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proved June 10, 1843, bequeathed to his son,
George B. Blauvelt, a third interest in a lime
kiln, lime house and quarry. Among other
properties mentioned in his will is a fourteen-
acre wood lot. He was a colonel in the war of
1812, and a member of the assembly in 1816-
1817-1822. He married, at Tappan, March 2Z,
1791, Leah Peterse, both being then described
as residents of Tappan. His surviving children
at the time of making his will were: Richard,
Aaron, George B.. ^laria. wife of John S.
Gurnee; Rachel, Rebecca, wife of Edward De-
Noyelles; Letitia, Catherine, wife of Hollis

(VII) George B., third son of Cornelius
Aaronson and Leah (Peterse) Blauvelt, was
born in Ramapo. where he died May 14. 1850.
His will, made May 19, 1850. proved July 8,
of the same year, divided his property equally
among his wife and children. He conducted
a lime kiln and also engaged in farming. He
married Harriet Sherwood, who survived him,
and they had children : John Lewis, mentioned
below; Richard \\'.. married Lucy .Sherwood,
children : James and Charles. James, died be-
fore maturity : Hannah, wife of David Fox.
children, David Jr. and George S.

(VIII) John Lewis, eldest child of George
B. and Harriet (Sherwood) Blauvelt, was
bom January 23, 1839, at Ramapo, died there
September 6. 191 1. He was engaged in farm-
ing. He married, January 22. 1864, Lucinda
Gurnee, born August 17, 1840, who survives
him and now resides in Mousey. Children :
Martha E., died at the age of two years ;
George Alanson, mentioned below ; Martha E..
died in 1878, at the age of eight years.

(IX) George Alanson, only son of John
Lewis and Lucinda (Gurnee) Blauvelt, was



born November 11, 1866, at IMonsey, in the
town of Ramapo, where he grew to manhood.
His primary education was supphed by the
public schools of Rockland county, and he pre-
pared for college at Chappaqua Mountain In-
stitute, Westchester county, New York grad-
uating in 1884. Entering Cornell University,
at Ithaca, New York, he graduated with the
class of 1890, receiving the degree of Bach-
elor of Letters. He pursued a post-graduate
course at Columbia University, taking the de-
gree of Master of Arts. He pursued the study
of law and was admitted to the bar in 1892.
He began the practice of his profession in
New York City. In 1891-92 he was managing
clerk in the law office of Robert W. Todd on
Broadway, New York City. From 1893 to
1907 he was a member of the law firm of
Graff & Blauvelt, and succeeded to the firm's
business in 1907, upon the death of the senior
meijiber, William T. Grafif. His offices are
located in Nassau street, New York City. He
is a director of and attorney for the First
National Bank of Spring Valley, New York ;
served as school commissioner of Rockland
county from 1893 to 1896. and county attor-
ney from 1907 to 191 1. Politically Mr. Blau-
velt is a Democrat and exercises a large in-
fluence in the councils of his party. In 191 1
he served as member of the assembly from
Rockland county, and the direct primary law
passed at the session of that year bears his
name as one of the authors. He married, at
Nanuet. New York, January 22, 1S96. Cora
Dcmarest, born at that place, only child of
Joseph G. and Anna Demarest.

(V) Joseph, third son of Johannes Ger-
ritse and Antye CQuackenbos) Blauvelt, was
born September 17. 1740, baptized at Tappan,
and died March 15. 1789, in the town of
Ramapo, New York. He married Hannah
Demorest, born August 4, 1749. Children:
John, born May 8, 1770; Nicholas, June 4,
1772: Cornelius, mentioned below; Daniel,
December 16, 1782.

(VD Cornelius, third son of Joseph and
Hannah (Demorest) Blauvelt, was born June
12. 1775. in Ramapo. died June 12, 185S. He
married. November 4, 1706, Bridget Talman.
Children : Joseph Cornelius, mentioned below ;
John, born August 21, 1801 : Cornelius, Au-
gust 20, 1808; Abraham C. J., December 18,
181 1 : Tunis; Nicholas C.

('\TI") Joseph Cornelius, eldest child

of Cornelius and Bridget (Talman) Blau-
velt, was born November 8, 1798, in
Ramapo, died June 5, 1883, in that town.
He married, May 12, 1821, Rebecca Ramsen,
born June 20, 1803. in Ramapo, died there
April 21, 1885. Children: Mary, born March

5, 1822, married John DeBaun, and died July

6, 1845; Isaac Ramsen and Margaret, twins,
April 2, 1825; Aaron Du Bois, June 21, 1832;
John Calvin, October 29, 1835 ; Cornelius Ed-
ward, January 4, 1838.

(VTII) Margaret, second daughter of
Joseph C. and Rebecca (Ramsen) Blauvelt,
twin of Isaac R., became the wife of Sylvester
Westervelt, of Ramapo (see Westervelt VII).

(II) Johannes GerritFc
BLAUVELT Blauvelt, third son of Ger-

rit and Marie Lamber:s
(Moll) Hendrycksen (q. v.), was baptized
April 9, 1659, in New York. He was one of
the original land purchasers at Tappan, where
he was one of the founders and first members
of the church, received October 24, 1694. The
next year he was a deacon of the church and
was again in that position in 1701. He mar-
ried Catie Cornelise. Children, recorded at
Tappan: Cornelia, born October 25, 1694;
Margrietje, February 5, 1699; Johannes,
October 15, 1701 ; Jacobus, mentioned below:
Lea, January 17, 1705; Rachel, October t6,
1706; Katrina, October 9, 1708; Elizabeth,
July 27, 1710; David, March 10, 1712; Sara,
May 6. 17 14.

(III) Jacobus, third son of Johannes Ger-
ritse and Catie (Cornelise) Blauvelt, was
born April 10, 1703, at Tappan, where he
lived. He married Elizabeth (Everse,
Everts) Everet, and had children: Johannes,
mentioned below ; Catrina, born November
21. 173,1: Elisabedt, December 29. 1735; Mar-
grietye, August 12, 1738; Annatye, June 9,
1741 ; Sara, July 8, 1743; Maria, October 29,
1745, baptized at Schraalenberg; Jacobus.
July 27, 1748. The birth and parentage of
his wife and their marriage are not recorded
in Hackensack. Schraalenberg or Tappan.

(IV) Johannes, eldest child of Jacobus and
Elizabeth (Everet) Blauvelt, was born De-
cember II. 1731, at Tappan. where he lived.
He married, about 1756-57, Elizabeth fPeeck)
Peck, whose birth or parentage cannot be
found on the records of Hackensack. Schraal-
enberg or Tappan. There is a hiatus in the


marriage records of Tappan, and it is im-
possible for this reason to give the dates of
many marriages in the families of that sec-
tion. They had children: Tunis (Theunis),
mentioned below; David, born July 29, 1761 ;
Maria, February 24, 1765. There were prob-
ably others not recorded either at Hackensack,
Schraalenberg or Tappan.

fV) Tunis, eldest son of Johannes and
Elizabeth (Peck) Blauvelt, was born Decem-
ber 30, 1758, and baptized January 21. 1759,
at Tappan. He probably lived in the town
of Ramapo, and only one child is recorded
at Tappan. He married Maria Perrie. who
was probably a daughter of John and Eliza-
beth (de Klerck) Perrie.

(VD lohannes (2) (John), son of Tunis
and Maria (Perrie) Blauvelt, was born Sep-
tember 2. 1785, in Orangeburg, recorded at
Tappan, lived m Orangeburg on his father's
farm and died there. He married, February
20. iSto, at Tappan, Sarah Lansing, born
April 22, 1791, not recorded in Tappan,
Schraalenberg or Hackensack. Children : Tu-
nis John, born November 8. 1810; Nicholas
Lansing, mentioned below; Mary Ann, July
10. 1R20.

(VH) Nicholas Lansing, second son of
Johannes (2) (John) and Sarah (Lansing)
Blauvelt, was born March 12, 1817, at
Oraneeburg. died April 12, 1879, at Nanuet.
The farm on which he lived, one mile south
of Nanuet village, was devised to his wMfe by
her father. John Ho^enkamp. This farm is
now in possession of her heirs, who still pre-
serve the old deeds conveying the farm to her
ancestors. One tract was conveyed by "Fred-
erickus Blauvelt of the County of Orange in
the Province of New York Yeoman", to
Mindert Hogenkamp by deed dated June 5th
"in the 28th year of the reign of our sov-
ereign Lord George, the second, by the Grace
of God. of Great Britain, France and Ireland.
King. Defender of the Faith and in the year
of our Lord Christ, one thousand seveij hun-
dred and fifty-five". Another tract of one
hundred and twenty-seven acres v^'hich be-
came a part of the farm was conveyed Octo-
ber 16. 1784. by Daniel Graham. Esq.. "Com-
missioner of Forfeitures for the Middle Dis-
trict of said State, appointed in pursuance of
an act in the T,egislature of the State, entitled
an act for the speedy sale of the confiscated
and forfeited estates passed the 12th day of

May, 1784" to John Hogenkamp, first. The
latter was also known as John M. Hogen
Kamp, and was a captain in the revolutionary
army. Fifty acres of the farm were conveyed,
December 6, 1796, by Cornelius M. Demarest
to John M. Hogen Kamp, Esq. The executor
of the estate has also in his possession an
original deed of a tract of land on the "Hack-
ensack Hill", containing eighty-six and one-
half acres, made by Myndert Hogen Kamp to
Myndert Hogen Kamp Jr., dated June 25 "in
the 1 2th. year of the Reign of our Sovereign
Lord George H by the Grace of God. of
Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, De-
fender of the Faith, etc., Annoq. Domini
1739." This will was proved before Cornelius
Cuiper, one of the magistrate judges for our
inferior court of common pleas. The deed is
proved by Johannes Blauvelt, subscribing wit-
ness, and recites that he made oath on the
Holy Evangelis of Almighty God that he,
Myndert Hogen Kamp signed, sealed and de-
livered the instrument to Myndert Hogen
Kamp Jr. The original will of Myndert Ho-
gen Kamp, dated May 5. 1783, is also pre-
served with other papers. Nicholas L. Blau-
velt married Eliza Hogen Kamp, born Novem-
ber. 1822, at Nanuet. died March 11, 1902.
Children : Sarah Elizabeth, born May 17,
1841, married Alonzo B. Smith; John Hogen
Kamp, mentioned below ; Charles Edwin, born
.'\pril. 1847, lived at Cresskill and New York
City: Peter Herring, born November 3, 1849;
Gerrit Melancthon. February 15. 1854.

(\TII) John Hogen Kamp. eldest son of
Nicholas Lansing and Eliza (Hogen Kamp)
Blauvelt. was born October 25. 1843. at Nan-
uet. where he grew up. attending the public
schools until he was fourteen years of age.
Following this he was a student at the public
schools of New York City, and at the College
of the City of New York, from which he
graduated in 1863, receiving the degree of
A.B. and subsequently that of A.M. He took
up the study of law with Howard C. Cady,
and subsequently with Spear & Nash, later
Owen. Nash tl- Garv, and was admitted to the
bar in 1870. Following his admission he
opened an office in New York City, and has
ever since been engaged in practice there, mak-
ing a specialty of surrogate, real estate and
commercial matters. He is now administrator
of the estate of Eliza (Hogen Kamp) Blau-
velt, and resides in Brooklyn Borough, New



York City. He is a member of the Law In-
stitute, and of Grace Presbyterian Church in
Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Blauvelt lias given
close attention to business, has thus built up
a large and lucrative practice, and gives little
attention to public affairs, although he is an
earnest supporter of the Republican party in
political matters.

He married (first) June 3, 1874. in New
York City, Kate Fisher, who died .-\pril 21.
1886, in Brooklyn. He married (second) Sep-
tember 2, i8g6, Harriet Barnes Salisbury, who
died August 8, 1905. in Brooklyn. Children:
I. Fanny Jackson, born July 20, 1875; wife of
Professor Raymond Clinton Reed ; children :
Raymond B., Katherine and Helen. 2. Clar-
ence Hogen Kamp, February 13, 1879: ser-
geant in Squadron C, of Brooklyn ; unmarried.

(V) Cornelius Blauvelt. son
BLAUVELT of Johannes Gerritse and
Antye (Quackenbos) Blau-
velt, was born at Tappan, January 9, 1744.
died January 11, 1832. There are not many
details regarding his life, but he lived for the
greater part of it at Tappan, where he was
much regarded, and was a leadine man in the
community. He married Sarah Demarest.

(\T) David C, son of Cornelius and Sarah
(Demarest) Blauvelt, was born at Tappan.
February 10. 1773. died January 30. 1835. ^^
married Maria Demarest. born April 10. 1770,
died May 12. 1843 Children: Richard De-
marest. mentioned below ; David, born at Tap-
pan, Bergen county, New Jersey, November
17. 1819; a daughter who died in 1824, aged
nineteen : another daughter, who died July 6,
1887. figed eighty-eight; James D., who died
in T8qT, at an age almost approaching ninety;
Cornelius D., who died aged eighty-two.

(\TI) Richard Demarest, son of David C.
and Maria (Demarest) Blauvelt. was born in
1802. died at Newark. New Jersey. He was
educated in the public schools, and when a
boy started in to learn the furniture business
in New York. Later he opened up a store
and started in the same business on the Bow-
ery. He made the manufacture of chairs his
specialty and in this he was very successful.
He was a Whig in politics, though he never
held nor aspired to hold public office. He and
the members of his family were accustomed
to attend the services of the Dutch Reformed
and the Baptist churches. He was for twen-

ty-one years in the Seventh Regiment of the
New York S. M. under Captain Riblets. He
married, in 1828, Mary, born in 1805 '" New
York City, daughter of Vincent and Sarah
(Schneider) De La Montanye. The children
were : Mary Baker ; Richard De La Mon-
tanye ; Sarah Perret ; George Washington,
mentioned below ; Amelia.

( Vni) George Washington, son of Richard
Demarest and Mary (De La Montanye) Blau-
velt, was born in New York City, February
22. 1836. He was educated in the public
schools, and after completing his studies
worked at various positions until he went into
the employment of the city of New York, in
the service of which he was engaged for thir-
ty-two years, working in the department of
repairs. He was shifted around until he be-
came the general foreman of repairs in the
borough of Manhattan. He was with his fam-
ily affiliated with the Baptist church. He
married, about the year 1865. Julia Gomperts,
born in New York City, September 21, 1836.
There were ei,ght children of this marriage,
the last five being dead. The children were:
Benjamin Lewis, mentioned below ; Laura
Bertlia. Mamie, Mary, Julia, Blanche, George,

(IX) Benjamin Lewis, eldest son of George
Washington and Julia (Gomperts) Blauvelt.
was born in the city of New York. October
5, 1867. He was educated in the public
schools of the city, which he attended for a
number of vears, and then went to the Col-
lege of the City of New York. He was gradu-
ated from that college as a civil engineer in
i8gi. While pursuing the profession of civil
engineer during the dav he studied law at
night at the New York Law School and was
admitted to the bar in lOoo. He has been do-
ing law business ever since, engaging in gen-
eral practice. Mr. Blauvelt is director of the
Washington Heiehts Bar Association and of
the New York County Lawyers' Association.
He is also a member of the New York Law
School Alumni. He. like all the members of
his family, is a member of the Episcopal

He married, in New York City, June 21,
1898. Bessie Keene, born on Staten Island in
1874, daughter of Thomas and Nellie (Keene)
Kilvert. Thomas Kilvert was born in Man-
chester. Enghnd. He was a lawyer in New
York City. His wife, Nellie (Keene) Kilvert,



was born in Reading, Pennsylvania. The chil-
dren of Thomas and NelHe (Keene) Kilvert
were: Charles; Bessie Keene, married Ben-
jamin Lewis Blauvelt ; Nellie Beatrice.

The family of Butler is said to
BUTLER be Irish or Norman-Irish in

origin, although there are in
Cheshire and Yorkshire several old estab-
lished families of the name. They may, how-
ever, have been branches of the great Irish
family. The surname is said to be derived
from the French form with the same meaning,
"Botilcr", meaning a wine merchant or butler.
The king's butler or pincerna regis was an
officer of considerable importance, answering
to the collector of customs in modern ports.
The origin of the great Irish family of Butler
is a vexed one. They have been variously
deduced from Ilerveius, a companion of Wil-
liam the Conqueror — from the illustrious De
Clares — and from a brother of Thomas a
Becket, the archbishop of Canterbury. The
name, however, is a corruption of the Norman
French term applied to the office of the king's
butler, which was conferred upon Theobald,
surnamed "le botiler". by Henry II.. and re-
mained hereditary in his descendants for
many generations. In those centuries the up-
per classes of England were French-speaking.
and were largely Norman in blood, and the
surnames dating from that time are either
purely French in origin, or are .^nglo-Saxon
terms that have been given a slightly French

The ancestors of the Butlers, on the pater-
nal side, crossed to Ireland in the twelfth cen-
tury, and sought alliances with the Milesian
houses of their own station, transmitting the
family name to their descendants in both a
Norman and a Gaelic form. In the thirteenth
century what is now called Tipperary was
formed into the "county palatine of Ormond
under the Butlers, who thus became so pow-
erful, that different branches of them'', says
"O'Hart's Pedigrees.", "furnished manv of tlie
most distinguished families in Ireland". The
Butlers were earls, marquises and dukes of
Ormonde. Their war cry, which also became
their motto, as in many Gaelic families, was
"Butler Abu !", "abu" or "aboo" being the
Iri=h or Gaelic word for "victory". Their arms
ncc'rding to the description given in "O'Hart's
Pedigrees" were: Arms: Or. a chief inflent-

ed azure. Crest: In a ducal coronet, or, a
plume of five ostrich feathers; ar, a falcon
arising out of the last. In the case of the
English families bearing the name the patron-
ymic has probably been derived in a simi-
lar way from the Norman French word de-
noting occupation. Possibly too in America
there are families of French origin among the
Butlers, whose name was originally "Botiler'',
which became anglicised into Butler.

(I) Justice Butler, ancestor of the Butler
family, lived in New Haven, Connecticut,
where he was probably born about 1760. He
was in all likelihood a descendant of Deacon
Richard Butler, who came to this country in
1633, supposedly from Braintree, county Es-
sex, England. Richard became a freeman at
Cambridge, Massachusetts, May 14, 1634, and
a member of the Rev. Thomas Hooker's
church at Hartford, Connecticut, in 1642.
With his brother, William, he was among the
first settlers at Hartford, receiving sixteen
acres of land there in the first division. He
was a deacon in the first church there and
occupied successively the positions of juror,
selectman, deputy to the general court, and
clerk of the general court. He lived in Hart-
ford on the south side of the Little river, and
owned a house, lot and other lands in Weath-
ersfield. He was twice married, the name of
his first wife remaining unknown, and he
married (second") Elizabeth Bigelow. before
coming to Hartford. She died February z6,
1656; he died August 6. 1684. The inventory
of his estate amounted to six hundred and
fifty-four pounds, fifteen shillings. They had
eight children, five of them sons, all born at
Hartford. It is probable that Justice Butler
was sprung from one of these sons of Richard
Butler, though the most diligent research up
to the present has not succeeded in establish-
ing the connection. Justice Butler married
Lucv Davis.

(IF) Henry, son of Justice and Lucy
(Davis^i Butler, was born in New Haven,
Connecticut, about 1785. He continued to
live in New Haven, where he appears to have
made a prominent fisrure in mercantile circles.
Later he lived in Richmond. Virginia. He
married, in 1807. at New Haven. Rebecca,
born in New Haven, in 1788, daughter of
Samuel Green, born in 1744, died in 17OQ, and
his wife, Abigail CBuelli Green, born in Kil-
lingworth, Connecticut, in 1749, died in Rich-



mond, Virginia, in 1819. Abigail Buell was
descended in the fourth generation from Wil-
liam Buell, the American pioneer, and patri-
arch of the family. William Buell, Bewelle,
or Beville, was born in Chesterton, Hunting-
donshire, England, about 1610. Emigrating
to America as early as 1630, he settled first
in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and then in
1633 joined the first company that went west-
ward to found the town of Windsor. He
died in Windsor in 1681. His son, Samuel
Buell, was born in Windsor in 1641, and after
1664 lived in Killingworth. where he died in
1720. In the old records he is especially set
down as "gentleman", was an extensive land
owner, and was honored by his fellow citizens
by election to many positions of trust and
responsibility. By his marriage in 1662 to
Deborah Griswold, who was born in 1646,
died in 171Q, Samuel Buell allied himself to
another of the great colonial families of Con-
necticut. His wife was a daughter of Edward
Griswold, of \\^indsor, brother of Governor
Matthew Griswold. The Griswold family is
descended from Humphrey Griswold, of
Greet, Lord of the Manor. Their ancestors
came originally from Cambridgeshire, where
they were established as early as 1135. The
grandparents of .Abigail Buell, and the an-
cestors in the fifth generation of Rebecca
Green, were Beniamin Buell, of Killingworth,
who was born in 1686, died in 1725, and
Hannah Hutchinson, of Hebron, whom he
married in 1710 Her parents were John
Buell, born in Killineworth in 1717, died
in 1752, and Abigail (Chatfield) Buell,
daughter of John Chatfield. Several of the
sons of Henrv and Rebecca (Green) Butler
have occupied commandine positions in the
commercial and professional life of New York
City. The eldest son. George B., who was
born in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1809,
died in New York in i88fi, is still remembered
as one of the proprietors of the Nm' York
Journal of Commerce, and secretary and at-
torney of the Hudson River Railroad Com-
pany. His son, George Butler, was the dis-
tinguished artist, one of the foremost Ameri-
can painters of his generation. Charles E. is
mentioned below.

(HI) Charles E., son of Henry and Re-
becca ("Green) Butler, was born in Richmond,
\'ir?inia. in tSi8, died in the city of New
York, May i, 1807. He began the study of

the law in 1836 in the office of Jonathan Pres-
cott Hall, in New York City. When he was
twenty-four years old. in association with Wil-
liam M. Evarts he formed the law firm of
Butler & Evarts, whose successors are now
the firm of Evarts, Choate & Sherman. Re-
tiring from professional work in 1879, h^
spent most of his time after that upon his
estate in Stockbridge. Massachusetts. He
married Louisa Clinch, sister of Cornelia
Clinch, who became the wife of Alexander T.
Stewart, the great merchant prince. Mrs.
Louisa (Clinch) Butler died in 1852. Chil-
dren : Prescott Hall, mentioned below ; Max-
well Evarts: Rosalie, died in 1897; Helen C. ;
Virginia; Lilian, married John Swann.

(IV) Prescott Hall, son of Charles E. and
Louisa (Clinch) Butler, was born on Staten
Island, New York, March 8, 1848. He ob-
tained his preparatory education at Reid and
Hoffman's school at Stockbridge, Massachu-
setts, and was graduated at Harvard College
in i86g. Having studied law in his father's
office he was admitted to the bar in 1874, and
entered his fathers' firm, then Evarts, South-
mayd & Choate. He was successful from the
outset and rated as a lawyer of thorough
learning and sound qualities. At an early age
in his practice he acquired a reputation ex-
celled only by the oldest members of the bar.
His connection with the firm was lifelong, and
during his extensive practice he had charge
of many important cases and delicate trusts,
which were always managed with skill and
fidelity. A man of kind heart, strong sym-
pathies, and generous impulses, he was, when
occasion demanded, courageous and resolute
in the support of any cause or movement
which he considered to be right. He was a
man who made many friends and held their
warm respect and regard permanently. Mr.
Butler was a member of the Association of
the Bar of the Citv of New York, and the
New York Law Institute. He was also a
member of the University, Centurv, Racquet,
Metropolitan, Ridinp^. New York Yacht, Play-
ers, Harvard and Knickerbocker clubs. He
died at his residence. No. 22 Park avenue,
New York City, December 16, 1901. He
married, June 2. 1874. at St. James, Smith-
town, Long Island, Cornelia Stewart, daueh-

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