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Local Secretary for Cumberland to the
Society of Antiquaries of London.




The Council of the Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian
and Arch.-eological Society, and the Editor of their Transactions,
desire that it should be understood that they are not responsible for
any statements or opinions expressed in their Transactions ; the
Authors of the several papers being alone responsible for the same.

The Maps, Plans, and Drawings belonging to the Society are now
deposited at Tullie House, where they are available for the use of
Members. The key can be had on application to the Librarian.

The exchange Transactions received by the Society are deposited
in the Reference Library at Tullie House, where they can be



Patrons :

The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Carlisle.

The Right Hon. the Lord Muncaster, F.S.A., Lord Lieutenant of Cum-

The Right Hon. the Lord Hothfield, Lord Lieutenant of Westmorland.

President :
The Right Rev. the Bishop of Barrow-in-Furness.

Vice-Presidents :

The Very Rev. the Dean of

The Earl of Carlisle.
The Very Rev. the Dean of

John Fell, Esq., Flan How.
C. J. Ferguson, Esq., F.S.A.
F. Haverfield, Esq., F.S.A.

The Hon. W. Lowther.

H. F. Pelham, Esq., F.S.A., Presi-
dent of Trinity College, Oxford.

Ven. and Worshipful Archdeacon
and Chancellor Prescott, D.D.

W. O. Roper, Esq., F.S.A.

H. P. Senhouse, Esq.

His Honour Judge Steavenson.

Elected Members of Council :

T. H. Hodgson, Esq., F.S.A., Newby Grange, Chairman.

Dr. C. A. Parker, F.S.A., Scot.,

Colonel Sewell, Brandlingill.
E. T. Tyson, Esq., Cockermouth.
George Watson, Esq., Penrith.
Rev. Joseph Whiteside, M.A.,

Helsington, Kendal.
Rev. James Wilson, M.A., Dalston.

H. Barnes, Esq., M.D., LL.D.,

F.R.S.E., Carlisle.
Rev. Canon Bower, M.A., Carlisle
H. S. Cowper, Esq., F.S.A., Hawks

J. F. Haswell, Esq., M.D., Penrith
Rev. F. L. H. Millard, M.A.,


A uditors :

James G. Gandy, Esq., Heaves.
R. H. Greenwood, Esq., Bankfield.

Treasurer :
W. D. Crewdson, Esq., Helme Lodge, Kendal.

Editor :
W. G. Collingwood, Esq., M.A., Coniston.

Secretaries :

T. Wilson, Esq., Aynam Lodge, Kendal.

J. F. Curwen, Esq., Heversham, Westmorland




. I revised at the .limit. 'I Meeting held at Durham,
June 20th, 1901.

I. — The Society shall be called the " Cumberland and Westmorland
Antiquarian and Archaeological Society."

II. — The Society is formed for the purpose of investigating, describing, and
preserving the antiquities of Cumberlai tmorland, and Lancashire

North of the Sands.

III. — The Society consists of the original members, and all those who may
have been or shall be elected either at a General or Council Meeting
upon the nomination of two members.

IV. — The Annual Subscription is io 6, due and payable on the ist of July in
each year; and no member shall be entitled to the privileges of the
Society whilst his or her Subscription is in arrear. A composition of
Ten Guineas constitutes Life Membership. N.B. — Ladies elected prior
to August 30th, 1881, pay only 5 - per annum.

V. — The Lord Bishop of the Diocesr, the Lord Lieutenant of the County of
Cumberland, and the Lord Lieutenant of the County ot Westmorland,
if members of the Society, shall be Patrons thereof.

VI. — The other officers of the Society shall be a President, Vice-Presidents,
an Editor, two Auditors, and a Secretary or Secretaries and Treasurer,
all being honorary officers, who shall all be elected at a General
Meeting of the members of the Society to be held each year.

VII. — The management of the Society shall be in a Council consisting of

the officers above named, excepting the Auditor-, and twelve other

members, who shall i Lily elect id . i the same time as the other

Leers. The Council may, if it think lit, i I one of its members as

" Chairman of the Council."

VIII. — On the recommendation of the Council, the Annual Meeting may elect

• as honorary members, gentlemen non resident eminent for antiquarian

kn ;entlemen resident who shall have rendered valuable

services to the Society, such gentlemen to have all the privileges of

nbership without the paymenl ol Subscriptions.

IX. — The Society shall hold two or more M< 1 tings in each year at so
place of interest, at which papers shall be read, to be printed, if
ap] \ the Kditor and Publication Committee, in the Society's


X. — The Council have power to appoint local secretaries, and to authorise
the formation of Committees for local purposes in connection with the
central body.

XI. — The Council shall meet about the month of April to settle the place or
places at which the General and other Meetings shall be held in the
on next ensuing.

XII. — The Council may appoint two members of their body, who shall, with
the Kditor, form the Publication Committ*

XIII. — Members may introduce a friend to the ordinary meetings of the


(illustrations in the text are not separately mentioned.


I. Bishop Nicolson's Diaries : Part III. By the Bishop

of Barrow-in-Furness, President - - - i

II. On the Bishop's Licence. By Henry Barnes, M.D.,

LL.D., F.R.S.E. - - - - - 59

III. Roman-British Fibular and other Objects from

Brough. By H. S. Cowper, F.S.A. - - 70

Plate I. — " Roman-British Fibulae from Brough " .. facing 70
Plate II. — " Metal Objects from Brough," photos, by facing 71

IV. Some Notes on the Hermitage at Conishead Priory,

Lancashire. By J. F. Curwen, F.R.I.B.A. - 72

V. South and (part of) South-West Cumberland in the

Chartulary of St. Bees. By W. N. Thompson - 78

VI. Stone Implements found at Braystones, Cumberland,
with remarks on probable Neolithic Settlements
in the neighbourhood. By W. H. Watson, F.G.S.,
F.C.S. - - - 91

VII. Early Brampton Presbyterianism, 1662-1780. By

Henry Penfold - - - - -94

VIII. Extracts from Acts of the Privy Council relating
to Cumberland and Westmorland, 1558 to 1568,
being the first ten years of the reign of Elizabeth.
By T. H. Hodgson, F.S.A. - - 126

IX. Paines made at Shap. By the Rev. J. Whiteside,

M.A. - - - - - 150

X. Chancellor Burn and the Quakers. By the Rev. J.

Whiteside, M.A. - - - - - 163

XI. The Sixteen Men of Holme Cultram. By Francis

Grainger - - - - - - 172


XII. Caernarvon Castle, a forgotten Stronghold. By C.

A. Parker, F.S.A., Scot. .... 214

XIII. Mould from Gill, St. Bees. By C. A. Parker, F.S.A.,

Scot. ...... 22 2

Two Plates—" Bullet Mould from Gill, St. Bees," photo, by

Miss A. E. Brickhill . . . . . . . . facing 223

Two Plates — "The Portinscale Crucifix Mould," photo, by

Mr. Mayson .. .. .. .. .. facing 224

XIV. Gosforth Hall. By C. A. Parker, F.S.A., Scot., and

J. F. Curwen, F.R.I.B.A. - 227

Plate — " Entrance Gates, Gosforth Hall," photo, by Miss A. E.

Brickhill . . . . . . . . . . facing 227

Plate — "Gosforth Gate," photo, by Miss A. E. Brickhill facing 230
Plate — " Attic Beams, Gosforth Hall," photo, by Miss A. E.

Brickhill . . . . . . . . . . facing 238

Plate — "Ingle Nook, Gosforth Hall," photo, by Miss A. E.

Brickhill . . . . . . . . . . facing 239

XV. Bewley Castle. By the Rev. James Wilson, M.A.,

and Sir Edmund T. Bewley, M.A., LL.D. - 240

Two Plates — " Bewley Castle," photos, by E. McDonald, Pen-
rith .. .. .. .. .. . .facing 260, 261

XVI. Towtop Kirk, Bampton. By Miss Noble - - 265

XVII. The Burdetts of Bramcote and the Huttons of Pen-
rith. By George Watson - 269

XVIII. The Redmans of Levens. By W. Greenwood - 272
Plate — " The Grant of Levens to Norman de Hieland," photo.

by Mr. Hogg, Kendal . . . . . . . . facing 272

Ground Plan—" Levens Hall," survey by Mr. Curwen facing 285

Pedigree of Redmans, of Levens and Harwood Castle facing 306

XIX. Cumberland and Westmorland Military Levies in the
time of Edward I. and Edward II. By J. E.
Morris, M.A., Magdalen College, Oxford - 307

Plate—" Brougham Castle," photo, by J. E. Morris .. facing 307

XX. Report of the Cumberland Excavation Committee for
1902. By F. Haverfield, M.A., F.S.A., Hon.
F.S.A., Scot. - - - - 328

Plan of the Roman Works between Kingwater and Cumrenton

facing 341
Plate — " Fragments found in Castlesteads Woods," photo, by

Miss Hudson . . . . . . . . • • facing 348


XXI. Notes on the Friary at Penrith. By Francis Haswell,

M.D. - - 350

XXII. Ninekirks and the Countess's Pillar. By the Rev.

Arthur John Heelis, M.A., Rector of Brougham - 353
Plate — "The Bird Chalice: Rude Sculpture found at St.

Ninian's," drawing by Rev. A. J. Heelis . . facing 355

Plate — " Interior of St. Ninian's Church, Brougham," drawing

by Rev. A. J. Heelis .. .. .. .. facing 360

XXIII. The Brunskills. By the Rev. J. Brunskill, Rector of

Ormshed, Appleby .... 366

XXIV. The Runic Tympanum lately found at Pennington.

By Harper Gaythorpe, F.S.A., Scot. - - 373

Plate — "The Pennington Tympanum," photo, by Dr. T. K.

Fell . . . . . . . . . . . . facing 373

Plate — "The Pennington Runes," photo, by Mr. S. B. Gaythorpe

facing 373
Plate — " Carved Stone at Fell Mount, Pennington," photo, by

Mr. S. B. Gaythorpe . . . . . . . . facing 376

XXV. On some ancient Sculptures of the Devil Bound. By

W. G. Collingwood .... ^gQ

Proceedings ...... ^g Q

Plate — " Roman Head from Castle Street, Carlisle," photo, by

Mr. F. W. Tassell . . . . . . . . facing 408

Plate — "Leaden Badge of the Newcastle Fire Office," photo.

by Mr. F. W. Tassell .. .. .. facing 409

Addenda Antiquaria - - - - . ^ IO

Plate — "Socketed Bronze Celts found at Much Urswick,"

photo, by Mr. R. Dobson .. .. .. facing 410

Plate — "Piscina at Keswick" (two views), photo, by Miss

Marshall .. .. .. .. .. facing 419

In Memoriam - - - - 421

List of Members - - . 422

Notice to Contributors of Articles - - . 436

Index to Bishop Nicolson's Diaries - - 438

General Index - - - - - 446

Statement of Accounts - - 453



i. — Sellafield, Beckermet, Calder Abbey, Seascale. June n, 1902.
Gosforth Hall and Church, Irton Hall ... June 12, 1902.

2. — Penrith Castle and Church, Brougham Castle,

Ninekirks, Hornby Hall, Clifton ... ... Aug. 28, 1902.

Threlkeld Settlement; Lord's Island, Derwent-

water ; Keswick Museum ... ... Aug. 29, 1902.

Art. I. — Bishop Nicolson's Diaries: Part III. By the
Bishop of Barrow-in-Furness, President.

Communicated at Seascale, June 11th, 1902.

A T the beginning of the nineteenth volume of " Bishop
■£*■ Nicolson's Diaries," which comes next to those dealt
with in two former papers, we find him at home at Rose
Castle. The diary gives an interesting picture of his
active and hospitable life there. But by reason of its
length much must be here omitted, such as lists of guests
(for the Bishop seldom dined alone^, names of preachers
with their texts, lists of candidates for ordination, state of
the weather, and many other entries of comparatively
small importance.


Mar. 26. Munday. In y e evening, poor M r Holme- of Dacre, full of
complaints. His curacy will not amount to above io lb ,
nothing being to be made of Thrimby-Tith : But he has a
clear (Freehold) estate from his Father, worth 9 lb p. an.
NB. M r Harrisonf of Barton accus'd for Clandestine
Marriages ; two couple fro Dacre-parish in one Night. At
Dinner, M 1 Huddleston (w th thanks for mitigateing his
costs in ye House of Lords) M r Walker, M 1 Ogle (goeing to
Travel in Quest of preterm 1 ) M r Culcheith, M r Rickarby,
and (in L d Carlile's name, to sollicite my Interest for M r
Musgrave & M 1 ' Fletcher) young M r Maxwell.
,, 27. Tuesday. Din'd with me M 1 ' Calvert, penitent but not
restor'd to his Petty-CanonryJ and in danger of his loseing
his Tith-piggs, as also Greyson, Butcher & common-counsell r ,
a hearty friend to M 1 ' C. M. The rescu'd men from
y e prosecution in y e Crown-office are (he saies) most

* John Holmes, curate of Dacre, was ordained priest on that title, June 3rd,

f John Harrison, B.A., vicar of Barton, 1662. He must have died shortly
after this time, for on his death his successor was instituted July 17th, 1705.

\ For the case of the combatant minor canons, see the diary of November
30th, 1704, with note. — These Transactions, N.s. ii., 216.


Mar.28. Wednesday. In the afternoon, M r Fleming (haveing first
resign'd his Vicarage of Stanwix) was instituted into the
Archdeaconry ; and M 1 Benson into the Vicarage of Stanwix,
with good Omen, on his Birth- Day.

,, 31. Saturday. M r Benson went to take Induction at Stanwix;
and B* John to examine y e Lists of M r M' s Freemen at
Carlile. None disturb'd us, all day, at Rose. In ye evening
came y e two Boyes from Appleby; and (w th them) M r
Tonson, design'd Curate at Stanwix.
Apr. 4. Wednesday. Fast-day," at Carlile. I read morning &
evening prayer ; and M r Read preach'd (a good & proper
sermon) on Ueut. 28. 63. R. Agl. and Geo. Brathw'f not
sincere in M r C. M's Interests: The former for perswadeing
him to desist.

,, 5. Thursday. I sent John Twentyman and I. Sleddale to
meet my sister Rothery { at York, and to bring her to Rose.
A Passion Sermon wholly compos'd, de novo.

,, 6. Good-Friday. I preach'd at Carlile, to a very full con-
gregation, and din'd (w th M r Whittingdale) at Sister
Spooner's. In y e evening, M 1 Kinglove gave me a long

* Fast-days proclaimed by public authority were usually on one of the
"Vigils, Fasts, and days of Abstinence " enjoined in the Prayer-book. Thus
the diary mentions December 24th, 1707 (Christmas Eve) ; June 10th, 1702
(Eve of St. Barnabas) ; and several times the Wednesday in Holy Week, as
here. But this was not always the case, e.g.. January 14th, 170^ : January i6th,

I The Rev. George Braithwaite is a remarkable case of a person belonging to
the same Cathedral body for no less than 83 years. His name appears as a
chorister on the first roll-call of the Cathedral after the Restoration, November
23rd, 1668. He remains a chorister till he appears as lay clerk and sub-deacon
June 23rd, 1675 ; he becomes minor canon November 25th, 1679. This does not
necessarily imply that he was by that time in holy orders. He is nominated
curate (i.e., perpetual curate) of St. Mary's April 8th, 1685. (See the diary.)
He continued a minor canon till his death in 175 1. But in 1750 it appears by the
records of the Chapter that Mr. George Braithwaite, Minor Canon and Curate
of the Parish of St. Marie's, by reason of his great age and loss of sight, was
incapable of doing any part of his duty, and H. Richardson was appointed to do
his duty as Curate of St. Marie's— to have £12 a year out of Mr. Braithwaite's

+ " My sister Rothery " must have been a sister of the Bishop, whom I have
not been able to identify certainly. Possibly she was Frances, who was
unmarried in 1685. [See the pedigree, in which " 1655 " is a misprint for
" 1685."] Her son " Joseph Rothery, as tall as I am." dined at Joseph Nicol-
son's house in Salisbury Court, December 10th, 1704. Mrs. Rothery was living
in Dorsetshire, and had charge of Mr. Thynne's three children. His only son
died in December, 1705. (See the diary.) This Mr. Thynne was Henry, only
son of Sir Thomas Thynne of Longleat (created Viscount Weymouth), and died
in 1708 before his father, leaving only two daughters. Joseph Rothery, the
Bishop's nephew, is frequently mentioned in the diary He was at Oxford, was
ordained priest March 13th, 171$, and was collated by his uncle next day to the
living at Bromfield, which he only held till 1717.


Ace' of y e Heats wherein ye Council at Edinburgh were
(on Tuesday last) on Rec 1 of the D. of Argyle's Letter, in
peremptory Terms requireing the Reprieve of Cap 1 Green
and his Crew ; who (as M r K. farther saies) are undoubtedly
guilty of y e murder of Cap 4 Drummond, deep in y e massacre
at Glencow.
Apr. 9. Munday. At Dinner, M r Gregory" and M r Lindsey of
Melmerby : The former in danger of loseing Dean by G.
Lowther's better Interest in L d Wharton, & concern'd at
Encroachm ts on his Glebe at Ulndale ; the Latter uneasy
in the want of his Dues, but will not sue. Qu. If no
private contract, betwixt M r Patteson and him, for Harry's
Tenement? — In the evening (walking under y e wood, in
y e way to the Rogg) I found the Fungus Calyciformis
longius radicatus Semine Carens ; which I take to be an
Undescribed Species.

„ 10. Tuesday. My wife gone to Carlile (and M r Benson to
Stanwix) a great number of Guests came to dinner, viz. M 1 '
ChanC, M r Archdeacon, M r Browham, M r Wiltshire (who
read prayers) Cap* Knox, M r Ward, M r Banks and's wife,
M r Lewthwait and M r How. The last had io lb for himself
& Ja. Nicolson (of M' M's money) to treat y c Freemen
occasionally. M r ChanC" satisfy'd, by D r Gibson's L 1 , of my
hearty Application to y e AB. of C. In y e evening, my wife
brought home Sis. Spooner ; and y c Coachman a shuffling
Ans r from M r Tong, in relation to his controversy w th M r
Wybergh. Cap 1 K. saies D. Hamilton is makeing himself
very popular at Preston.

„ 11. Wednesday. Institution given into ye Vicarage of Burgh
under Stanem 1 ' (immediately after his produceing his
p'sentation) to M r Fr. Thompson; whose missing of ye
Provostship of Queen's College, and y e Rectory of Charlton,
is not like to be any loss to this Diocese. — In y e evening,
came my sister Rothery (less weary, and in better health
than I expected) from Dorsetshire.

„ 12. Thursday. A visit (en passant) from D 1 ' Pearson and R.
Wilson of Penrith. The D r mightily taken with Baglivie's
Treatise de Fibra Motrice &c. and his condemning ye
squandering of our spittle ; wch he rightly makes our chief
menstruum in Digestion. D r P. also approves D 1 ' Mus-
grave's Notions ; but thinks his Latine very harsh.

* Mr. Gregory did not succeed in obtaining the living of Dean, to which John
Dalton was presented in 1705. W. Lindsey, M.A., was presented to the rectory
of Melmerby (1701) by Thomas Patteson, gentleman.



Apr. 13. Friday. Onely M 1 ' Airay of Kirkland,* at Dinner; com-
plaining of incorrigible M r Darby's) haveing lately (tho' not
in orders) marry'd two serv 1 * of M r Nevinson's and some
others, clandestinely & in Ale-Honses. NB. To give M l "
Chanc r Instructions ab l him.

.. 14. Saturday. At Dinner, D 1 Todd ; not yet for restoreing y e
pettj'-Canons. He saies S 1 W. Dawes was fellow of S*
John's in Oxon u ein guter drank B r . In y e evening, M
Christian came to hold y 1 ' Courts at Dalston and Linstock ;
and seems to favour M' K. Musgrave in his Adherence to
M' Fletcher.

„ 16. Munday. At Dinner, M 1 Tho. Salkeld, M r Fr. Howard,}
M 1 H. Salkeld, M 1 Burrows of Brougham^ and his nephew
of Hutton, M' W. Dalston and M' Wybergh.
M' Howard brought me y e case of his Father's Fishing,
forcibly enter'd on. M' H. Salkeld earnest for renewing
his Lease of Allhallows, onely 4 years gone. M 1 B. Sen 1 '
showes a counterfeit agreem' (p'tended to be as old as Ed.
1 in y c Language of Qu. Elizabeth) touching y e Chappel at
Brougham, produced by M" Bird.|| Qu. M 1 W. sick of his
Suit w th M r Tong, ab l old Arrears at Beaucastle.

„ 17. Tuesday. In ye morning, M r Christian (w th my brother)
went to Linstock-Court and Sister Kothery to pay her Duty
at Lovvther. At Dinner, all y e contesting Gentlemen for y e
approaching Election, viz. M' Sheriff Briscoe, S r W. Pen-
nington, M' R. Musgrave, Coll. Geo. Fletcher, H M 1 G.
Lawson, M r Pennington of Seaton and (whilst we were at
Table) M r Rec 1 ' Aglionby. It. belowstairs, M r Farish** (of

* William Airay was curate of Kirkland, the rector (George Fleming) being

t Mr. Darby was of Culgaith, a chapelry in the parish of Kirkland. (See May
26th.) " I was glad to find ye Diligence of Mr. Derby the present Reader and
Schoolmaster, commended; having had many complaints against him." — Bishop
Nicolson's Miscellany Accounts, p. 63, August 19th, 1703. Many chapelries
were then served by lay readers, holding the Bishop's license, or by deacons;
they are not included in his MS. list of incumbents instituted or licensed. For
examples, see Threlkeld (in Greystoke Parish), April 25th ; W'atermillock (in
Greystoke), May 7th; Armathwaite (in Hesket) and Wreay (in St. Mary's,
Carlisle), May [2th ; Thrimby (in Morland), July 14th, &c. Compare the Rev.
J. Whiteside's account of Swindale and Mardale chapelries in the C. & W.
Transactions, N.S., vols. i. and ii.

J Eldest son of William Howard of Corby.

§ Roland Borrow, M.A., rector of Brougham, 1680 ; died 1708. Joshua
Burrow, A.B., rector of Hutton, 1695.

Mr. Bird was then owner of Brougham Hall and lord of the manor. — See
Bishop Nicolson's Miscellany Accounts, p. 67.

■ Half-brother of Sir Henry Fletcher of Hutton.

** Peter Farish, M.A., vicar of Isell, 1703 ; he resigned that living in 1711.
Bishop Nicolson's MS. list of incumbents adds "An Award about ye Tithes
there Aug 16. 1706."



Isel) troubled ab l an Annuity, secur'd on ye Tiths of Red-
mane, with M r Holme y e Schoolm r of Isel, w th a certificate
of S r W. Lawson's haveing regularly paid his Taxes. S 1
W. P. desires me to countenance his second son for y
Election. Non pas. M 1 ' Rec r ag l Coll. Stanwix ; and y e
Rioters at Corby, who oppos'd y e destroying of y e Nusance.
L rs & L d T's money fro Appleby.
Apr. iS. Wednesday. I went in the morning to Carlile in y e Coach
with M r Benson, A. Chambers, Sister Spooner, and her
Daughter; passing in great hazard over Caldew- Bridge, in
Danger of falling.

After prayers, to y e Sessions — where S 1 ' W. P. offer'd his
second son in conjunction w th M r Lawson, and Coll.
Fletcher & M 1 ' R. Musgrave y ir Services in conjunction.
All ye Justices were generously treated by M r Sheriff
Briscoe ; and nothing in y e Afternoon but petitions fro y e
Poor &c.

,, 19. Thursday. Sharp Repartees in y e morning 'twixt M' Rec 1
Aglionby and M r Gilpin, on y e subject of y e decay'd Bridge
at Lennard-Cost ; wherein y e men of Brampton divided.
Mr. L. Simpson (Clerk of y e peace) Indicts M 1 ' Howard of
Corby and his two Sons for Recusancy, Riots, &c. the latter
on y e Ace 1 of a pretended Nusance in his erecting a new
Fish-Garth, presented at y e last Sessions, removed now b) 7
Certiorari. In this cause y e Lawyers were likewise divided.
Most of y e Gentlemen & Clergy dined w th Coll. Fletcher
at y e Half moon ; where (S r W. P. and Mr. L. comeing
thither after Dinner) proposeals made for y e peace of y e
County. These failing, & war proclaim'd, S 1 ' W. P. and I
declar'd for M r Lawson.

In y e Evening, y e care of Caldew- Bridge and Priest-Bridge
referr'd to M 1 ' Gilpin & me to contract for ; and 8o ,b to S 1 '
W. P. and M r Lam pi. for Cleater- Bridge.

,, 20. Friday. Returning home, I view'd Caldew Bridge ; which
seems to want our immediate care. After Dinner, a Visit
to M r Chanc r and M 1 ' Christian, holding a Court at Bell-
Bridge ; and y e latter return'd with me to Rose. NB.
Kirnels of Iron-metal in y e Freestone 'twixt Seburgham-
Bridge and Bell-Bridge.

,, 23. Munday. S* George's Day ; and y e Day (Good luck to

■ England and Her Queen!) for Issueing out Writs for a new

parliam*. My two Sons (after a weeks extraordinary stay

at home) return'd to Appleby, with a sharp Letter to M r


Banks" on y e slow progress of both. In the Afternoon, M r
Benson & A. Chambers went to visit M 1 Wybergh at Cald-
beck ; and M r Robinson, of Ousby,| call'd at Rose, gave
me an Ace 1 of his friends 9 w' h D 1 ' Woodward and his
Adherence to M r Lawson.
Apr. 24. Tuesday. At Dinner, M r Kinglove and M 1 ' Clark C. of
Crosthwait. By y e former I sent y e Border-Laws to S' Ja.
Dalrymple, and y e latter will give Notice when the Mines of
Black-Lead are open.

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