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Genealogical and family history of southern New York and the Hudson River Valley : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the building of a nation (Volume 2) online

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ary 3. 181 1 : Oliver, December 18, 1788.' died
December 20. 1867; Margaret, married Dr.
David Hanford. referred to above; Nathaniel,
November 20. itd;. di.d M.-mh u. 1862;

Ferdinand, September 9, 1798, died September
9, 1834. Children of Dr. David and Margaret
(Bailey) Hanford: Caroline, born 1814;
John Bailey, referred to below.

(VH) John Bailey, son of Dr. David and
Margaret (Bailey) Hanford, was born in Mid-
dletown, New York, August 11, 1821, died
there February 13, 1892. He received his
early education in the schools of his native
town, and at the age of twenty-one years en-
tered mercantile life and established the first
drygoods store in Middletown, which he con-
ducted for two years in partnersliip with Her-
man Young, at the end of which time the firm
was dissolved, and he formed a i)artnership
with B. \\'. Shaw under the firm name of
Shaw & Hanford, in which he continued until
1861, when he disposed of his interest in the
business and engaged in the development of
real estate until his death. He owned a tract
of forty-five acres of land, on which a part of
Middletown is now built, and for him was
named the jjresent "Hanford street". He was
a prominent and progressive citizen, and
served for two terms as a member of the
board of trustees of Middletown. He was a
Presbyterian in religion. He married (first)
October 13, 1846, Ellen W., daughter of Rev.
Thomas Robinson, and (second) March 7,
i860, Anna Decker, born October 29, 1832,
died August 6. 1898, daughter of Rev. James
and Vashti (Decker) Beveridge. Her father
was born in the town of Kirkcaldy. Fife,
Scotland, and emi.grated to America ; her moth-
er was a daughter of Johannes Decker, who
was born April 16, 1741, died August 27. 1829,
and whose father, Johannes Decker, emigrated
in 1710 from Holland and settled at New
Paltz, Ulster county. New York, and who,
with his entire family excepting Johannes, was
drowned while crossing the i^udson river on
the ice, January 23, 1742. Johannes Decker
married, October 30, 1768, Anna Hasbrouck,
bOrn December 29, 1747, died January 30,
1848. Children of Rev. James and Vashti
(Decker) Beveridge: Frank; Anna Decker,
married John Bailey Hanford, referred to
above; John; James; Katherine. Children of
Jf)lin Bailey Hanford (two by first marriage) :
David, deceased ; John, deceased ; Frank Bev-
eridge, referred to below ; Charles Hunter, re-
ferred to below ; Ellen Grace, born October
23, 1867, now living in Middletown, New
York, married, August 8, 1898, George Han-



(Vni) Frank Beveridge, son of John
Bailey and Anna Decker (Beveridge) Han-
ford, was born in Middletown, New York,
January 4, 1862, and is now living in Brook-
lyn, New York City. He received his early
education in the public schools in Middletown
and also in Flushing, Long Island, and later
graduated from Eastman's Business College
in Poughkeepsie, New York, and then be-
came a clerk in the First Middletown National
Bank, remaining in that position until 1884,
when he spent a short time on a ranch in the
west, after which he returned to Middletown,
and later removed to Jersey City, New Jer-
sey, where he conducted a livery and boarding
stable for ten years, and then removed to
Brooklyn, where he is now living. He mar-
ried, September 7, 1892, May Constance, born
October 30, 1867, daughter of Rienzi Alex-
ander and Elizabeth Harriet (Kirk) Secor.
Her father was born May 17, 1835, and was
a son of Zeno and Mary (Little) Secor, and
a grandson of Francis Secor, who was asso-
ciated with Robert Fulton in ship building,
and who was a member of the French Hu-
guenot family of Secor, which settled at New
Rochelle, New York. Her mother was born
October 31, 1841, died July 23, 1898. and was
a daughter of Joseph Kirk, born 1787, died
October 25, 1850. He was a soldier in H. B.
M. Fifty-third Regiment and received a silver
medal for bravery in the battle of Java ; he
married in Colombo, Ceylon, March 28, 1819,
Isabel, daughter of John and Jean (Nichol)
Lyon, the latter a granddaughter of Lady
Flora MacDonald, "Macdonald of the Isles."
•Child of Frank Beveridge and May Constance
(Secor) Hanford: Elizabeth Anna, born
February 13, 1903.

(VIII) Charles Hunter, son of John Bailey
and Anna Decker (Beveridge) Hanford, was
born in Middletown, New York, March 15,
1864, and is now living in Newburg, New
York. He received his early education in the
public schools of Middletown, and also in
Flushing, Long Island, and then entered the
First National Bank of Middletown as a clerk
and was steadily promoted until he became
assistant cashier of that institution, in which
position he remained until 1893. when he re-
signed ancl purchased an interest in the firm
of Staples, Post & Company in Newburg, New
York, and a little over one year later pur-
chased also the interest of Mr. Post in the

business, and the firm became Staples & Han-
ford, and continued as such until 1902, when
the business was incorporated and he was
elected first vice-president of the company, and
continued as such until 1909 when he was
elected the president of the company, and
which ofifice he still holds. He is one of the
directors of the Highland National Bank of
Newburg. He is one of the trustees of the
First Presbyterian Church in Newburg. He
is a Republican in politics. He married, June
•5i ^^97 > Frances Louise, daughter of Hon.
Edward P. Babcock, of Canandaigua, New
York. Her grandfather was Stanton Babcock,
who was one of the pioneer settlers of Pratts-
burg, Steuben county. New York, and her
father was judge of Ontario county, and
served also at one time as a member of the
assembly of the state of New York. Child of
Charles Hunter and Frances Louise (Bab-
cock ) Hanford : John Babcock, born October
TO. 1903.

The surname Turnurc was
TURNURE originally Tourneur and is of
Picard or French origin.
Some etymologists hold that the name was
originally Tournoire, meaning "black tower,"
a connection by which perhaps some well
known landmark endowed the ancestral fam-
ily with its name. Another possible origin is
the term "tourneour", Norman French for one
who took part in a tournament. In a mediae-
val controversy respecting the right of bearing
arms. Azure a bend or, it was testified that
Monsire le Scrope was in his time le plus fort
tourneour de tout notrc pays, translated, "the
bravest tourneyer of all our country." One
witness testified moreover that he always wore
the blue with the golden bend, as did his kins-
man, Goefifrey le Scrope, when he tourneyed
at the various tournaments. The Tourneurs
or Turnures of New York were one of some
thirty French families, about a third of whom
were from Picardy, who made their home in
Harlem in the seventeenth century. Of Pic-
ard descent were the Tourneurs or Turnures,
Cressons, Demarests, Casiers and Disosways,
members of all of which except the last served
as magistrates. The Turnure family has al-
ways played an influential part in the history
of state and nation. Some of its members
have been men of the highest repute in public,
professional and commercial life.



(1) Deacon Daniel Tourneur or de Tour-
neur, immigrant ancestor of most of those in
America bearing the name or its variations,
was born at Amiens in Picardy, France, about
1025, died at Harlem, New York, in 1673.
Being charged with the death of Tilic Alaire,
whom he had killed in self-defence during a
brawl occasioned by the religious quarrels of
the period, he left France, going through Bel-
gium to Holland. He finally halted at Ley-
den, and settling down pursued for a time the
business of draper, eventually marrying. Al-
most two years later Tourneur sailed with his
wife and infant son for New Netherland in
America, probably in the ship with Dr. Samuel
Drisius, of Leyden, which left Holland April
4, 165Z. Jean le Roy, a kinsman of Tourneur,
appears to have accompanied him with his
wife, Louise de Lancaster. On coming here
he first lived at I'^lathush where a daughter
was born, who died in infancy. Here Tour-
neur, with some military prestige it would
seem, was made corporal of a company formed
April 7, 1654, for protection against maraud-
ers. Soon after he was granted a lot in New
Amsterdam, with a view to putting up a house,
but a year or more passing before the timber
was ready he renewed his request, April 11,
1657, for leave to build. He afterwards built
a house on the Prince's draft, where he bought
a lot, May 31, 1660, and on August 16 of the
same year was appointed a magistrate for
Harlem. He probably continued in business
at New Amsterdam, as on October 15 ensuing
he was made one of the "sworn butchers".
The next winter he put up a barn on his vil-
lage plot at Harlem, where he had already
built a house, and whither he soon removed,
serving in the magistracy at various periods
ajid serving also for several years as deputy
sheriff. He was repeatedly chosen deacon, be-

Online LibraryCuyler ReynoldsGenealogical and family history of southern New York and the Hudson River Valley : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the building of a nation (Volume 2) → online text (page 24 of 95)