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A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a
Commonwealth and the Building of a Nation



Curator of The Albany Institute and Historical and Art Society, since 1898; Director of

New York State History Exhibit at Jamestown Exhibition, 1907; Author of

"Albany Chronicles," "Classified Quotations," etc., etc.





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In addition to Mr. Cuyler Reynolds, Supervising Editor, the publishers would
express their obligations to the various estimable gentlemen who have rendered valu-
able aid in the production of this work — Mr. William Ruchard Cutter, A. M., His-
torian of the New England Historic-Genealogical Society, of Woburn, Massachusetts;
Mr. William A. Woodworth, A. B., LL.B., Law Librarian, of White Plains, New York;
Mr. Edmund Piatt, Editor of the Daily Eagle, Poughkeepsie, New York; Mr. Joseph
Van Cleft, of Newburg, New York, of the Newburg Bay and Highlands Historical
Society ; Major John Waller, of Monticello, New York, Editor and Publisher of The
Sullivan County Republican ; Miss Ida M. Blake, Editor of the Putnam County (New
York) Republican; Mr. Benjamin M. Brink, of Kingston, New York, former Editor of
The Leader, publisher of "Olde Ulster" ; Mr. Alonzo Bedell, of Haverstraw, New
York : Rev. James H. Robinson, D.D., of Delhi, New York ; former Senator Clar-
ence E. Bloodgood, A. B., of Catskill, New York; Mr. Willard Peck, A. M., LL.B., of
Hudson, New York.


"New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial" ; "Genealogical and Personal Memoirs, Massa-
chusetts," also similar separate works on Boston and Eastern Massachusetts, Worcester County, and
Middlesex County; "Genealogical and Family History of Connecticut"; "Genealogical and Family
History of Maine"; "Genealogical and Family History of Vermont"; "Genealogical and Family History
of Northern New York," also similar separate works on Southern New Y'ork, on Western New Y'ork,
and on Central New York; "Genealogical and Family History of New Jersey," etc., etc.



As previously shown, the
VAN NAME name of Van Name is an
old and honored one on
Staten Island, and derives its origin from the
locality whence came the founder of the family
to America. The church records of Staten
Island contain many references to David Van
Name, and record several marriages, but none
corresponding to that given in the family rec-
ords of this branch of the family. There can
.be no question, however, that it belongs to the
old family of that name.

(I) David Van Name, born 1799, on
Staten Island, died there in 1879, at the age
of eighty years. He was a builder and con-
tractor, and operated exclusively on the
Island. In early life he was a member of
the Dutch Reformed church, but later affiliated
with the Methodist Episcopal denomination.
Politically he is described by his descendants
as a Whig, and it is presumable that he acted
with the Republican party, successor of the
Whigs. He married (first) Catherine John-
son, and (second) x\bigail Jane Conklin.
Children of first marriage were: i. Mary,
wife of William Cuddy, who had a son Her-
bert Burton. 2. Cornelius, married Nettie
Tuttle, and had a son Myers Ludington. 3.
George Edgar, mentioned below. 4. John,
died at the age of fourteen years. Children
of second marriage were : 5. William Conk-
lin. 6. John Frederick.

(II) George Edgar, second son of David
and Catherine (Johnson) Van Name, was
born August 24, 1839. on Staten Island. He
was a wholesale and retail dealer in oysters
for many years at Hartford, Connecticut, and
is now living there, retired. He enlisted in
October, 1862, as a member of the One Hun-
dred and Seventv-sixth Reg-iment New York
Infantry, under Captain William B. Coe, and
took part in several engagements, receiving
his discharge in February, 1864, with the rank
of corporal. He is now a member of Robert
O. Tyler Post, Grand Army of the Republic,
of Hartford, and of the Methodist Episcopal
church of that city. Politically he has always
sustained the Republican party. He married
(first! September, T862, Antoinette Bray,
born in 1844, in Brooklyn. He married (sec-
ond! Francps McCune. Issue of first mar-
riage: I. Frances, born 1864; married Dr.
F. Taylor. 2. Antoinette, born 1866. died

in infancy. 3. Frank, twin of Antoinette,
born 1866, died in infancy. 4. George Edgar
Jr., born July, 1868; married Emma Hewitt.
5. Holley, born 1871, died in infancy. 6.
Joseph Mason, mentioned below. Child of
second marriage : 7. Frank, born February,
1884, died in childhood.

(Ill) Joseph Mason, son of George Edgar
and Antoinette (Bray) Van Name, was born
May 27, 1874, in Hartford, Connecticut. He
was placed in a private school in Brooklyn,
New York, at the age of six years, and two
years later entered the public schools of Hart-
ford, where he continued until fourteen years
old. He was then apprenticed to George Den-
nison, of Hartford, a builder, and continued
five years, after which he entered the employ
of Herman Mohl, a builder and contractor.
He later formed a partnership with Peter Zyk-
kie in the building business, which continued
two years, and after this Mr. Van Name be-
gan dealing in coal and building materials in
the City of New York, and later organized the
firm of Van Name & Company, which con-
tinued the business five years After selling out
his interest, he was appointed superintendent
of construction for the American Tobacco
Company. This position he resigned to become
the general manager of the Church Construc-
tion Company, of New York City, and con-
tinued in that position six years. Many pri-
vate and public buildings in and around New
York City have been erected by this firm, as
have also a number of Carnegie libraries in
various portions of the state of New York.
Under the recent appropriation of twelve mil-
lion dollars by Congress for improvements at
West Point, the firm were employed in the
construction af new buildings at the Military
Academy. After resigning, he again organized
the firm of Van Name & Company, which
engages exclusively in building construction,
with offices at No. '80 Wall Street, New York

Mr Van Name and family still retain mem-
bership in the Methodist Episcopal church of
Hartford. Connecticut, and he is a member of
the American Society of Civil Engineers, and
the Engineers Club, of New York.
he has given little time to politics and has no
desire for official station, he gives consistent
support to the principles and policies of the
Republican party.


He married, June 6, 1894, at the Dutch Re-
formed church, in Brooklyn, New York, Net-
tie AmeHa Hansbrough, born January 22,
1873, in Woodside, Long Island, daughter of
Charles Hansbrough. The last named was
born June 3, 1845, in Manchester, England.
As a boy he came to America, and served as
a soldier in the latter part of the civil war.
Later he became a painter and decorator. He
married, October 21, 1871, in Red Bank, New
Jersey, Anne Eliza White, born October 6,
1849, in Red Bank, daughter of Robert White,
a native of Birmingham, England, and Mary
(Coles) W^hite, born at Wadesden, in Buck-
inghamshire, England. Mr. White emigrated
to America and settled in Red Bank, New
Jersey, where he had the following children:
George, died October 8, 1851 : Harriet Jane,
wife of Jacob Antonias, of Red Bank; Sarah
Elizabeth, married (first) George McQueen,
(second) Thomas Swannell; Mary Hannah,
married (first) Jeflferson Hillier, (second)
Oscar Leith ; John R., married Catherine
Way; Anne Eliza, wife of Joseph M. Van
Name; William Henry and Lucy Ann, twins,
the former died October 16, and the latter,
October 31, 1857; Henrietta, wife of William
Conklin Van Name. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
M. Van Name had a daughter, Edna, born
May 17, 1896, died in infancy.

A branch of the Goelet family
GOELET being Protestants, to avoid per-
secution, removed from Ro-
chelle in France in the year 1621 and settled in
Amsterdam where they remained until 1676,
and Francis Goelet, the youngest son of the
family, having lost his wife, with an only child.
Jacobus Goelet, a boy about ten years of age,
came to New York. He left his son in the
care of Mr. Frederick PhilHpse, a merchant
of New York, and sailed for Amsterdam with
the intention of returning with his effects, but
as he was never afterwards heard of, it was
supposed that he was lost at sea, after which
Jacobus Goelet married Jannetie, daughter of
Mr. Coesaar, likewise a Rochelle refugee fam-
ily, and had six children: i. Jacobus, the
eldest, married Miss Buller and had children.
2. James, who died at about twenty years of
^S^- 3- Jannetie, who married Mr. John
Dies. They had several children. This family
moved from New York and settled at Kaats

Kill. 4. Francis, was a surgeon on an Eng-
lish man-of-war and was lost in the river
St. Lawrence in the expedition against Can-
ada, under Sir Hovenden Walker, a. d. 171 i.
5. John, married Jannetie Cannon, of a
Protestant refugee family from France (from
whom Peter Goelet is descended) and had
several children : Raphael, married Miss
Pelse and died without issue. Phillip, married
Miss Buller, had one son and two daughters.
The son died in St. Eustatia at about thirty .
years of age and was not married. Jannetie,
married Alderman Abraham P. Lott and had
no children. The other daughter, Catherine,
married Peter Cartenius and had several
children. 6. Effe, married Mr. Burger and
had children.

It is related, that about 1710, Jacobus Goelet
went to Amsterdam and was directed by his
father had built, and that he would know the
and informed him in what part of the city
they had lived and also a house his grand-
father had built, and that he would know the
house by the family arms being cut in stone
on the front of it, and to inquire for the
Spoorinburgh family into which one of his
father's aunts had married. He found the
house, it being a very large building and being
informed where the Spoorinburgh family re-
sided, he called upon them and found them
far advanced in life. They had two daugh-
ters married, and were a wealthy family,
and one of the Goelets was captain of an
Indiaman. They were all in the mer-
cantile business and in the India trade. He
found that the family in Amsterdam had
never heard of the family in New York
since the latter first left Holland, suppos-
ing them to be lost at sea, there being at
that time but one American vessel in Dutch
trade and she very irregular in her voyages,
sometimes making one in each year, some-
times one in two years and sometimes one
voyage in three years. Jacobus Goelet died
on the 20th of August, 1731, at sixty-six years
of age, and was buried in the Old Dutch
Church, about the middle of the left aisle in
the church when entered from the street,
called Garden Street.

John Goelet, the third son of Jacobus Goe-
let by Jannetie Coesaar, his wife, born Feb-
ruary I, 1694, married Jannetie Cannon,
daughter of John Cannon by Mary Le Grand,



his wife, descended from a refugee family of
Rochelle in France, and died July 13, 1753,
age fifty-nine years. Had thirteen children,
several of them dying quite young.

Peter Goelet, the fifth child, was born Janu-
ary 5, 1727, died October 11, 181 1, age eighty-
four years. He was married on April 27,
1755, to Elizabeth Ratsey and had children:
Alice, Jannetie, John, Peter P., Elizabeth
On December 6, 1770, Peter Goelet was mar-
ried to Mary Ludlow, daughter of Henry Lud-
low Esq., of New York, and had issue: Mary,
born June 17, 1773, died January 31, 1774,
age eight months. On October 26, 1775, Peter
Goelet was married to Elizabeth Farmer, the
daughter of Thomas and Sarah Farmer, who,
having inherited the estate of Bentley in
Staten Island, assumed the name of Billop,
the old proprietor. They had issue, five chil-
dren: Sarah, Thomas Billop, Mary, Cather-
ine, Christopher Billop. February i, 1792',
Peter Goelet was married to Rachael Farmer,
the daughter of the aforesaid Thomas and
Sarah Billop ; had no issue.

Peter P. Goelet, the son of Peter Goelet by
Elizabeth Ratsey, was born on August 18,
1764, and was christened on Friday morning,
August 24, in Trinity Church by the Rev. Mr.
Auchmuty. In the Year of Our Lord 1799,
on the 9th day of May, Peter P. Goelet was
married to Almy Buchanan, the daughter of
Thomas Buchanan by Almy Townsend, his
wife, at the house of Thomas Buchanan in
Wall Street. They had issue: i. Peter,
born June 22, 1800, died November 21, 1879.
2. Jean Buchanan, born February 7, 1802. 3.
Francis, born March 2, 1804, died July, 1804,
and was buried in the Goelet family vault in
Trinity churchyard. 4. Hannah Green,
born January 19, 1806, at the house of Peter
Goelet in Water Street, was married, June 30,
1830, to Thomas R. Gerry, son of Elbridge
Gerry and Ann Gerry. 5. Francis (2), born
January 12, 1808, died January 16, 1809,
buried in Trinity churchyard. 6. Robert,
born September 19, 1809. Married Sarah
Ogden, the daughter of the late Jonathan
Ogden, October 16, 1839 Married by the
Rev Berrian, rector of Trinity Church ; died
September 22, 1879. Buried in the Marble
cemetery. New York City, Second Avenue.
They had issue : Robert, born September 29,
1841. Helen, borfi March 8, 1843, died

March 15, 1844. Ogden, born June 11, 1846.

Robert Goelet was married to Harriette
Louise Warren, (the daughter of George
Henry Warren and Mary Phoenix), by the
Rev. Dr. Tucker, at No. 520 Fifth Avenue,
the 17th day of April, 1879. Died April 27,
1889, at Naples, Italy, on his steam yacht
"Nahma." Buried in the Goelet family vault
at Woodlawn. They had issue: i. Robert
Walton, born March 19, 1880, at 279 Madison
Avenue. 2. Beatrice, born December 11,
1885, died February 11, 1902, and interred in
the Goelet vault in Woodlawn cemetery.

Ogden Goelet was married to Mary R. Wil-
son, the daughter of Richard Thornton Wil-
son. He died August 27, 1897, on board his
steam yacht "Mayflower" at Cowes, England,
and was interred in the Goelet family vault
in Woodlawn cemetery. They had issue: i.
Mary Wilson, born October 6, 1878. Married,
November 10, 1903, to Henry John Innes-
Kerr, eighth Duke of Roxburghe. 2. Robert
Goelet, born January 9, 1880. Married to
Elsie Whelen, daughter of Henry Whelen Jr.,
on June 14, 1904, at Wayne, Pennsylvania.
They had issue: Ogden, born January 17,
1907, and Peter, born June 8, 191 1.

It is now a pretty well estab-
BEEKMAN lished fact that the families

in New Jersey bearing the
name of Beekman are descended from two
distinct sources, one of which is Willem
Beeckman (Beekman), of New York, who
emigrated to New Amsterdam in 1647, and
the other Maarten Beeckman, of Albany, who
is the progenitor of the branch of the family
at present under consideration.

(I) Maarten Beeckman emigrated to New
Netherland in 1638, and settled in Albany,
where he plied his trade of blacksmith, and
died before June 21, 1677. He married Su-
sanna Jans, and had at least three children:
Johannes; Hendrick, referred to below;

(II) Hendrick, son of Maarten and Su-
sanna (Jans) Beeckman, lived for a number
of years at Schodack, near Albany, and
November 13, 1710, purchased from Octavo
Coenraats, merchant of New York, two hun-
dred and fifty acres of land on the Raritap
river in Somerset county, New Jersey, it
being a part of the tract bought by Coenraats



from Peter Sonmans, who in turn had pur-
chased it from the proprietors of East Jersey.
The deed for this land has never been re-
corded, and is now in possession of Mrs.
Elizabeth (Beekman) Vredenburgh, who still
owns a portion of the land described, which
she inherited from her father, Benjamin
Beekman, and her mother, Cornelia Beekman.
He married Annetje, daughter of Peter
Quackenbush and among his children was
Marten, referred to below.

(III) Marten Beekman, son of Hendrick
Beeckman, was born in 1685, died October 27,
1757. The descendants of his three sons are
very numerous in New York, Ohio, Indiana,
Illinois, Michigan, Oregon, and elsewhere.
He married, June 21, 1734, Elizabeth, daugh-
ter of Samuel and Neeltje fBloetjoet) Wald-
ron. and granddaughter of Resolved Waldron,
of Harlem, who was sheriff of New York City
under Governor Peter Stuyvesant. She was
born in 1700 and died November 27, 1760.
Children : Elizabeth, Hendrick, Samuel,
Annatie and Johannes.

(IV) Johannes (John"), youngest child of
Marten and Elizabeth (Waldron) Beekman,
was born November 5. 1741. in .Somerset
county. New Jersey, where he died March 17,
1789 He married, July 30. 1769. Arriantje
Tunison, born October 12, 1753, died Janu-
ary 31, 1835. They were the parents of four

(V) Cornelius, son of John and Arriantie
(Tunisonl Beekman. was born January 28,
1772, in Somerville, New Jersey, and died
July 5, 1850. He married, in 1702, Rebecca
Sharp, born January 2. 1772, died February
27, 1844, aged seventy-two years. They had
three sons and two daughters.

(VI) Beniamin. son of Cornelius and Re-
becca C Sharp) Beekman. was born Aoril 27,
1804, in Si^merville, and died at Dundee New
York, Aoril 8, 1879. ^^ married, at Plain-
field, New Tersev. March 21, 1827. Lvdia
Comnton. born there March 3. i8o5, died in
Dundee. New York. October 2. i8qt, daugh-
ter of Toshua and Catherine (Co«ad) Comn-
ton. He resided in Somerville. New Tersev,
and New York Citv. and removed to Dimdee
after T820. Children: i. Corneliiis C,
born Januarv 27, T828, in New York, now
resides at Jacksonville, Oregfon ; married, at
Jacksonville, Julia E. Hoffman. 2. Abram.

mentioned below. 3. John, born March 9,
1832, at Dundee; married (first) Elizabeth
Disbrow, (second) Helena Ackerson, and
died at Bath. 4. Lydia Ann, May 30, 1834,
died in Dundee in 1910; married there in
1853, Marcus T. Seely. 5. Thomas De Witt.
August 22, 1841, now resides at Dundee, New
York : married, in 1863, Isadore Fowler, of
Elmira, New York. 6 and 7. Cyrus and
Augustus, twins, born August 25, 1844, i"
Dundee. The former died there in 185 1, and
the latter when four days old.

(VII) Abram, second son of Benjamin
and Lydia (Compton) Beekman, was bom
December 26, 1829, in New York City, died
at Bath, Steuben county, New York, May 10,
1907. He married, October 30, 1861, Sarah
McKay Fowler, of Bath, born there Novem-
ber 21, 1843, died there September 27, 1905,
daughter of John W. and Helen D. (Clement)
Fowler, who were married November 12,
1823. Children: i. Lydia, born June 28,
1863, married George H. Parker, of Bath. 2.
George N., born September 17, 1865, in Bath,
now resides there; married there, in 1891,
Julia E. Averell. 3. John Fowler, mentioned
below. 4. Edgar, mentioned below. 5. Cor-
nelius C, mentioned below.

(A'lII) John Fowler, second son of
Abram and Sarah M. (Fowler) Beekman,
was born February 18, 1869, in Bath, where
he is now living engaged in the manufacturing
business. He is a Presbyterian in religious
faith, and a Republican in politics. He re-
ceived his education in Bath and for a short
time resided in New York City, returning to
his native place in 1912. He married, in New
York City, May 22, i88g, Caroline A. Young,
daughter of William H. and Polly (Brund-
age) Young.

(VIID Edgar, third son of Abram and
Sarah M. (Fowler) Beekman, was born
March iq, 1872, at Bath, and now resides at
Bronxville, New York. He was educated at
the Haverling Union School in his native
place and became an expert in corporation
taxation. He is a Presbyterian in religious
faith, a Republican in politics, a member of
the Aero Club of .A.merica, the RTasonic Club,
and the Bronxville Athletic Association. He
married, at Jersey Citv, New Jersey, Decem-
ber 21, 1893, May Hastings Leonard, bom
August 23, 1869, in Troy, Pennsylvania,



daughter of Solyman and Elizabeth (Hast-
ings) Leonard. They have one son, Abram
Leonard, born August 21, 1895, at Forest Hill,
New Jersey.

(VHI) Cornelius C, youngest child of
Abram and Sarah M. (Fowler) Beekman,
was born August 17, 1880, at Bath, where
he grew up, receiving his primary education
at the Haverling High School of his native
town. He subsequently entered Columbia
Law School of New York City and is now
engaged in the practice of law in New York,
with residence in Brooklyn. He is a Presby-
terian in religion, and a Republican in his
political views. He married, in Brooklyn,
November 8, 191 1, Josephine Estelle Egan,
born November 9, 1882, in Syracuse, New
York, daughter of the late William G. Egan
and Josephine M. Egan, now Mrs. H. R. H.
Nicholas, of Brooklyn, New York.

This surname in the old
WORTENDYKE records is also found in

the forms of Woorten-
dyck, Woertendky and Weortendijck. The
bearers of the name have a common ancestry
with those who bear the name Somerindyke,
the other forms of which, found in the old
records, are: Somerindyck, Somerindyk,
Somerindick, Somerindicke and Somerindijck.
The immigrant ancestor, Cornelius Jacobsen,
is found at an early date bearing the sobriquet
of Stille (or The Silent), which may have
been no true surname, but merely an appella-
tion given to him to denote one of his charac-
teristics. Cornelius Jacobsen came to this
country with his brother John, and it has been
said that the descendants of Cornelius adopted
the surname of Wortendyke, while the de-
scendants of John assumed that of Somerin-
dyke. Cornelius, however, had a large family
of children, and the descendants of some of
the sons took the surname Wortendyke, and
the descendants of the others took that of
Somerindyke. What were the motives gov-
erning the choice are not now quite clear.

(I) Cornelius Jacobsen, alias Stille, the
immigrant ancestor of the Wortendyke familv.
came to this country from Amsterdam. Hol-
land, with his brother, John, in 1639. Shortly
after their arrival they are said by one author-
ity to have assumed the name of Somerin-
dyke, which in the case of Cornelius was sub-

sequently changed to Wortendyke. Besides
the sobriquet of Stille, Cornelius also appears
to have been known as "Van Vreelandt," in-
dicating from what part of Holland he had
come. One authority states that Cornelius,
and perhaps also John, his brother, was in
New Amsterdam as early as 1631, and re-
sided at the head of what is now Chatham
Square. The records indicate that after re-
maining a short time in New Amsterdam
(later New York) he bought and located on
a plantation at Bushwick, Long Island. From
there he removed to what is now the Williams-
burg district of Brooklyn. In 1664 he took
the oath of allegiance to the British govern-
ment, at which time he was residing on a farm
of a hundred acres in what was formerly the
Greenwich district of New York City. He
married (first) August 24, 1692, Classic
Teunis; (second) July 28, 1675, Trynte Wait-
ings Van Winkle, of Amsterdam, Holland,
Among his children was Jacob, mentioned

(II) Jacob, son of Cornelius Jacobsen,
surnamed Stille, also Van Vreelandt, also
Somerindyke, and also Wortendyke. and his
wife, Trynte Wallings Van Winkle, was born
in New Amsterdam (later New York) in
1644. Very little concerning the details of
his career is given in the records, but he prob-
ably died at a not very advanced age, for his
children numbered only four. He married,
March 11, 1671, Aeltje Fredericks, an estim-
able Brazilian lady. Children : Jacob, Nicho-
las, Frederick Jacobsen, mentioned below;

(III) Frederick Jacobsen, son of Jacob
and Aeltje (Fredericks) Wortendyke, was
born on Manhattan Island, probably about
1679. He spent his boyhood on his father's
farm, and seems to have taken advantage of
the educational facilities then offered. In
course of time he located on the upper west
side of Manhattan Island. Concerning him
it is said by one authority that he and his
descendants permanently adopted the surname
of Wortendyke, which had been somewhat
loosely applied up to that time, while the
descendants of his brother retained the name
of Somerindyke, which had till that time alter
nated with Wortendyke as the family cogno-
men. The old Somerindyke mansion hoii=e.

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