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Leavitt, commissioners of schools ; John L. Curtemus,
Chas. H. Learned, Chas. Cummins, Moulton Cross, Ezekicl
Smith, Wm. Abbott, overseers of highwa3'S and fence-
viewers ; John Edgar, Ebenczer Barker, Chas. H. Learned,

At this meeting two hundred and fifty dollars was voted
for roads and bridges. It was also voted that "any inhab-
itant of the town of Albion who shall kill a wolf within
said town shall receive a reward of ten dollars from the

The following is a list of the supervisors and town clerks
from the organization of the town to the present time :

Supervisors. — 1825, John L. Curtemus; 1826-28, Chas.
H. Learned; 1829, Peter Henderson; 1830-34, Jesse Crow-
ell ; 1835-38, Emory Potter; 1839, Geo. Helme ; 1840,
Chas. Rice; 1841-46, A. R. Angell ; 1847, Isaac Jaquith ;
1848-50, George W. Stillwell; 1851, James T. Gibson;

1852, John Shepherd; 1853-55, Samuel A. Comstock;
1856, John Shepherd; 1857-58, Samuel A. Comstock;
1859-60, Thomas Henderson; 1861, Samuel A. Com-
stock; 1862, Cornelius Campbell; 1863-64, W. T. Hen-
derson; 1865-67, Jabez H. Gilbert; 1866-69, Jacob
Moore; 1870, W. M. Rich ; 1871, John R. Ma,son ; 1872,
W. M. Rich ; 1873-76, C. F. Comstock ; 1877, W. W.

Town Clerks.— 1825, Charles H. Learned; 1826, Al-
fred Bates; 1827, John Barker; 1828-31, Alfred Bates;
1832-34, Emorj- Potter; 1835-38, George Helme; 1839,
Alonzo R. Angell ; 1840-41, John Shepherd ; 1842, Rich-
ard Simons; 1843, John L. Taft; 1844, Samuel A. Com-
stock ; 1845, John L. Taft; 1846, Richard Simons; 1847,
Geo. W. Stillwell; 1848, Geo. W. Taylor; 1849, Arnold
Hollon; 1850-51, R. T. Hunt; 1852, B. E. Whipple;

1853, R. Harding; 1854, J. E. Ro.sbrooks ; 1855, John
Runyon, Jr.; 1856, A. H. I'lace; 1857-59, Wm. C. Par-
ker; 1860, Geo. E. Bellamy; 1861-63, J. K.Richards;
1864, Edward D. I'arker; 1865-67, Aaron Fuller; 1868,


F. C. Rich; 1869-70, Z. W. T. Mitchell; 1871, Chas. F.
Comstock ; 1872, H. W. Hollon ; 1873-77, Aaron Fuller.

The town of Albion has an area of thirty thousand four
hundred and thirty-three acres, and the assessor's valuation
of real estate and incorporated companies is five hundred
and fifty-three thousand eight hundred and twenty dollars,
and the equalized valuation of the same is five hundred and
seventy-three thousand nine hundred and sixty-six dollars.
The assessor's valuation of personal estate is four thousand
and seventy dollars, and the totid equalized value of real
estate, incorporated companies, and personal estate is five
hundred and seventy-eight thousand and thirty-six dollars.

The population of Albion in 1845 was 1644; in 1850,
2010 ; in 1855, 2212 ; in 1860, 2348 ; in 1865, 2366 ; in
1870, 2359 ; in 1875, 2479.


The First Congregational church of Sand Bunk was or-
ganized as the First Presbyterian church of Albion, Janu-
ary 27, 1829. Revs. Oliver Ayer and George Freeman
ofiiciated at the organization. The firet members were as
follows : Samuel Leavitt, Rupert and Naham and Nelly
Gurley, Agnes Henderson, wife of Peter Henderson,
Joseph and Eleanor Tucker, and Jesse Wilson. Naham
Gurley and Samuel Leavitt were chosen raling eldere, and
Mr. Gurley ofiiciated as deacon.

The first administration of the sacrament of the Lord's
Supper was February 8, 1829, by Rev. Oliver Ayer. Sil-
via Leavitt, wife of Samuel Leavitt, was the first admission
to the church. The first records of baptism are the names
of Mary Ann Snow, Clarissa Abbott, and Jane Dunlap
Hendereon. The church was taken under the care of the
presbytery at a meeting held in Oneida county, January 26,
1830. The fir,st place of worship was in the school-house.
The first missionary work done for this society was in 1831,
by Rev. Ralph Robinson, then pastor of the Congregational
church at Pulaski.

January 8, 1834, a society called the Sand Bank Union
Society was organized, and a building erected. February
26, 1838, in consequence of not having conformed to the
statute in the first organization, the society was reorganized,
under the same name, with the following trustees, viz. :
Aaron Fuller, Geo. W. Stillwell, Thomas Henderson,
Samuel A. Comstock, Isaac Jaquith, and Morgan L. Rich.
The house was completed and ready for occupancy in 1840.
The Presbyterians and Methodists occupied this house until
1870, when it passed into the possession of the latter
society, and is now occupied by them.

November 27, 1852, the Congregational society was organ-
ized by the Rev. Thomas Salmon. The first membership
was composed of the followirig persons: Samuel Leavitt,
Josepli Tucker, Eleanor Tucker, Alexander and Sophronia
Henderson, Aaron and Sarah F. Fuller, Charles H. and Mar-
garet Mitchell, Mary Ann Leavitt, Jane D. Henderson,
Polly Pierce, Barbara A. Edgar, Mary Decker, Clarissa
Barnes, Susannah Loomis, Jane Edgar, Agnes Henderson.
The above named were members of the former Presbyterian
church ; and the following united with the church under the
now organization ; Zenas T. W. Mitchell, Harriet T. Mitchell,
Pierie D. Mitchell, Harriet Leavitt, George W. Lamb,

Israel D. Pierce, Albert B. Shepherd, Ira C. Safford. Tlie
ordinance of baptism was first administered under the new
organization to Israel T>. Pierce. The society was incor-
porated April 25, 1853, with the following-named persons
as trustees : Charles H. Mitchell, Thomas Henderson,
Samuel A. Comstock, James J. Fonda, Alexander Hender-
son. The following persons have served this church as
pastors or stated supplies : Revs. George Peglar, Rufus S.
Wheelock, Lumond Willcox, Jacob R. Shepherd, B. B.
Cutter, H. H. Butterworth, L. E. Bates, John Turbitt,
John H. Munsell, Benjamin S. Crosby, Albert F. Abbott,
Samuel F. Porter. Frank N. Greeley, William I. Osman,
Edward D. Curtis, present supply.

The erection of the new church edifice was commenced
September 19, 1870, and completed and dedicated June 2,
1876, the services being conducted by John C. Holbrook,
D.D., and Rev. J. H. Munsell. The interior of the church
is furnished with chestnut, ta.stefully finished in walnut and
cherry, and has a seating capacity of three hundred persons.
It cost six thousand dollars, and is a model of beauty and


This church was organized in the month of August,
1838, in the village of Sand Bank, by Rev. George Peg-
lar, of the Champlain conference of the Methodist Protest-
ant church. The first president was Rev. George Peglar ;
the first class-leader was Daniel Smith. First members
were Daniel Smith and wife. Lot Ackley and wife, and
David Jones and wife, who are now living. The church
was built in 1836, two years before the society was organ-
ized, and it was built as a union church, but the society
bought one-half, and owned it in connection with the Con-
gregational church until 1868, when they purchased the
other half, and now have it free from debt. They chose to
still retain the old church in view of its having been the
place where the " fathers" had worshiped; it had been the
place where they had embraced the principles of Chris-
tianity, and was dear to them in view of its many hallowed
associations. It cost fifteen hundred dollars ; size is fifty
feet by thirty. Services were held here from the first or-
ganization of the Methodist Protestant church. The con-
secration services were performed by the Rev. J. S. Robin-
son, Rev. I. H. Hogan, and Rev. J. H. Richards. Present
trustees: 0. R. Jones, L. R. Jones, and Byron Helme.
Present class-leader. 0. R. Jones. Present pastor. Rev.
Charlie M. Boughton.

The church has had twenty-one different psistors during
the thirty-nine years of its existence, who have served as
follows, viz. : Rev. George Peglar, one year ; Rev. J. H.
Richards, two yeai-s ; Rev. Daniel Shaver, three years ; Rev.
Francis Pierce, one year ; Rev. S. P. Huntington, one year ;
Rev. H. Hoxie, one year; Rev. J. P. Long, two years;
Rev. Darius Cook, two years; Rev. N. Prindle, one year;
Rev. L. R. Ellis, two years ; Rev. W. C. Beardsley, one
year ; Rev. E. C. Kimble, one year ; Rev. George How-
land, one year ; Rev. Stephen A. Douglass, two years ;
Rev. H. N. Cook, four years ; Rev. Dr. William I. Baker,
three years; Rev. C. R. Chapin, one year; Rev. T. B.
Dodd, two years ; Rev. R. K. Andrews, one year ; Rev.
H. Brown, one year ; Rev. Charlie M. Boughton, one year ;



and is the pastor at the present time. Pastors of tliis church
have commenced and closed their pastorates here in the
month of September, at the sessions of the annual con-
ference. The number of members is eighteen. The cause
of this falling off is owing to deaths, removals, and expul-
sions from neglect of " Christian duties."

The church here has struggled through reverses and
difficulties, and it has had its seasons of prosperity ; it has
counted its membership by hundreds. It has exerted a
strong religious and moral influence in this place. It has
given to the church of Christ one of the most able minis-
ters of the day, — Rev. L. Judson Cooper, ex-president of
the Onondaga conference of the Methodist Protestant
church. It has had in its ministry some of the best
talent in this county. Three of her pastors are ex-presi-
dents of Onondaga conference. Six of her ex-pastors arc
dead, and fourteen are still living. Six sessions of the
Onondaga annual conference of the Methodist Protestant
church have been held in this church. At present the
interest of the membership is increasing, and the future
looks brighter for this church than it has in years past.


was organized December 26, 1837. The following-named
persons were the first members : Ebenezer Cowin, Samuel
Davidson, Harvey Hurlburt, Jeremiah Kellogg, William
H. Delano, Horace Holmes, Andrew Patterson, Harry
Wright, Leah Davidson, Clarissa Dickerson, Priscilla
Holmes, Mary Cowin, Lydia Cowin, Susan Doolittle, Sally
Patterson, Harriet Wright.

The present and only church edifice erected by the society
was in 1852. The following persons have officiated as

pastors of this church, viz. : Samuel Davidson, Terry,

Elias Burdick, John Canan, Elisha Robins, Myron Newell,
Daniel Delano, Albert Cole, V. L. Garrett, Hiram Powers,
S. J. Decker, W. C. Johnson, William Delano, S. G. Jones.

The church at present has no pastor. The present offi-
cers are as follows : Deacons, Henry Jones, R. A. Burdick ;
Clerk, S. G. Jones ; Trustees, H. P. Norton, A. J. Jackson,
11. A. Burdick, J. F. Morrison, W. W. Thorp. The present
membership numbers sixty-five.

We have endeavored to secure a history of the other
church organizations in this town by repeated applications
to various members for information concerning their respect-
ive churches, but in no instance did they give our requests
the slightest attention.



was the youngest in a family of five children. His parents,
Luke and Mary, were from the old Puritan stock. At an
early age he was adopted by Thaddeus Revel, of his native
town (Ashfield, Franklin county, Massachusetts), with
whom he lived until he was twenty-one years of age. He
received a good common-school education, and, as was the
custom at that day, worked on the farm during the sum-

mer and attended school three months in the winter. After
attaining his majority he went to work in a corab-factory.
This not proving congenial to his tastes he learned the
trade of a carpenter and joiner. In 1832, in company
with two elder brothers, he moved to Little Falls, New
York, and in the fall of the same year came to Sand Bank
and purchased the place upon which he now resides in the
village, and also a farm of one hundred and thirty-three

acres. In 1S34 he returned to Massachusetts and married
Miss Sarah F. Toby, of the town of Conway, Franklin
county. Mrs. Fuller was born in Conway, February 22,
1813, and was one of eight sisters. Since 1832 Mr.
Fuller has been largely identified with the village of Sand
Bank, especially with church matters; is a very strong
temperance man ; was elected excise commissioner ; and his
acts while officiating in that capacity, and the immovable
position he took in regard to the license question, met with
the hearty approval of all friends of the temperance cause.
Mr. Fuller is the present postmaster, which office he has
held, in connection with that of town clerk, for a great
many years. Altogether Mr. Fuller is one of those cour-
teous, kind. Christian gentlemen identification with
any community is always productive of good.


was born near Edinburgh, Scotland, October 26, 1799.
When he was three months old his father, Peter Hen-
derson, emigrated to America and located in the town of
Cambridge, Washington county. New York, where he
purchased a farm. Here he remained eleven years, when
he bought two hundred acres of land in the town of
Albion, and, with his family, moved to Sand Bank, where
he was the first white settler.

Thomas was at this time a .sturdy lad of thirteen, and
helped to erect the first built in the town, which was
of logs, and stood on what is now Mill street. The senior


Henderson was a very industrious, ambitious man, and to
his first purchase of two hundred acres added from time to
time until he acquired twelve hundred acres of the finest
land in the township. He remained upon his farm until
his death, which occurred May 13, 1863. In 1823 Thomas
was married to Miss Eliza Jacobs, of Brattleboro", Vermont,
by whom he had six children, all of whom are living but


In 1839 Mrs. Henderson died, and the following year he
married Mrs. Julia Barnes, by whom he had two children.
After his marriage in 1823 he commenced business for
himself, which consisted of lumbering and farming, and
which he has followed until the present. Mr. Henderson
has always been strictly devoted to his business, and politics
was to him entirely devoid of charms. He, however, ac-
cepted the office of supervisor for a number of terms, and
has always been a Jacksonian Democrat ; is liberal in his
religious views, and is all in all an affable, courteous gen-


Andrew T. Ackley. Enlisted in Co. B, 103d Reg't, Aug. 5, 1862 ; dis.

for disability Feb. 6, 1864.
Thomas Allen. Enlisted in Co. B, 110th Reg't, Aug. 6, 1862 ; dis. for

disability July 20, 1863.
Henry Anson, Jr. Enlisted in Co. M, 2d H. Art., June, 1863; dis.

for disability.
Cyrus M. Austin. Enlisted in Co. H, 1st H. Art., Feb. 29, 1863 ; in

battles of the Wilderness, Laurel Hill, Spottsylvania, North

Anna, Petersburg, Cold Harbor, Weldon R. R., and others,

twelve in all; dis. June 21, 1865.
Albert H. Austin. Enl'd in Co. B, 1st Art., in 1861 ; dis. for disab'y

in 1862 ; re-enl'd Feb. 20, 1864; died in the following Sept.
George W. Aldrich. Enlisted Aug. 29, 1864, in Co. E, 189th Reg't;

dis. June 20, 1865.
Henry Vf. Allen. Enl'd in 1865, in Co. 1, 193d Reg't; dis. same year.
Hartley Allen. Enlisted March 21, 1865, in Co. I, 193d Reg't; dis.

Aug. 15, 1865.
John W. Austin. Enlisted in Co. K, Slst Reg't, Nov., 1861; disch.

Dec. 8, 1863; died July 21, 1864.

Henry E. Borni, corp. Enlisted in Co. G, 1st Art., Sept. 21, 1861 ;
in battles of Malvern Hill, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancel-
lorsville, Gettysburg, Bristoe Station, Wilderness, Spottsylvania,
Petersburg, and others ; dis.; re-enl'd Feb. 11, 1864; dis"; June
12, 1865.

Uri Barnes. Enlisted in Co. B, 110th Inf., Aug. 6, 1862 ; died in
hospital at New Orleans ; remains buried there.

Albert Briggs. Enl'd in Co. B, 110th Inf., Aug. 14, 1862; dis. June
25, 1865, at New Orleans.

Julius Barnes. Enlisted in Co. H, 110th Inf., Aug. 6, 1862; died in
hospital at Baton Rouge, Aug. 30, 1863.

Maurice Bowcn. Enlisted in Co. H, 110th Inf., Aug. 6, 1862 ; died
in hospital at Baton Rouge, Oct. 8, 1865.

Brayton Burdick. EnlTsted in Co. K, 110th Inf., Aug. 5, 1862; dis.
Aug. 8, 1865.

John Babcock. Enlisted in Co. C, 147th Inf., Sept. 2, 1862.

Lafayette Barber. Enlisted in Co. C,14rth Inf., Aug. 28, 1862; pro.
serg't March 1, 1864.

James R. Barker. Enlisted in Co. C, 147th Reg't, Aug. 7, 1862; in
battles Fredericksburg, Chanoellorsville, Gettysburg ; was w'd
in latter; dis. June 27, 1865.

James M. Berry. Enlisted in Co. C, 147th Reg't, Aug. 28, 1862.

Isaac S. Bentley. Enlisted in Co. C, 147th Reg't, Aug. 25, 1862 ; in
battles South Mountain, Antietam, Chancellorsville, Fredericks-
burg, Gettysburg; w'd in battle of Wilderness, Aug. 5, '64; dis.
April 3, 1865.

Ezra D. Bragdon. Enlisted Aug. 4, 1863.

Elisha Bcntley. Enlisted Co. L, 14th Art., Jan. 3, 1861 ; was in fol-
lowing battles : Yorktown, Williamsb'g, Chancellorsville, Gettys-
burg ; re-enl'd Nov. 14, 1863, as let lieut. ; raised a co. of sixty
men ; killed in battle of Cold Harbor, June 2, 1864.

Alfred B. Briggs. Enlisted in Co. K, 14th Art., Dec. 5, 1863 ; disch.
July, 1865.

Francis Barker. Enl'd in Co. K, H. Art., Dec. 5, 1863; deserted.

Albert S. Barker. Enl'd in Co. K, H. Art., Dec. 5, 1863; in battles
Cold Harbor, Petersburg, and others ; w'd; dis. June 12, 1865.

Dever.aux Barber. Enl'd in Co. K, H. Art., Dec. 21, 1863 ; in battles
Cold Harbor, Weldon R. R., Fort Steadman ; dis. Sept. 6, 1865.

Caleb R. Barker. Enl'd in the 1st Lt. Art., Feb. 29, 1864; in battles
Fair Oaks, Malvern Hill, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg,
Spottsylvania, Wilderness, and others; twenty-one in all; dis.
June 22, 1865.

Delos Balch. Enlisted in Co. G, 1st Lt. Art., Jan. 4, 1861 ; in battles
Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, and others ; disch. Juno
21, 1865.

Homer J. Birch. Enlisted in Co. E, 189th Reg't, Aug. 25, 1864 ; des.
at Elmira ; was detailed to head-quarters during time of service ;
dis. June 1, 1865.

John Berry. Enlisted in 184th Reg't, Aug. 23, 1864; deserted.

Fletcher M. Barney. Enlisted in Co. G, 125th Reg't, April 5, 1865 ;
dis. Jan. IS, 1866.

Alfred Brenon. Enlisted March, 1865 ; sub. for George N. Thomas.

Elias Crofford. Enlisted in Co. G, 1st H. Art., Oct. 1, 1861 ; in battles
of Fair Oaks, Seven Days' Fight, Antietam, Fredericksburg,
Chancellorsville, Gettysburg; dis. Feb. 11, 1864.

Ira D. Cross. Enlisted in Co. B, 110th N. Y. Vols., musician, Aug.
5, 1862; dis. Aug. 28, 1865.

Nathan J. Chase. Enlisted in Co. B, 110th N. Y. V., Aug. 1862;
served in Louisiana; transf. to Invalid Corps in Virginia; disch.

Amos A. Clofflin. Enlisted Co. B, 110th N. Y. V., Aug. 6, 1862; in
battles Port Hudson, FortBisland, Franklin ; disch. Aug. 8, 1865.

Sanford Clofflin. Enlisted Co. B, 110th N. Y. V., Aug. 1862 ; died
Carrollton, La., Feb. 1, 1863.

Samuel P. Clement. Enlisted Aug. 4, 1862, Co. B, 110th N. Y. V.:
disch. for disability, Jan. 25, 1865.

F. G. Comstock. Enlisted in Co. B, 110th N. Y. V., Aug. 6, 1862;
prom. 1st lieut. Nov. 25, 1862 ; 1st lieut. and reg. quartermaster
Feb. 4, 1863; disch. Aug. 31, 1865.

Franklin B. Clary. Enlisted Co. C, 149th N. Y. V., Aug. 28, 1862 ;
in battles Fredericksburg, Antietam ; killed at Gettysburg ; re-
mains buried on the field.

Lyman Curtis. Enlisted in Co. C, 147th N. Y. V., Aug. 28, 1862 ;
furloughed for ten days, about Feb. 1, 1863 ; did not return to

John Clark. Enlisted Co. K, 14th H. Art., Deo. 21, 1863; wounded


„f. May

iital al


ISG-1; buriod on

iu battle of the Wil.loiucss, in ri|
Alexandria, June 1, 1SIJ4.
Jas. Clark, Jr. Enlisted 14th Penna.
to 14th H. Art.; served two years;
and killed before Petoraburg, Vi
James river.
John Copley. Enlisted Co. K, 14th II. Art., Dec. 21, 186.1 ; in bullies
of Spottsylvania, Petersburg, WildernoBS, and others; died of
disease at Baltimore, Sept. 22, 181)4.
Hugh Crippen. Enlisted Co. K, 14th H. Art., Dec. 21, ISHA.
Daniel W. Corbin. Enlisted Co. K, 14th II. Art., Deo. 24, 18C3.
Melvin ClaBin. Enlisted 7th Pa. Cav., Nov., 1861 ; disch. March 1,
1862; re-enl'd Co. L, 14th II. Art., Dec. 21, 1863; in battles of
Wilderness, Cold Harbor, Mine Run, North Anna, Petersburg,
and others.
Eli B. Crane. Enlisted Co. K, 81et N. Y. V., Nov. 10, 1861 ;. re-enl'd
same eomp. and regiment, Jan. IS, 1864; in battles Yorktowu,
Fair Oaks ; killed at Cold Harbor, June 3, 1864.
Geo. V. Cantield. Enlisted Co. C, oOth Eng., Sept. 13, 1861 ; re-enl'd

Feb. 16, 1864 ; disch. June 28, 1865.
Leonard Cramer. Enlisted 184th N. Y. V., Aug. 30, 1864; disch.

June 22, 1865.
Henry C. Cross. Enlisted Co. G, 24th N. Y. V., May, 1861.
Levi S. Caswell. Enlisted Co. 1, 123d N. Y. V., Mar. 25, 1865 ; disch.

Jan., 1866.
John Cn.usc. Enlisted Co. G, Ist Lt. Art., Oct. 1, ISBl ; several en-
gagements, and in battles Fair Oaks, seven days' fight in front
of Richmond, Aniietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsvillc, Get-
tysburg ; lost left leg by shell and wounded by riflo-ball in right
leg; disch. May 21, 1864. *
Chas. C. Coyer. Enlisted Co. F, Slst N. Y. V., Oct. 4, 1861 ; disch.

Feb. 17, 1862.
Jacob Curry. Enlisted Co. M, 2d H. Art., Dec. 8, 1861 ; in battles
Spottsylvania, North Anna; deserted and returned voluntarily to
duty ; was rearrested and sent to Tortugas during the war.
John Henry Coyer. Enlisted Co. U, 7th Lt. Art., Mar. 14, 1864; in
battles Wilderness, Spottsylvania, North Anna, Bethesda Church,
Peeble's Farm, Weldon R. K., Petersburg, Hatcher's Run, and
others, thirteen in all ; disch. June 17, 1865.
Thos. Clark. Enl'd Co. K, 110th N. Y. V., Aug. 5, 1862 ; in battles

Camp Bisland, Vermilion Plains; disch. Aug. 28, 1865.

Cri S. Crocker. Enlisted Co. G, 24th N. Y. V., May 1, 1861 ; disch.

May 29, 1803 ; re-enl'd 20th N. Y. Car., Sept., 1863 ; discharged


David Crocker. Enlisted Co. G, 24th N. Y. V., May, 1861 ; disch.

29, 1S63 ; re-enl'd 20th N. Y. Cav., Sept., 1863 ; disch. Sept.. 1 865.

James Henry Curry. Enlisted Co. B, 110th N. Y. V., Aug. 6, 1862;

died St. Louis hospital, La., March 7, 1864 ; remains buried there.

John B. Church. Enlisted 78th N. Y. V., Jan., 1862 ; last heard from

at Winchester, Va.
George Cross. Enlisted 26th N. Y. V., Aug., 1861 ; was wounded in leg.
Wm. E. Dunlap. Enlisted Co. E, 20th Cav., Aug. 18, 1863; disch.

Aug., 1865.
Samuel Dawley. Enlisted Co. B, 110th N. Y. Y., Aug. 6, 1862;
wounded in right hand at Irish Bend, near New Orleans ; disch.
June 15, 1865.
Morgan Dewell. Enlisted Co. B, 110th N. Y. V., Aug. 6, 1862 ; died

in hospital. New Florence, La. ; remains buried there.
Ezekicl G. Dunham. Enlisted Co. H, 110th N. Y. V., Aug. 7, 1802 ;
in battles Fort Bisland, Port Hudson, Vermilion Plains; disch.
Aug. 31, 1865.
John DeLong. Enlisted Co. C, 147th N. Y. V., Aug. 28, 1862.
Geo. Denel. Enlisted Co. G, Ist Lt. Art., Oct. 4, 1861; in battles
of Rappahannock Station, Yorktown, Fair Oaks, .Malvern Hill,
Aniietam, Fredericksburg, Cbancellorsville, Gettysburg, Auburn
Hill, Bristoe Station, Robertson's Tavern, Mine Run, Wilder-
ness, River, Spotlsylvania, North Anna River, Cold Harbor,

Petersburg, Deep Run, and siege of Petersburg; disch. Dec. 17,
1863; re-enlisted same co. and regt., and disch. June 19, 1865.
Wm. F. Davy. Drafted Aug. 4, 1863; assigned Co. A, 97th N. Y. V.;

disch. Aug., 1865.
Horace Duell. Enlisted Co. G, 1st Lt. Art., Jan. 4, 1864 ; in battles
Wilderness, Spottsylvania, North Anna, Cold Harbor. Deep Run,
Petersburg, and olhers, ten in all: d sjli. June 1 ;), 186").
William Daulorib. Eu'.isicd Id lib licgt., .N. V. V., .Sep:. 1, 1861.

Geo. M. Daivley. Enlisted Co. G, Ist N. Y. Art., Sept. 1, 1801 ; disch.
June 1, 1862. at Annapolis, Md , disability.

Jas. Byron Dunlap. Enlisted Co. I, 20lh Cav., Aug. 25, 1863; disch.
Aug., 1865.

Philander Dunlap. Enlisted Co. C, 50th Eng., Sept. 5, ISCI ; in bat-
ties of Yorktown, White Oak Swamp, Malvern Hill ; wounded in
shoulder at Fredericksburg; diach. Sept. 20, 1864.

Samuel Dony. Enlisted Co. 0, 60th Eng., Sept. 17, 1861 ; died at
Fairfax Seminary Hospital, June, 1862.

Elias P. Diugman. Enlisted Co. E, 183d N. Y. Vols., Sept. 7, 1864 ;
in battles of Hatcher's Run, Five Forks, and others; discharged
June 10, 1865.

James Eaton. Enlisted Co. C, 147th N. Y. Vols., Aug. 30, 1862; in
battles of Chancollorsville, Gettysburg, Mine Run, Wildorneas,
Petersburg, and others; discharged Juno 19, 1865.

Stephen D. Emblem. Enlisted Co. C, 147th N. Y. Vols., Aug. 28,
1862; in battles of Gettysburg, Bristoe Station, Mine Run, Cold
Harbor, Petersburg, Cbancellorsville; disch'gd June 19, I.S65.

Albert Eaton. Enlisted Co. C, 147lh N. Y. Vols., Aug. 28. 1862;

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