a member of the firm of Grant, Allen & Burt.
In 1841 he was admitted a counselor of the supreme court.
He was also withiu a few years admitted to practice in all
the degrees in the court of chancery, the United States
circuit and district courts, and the courts of the city of
New York. From 1841 to 1844 he practiced in Utica,
and while there (^June 21, 1843) married Artemisia C,
daughter of George Noyes, of Oriskany, Oneida county,
and sister of the late William Curtis Noyes, of New York
city. His children by that lady are three sons and a
daughter. In 1844 he went into partnership with Mr.
Noyes, in New York, where he remained three years. He
then returned to Oswego, where he has ever since diligently
pursued his profession.

In 1 863, Mr. Burt served as sujiervisor of the First ward.
In 1868, he took into partnersliip his soii,'

Online LibraryCrisfield. cn Johnson... History of Oswego County, New York → online text (page 48 of 120)