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of life. All work is required work. Every student must pursue
his studies under the direction of the faculty. No one is permitted
to graduate who has not completed the full course and passed his
examinations. No evening classes are conducted at any time.

The above is tentative. The right is reserved to make such
changes and additions as the Faculty may deem best.


College of Arts and Sciences

Tuition and fees for students who are carrying twelve to six-
teen hours are $67.50 for each semester. Of this amount, S47.50
is for tuition and $20.00 is for operation and maintenance fee. A
charge of $6.00 is made for every hour above sixteen hours per

In addition, the following semester fees are charged for labora-
tory courses :

Biology, mechanical drawing, physics, surveying, and chemistry,
$10.00 each; a breakage deposit of $5.00 is required on each of
these courses for one semester of each year, a portion of the unused
balance will be returned at the end of the year. Home Economics ;
foods and related courses, $12.50; clothing and related courses,
$5.00. A charge of $2.00 is made for transfers in subjects three
days after registration. No refunds are made on any fees of any
type for any reason.

A diploma fee of $10.00 is payable with the other fees of the
second semester of the senior year. All fees, tuition, including
room rent and board, are payable by the semester in advance at the
office of the Business Manager.

School of Law

Tuition and fees of each semester of the first year course are
$130.00. Of this amount, $100.00 is for tuition and $30.00 is for
operation and maintenance.

Tuition and fees for the second-year course are $70.00 for each

16 Cumberland University Bulletin

Students wlio take special commercial courses will be charged
$20.00 per course for each semester.

Tuition for music is $25.00 for each semester for two private
lessons of one-half hour per week, or $45.00 for two one hour
])rivate lessons per week.

Public Speakinj;: Tuition $15.00 per semester for 2 hours

All tuition, fees, includinj^ room rent and board, are payable by
the semester in advance at the oflFice of the Business Manager.

The Dormitories for Men and Women

The dormitories for men and women are located on the campus
where students may room and board conveniently. The buildings
are of modern design, thoroughly equipped and steam heated. The
dormitory for women has recently been constructed and is thor-
oughly modern in every detail for the convenience of the student.
All women students attending any department of the University
are required to stay in the dormitory for women.

The price of a double room and board in the men's and women's
dormitories is $95.00 per semester, payable in advance. All dor-
mitories are closed during Christmas and spring holidays.

For those desiring a single room, there will be an additional
charge of $11.25 per room per semester.

A breakage deposit of $5.00, which will be refunded at the end
of the year in the event there is no damage, or other charge, is
required. The key deposit is $1.00.

Students must furnish electric light bulbs, single sheets for 3 x 6
foot bed, pillow cases, and the necessary blankets. Other articles
may be brought for room decorations. Electricity is metered to
each room separately, and the students are required to pay a small
rate per kilowatt hour for electricity consumed in their room each
month. Students are also required to abide by the dormitory rules
governing the use of radios anrl other devices. Students are re-
quested to u^e the laundry located on the campus where nominal
rates may be obtained.

All students attending the University arc required to live in the
ITniversity dormitories until the dormitories are filled to capacity,
and then they shall live only in such homes as are approved by the
universit)' authorities. This policy does not apply to married men

CUMBERI.AND University Bulletin 17

and women who have established residence in the town while they
are attending the University.

All students who room in the dormitories are required to board in
the University dining hall. Students who have rooms off the cam-
pus will be accepted as boarders at the regular semester rates.

There will be no deduction for table board, except for continuous
absence of three weeks. No meals are served on Sunday evenings.

The rates will be the same for the young women as for the young
men. Careful supervision of the young women will be provided so
that parents may be assured of most desirable home surroundings
for their daughters.

It is the purpose to make the dormitories as homelike as possible.
It is understood, therefore, that each student who accepts a place
in the dormitories agrees to abide by the ordinary requirements of
gentlemanly or ladylike behavior, remembering that each is but one
of a family and that others have rights that must be respected.

It is also understood that the privileges of the dormitories are
granted only on the condition that any form of hazing is strictly
prohibited and that each student is absolutely protected in the right
of his or her own room.

The available work for self-help students is limited ; therefore, it
is necessary that students, who desire to pay part of their expenses
by self-help, file applications in the office of the Registrar. Schol-
arship and self-help students are required to room and board in
the dormitories. Ministers, students for the ministry or missionary
service, and the children of ministers, or missionaries, shall receive
a yearly discount of fifty per cent on tuition alone in the Liberal
Arts Course. No student can be the recipient of more than one
type of self-help or aid in any form.

Students for the ministi^ or missionary work must present en-
dorsement from the proper authority of their church. Such stu-
dents will also be required to sign a secured note to return the
amount remitted to them in case they fail to enter active work in
ministry or missionary service upon leaving the University or with-
in three years thereafter.

A student receiving aid from the University, or any other agency
through the University, cannot become a member of an organiza-
tion that requires more than $5.00 dues each school year. Any

13 CuMBDOAND Univeksity Buli,etin

student receiving any type of aid from the University is required to
room and board in the donnitories.

No payments will be refunded to students who leave the Uni-
versity for any reason except in case of iUness involving absence
for more than half a semester, and then not more than one-half of
the proportionate tuition charge, and room and board, for such
period of absence, will be refunded. No refunds are made on any
type of fees. Students will be expected to submit a letter from
parents or attending physician when requesting a refund on account
of illness.

All financial obligations to the University must be met before
credits can be recorded or transferred or a diploma granted.

All candidates for degrees and certificates are required to wear
cap and gown at their graduation convocation, class day exercises,
and graduation exercises. The University has exclusive charge of
the rental of caps and gowns for the students ancl faculty.

The University business office must approve or disapj)rove all
contracts, agreements, any and all types and forms of student con-
cessions or financial assistance, and the like entered into by and
between the students, University, class groups, etc. The University
business ofifice has supervision and charge of student publications,
directories, programs, yearbooks, and the like, also the awarding
of dormitory and campus concessions.

All college books and other supplies are secured from the Uni-
versity Book Store and Commissary. vStudents are allowed to make
charge accounts only when written approval from their parents has
been received and approved for such items.


The books for the first year may be rented at approximately
$24.00 per year. Other books can be purchased at Lebanon.


Lebanon being a town of only about 6,000 population, there is
but little opportunity for one to work his way through the law

Student's Life and Conduct

The University requires every student to maintain conduct which
is morally right and l>ecoming. In upholding this principle, it

Cumberland UxivERSiri' Bulletin 19

reserves the right to dismiss at any time any student whose conduct
it considers undesirable, without assigning reasons therefor. In
such cases fees and tuitions are not refunded, either in whole or in
part. No liability shall be incurred either by the University or any
of its officials for the dismissal of any student.

The University reserves the right to supervise and sanction
activities both on and off the campus in which students desire to


A student who for any reason finds it necessary to withdraw
from the University at any time other than the close of a semester
is required to file with the Registrar written permission from the
Dean of the School in which he is registered, otherwise a letter of
honorable dismissal cannot be granted, and all courses in which the
student is registered shall be recorded as failure.


An assembly of the students of the University is held each week.
All students are required to attend.


In addition to the daily recitation in the classroom, the students
are required to stand a written examination in each subject. No
student will be graduated who fails to make a grade of at least 70
in each subject, and 75 on final examination. When an examina-
tion paper is once handed in by the student to be graded it is not
subject to recall by him thereafter for any purpose. Any student
failing to pass the final examination shall not have another exam-
ination as a matter of right. The faculty shall be the sole judge as
to whether or not he will be given an additional examination.

Final Examinations

Final examinations will be required of all students who have not
attended classes regularly.

At the close of each school year all students having more than
ten (10) cuts in class attendance, and others who have failed to
pass one or more intermediate examinations, must stand a final
written examination in order to graduate. Any student whose
examination in any subject is. for any reason, unsatisfactory may
be required to stand a final examination in order to graduate. All

20 Cumberland University Bui.i.etin

students who are required to stand such final examinations must
make a grade of 75 in order to graduate.

Diploma and License

A diploma conferring the degree, Bachelor of Laws, will be given
all graduates of the school. But to become a graduate, the student
must satisfactorily accomplish the entire course prescribed, by study
and recitation, in the regular order, and under the immediate direc-
tion of the Faculty. No exception to this rule will be allowed.
Neither previous reading, nor reading here, in advance of the
progress of the class, by doubling, shall in any wise excuse com-
pliance with this requirement. Certificates, transcripts, and grades
are issued only by the Registrar.

By order of the Trustees of the University, diplomas are to be
awarded to those students only who are present on graduation day,
providential causes alone excusing absence.

To obtain a license in Tennessee to practice law, all applicants
must pass an examination before the State Board of Law Exam-
iners. The course of study prescril^ed here, if accomplished under
the direction of the Faculty, prepares the young man, in the short-
est time possible and at the least expense, for that examination.
The Board of Tennessee does not permit anyone to take an exam-
ination until two years of legal study have been completed.


There will be a summer course taught during the summer of
1940, continuing eight weeks. This course will cover the law of
Banks and Banking, survey courses in Corporations, Partnership,
Agency, Negotiable Instruments, Bailments, Carriers, and related
business subjects. It will be found of great benefit to those begin-
ning the study of law, as it will be an addition to the regular course,
and will enable the student to spend the summer pleasantly and
profitably. The course will begin Monday, June 10, 1940, and con-
tinue until August 3, 1940.

This course is designed to l^enefit especially five classes of stu-
dents :

1. Those desiring to review.

2. Those desiring to prepare to take a regular course in law.

Cumberland University Bulletin 21

3. Those desiring to obtain a knowledge of law as a part of a
liberal education.

4. Teachers who have time to study law only during the sum-

The summer course is especially valuable to the beginner as an
experiment to enable him to determine whether to follow the law
as a profession. If he decides not to be a lawyer, he may drop the
law at the end of eight weeks, with a valuable fund of legal infor-
mation and with the loss of but little time and money; otherwise
he can proceed to take the regular course.

Tuition for summer course |40.00

University fee 5.00

The summer course should be of especial interest to teachers, as
it can be taken by them without interfering with their professional
labors, and to bankers and bank employees, who make take the
course in the summer, when second duties are least confining.

All Dormitory Rooming and Boarding regulations, rates, etc.,
prevail for the Summer Course also. See general catalog.

For further information relating to the Law School, address


Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee

22 Cumberland University Bulletin


January, 1934

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24 CuMBbU<i.ANu Umvkksity Bin.LETIN

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Searcy, Tyson Morey 231 W. .Agarita Ave., San Antonio, Texas

Scwell. Vernon Hodgson Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada

Short. Mrs. Ruth Morris Oakdalc, Tenn

Sinclair. Marvin Joseph Boonville. Mo.

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