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Allen, Dorothy
Becking, William
Bogusch, Paul Walter, Jr.
Boone, Forest E., Jr.
Broadbcnt, Dorothea W.
Brown, James Henry, Jr.
Brown, Preslie Howard
Claiborne, Harry E.

Cobb, Ollie Franklin, Jr.
Denton, James Guthrie
Fillaucr, William Keys
Fisher, Kay Phillips
Gorman, William
Hall, Peggy Deane
Harrison, David M., Jr.
Heath, Harry W., Jr.

Cumberland University Bulletin


Henderson, Karl I.
Hunke, Howard Russell
Jamison, John Ambler
Mahoney, Lionel William
Melton, Frank
MacFarland, Alfred Towson
McQueen, William A.
Pollard, Walter Byrd, II
Porter, Claude
Ray, Roggie C.
Rumph, Thomas G.

Rushing, Bernard Lester, Jr.
Sinclair, Marvin J.
Smith, Lyman Terry
Sutherland, George R.
Terry, B. McDonald
Van Aken, Phyllis Fan-
Van Siclen, Robert E.
Washington, John W.
W T ilkes, John Davis
Wyatt, Christopher Allen
Wynns, Harry, Jr.

January, 1942

Bachelor of Laws

Newberry, Joseph Whit Tillett, Boone D., Jr.

Sterritt, Thomas James Yount, Buster Vale

Hewgley, Isham Cason, Jr.


With a view to indicating to some extent the influence of the Law
School upon the country, it has been thought proper to give a list of
some of the more prominent men who received their legal education
here. The names here inserted are only a partial list.

Of about 4,000 graduates, and many more who took part of the
course, hundreds have distinguished themselves at the bar and
otherwise, those names, for want of space, cannot be given in this

The Faculty will thank all our alumni who will suggest names to
be added to this roll hereafter.

William B. Bate, U. S. Senator, Tennessee.

Joseph W. Bailey, U. S. Senator, Texas.

Howell E. Jackson, late Judge Supreme Court, U. S.

James D. Porter, ex-Governor, Tennessee.

James B. McCreary, Governor, Kentucky; U. S. Senator.

Horace H. Lurton, Judge Supreme Court, U. S.

W. M. Dowell, Judge, Tennessee.

David Davis Shelby, U. S. Circuit Judge.

E. S. Hammon, U. S. District Judge.

Charles G. Blackard, Judge. Part II Davidson County.

C. D. Clark, U. S. District Judge, Tennessee.

John F. House, late M. C, Tennessee.

W. C. Caldwell, Judge Supreme Court, Tennessee.

William D. Beard, Chief Justice Supreme Court, Tennessee.

30 Cumberland University Bulletin

S. F. Wilson, Judge Court Chancery Appeals, Tennessee.

M. M. Neil, Chief Justice Supreme Court, Tennessee.

Robert Hatton, General, Confederate Army.

Sterling Pierson, Chancellor, Tennessee.

M. E. Benton, M. C, Missouri.

R. S. Anderson, Judge, Texas.

I. E. Riddick, Supreme Judge, Arkansas.

Theodore Brantley, Chief Justice, Montana.

W. G. Taliaferro, Judge, Texas.

N. N. Cox, M. C, Tennessee.

Thomas A. McClellan, Chief Justice, Alabama.

Henry A. Sharp, Supreme Judge, Alabama.

R. C. DeGraffenreid, M. C, Texas.

A. G. Norrell, Judge, Utah.

Charles P. Clint, Judge, Texas.

A. M. Byrd, M. C., Mississippi.
H. O. Head, Judge, Texas.

Ira Landrith, General Secretary Y. P. S. C. E., Boston, Mass.

B. J. Tarvey, Chancellor, Tennessee.
Grant Green, Judge, Arkansas.
William M. Hart, Judge, Tennessee.
Morgan C. Kirkpatrick, M. C, Tennessee.
Sterling Crockrell, Judge Supreme Court, Arkansas.
L. B. Valiant, Chief Justice, Missouri.

M. H. Mabry, Supreme Judge, Florida.
A. J. Abernathy, Chancellor, Tennessee.
John S. Cooper, Chancellor, Tennessee.
J. W. Bonner, Judge, Tennessee.
R. P. Caldwell, M. C, Tennessee.
Edward H. East, Chancellor, Tennessee.

A. G. Merritt, Chancellor, Tennessee.
James Hurt, Judge Court of Appeals, Texas.
L. C. Gauz, M. C, Arkansas.

H. J. Livingston, Chancellor, Tennessee.
J. H. Acklen, M. C, Louisiana.
Zack Taylor, M. C, Tennessee.
W. H. Gill, Judge, Texas.

B. B. Battle, Supreme Judge, Arkansas.
B. A. Enloe, M. C, Tennessee.

William H. Williamson, Judge, Tennessee.

H. M. Somerville, Supreme Judge, Alabama.

J. C. Kyle, M. C. Tennessee.

"Private" John Allen, M. C, Mississippi.

H. N. Hutton, Judge, Arkansas.

H. C. Speake, Judge, Alabama.

John W. Burgess, Dean, Columbia University Law School, New

Reuben R. Gaines, Chief Justice, Texas.
John C. Ferris, Judge, Tennessee.
W. P. Caldwell, M. C, Tennessee.
E. I. Golladay. M. C, Tennessee.

Cumberland University Bulletin 31

H. Y. Riddle, M. C, Tennessee.

James Breathett, Judge, Kentucky.

W. S. McLemore, Judge, Tennessee.

Granville Ridley, Judge, Tennessee.

J. J. DuBose, Judge, Tennessee.

S. A. Rogers, Judge, Tennessee.

Levi S. Woods, Judge, Tennessee.

John A. Fite, Judge, Tennessee.

J. S. Gibble, Chancellor, Tennessee.

John Somers, Chancellor, Tennessee.

H. C. Snodgrass, M. C, Tennessee.

I. H. Goodnight, M. C, and Judge, Kentucky.

T. C. Lyons, Chancellor, Mississippi.

J. B. Lamb, Attorney-General, Florida.

William L. Martin, Attorney-General, Alabama.

Richard Morgan, Judge, Texas.

Houston McCurtain, Judge, Indian Territory.

J. C. McDonald, General, Confederate Army, Indian Territory.

Henry McCorry, Judge, Tennessee.

D. A. Nunn, M. C., Tennessee.

William Poindexter, Judge, Texas.

Payne T. Prim, Judge, Oregon.

J. W. Philips, Judge, Missouri.

W. B. Rogers, U. S. Attorney, Montana.

J. L. Rogers, M. C, Texas.

O. C. Randall, Judge, Kentucky.

W. H. Andrews, Judge, Texas.

S. Arakawa, Professor Imperial University, Japan.

George Anderson, Judge, Mississippi.

B. D. Bell, Supreme Judge, Tennessee.

Emory Fisk Best, Assistant Attorney-General Interior Department

United States Government.
W. R. Cox, M. C, North Carolina.
J. D. Coe, General, Confederate Army, Tennessee.
A. H. Carrigan, Judge, Texas.
Warren Coleman, Judge, Mississippi.

Alex W. Campbell, General, Confederate Army, Tennessee.
Lucen Earle, Judge, Kansas.
Hiei Fukunoka, Professor of Law, Japan.
M. C. Givens, Judge, Kentucky.
T. D. Starnes, Judge, Texas.
M. B. Talley, Judge, Texas.

C. K. Wheeler, M. C, Kentucky.
Richard Warner, M. C, Tennessee.

T. E. Whitfield, General, Confederate Army.

R. W. Simpson, District Judge, Texas.

R. C. Simpson, Supreme Court Judge, Alabama.

J. R. Byrd, Judge, Mississippi.

John E. Richardson, Judge, Tennessee.

Ernest L. Bullock, Judge, Tennessee.

T. P. Gore, U. S. Senator, Oklahoma.

32 Cumberland University Bulletin

Robinson McMillan. Judge, Oklahoma.

John Caruthers, Judge, Oklahoma.

John H. Stephens, M. C, Texas.

T. U. Sisson, II. C, Mississippi.

Robert R. Butler, Judge, Oregon.

Daniel Hoon, Judge, Arkansas.

William A. Roane, Judge, Mississippi.

John L. Buckley, Judge, Mississippi

James Perkins, Judge, Florida.

J. R. Flippin, Judge, Tennessee.

George E. Seay, Chancellor. Tennessee.

J. E. Halsell, Judge, Kentucky.

M. M. Smith, Chancellor, Tennessee.

Thomas S. Flippin, Judge, Tennessee.

W. H. Swiggart. Judge, Tennessee.

H. \Y. Lightfoot, Judge, Texas.

J. B. Grider, Judge, Kentucky.

\Y. K. Ward, founder of Ward Seminary, Tennessee.

Edgar P. Smith, Judge, Tennessee.

James Y. Polley, Judge, Texas.

Andrew Price, M. C, Louisiana.

Foster V. Brown, M. C, Tennessee.

Willis Reeves, Judge, Kentucky.

Robert B. Green, Judge, Texas.

J. M. Taylor, Judge Chancery Court of Appeals, Tennessee.

J. D. Conway, Judge, Arkansas.

Thomas W. Ford, Judge, Texas.

A. C. Allen, Judge, Texas.

E. G. Mitchell, Tudge, Arkansas.

Cordell Hull. Judge and U. S. Senator; Secretary of State; Tennessee.

W. F. Clemmons, M. C. Arkansas.

J. M. Lindsay, Judge, Texas.

John A. McKinncy, Judge, Tennessee.

W. I). Frazee. Chancellor, Tennessee.

G. W. Hewitt. M. C. Alabama.

Thetus W. Sims. M. C, Tennessee.

R. M. Milburn, Professor of Law, University of Indiana.

'!r-u Tyler Bennett, Judge Supreme Court and M. C, N. Carolina.
J. \Y. M. Broom, U. S District Judge. Yirginia.
Henry L. Huldrow, M. C, Mississippi

Sharp, Circuit fudge, Alabama.
W. S. Hill. M. (\. Mi sissippi

B. T. Kimbrough, Chancellor, Mississippi
R. T. Shannon, Law Author, Tennei
H. H. Gill, Jll :ri Civil- Appeals, Texas.
Robert I>. Williams, Judge, Tennessee.
Luciu- 1'. Little, Circuit Judge, Kentucky.

Houck, Circuit Court Judge, Kansas.
J. T. Tillman. Minister t<> Ecuador.
Charles C. Crowe, ex-Governor, New Mexico.
A If, Stephens. M. C, Texas.

Cumberland University Bulletin 33

A. C. Randall, M. C, Texas.

G. B. Gerald, Judge, Texas.

Joseph M. Hill, Chief Justice, Arkansas.

Wharton J. Green, M. C, North Carolina.

Robert E. Houston, General, Confederate Army, Mississippi.

E. B. Kinsworthy, Attorney-General, Arkansas.
J. T. Dunn, Judge, Mississippi.

Benj. H. Rice, Judge, Texas.

Walter Simpson, Judge, Texas.

Francis Fentress, Jr., Judge, Tennessee.

W. F. Kirby, U. S. Senator, Arkansas.

P. Frank Greever, Judge, Texas.

Robert B. Seay, Judge, Texas.

M. C. Butler, M. C, Tennessee.

Grafton Green, Chief Justice, Tennessee.

Dana Harmon, Judge, Tennessee.

Judson Clements, U. S. Commerce Commission.

A. B. Neil, Supreme Judge, Tennessee.

John Thos. Watkins, M. C, Louisiana.

Harry A. Hammerly, Judge, Oklahoma.

W. Y. Pemberton, Judge Supreme Court, Montana.

W. B. Turner, Judge, Tennessee.

F. P. Hall, Judge Supreme Court, Tennessee.

J. T. Blair, Chief Justice Supreme Court, Missouri.

C. B. Smith, Judge, Alabama.
William W. Whitesides, Judge, Alabama.

Benjamin F. Looney, Attorney-General, State of Texas.

D. B. Hill, Judge, Texas.

Samuel R. Sells, M. C, Tennessee.

M. H. Meeks, Judge, Tennessee.

Park Trammel!, U. S. Senator, Florida.

Virgil Bourland, Judge, Arkansas.

W. W. Venable, M. C, Mississippi.

Tilman D. Johnson, U. S. Judge, Utah.

Xen Hicks, U. S. District Judge, Tennessee.

J. W. Ross, U. S. District Judge, Tennessee.

R. H. Powell, Judge, Arkansas.

Thomas Harsh, Judge, Tennessee.

Pierre H. Branning, Judge, Florida.

Grover C. Keck, Judge, Arkansas.

James W. Swayne, Judge, Texas.

Rutherford Brett, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma.

Sidney Y. Catts, Governor, Florida.

Duval West, U. S. Judge, Texas.

Eugene Black, M. C, Texas.

W. R. Blackshear, Judge, Texas.

Samuel Hooker, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma.

Henry H. Roberts, Judge, Mississippi.

J. H. Smithwick, M. C, Florida.

Robert H. Sharpe, Judge, Tennessee.

W. W. Faw, Presiding Judge of Civil Appeals, Tennessee.

34 ICBSKLAND I'nivkksity Bullktin

D. A. McCanless, Judge, Kentucky.

dney J\. Clark. Judge of Court of Civil Appeals, Tennessee.
W. W. Farbough, Acting Supreme Tennesj

Horace K. Palmer, Judge, Court <>t C*i\il Appeals, Tennessee.

ink I. Fancher, Acting Supreme Judge, Tennessee.
\Y. I). Kyser, U. S. District Attorney, Tennessee.
Robt. \V. Smartt, Judge, Tenn< -
Thus. Everett Harwood, Judge. Tenness<
Oscar Yarnell, Judge, Tennessee.
Thos. C. MeClellan. Supreme Judge, Alabama.
George Huddleston, M. C, Alabama.

ry W. Laughlin, U. S. District Judge. Tennessee.
I. Will Tavlor, M. C. Tennessee.
F. B. Swank. M. C, Oklahoma.
Joseph Brown. M. C, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Lon A. Scott. M. C. Tennessee.
J. C. Hobbs. Judge. Tennessee.
Wynne F. Clouse, M. C, Tennessee.
W. A. Dickson, Judge, Arkans
W. B. Sorrels, Judge, Arkansas.
John R. Aust, Chancellor, Tennessee.
R. F. L^angford, Judge, Tennessee.
Chester K. Hart, Judge, Tennessee.

ham Edgerton, Solicitor of U. S. Navy Dept.
W. C. Salmon. M. C. Tennessee.
k Lent Rice, Judge. Mississippi
Ion Browning. M. C. Governor, Tennessee.
Oliver Searcy, Judge, Oklahoma.
Thos. G. Parham. Judge, Arkan>a~.
Jno. B. Bowman. Attorney-General, Tennessee.
Paul Burks. Judge, California.
Clarence W. Guerin, Judge, California.
Glenn Terrell. Supreme Judge, Florida.
W. F. Turner. M. C, Tennessee.

i 'ii. M. C, Tennessee.
S. I). V Ids, M. C. Tennessee.

James I. Phelps. Supreme Judge, Oklahoma.
J. Ridley Mitchell. Judge, M. C, Tennes
Ernest H. Boyd, Attorney 1. Chancellor, Tennessee.

C. Miller. Judge, Tennessee.

Watkins, Attorney-General, Tennessee.
W. H. Sv Jr.. Supreme Judge, Tennessee.

E. W. вЦ† >n, Attorney-General, Tennessee.

Fr ikman, Judge, Oklahoma.

T. Arnett, Judge, Oklahoma.

this. Supreme | I iklahoma.

F. I'. Quinn, Judge, Tennessee.
Richard M. Atkinson, Attorney-General, M. C, Tennessee.
U. S. District Judge, Tennessee.
Vdkins, Judge, Florida.
Worth Tramn ' Florida,

Cumberland University Bulletin 35

Ben Allen, Attorney-General, Tennessee.

Jesse L. Rodgers, Attorney-General, Tennessee.

A. B. Priddy, Judge, Arkansas.

James D. Senter, Judge, Court of Appeals, Tennessee.

H. F. Kirby, Judge, Texas.

Hal W. Adams, Judge, Florida.

Wm. J. Holloway, Governor, Oklahoma.

Benjamin H. Littleton, Judge, U. S. Court of Claims, Washington,

D. C.
Chas. Galloway Blackard, Judge, Tennessee.
Perry S. Robertson, Judge, Texas.
G. E. Richardson, Judge, Texas.
Charles Swindall, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma.
J. W. Clark, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma.
James V. Allred, Attorney-General, Governor, U. S. Dist. Judge,

Wright Patman, M. C, Texas.
O. K. Holloday, Judge, Tennessee.
D. A. Vines, Judge, Tennessee.
H. B. Brown, Judge, Tennessee.
William Vories Gregory, M. C. Kentucky.
Robert Reyburn Butler, M. C, Oregon.
P. P. Prim, Supreme Judge, Oregon.
Jere Cooper, M. C, Tennessee.
James E. Ruffin, M. C, Missouri.

Robert J. Smith, Judge. Missouri Court of Appeals, Missouri.
J. Carlton Loser, District Attorney-General, Tennessee.
J. A. Draine, Judge, Texas.
John M. Kuykendall. Judge, Mississippi.
T. J. Murray. District Attorney, Tennessee.
David P. Murray. District Attorney, Tennessee.
W. W. Herron, Chancellor. Tennessee.
Dewitt Henderson, Chancellor, Tennessee.
Joshua Bryan Lee, U. S. Senator, Oklahoma.
Bert Miller, Attorney-General, Idaho.
Arthur G. Bushby, Judge, Mississippi.
Charles W. Connor, Judge, Oklahoma.
Frank L. Johnson, Judge, Tennessee.
Luke McAmis, Judge Court of Appeals, Tennessee.
M. C. Ketchum, Judge Court of Appeals, Tennessee.
Luther Johnson, M. C. Texas.

Seth If. Walker, Gen. Counsel, N. C. & St. L. Ry., Tennessee.
Lillard Thompson, Atty-Gen. and Counsel for Tenn. Cen. R. R.,

Horace Russell, Gen. Counsel U. S. Home Owners Loan Corp.,

Carl S. Hatch, Senator, New Mexico.
Griffin Smith, Chief Justice Supreme Court, Arkansas.
Sam Felts. Judge Court of Appeals, Tennessee.
Sam Marable, Judge, Tennessee.
Peabody Howard, District Attorney, Tennessee.

36 CUMBttLAKD L'nivkkmtv BULLKTIlt

T. L. Coleman, Judge, Tennessee.
Herrou Pearson, M. C. Tennessee.

J. Mac Peebles, Gen Counsel X. L. & A. I. Co., Tennessee.
Sidney T, Roebuck, Highway Comm., Mississippi

Albert Williams, Judge, Council for R. R. Commission, Tennessee,

(", ens, Judge, Idaho.

L. L. Harrcll, Dist Am., Tennessee.

Walter H. Anderson, Any. and Author, Idaho.

C. S. Slatton, Judge Court Civil Appeals, Texas.

Andrew Fraley. Chairman State Ind. Comm., Oklahoma.

epfa 1'.. Warren, Judge, Kentucky.
Dennis P. Ratliff, Judu-r. 1 exas.
Hugh C. Jones, Judge, Oklahoma.
h". Hiram McLaughlin. District Attorney. Missouri.
X. B. Johnson, Judge, Oklahoma.
Bryan H. Atchison. Judge, I'<\as.
O. A. Shaw, Judge, Oklahoma.
Wallace J. Smith. Judge. Tennessee.
Allan C. Kelley. Judge, Tennessee.
Oren Harris, M. C, Arkansas.

Campbell Bearimont, U. S. Dist. Judge, California.
R. E. Lee, Judge, Tennessee.
W. May Walker, Judge, Florida.


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