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known as the Union Village Farmers' club, which was

organized March KJ, 18G9, with T. G. Thompson as presi-
dent; D. 11. Green, secretary; J. S. Bishop, corresponding
secretary; and S. L. Pai-sons, treasurer. This org-.miza-
tion started with only eight or ten members, and at present
has a membership of one hundred and fifty. Present
officers are as follows, viz., T. S. Brigham, president; I).
R. Green, vice-president; Fred. E. Stewart, secretary ; Le
Roy Pease, treasurer. The members of the society saw
the need of having some place .suitable for their meetings,
and, being an enterprising people, took hold of the matter ;
in 1870 they erected a fine town hall, and on June 23, 1 870,
they, as well as many from the city, congregated for dedica-
tion services.

The hall is situated on the farm of T. G. Thompson,
about three miles west of the city, in one of the most beauti-
ful locations that could be cho.sen. The building, which
is cruciform, was designed by Gardner Bros., of Oswego
city, and built by D. P. McAuley, also of the city of
Oswego. The main part, whicli is used as an audience-
room for the regular meetings of the society, is thirty by
forty-six feet, and the hall proper is thirty by sixty-five feet,
with an ante-room, used as kitchen in festival time, ten by
thirty feet, in the rear. It is also provided with dining-
rooms, etc.

The building is high, and well arranged for light and
ventilation. It cost two thousand dollars. The funds
were raised by subscription, and paid for as soon as com-
pleted. The inclosure in which it stands includes five or
six acres, and is held by the town society under a perpetual
lease. On the grounds is a fine half-mile track. The
building, with " Old Glory" floating at the peak of its flag-
staff, is a prominent object for miles around.


on the Oswego river, four miles above Oswego, contains two
stores, one hotel, post-office, one church, one blacksmith-shop,
and about twenty-five residences. Is a very pleasant place,
having beautiful river scenery. Mrs. Betsy Pease kept the
first tavern at this place as early as 1820. Messrs. Evert,
Forbes, and were early settlers on the present site of
Minetto village. About 1832 there was a grist-mill erected
here ; the builder's name was Samuel Taggott. About a mile
down the river (on the river-road) from Minetto is the
brewing establishment of L. Brosemer, which does (juitc an
extensive business in the line of ales. About one-half mile
north and west from Oswego Centre is the refining establish-
ment of Griffin & Mott, which was started as a cider-uiill
in 1862 by Mr. Griffin, who has kept increasing his facili-
ties until his business ha.s become quite ext

Online LibraryCrisfield. cn Johnson... History of Oswego County, New York → online text (page 54 of 120)