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L. N. Stratton, who served in that capacity for six years.
The latter was followed by Rev. A. F. Dempey for one
year, and he in turn by Rev. G. L. Payne, who was on
the charge tlirej years. Rev. E. Barnetson, the present
pastor, succeeded Mr. Payne. Pastors prior to 1858 were
the Revs. Divid R. Dixon, from 1818 to 1833; Wm.
B. Stowe, from 1833 to 1836 ; John L. Marvin, from 18-40
to 1843; Ezra Scoville, from 1843 to 1853; Ralph Rob-
inson, from 1853 to 1857. For facts respecting this church,
and for other valuable information in regard to Mexico, we
desire to express our obligations to j\Irs. J. D. Clark, of
that town, who has taken especial pains to preserve the
records of her locality.


This church was originally an offshoot of the old
Presbyterian society at Prattville, and therefore the early
history of its existence will be found incorporated there.
The present organization was effected February 24, 1830,
by Revs. Oliver Ayer, Ralph Robinson, and Oliver Leavitt,
a committee appointed for that purpose by the O.swego
presbytery. The following is the original article of asso-
ciation :

'вАҐ The following persons, members of the Presbyterian
churcii of Mexico, having adopted articles of faith and
renewed their covenant, were org-anized into a church
bearing the name of The First Presbyt^^^^


It can be fitly said of the subject of this sketch, at the
close of his long and honorable life, that few men have
spent so many years, and all of them so worthily, in the
pursuit of their professions as he, who, while yet a young
wan, established himself in Oswego County, and here gave
thirty years of faithful, intelligent labor in the service of
his fellow-men.

C. D. Sncll was born in Paris, Oneida county, New Y'ork,
August 8, 1808. He was reared a ftirmer, and followed
that occupation with his ftither until he reached his majority.
He then commenced the study of medicine with Dr. Bissell,
at Clinton, New York, one of the most celebrated physicians
and surgeons of his time. With that wonderful energy
that characterized him through life, he applied himself to
his studies, and in a few years mastered the theory of his
chosen profession. Upon completion of his studies he
practiced with Dr. Bissell two years. In the spring of 1839
he moved to Mexico, which was then a small village, to
commence the battle of life, in which he was eminently

In 1832 he married Fanny Byers, in Clinton. The
fruits of this union were two daughters : Mrs. T. V. Ely,
who is a widow and lives with her mother, and Delia,
the deceased wife of A. C. Thomas, of Mexico. In politics.
Dr. Suell was a strong Republican ; in business, a man of
marked integrity and fairness; in social life, pure, kind,
modest, and unassuming. For thirty years he was regarded
as the leading physician and surgeon of this vicinity. His
unselfish love and devotion to his profession was character-
istic, and endured to the end of his life. He was popular
with other members of his profession, to whom his kindness
was uniform and invariable, and by whom he was regarded
with sincere regard, respect, and confidence. Gentle, sym-
pathizing, and tender, with a strong sense of duty, and a
heart warmed by the glow of a never-failing humanity,
he was emphatically the friend of the poor ; and by the
entire community among whom his life was spent his memory
is held in most respectful veneration. His death took place
December 0, 18G7. A fine engraving of his home, since re-
modeled by his widow, will be found in this volume.


of Mexico township, was born in that township January
29, 1821. His parents, Wiyah and Lucy Hills, moved into
Mexico township in 1810, and were consequently among
the pioneers of that vicinity. Eugene commenced work at
an early age, and soon learned the value of time and money.
He was an industrious and thrifty youth, and made a pru-
dent and careful man. When he was fifteen years of age
his father died, and the support of the family largely de-
volved upon him. He accepted the responsibility and
performed its duties cheerfully.

April 9, 18-16, he was united in marriage with Abigail,
daughter of Gibson Savage, one of the pioneers of Oswego
County, and granddaughter of Joel Savage, a soldier of the
Revolutionary war. She was born and married on the farm
where she now resides, a view of which can be seen elsewhere
in this work.

Mr. Hills died December 13, 1876, having lived to become
possessed of one of tlie finest farms in the township. They
never had any children of their own, but have befriended
many, and their home has always been a pleasant resort for

Online LibraryCrisfield. cn Johnson... History of Oswego County, New York → online text (page 72 of 120)