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Dr. Ransom Howard.

Mrs. Ransom Howard.

Kansom Howard, M.D., the subject of this sketch,
was born in Windsor, Massachusetts, March 7, 1793. He
was the son of John Howard, whose ancestors were among
the early settlers of the New England States, and embarked
on the " Mayflower' for America, in the year 1620.

His father was a farmer, and unable to give his chil-
dren any advantages above the common school. It was
so with Ransom, who, self-reliant, paved his way to promi-
nence as a medical man by his own exertions, and also
became a master of the French, Latin, and Greek lan-
guages, in the study of which he spent very much of his

At an early age he came with his father to Sangerfield,
Oneida county, and remained there until he was about
twenty-seven years of age, when he came to Oswego County
and commenced the practice of medicine, first at Volney
Centre, where he continued, with the exception of six years
spent at Gilbertville, during his professional career.

He received his medical instruction from Dr. White, a
man of high reputation, with whom he studied. At the
age of thirty he married Miss Eliza Johnson, daughter of
James Johnson, of Massachusetts, whose forefathers were of
English descent. To Mr. and Mrs. Howard were born four
children, viz. : Silence, Elizabeth, William Burr, and Han-
som. Of these. Ransom was drowned, at the age of five
years, at Gilbertville. Silence married Professor A. R.
Benton, a man of high reputation as a scholar, ex-chancellor
of Lincoln university, Nebraska, and at present professor
in the Northwestern Christian university, at Indianapolis.
They have three children, Grace Eliza, Mattie, and Howard'.

Online LibraryCrisfield. cn Johnson... History of Oswego County, New York → online text (page 67 of 120)