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vinced that the best method of acquiring the basis of a legal educa-
tion is the study of text-books, and that an attempt to discard the
text-books and substitute the study of cases, many of which involve
collateral matter, tends often to confuse the beginner. However,
for the benefit of those who have completed our one-year course,
there has been added a graduate course based upon a collection of
leading cases and text-books. The object of this course is thoroughly
to familiarize the student with the skillful use of a law library and
the interpretation of judicial decisions, and at the same time to
furnish him a thorough review of the principles already learned
from the text-books.

The Graduate Course will cover a period of one year. It is to
consist of a study of Cases on Agency, Partnership, Corporations,
Trusts, Code Pleading, Negotiable Instruments, Insurance, Bank-
ruptcy, Property, Evidence, and other essential courses.

Tuition and fees will be as follows:

Tuition £100.00

Library Fee 12.50

University Fee 10.00

For satisfactory completion of this course, a Certificate of
Graduate Work will be issued in semester units.

68 Bulletin of Cumberland University


There will be a summer course taught during the vacation of
1927, continuing eight weeks. This course will cover the law of
Banks and Banking, and the General Laws of Business, and will be
found of great benefit to those beginning the study of law, as it will
be an addition to the regular course, and will enable the student
to spend the summer pleasantly and profitably.

This course is designed to benefit especially five classes of

1st. Those desiring to review.

2nd. Those desiring to prepare to take a regular course in law.

3rd. Those desiring to obtain a knowledge of law for use in bus-
iness other than the practice of law.

4th. Those desiring to obtain a knowledge of law as part of a
liberal education.

5th. Teachers who have time to study law only during the

Tuition for summer course $40.00

University fee 5.00

The summer course will begin June 14th and end August 6th.
It should be of especial interest to teachers, as it can be taken by
them without interfering with their professional labors, and to bank-
ers and bank employees, who may take the course in the summer,
when their duties are least confining.

For further information relating to the Law School, address

Box 272, Lebanon, Tenn.


William Henry A. Moore

Director of Music Department, Professor of Piano, Voice

Diploma, Royal Conservatory of Music, Stuttgart, Germany; 1 892-1 897, pupil
of Dionys Pruckner (Court Pianist), Piano, Henrich Bertram (Baritone Royal
Opera), Voice, Samuel deLangue, Organ, Counterpoint, Composition; 1903-
1904, pupil of Max Pauer (Court Pianist), Piano, Otto Freytag (Court Singer),
Voice, Samuel deLange, Organ, Composition.

Paul E. Christen Voice and Theory

Lois L. Smith Teacher Violin and Piano


Cumberland University, with its affiliated schools, has always
been provided with opportunities for music study, and the work of*
the past is gratefully acknowledged. The growth of the University
and the increasing demand in the South for standard Academic
music study induced the authorities of the University to establish
a Department of Music, organized on the broadest art basis and
modeled after the foremost European institutions.

For students who can satisfy the regular college entrance re-
quirements, a total of twelve hours in Music may be counted toward
the Baccalaureate degree. The courses from which these credits
may be taken are:

College-piano, four hours; Harmony, four hours; Counterpoint,
two hours; Musical Analysis, two hours; Musical History, two hours.

Cumberland University offers a four-year's course in Music,
leading to the degree of Bachelor of Music.

In addition to the course in musical subjects as outlined below,
candidates for the Mus. Bac. degree are required to take the fol-
lowing subjects in the College of Arts:

Two Foreign Languages, not less than six hours in each. 12 hours

English 10 hours

History 4 hours

Physics ., 4 hours

Bible and Ethics 8 hours

Mathematics 4 hours

42 hours

Students wishing to study musical subjects only will be classed
as special students. If later they wish to enter as candidates for

70 Bulletin of Cumberland University

the Mus. Bac. degree, full credit will be given for all work done
in music.

All candidates for the Mus. Bac. degree are required before
graduation to submit to the Director an original composition, either
vocal or instrumental, and to give a public recital of about one
hour's duration.

All students in music are required to take part in the recitals
when requested to do so. This is one of the most valuable features
in the entire course of study. It is a free advantage to all pupils.

Our system of training pupils for public performance is absolutely

Pupils are required to memorize both technical exercises and
pieces. The former, in order that the whole attention may be given
to the absorbing of supple conditions of arms and hands; the latter,
to enable the student to concentrate the mind wholly upon the
interpretation of the piece.


la. (2) Technical studies, Plaidy or Riemann; scales, major
and minor, in octaves thirds and sixths; Arpeggi, common chord,
dominant-seventh and diminished-seventh; Czerny, School of
Velocity, Books I and II; Heller, selections from Opus 45, 46 and
47; Bach, two-part inventions; sonatas by Mozart, Haydn, etc.;
modern compositions by Schumann, Schubert, Rubinstein, Mac-
Dowell, etc.

\b. (2) Scales, Arpeggi and technical studies continued; Czerny,
School of Velocity, Books III and IV; Heller, continuation of la;
Bach, two-part inventions continued; sonatas and modern com-

2a. (2) Scales and Arpeggi as in Freshman year, but in quicker
tempo; technical studies by Hanon; Cramer, selections from "50
Selected Studies"; Czerny, selections from "The Art of Finger Dex-
terity"; Bach, three-part inventions; sonatas by Mozart, Haydn
and Beethoven; modern compositions by Schumann, Chopin, Raff,
Rubinstein, Schaikowsky, Chaminade, etc.

lb. (2) Continuation of 2a.

3a. (2) Scales, Arpeggi and technical studies continued; Cle-
menti, Gradus ad Parnassum; Moscheles, Etudes; Bach, Wohl-
temperiarte Klavirchord; Beethoven sonatas; compositions by
Schumann, Chopin, Rubinstein, Moszkowski, etc.

3b. (2) Continuation of 3a.

4a. Scales and Arpeggi in rapid motion; Czerny, School of the

Bulletin of Cumberland University 71

Virtuoso; Bach, Wohltemperierte Klavirchord; Chopin, Etudes;
concertos by Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Grieg, etc.; com-
positions by Chopin, Schumann, Liszt, and modern composers.
4b. (2) Continuation of 4a.

Voice Culture

la. (2) Breathing, tone placing, enunciation; The Art of Vocali-
zation, Marzo; Abt; Singing Tutor, Parts I and III; scales, intervals,
Arpeggi; easier Solfeggi.

\b. (2) Continuation of \a with the addition of easy songs.

2a. (2) Scales and Arpeggi continued; Abt, Singing Tutor,
Parts II and IV; exercises for the development of flexibility; Solfeggi
by Vaccai, Lamperti, etc.; Concone, "50 Lessons"; songs by Franz,
MacDowell, Old English, etc.

2b. (2) Continuation of 2a.

3a. (2) Scales, Arpeggi, etc., continued; Solfeggi by Concone,
Marchesi; Randegger, etc.; songs by Schubert, Schumann, Rubin-
stein; modern French, old Italian.

3b. (2) Continuation of 3a.

4a. (2) Scales, Arpeggi and Solfeggi continued; songs by Schu-
bert, Schumann, etc.; Arias from oratorio and opera. Modern
French and Russian.

4b. (2) Continuation of 4a.


\a. (2) Wohlfart, Studies, Op. 45, Book II; Kayser, Op. 20,
Book II; pieces by Singalee, Danola, etc.

\b. (2) Continuation of \a.

2a. (2) Sevoik, "School of Bowing technic"; Kayser, Op. 20,
Book III; Mazas, Op. 36; pieces by de Beriot, Raff, Mitel, etc.;
Violin Classics, Books I, II, III and IV.

2b. (2) Continuation of 2a.

3a. (2) Scale studies by Sitt; Etudes by Kreutzer; sonatas by
Haendel, Gade, Grieg, etc.; pieces by Wieniawski, Vieuxtemps, etc.

3b. (2) Continuation of 3a.

4a. (2) Etudes by Fiorillo, Rode, etc.; Concertos by Rode,
Viotti, Spohr, de Beriot, Ries, etc.; pieces by modern composers.

Preparatory to the above course, several years (according to the
age and ability of the student) must be devoted to position of body,
manner of holding the violin and bow, ear-training and tuning;
Berthold Tours Instructor; Wohlfart, Op. 45, Book I; Kayser,
Op. 20, Book I; major and minor scales; pieces by Borowski, De-
much, Dancla, Tours, Hollander, etc.

72 Bulletin of Cumberland University

Public School and Community Music (31)

First Year

Ear-training and Dictation Public School Methods

History of Music Psychology and Education

Harmony Vocal Ensemble

Keyboard Harmony Applied Music
Form and Analysis

Second Year

Ear-training and Dictation High School and Community

History of Music (optional) Music

Harmony Education

Form and Analysis (optional) Public Speaking

Applied Music

Theory of Music


la. (2) Text: Heacox and Lehmann, "Lessons in Harmony,"
Part I.

lb. (2) Text: Heacox and Lehmann, "Lessons in Harmony,"
Part II.

la. (2) Text: Heacox and Lehmann, "Lessons in Harmony,"
Part III.

2b. (2) Text: Heacox and Lehmann, "Lessons in Harmony,"
Part IV.


3a. (2) Text: Goetschius, "Elementary Counterpoint."
3b. (2) Text: Goetschius, "Applied Counterpoint."

4a. (2) Text: Lehmann, "Harmonic Analysis," or Cutter.
4b. (2) Continuation of 4a. Composition.

Ear Training and Musical Dictation

la. (1) Naming of intervals. Exercises in various kinds of

lb. (1) Intervals and rhythm continued. Exercises in melody
writing from piano (dictation).

2a. (1) Augmented and diminished intervals. Two-part writ-
ing (dictation).

2b. (1) Exercises in three- and four-part writing (dictation).

History of Music (4)
2a. Text: Pratt, "History of Music."
2b. Text: Pratt, "History of Music."

Bulletin of Cumberland University 73

Ensemble Playing (2)

Classes in Ensemble must be attended by all music students,
one hour per week, for at least one full year.

In addition to the above courses as outlined, students majoring
in Piano are required to complete la and \b in Voice; students
majoring in Voice are required to complete \a and \b in Piano;
students majoring in Violin are required to complete \a and \b in
Piano or in Voice.


At the end of each term written or oral examinations will be held
in the theoretical subjects. A grade of D must be made to pass to
the next term's work.

Regulations for Music Students

Music students are expected to observe the regulations of the

All fees are payable in advance.

Sheet music is furnished by the University at a liberal discount
whenever possible.

Students must practice at their appointed periods.

Lessons lost by students are not made up.

In cases of prolonged, severe illness, credit will be given for time
missed. Such credit can be made up in any subsequent term.

Note. — The musical year is divided into two semesters of five
months each.

Students who cannot satisfy the regular college entrance require-
ments will be classified as preparatory students in the Music Depart-
ment, or special students.

The course of study preparatory to the regular course in Piano
covers from three to five years, according to the age and ability of
the student.

It is therefore not practical to outline a set course of study, but
we give below a list of some of the material used, from which selec-
tion is made according to the individual need of the student:

Gustav Damm, "Method for the Pianoforte." Czerny, "Exer-
cises in Passage-Playing," Op. 261. Bach, "Little Preludes and
Fuges." Koehler, Op. 151. Bertini, Op. 100. Studies by Loeschorn,
Berens, Duvernoy, etc. Sonatinas and pieces by classic and modern

The tuition charge is the same as for students in the regular

For all further information in regard to Music study, write to
the Director.

Information regarding rooms, board, etc., will be found on page
13 of the Catalogue.



Hicks, Carl Alexander Cumberland University HustonviUe, Ky.

McCollum, Mrs. Floyd L.... Louisiana State College Mason, Texas

Martin, J. Harold DePauw University Yeddo, Ind.

Taylor, Tom J Carson-Newman College Etowah, Tenn.

Nelson, William Carroll University of Alabama Montgomery, Ala.


Alexander, Lucille Louisville High School Birmingham, Ala.

Atwater, Jack Marion Oak Ridge Institute Burlington, N. C.

Alexander, Mrs. B. F Ala. State Normal- . Cumberland Gap, Tenn.

Bennett, Stanley LeRoy Pennington Seminary Jamesburg, N. J.

Bone, Winstead Payne, Jr. __ Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Chapman, Mildred Laverne _Halls High School Halls, Tenn.

Clemmons, Elam Grant Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Davis, Juanita Watertown High School Watertown, Tenn.

Dedman, Ulysses Grant Lebanon High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Donnell, Sue Mason Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

England, Charles Frederick. .Springfield H. S Springfield, Tenn.

Evans, J. C Tenn. Poly. Tech. Institute -.Lebanon, Tenn.

Evans, Thomas Donnell Tenn. Poly. Tech. Institute. -Lebanon, Tenn.

Ewton, Maynard Franklin.. .Springfield H. S Springfield, Tenn.

Gordon, William Bradshaw.. Columbia High School Columbia, Tenn.

Gullett, Berthel B Coffee Co. H. S Nashville, Tenn.

Harned, Mary Ethel Hopkinsville H. S Hopkinsville, Tenn.

Knee, Mrs. Willard Louisville High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Lines, Robert Ivan Stuttgart High School Stuttgart, Ark.

Merritt, Mrs. May C Lebanon, Tenn.

Ravson, Sherman Harold New Haven H. S New Haven, Conn.

Rice, Virginia Hula Hopkinsville High School. -Hopkinsville, Ky.

Robison, George Daniel, Jr. .Chapel Hill High School Ranger, Texas

Shearon, Sue Miller Lebanon High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Showalter, Tom Kent Wabash High School Wabash, Ind.

Singleton, William Henry Sheridan High School Lebanon, Ind.

Sims, James Eston Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Talley, Margaret Frances Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Vaughan, Lemuel G., Jr. Sour Lake High School Graysburg, Tex.

Willhoit, Ellen Nora Central High School Ozone, Tenn.

Wilson, Ralph Alexander South Park College Beaumont, Texas

Witherspoon, Mabel Kirby ..Smiths Grove H. S Smiths Grove, Ky.

Woodfin, John, Jr Central High School Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Young, Mrs. Will D Milan High School Lebanon, Tenn.


Arnett, James Carr, Jr Philadelphia High School — Louisville, Miss.

Bassett, James Baker Providence High School Providence, Ky.

Beard, James Robison Bentonville High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Bell, Loys Tippah County H. S Bolivar, Tenn.

Blair, Samuel Cook Jefferson City H. S Jefferson City, Mo.

Braswell, Edwin Forsythe ...Ensley High School Ensley, Ala.

Brooks, Madison Benj., Jr. ..Lewis High School Forney, Texas

Bulletin of Cumberland University 75

Browning, Mary Pearle Union University Nashville, Tenn.

Bryant, Thomas Earle Cumberland Preparatory. Flat Creek, Tenn.

Campbell, Charles Edward ..Cumberland County H. S.-.Crossville, Tenn.

Cheek, Wm. Brandell Gordonsville H. S Gordonsville, Tenn.

Eggleston, Joseph Carr, Jr. ..Battle Ground Acad Franklin, Tenn.

Finley, Walter Scott Lebanon High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Gaines, Gertrude Estelle Ardmore High School Ardmore, Okla.

Gaines, Virgil Edwin Ardmore High School Ardmore, Okla.

Hicks, Mary Gordon Cumberland Preparatory. .Tullahoma. Tenn.

Hooker, Mrs. Darthula Rice Institute Lebanon. Tenn.

Horton, Myles Falls Humboldt High School Humboldt, Tenn.

Humphrey, George James .. .Cumberland University Pittsburg, Penna.

Isele, Reginald Otto Jamesburg High School Jamesburg. X. J.

Jackson, Eddie Zep ..Central High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Jacobs, Thomas McKinley... Lebanon High School Mt. Juliet, Tenn.

Moore, Alastair Ball Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Penuel, Shelley Middle Tenn. State Tea. Col. Lebanon, Tenn.

Patton, Laura Rhea Watertown High School. .Watertown, Tenn.

Pullias, Earl Vernon David Lipscomb Castalion Springs, Tenn.

Rhea, Louise Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Robison, Joseph Alexander ..Murfreesboro H. S Normandy, Tenn.

Smartt, Cornelia Adalaide Central High School McMinnville, Tenn.

Smith, Anna Green Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Stone, Robert Taylor Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Tucker, Wallace Lee Coffee County H. S McMinnville, Tenn.

Toland, Mrs. Marguerite Texas Woman's University Dallas, Texas

Turner, Van New Lebanon High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Vaughan. Frances KirkpatrickCumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Wesson, Willie Ruth Saltillo High School Saltillo, Miss.

Wesson, Mary Frances Saltillo High School Saltillo, Miss.


Adair, Joe Thompson.. Dickson H. S Tennessee City. Tenn.

Adams, Robert Wesley Selmer High School Selmer, Tenn.

Allen, Argie Hugh Moore County H. S Flat Creek, Tenn.

Alexander. Elsie Mai Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Baird, William Donnell Vanderbilt University Lebanon, Tenn.

Beard, Norman William Lebanon High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Bryan, Ellen Shop Springs H. S Shop Springs. Tenn.

Cole, Chas. Edward Rockwood High School Rockwood, Tenn.

Cypert, Eugene, Jr Searcy High School Searcy, Ark.

Edwards, Alberta Aileen Lebanon High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Evans, Hilda Marjorie New Hope High School Baltimore, Md.

Evans, Henson Michael New Hope High School Baltimore, Md.

Feeback. John Bryson .Carlisle High School Carlisle. Ky.

Feeback, Walter Ennis Carlisle High School Carlisle. Ky.

Fitts, James Morgan Cumberland Preparatory Smithville.Tenn.

French, Mary Frances Central High School Rossville, Ga.

Fortsch, Ethel Jamesburg High School Jamesburg, N. J.

Fryer, Annie Sue Grove High School Paris, Tenn.

Geer, Casto Cleveland White Co. High School Sparta, Tenn.

Gibbons, Elbert Edward Liberty High School Liberty, Tenn.

Hereford. Nannie McLean. ..Cumberland Preparatory. New Market. Ala.
Holland, Mary Norton Cumberland Preparatory. .Dyersburg, Tenn.

76 Bulletin of Cumberland University

Humphreys, Allison Battle, Jr. Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Keith, Virginia Mae Central High School Cowan, Tenn.

Knee, Homer Wabash High School Wabash, Ind.

London, John Raymond Adamsville High School Adamsville, Tenn.

Lemmons. Bernice Mae Tuckers X Roads H. S Lebanon, Tenn.

Major, William Alexander Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

McDaniel, Catherine Elizabeth Orlinda High School Orlinda, Tenn.

McDaniel, Mildred Frances .Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

McCollum, Aubrey Britton_-Brenham High School Mason, Texas

McCloy, Harry Murphy Bardwell High School Bardwell. Ky.

Xixon, Marvin Oakley Lawrence High School Alexandria, Tenn.

Patterson, Martha Esther ___Nettleton High School Nettleton, Miss.

Pierce, William Rommie Wingate College Marshville, N. C.

Smith. Stuart Conroy Jamesburg High School Jamesburg, N. J.

Smith, Valeria Shop Springs H. S Shop Springs, Tenn.

Smith, Marion Eleanor Jamesburg High School Jamesburg, N. J.

Tanner, Russell Cumberland Preparatory Nettleton, Miss.

Walker, James Philip Lawrence High School Alexandria, Tenn.

Williams, Claude C Lebanon, Tenn.

Veargin, Wheeler Liberty High School Lebanon, Tenn.


Ash, Harry Ralph Jamesburg High School Jamesburg, N. J.

Baker, Mary Watertown High School - Watertown, Tenn.

Baker, Willie Lewis Lebanon High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Barber, Florine Orlinda High School Springfield, Tenn.

Barry, David Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Bentley, Mary Josephine Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Belk. Roy W Marshville High School Marshville, Tenn.

Bostic, Ralph Vanderbilt University Lebanon, Tenn.

Bryan, Patton Shop Springs H. S Shop Springs, Tenn.

Buckowy, Wm. Allen Jamesburg High School Jamesburg, N. J.

Cherry, Hoyte Shannon High School Shannon, Miss.

Colditz, Hugo Cumberland Preparatory Allardt, Tenn.

Collins. Lois Conner Cumberland Preparatory,- Hopkinsville, Ky.

Cook, Willie Wood Centre College Carlisle, Ky.

Davidson, Wilburn Arnold __Santa Anna High School Knowles, Okla.

Davis, Maurice Watertown High School- -Watertown, Tenn.

Davis, Robert Wilson Shop Springs H. S Watertown, Tenn.

Deeds, William Stuart Central High School Manchester, Tenn.

Dotson, Walter Scott, Jr Lebanon High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Fuson, Guy Allen Liberty High School Dowelltown, Tenn.

Flowers, Ida Katherine Lebanon High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Francis, William Cecil Saltillo High School Saltillo, Miss.

Gernt, Erna Cumberland Preparatory Allardt, Tenn.

Galloway, Katherine Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Graham, LeRoy Franklin Cumberland Preparatory. _ Nashville, Tenn.

Guinn, Louise Savannah High School Savannah, Tenn.

Hammock. Staley Clay High School Clay, Ky.

Hancock, Katherine Lebanon High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Haight, Willett M University of Okla Shawnee, Okla.

Henson, Vera Ann Louisville High School Louisville, Miss.

Huddleston, Hoyte CordelL -Lebanon High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Hunter, William Cornersville High School- Cornersville, Tenn.

Bulletin of Cumberland University 77

Jarrard, Margaret Louise Howard School Lebanon, Tenn.

Jennings, Cleon Watertown High School-. Watertown, Tenn.

Krassner, William Vincent _ -Textile High School New York, N. V.

Leech, Rex Stuttgart High School Stuttgart, Ark.

Leggett, Harry Simpson High School Birmingham, Ala.

Little, William Lee Sparta High School Sparta, Tenn.

Martin, Rosamond Louisville High School Louisville, Miss.

Mitchell, Bernice Clinton High School Clinton, Okla.

McArthur, Robt. Stainton... Meridian High School Meridian, Miss.

McMinneway, Virginia Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Nix, Augusta Ann Watertown High School - Watertown, Tenn.

Noland, Edith Adelaide Lebanon High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Palmer, Helen Elizabeth Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Phillips, William Ravin Adams ville High School Adamsville, Tenn.

Plunk, Mildred Adamsville High School - Adamsville, Tenn.

Posey, Martha Smyrna High School Smyrna, Tenn.

Potts, James Toons H. S.._Marshville, Barhamsville, Va.

Prant, Charles Edward Hartford High School Hartford, Conn.

Richey, Andrew Park Saltillo High School Saltillo, Miss.

Shelton, John Guntown High School Guntown, Miss.

Simms, Nannie Lebanon High School - . Watertown, Tenn.

Simms, Charles Howard Lebanon High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Starkey, Scott Ladonia High School Ladonia, Texas

Stockton, Ruth Bradford Cumberland Preparatory Allardt, Tenn.

Stone, Grace Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Strong, Jane Ellen Madison ville High School- .Madison ville, Ky.

Strong, William Bruce Madisonville High School. Madisonville, Ky.

Swann, Earl Cross Plains High School - _ Cross Plains, Tenn.

Thackston, Ruby Nell Lebanon High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Thompson, Thos. Earl Lebanon High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Turner, Robert Fisher Shop Springs H. S W r atertown, Tenn.

Van Hook, Mary Emma Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Van Hook, Riley Carlos Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Vaden, James M Lebanon, Tenn.

Waller, Charles Central High School Nashville, Tenn.

Weir, Harry Edmiston Meridian High School Meridian, Miss.

White, Leon Preston Meridian High School Meridian, Miss.

White, Lillian Rhea New Town High School New Town, Penna.

White, Robert Townsee Trousdale Co. High School Lebanon, Tenn.

Widick, Oliver Welbern Springfield High School- ..Springfield, Tenn.

Wilhoit, Mary Cumberland Preparatory Ozone, Tenn.

Wilson, Nancy Silvers Elkmont High School Elkmont, Ala.

Wooten, Paul Tomlinson Cumberland Preparatory Lebanon, Tenn.

Wright, Christine Mt. Juliet High School Mt. Juliet, Tenn.


Allen, Argie Hugh Flat Creek, Tenn.

Atwater, Jack Marion _ Burlington, N. C.

Baker, Mary Watertown, Tenn.

Barry, David Rowland .Lebanon, Tenn.

Bentley, Mary Josephine. Lebanon, Tenn.

Bowman, Byrne Arnold Muskogee, Okla.

Braswell, Edwin Forsythe Ensley, Ala.

Bukowy, William Allen. Jamesburg, N. J.

78 Bulletin of Cumberland University

Carver, Ervin Nashville, Tenn.

Cooper, Marvine Philadelphia, Miss.

Davenport, Pauline Lebanon, Tenn.

Dock, Mortimer Russell Watervliet, N. Y.

Donnell, Pauline Lebanon, Tenn.

Driskill, Henry Hoyt Ada, Okla.

Ebaugh, Sue Lebanon, Tenn.

Edwards, Aileen Lebanon, Tenn.

Eggleston, Joseph Carr, Jr Franklin, Tenn.

Evans, George Escar Lebanon, Tenn.

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