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J. W. Bonner, Judge, Tennessee.

R. P. Caldwell, M. C, Tennessee.

Edward H. East, Chancellor, Tennessee.

A. G. Merritt, Chancellor, Tennessee.
James Hurt, Judge Court of Appeals, Texas.
L. C. Gauze, M. C, Arkansas.

H. J. Livingston, Chancellor, Tennessee.
J. H. Acklen, M. C, Louisiana.
Zack Taylor, M. C, Tennessee.
W. H. Gill, Judge, Texas.

B. B. Battle, Supreme Judge, Arkansas.
B. A. Enloe, M. C, Tennessee.
William H. Williamson, Judge, Tennessee.
H. M. Somerville, Supreme Judge, Alabama.
J. C. Kyle, M. C, Tennessee.
"Private" John Allen, M. C, Mississippi.
H. N. Hutton, Judge, Arkansas.

H. C. Speake, Judge, Alabama.

John W. Burgess, Dean Columbia University Law School, New York.

Reuben R. Gaines, Chief Justice, Texas.

John C. Ferris, Judge, Tennessee.

W. P. Caldwell, M. C, Tennessee.

E. I. Golladay, M. C, Tennessee.

H. Y. Riddle, M. C, Tennessee.

James Breathett, Judge, Kentucky.

W. S. McLemore, Judge, Tennessee.

Granville Ridley, Judge, Tennessee.

J. J. DuBose, Judge, Tennessee.

S. A. Rogers, Judge, Tennessee.

Levi S. Woods, Judge, Tennessee.

John A. Fite, Judge, Tennessee.

J. S. Gribble, Chancellor, Tennessee.

John Somers, Chancellor, Tennessee.

H. C. Snodgrass, M. C, Tennessee.

I. H. Goodnight, M. C, and Judge, Kentucky.

T. C. Lyons, Chancellor, Mississippi.

J. B. Lamb, Attorney-General, Florida.

William L. Martin, Attorney-General, Alabama.

Richard Morgan, Judge, Texas.

Houston AlcCurtain, Judge, Indian Territory.

J. C. McDonald, General, Confederate Army, Indian Territory.

Henry, McCorry, Judge, Tennessee.

D. A. Ntmn, M. C, Tennessee.

William Poindexter, Judge, Texas.

Payne T. Prim, Judge, Oregon.

J. W. Phillips, Judge, Missotu-i.

W. B. Rogers, U. S. Attorney, Montana.

J. L. Rogers, M. C, Texas.

T. C. Randall, Judge, Kentucky.

Cumberland University Law School 39

W. H. Andrews, Judge, Texas.

S. Arakawa, Professor Imperial University, Japan.

George Anderson, Judge, Mississippi.

B. D. Bell, Supreme Judge, Tennessee.

Emory Fisk Best, Assistant Attorney- General, Interior Department, United

States Government.
W. R. Cox, M. C, North Carolina.
J. D. Cole, General, Confederate Army, Tennessee.
A. H. Carrigan, Judge, Texas.
Warren Coleman, Judge, Mississippi.

Alex W. Campbell, General, Confederate Army, Tennessee.
Lucien Earle, Judge, Kansas.
Hiei Fukunoka, Professor of Law, Japan.
M. C. Givens, Judge, Kentucky.
T. D. Stames, Judge, Texas.
M. B. Talley, Judge, Texas.

C. K. Wheeler, M. C, Kentucky.
Richard Warner, M. C., Tennessee.

T. E. Whitfield, General, Confederate Army.

R. W. Simpson, District Judge, Texas.

R. C. Simpson, Supreme Court Judge, Alabama.

J. R. Byrd, Judge, Mississippi.

John E. Richardson, Judge, Tennessee.

Ernest L. Bullock, Judge, Tennessee.

T, P. Gore, U. S. Senator, Oklahoma.

Robinson McMillan, Judge, Oklahoma.

John Caruthers, Judge, Oklahoma.

John H. Stephens, M. C, Texas.

T. U. Sisson, M. C., Mississippi.

Robert R. Butler, Judge, Oregon.

Daniel Hon, Judge, Arkansas.

William A. Roane, Judge, Mississippi.

J. S. Buckley, Judge, Mississippi.

James Perkins, Judge, Florida.

J. R. Flippin, Judge, Tennessee.

George E. Seay, Chancellor, Tennessee.

J. E. Halsell, Judge, Kentucky.

M. M. Smith, Chancellor, Tennessee.

Thomas S. Flippin, Judge, Tennessee.

W. H. Swiggart, Judge, Tennessee.

H. W. Lightfoot, Judge, Texas.

r. B. Grider, Judge, Kentucky.

W. E. Ward, founder of Ward Seminary, Tennessee.

Sdgar P. Smith, Judge, Tennessee.

fames Y. Policy, Judge, Texas.

\ndrew Price, M. C, Louisiana.

.^oster V. Brown, M. C, Tennessee.

iVillis Reeves, Judge, Kentucky.

Robert B. Green, Judge, Texas.

. M. Taylor, Judge Chancery Court of Appeals, Tennessee.
D. Conway, Judge, Arkansas.

homas W. Ford, Judge, Texas.

. C. Allen, Judge, Texas.

. G. Mitchell, Judge, Arkansas.

40 Cumberland University Law School

Cordell Hull, Judge and M. C, Tennessee.

W. F. Clemmons, M. C, Arkansas.

J. M. Lindsay, Judge, Texas.

John A. McKinney, Judge, Tennessee.

W. D. Frazee, Chancellor, Tennessee.

G. W. Hewitt, M. C, Alabama.

Thetus W. Sims, M. C, Tennessee.

Risden Tyler Bennett, Judge Supreme Court and M, C, North Carolina.

J. W. McBroom, U. S. District Judge, Virginia.

R. M. MUburn, Professor of Law, University of Indiana.

Henry L. Muldrow, M. C, Mississippi.

A. G. Sharp, Circuit Judge, Alabama.
W. S. HUl, M. C, Mississippi.

B. T. Kimbrough, Chancellor, Mississippi,
R. T. Shannon, Law Author, Tennessee.

W. H. Gill, Judge Court Civic Appeals, Texas.

Robert B. Williams, Judge, Tennessee.

Lucius P. Little, Circuit Judge, Kentucky.

Lysander Houck, Circuit Judge, Kansas.

J. D. Tillman, Minister to Ecuador.

Charles C. Crowe, ex-Governor, New Mexico.

A. M. Stephens, M. C, Texas.

A. C. Randall, M. C, Texas.

Geo. B. Gerald, Judge, Texas.

Joseph M. Hill, Chief Justice, Arkansas.

Wharton J. Green, M. C, North Carolina.

Robert E. Houston, General Confederate Army, Mississippi.

E. B. Kinsworthy, Attorney-General, Arkansas.
J. T. Dunn, Judge, Mississippi.

Benj. H. Rice, Judge, Texas.

Walter Simpson, Judge, Texas.

Francis Fentress, Jr., Judge, Tennessee.

W. F. Kirby, U. S. Senator, Arkansas.

P. Frank Greever, Judge, Texas.

Robert B. Seay, Judge, Texas.

M. C. Butler, M. C, Tennessee.

Grafton Green, Chief Justice, Tennessee.

Dana Harmon, Judge, Tennessee.

Judson Clements, U. S. Commerce Commission.

A. B. Neil, Judge, Teimessee.

John Thos. Watkins, M. C, Louisiana.

Harry A. Hammerly, Judge, Oklahoma.

W. Y. Pemberton, Judge Supreme Court, Montana.

W. B. Turner, Judge, Tennessee.

F. P. Hall, Judge Supreme Court, Tennessee.

J, T. Blair, Chief Justice Supreme Court, Missouri.

C. B. Smith, Judge, Alabama.
William W. Whitesides, Judge, Alabama.

Benjamin F. Looney, Attorney-General, State of Texas.

D. B. Hill, Judge, Texas.
Samuel R. Sells, M. C, Tennessee.
M. H. Meeks, Judge, Tennessee.

Park Trammell, U. S. Senator, Florida. .^

Virgil Bourland, Judge, Arkansas. fl

Cumberland University Law School, 41

W. W. Venable, M. C, Mississippi.

Tilman D. Johnson, U. S. Judge, Utah.

Xen Hicks, U. S. District Judge, Tennessee.

J, W. Ross, U. S. District Judge, Tennessee.

R. H. Powell, Judge, Arkansas.

Thomas Harsh, Judge, Tennessee.

Pierre H. Branning, Judge, Florida.

Grover C. Keck, Judge, Arkansas.

James W. Swayne, Judge, Texas.

Rutherford Brett, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma.

Sidney Y. Catts, Governor, Florida.

Duval West, U. S. Judge, Texas.

Eugene Black, M. C., Texas. ^

W. R. Blackshear, Judge, Texas.

Samuel Hooker, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma.

Henry H. Rodgers, Judge, Mississippi.

J. H. Smithwick, M. C, Florida.

Robert H. Sharp, Judge, Tennessee.

W. W. Faw, Presiding Judge of Civil Appeals, Tennessee.

D. A. McCandless, Judge, Kentucky.

Sydney R. Clark, Judge of Court of Civil Appeals, Tennessee.

W. W. Farabough, Acting Supreme Judge, Tennessee.

Horace E. Palmer, Judge, Court of Civil Appeals, Tennessee.

Frank T. Fancher, Acting Supreme Judge, Tennessee.

W. D. Kyser, U. S. District Attorney, Tennessee.

Robt. W. Smartt, Judge, Tennessee.

Thos. Everett Harwood, Judge, Tennessee.

Oscar Yamell, Judge, Tennessee.

Thos. C. McClellan, Supreme Judge, Alabama.

George Huddleston, M. C, Alabama.

Harry W. Laughlin, U. S. District Judge, Tennessee.

J. Will Taylor, M. C, Tennessee.

F. B. Swank, M. C, Oklahoma.

Joseph Brown, M. C., Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Lon A. Scott, M. C, Tennessee,

J. C. Hobbs, Judge, Tennessee.

Wynne F. Clouse, M. C, Tennessee.

W. A. Dickson, Judge, Arkansas.

W. B. Sorrels, Judge, Arkansas.

John R. Aust, Chancellor, Tennessee.

E. F. Langford, Judge, Tennessee.
Chester K. Hart, Judge, Tennessee.

Graham Edgerton, Solicitor of U. S. Navy Dept.

W. C. Salmon, M. C, Tennessee.

Creek Lent Rice, Judge, Mississippi.

Gordon Browning, M. C., Tennessee.

Oliver Searcy, Judge, Oklahoma.

Thos. G. Parham, Judge, Arkansas.

Jno. B. Bowman, Attorney-General, Tennessee.

Paul Burks, Judge, California.

Clarence W. Guerin, Judge, California.

Glenn Terrell, Supreme Judge, Florida.

W. F. Turner, M. C, Tennessee.

L. A. Johnson, M. C, Tennessee.

42 CuMBERivAND University Law School

S. D. McReynolds, M. C, Tennessee.

James I. Phelps, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma.

Albert Williams, Judge, Tennessee.

J. Ridley Mitchell, Judge, Tennessee.

Ernest H. Boyd, Attorney-General, Tennessee.

C. C. Miller, Judge, Tennessee.

George Watkins, Attorney-General, Tennessee.

W. H. Swiggart, Jr., Supreme Judge, Tennessee.

E. W. Eggleston, Attorney- General, Tennessee.

Fred A. Speakman, Judge, Oklahoma.

George T. Amett, Judge, Oklahoma.

James Mathis, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma.

C. F. P. Quinn, Judge, Tennessee.

Richard M. Atkinson, Attorney-General, Tennessee.

Leslie Darr, Judge, Tennessee.

A. Z. Adkins, Judge, Florida.

Ben Allen, Attorney-General, Tennessee.

Jesse L. Rogers, Attorney-General, Tennessee.

A. B. Priddy, Judge, Arkansas.

James D. Senter, Judge, Court of Appeals, Tennessee.

H. F. Kirby, Judge, Texas.

In the Regular Course
-^Covering One Year

More than Ten Thousand pages of living law are
actually read and recited.

A fair estimate of this course of One Year study com-
pares most favorably with the amount of work
covered by other law schools, in their two, or even
three years courses.

To extend this same course over the time covered by
other law schools would cost twice or three times
as much as it does here.

The student who completes this One Year Course
is prepared to pass the examination for license and
to enter at once upon the practice of his profes-
sion in all the States вАФ with few exceptions.

The Summer Course has its appeal to many who
desire to review their law work, or make study
along special lines or who cannot attend law
courses at other seasons.

Students of Law may pursue studies in other depart-
ments of the University where their previous
preparation and study hours allow, by paying the
tuition and fees charged.


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