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trade he raised a large fortune. He now amuses himself in this retirement with
buildings and agriculture, having improved the estates he has purchased, here
and in the neighbouring parishes, to a high degree." His will was proved at
Carlisle in 1S07.




piles of wood sixty years ago. It is difficult to understand
the use of these piles. Hutton and Warburton have a
statement to the same effect, that the wall was here
carried over mossy ground by means of piles, which may
refer to the Wall on White Moss, west of Bleatarn.


Excavations were made in the " green " of Lanercost
Priory, by the Rev. W. S. Calverley. It was ascertained
that a mound and ditch once ran along the north and
west sides of this " green," just inside the modern wall,
but the date and even the dimensions of this work were


not determinable. Close to the western gateway some,
probably mediaeval, masonry was unearthed and near it
and inside the above mentioned mound and ditch, a small
stone cist containing fragments of an urn and bones.
The urn appeared to be Romano-British and might



belong to a rude cremation burial of a known type. The
bones are pronounced by the authorities of the Oxford
Museum not to be human, so far as they are identifiable ;
three pieces certainly belong to a deer. But such bones
not unfrequently occur, I believe, in similar interments :
they have been explained as remains of the funeral feast.
There is no reason to think that the Priory was ever
the site of a Roman camp, but the spot may have been
casually inhabited in Roman times. The Roman road
sometimes called the Stanegate appears to have passed
down the Irthing valley from Gilsland to Nether Denton
and Lanercost on its way to Brampton, and chance
remains might well be found at Lanercost, as they have
been at Nether Denton, close to the rectory and church.

Incidentally search was made for two centurial stones
which were built up in Lanerton farmhouse in Horseley's
time (C. I. L. viii, 847, a. b.). Both have vanished — they
were lost, probably, more than thirty years ago, when the
present farmhouse was built.


A section was cut through the Maidenway about three
miles from Birdoswald and four from Bewcastle, on the
moor close to Ash Crag and High Stead Ash, where the
grass grown ridge of the road can be clearly traced for
some little distance. By the advice of Lord Carlisle's
drainers, whose local knowledge was invaluable, we made
a trench 15 yards north of a gateway through which the
line of the road passes, about 500 yards west of High
Stead Ash farmhouse. We found the road in excellent
preservation. It was about 16^-17 feet wide, edged with
large squared kerbstones and constructed with large and
small pieces of freestone and cobble, packed very tightly
in a layer S inches thick and set on the natural clay
subsoil. The centre of the road was raised but our



section did not show the large central stones which were
found in some sections of the mural road.

Incidentally the camp marked on the Ordnance Map a
little north of Triermain was inspected and found to be
nothing but the remains of surface quarrying.


Compensation at Lanercost 1894-5
Labour at Lanercost
Bleatarn Compensation

,, Labour ...
Geologists, expenses of
Appletree Compensation

,, Labour...

This expenditure has been defrayed by subscriptions
collected in Oxford, leaving intact for 1896 the second
£50 voted by this Society. The total expended in two
years has been £84 13s. 2d. of which this Society has
furnished £50.

£ b.


... 4

... 2 2

... 5

••• 13 13

... I 10


... 4 10

... 6 16

£37 «


i 9 8

Art. XL — The Winders of Lorton. By. F. A. Winder,

Southsea, Portsmouth.
Communicated at Carlisle, August 8th, 1895.*
T\URING the last three years many important evidences
-*-^ have been found relating to the above family, and to
the branches descended from them, and I am pleased to
be permitted to contribute this paper, having in view the
desire, of chronicling what has already been accomplished,
and also, of indicating what yet remains to be done, to com-
plete the gathering in of many scattered reminiscences —
first then : —

As to the Winder Family of Maryland.

With the assistance of good friends in the United
States of America, a large historical Pedigree has been
compiled and printed, (now being further added to and
corrected), which certainly is a very comprehensive
record of the descendants of John Winder, Planter and
Commissioned Officer in the Colonial Army, of... Princess
Anne, Somerset Co., Maryland — whose Will was found at
the District Probate Court, proved 23rd Sept. 1698. In
November, 1672, this John Winder of Somerset Co.,
Gent, proved Rights to 200 acres of land for transporting
into that province, Thomas Quarteman, Thomas Relfe,
William Walter, and Ann Boyden.t

Here it would be in place to mention that a Thomas
Relfe of Cockermouth, married in 171 £, Barbara dau. of

* For a previous paper on the Winders, see these Transactions, vol. xii, p. 439.

t Abstracted from the Records in the Land Office, Maryland, by Philip D.
Laird, Esq., Commissioner, of Rockville, Maryland, and kindly sent me with
many other evidences by R. Winder Johnson, Esq., of Philadelphia.


fittfgra of feint Mtinbrr, Jttatro

Wm. Tulse— Rebecc

of Avon (New Forest)
Hampshire, gent.


I'lTV, Of

Isle of V

= ...Lewin ? =
I widow.

Wm. Tulse=Sophronia

of Avon, gent, bur.
at Southampton.

died at Southampton
Will proved 16S1 P.C
To be buried at Soi
ampton, "neare her (
husband" — mention-
dan : Sarah Palmer.


of Pann, Isle of Wight
Will proved at Win-
chester iGS.i. Men-
tions Mrs. Sophronia
i ulse her mother-in-
law, her sister Sarah,
brother Sir Hy. Tulse,
and brother Robert
1 ewin.

Sir Henry Tulse

Knight, Lord Mayor
of London. 1684.
Will prov ed [689 in
which he confirms
settlements n
his daughter on her

F.i.iz. Turgis
dau : of Thos.
I urgis Fsq :

Wm. Tulse, John Windei
Esq. Esq., Mercht

Mayor of
1669-70, died
at New York

Fliz : Tulse
married to Sir Richd.
Onslow, " elevated to
the peerag-e by title of
Baron Onslow of
Onslow, co. Salop,
and Clandon co.


William John Winder ]\

Winder Mcicht. of London, late of of

died about Cape Coast Castle, Guinea. W

1678. Will proved r • . L(

Appoints Sir Henry Tulse and W

his bro : Thomas Winder, an.

Fxors. Mentions his kinsman Es

Wm. Lewin, his mother Mrs. an:

Sarah Palmer, and his father- del

in-law Mr. John Palmer. to

Gab : Roberts, Deputy Gover- hu

nor of Royal African Co. wrote bet

23 July 1686— "Mr. John Win- wic

der came ashore sick and re- Wi
mains at Deale " — probably
where he died.

f ^ntttbamptnn, 1669-70



HenrvTulse Roger Tulse
3rd son.


Imon Order
anted her
p: 29, 1675

Instate of her Y
e husband
scribed as
^ merchant
d Alderman

New York."



13 April, 1677

larj 's,
, marriner.
ived 1696,
non of
f James
tries Win-
ited 1712
lei Browne
of Eliza-
)\vne the
f James

Thomas Winder Samuel Winder

died at Barbadoes, Gent, Provincial

l6gi, bur: at St. Councellor of New

Michael's. Adinon Jersey, U.S.A.

granted in Philadel- Married Margt.

phia to James
Winder, S Xovr.

Rudyard, Oct. 25,
1684 — Died Jan.
left a

daughter, Sarah.

who it is believed

died in her minority

— In his Will he

mentions his

brother James


Charles Winder
Appointed by Govr. of New
Jersey, Oct. 29, 1693, Ad-
ministrator of his brother
Thomas Winder's estate —
at that time Charles was of
the Island of Antigua — he
died intestate '* last of New
York " — George Willocks
(who afterwards married his
widow) was appointed
Administrator of his estate,
29 Dec : 1710.


William Williams of Johnby Hall, whose sister Lettice
married John Winder, Esq., Barrister-at-law (eldest son
of John Winder, gent of Lorton, who died 1696), — this
is the only clue associating this Maryland branch with
the Lorton family, which as I believe, has yet been found.

The Branches in Ireland.

A family settled at Cork, of which Arthur Wellesley
Winder, LL.D., is a member, descends from Winder of
Stonehead, Wyersdale, Lancashire, — out of Exchequer
Depositions, date about 1660, I gathered that : " One
Wynder of Stonyhead, Wyersdale was killed in Queen
Elizabeth's time in the Border service against the Scotts."

John Winder of Dearham, Cumberland, in his Will
proved at Carlisle, 1663, mentions the children of his son
Peter, in Ireland. — John Winder of Lucie Close, parish
of Deane, Cumberland, gent, in his Will (at London)
proved 1623, mentions his godson, son of Henry Fearon
of Galwaye. The families bearing our name and resident
now about Dublin may possibly be descended from this
Dearham family. -

John Winder Mayor of Southampton 1669-70.

I believe him to be descended from the Cumberland
Stock, and as the appended Pedigree is an important one
I have worked it out, in part, to shew the Winder, Tulse,
and Onslow connection.

Winder and Musgrave.

Thomas Winder of St. Christopher's, West Indies, Merchant,
made a Will which was proved (in P.C.C.) 15th June,
1704, by his "honoured mother" Elizabeth Winder.
This member of the family I have not been able to identify
yet with any pedigree, but it seems probable that he
would be some relation to Mrs. Anne Winder, sister of



Thomas Musgrave, Gent, who died in Antigua about
November, 1699, and in whose Will* is mentioned his
loving sister Mrs. Anne Winder, his niece Mrs. Hartley,
wife of Mr. — Hartley, Bookseller, of London, and Edward
Musgrave, Esq., his " dear brother " of Westmorland.

Edward Musgrave t of Ashby, Westmorland, Esq., in
his Will (proved in P.C.C., 17th June, 1700), mentions
his only son Richard Musgrave and leaves him his
demesne lands &c, in the said county with Tythe Barns
at Allonby and West Newton in parish of Bromfield,
Cumberland, and to his daughter Catherine an annuity,
and also a gold ring with inscription " God's providence
is our inheritance," — he desires his honoured and most
faithful friends Sir Christopher Musgrave, Bart., and Sir
Richard Musgrave of Haton, Bart., to take upon them
the trust of seeing that his son (whom he leaves his
Exor) is carefully educated and religiously brought up.

From the Westmorland " Feet of Fines " I find that: —
" Christopher Musgrave, Knight, in 1702, disposes of Lands
and Tenements lying in Appleby to Hugh Hugill and
Marg' his wife for £60."

Richard Musgrave, in 1703, purchases Lands and Manor
of Asby Cotsford from William Johnson, Gent, for £360.

The Stemmata.

The following short abstracts and copies of documents
add some important links to the chain of history, of the

* Proved 20th December, 1700 (in P.C.C.) by Robert Hartley, Curator, law-
fully assigned to Richard Musgrave, Anniger, a minor, son and exor. of Edward
Musgrave, Armiger, deceased.

t I have not yet traced from which branch of the Musgrave family he descends.
Altho' it may be from Cuthbert Musgrave, who was granted by King Henry
VIII, the office of Bailiwick of the town of Penrith by Letters Patent 7 March,
1536,— for we find Richard Dudley of Yenwyth, Westmorland, complaining
(Exchequer Bill— Cumb : Fliz : No. 25) that Cuthbert Musgrave having by deed
assigned him the said office in 1583-4 - did, with his son Cuthbert Musgrave,
John Atkinson of Penrith, and John Winder [of Penrith— Will proved 1593 J
enter into the said bailiwick, by force and arms and disseise him [Richard
Dudley] of his office.

" main


" main lines " of the pedigree set out in my previous
paper and published in the Society's Transactions for the
year 1892-3.

John Winder, gent, of Nether Lorton,
was bur: at Lorton 21 Nov: 1609.
In a Chancery Bill, 4 April, 1612, Mabel Winder relates that she
was the relict of John Winder of Lorton, Cumberland, gent, dec d .,
and eldest daughter of Robert Grindell late of St. Beighes, in the
said County, gent, deceased, and that Robert Grindell was seized of
one messuage and 80 acres of land belonging and parcell of the
manner or Lordshippe of St Beighes, at the Will of the Lords of the
said manner, at whose death the said messuage, &c. came to her as
eldest daughter and heir — but that one Anne Grindell during her
life, and since her death, one Thomas Wyber[g] husband of the said
Anne had got into their hands all the Deeds and Court Rowles

concerning the said messuage and would not allow her to take the

issues and profitts, and since then Henry Lord Bishop of Carlisle,
Joseph Pennington, Henry Sandes, Henry Patrickson, Lancelot
Fletcher, and — Antrobus, governors of the ffree school of St.

Beighes had gotten into their hands the Deeds without which she

cannot make good her claim — she then prays for a writte of sub-
pcena against the Bishop of Carlisle."

Will of Peter Winder of Lorton gent, i65i.t

I Peter Winder of Lorton, Cumberland, Gent., Sick in body but
whole in minde, bequeath my soul into the hands of Almighty God
— my body to be buried in the Church of Lorton — £30 to be paid
within 20 days after 2nd Feb. 1652 to Marke ' my sonne — To my
eldest sonne John Winder one Feather bed — To my daughter Susan
Winder Three score and ten pounds — To Margaret Birkett, my late
servant £5— To John Fawcett, Gawen Grigg, Ellinor Thompson,
and Elizabeth Herd, my late servants, to each 12 pence — Executrix
and residuary legatee Mabell Winder my daughter.

Supervisors — Wm. Winder my brother, John Winder of Stang-
ends and Cuthbert Peile of Nether Lorton.

Dated 10 Nov. 1651.

* Chancery Proceedings — Charles I, Bundle 126, No. 151,— at Public Record
Office, London,
t Will deposited at Somerset House, London, P.C.C. Alchin. 297.



Witnesses — William Winder, Cuthbert Peill, John Fawcett.
Proved at Westminster 23 Nov. 1654, by the oath of Mabell, the
daughter and sole executrix named in the will.

Will of Mark Winder, gent (younger son of
Peter Winder, gent) 1678. - ;

Marke Winder of Casay foot in Naddule in Crosthwaite, Cum-
berland, Gentleman, by Will dated 7 October, 167S (30th Charles ii)
proved at Carlisle 28th Octr. 1681, recites an Indenture dated 2nd
Octr. of the 7 year of Chas. 2nd's reign, and made between John
Hodgson of ferneside, Cumberland, Yeoman of the 1st part, Jennet
Hodgson of Casay foot spinister of the 2nd part, and Gawen Wren
of Castlerigg Gentleman, and Robert Grave of High Row yeoman of
the 3rd part, provides that in default of heirs of the body of said
Jennet Hodgson the s d John Hodgson should pay to the Admor of
the said Jennet £70, that the said Jennet was then dead without
heirs, and that the Testator as husband of Jannet had taken
administration of her goods, and as such was entitled to the £70,
and by his Will bequeathed the same.

To his brother John Winder and and his sisters Susan Irton, and
Mabel Johnson equally.

To his nephew John Winder 20/- \

To his cousin Samuel Winder 10/- I to buy rings.

To little John Johnson son of Mabel 5/- j

To his said brother John and his sisters Susan Irton and Mabel
Johnson, the rest of his goods and oppoints them executors.

Witnesses — Thomas Lamplugh, Chas. Saule.

Will of John Winder Esq. (eldest son and heir of
John Winder, Gent, of Lorton) 1699-1700. t

I, John Winder, of Grayes Inne, in Co. Mid'sex, Esqr.,
calling to minde the uncertainty of this life, make my last Will as
follows : — My soul and spirit into hands of Almighty God, my
heavenly Father, by whom of His mercy and only Grace I trust to be
saved and reced. into eternall rest . . . thro Jesus Christ. My
debts to be truely paid. To my dear wife I give ane annuity or rent
charge of £80 out of the Manor and Lordship of Dufton in Co.
Westmorland, to receive the same during the natural life of Mary

* Will at Carlisle Probate Registry.

f Will deposited at Prerogative Court, York.



Winder, my dear mother, and then to cease. Further, I give my said
dear wife an annunity of £60 out of the said Manor, clear of taxes,
issues, and reprises, for the terme of 99 years, if she, my dear wife,
shall so long live, from and immediatly after death of my mother,
upon condition nevertheless that my said wife claime noe dower or
thirds in my parts of the said Mannor of Dufton. I charge the said
Manor with £1,000 to be paid to my daughter Mary, six months
after marriage, and with £10 per annum until eleven years old ;
then £20 per annum until 14 years ; and then £30 per annum until
17 ; and £50 per annum until marriage, and if she marry without
consent and approbation of her mother if she be living, or if she be
dead, without consent of overseers hereinafter named, then to have
£500. I give to my son William Winder," and his heirs and
assigns for ever, the said Manor and Lordship of Dufton, and the
advowson of the Church of Dufton, subject to the charges herein
named, provided always . . . that the Smelt Mill, Lead Mines,
and Royalties within the Manor shall not be lyable to any charges
aforesaid, and I devise the said Smelt Mill and Lead Mines, and all
other Mines of what kinde soever in the said manor to my said dear
wife, and to my Brother Samuell Winder their exors. and assigns for
for terme of 22 years from my death, with liberty to break ground,
digg, search or otherwise worke and winn the same & to lease and
demise same for the best and most rent or duety that can be got to
such persons as will effectually worke them, in trust nevertheless
and for sole benefit of my son W'illiam Winder. To my son William
I give all my books, manuscripts, and mapps, and my third part of the
lead workes in Dufton Fell, in partnership with Mr. Blackwell and
Mr. Barugh [Barrow?]. Unto dear wile all my plate, linning, and
household stuffe. To my servant, Wilfrid Herbert, £10, and my
wearing appareli. I devise to my said dear wife the tuition of my
son and daughter, so long as my said wife continues unmarryed and
I appoint her executrix, and my Brother Samuell & Jonathan Winder
& my mother Williams and aunt Dorothy Halton, j to be overseers,

* In Greystoke Register is the following : — "Oct. 1690, born at Johnby Hall
in Greystoke Farrfsh, and the sixteenth Day Baptised Jl'iltiams the son of Mr.
John Winder of Lorton (a counsellor at Law)"

t Dorothy Halton (daughter of Miles Halton, Esq., of Greenthwaite Hall, in
Greystoke) was of Johnby Hall, died 2Sth June, 1719 — buried at Graystoke, 1st
July — By Will, 13 Apl. 1715 — she bequeathed the Interest of £20 to be paid the
schoolmaster there for teaching poor children of Johnby, and also the interest of
£20 to poor of Greystoke and Johnby — (from The Reliquary, Jewitt, Octr. 1S64,
vol. v.)

Note. — To the late Rev. Thomas Lees, Vicar of Wreay, near Carlisle, I am
indebted for the information that : — "William Williams married in 1666 Barbara
Halton, who was sister of Dorothy above mentioned. The Williams family
migrated to Cumberland from Glamorganshire.''



and to everyone of them a gold ring, worth 30s., to wear in remem-
brance of me, desireing that they will give my dear wife and children
their advice and assistance. In witness whereof I sign my name,
sett my seal 22nd July, 1699, in presence of Humphrey Chetham,
Peter Fawcett, Henry Clough, Wilfr. Herbert. Proved 6th January,
1699-1700 at York, by the Oath of Lettice Winder,- widow, the relict
and sole executrix.

Dispute as to property in Papcastle. t

It appears from a dispute with John Watson of Papcastle that
John Winder of Lorton Est]., was interested in a customary messuage
and tenement situated in Papcastle and held of Robert Browne Esq.,
as Lord thereof — for the lives of John Winder the elder of Lorton,
Esq., dec d . and Mary his then wife — who was very aged in 1696, the
date of the Chancery suit.

The Consulship of Barcelona.
Samuel Winder's Letter to Lord Albemarle. %

My Lord.

I most humbly beg leave to acquaint your Lordship that before
the departure of my nephew Wms. Winder he absolutely promised
and assured me over and over that [he] would not Resign his
Consulship any otherwise than under favour and protection of his
Grace the Duke of Newcastle to my son Jolin and which I have very
good reason to believe he'l be Inflexiable in, he having no other view
therein, but that his kinsman should succeed him in all his business,
for shou'd the p'sent Consul die w th out your admittance of one of the
same Family, our Demands on the Court of Spain wou'd vastly
suffer (if not be entirely lost) for want of due and proper sollicitation
in the same channel ; and I hope my son's Behaviour and character in
Life has been such, that His Grace will think him a proper Person
for such a station, and will Indulge the family with his favour, who
have been great sufferers, particularly myself during ye course of
upwards of Forty years Trading to ye Port of Barcelona and which I

* And also the entry :—" Feb. 7th, 1713-4 Buryed Mrs. Lettice Williams of
Johnby Hall."

t Chancery Proceedings, Bridges 195.

J At Public Record Office. Domestic State Papers. Geo. ii, Bundle 29.
Part for Feb : No. 6.


am very ready to demonstrate. I shall not at p'sent Intrude farther
on your Lordship's patience save then with great submission to beg
your Lordship's Interest and good offices in this affair, which ever
will be acknowledging to him who has ye Honour to be with the
greatest Respect and obligation.

My Lord

Your Lordships most
[To Lord Albemarle] Humble and most obedient servant.

[Sign d J Samuel Winder.
Mark Lane [London]
ye 5 Feb^. 1732/3.

Samuel Winder, merchant, purchases property
in Mark Lane, London, 1705.*

Samuel Winder of London, Merchant,! purchases for £240 one
eighth part share of all that messuage or tenement, outhouses,

cellars, yards, garnens in Mark Lane, in Parish of St. Olive, Hart

St., and Allhallows, Barking, London, from Elizabeth Hartopp,
widow of Thomas Hartop of London, Merchant, and Peter Hartop
his son and heir — John Adams being also a party to the agreement
—10, July, 1706.

Abraham Beake of London, Merchant, in his Will proved October
1710, mentions his Kinsman and Godson Beake Winder son of his
neice Elizabeth Winder (wife of Samuel Winder), and leaves Beake
Winder and his brothers and sisters considerable sums of money
(£300 each, not including annuities).

Jonathan Winder, merchant, purchases property
in Aldenham, Hertford, 1709. t

Jonathan Winder of London, Merchant,]: purchases for £2,350,
the manor lordship of Newberries al s Bones Bushes in Co. Hertford

with all houses meadowes feeding rents, Courts leet belonging

lying and being in parish of Aldenham containing 13 acres &c

[fully recited] from Edward Brisco of Newberryes, Esquire— John
Delaet of London, Gent, Charlwood Lanton of the Middle Temple,
Esquire, and John Travers of London, Merchant, being parties to
the Agreement — 30 April, 1709.

* Public Record Office, London, Close Roll— 5 Ann— 1st Part.

t Close Roll -8th Ann— Part 4, No. 12.

{ A son of John Winder, gent, of Lorton, who died 169C.


206 the winders of lorton.

Williams Winder, Esq., Consul at Barcelona.

Translation of the King of Spain's approval of his

appointment, 1728.

: Whereas William Winder Esqr., of the English Nation, has
represented to me, that the Most Serene King of Great Britain has
lately appointed or named him Consul of his Nation in Barcelona, as
appears by the Original Patent, of the Fourteenth of February of this
present year, which he has delivered, beseeching me that I would be
pleased to approve of the said Appointment; and I being pleased to
condescend thereto do therefore command the Captain Ceneral, that
now is or shall be, of the Principality of Catalonia, the Governor of
Barcelona, and the Judges and Justices, whom the Execution of this
my Cedula may any ways concern, that they admit him to the use
and Exercise of his employ, by which he is not empowered to

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