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School of Law

Applicable to students entering
after June 1, 1942

Tuition and fees for each quarter of the first vear course are
$80.00. Of this amount, $60.00 is for tuition and $20.00 is for

16 Cumberland University Biu.ktin

ration and maintenance, student activity, matriculation and
library fees.

Tuition and fees for the second year course are $60.00 for each

Public Speaking; tuition $10.00 per quarter for two hours


No refunds are made on any fees of any type for any reason.

All tuition, fees, including room rent and board are payable by
the quarter in advance at the office of the Business Manager.

Dormitories for Men and Women

The dormitories for men and women are located on the campus
where students may room and board conveniently. The buildings
are of modern design, thoroughly equipped and steam heated.
The dormitory for women has recently been constructed and is
thoroughly modern in every detail for the convenience of the stu-
dent. All women students attending any department of the Uni-
versity are required to stay in the dormitory for women.

The price of a double room and board in the men's and women's
dormitories is $75.00 per quarter, payable in advance. All dormi-
tories are closed during intermissions and Christmas holidays.

For those desiring a single room, there will be an additional
charge of $7.50 per room per quarter.

Room reservation — $5.00 is required to reserve a room before
the opening of school, this being transferred to room deposit when
the student enters: same will be refunded at the end of the year
in the event there is no damage, <>r other charge recorded. The
key deposit is $1.00. The deposit is required at the beginning of
the first quarter. A charge is marie for damage done to school
property, either direct or pro-rated.

Students must furnish electric light bulbs, single sheets for
3x6 foot bed, pillow cases, and the necessary blankets. Other
articles may l>e brought for room decorations, electricity is metered
to each room separately, and the students are required to pay a
small rate per kilowatt hour for electricity consumed in their room

Cumberland University Bulletin 17

each month. Students are also required to abide by the dormi-
tory rules governing the use of radios and other devices.

All students both regular and special attending the University
their first year (three quarters), and all unmarried students as
well as those married students who are not accompanied by their
families are required during their entire attendance as students
of the University to live in the University dormitories until they
are filled to capacity. In this event they shall live only in such
houses as are approved by the University authorities. This policy
does not apply to married men and women who with their families
have established residence in the town while they are attending
the University.

All students who room in the dormitories are required to board
in the University dining hall. Students who have room off the
campus will be accepted as boarders at the regular quarter rates.

There will be no deduction for table board, except for con-
tinuous absence of three weeks, no fractions of a week are con-
sidered. No meals are served on Sunday evenings.

The rates will be the same for the young women as for the
young men. Careful supervision of the young women will be pro-
vided so that parents may be assured of most desirable home-
surroundings for their daughters.

It is the purpose to make the dormitories as homelike as possible.
It is understood, therefore, that each student who accepts a place
in the dormitories agrees to abide by the ordinary requirements of
gentlemanly or ladylike behavior, remembering that each is but
one of a family and that others have rights that must be re-

It is also understood that the privileges of the dormitories are
granted only on condition that any form of hazing is strictly pro-
hibited and that each student is absolutely protected in the right
of his or her own room.

The available work for self-help students is limited ; therefore,
it is necessary that students, who desire to pay part of their <
penses by self-help, file applications in the office of the Registrar.
Scholarship and self-help students are required to room and board
in the dormitories. Ministers, students for the ministry Off n
sionary service, and the children of ministers, or missionary

ro I'mvkrsity Brums

shall receive a yearly discount of fifty per cent on tuition alone
in the Libera] Arts Course. Students for the ministry who mom
and board in the Dormitories as regular students will receive the
additional rebate of all the regular tuition. No student can he

the recipient of more than one type of self-help or aid in any form.

Students tor the ministry must present endorsement from the
proper authority of the Church. Such students will also be re-
quired to sign a secured note to return the amount remitted to
them in case they fail to enter active work in the ministry upon
leaving the University or within three years thereafter.

student receiving aid from the University, or any other agency
through the University, cannot become a member of an organiza-
tion that requires more than $5.00 dues each school year. Any
student receiving any type of aid from the University is required
to room and hoard in the dormitories.

Xo payments will he refunded to students who leave the Uni-
versity for any reason except in case of illness involving absence
for more than half a quarter, and then not more than one-half of
the proportionate tuition charge, and room and board, for such
period of absence, will he refunded. Xo refunds arc made on any
type of Students will he expected to submit a letter from

parents and attending physician when requesting a refund on ac-
count of illness

Any student who is drafted under the Selective Sen ice for the
defense of OUT country shall receive a refund on any unused tui-
tion which has been paid to the University.

All financial obligations to the University must he met before
initiations will he offered, credits recorded, transferred, or a

diploma granted.

All candidates for d< and certificates are required to wear

cap and gown at their graduation convocation, class day excrcr
and graduation e The Universitv has exclusive charge

of the rental of caps and gOWDS for the- Students and faculty.

The University is not responsible for any financial obligation
incurred by a student, organization, member of the faculty or em-
ployee or <»thcr-. unless authorized by the Business Manager in

The University business office must approve or disapprove all

contract-, agreements, any and all types and forms of student con-

r financial assistance, and the like entered into by and

Cumberland University Bulletin 19

between the students, University, class groups, etc. The Univer-
sity business office has supervision and charge of student publica-
tions, directories, programs, yearbooks, as well as the awarding
of dormitory and campus concessions.

All college books and other supplies are secured from the Uni-
versity Book Store and Commissary. Students are allowed to
charge accounts only when written approval from their parents or
guardian has been received and approved for such items.


The books for the law course may be rented at approximately
$24.00 per year. Other books can be purchased at Lebanon.

Self -Support

Lebanon being a town of only about 6,000 population, there is
but little opportunity for one to work his way through the law

Student's Life and Conduct

The University requires every student to maintain conduct which
is morally right and becoming. In upholding this principle, it
reserves the right to dismiss at any time any student whose conduct
it considers undesirable, without assigning reasons therefor. In
such cases fees and tuitions are not refunded, either in whole or in
part. No liability shall be incurred either by the University or any
of its officials for the dismissal of any student.

The University reserves the right to supervise and sanction
activities both on and off the campus in which students desire to


A student who for any reason finds it necessary to withdraw
from the University at any time other than the close of a quarter
is required to file with the Registrar written permission from the
Dean of the School in which he is registered ; otherwise, a letter of
honorable dismissal cannot be granted, and all courses in which the
student is registered shall be recorded as failure.

20 Cumberland University Bulletin


In addition to the daily recitation in the classroom, the student:
are required to stand a written examination in each subject. N<
student will f>e graduated who fails to make a grade of at least 7(
in each subject, and 75 on final examination. When an examina
tion paper is once handed in by the student to be graded it is no
subject to recall by him thereafter for any purpose. Any studen
failing to pass the final examination shall not have another exam
ination as a matter of right. The faculty shall be the sole judge a
to whether or not he will be given an additional examination.

Diploma and License

A diploma conferring the degree of Bachelor of Laws, will b<
given all graduates of the school. To become a graduate, the stU
dent must satisfactorily accomplish the entire course prescribed, b]
study and recitation, in the regular order, and under the immediate
direction of the Faculty. No exception to this rule will be allowed
Neither previous reading, nor reading here, in advance of th<
progress of the class, by doubling, shall in any wise excuse com-
pliance with this requirement. Certificates, transcripts, and grade*
are issued only by the Registrar.

By order of the Trustees of the University, diplomas are to tx
awarded to those students only who are present on graduation day
providential causes alone excusing absence.

To obtain a license in Tennessee to practice law, all applicant.'
must pass an examination before the State Board of Law Exam-
iners. The course of study prescribed here, if accomplished under
the direction of the Faculty, prepares the young man, in the short-
est time possible and at the least expense, for that examination
The Board of Tennessee does not permit anyone to take an exam-
ination until twr. years of legal study have been completed.

Cumberland University Bulletin





Badgett, Emily Grace Lebanon, Tennessee

Baskin, Nancy Rebecca Lebanon, Tennessee

Bates, James I Martha, Tennessee

Bates, Wilson Martha, Tennessee

Boyd, James Howard Tullahoma, Tennessee

Burns, George Franklin Lebanon, Tennessee

Christian, Miles Standish Viola, Tennessee

Cragwall, Sara Lucille Lebanon, Tennessee

Fitzsimmons, James Eward Hohenwald, Tennessee

Freeman, Richard Edward Bells, Tennessee

Gower, Lemuel Hershel, Jr Route 4, Nashville, Tennessee

Graves, Opal Ailene Lebanon, Tennessee

Hassell, Doris Marie Humboldt, Tennessee

Jennings, Benton Eric Lebanon, Tennessee

Lester, Elizabeth Cox Johnson City, Tennessee

Martin, Edwin Wright Liberty, Tennessee

Patrick, Julian Duane Llewellyn Bradford, Tennessee

Polla r d, Walter Byrd, II. . . .Murphie Avenue, Winton, North Carolina

Roberts, (Mrs.) Mary Lee Lebanon, Tennessee

Smoot, Sarah Owen Brownsville, Tennessee

Wright, William Knox Martha, Tennessee

Wright, Joe Edward Martha, Tennessee

Smith, Clifton Gentry Lebanon, Tennessee


Arnold, Virginia Crice Lebanon, Tennessee

Bass, James Lillard, Jr New Middleton, Tennessee

Blankenship, H. Fred Smithville, Tennessee

Buterbaugh, Danny Liberty, Tennessee

Blue, Willard Harris, Jr Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Denney, Jack Thomas Milan, Tennessee

Donnell, James Thomas Greenwood, Tennessee

Evans, Joseph Benjamin Lebanon, Tennessee

Hobbs, Carl Allen Lebanon, Tennessee

Holt, Charles Ralph Milan, Tennessee

Hooper, (Mrs.) Nora Mae Lebanon, Tennessee

Hooper, Wilbur Wright Lebanon, Tennessee

22 ID I'nivkksitv BuuxnM

Hunter, Billy Mose . . . Gordonsville, Tenn<

Hall, William Paul Watertown, Tennessee

Loomis, Anna Claire Jackson Lebanon, Tennessee

McCoy, Lawrence Robert 87 Union Avenue, Belleville, New Jersey

M.»rt..n, Lawrence Stewart, Jr Springfield, Tennessee

( >rnian. Andei Idea . Athens, Alabama

< >rr, J,.hn Reznor Lewisburg, Tenm

Powers, Vein Blanchard Mt. Juliet, Tennes

Rousseau. Margery Buell Lebanon, Tennessee

Sanders, Margaret Hardy Lebanon, Tennessee

White. Dorothy Mave Lebanon, Tennessee


Alchlcy, Oscar Lee Lebanon, Tennessee

Beard, Julia Evelyn Lebanon, Tenne

Bigham, Knox Gene Lewisburg, Tennessee

Dickey, Gilbert Buford, Jr Valley Vista Road, Nashville, Tennessee

Dot-on, Richard Eugene Pulaski, Tennessee

English, Grover Cleveland Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee

Fessey, William Frank Franklin Road, Nashville, Tennessee

Fisher, James Nelson Carthage, Tennessee

I": to, Albert Bratten Shop Springs, Tennessee

Freeman, < Mrs.) Margaret Jennings Lebanon, Tennessee

Giddens, Mary Susan Columbia, Tennessee

Gill, Lima Franklin Lebanon, Tennessee

Hackett. Frances Wendolyn Carthage, Tennessee

Hall, John Misher Lebanon. Tennessee

Harding, George Henry, III .320 Vaughan St., Nashville, Tennessee

Hays, Bennett Kucker Auburntown, Tenne-

Haywood, Egbert Marsh Cornersville, Tennessee

Hoover, William Daniel, Jr. Bell Buckle, Tennessee

Hughes, Evelyn Christine Lebanon, Tennessee

Johnson, Charles Edward Lebanon, Tennessee

Litts, Stanley William 273 William Street, Belleville, New Jei

Loyd, James Walter Lebanon, Tennessee

Manning, Dewey Edward Carthage, Tennessee

McCain;. bell, Alync Clay Lebanon, Tennessee

, Mildred Guin Lebanon, Tennea

Porter, James Martin Springfield, Tennessee

Price, Lennis Rose Lebanon, Tennessee

Richard-, George, Jr Sparta, Tennessee

lizabeth Ann Lebanon, Tennessee

ell, Freda Ruth Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee

Karl Parker Sparta, Tennessee

Spears, Margaret Lewii Lebanon, Tennessee

hens, John Edd Watertown, Tennea

'. Robert Edward Chapel Hill. Tennessee

Thornton, Lois Brownsville, Tennea

r, William Brooks Paris, Tennessee

65 Lemon Street, St, Augustine, Florida

Cumberland University Bulletin 23


Akin, James Julian Lebanon, Tennessee

Alvis, Martin Van Buren, Jr Big Stone Gap, Virginia

Baker, Mary Ethel New Middleton, Tennessee

Bass, Dorothy Watertown, Tennessee

Cartwright, Martha Frances Gladeville, Tennessee

Cleveland, Norman Lebanon, Tennessee

Coffey, William Claude, Jr Petersburg, Tennessee

Conatser, J. V Lebanon, Tennessee

Cox, William David Watertown, Tennessee

Davenport, Doris Bryze Lebanon, Tennessee

Enright, Thomes Hayden 3992 47th St., Long Island, New York

Gabard, William Montgomery Chapel Hill, Tennessee

Hall, Marlon Lenard 338 Peachtree St., Nashville, Tennessee

Freeman, Mary Scott Hassell Humboldt, Tennessee

Heyl, Lucy Barbara Bananera Guatamala, Central America

Jennings, Wallace Randall Lebanon, Tennessee

Johnson, Sue Lebanon, Tennessee

Johnson, Vermeil Thurston Lebanon, Tennessee

Jones, Harold Lamar Ruston, Tennessee

Keats, Irene Nellie Lebanon, Tennessee

Lowen, Jerry Erwin 205 Hooper Street, Brooklyn, New York

Loyd, Richard Edward Lebanon, Tennessee

McDowell, Nellie Lebanon, Tennessee

McKinney, David Earle Carthage, Tennessee

Malin, Charles Franklin Old Hickory, Tennessee

Odum, Willie Alene Smithville, Tennessee

Phillips, Ray Cook Watertown, Tennessee

Powers, (Mrs.) Betty Moss Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Price, Wendell Williams Lebanon, Tennessee

Ray, Frances Gray Tullahoma, Tennessee

Rankin, Joseph Carter Carthage, Tennessee

Schoonover, Albert Harvel Trenton, Tennessee

Scott, Thomas Ezell Chapel Hill, Tennessee

Smith, Clifton Gentry Lebanon, Tennessee

Tedder, Charlotte June Lebanon, Tennessee

Walker, Mary Frances Lebanon. Tennessee

Wallace, Helen Justine Dover, Ohio

Welty, Lois Patricia Lebanon, Tennessee

Willis, Alpha Walker Brownsville, Tennessee

Yarbrough, Cora Waynesboro, Virginia


Anderson, Katherine Sullivan Lebanon, Tennessee

Bass, Tommie Lou Watertown, Tennessee

Carr, (Mrs.) Mattie Hartsville, Tennessee

Davis, (Mrs.) Wilma Smithville, Tennessee

Hays, (Mrs.) Auvil Smithville, Tennessee

Johnson, Hoyal Field Lebanon, Tennessee

j4 Cumberland University Bulletin

Kaowkl ( liw.) Winfred Smithville, Tennessee

I, -r. C) Lafayette, Tennessee

Palmer, Robert Louis Lebanon, Tennessee

Parker, ( Mrs.) Parv Smithville, Tennessee

Porter, Huelin Richard Clarksville, Tennessee

Pinegir, Bon Lee Smithville, Tennessee

Reader, (Mrs.) Annie Kelley McMinnville, Tennessee

Webb, lames Regan Smithville, Tennessee

>dard, (Mrs.) Annie Taylor Dixon Springs, Tennessee


\lland, Clive Frederick St. George Hotel, St. Augustine Florida

ierson, Paul Wilson (Law) Marshall, 1<

Atchlev. Oscar Lee. Jr Lebanon, Tennessee

Baskin. Nancy Rebecca ...Lebanon, Tennessee

Bean James William Red Boiling Springs. Tennessee

Beasley John Nelson Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee

Boze, Charles Douglas Carthage, Tennessee

Brooks Sallie Dixon Springs, Tennessee

Carter 'joe Ravmond 324 21st Avenue, N., Nashville, Tennessee

Cathcart. BOlie Watertown, 1 enncssee

Cornwell, Kermit J Westmoreland, Tennessee

Denncv. (Mrs.) Eddie Lebanon, 1 enncssee

Dickey Gilbert Buford. Jr Valley Vista Rd„ Nashville, 1 enncssee

Doss, (Mrs.) Ina Williams Lafayette, U-nm

Doss, W. Gordon Lebanon, I enncssee

Ibert Bratten Shop Springs, 1 enncssee

Fitt< Virginia Dean Hickman, '1 ennessee

Freeman, Sexton O Lebanon, Tennessee

Fuson (Mrs.) Luther L Smithville, Tennessee

Gower, Lemuel Herschel, Jt Route 4, Nashville, Teniu

Green, (Mrs.) Winfred Jones Harlam, Kcntr.

Hardawav, Rovden Elmore Lebanon, Tenm

HasselL. 1 >oris Marie Humboldt. Tennessee

Lie Lancaster, Tennessee

M vrtie Perdue Lafayette, T ennessee

Hunter, Billy Mose Gordonsville, Tennessee

Icina, Vvda Mae Hartsv.lle, Tennessee

Jennings, Benton Eric Lebanon, Tennessee

Johnson, (Mrs.) Minnie Bcthpage, Tennessee

Johnson, Opha Macon Smithville, Tennessee

Johnson, Ruth Brownsville, Tennessee

Kennon, Sam Cox Huntingdon, Tennessee

Lo Ufred Connor Sweetwater. Tennessee

Le: Lloyd Stickney Lebanon, Tennessee

.rlan.l Lancaster, Tennessee

11, Cornelia Silver Point, T ennessee

rria, ( Mrs.) Ras H Westmoreland, Tcnn<

Nancy Isabellc Lebanon, Tenne

Nixon, Lerion Lancaster, Tennessee

Cumberland University Bulletin 25

Nixon, (Mrs.) Margaret Morris Lancaster, Tennessee

Norton, (Mrs.) Vivian Arrington Lebanon, Tennessee

Parsley, George Bethel Smithville, Tennessee

Perry, James Oscar Westmoreland, Tennessee

Piper, D. Henry Lafayette, Tennessee

Pollard, Walter Byrd, II Winton, North Carolina

Powell, Lorena Mary Carthage, Tennessee

Roberts, Guy Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee

Smith, King Kaswell Lebanon, Tennessee

Smith, (Mrs.) Mary Willhoite Lebanon, Tennessee

Stephens, John Edd Watertown, Tennessee

Sterritt, Thomas James Parkersburg, West Virginia

Tucker, (Mrs.) Jessie Lafayette, Tennessee

Winfree, Elmer Brush Creek, Tennessee

Woodlard, (Mrs.) Annie Taylor Dixon Springs, Tennessee


Alsup, (Mrs.) Lee Lebanon, Tennessee

Askew, (Mrs.) Sara Elizabeth Griffith Lebanon, Tennessee

Carloss, Dorothy Lebanon, Tennessee

Dodson, Peggy Lebanon, Tennessee

Estes, Marie Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Evins, (Mrs.) Estelle McCartney Lebanon, Tennessee

Hall, Peggy Dean Hartsville, Tennessee

Hatcher, Jean Lebanon, Tennessee

Holloway, Mary Frank Lebanon, Tennessee

Hughes, Julia Lebanon, Tennessee

Hunter, (Mrs.) Polly Dodson Lebanon, Tennessee

Chappell, (Mrs.) Virginia Mapes Lebanon, Tennessee

McGee, Mary Evelyn Lebanon, Tennessee

Rhea, Louise Lebanon, Tennessee

Sellers, Annette Lebanon, Tennessee

Smart, Jimmye North Alexandria, Tennessee

Weatherly, (Mrs.) Mae Lebanon, Tennessee



Austin, William Alfred Sunset Drive, Flint, Michigan

Beesley, Charles Henry Wartrace, Tennessee

Bell, Charles Berkeley Tusculum, Tennessee

Bennett, William Francis Lebanon, Tennessee

Boyce, Robert Claire, Jr Richland Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee

Brown, Edwin Hull N. Montgomery, Starkville, Mississippi

Crowell, James Burgus Oakewood, Texas

Cruse, Joshua Moats Woodville, Texas

Dickey, Gilbert Buford, Jr Valley V. Road, Nashville, Tennessee

Erwin, Arthur Raymond Ocean Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas

Hewgley, Isham Cason, Jr Knoxville, Tenn,

CuMBttLAND University Bullktin

McElhaney, Austin Raymond Fort Mill, South Carolina

McQuary, Janu-^ Otis Bethany, Missouri

Newberry, Joseph Whitt 1410 West Garden, Pensacola, Florida

Osborne, Charles James Harrison, New Jersey

Stacey, George \V Raven, Virginia

Sterritt, Thomas James 1021 George, Parkersburg, West Virginia

Terry, William H Germantown, Tennessee

Tillett, Boone D., Jr 1014 Shepherd, Durham, North Carolina

Yount, Buster Yale Lebanon, Tennessee


Anderson, Paul Wilson Marshal. Texaj

Anthis. Ernest R Muskogee, Oklahoma

Atkinson, George William Pr. Murat Hills, Tallahassee, Florida

Austin, William Dyer Miami, Oklahoma

Barker, Thomas Watson 1309 Edgewood, Nashville, Tennessee

Baumstein, Mitchell North Handle Street, Lake City, Florida

Cantrell, Jo Dean 1211 North 6th St., Nashville, Tennessee

Darnell, John F Petersburg, Tennessee

Edwards, Roscoe Lee Akron, Ohio

Finney. Ernest Radford 2517 Goldenrod Rd., Fort Worth, Texas

Gaines, John Donelson 2926 Westmoreland, Nashville, Tennessee

Gladney, Robert Winston Kingsville, Texas

Kaufman, Jack G Box No. 209, Evansville, Indiana

Ix)tt, Robert Weatherford, Texas

Moore, Mitchell David 324 Queens Place, Oceola, Arkansas

Odom, Stancel O'Zell 2224 Mearengo, New Orleans, Louisiana

Pentz, Robert Hutchinson, Jr Box No. 6068, Houston, Texas

1'irkey, Oval Byron New Boston, Texas

Porter, Huelin Richard Clarksville, Tennessee

Rich, Ira Hale Summertown, Tennessee

Rowland, James Burton 647 Topeka St., Shreveport, Louisiana

Rutledge, Warren John 3857 Potomac St., Dallas, Texas

Simms, Arthur Edward, Jr Lafayette, Tennessee

Smith. Richard Wood Miami, Oklahoma

wr, Willis Earl Celina, Tennessee

Spinks, Louie Preston De Kalb, Mississippi

T< rry, William Harold Germantown, Tennessee

Toler, William Brooks Paris, Tennessee

Wade, Charles Wood Belfast, Tennessee

Wade, M. William . Gainesboro, Apartments, Nashville, Tennessee
William.. Murray Lee Taylor, Mississippi

Cumberland University Bulletin 27

College of Arts and Science

Seniors 23

Juniors 23

Sophomores 37

Freshmen 40

Special 15

Total 138

Law School

Seniors 19

Juniors 31

Total 50

Special Commercial Students 17

Summer School, 1941 54


Tennessee 136

Texas 10

Florida 4

Louisiana 4

Mississippi 4

Arkansas 3

New Jersey 3

Oklahoma 3

Virginia 3

Indiana 2

Kansas 2

Michigan 2

North Carolina 2

Ohio 2

New York 2



South Carolina

West Virginia

Canal Zone

Guatamala, Central America


Baptist 67

Methodist 55

Presbyterian 24

Church of Christ 18

Roman Catholic 8

Cumberland Presbyterian 5




Episcopal 4

Christian 3

Jewish 2

Moravian 1

. Preference 11



B. B. Lavender Doctor of Divinity

John A. Cheek Doctor of Laws

Lewis Ketchem Sillcox Doctor of Engineering

Anthony Sudekum Doctor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Arts

Anderson, Katherine Sullivan
Baird, Mildred Neal

leer, Alene
Barker, Thomas Watson
Burnette, Myra
Carter, Joe Raymond
Clark, Dorian E., Jr.
Cox, John Claiborne
Crowder, L. Freeman
Coleman, Frances Ann
Denney, Jean Stone
Duke, Clarence E.

ards, James Edgar
Forrester, Robert L., Jr.
Foster, Marshall E., Jr

Wells, Clarence Robert

Frissell, Mary Giboney

Hays, Julia Helen

Kelley, Annie Kate

Leftwich, J. B.

Liverman. Walter Anthony

Lynch, Daisy

Moss, Nancy Isabelle

Murphy, Josephine

Ovirturf, C. L.

Phillips, James Harry

Sadler, Ira Henry

Savage, Wilma Robinson

Scott, George T., Jr.

Sumners, William Rodgers

Taylor, Dewitt Talmage, Jr.

Johnson, Robert Jerry
Martin, George Edward

Bachelor of Science

Petty, David Gordon
Purvear, Thomas Richard
Warren, C. H., Jr.

Bachelor of Laws


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