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Henry E. Nichols, second assistant chief; S. B. Mead,
secretary ; Henry A. Harris, treasurer and collector.

The fire department of Fulton is an efficient organization,
and reflects much credit upon the village. The steamers
used by the department are the celebrated Button machine,
considered by many superior to any other manufactured.
The engine-house is eligibly located on the main street, and
is furnished with all the conveniences of a first-class depart-


Hiram Lodge, F. and A. M., was organized June
14, 1849. The charter designated Samuel Dean, Master;
Andrew B. Simonds, Senior Warden ; and W. R. Penfield,
Junior Warden. The charter was given while Hon. John
D. Willard was Master of the grand lodge.

The present officers of the lodge are as follows: M. W.
Danks, M. ; M. B. Buel, S. W. ; James Stevens, J. W. ;
H. Bradway, Treas. ; H. L. Taylor, Sec; S. Parmelee,
S. D. ; J. Clark, J. W. ; C. Hart, S. M. of C. ; James
Pearman, J. M. of C. ; J. Sawyer, T.

Fulton Chapter, No. 167, was instituted in about the
year 1860. Stephen Pardee was the first High Priest;
Gaylord G. Goodell, King; and Wm. F. Ensign, S.

The present officers of the chapter are as follows : S.
Pardee, H. P. ; D. Pardee, K. ; J. Watson, S. ; M. W.
Danks, C. of N. ; S. Parmelee, P. S. ; M. B. Buel, R. A.
C. ; C. D. Branch, M. of 3d V. ; J. Stevens, M. of 2d V. ;
J. S. Ward, M. of 1st V. ; J. Sawyer, T. ; H. L. Taylor,
Sec. ; H. Bradway, Treas.

Ne-ah-tah-wan-ta Lodge, No. 245, I. 0. of 0. F.,
was instituted August 10, 1870. The following were the
charter-members, viz. : Geo. E. Williams, N. W. Otman,
George C. Cooper, R. P. Alger, James F. Corrie, John B.
Corrie, W. J. Baker, Jones H., Wm. H. Sisson.

The present officers are as follows : N. Charnley, N. G. ;

Fred. Keeler, V. G. ; George Clark, Sec. ; C. S. Rust, Per.
Sec. ; James L. Parker, Trea.s.



This locality wa.s first visited by a preacher of the Metho-
dist faitii in 180!t, when the Rev. Mr. Tuller, from Cort-
land county, made a tour around the circuit to which this
place belonged, and preached here on his way to Oswego,
Mexico, Sandy Creek, and Sackett's Harbor.

In September, 1811, this locality was visited by a Metho-
dist minister, whose name is not known, who preached at
the house of Noah Whitney.

The first class was organized in 181.3, by Rev. Mr. Bishop,
of Sandy Creek, with the late Daniel Falley as leader. The
members were as follows: Mrs. Elizabeth Falley, Mrs.
Judge Mooney, Widow Hyde, Widow Van Waggencn, the
mother of Frederick D. Van Waggeneu, Miss Charlotte
Jones, afterwards Mrs. Jacob C. Thompson, and perhajis
one or two others.

In 1814 the class was occasionally visited by Rev. Mr.
Gillett, and in the following year by Rev. George Gray,
subsequently presiding elder and missionary to Oregon.
He was followed, in 1816, by Rev. James Hazeu, who was
succeeded, in 1817, by Rev. Enoch Barnes. In 1818,
Rev. Nathaniel Reeder was the circuit preacher, and Rev.
Chandler Laudjert occasionally held service. In 1818, a
powerful revival of religion commenced, which continued
until 1820, and the list of converts numbered four hundred.
The Rev. Mr. Lambert also supplied the church during
1820 and 1821, and in the two following years it was
supplied by Rev. Reuben A. Aylcsworth. In the years
1824 and 1825 the Rev. Mr. Roach traveled the circuit,
and occasionally preached at this place.

April 26, 1826, the society was organized, by Rev. Alex-
ander Irvine, under the name of the " First Society of the
Methodist Episcopal Church of Volney," and George F.
Falley, John Schenck, James Whitaker, John Waterhouse,
Jacob C. Thompson, Daniel Falley, Joseph Easton, Julius
Montague, and James Doolittle were chosen trustees.

The first church edifice was erected in 1828, and Wm.
Schenck, John Waterhouse, and John Easton were ap-
pointed the building committee. The ground upon which
the church is located was donated to the society by Nor-
mand Hubbard, with the condition that it must be per-
petually used as the site of the Methodist Episcopal ehurcli.
The edifice has been enlarged and improved twice since it was
built, but most of the original walls are still standing and in
use. Without doubt this was the first house of worship
erected by this denomination in Oswego County. The
church was completed and occupied in the spring of 18:50.

Fulton was made a separate station in July, 182'J, and
William W. Rundell was appointed preacher.

The following is a list of the pastors who have officiat

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